UN accuses Israel of war crimes for not sharing Iron Dome with Hamas

Photo: AP

I guess we now see what Hamas calls a cease-fire. For them, it’s a period to reposition, refit and plan the next attack, ASAP.

And so it was yesterday, as Hamas used another one of their tunnels to conduct an assault, killing two IDF Soldiers and capturing an IDF lieutenant. As I said on Facebook yesterday, enough with this cease-fire insanity. Hamas needs to be crushed and until the citizens of Gaza understand they are ruled by an Islamic terrorist organization and reject it, they must be viewed as complicit in Hamas’ goals, objectives, and mission: the destruction of Israel.

And that brings me to another interesting statement emanating from the venerable organization of competence and liberty: the United Nations.

As Breitbart reports “among the UN’s long bill of particulars against the beleaguered Jewish state comes the almost unbelievable accusation that Israel’s refusal to share its Iron Dome ballistic missile defense shield with the “governing authority” of Gaza – i.e. Hamas, the terror group created to pursue the extermination of the Jewish state and now waging a terrorist war against it – constitutes a war crime against the civilians of Gaza.”

Navi Pillay, the UN chairwoman criticized the U.S. for helping fund Israel’s Iron Dome system which has saved countless Israeli and Palestinian lives. “No such protection has been provided to Gazans against the shelling,” she said.”

“Just because Hamas fires rockets indiscriminately aimed at Israeli civilian population centers without provocation and fires them from within its own population centers does not “absolve” Israel from its own legal violations, Pillay told reporters Thursday.”

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the United Nations condemned Israel for having a defense system they are not sharing with a terrorist organization trying to destroy them. You simply cannot make up this theater of the absurd. I’d like to remind the bozos of the UN the simple lesson of retired Marine 1SG Jim Reifinger: “if you ever find yourself in a fair fight, its all because your tactics suck.”

With that type of mentality from the UN it’s now clear understand why Iran will soon have a nuclear weapon capability — and they certainly have the will and capacity to use it. Guess what their first target would be?


    • They are one in the same, islam is muslim, muslim is islam, both equal terrorism, even Afraz down at the local quickymart. Make no mistake, that nice gentlemen serving you Slurpees wishes you dead and would behead you in a heartbeat if the circumstances presented itself.

  1. The United States should remove itself from the U.N and kick that organization off our shores! Stop wasting tax money on this absurd political organization! Our country alone pays over 25% of then entire U.N. budget! Stop resolving our military and put that $1.1 billion in our men in uniform! The U.N. is a failure!

  2. Why aren’t the MSM being honest in reporting how Arabs in other countries don’t like the Palestinians and don’t want them in their countries?

    Why haven’t the rich Arab countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait stepped up to help their follow Arab Palestinians? Why haven’t they sent planes to get the Palestinian women and children out of the war zone?

    If they wanted to help their fellow Muslims, Dubai’s zillionaires alone could provide shelter and aid to the Gaza Palestinians until the conflict between Hamas and Israel is over.

  3. Why not simply flatten the UN Buildings, both in Brussels and NYC? That action would stand a good chance of shutting the SOBs up.

  4. Has anyone actually read her “STATEMENT” and understand the sheer absurdity of it!!!! – she admits that hamas is firing rockets indiscriminatly at Israel and wants Israel to help “protect” hamas
    Folks – with people like this at the UN – it’s time to show them the door

  5. UN is a total waste of space and money – there is no UN mission that you can called successful and in the Middle East, most likely to side with terrorists than with legit government..


    • I was about to use the same analogy, Alex. Great minds and all that, yes? 🙂 It’s bloody ridiculous. When have nations in war ever shared their technology? I think it’s part of the egalitarian movement. That and so many of the UN members are Islamic and the rest won’t stand up for what’s right (POSOTUS/Amb Power).

    • The US is the main force behind the UN, without our funding, and our support, the UN can’t do anything at all. No one would listen to them. Just like most Islamist countries do not listen to them now.

      The UN was formed to keep the other Countries in check, and to prevent another Holocaust.

  7. United Nations of Islam… I sincerely hope Israel will some day drive Hamas into the Red Sea for good and be done with them It’s funny how there was no such thing as a Palestinian, until the League of Nations gave it to the Jews…

  8. Screw the U N, Obama, Muslims and their supporters! If U hide ammo, weapons and shoot from churches, schools, Schools, day cares, hospitals then expect to be shot at and bombed!Hammas bombs their own people just to blame the Jews! NO More cease fire, short them out! U CaN’t have a cease fire .org Criminals shower eat U have Homo right t o live! Send Obama and Nutty to Gassa with a empty rifle and have some one fire a shot at the Jewish Troops and watch themsslves fun!

    • If we do not recognize human shields, yes innocent people will die…. However, once the terrorist realize that the tactics no longer work to defend them, they will not continue to hide behind the innocents….

  9. ….Your posting policy rings hollow when I read some of these items posted by Israelis, some even in ‘all caps…’

  10. Reminds me of when you have people who live in gang ravaged areas here in the US, till they demand something to been done with gangs and take back their neighborhoods they are complicit with the death and destruction that occurs!

  11. this type of evil is rampant in our present leaders. reality has gone away and infectious hate mongering is in control. Pray for our leaders as only The Lord JESUS CHRIST can save our nation now.

  12. I have thought for many years we need to pull out of the UN. The US pays 22% of the UN budget. In 2010 that was about 7 billion dollars of our money. Let them fund their own crap and lets get out of there.

  13. U.N. IS the “theater of the absurd”, and has been so for a long long time. Thinking countries should be leaving it in droves.

  14. wow… that is nuts.
    It sounds so ridiculous, like something from a satire site like the Onion.
    But if Navi Pillay really said that crazy remark about sharing the iron dome, she is out of her mind and completely detached from reality.

  15. “No such protection has been provided to Gazans against the shelling,” she said.

    Sounds more like we need to start shelling the United Nations. Starting with this ninny.

  16. It is time for United States and our allies to remove ourselves from United Nations…
    Plain and simple…
    But when you have a Government that is as out of control as the United Nations then the possibility of removing oneself, from an organization that’s hell bent on destroying the best ally that the United States has ever had!…
    With their Bullshyt remarks about Israel and war crimes…

  17. You know, there’s a lot of talk about Hamas’ terrorism. Guess which group was saying similar things while trying to establish Israel in the 1940’s. There was a Jewish group called the Stern Gang who said that terrorism was justifiable in trying to establish a state.

    Here is their charter, “Neither Jewish ethics nor Jewish tradition can disqualify terrorism as a means of combat. We are very far from having any moral qualms as far as our national war goes. We have before us the command of the Torah, whose morality surpasses that of any other body of laws in the world: “Ye shall blot them out to the last man.” But first and foremost, terrorism is for us a part of the political battle being conducted under the present circumstances, and it has a great part to play: speaking in a clear voice to the whole world, as well as to our wretched brethren outside this land, it proclaims our war against the occupier”

    • I don’t care what you call them. Hamas is the enemy and Israel isn’t doing a proper job of exterminating them. They need to realize that bozo isn’t their friend and just wipe Gaza out completely.

      • People like you NukeWaste, are the reason we fail as a civilization and there is no hope for human kind. I know you sleep well at night because you no real conscious to keep you awake at night. No innocent person DESERVES to die. If you were ever put on your knees and told you were going to be killed because someone hated how America was run, I can surely believe you would not go with your head raised high with pride. Regardless to what you might have as a response, if the later ever came to be, you would plead for your life stating your countries actions were not the actions of yourself.

    • Isn’t it interesting that you have to go back 70 years and pull the words of an organization that represented a small minority of the Jews whose own charter acknowledges that Jewish ethics and tradition are against them but won’t stop them and then quote a passage which 99% of Jews will tell you related to a specific people at a specific time and cannot be applied to contemporary situations to find something comparable to the terrorist organization Hamas which still spouts such concepts and was voted into power by a majority of the citizens of its territory.

  18. OMG!The sheer chutzpah of those damned Israelis and the U.S. – refusing to share the protective Iron Dome technology with the same people who are doing their utmost to destroy Israel! Hey, does Navi Pillay think we should have shared our A-bomb secrets with the Axis powers in WWII, just to make things “fair” and to equalize the civilian casualties?

  19. Netanyahu told Shapiro the Obama administration was “not to ever second-guess me again” and that Washington should trust his judgment on how to deal with Hamas, according to the people. Netanyahu added that he now “expected” the US and other countries to fully support Israel’s offensive in Gaza, according to those familiar with the call. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to discuss the matter by name.
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    Jason Morris We as Americans should support Israel, they have always been our allies, they have never attacked, killed or betrayed us, their enemies are our enemies, the people who wish for their deaths also wish for ours. There will never be peace in the middle east, we can only hope to keep peace here in our own country. Your decisions now will not have immediate results, you can, and have every right to vote into office a liberal government, chances are you wont have to pay the price. It will be your children and/or grandchildren, as the muslin numbers grow so does the outlook for sharia law, your daughters will become no more than property, your sons will be become tools for a religion based on murder and child molestation. You will have failed your god, family and country. But on a good note you will be able to bypass toilet paper and wipe your ass with your left hand.
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    Candi Redding Lewis You are so right Jason Morris!!
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  20. I support the Israelis, they are normal people. The Palestinians are rabid dogs. You have to be a moron to support rabid dogs.

    • So you’re telling me the innocent children being murdered on a daily basis by the Israeli people, is just normal and they deserve it… WOW. You cannot condemn a nation by it’s rulers. But of course because they practice a different religion and way of life than you, they are rabid and immoral. I’m positive thats what was said of the Native Americans. We didnt care to understand them, we treated them like crap and we started to kill them because we wanted what they have. But I guess I’m an uneducated moron, I must not share my ignorance with the world, for I would be put down for it.

      • You are misinformed. Palestinian “Fighters” hide behind women and children to conduct military operations. You really should be condemning the parents of those children rather than the Israeli troops. Would you stand for troops stockpiling weapons and ammunition in your children’s school? Like I said, they are a culture of rabid dogs. The children who survive to adulthood, are taught to be rabid dogs. I have no pity on them. Hopefully their souls will be recycled to a better culture and environment.

      • Just look on YouTube and you can find multiple videos of these “innocent,” Palestinians children stating their hate for Jews and their longing to be suicide bombers to rid the world of Jews. Yes, children! Sad, isn’t it?! And as far as the UN goes — and all those around the world demonstrating in favor of Hamas — where do they think Hamas’ rockets would land if not for Israel’s Iron Dome? I’ll answer that — In densely populated areas that include Israeli civilians, children included — that’s their goal. And did you know it was children in Gaza who willingly helped dig the tunnels — 160 lost their lives. So, you are truly mislead if you think the majority of the Palestinian people are not cheering Hamas on — They call the U.S. the “Greater Satan” and Israel the “Lesser Satan” and want us both completely annihilated from the face of the earth. P.S. And I don’t call Islam a “peaceful” religion — They teach hate and implement the most cruel of Sharia Laws — The Quran says to kill those who do not convert to Islam. The Bible teaches us to love our enemies — and I do love Muslims and would love to reach everyone of them so they can know the true and living God of Creation.

      • What about Hamas refusing Israel’s offer of a prolonged cease fire? What about Hamas not allowing people to evacuate when Israel dropped warning pamphlets the area would be bombed in 2 days? The Hamas wants the maximum number of people to die when Israel defends themselves after Hamas missiles hit Israel. Their missiles also fall short and Hamas kills their own people. Quit getting all your news from the biased MSM.

      • dude, what about Hamas VIOLATING every — EVERY SINGLE “truce” ? EVERY SINGLE ceasefire??? yeah, honey, Ham-ass violates them FIRST — every single TIME ! ooooh – are you blonde or something?

      • They re rabid and immoral because (a) they use those innocent children as tactical shields, and then blame the Israelis when the
        children get hit. That’s your version of normal. (b) They send their kids to madrasas to teach them to hate the Jews and to long for the opportunity to throw away their lives as suicide murderers. You think that’s moral.. (c) Hamas is part of a network of demonized, blood-lusting savages who have declared war on civilization and care not a fig about
        the value of human life.

        And that’s just the short version.

        Here’s an example of the holy servants of their demon-god, and how they serve it:


      • hey honey – it ain’t because they “practice a different religion” etc that is leading Israel to fight. It’s because THEY (the Palestinians) have been attacking Israel EVERY WEEK for YEARS now . This is NOT the same as what was done to the Native Americans. THAT — THAT , yes, was wrong, and God (MY God anyway — dunno about yours!) will indeed extract justice on their behalf. He keeps VERY accurate books. But the “Palestinians”???? NO, honey, they are NOT the same. NO. They are NOT. you say “You cannot condemn a nation by its rulers” — good point, honey, and Israel does NOT “condemn a nation by its rulers.” Israel has repeatedly said “we have no quarrel with the PEOPLE, we are fighting HAMAS.” No other army in the entire PLANET does what the Israeli Defense Forces do: they NOTIFY their ENEMIES about where they are going to strike next!! They beg the civilians to go elsewhere so they wont’t be hurt !!!!Oh, sweet cheeks, do some honest research for a change. I’m outta here – gonna go bang my head against a wall, that’ll be more productive than trying to share any real info with you. SMH —-

      • What have you been smoking Julia???? The Hamas are using them as human shields. If they do not stand against them as a whole then they are complicit. No one wants to kill the kids you goof… The Hamas put weapons in the schools and surround them with kids. Hamas could care less if the kids die. Israel sees a weapon fired at them off in the distance and fires back. Hamas is at fault here you foolish little sheep!!!!

    • No, no! Not the Kremlin! Mr. Putin is a Christian covert who has renounced the Soviet Union and his old days at the KGB. Russia has a vital and growing church. Abortions after 12 weeks are illegal in Russia, and Mr. Putin would like to see abortion on demand eliminated entirely. They have a home-centered economy that favors business start-ups. Don’t send the UN there! It might make
      them like us!

  21. The UN is a good example of why sovereign nations must remain sovereign and not get entangled international treaties that limit the sovereign nations ability to act in its own interest. The New World Order must NEVER be allowed to control us….US…and the current illegal White House Occupant is a proponent of the NWO and wants to be the guy with the power.

  22. The UN is merely another facet of the Ideological Left. The sum total of which is manifested by OLD TESTAMENT EVIL. There is not a single ONE of the individuals that comprise the Left which rises to a sufficient level to reasonably rate as a human being.

    They, in the truest terms, threaten the very viability of the human species.

    There is only one force in the Universe that fixes this… and to do that, it requires our calling upon it to do so. The first step of which is that we must first recognize the Left as evil, evil as our enemy and turn from it.

    When God comes to resolve it… well, just stay low, hang on and PRAY.

  23. The UN is a joke!We should stop funding this absolute criminal organisation and throw it out of the US.It’s as worthless, as a poster said today as an ejection seat in a helicopter!

  24. The UN is made up of mostly muslim countries. …no surprise they are biased against Israel. Just another attempt by a racist group to spew their Islamic hatred toward any nation that is not mislim…..Israel is just the beginning.

      • I just read that due to so many muslim nations in the UN the other countries are conceding to some sharia laws the muslim representatives want observed. ..I’m betting it began with their own place to bow to their god and the next would be dietary…..they start out seeming innocent and minor requests…and continue to complain and the other member nations who are less rigid bend over backwards until sharia is fully enforced and everyone must observe.

      • Breitbart is propaganda. Period. They have posted numerous stories that were proven to either be cherry-picking and spinning facts, or were blatantly false. It’s not right when liberals do it, and it’s not right when conservatives do it either.

      • Proven by anyone who has enough critical thinking skills to fact-check what they read, and can tell the difference between fact, opinion, and emotional ploy.

        Let me ask you a question, Father. Do you believe videos should be edited to make them appear to show something that they did not originally show? Isn’t that lying, and therefore sinning? Breitbart has been caught heavily editing videos. Here are some quotes from investigative reports:

        “News organizations found, for example, that the ACORN videos–which purported to show a young Mr. Breitbart ally named James O’Keefe posing as a pimp seeking advice from the organization about how to establish a brothel and evade taxes–actually presented a heavily edited account of what had happened.

        An investigation by the California attorney general’s office concluded that O’Keefe had added footage of himself and an ally dressed in flamboyant costumes that they had not worn to ACORN’s offices.”

        “The Sherrod and NPR videos also misrepresented key parts of those stories. In the former, Mr. Breitbart presented only a brief clip of a speech in which Sherrod acknowledged that she had discriminated against a white farmer when she was a state agriculture official in Georgia. The subsequent uproar in 2010 prompted the Obama administration to seek her resignation. By day’s end, however, the full video of Sherrod’s speech emerged, revealing that she had gone on to condemn her own actions and to seek justice for the white farmer. An embarrassed Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack apologized and offered Sherrod her job back.

        The NPR “sting” showed two fundraisers for the media organization making disparaging comments about conservatives during a lunch in Georgetown. Among other things, the edited tape presented one of the NPR executive’s more incendiary comments as his own when, in fact, he had been quoting others.”

        Tell me Father, how could a thinking person trust any news reports from such a dishonest, immoral person?

      • I have always believed that if you have a valid point to make, you won’t have to lie to prove that you are correct. If you do, maybe the belief is not as true as you think.

  25. We need to get the heck out of the UN or rather, the UN needs to get the heck out of everyone’s lives and George Soros should be locked up.

  26. Yes, absurd. View AmericaIdea for the 2016 Dream Candidate. There are found answers with the Dream of ’16! If you want the republicans’ best for the next election, that is where support needs to be given. Go Israel.

  27. Watch on YouTube the following 6 clips. just cut and
    paste the following capital letters. Amazing stuff to watch, just cut and paste each separately:




    4) [433] Two Jewish Voices Fiercely Debate Gaza Siege | Max Blumenthal vs. ZOA’s Morton Klein



  28. If I were President, I would order and air strike on the UN building and clean out the rats nest that resides there.

  29. Evil, that’s all I can call the UN! Time to kick them out and send them packing to the Middle east where they belong, since they obviously favor that region and hate Israel! And they can take the Obamas with them!!

  30. I think it is unfair to criticise the UN Warehouse for Rockets and Armaments or the UN Hypocrits and Racists Committee – but I would like to ask Pillay – as an Israeli am I sub-human or do I just have no rights?

    • You have rights brother!!! There are alot of patriotic Americans who still believe strongly in God and Israel. Don’t believe our U.S. politicians as they are mostly wicked white house minions… But alot of us will always be there for Israel!!!! God Bless America and Israel!! We got tough times coming our way!!!!

  31. So, if the Palestinian people in Gaza fail to understand that Hamas is a terrorist organization “and reject them” they should be held as complicit in Hamas mission??? So, does that mean that if citizens of America fail to understand that our government is a terrorist organization that we should be held complicit for our government’s mission? Because that is actually what is happening. We are “occupying” and drone-bombing civilians….. even American citizens have been killed by our bombs — intentionally, without benefit of charges or due process — only execution. I guess that is fine, if the person has a middle-eastern name, eh? But, what happens when YOU are the target? The situation in GAZA stinks! It has for decades! Go back in history and see what was done to those people who were living there in 1947. . . seek the truth. Israel is NOT the victim. I was blind, but now I see.

    • Then you leave that country or fight against them so your children are not used as shields. Some of you folks are not to bright anymore. We have enemies of God and life all around us. Wake up folks as you are drinking some vile kool-aid… God Bless Isreal and keep up the fight against the evil insanities of this messed up world!!!!


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