GOP Rep causes Pelosi meltdown on House floor over immigration

The lovely House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had a little “you can’t handle the truth” meltdown moment on the House floor yesterday as my former colleague, Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa) called her out on immigration. Yep, he simply stated the truth, asking why was it that in the first two years of the reign of Obama, when she was Speaker, Harry Reid was Majority leader and the Democrats had a supermajority — they did nothing on the immigration issue? Rep. Marino exposed the abject hypocrisy of the Democrats now trying to demagogue the issue — as with every other issue. Well, it seems Pelosi broke regular order and was shouting back at Marino during his speech and charged across the aisle waving her finger afterwards.

As ABC reports “after Marino concluded his remarks and as many Republicans applauded their colleague, Pelosi crossed the chamber again in view of cameras, enraged, pointing and sticking her finger at Marino.”

“She then followed Marino up a Republican aisle, gesturing and arguing with him. Lawmakers on the GOP side gathered in dismay as one spoke out to tell the chair that the House was not in order, in an effort to halt the bickering.”

She referred to Rep. Marino as “insignificant” — an indicator of liberal progressive elitism at its highest. If it has not been then, it should be clear now that the Democrat party embraces illegal immigration and rejects the rule of law and the sovereignty of the Constitutional Republic we call these United States of America. And as for Pelosi, it is as my dad who taught me this ol’ southern maxim: “a hit dog will holler” — meaning when someone is hit with truth, they will indeed scream.

On a separate note, if there were any conclusive evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is a narcissistic progressive socialist megalomaniac, just check out his admonition to the White House press corps yesterday.

Instead of fielding questions, he asked them if they were going to wish him a happy birthday. Uh, sir, hate to tell you, when you step before the White House press corps, they want answers. They’re not there to worship you and offer your highness birthday wishes. And I just have to ask, do you know when Marine SGT Andrew Tahmooressi’s birthday is?



  2. I don’t really care who Pelosi finds insignificant. He was elected, not appointed. How very pompous and out of order this woman has become. Outrageous. He told the truth, and the truth seems to be “fighting words” now.

    • Terrifying to remember that this crazy old bat was two heartbeats away from the presidency. If she’s not the walking billboard for term limits, I don’t know who is.

  3. Am embarrassed and ashamed of the immature behavior of so called ‘officials’. The lack of dignity, grace,and genuine concern they have for the JOB they were HIRED to do by the TRUE Citizens of the USA, is humiliating. A growing amount of people worldwide are finding them laughable and amusing at best. The US government is a joke. Wanting to make it clear… they DO NOT represent me, my faith, or opinions in any way.

  4. Each to his/her own Allen, but instead of referring to this POS “president” as “sir”, many other invectives are far more suitable.
    “Sir” implies respect and for that POS, I have NONE – nor is the assnugget deserving of any..

  5. It is a well known physiological precept that people get angriest the most when caught in a lie or faced with the truth.

    • When I confront a liberal ideologue, the stronger my argument (and the weaker theirs), the crazier they get. I attribute that to weakness. It’s analogous to the liberal trolls that spew their hatred on this website. It’s weakness, not strength.

  6. Mr. WEST, it reminds me of the look on her face when Joe said “YOU LIE!!” What a hypocrite she is.
    I will use that
    “a hit dog will holler” . It sure explains all the leftist tolling these days!!

  7. The Truth-kills these lying America hating Fascists and it shows BIG TIME ! Pelosi-had a super majority and all she did was to pas Fascist Law, after Fascist Law-all for 100% Big Government Totalitarism-FOOLS !!!!!

  8. Yecch, having Pelosi’s boney finger stuck in your face must be a joy. At least it wasn’t one of Elizabeth Warren’s constantly pointing boney fingers.

  9. You guys have to learn more from the liberal playbook: “Mrs.Pelosi, your anger is inappropriate and you need to get counseling “around” that issue. There is no longer any room for hate or intolerance in our fine nation, including your intolerance for the GOP. You need deep cultural sensitivity retraining, and we hope you feel better about yourself when you have completed a mandatory anger management program.

    That, my friends, is how to respond.

  10. What I would like to know is this: HOW can the House, which has a supposed majority of Republicans, simply sit there from day to day, doing nothing to stop the Elite takeover of America by super-rich corporations? These people are elected to represent their constituents……yet when they act, they act CLEARLY as corporate representatives, pushing the agenda of whichever one each serves. The Fact is this: Big Business WANTS the illegals here…… and here IS where they will be.

    I see very few true Constitutionalists in office, and only ONE which is completely transparent and honest! (that is a disgusting fact)
    He is not even a representative of my state, but I proudly support Mr. Justin Amash of Michigan. He votes IN LINE with the Constitution every single time, and posts every single vote, what it means, and how he voted. He has never missed a vote. If EVERY member of the House and Senate did this, which is what they SHOULD do, we would NOT have this problem, along with many other problems caused by allowing corporations to rule simply by lining the pockets of their puppets in Congress.

  11. I watched this because it affects my familys well being. Did anyone else see when Pelosi was giving her sermon to house republicans about “divine spark” I guess that only applies to lemocrats and illegals. lemocrat- a cross between a democrat and a lemming

  12. Love “The hit dog will holler” and boy did she. She has absolutely no compunction when it comes to outbursts whenever she feels like it. She also has no respect for the 1st Amendment. We are all entitled to our opinions. She is a disgrace as a representative of the people.

    • ……And to tell another elected that he or she or WE are inconsequential
      When EVER anyone has tried that it is a bold statement of their belief that they are superior to all humans and deserve more.


  13. When is the presidents birthday??

    Remember the confusing answer Obama gave a few years ago regarding his birthday? Someone was wishing him a happy birthday and he, at first, corrected them, saying that it had already occurred. This is because it ‘officially’ falls about two weeks later than he really knows/believes it to be. On that telling occasion, Obama quickly corrected himself and then went with the ‘official’ date, but the veil had already slipped. Obama has to go with the ‘official’ birth date so that his Hawaiian birth fabrication holds up. Otherwise, it’s clear that he was born two weeks earlier in Kenya before being brought to Hawaii and announced in the island paper by his commie grandmother.

    It’s no wonder that Obama is all for open boarders because he himself had to be snuck in as a two week old baby. Over the years, though, he used whatever birth status was most advantageuos to his current situation – foreign student status for college admissions, African as his solid cred in the minority author community, an American as a presidential candidate (although poorly disgused via hastily-assembled documentation and sealed public records).

    The ‘official’ birthdate is a sham, just like so many other things with this guy.

  14. Who cares what Pelosi says, she proved she has no HONOR when she did not resign from Congress after loosing the Speaker of the House.

  15. What a LOAD of CRAP !!!
    The B!tch is TOTALLY Insane !!! She SHALL be LOCKED and LOADED into the Mental Institution. The SOONER – the BETTER !!! Actually the WHOLE Dem party SHALL be there.

    Clean up the House !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Pelosi in the House and Reid in the Senate! My God this country is uninformed to even have these two in Government! The article said, “She charged across waiving her finger!” Where in the hell did the Hag leave her broom?

  17. Dear BARACK: I can’t stand you, I loathe you, you disgust me. Narcissistic, fraudulent, deceitful, divisive, elitist, racist, Anti-American lying sack of dog-doo. Happy Effin’ Birthday. Now do your ‘effin job.

  18. In 2016 when the republican nominee gets 1% of the hispanic vote and loses the white house AGAIN…don’t wonder why!

      • Oh..and the problem that the republicans have now created is this. If they don’t nominate a far right conservative that appeal to the far right loons…If they nomoniate another romney or something like him…the far right loons will stay home again! If they nominate a far right loon he will not get the independent vote. Its a lose lose situation

      • Yes, and a recent credible poll says that if the 2012 presidential election were held again today, Romney would take it by something like 65% of the popular vote.

    • You know what, are we Americans or not? Screw this hispanic, black, white, chinese, indian, muslim crap. If you are a citizen of the United States, then you are an American, period. end of discussion. Our Biggest problem is that everyone is so focused on what race to pander to in order to get their vote rather than what is best for our Country.

      • Well if it were only that simple BECKY! All the racism and homophogia and muslimphobia coming from the right is just ridiculous!

      • You are a clear example of that. You promote the destruction of the country in order to win an election and you do it based on illegals of hispanic origin. Now I’ve heard from more than my share of folks like you. The destruction part is just the collateral damage and not your real pursuit – you’re just one of those folks that surf around for any comment you can vent on and share the tragic nature of your existence and by extension – infect others. Truth be told dear – winning elections means nothing anymore. The country is infected by trash and filth and it wouldn’t matter who was sitting in an office getting paid for not doing the job they were hired to do. There are simply more of you than decent people any more. When there are no more hardworking folks left to finance you and yours … don’t wonder why.

      • Sorry Jetro but its not MY party that is willing to destroy a nation to prevent the president succeeding! The right wing is nothing more than a domestic terrorist origination

  19. What’s amazing is Pelosi is no different than the rest of the criminals in the Democrat Party. Forty years ago the Democrat Party although liberal at least appreciated the fact that they lived in the Greatest Nation on Earth and protected the Citizens Rights. But today, it seems like the entire party is insane.

    There’s not an honest Democrat anywhere in Washington DC. They all will lie in your face, give up classified information for money and they could care less about the Rights of the People, the Constitution or the security of our Nation. The Party has disdain for the American People and do everything to make life harder for us to live. The Democrat Party hates success and they hate Capitalism, so they attack and punish American Corporations and small businesses by raising taxes to outrages levels and building a wall of regulation making it impossible to run a business. We’re the only Nation in the World that penalizes our own Companies, the companies that hire Americans. They tax them so high that many have to move to another country to make a profit. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the World, this is what keeps unemployment going up.

    Just about every Democrat in Congress got rich from being office or from illegal means, they take bribes and favors and make illegal real estate deals, they dodge taxes, cheat and steal from the people to get wealthy. Since this is how they do it, they have no concept of making it legally by hard work so they accuse all Successful People of acquiring their wealth the same way they got theirs. The Party is so devoid of ideas the only way they can get votes is by making up lies and calling all Republicans racists. They are in the process of destroying the entire Nation.

    Thirty years ago neither party would allow a president to get away with all of the illegal crap Obama does, but now they support it. How can any president bring in millions of illegal people with diseases, in gangs, drug runners, human traffickers, armed Terrorists and felons and disperse them throughout the Country or bring in to our Country the most deadly incurable disease, the Ebola Virus, which has never been found in North America and kills 80% of its victims, take a chance on infecting the entire populous or causing a mass epidemic. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? All of this on top of the fact that Obama has been selling high tech weapons to our Enemies, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. They have been given some 20,000 Surface to Air Missiles capable of shooting down a Commercial Airliner and the chances are good they are hear in the US and being protected by our own Government. They have gone totally insane and it will cost millions of lives.

    • Agreed. Unfortunately, not enough people understood what obama meant REALLY meant when he said he was going to “fundamentally transform America”. We are paying the price for people’s ignorance who helped put an America-hating Commie into power.

  20. What are the Republicans doing about the illegal immigration problem? They’re all in favor of some form or another of amnesty. Vote AFP.

  21. Go Hugga Tree, Nancy Pelosi could never be superior to another human being. She will always be the tired left wing nut on the rim of life.

      • Feeling delusional today, Alan West a commander of troops in the military.
        Colbert a comedian. You’re right West and his beliefs trump whatever reasoning or lies Colbert spews.

      • west got the “take the pension,,or go sit in Leavenworth”
        for awhile,,, now there’s a guy who stands by his convictions..
        and only after 1 term, he was voted out cause people got tired of his Islamophobia crap..
        So yes,,,no BS with Colbert,,,tons of it with west…

      • EVERY developed country in the world works to secure their border. You are a stupid moron for supporting these criminals. What is to stop our enemies from sending infected ebola patients from Africa across the border or infecting those crossing into the US? My only hope is people like you and your family contract a deadly disease and die a horrible death.

      • Typical leftist. I pray you’ll remove your head from your arse. How’s that for Christian? Passive aggressive jackass.

      • Because apparently it is very un-Christian to want to take care of our country first? Really? How un-Christian is that?

      • Majordimwit is just another non-Christian who pretends he knows anything about Christian values.

      • The country and being a christian has nothing to do with one another. A TRUE christian knows that the matters of THIS world does not matter. ALL you so called “CHRISTIANS” that are soo deeply involved in politics are going against the TEACHINGS of the BIBLE!

  22. Typical liberal crazy ass bitch! “How dare you disagree with me.” Tolerant of everything except conservatives, Christians, pro-lifers, pro-Israel, pro-family, pro-law enforcement, pro-work for welfare, pro- ID for voting….. “

  23. The truth is like kryptonite to the liberal left. Especially when you consider every major bill drafted by House and Senate Democrats is based on the grandest of fiction.

  24. After the spectacle of amateurism House Republicans put on last week. The only thing Allen West chose to report is some insignificant backbencher trolling the minority leader. Speaks volume.

    • The fact that you can’t see any deeper than the surface speaks volumes as well. It’s nothing new, mind you, shallow-thinkers are incapable of any thought they’re not spoon-fed…libs/dems wouldn’t be libs/dems if they made use of critical thinking. Congrats. You’ve officially reached dumbass status. Keep it up and you’ll soon reach imbicile.

      • Shallow confrontation??? The woman is stomping around like a 2-year old child! That my friend is despicable behavior which seems to be a growing problem among Democrats. “Oh waaahhhh! I want my own way and I can’t get it!!!! WAAAAHHH!!!!”, as they get all pouty and stomp around the room. Please feel free to give the child a cookie in an attempt to stop her from crying. ~eye roll

  25. I am pretty much convinced that, by far, most liberal HATE truth. Anyone who can deny truth such as they do, must have never had a real mother and father.

      • Liberals love facts only when those facts support their perverted purposes. Which is not very often.

      • Conservative FACTS: Obama is a muslim, obama won by voter fraud, obama passes out free phones, obama is destroying the nation, america will live under sharia law, muslims are taking over america!

      • True facts hurt, don’t they? A conservative will never strike out because a liberal is always calling foul. Liberals have NO facts to make anything they say a strike.

  26. Too bad Marino didn’t remind Pelosi it’s impolite to point and take off running as if affrighted when she approached. Such would have been fun TV viewing. Thinking people do not take this lady seriously. We see her as someone who should have retired years ago to spend more time with her family… Only the liberal, leftist, licentious, uninformed and unconcered among us take Democrats seriously. And their days of American leadership ala Keystone Cops and loons are nearing the end.

  27. Again the MSM downplays Pelosi’s comments to Candi Crawley, where she says Qataris told her Hamas is a humanitarian group. Seriously?? Pelosi is getting her information from Qataris??? Even, Hamas identifies themselves as a terrorist organization. And why didn’t her fellow DEM like Boxer, Feinstein, Schumer, Wasserman-Schultz call her out on it? Why didn’t the MSM call her out on it? Had a Conservative said something that stupid the MSM would be reporting it constantly for days.

    • And why do you think that is???
      they say stupid crap most of the time….

      *Michele Bachmann says Obama wants to use minors for medical experiments.
      *Rush Limbaugh is still despicable. Latest instance: He applauds domestic violence because it upsets “Jurassic Park feminazis.”
      *Absurd orange man Donald Trump panics about ebola.
      *Ann Coulter wonders why we can’t deal with our border the way Netanyahu deals with Hamas.
      * Rep. Steve King said that the U.S. needs to crack down on immigration because our nation’s borders were established by God. Disrespecting the borders, the congressman suggested, is disrespecting God’s will.

      I’m sure Gohmert said something real stupid this week,,,he always does..

      • By “weak” he meant that you’re an idiot for thinking there’s some link to what is said and who Pelosi is compared to republicans. She, reid, obama, etc are horrible human beings who embody hypocrisy amd corruption. But don’t worry…I don’t think anyone is surprised that there are those, such as yourself, who are either incapable or unwilling to see them for what they are. Maybe you’re birds of a feather which would explain a lot.

      • Wow…that’s your “evidence” linking Pelosi’s comments? Wow…struggle much? It must suck being a defender of such an evil group of people. Democrats are their own worst enemies.

      • *Rush Limbaugh is still despicable. Latest instance: He applauds domestic violence because it upsets “Jurassic Park feminazis.”
        Talk about ignorant when it comes to Rush!

        Have you ever listen to Rush Limbaugh on a regular basis?! He was kidding.

        You DIMwits tune in right when he says absurd things….ON PURPOSE TO BE SARCASTIC, not knowing what lead up to it. Then you spew your HATRED.

        Nice try with the LYING. Stay DENSE, IMBECILE. The majority of Americans know better about who Rush is. He wouldn’t have 20 million+ listeners weekly if he was an A**Hole.

        The minority, who are Rush HATERS, are hopeless DOLTS.

      • I want the Rush Haters and Feminazis to keep tuning into Rush so that he can keep making them look like the azz-wagons that they are.

  28. Your right about that.She is also a disgrace to her gender. How many American women needing assistance will now have to wait in a line behind an illegal that dose’nt even speak English.

  29. Lol. She’s literally exposing her true self, losing all self control and is completely oblivious to just how pitiful she is. Lol. I love it!

  30. The Democrats just want a new for of slavery and submission……thats why they want all the cheap labour that the illegal immigrants will bring to the cash economy and love the Islamic ideology that works so hand in hand with the communist ideology of the Democrats. I am an Australian living in Australia and we have our communist political party masquerading as enviromentalists called the Greens. The Democrats should have been wiped out during and after the civil War. They are so un American in everything they do, say and believe in.

  31. Stories like these never tell their readers the causes of the dysfunction in DC. They only focus on the symptoms.

    We need to focus less on the SYMPTOMS of Washington’s incompetence and focus more on the CAUSES of their incompetence.

    Fix the foundation and the rest will right itself. The foundation of our gov’t has been broken since 1913. And this faulty foundation has resulted in laws for every conceivable thing and an enormous debt to boot.

    Here are the cracks in our foundation:
    1) The Federal Gov’t is in charge
    2) The Federal Gov’t taxes individuals (therefore, companies)

    Here’s how #1 happened:
    Originally the federal gov’t had 3 equally-important entities at the federal negotiating table. These were the ONLY three entities in the US that had an interest in EVERY law the federal gov’t would pass:
    – We the People (the House of Rep)
    – The States (the Senate)
    – The Executor of Laws (the Executive branch, POTUS through veto power)

    Then in 1913 our leaders removed the states from the federal negotiating table by passing the 17th Amendment. Now negotiations look like:
    – We the People (the House)
    – We the People (the Senate)
    – The Executor of Laws (POTUS via veto)

    The Senate is no longer accountable to their State Legislatures. This is the single action that led to America believing the federal gov’t is supposed to be in charge of everything in the US (against the Founder’s design of 3 equally-powerful entities checking-and-balancing each other). The federal gov’t now overruns the state gov’ts…and by proxy: YOU (collectively: We the People).

    And don’t fool yourself into thinking that We the People, having 2 seats at the table, are more powerful than the Executive (POTUS). Our power is divided (into 2 Houses with over 500 members) while the POTUS is one person whose power is focused. When was the last time you felt the federal gov’t was listening to you? Right, that proves the point…if the President doesn’t want to do it, it doesn’t get done (who wags whom?).

    And there’s a reason why our Founders “Bill-to-Law Process” started in the House. This way all law begins with We the People…then gets input from the States and the Executor of Laws. This design purposely put We the People in the driver’s seat…are we today? No, not when laws begin by Presidents & Senators advertising that We need to “do something”.

    This setup allows bills to pass QUICKLY into law since one of the 3 interested parties has no say in them. The result is many more laws that aren’t well thought out (since an interested party has been excluded from negotiations). End each law that tramples on states, necessarily tramples on We the People who live in states.

    Now #2:
    Originally the federal gov’t got its operating budget from the state gov’ts ONLY. The attempts to get money directly from We the People were ruled by the Judiciary to be unconstitutional. So, what would any red-blooded American who loved themselves more than the Constitution do? Instead of “protect & defend” they “changed & enriched” themselves.

    In 1913 they passed the 16th Amendment that made direct taxation of US citizens the law of the land. And, in doing so, injected themselves into every taxation debate effecting every individual in the entire country. They also generated enormous wealth for the federal gov’t, so you might think we would never have problems paying for anything our gov’t needed. RIGGHHHHT! (as Bill Cosby used to say so well)

    With this windfall our gov’t did what most people who aren’t used to money do: they overspend it. They’ve also enriched themselves over and over again…how many in Congress (both houses) report an income of ONLY their gov’t salary? How many in Congress (both houses) have a SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER net worth only AFTER being elected (they never made money hand-over-fist before being a “public servant”, but they sure do after!)?

    The answers to these and many other questions can be found by Googling them…do your own research. This is how a gov’t windfall (individual taxation) became a personal windfall for elected officials (who changed our Constitution & enriched themselves at our expense).

    Without these 2 amendments we would have 50 test cases (the states) to see what combination of freedoms vs. regulations works best. The state with the largest population would win, as many would flock to its borders for a true American Dream. Another aspect of this is that there would be 50 different cultures to choose from and you could choose which one fit best with your personal life principles…we would all have choices.

    With these 2 amendments we are on our way to an America where all states are run by the federal gov’t and operate exactly the same. A new name may soon be in order for us: The United Socialist States of America. And that’s not an example from “Scare Tactics 101” either. With the federal gov’t more powerful than the rest of America’s governments DC will (and has) force the other governments (and We the People) to operate the way DC wants them to. This is a logical conclusion and progression when DC is more powerful because the States are absent from negotiations (not to mention DC’s ability to effect We the People through the tax code; DC has the ability and holds all the keys to control the behavior of every adult in America).

    As it is, this structure has saddled Americans with ENORMOUS DEBT that we can’t possibly pay off for generations. Stop this insanity and restore states to the federal negotiating table because this is entirely gov’t’s fault and gov’t needs to repair our Constitution – and they WON’T do it on their own! We the People need to ensure they do it.

    Fix the foundation and the rest will right itself.


    Now, regardless of politics, we need to get together as a group of “We the People” and agree to a particular path that will fix our foundation. This is a call to action, not a plea for agreement. If you agree then act…find those in your area that are like-minded and determine among yourselves what it will take to influence your federal representatives to take these “foundation-fixing” actions. And if they don’t take them, or give you some cop-out answer have them fired if they’re up for election, or recalled if they’re not.

    The cop-out I hear the most is “I support doing this via the 10th Amendment”. Well the Tenth states:

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    …meaning if the Constitution gives the federal gov’t powers, the federal gov’t keeps those powers. So, since the 16th & 17th Amd. are in the Constitution they are UNTOUCHABLE via the 10th Amd. Politicians who tell you this cop-out are untrustworthy and should be recalled (if this were the solution it would have been done in the 100+ years since these amendments passed).

    Therefore, the only option to get rid of the harmful effects of the 16th & 17th Amendments is repeal.

    The States can do this through the Convention of States, or Congress can do this as leaders in their own right. Currently the Convention of States ISN’T focused on this foundational fix…but We the People can change that. Congress doesn’t want this fix either, but we can change that. It ALL starts with us…We the People. It’s time to ACT.

    You are the key: copy and paste this message, share it as many times as you need to in order to get ALL elected officials to make these changes. ALL elected officials means: STATE Legislatures, your US Senators and House Representatives, etc. Talk to people about this, get your teenagers to understand it so they’re actually prepared to vote when they’re legal, this is OUR country and it’s WORTH talking about and FIXING.

    Show your support by Liking and Sharing this page –

    • It is sad that you missed the message here
      If you truly believe the Democrats want harmony than you have just overlooked the basis for it. No one is insignificant. Each person is important no matter what their status or belief.
      Thinking others are insignificant is what led Muslims to believe they have a right and are dedicated to killing Infidels(those with a belief other than their own). This is a danger to mankind and does nothing to promote mankind as a whole as stifles progress from the primitive.

      • These guys are making a mockery of Congress. I don’t know these people personally, but the job they are doing is insignificant. Those house republicans are headless chickens, no direction, no leadership, no vision.

      • Really? What the Republicans are trying to do to abide by our laws is insignificant? But the democrats allowing illegal intruders in and giving the assistance illegally, not deporting them is the right thing to do? These children are being exploited by their families, government and the democrats at our nations expense.

      • It’s the President’s job to apply the law. Their job is to pass laws but they are too busy sniffing up the President’s butt. They want to be executives, win freaking elections. Clowns.

      • The President doesn’t apply current law, he makes his own, laws that suit him. And guess what sweetheart, even Dems are getting tired of his antics. Seriously, your name calling isn’t proving anything other than prove your lack of intellect.

      • Rafael, when the House passes a bill it goes to the senate to be read. The problem is the democrats control the senate and Harry Reid determines if a bill will be read. If read it is usually sent to a committee for review and then brought back for a vote. Considering there are over 300 bills sent to the senate that have not even been read it is likely the same thing will happen with this one, but at least the House is attempting to do something and the senate has not.

      • Why do they keep sending stuff they know the Senate won’t read. At a point they should get the message. Among those 300 bils there’s 50+ Obamacare repeal. If they know it goes there to die why don’t they work out something that will be read. Looks and feels like a media stunt.

      • At this point it would mean compromising again like funding for amnesty instead of stopping it and sending the illegals home. They are willing to fund for the return and to stop further immigration, but that is not what the president/democrats want.

      • What are they there to do if not compromising, it’s their job. Everyone has to compromise for things to get done. Democrats control the Senate and the Presidency what they want matter. Not taking them into consideration is waste of time and taxpayer money.

      • To compromise you need another party to negotiate with. House Republicans can’t compromise among themselves judging by last weeks spectacle.

      • because BO keeps up a big show about how congress does nothing…damned if they do damned if they don’t and thats the democratic strategy to box in the Rep in anything they do…its a game to the “left” ….it is life and death to the”right”

      • “IT’S THE PRESIDENT’S JOB TO APPLY THE LAW”, well then tell him and his lackeys to start applying the law by arresting every single illegal alien, sending them back to their country of origin and telling them to stand in line like the rest of those that come to this country LAWFULLY! What a concept eh? Applying the law, what planet do you reside on?

      • The law as it was written(by democrats) in 2008 & Bush signed was to protect children from trafficking and only applied to children being detained coming from Mexico and Canada. It does not apply to the kids from Central America or elsewhere. The democrats had a long time to re write this when they saw the problem escalating but did nothing. That is what the senator called Pelosi on. She wants to blame republicans for wanting to stop these children from coming here but won’t accept responsibility for not closing the border or stopping illegals when they do enter.

      • So the Senator scored his camera shot big freakin’ whoop. That didn’t the problem disapear. They are the ones at bat now why don’t they do something concrete even if means compromising instead putting on kabuki shows.

      • Raphael the senator only did what all others do. They speak to explain why the legislation proposed is good or bad. In this case if they compromise they will be approving amnesty for everyone that crossed the border illegally. Why is it the democrats think they don’t have to compromise on any thihg or see the danger in what they are proposing?

      • Well, your attitude is a perfect example of why Congress isn’t working. Your belief that it is all one sided and all about you and absolutely nothing to do with working as a team. You can blame all the issues on Republicans, but I got news for you sweetheart… it takes two to Tango.

      • Those House Republicans are more into break-dancing then they are into tango. Impeach!! Oh no don’t impeach we never said that it’s a trap. We’re suing over executive action, but the President can take executive action since the conference pulled the rug from under the speaker’s feet. Can you imagine Nancy Pelosi pull a bill from the floor after the voting as started. Never happened. Worthless clowns and insignificant hacks. Big headline is one of them pissed off the minority leader. Congratulations I guess.

      • I have to disagree with you Cindi Williams….YOUR attitude is a perfect example of why Congress isn’t working. Instead of you DEMANDING that they do some work, you are satisfied with the political distractions!

      • NO, my attitude is that Congress should be working together as a team! Not name calling, not pointing fingers, not calling people names, but working for the people as a team! That is my attitude! You are foolish to think that one side is always right and another is always wrong.

      • Once again…show me other post saying such Cyndi?? I do not believe you because of the BLOG you are currently on. This LOON, ALLEN WEST, doesn’t call for republicans and democrats to work together to get things done…this LOON is part of the problem! He rants about muslims and democrats only to benefit his own pockets. There is no way you can convince me that this man LOVES this country!

      • You do not have to believe anything I say, but at some point people must come together to solve the problems that are affecting Americans everyday. If not today, when? The division currently facing Americans is causing harm.

      • on that,, I can agree with you Cyndi,,altho you won’t find any answers here.. this is not the place for answers,,,this is place
        of hate and bigotry,, and whining about muslims,, who everyone
        here is convinced they’re coming to get us,,and “Barry Hussein”
        is is leading them..
        there are other sites out there where people talk about ideas,
        and solutions to the problems we face as a nation,,,seek them out…

      • I totally agree with you…but you supporting people like ALLEN WEST doesn’t say that’s what you are about!

      • Well, people that know me would disagree with you. But that is a part of the problem. People are really quick to judgment without knowing the story.

      • I can only decide by what you type and where you are. Like majorwiblit said…this isn’t the place for a civil discussion on ANY topic. This isn’t the place for ideas and compromise. Allen west wants this place very simple…democrats bad, republicans good….christians good, muslims bad. THATS IT…thats as simple as it gets here!

      • This on a place designed ONLY to make allen west a multi millionaire! Facts are not needed…just play on the tin foil hat wearers FEARS and they will buy ANYTHING!!

      • As I you! How am I to decide the person you are but by the words you speak or the actions you portray? You defended a poster that called other posters names, yet admonished another for name calling. You and Majorwiblit can agree that civil discussion on articles such as this are not possible, but it seems to be where America is meeting. The fact is, both of you are here for a fight with no intention of a civil conversation. What kind of person does that make you? And while you can claim awful behavior of Allen West, maybe you should consider that there is despicable behavior coming from Democrats. Don’t believe me? I’ll be happy to supply an over abundance of links to you. Somehow people are under the impression that there is only one way to do things, only one ideology. That line of thinking never got anyone anywhere. Keep banging your head against a brick wall and expecting a positive reaction. Continue to refuse to meet in the middle, even on this forum. And that is how I see you, too hard headed to view all sides of the spectrum, one that must be right, one that takes pleasure in criticizing others. One thing I have learned about communication is that people can learn from discussion, but it requires one to talk and one to listen. If listening is denied, then discussion is a waste of time. Over and out.

      • yea but at least they do the right thing by holding up any bill a democrat puts up any day any week month year ever

  32. Speaking of Marine SGT Andrew Tahmooressi’s birthday, Obama had stated the young Jewish soldier held captive MUST be released. Not a word said about Tahmooressi being released though. He’d bettter forget about 72 virgins and try to think of ways to keep cool when he goes directly to hell.

    • Former Marine, Andrew Tahmooressi had traveled to Tijuana no fewer than 3 times the week ended 31 March 2014 (the date he was arrested). In fact, he was in Tijuana that very morning, had returned to the USA and made a second trip across the border that evening.
      No one “accidently” crosses into Mexico at the largest and busiest border crossing in the world. There is 15 miles of signage on the I-5 S advising motorists the distance from the border…as well as “guns not allowed in Mexico”, “Last US EXIT AHEAD” and finally AT the border crossing “U TURN FOR US HERE”.
      Looks like he was attempting to smuggle weapons and ammo into Mexico and got caught

      • your wrong been there many times its easy to make the mistake…only someone stupid would spout off w/out the facts

      • He made two trips across the border into Mexico on 31 March; once in the morning, and again in the early evening when he was arrested
        He’d made 3 other trips to Tijuana during the week ended 31 March
        You’ve got to be really stupid to believe he “accidently” crossed into Mexico …especially since the I-5 S ends abruptly at the old crossing into Mexico where the “U TURN FOR US HERE” sign is posted on the chain link fence blocking off the southbound traffic lanes. The ONLY route to the Garita El Chaparrel Mexico crossing that opened Sept 2012 is to exit the I-5 from the right lane and take a frontage road marked MEXICO TRAFFIC ONLY.
        I’ve lived here twice as long as you
        But after reading your comment history, it’s quite obvious you aren’t interested in facts.

      • been here almost 30 years so you must be really old because i’m 54 and your disparaging say more about you

      • You were an adult when you moved to San Diego. I was born and raised in San Diego. So, yes I’ve been here twice as long as you have.

      • well that its not understandable how you can’t see this mistake being made unless you’re a liberal then it would make all the sense in the world

      • fred,
        Look at this reasonably.
        Had the former Marine been pulled over by San Diego PD or the CHP rather than Mexican Customs officials he’d still have been arrested and awaiting trial on felony weapons violations.
        He had the weapons and 400 rounds of ammo in the cab of his truck, within his reach.
        He wasn’t “lost”, didn’t “accidently” cross into Mexico on this 4th trip across the border in one week’s time.
        He broke the law in California, but wasn’t caught doing so
        He broke the law in Mexico…and was caught.

      • I get it you hate the military and America….more and more of you every day….I just hope they can stop the importation of people like you or America is doomed

  33. House Intelligence Committee, led by Republicans, has concluded that there was no deliberate wrongdoing by the Obama administration in the 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, said Rep. Mike Thompson of St. Helena, the second-ranking Democrat on the committee.

      • On Aug. 6, 2001, President George W. Bush received a classified review of the threats posed by Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network, Al Qaeda. That morning’s “presidential daily brief” — the top-secret document prepared by America’s intelligence agencies — featured the now-infamous heading: “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.”

        A few weeks later, on 9/11, Al Qaeda accomplished that goal.

        Could the 9/11 attack have been stopped, had the Bush team reacted with urgency to the warnings contained in all of those daily briefs? We can’t ever know. And that may be the most agonizing reality of all.

        There are things we will never know,,,like above
        so believe what you want to believe…

    • Thompson said the report “confirms that no one was deliberately misled, no military assets were withheld and no stand-down order (to U.S. forces) was given.”
      — Intelligence agencies were “warned about an increased threat environment, but did not have specific tactical warning of an attack before it happened.”

      • But of course, we know how the right wing operates, don’t we? They’ll just scream even louder, Darrell Issa will refuse to accept it, the Tea Party will get even crazier and they’ll put even more pressure on the Republican Party to join them in Crazyville.

        but they need more investigations…
        trent goody will take over soon,,and find,,,wait for it
        the same thing,,,,altho a terrible tragedy,, it happened,
        and and the Rethugs need to move on…

  34. This women is a moronic hag without one smidgen of gray matter.. Just what the liberal loons want in office .. They ask no questions, they provide no intelligent answers and they produce nothing of substance for the betterment of our country..

  35. Thanks to a Republican, a Liberal Progressive got called out for her lies and the ensuing hissy-fit thrown by Pelosi was bonus!

    • They wasted time and money voting on a useless bill but hey they got Pelosi to throw a hissy-fit so I guess its something to fallback on. That will satisfy the rubes. Insignificant clowns.

    • With all the work she’s had done on her face, her picture could also be used to designate an area as a “construction zone”. Only yesterday we saw her self-destruct so maybe that wouldn’t work. She really cracked.

  36. It’s all so crazy. Like there is no common sense comming out of the Whitehouse. It’s like he does’nt know that he is the President of the United States of America sworn to protect & defend ? and he do’es what he do’es ?? Impeachment will take too long lets force him to resign now. !

      • There is no common sense anywhere. Our government is no longer working… needs to be replaced or a significant overhaul.

  37. And let’s all remember when the dims had a 134 day super majority and never addressed the loopholes the ‘evil rich’ use. Obama also extended the GW tax cuts. Now the dims cry like bleating sheep about ‘income inequality’ and blame the GOP. Libocrites are a rather disgusting pile of hypocritical fecal material.

      • Really? Who holds the Senate lefty?

        Harry Reid’s Obstructionism | National Review Online…/harry-reids-obstructionism-...

        National Review

        Jan 14, 2014 – Harry Reid’s Obstructionism – The Senate majority leader’s hostility toward … Moderate Republicans who occasionally vote with Democrats and help … more than 200 bills in 2013, many of which Reid has refused to hold votes …

      • You ran your mouth claiming that the GOP was holding up legislation. I have shown you otherwise. Then you stupidly assert that Rubio and the GOP are now ‘at bat’ when in fact the dems have the Senate. Now you want to put and soil your Pampers whimper about Obamacare? You’re all over the place Pu$$y. You libtards are so effed up in the head that you don’t know what to say. You morons
        will be jumping off buildings in November

  38. I’m not blaming just Obama, Congress & the Senate are close to worthless. One smart Lady from California is an exception Maxine Waters she uses common sense.

  39. Stupid is as Stupid does and Pisslosi is STUPID! She wants to talk insignificant have the Bi*ch look in a double thickness pane mirror sometime! Double pane in hopes it will not shatter upon her reflective Insignificant butt ugly self is before it!

    • Possible she had several injections of Botox shot into her brain under the assumption that it would make her smarter….
      It worked as well as it has on her face…. Epic Fail….

  40. That woman is a three bagger in bed for her hubby! Yep she wears two bags and he wears one in case one falls off her he still has double protection! She is the Madussa of modern times one look @ her and you will turn to stone! Old Snake face pelosi! Pelosi to mirror “mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?” Mirror response ” Damnit woman, not you by a long shot you are absolutely BUTT UGLY! Go away I feel myself breaking up”!!

  41. If Pelosi would spend the same amount of time getting her facts straight as she does putting on her make up, someone might be able to understand her. Her and Reid knocked Clyburn out of a job because they figured he couldn’t handle it.Had to create a new type of job for him .Where was Al Sharpton a and his followers on that switch?

  42. Dear Mr Alan West,I read your above story and found it 100% accurate in many ways,Thank you for bringing this situation to light in a respectful manner,Apparently as we all have seen Ms Pelosi is a fraud and a wackadoodle,One other thing i saw was the quote your father used to use when you were growing up,as i can see your dad was a fine man and my grandfather also used to use a similar phrase when smoking out liars,cheaters and thieves,His went like this,You throw a rock in a pack of hound dogs and the one that gets hit hollers,I to have found this method very effective when i need to identify a rat in the wood pile,Was it not an awesome experience growing up in the south,We learned to have very good morals and integrity,Obviously something Ms Pelosi could have been schooled much better in by her parents when growing up,Thank you for your kind but direct letter,PS I think you would make a fine respectful and Honorable President,I sure hope you are considering running for office in 2016,as you sure have my vote! Jim Persinger,Cocoa ,Florida


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