Frightening video: Hamas assembles and fires rockets in civilian area

I sure wish we didn’t have such lazy media who would never report something like this. Hat tip to this crew from NDTV who walked us through what we all know is happening: Hamas sets up rocket firing points from within civilian areas.

Now, let me give you a lesson on indirect fire. If Israel were to return fire to that point based on a radar acquisition, the bursting radius of a 155 mm artillery shell would be 50 meters. If the munition of choice were a missile from an aircraft, that bursting radius would increase due to the larger caliber. Kind of makes it tough to avoid civilian areas, since Hamas is firing right from the middle of them.

I think we should send this to Jimmy Carter and tell him to go eat some peanuts.

I do hope the NDTV crew got out of Gaza before airing this video — you can bet the Islamic terrorists of Hamas and Islamic Jihad don’t appreciate it. But then again, Nancy Pelosi says they’re just misunderstood humanitarians.


  1. Why blur their faces? Afraid to get sued for using their image without their permission, or maybe it’s something else? Show their faces.

  2. It seems to me that it is the reporters fault for the rocket being launched! Am I wrong here or what? If they saw this why not pass on the info to the right people to stop it? Just my dime on it…

    • Yeah, they were in Gaza , what should they have done place a person to person call to Netanyahu ? Im sure people see Hamas doing this all the time and dont say anything for their own safety. I guess all the rockets being launched are their fault. If the reporter had stopped the launch, Hamas would not have scoured every window in every building and kill the reporter(S), discretion is the better part of Valor..this guy and his crew risked their lives to film this. But its not their fault in anyway.

    • You live in a fantasy world. Reporters report. Plus, who is he going to call?

      This video is much more valuable than him trying some vain attempt to contact the Israeli military. You do realize this area is a war zone now don’t you?

    • this by far was the best reportage of something that gives proof of combating tactics. As journalists its unethical to place yourself into a situation that will grossly affect the situation at hand. besides that MHM is right no one wants this to stop.

  3. Liberals want cleaner burning fuel for these rockets so they dont pollute. Lets get ALGORE and Jimmy Cotter on this now!

  4. The bad thing is that let’s say Israel does indeed strike back at this rocket launching site. The site is now empty, the rockets have been fired and Israel will more than likely just hit some neighboring buildings. This makes fighting these rocket launches very very difficult.

  5. I would think drones or an airborne gunship capable of pinpointing small cluster targets with .50 Cal. armor piercing gattlling rounds .

  6. If you lives and worked in these buildings, wouldn’t you go and take these scumbags out? How dare they try and destroy my home. Two days notice and they did nothing. Only three men and the hundreds that lived there did nothing! Sad.

  7. Nancy Pelosi should be sent alone to Gaza to negotiate with the humanitarians. I bet they just lovvvvvvvwe oblivious liberal old white women there.

  8. Seriously is our administration siding with the terrorists because they secretly want what the terrorists have. I think Obama is a joke and all his lakys. The greatest country ever is going to have a long struggle when these losers get done with it. God Bless us all!!

    • it is a shame, dale, that you would let a home grown terrorist acting person like Allen W. who likes to stir up trouble and don’t have enough backbone to think for yourself to see that a fool would say Obama is siding with terrorists!

      • Vinc its clear to all who read your posts that you have sold out against Israel and the US. The question then becomes are you trolling to try and discredit the facts, or are you simply a social terrorist yourself. Obama is anti American, only a fool with goals similar to his would not admit this. He has said he wants to rebuild America, in order to rebuild anything you must first tear it down. While we as a nation have our problems, its the core theological beliefs of this nation that made it the greatest nation in the world. This is where his attacks are focused. Give me factual evidence that disproves these facts. You will find none.

      • This administration has given Hamas hundreds of millions of dollars in the name of humanitarian aid , but does not verify where the actual dollars go. So tell me Vinc, Are you the idiot or do you just think everyone else is? Maybe you should pull your head out once in a while and look whats going on around you.

      • Apparently you have fantasies about serving Mr West. … Why else would you make frequent trollish comments about every poster you find more intelligent than yourself unless it’s a frequent fantasy of yours?

      • I never even brought West up. You got a thang for him too?
        Who said you were intelligent? You Mr Egocentric?

      • Feeling a bit unworthy? You started on me for my posting on one of Mr Wests columns.
        But your idiocy is making my hit count go up and after all advertising is advertising, all it cares about is eyeballs.

      • You have think skin? If you dole out criticism learn to take it. Your weak stomach suggests you should stay away from adult conversation son.

  9. You know why we will not see this being reported on none of those stations, its because that reporter was “guessing”, “maybe”, “that could be”, “I heard, but didn’t see” something supposedly fired from that area. But that is good enough to be positive proof that that was a site hamas fired a rocket from! That sounds just like FOXNEWS….don’t have the truth, just hearsay, and he was standing right there with a camera and couldn’t tell!!. BUt for foxnews, they just make it up as they go. Sort of like Mr. West does instead of being helpful to the USA. that report did not show a rocket, it showed something explode! SO as the reporter said, it is safe to “assume” that it was a rocket. I have no doubt that Hamas is hiding weapons in the cities and firing them in civilian populated areas, but that report was not good enough to prove anything but some men blew something up as a test or prematurely!

    • Here ya go terrorist. This is what you defend you disgusting POS

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  10. Let us not forget Ms Clinton pointed out that the poor Gazians just don’t have enough open areas to work from, so they have to fire from populated areas. Let’s have them build a bunch of soccer stadiums and parks. Be easier for everyone next time around.


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