4 things I’d do to stop the advance of Islamic State (if I were in charge)

Everyone has left Washington D.C. while President Obama frets over who gives him birthday wishes before he heads off to Martha’s Vineyard. It’s recess for the folks supposedly running our country, but the bad guys aren’t taking the summer off – especially the Islamic State. In fact, they’re working overtime.

As reported by the Long War Journal, “The Islamic State is reported to have taken control of the city of Sinjar as well as the Mosul Dam, at least one oil field, and a handful of towns in northern Ninewa province after Kurdish forces withdrew from the area this weekend.”

“Islamic State fighters first took control of Zumar, a town east of the Tigris River and about 50 miles south of Mosul, after attacking today “from three directions in pick-up trucks mounted with weapons,” Reuters reported. Kurdish forces withdrew after fighting for 24 hours.”

“After seizing Zumar, Islamic State fighters today reportedly took control of the city of Sinjar, which sits near the Syrian border and is west of Tal Afar and Mosul, two cities currently under Islamic State control. In Sinjar, Kurdish forces retreated after putting up “little resistance.” Islamic State fighters also took over the Mosul Dam.”

The Mosul Dam controls the water flow of the Tigris River as well as being a major hydroelectric power producer along the Tigris River valley. That means the flow of water for irrigation — or even worse, intentional flooding – is now in the control of an Islamic caliphate: a terrorist organization.

The fact that IS was willing to take on the Kurdish Peshmerga forces indicates they have no plan to cease operations and consolidate but rather expand and potentially seize all of Northern Iraq. It shows that IS fears nothing. The Islamic State senses that the Kurds are isolated due to lack of support from the Shiite-controlled Iraqi government. And IS is supported by the Islamist government of Turkey — Obama’s pal Recip Erdogan — which could provide a pincer movement supporting IS.

I can attest, having been in Kirkuk, that the Kurds are strong American supporters and want to increase our bonds. After Desert Storm we abandoned them. Will it happen again? If we don’t isolate and destroy IS now, we will have to contend with a formidable enemy in the near future. It is an enemy that will not stop and will export its jihadism far and wide.

The Long War Journal reports “it is unclear if the Peshmerga are abandoning the areas, which have been held by Kurdish forces for years, or withdrew temporarily to organize their forces. A Peshmerga spokesman said today that Kurdish forces are preparing to go on the offensive after receiving heavy weapons. One official said the Peshmerga are preparing to retake Sinjar by attacking “from four different directions.”

Iraqi and Syrian towns and cities seized by the Islamic State and its allies. Map created by The Long War Journal.

This map provides a visual representation of the scope by which IS has advanced. The Islamic State’s takeover of Sinjar, Zumar, and the Mosul Dam constitutes the group’s first major gains after a blitzkrieg offensive launched on June 10 in conjunction with allied groups that put it in control of Mosul, Tikrit, and a number of cities and towns in Salahaddin, Ninewa, and Diyala provinces. That offensive stalled on the outskirts of Samarra, just north of Bagdad. Meanwhile, the Islamic State controls most of Anbar province and much of northern Babil province.

So what’s the solution?

1. I would deploy a task organized force of USAF A-10 Warthog’s, F-16s, and Attack Helicopters to be used in close air support coordination with Kurdish Peshmerga offensive operations.

2. I would also consider Special Operations forces to work with Kurdish forces in securing key infrastructure sites such as airfields, oil fields, and the Mosul Dam — of course before any sabotage can be implemented.

3. I’m not concerned with the Iraqi government but would be totally focused on the destruction of this jihadist force — which has launched an attack east into Lebanon and seized a city there.

4. Finally, I would concede that land recovered would be the basis of a Kurdistan.

This is not about nation-building but an enemy-focused operation to find, fix, engage, destroy, and pursue IS until it is defeated in detail. And I hope Obama and his minions aren’t planning to air drop MREs and socks as they did for the Ukrainian army.

Let me say this again, we kill them now or pay dearly for our reticence later.


      • I could be wrong but I think the old B-52’s have a larger payload. I read somewhere that the B52 can carry up to 70,000 lbs of munitions and the B2 only 60,000 lbs. Then again the more the merrier for carpet bombing.

  1. I spent 2011 and 2012 in Kurdistan. Completely agree. I would use air power to halt ISIS and give the ISF and the Peshmerga time to regroup. We will have to deal with the “caliphate” someday. It’s better to do so before they get all the trappings of a nation state: international recognition, revenue from the sale of oil, modern weapons. When the dust settles, I’d recognize sovereign Kurdistan.

  2. Lt. Col. West …

    Great plan but no help will come from the White House as long as a muslim is the President.
    At some time they will be on our shores and in our cities. We will do nothing about it … just as we have done nothing to stop the invasion on our southern border … just as Western Europe has done nothing. All of the civilized world a victim of political correctness.

    • Please don’t refer to him as a President. I find it offensive. Try something like “The muslim who currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”

      • Luke,

        I agree with you 150%, I really don’t consider him as the President. I think of him as the imposter who ‘holds’ the seat of the President until the next President arrives.

      • Don’t matter what you LOONS call him…his is the PRESIDENT OF THESE GREAT UNITED STATES…or should I say 2 TERM PRESIDENT! HAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!

      • It doesn’t matter what we call him you will always be a moron and a loser. I’m sure you already know this because you have been hearing this from the time you were a child. Go away troll, go to the land of the morons and losers.

      • No…it doesn’t matter what YOU call him. The fact is he is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and you can’t change that!

      • Yes that can be changed, it’s called impeachment…

        Let me say again …
        It doesn’t matter what we call him you will always be a moron and a
        loser. I’m sure you already know this because you have been hearing this
        from the time you were a child. Go away troll, go to the land of the
        morons and losers.

      • COMEDY! no matter how many times you say IMPEACH doesn’t mean it will take place….how many times did you say BENGHAZI and turns out it was DEBUNKED!! NEXT!

      • First things first:
        1) You are a moron.
        2) BENGHAZI is not over – pay attention – Rep. Trey Gowdy, head of the select committee, – that he would hold more public hearings on the attacks in September. — IT HAS NOT BEEN DEBUNKED you moron.
        3) There is lots to chose from for reasons to IMPEACH the current holder of the Presidency -watch the IRS hearings, you moron.
        4) The Democrats are the main one’s talking about IMPEACHMENT – using that as a ploy to raise money from the loons -like you – and togain sympathy from the loons – like you – you moron.

        4) My best guess – you moron – is that articles of impeachment will be drawn up after the midterms – after the Democrats lose the Senate – you moron.

        5) You are a moron – you will always be a moron and a
        loser. I’m sure you already know this because you have been hearing this from the time you were a child. Go away troll, go to the land of the morons and losers.

      • Keep up with the news dummy —

        Rep. Trey Gowdy, head of the select committee, said he would hold more public hearings on the attacks in September.

        It is true what you have heard all of your life–you are a loser and a moron. Go away troll.

      • Earl lee your just another obozo smartass.We don’t have any use for garbage like yourself.Go crawl back under your rock.

    • They are already here. At least 35 terrorist training camps are operating throughout the U.S. and have been for over 30 years, yet not one administration has done anything to shut them down. One of the biggest and oldest camps is located just north of NYC in the Catskills. We should all be afraid of both the terrorists and this government.

  3. So your solution is to commit our forces to fighting in Iraq again and establishing and expanding a nation for the Kurds.

    let’s ignore the consequences of recommitting US forces in Iraq.
    How will our Iraqi allies (weak as they may be) react to our establishing a Kurdish nation and ceding Iraqi land to them?
    More importantly, how will Turkey react to that?

  4. How about this ALLEN WEST…instead of saying “IF I WERE IN CHARGE” how bout you RUN FOR THE PRESIDENCY? You posting on a blog does NOTHING!! Oh wait…you’ve already said that you are “TOO AFRAID” to run!

  5. LTC West your absolutely right. We are going to engage the ISIS now or later it might as well be now. I’m with you, take ISIS before they can gain any more power.

  6. View AmericaIdea for the 2016 Dream Candidate response on the INITIAL Iraq land movements of the enemy. That is history now. Best to elect the 2016 Dream still. PLEASE consider and spread word.


  8. Damn right Sir, kill em now and let their BAAL God sort em out later. The Iraqi’s ask US for air attacks and Obama told them “Your On Your Own” that should have shown Americans exactly who Obama is Supporting and Aiding.

  9. You are so right Col. West it is scary to think about what that IDIOT in the W/H will do or more to the point not do!!! He is great for financing every terrorist organization out there, but not a dime for our allies!
    Hopefully he will get his ass removed from the W/H one way or another, and then we can put a real President in charge!! Not Joey (dumbass, moron) Biden! I hope Congress grows a pair and kicks his ass out of the W/H along with Biden and his terrorist employee’s!!!

  10. Islam declared WAR/JIHAD on America and all non Islamic countries. WAR, people, is not fought and won through PC Rules of Engagement. Rather it is to ENGAGE THE ENEMY WHEREVER THEY ARE FOUND AND ANNIHALATE THEM! Otherwise like cockroaches they burrow in until they regrow their strength, attacking and running in the regrowth periods! This FACT was accepted in all wars until Libs surged to the forefront in the end of the twentieth century. WE are fighting a terror based enemy fighting under the orders of a genocidal, pedophile from centuries of barbarism – they give NO QUARTER – NOR CAN WE!

      • Hey earl your so smart how do you already know something that hasn’t happened yet? We will soon find out want we.

      • If you know anything about the political system you know that with the things that he has posted on THIS BLOG…with the things he has said in congress and his horrible military…HE CAN’T RUN! Its the exact same thing with sarah palin..she can’t run! They both know this but yet keep stringing you people along to become mega rich!

  11. I am all for your tactic. Would like to see your plan carried out immediately. The longer the IS state exists, the more dangerous the world becomes.

  12. Col. West, if you decide to be President. Yes, I said “be” President. You have a friend in Maine. I will volunteer at a site to elect you.

      • Earl, I understand that and I have read his reasoning for not running. But if he ever changes his mind… That would be nice.

      • He is not going to change his mind and his reasons makes him sound like a WIMP and makes it sound like Herman Cain has more GUTS than he does! There is 2 reasons he is not running…1st HE HAS NO CHANCE OF GETTING THE NOMINATION and 2nd He is making waaay too much money from LOONS! Same as sarah palin

      • I take it you’re not a fan of Allen. And that’s ok. Some people have different opinions. And I respect yours. I’m a vet and I protected your right to say what you like. To me you’re being an American. It’s all cool. If you’re a vet, thank you for serving.

  13. earl why do you think I’m making them rich .I don’t buy anything or anything else that would make them rich.They were like that before ever getting to this position.You need to go crawl back under your rock and SHUT UP. We don’t want to here anymore of your weaning.

  14. I would drive them out into the open with attack helicopters, and dust them with a B52H wing, then follow through with A10s if anything was still moving. The only real difficulty would be the speed of reaction to movement on the ground, so forces would need to be deployed in Baghdad or Incirlik.


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