Democrat rep wants to tax every teaspoon of sugar you drink

Let’s see, Americans are still losing their full-time equivalent jobs and working more part time positions. As well, more seniors are working and 25-35-year-olds are being forced out of the labor market. We have an illegal immigration invasion on our southern border and a president who wants to unlawfully take unilateral action — to resolve a crisis he began.

Our economy is barely sustaining itself and last week we had a huge stock market drop. Islamic State just captured two more cities in northern Iraq and has turned its sights towards the Kurds. Israel has discovered some 40 infiltration tunnels from Gaza. Ukraine just had a battalion-sized element run out of ammunition while engaged in combat operations against Russian-backed separatists.

Now, we always hear about the “do nothing” Congress — well, here’s what a Democrat member of the House of Representatives thinks is a critical issue needing immediate attention: sugary drinks.

As reported by CNS News, “Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) introduced this week the Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax (SWEET Act), which aims to institute a tax of one cent per teaspoon – 4.2 grams – of sugar, high fructose corn syrup or caloric sweetener. The measure (HB 5279), introduced last Wednesday says, “A 20-ounce bottle of soda contains about 16 teaspoons of sugars. Yet, the American Heart Association recommends that Americans consume no more than six to nine teaspoons of sugar per day.”

So this liberal progressive legislator thinks the best way to improve your health is to tax you more. It once again demonstrates that progressive socialists believe behavior modification by way of taxation is the remedy to coerce the population into submission. After all, they do know what’s best for you!

Of course, even though sweet drink manufacturers are targeted to pay the tax, even the text of the bill notes that tax will be passed on to consumers in the form of a price increase. Yep, it’s called passing the cost to the consumer.

“This Act is intended to discourage excessive consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages by increasing the price of these products and by creating a dedicated revenue source for programs and research designed to reduce the human and economic costs of diabetes, obesity, dental caries, and other diet-related health conditions in priority populations,”

the measure says.

During a video presentation for The National Soda Summit in June DeLauro said, “It is long past time that we pass and support policies that work to our better health instead. With that in mind I’m working on legislation right now to tax sugar-sweetened drinks, like sodas, in a way that reflects the serious damage they are doing to our health.”

Who are these people? Who votes for them? And don’t think that just because this measure won’t go anywhere in the legislative process — thanks to the Lord that Democrats are in the minority in the House of Representatives – there is of course regulatory bureaucratic fiat (like the EPA uses) to push it through by other means. I wouldn’t be surprised if the FDA took this up and secretly comes out with some nondescript rule and “fine.”

I’m personally not a big soda drinker — on occasion I enjoy a glass of ginger ale — but I do love my Hi-C fruit punch or orange drink with a fresh hot Five Guys burger. The last thing I need is some liberal progressive trying to modify my behavior with taxation all under the guise of looking out for my health. I can do that quite well on my own — and do.

I say we all send Rep. DeLauro a can of soda and tell her to “have a Coke and a smile!”


  1. How about cut out the sugar… you don’t have to tax it! This is typically liberal thinking… e.g. NYC and their “wonderful” mayors and suggested legislation.

    WTF Is Wrong With ALL DEMOCRAP Women (???) Her, Pelosi, Boxer,Lee, Jackson, Warren and Frankenstien Need To Take Long Walk Off Short Pier.

  3. A 2-liter soda costs 99 cents and blueberries cost 3 dollars. So her solution is to tax the soda to increase it’s price. Yep, that makes sense.

  4. Is that why Coca Cola has names on their sodas now. We should all buy Rosa bottles. Or better yet Coke should only supply her district with bottles with her name on them.

  5. Its just more theft of those who work, by those who have never held a real job, Government is the ultimate welfare entitlement system going.

  6. the old prune has some lower GI issues blocking her thinking and she is jumping on nanny bloomer’s wagon, but his hitch has been broken for a long time. these people are insane, and each one is worse than the other!

  7. So if she knows how dangerous these drinks are then the first thing we should do is restrict them from food stamp purchase, may we feed and also provide insurance and health care. hummmmm

  8. Before Obama a 12pack of any soda cost me around $2.50 now it costs $4.29. How much more money do these greedy F cks want?

  9. They need to raise more money to help pay for all the dead voters to vote in the upcoming elections, if not that then to help pay for all the perks they will be giving to all the illegals.

  10. How do these people get elected? Are the Democrats in this country so dumb! They elect people like Pelosi and this woman who make good money,have great healthcare,fly around in jets and god knows what other perks ,on the backs of the hardworking taxpayers of this country.They elect a president who is out to ruin us and make it a Muslim country so he can run it forever.Wake up !!!

  11. This fruitcake is exactly what we need in our government. We need someone to tell us how to live! We need our government taxing us over and over and over just because fruitcakes like this think that someone died and they were appointed “god”. This “woman” should not be involved in anything except her own miserable life. What patriotic people voted for this numb skull? Are you fools that foolish? Stupidity is just rampant these days.

  12. One of the pillars of this nation is the separation of church and state that has existed since the dawn of our republic. The Founding Fathers believed that reason and logic should guide the way we govern, not religion. But conservatives are on a mission to destroy that wall between church and state so they can declare America a Christian nation ruled by biblical law instead of the Constitution.

    In that effort, Mississippi Tea Party Rep. Steven Palazzo sent a letter written on official congressional letterhead with a copy of the Bible to each congressman on Capitol Hill last week. Palazzo urged his colleagues to use the Bible to inform their decisions on policy.
    Our staffs provide us with policy memos, statistics, and recommendations that help us make informed decisions. However, I find that the best advice comes through meditating on God’s Word. Please find a copy of the Holy Bible to help guide you in your decision-making.

    Talk about a waste of time…….

  13. They are going to use the money raised to address Dental Caries ? So the government is going to pay my Dental bills? Since I don’t drink any “Caloric Sweetened” drinks it is only fair! I have to admit my wife sometimes uses Honey in her tea.

  14. It’s probably worth mentioning that the U.S. government already controls the price of sugar – Legally.
    Question: Does DeLauro even know this? Government has controlled the price of sugar for eeeons! So – this being the case there is not only an unjust (ridiculous) proposal to tax sugar… what are the conflict of interest implications?

  15. Originally taxes were meant to raise enough revenue to support the operations of a national government. It became so easy to institute new taxes that now we have taxes that do nothing but behavior modification, saying it is for what is good for us! I truly hate the idea of behavior modification at any scale, and believe such taxes are unconstitutional and illegal!

  16. It’s not the sugar causing obesity- It’s the inactivity of today’s kids. I was skinny as a kid because we rode bikes everywhere, played football, baseball etc and we all drank regular soda with sugar or corn syrup. Kids today play video games, sit in front of computers and do very little physical activity. I know a lot of parents are afraid to let their kids go out and play because of all the nut-job kidnappers in today’s world- but kids have to exercise. Most soda companies are now scaling back on the sugar amounts in their beverages such as Doctor Pepper (Ten) and some (Pepsi) are going back to cane sugar instead of corn syrup and cutting 1/2 the sugar. I guess Liberals would have us all drink their Kool-Aid: flavored with Socialism, than drink what we want.

      • Why can’t the government just leave people alone? This isn’t a health issue, it’s a matter of control with these liberals/commies

      • I haven’t drank regular soda in 20 years. Even the diet soft drinks with aspartame aren’t good either (certain studies link aspartame to blood cancers in lab rats similar to what saccharin does) Truvia, from the Stevia plant is something the the Coca-Cola company worked on as a sugar substitute. It is probably the safest sweetener to use at this point. I recommend that to anyone currently using Splenda.

    • Coke made in Mexico comes in the traditional glass bottles (355ml) and contains REAL Cane Sugar. It’s the taste that we remember from our childhood.

  17. The worst thing you can eat or drink is sugar.

    A group of leading medical and nutrition experts released a call for a 20-30% reduction in sugar added to packaged and processed foods over the next 3-5 years (1). The expert group, ‘Action on Sugar’, estimates that this change would result in a reduction of roughly 100 calories each person eats per day, and will eventually reverse the obesity epidemic.

    Wow. The media has picked up on this statement in a huge way, with headlines like ‘Sugar is the ‘new tobacco’ , and ‘Sugar is now enemy number one in the western diet . While these headlines sound sensationalist, they are right.

    A sickening amount of sugar is added to many processed foods . Some culprits are obvious. There are 9 teaspoons of sugar in a can of regular Coke or Pepsi, but others are surprising. Heinz tomato soup has 4 teaspoons of sugar per serving. Add two slices of white bread to that soup at nearly a teaspoon of sugar, another teaspoon or two in your coffee or tea, and that’s your entire daily sugar allowance. Sugar should comprise no more than 5% of daily energy intake, which is about 6 teaspoons per day for women and 8 teaspoons per day for men.

    It’s really not good for us….

    • Yet it isn’t the choice of the government nor you nor anyone else except the individual who uses it how much or how little they should or should not use.

    • I drink 1 bottle of 355ml (the size of a small coke) of Coca Cola per day. I buy the Coke made in Mexico because it contains sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup like the Coke made in America….HFC is nasty on the digestive system. I have 1 1/2 scoops of Ben and Jerrys’ Cherry Garcia ice cream when I am watching tv in the evening….Yes, it contains sugar too. So, sue me. I don’t smoke nor do I drink liquor. No, I am not fat (size 7) So…..nutritution nazis…you can stick it. Articles and those who write them want a one-size-fits-all generalization. Well, life isn’t really like that.

  18. Too a Democrab, using chemicals ingredients instead of natural ingredients is a requirement of living… One of the reason, they think meth is less dangerous that Marijuana..

  19. Who votes these communist jack a$$es into office?! I like the idea of sending her a can of soda though – brilliant! This old hag needs a one way ticket to North Korea

  20. My millennial aged son just went from 40 hrs a week – down to 15 hrs a week. NO ONE can survive on those hours. Something has GOT TO GIVE. ENOUGH of these mentally insane Dems. ENOUGH!

  21. The liberal/prog zombie philosophy is to tax something just because it’s there. A business makes some profits? Tax it. Do you earn some money? You should be taxed. They don’t think about the *why* of the taxation or the *how* those revenues were generated. They don’t think that a business consists of many people who worked hard to get that edge over their competitors and earn those revenues for the entire organization, or that each of those people who worked so hard should enjoy the fruits of his or her labor. These zombies who continue voting democrat have been so thoroughly brainwashed that they equate taxation with compassion.

  22. Check out the birth of artificial sweetners……..the government has controlled us for years…..trying to make us think they are watching out for us….

  23. And then a sour tax, a tastes good tax, an I like it tax etc.! Lady take your ugly skinny but to the old folks home. Try to help, not penalize!

  24. Of course if American parents would watch what their kids are drinking, Ms. DeLauro wouldn’t be supporting this bill. The Amer Heart Asso can recommend all they want, but nobody’s listening. Parents have no problem checking out food labels for themselves, not for kids. Soft drinks, sugary drinks in schools, lovely. Wasn’t West a football coach? I guess coke was in the water barrels.

  25. Just another idiot Democrat, who wants to infringe on the rights of Americans. I am so sick of these btards who think they know more than the American public. If they are so damned smart, why do they all speak like idiots?

  26. Taxes didn’t stop smokers. The sugar tax is just for soft drinks then what about ice cream ,cotton candy, doughnuts,etc. When I go to I.H.O.P. the more syrup I use on pancakes more tax I pay. Libs need to get a life & stay out of mine.

    • Yes, it is. However, since we live in a (mostly) free country it’s nobody’s goddamned business what people eat. Look at how great the school lunch thing is going… straining school budgets and heaping piles (the government’s idea of) “healthy food” in the school waste bins. If you’re stupid enough to stick your “member” in a fan and it gets chopped off are you going to sue the government because there’s not a law banning them? Besides, I love the Darwin Awards… self-culling is a good thing. The stupid socialist attitude I’m seeing in this country is starting to make Canada look good!

      If self-reliance and common sense are gone, then the USA is not long for this world.

  27. If somebody want’s to drink a sweet drink,be it pop or a milkshake it ain’t none of the governments business!

  28. Yes because taxing cigarettes and alcohol to death has totally worked in reducing its abuse. The poor have a greater percentage of smokers and drinkers so taxing these items has only burdened the poor. Education is what works.

    • Ditto. Alabama tends to send people a bit more conservative than states like California that gave us Silly-Putty-face (Pelosi)

  29. I am so damn sick of these liberals, please vote them out. I will do what I can in my state but can only vote in Alabama. Please, please people get these idiots out of government.

  30. Like a fool I took the chance and watched the video….now I’m stuck with a MENTAL health issue. That is-burning her image out of my memory. The sugar tax is the same as most Dem pushed taxes-empty your wallet as much as possible. What ever happened to pro-choice? HAAAA Ha HAAA Ha. Keep your filthy Government hands out of my mouth!! AHHHH HAAAA HAA HA! Oh,save me from self-righteous dopes like Rosa DeLauro. Soda Summit my ass.

    • I’m glad I saw your comment before I watched the video. I won’t watch it now since I’m fresh out of eye bleach. 🙂
      She’s the female version of Nanny Bloomberg.

  31. Take away politicians free money for life, reduce their self-given raises, and then put that money towards some good use, vets for example, lowering the national debt, how much money would we save if we weren’t paying politicians hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, for services they used to provide. They need a reminder that they are public servants, they serve us, not exalted elite to be served

    • The FIRST thing is to initiate TERM LIMITS for Congress. Get those old men and women out of there. They think they own this country. I have news for them, “We The People” pay their salaries. Pelosi, Reid, McCain, Graham, Cochran, just to name a few.

    • Good of you to point out the hypocrisy of this idiotic proposal. If our poorest cannot afford groceries, it sure does not make any sense to increase the cost of food through taxing one of the ingrediants. This woman is a fool.

    • Perhaps the government should add a hefty tax to french fries…just look at all that grease and salt! Better yet, outlaw them…then maybe Michelle can get rid of that humongous ass.

  32. Well they won’t get much from me. The only reason I buy sugar is to make syrup for my hummingbirds in the summer time. Other than that not a teaspoon goes into my food or drink.

    • G,,,it’s the same way people like Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann,
      Steve King, Rick Perry,etc,, all accomplished idiots,,and yet they too get elected…

    • A former California lawmaker and executive for the conservative social activist network the Council for National Policy is proposing that the Tea Party and “Christian extremists” form a third party “to do to the GOP what the GOP did to the Whig Party” — and says that Sarah Palin should be its leader.

      now that’s a winning ticket, Palin/West,,,,
      the dream team…hahahaha,,,too funny

  33. My question is this: instead of making sugar and sugary drinks more expensive, why doesn’t she try to make healthier foods less expensive? Thanks for your solution that makes everyone spend more money and makes poorer people’s money buy even less.

    • the government doesn’t grow food or bottle soda, so it is beyond their power to make anything less expensive they don’t grow.. think of it like this, you and I can buy a pint of blueberries for three dollars, if the government or the GSA pays for it they would pay six dollars for a pint, because when you spend other peoples money the sky is the limit. Taxes don’t fix anything, less taxes on everything fix the problem.

      • True, but they do put costly and unnecessary regulations on many things. Eliminate the unnecessary regulations and prices can go down. Making up new taxes is certainly no way to lower costs. Lowering taxes, however, will have the opposite effect and reduce prices. But that seems to go contrary to her desire to raise taxes and to putting her nose into everyone elses business and telling them what she thinks they should all do. Cause look at her. She is a picture of health and beauty. She should tell us all how to live so we can look as good when we hit her age (sarcasm). Hmmmm…….did she ruin her eyes? I see glasses on her. She must be doing something that ruined her eyes. Do you know how many people wear glasses? Do you know how many accidents around the house, behind the wheel, and while at work due to bad vision? Oh we need to tax C-Span 1, C-Span 2, C-Span 3, CNN, CNNinternational, CNBC, MSNBC, etc. for ruining people’s eyes and causing accidents.

      • yes Dwayne, I’m in my 25th year of owning a business , and boy you don’t have to tell me about regulations, and double and triple taxing the same aspect of the business, and then the public is told that the corps. don’t pay their fair share of taxes, I would gladly trade my position for the 9 to 5 government worker who’s day ends. My day hasn’t ended in 25 years. I’m with you brother!

      • Yeah, they tell everyone that companies don’t pay their fair share and rich people don’t either. Neither is true. They just want to raise taxes no matter what. So they divide and conquer.

  34. Sez Rep. Rosa Maria Poppins — “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the taxes go up, the taxes go up, the taxes go up….”

  35. Soda? You mean like MinneSODA? Or SaraSODA? How long before they look to change the names of these two places just because they sound dangerously politically incorrectly like one of those horrible soft drinks?

  36. So ‘bad’ things should not be taxed? Choice #1) End the sugar subsidies since it is available on the world wide market and the price will fall benefitting consumers? Oh, can’t do that since many sugar farmers donate to the GOP. #2) Be consistant and vote to repeal the taxes on alcohol, tobacco and gas. Who needs any taxes anyway (or roads, or a military, or food inspectors). #3) Automatically be against anything proposed or favored by a Democrat. It’s a talking point for her as much as it is a talking point for West.

    • Classic Liberal thinking. “If we think it’s bad for you, we’ll tax it or make it illegal for you to have.” Yeah, that worked really great during Prohibition right? Everybody and their Uncle was drinking liquor imported from Canada or Mexico- OR, they were making it themselves. This is how organized crime got started in the 1920’s. The same people who rail about how cigarettes “are bad for you,” want to legalize Marijuana. ‘Cause smoking that isn’t bad at all right?

    • If it isn’t a necessity to live, it should NOT be taxed. This is just another guise to get more money out of people. Nothing else.

    • Another brain dead moron. If you are going to tax, tax everything equally. Put up a national sales tax, do away with the IRS. The people with more money spend more, thus will pay more, the people that have little or no money spend less so will pay less. Everyone will pay, no free hand outs. We are not sugar police over tobacco, alcohol, marijuana or any other thing, just add a sin tax to them, everyone is happy.
      Oh, and I am against anything proposed by a democrat, if they raised a civil war, I would be the first in line to shoot you fools. On less liberal would make me sleep much better at night.

  37. I am so tired of the government telling me what, when, and how to do things. They are to protect us not run our lives. And by the way they arent doing a good job at protecting us. obama keeps letting men out of prisons in thousands, that did not serve all their time. The border is like a market place, any kind of person your looking for, will be there. And by that i dont mean friendly people. He, your president is letting everyone through, well we all might be going to get new people to move right next to you. Wont that be nice??? With everything going on, your president is going on another vacation, yep another one, that you will be paying millions for him to play golf, ride his little bike around, and you know he never has said thank-you for all the free vacations he has had. that we are paying millions out of our own pockets, You are not welcome JACK ASS

    • The president like you has the right to go on vacation. As for the “all kinds of people” you talk about at the Mexican border, if they can afford to live in my neighborhood, we’ll good for them! That means they’re working! Who do you think mows your lawn? Pic the crops of fruits and vegetables you serve at your dinner table? And wash the dishes at your local restaurant? Or clean your friend’s 4-5 thousand sq./ft homes for $50 for 6-8 hours?
      I tell you who’s not! The black people having babies just so they get more money from the government so they don’t have to go work and can feed their kids McDonalds and soda all day log cause their so fat and lazy they don’t even cook decent healthy food so they cas sit in their porches smoking and their husbands drinking all day long for which M.G.I’m sure and I hope, they pay high taxes for but you don’t hear them complaining about that… do you?
      So get a grip of your racism lady and wake up and smell the coffee hopefully with no sugar!!

      • The only racist here is you Mabellita. They way you specifically named a race and disparaged them by claiming:
        “I tell you who’s not! The black people having babies just so they get more money from the government so they don’t have to go work and can feed their kids McDonalds and soda all day long ’cause their so fat and lazy they don’t even cook decent healthy food so they can sit on their porches smoking and their husbands drinking all day long for which .I’m sure and I hope, they pay high taxes for; but you don’t hear them complaining about that… do you?” ~ Mabellita

        FYI: it isn’t racist to protect our border. Never has been. Only loons like yourself see racism when in fact it is you who is a racist. Nice projection Mabellita

      • Mabellita you are right that everyone has the right to go on vacation but when I go I pay the tab and my job permits me 1 2 week vacation a year. Your president goes on about 4 vacations and his wife goes on her separate vacations and then he takes little pre vacations to relax after all his fund raising trips on tax payer money and before the ‘real’ vacation. All of this while we are facing crisis after crisis

      • Have you noticed that all he does is campaign and fund raise? When does he govern except by executive fiat? He thinks he is an emperor, not a president, and he has no conception of the boundaries of his job. This is the reason Congress needs to curb his “executive” power, which he initiates with his pen and his phone.

      • Are you for real? You have the nerve to call someone rascist and you go on to insult an entire race of people. I know MANY black people who are good, hard-working citizens, and many more who would be if we did not have these illegal aliens coming over here taking their jobs. If they want to come to this country, they need to do it within the framework of our laws. You had certainly better look in the mirror when you have the colossal nerve to call someone else rascist, idiot.

  38. Why do all these Democrat females look like toads? I will drink what I want, when I want & with whatever I want to add to it! She needs something to sweeten up her disposition & intelligence! Nothing will help her appearance!

    • They are counting on you doing just what you say – and paying the increased tax for doing so. Even making fun of them is no problem, as long as you keep paying their taxes, and letting them charge more and more debt to you and your children. Just don’t encourage your representatives to work contrary to their agenda – and do not change the ‘old guard’ – Republicans or Democrats – so they can keep on going.

      They love it when you cooperate with them – they’ll even laugh at, I mean with you and your jokes – just keep paying.

  39. Does this woman get dressed in the dark? This is how I picture those arrogant leftists that are determined to force their world view on the rest of us. How can you take seriously someone who chose those glasses on purpose? It is quite obvious to me that this woman is flat out bonkers.

  40. The left are a bunch of Victorian era, white glove prudes that think it’s their obligation, hell! mandate, to stick their finger up every persons keester and then lecture them on the stink of their “……”. Of course, if that’s all they did, big deal.. but now their the 800 pound gorilla that going to enforce their goonie ideology.. bend over America, two and half more years of this “…….”!!

  41. The Democrats must have cornered the market on shriveled up old hags. Ruth Ginsberg, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and now this nasty dried up old prune. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBUGLY!!!!!!!

      • awwww,,, big word for a wittle fella,,,
        I’m bettin Ma and Uncle ned are wicked proud of you…

      • And I’ll bet you love tip toeing through the tulips strumming your ukulele, smoking pole and taking it up the poop chute. LOL!!!

      • What? Liberal? How dare you call me that disgusting loathsome name! Besides, I don’t remember tapping you on your flat head for a comment. Shut up and get back to work. RINOS’ should be seen and not heard.

      • Yes he is. I don’t know why he posts here all the time when he knows he is hated. It must be one of those computer jobs odumbo is paying him for. He must be getting paid to go on conservative web sites and insult the posters….a total jerk

    • Shannon first of all not all diabetics use sugar. There are a lot of Type 1 diabetics. I personally have type 2 but I did not get it from od’ing on sugar. So by your logic only people with heart disease should foot the bill for heart research, what about cancer, what about MS or MD. Your logic is illogical

  42. She reminds me of one of those cartoon rats on TV. “Oh Ratagan, Oh Ratagan, you are the Best” from the Great Mouse Detective.

  43. She is loony, she looks like one, dresses like one! She needs to be locked up along with Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Reid, Holder. Vote out the lying liberals in 2016!

  44. A Little Food for thought.
    The sugar cane industry is what initially attracted so many Mexican workers. It c was very lucrative. Then After the season they stayed.

  45. well she has A point refined sugar is poison ! but it’s up to every individual to decide for themseleves weather to be healthy or sick, ut then we should not have to pay to take csre of someone who does not take care of themseleves !

  46. The point is to discourage frequent consumption of sugary water, which will lead to a healthier nation of people. Is that such a bad thing? It’s a much better act than wasting time to sue the president on hypocritical grounds when there are all these issues going on.

    • yes, it is horrible, here’s the primary reason why. people learn nothing to take care of themselves. the left, who loves to preach about educators and education clearly believe that bleeding folks dry with taxation is the way to solve their problems, not to educate them. the hypocrisy aside, the populace is again lead around by its master with no ability to fend for itself, or even make a decision concerning how much sugar is bad for them. when you say “the point is” you are really only looking to the good intentions of our leftist masters. don’t forget what the road to hell is paved with.

    • You are a typical libtard. You believe the answer to everything is more government control. We have a Constitution that is supposed to be our governing document. Our founders NEVER wanted the American people to be controlled by the government. WAKE UP PEOPLE! We are living in a nanny state when these people tell you what to eat, what to drink, when to sleep, when to wake up, when to poop, etc. They have no right to pass more taxes on an already overtaxed population. We should have the right to buy whatever food or drink we want without government incursion. This is not their job! Let this wicked witch worry about our porous border, the complete destruction of our economy and health system by obama non-care, people losing full time jobs and being forced to work several part time jobs, and all the world problems. What does she have to say about the muslims spitting on and punching a marine RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA! Get out of my pantry and do your job, you freak.

    • Abortion is killing a baby but the cry of “It’s MY body” is screamed loud and clear. Well this is MY body and I do not need some ugly nanny state polititian dictating my diet for me. I can make my own choices. Now, if YOU need help, write her and ask her to help you with a personal menu.

  47. Well, of course! The only thing that Congressfolk produce is laws & there’s 535 of them having to dream up SOMETHING for which they can justify their existence. Those with mental disease tend to go for the least controversial.

  48. High fructose corn syrup is terrible for the liver. Read labels and don’t eat it. If it were to be taxed we would be paying a lot of money cause its in everything. Read labels people!

    • Defies all logic as to how these in-dignified ideologists get into office and maintain their seat. It bewilders me of how a dignified representative as the honorable Col. West did not retain his seat. Stay in game sir – we surely need you.

  49. Liberalism, a set of beliefs that seem to defy logical thinking and the application of common sense to every day problems, is believed by many to be a “mental disorder.”

  50. ANOTHER democrap IDIOT looking to make a name for IT’S SELF ( I’m NOT SURE WHAT that is in the picture ) at the expense of the taxpayers. I’m sure her political party wouldn’t have to pay for this out of their pockets

  51. ANOTHER democrap IDIOT looking to make a name for IT’S SELF ( I’m NOT
    SURE WHAT that is in the picture ) at the expense of the taxpayers. I’m
    sure IT’S political party wouldn’t have to pay for this out of their

  52. Can the Demo Marxists not come up with anyone that’s not a complete and total She Beast???? what an ugly bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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