More government tyranny: Feds punish whistleblowers in dungeon offices

Yesterday we brought you the story of Air Force Veteran, Janice Rae Periza, of Montrose, Colorado and her tribulations with the Veterans Administration. And just as a reference, here is the five point plan I’d follow to cure its ills.

I’m quite sure there are many more “Janice stories” out there regarding issues with the VA. But we must also remember this scandal isn’t just about the veterans themselves, it’s also about those in the VA system who are trying to do the right thing — against a very entrenched bureaucracy.

Consider the story of Paula Pedene. As reported by the Washington Post, Ms. Pedene was a VA whistleblower who spoke out against the Phoenix VA Hospital Director. She was the former chief spokesperson for the Phoenix VA Hospital before her actions resulted in a misconduct investigation opened up against her — and her desk being relocated into the basement.

As the Post reports, “the whole thing can look minor on paper. They moved your office. So what? But the change is designed to afflict the striving soul of a federal worker, with a mix of isolation, idle time and lost prestige.”

It is the ultimate tactic of intimidation and coercion that seeks to instill fear into the heart of the plebeian class by the ruling patricians. It is a reprehensible tactic to silence the truth — but for those who whistleblowers who stand for what is right, they deserve our admiration.

It is a tactic used not only by the VA system.

As the Post writes, four years ago, Walter Tamosaitis, a former contract worker at an Energy Department installation in Washington state, raised concerns about the processing of radioactive waste. Then he was transferred to a windowless room in the building’s basement. “It was so lonely,” he said. One day, there was a big snowstorm outside. In the basement, the phone rang. It was his wife, who’d seen a TV report that his workplace had been shut down. He went upstairs: lights out. Doors locked. Nobody told him.”

The question we must ask: is the VA Hospital system there for our veterans or to further itself? Don’t get me wrong – I’m not painting a broad brush across all VA hospitals. Here in West Palm Beach we have a doggone great director in Charlene Szabo.

But is there a prevalent culture of corruption, cronyism, and nepotism in the VA system? Will the new VA Director be able to break the phalanx and send the violators home or will he be hamstrung? Will the VA union bureaucracy grind him down at every attempt to reform the system?

The inherent problem in the VA is not a matter of funding, it is a matter of leadership and accountability. I would submit that instead of fundraisers and campaign rallies, President Obama should make unannounced visits to VA hospitals and speak to veterans – that’s what leaders do. Trust me, it only took one surprise visit to the unit motor pool by the commanding general to make sure your act was squared away! But true leaders already knew things were squared away because they had been engaged in their unit motor pool and welcomed surprise visits as an opportunity to shine.

Something tells me that would not be the case in quite a few VA Hospitals.

Therefore, the reason why we have stories like Jance Rae Periza is because we have stories like Paula Pedene. The tyranny of big government bureaucracy marches on.

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It all starts with the director of the Hospital, a good director a good Hospital.


And these are the people you can be a voice for west,,,,
think about that…
there are a gazillion stories out there of people, both Rep&Dem, Lib&Con,,who get up
everyday,,and do the right thing,,,for themselves,,their families,, and their country,
who work hard and play by the rules…
you want to leave in the Barry crap,,,fine,,just seek out more of this type of thing…

Matt Voyles

Every time I get a letter from the VA addressed to “Mr.” rather than my rank, it just illustrates how they absolutley don’t even understand who they work for.

The VA is and has always been only interested in furthering its self. The problem really has nothing to do with the administration, they certainly do not help much in the day to day care of Veterans and really are of no consequence overall. They need to start at the bottom and fire up. Janitors, food service workers, aids, lvn’s, RN’s, doctors and so on and so forth. Having good administrators would help some but competent workers are more important. The entire system needs to be shut down. Providing the same federal health benefits at cost or for service connected… Read more »
Robert Jones
Obama and his gang of misfits intends to fire 350 Majors from the Army to save money. I find it revealing that with all the well documented VA scandals NOT ONE employee has been fired. Think of the many generals and admirals Obama has forced into retirement plus the horrendous cutbacks military preparedness in the past two years. Looking at the Fast and Furious Program, the IRS scandal, VA debacle, etc. no one got fired and not one decision maker has been prosecuted although countless felony crimes occurred. This federal administration rotten and corrupt to the core. There is no… Read more »
Paul Kline

The VA employs a lot of people who know that once they are in the door they are there for life and they milk the system for every penny they can get. A large percentage don’t really care about the veteran. They only care about their paycheck. And a real sad part about that is you have a lot of veterans working there. Until we get a real leader in this country who isn’t worried about firing people for not doing their job and obeys the laws the way they are written I don’t see things changing for the good.


They treated her like Milton in Office Space. The Obama administration’s ideal supervisor is Lumbergh.


View AmericaIdea for the 2016 Dream Candidate. This provides info on areas of military reform, to include perhaps, the VA. Oh, what if the Dream of ’16 can get to the Republicans?

Scott Snoopy
having experience with the VA as a Vet and employee, I can tell you the tales of Vets dying, records being umm misplaced, delays in treatment is only the tip of the iceberg. The millions of dollars VA wastes prime location office space for VISN4 while offices set empty on VA facilities, VA using UPS/FedEx next day air to send letters 20 miles down the road in excess of $100k a yr minimum for “30” day hiring, building a new office and not moving the literally weeks old furniture that went into the old facility–because it didn’t match the color… Read more »
Richard StJohn

When this story broke in Phoenix and it was laid at Obama’s doorstep I just shook my head. I despise dear leader for his continued assault on our Constitution. But this one can’t be laid on him alone. Yes they knew about it and did nothing. But it’s been going on for at least 20 years. How do i know this. Because my father died after lack of treatment from the Phoenix VA over 20 years ago.