Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and 100 others sign stupid letter blasting Israel

Oh boy. “Entertainers” are at it again. Remember the comments from Kanye West about celebrities being treated like blacks in the 60’s? Here’s some more intellectual intercourse – this time from Spanish celebrities.

You know, Laura Ingraham wrote a book aimed at the entertainment elite called Shut Up and Sing – some of these folks really need to read it.

As reported by JTA, “A letter accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza was endorsed by 100 Spanish celebrities, including Academy Award winners Pedro Almodovar, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. On Monday the actors, writers and directors endorsed a letter that Bardem published last week in the Barcelona-based El Periodico de Catalunya, the daily reported.”

“This is a war of occupation and extermination against a whole people without means, confined to a miniscule territory without water and where hospitals, ambulances, and children are targeted and presumed to be terrorists,” Bardem, himself an Academy Award-winning actor, wrote.”

I just have to ponder, if Israel didn’t have the Iron Dome system to protect its people and all these Hamas rockets were landing, do you think any of these folks would be writing a letter to Hamas?

In his letter titled “Genocide,” Bardem also wrote: “Being Jewish is not synonymous with supporting this massacre, just as being a Hebrew is not the same as being a Zionist and being Palestinian does not mean being a terrorist from Hamas. That is as absurd as saying that being German means espousing Nazism.”

Perhaps Bardem should study history and realize that when we went to war with Germany, we didn’t try to discriminate as to who was or wasn’t a Nazi. Perhaps he would see that folks like him, namely Neville Chamberlain, attempted to appease evil — it never works.

Just as a reminder, it was some 426 years ago today that the venerable Spanish Armada was sunk by the British — quite sure no one remembers or cares, and almost certain that no one cares about Javier Bardem’s letter. It only serves to demonstrate the abject ignorance he and others possess.I guess an Academy Award has nothing to do with taking an aptitude test.

However, we all cared when Islamic terrorists attacked the Madrid train system in 2004. Maybe these whiny little artists forgot that one? I find it unbelievable that the entertainment elites who make a living playing make-believe consider themselves authorities on global security and foreign policy.

“European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor told JTA that “Rather than outrageously attacking a fellow democracy for defending itself against radical terrorists, the time of Spanish public figures would be better put to use fighting against the rapidly growing hatred of Jews in their country, which according to recent surveys is one of the highest in Europe. The gratuitous use of the term ‘genocide’ and the fact that no similar statement has been released while hundreds of thousands are massacred and made refugees in the Middle East and Africa demonstrates grave ignorance or extreme malice.” Kantor added: “I would be interested in reading the opinion of the same Spanish celebrities after thousands of rockets are fired at Madrid or Barcelona.”

Mr. Cantor, these useful idiots had best be careful, because their land of Espana was once under Muslim control and called Al Andalusia. And according to Islamic tradition where they once ruled and conquered, they believe it is forever theirs.

Something tells me that this ol’ Georgia boy knows more about Granada, Cordoba, and Sevilla and the exploits of Rodrigo “El Cid” Diaz de Vivar to free the Iberian peninsula from the stranglehold of the invading Moors than these Spanish folks. They can always watch the 1961 movie “El Cid” with Charleton Heston and Sophia Loren.

Mr. Bardem, you played a decent villain in the Bond film, “Skyfall” and I never saw “No Country for Old Men.” But may I recommend, sir, that you stick to your knitting and study a bit of history or else there will be no country for you when you become an old man. And please allow Israel, a country surrounded by those who want its citizens dead, to ensure its old men and everyone else have their country. May I remind you, Hamas is an Islamic terrorist organization, an enemy of your country — and mine.


  1. The whole point is they do live in a bubble and they think that if they speak on political topics that will somehow make it so. But then again these beautiful are protected by hamas all they have to do is wine and dine them. oh stop.

  2. Actors and Actresses are paid large sums of money to live in a fantasy world. Some know how to separate this fantasy from reality others do not.

  3. like ive always said these morons should stick to what people write for them because if the use their own words we see just how ignorant they really are

  4. Hey Hollywood south of the border …. Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Boko Haram are terrorist …
    –As soon as Hamas stops shooting rockets the war will be over.
    — Who has broke every truce?
    — Do you people keep up with the news?
    Most of you actors (not thinkers) are probable Christians … don’t you know (maybe you could ask your managers) what these terror organizations want to do to you? EXTERMINATE you, your babies and families, your friends your way of life and luxury.
    — WAKE UP you morons.

    All I need to know about islam I learned on 911.

      • bob you ought to kill yourself, and I’m a Muslim that’ll easily piss on Allen Slave owner Uncle Tom West and show him how to use weapons, I’ll train this African bandanna and then perhaps call good Muslims over to decapitate him, hahahahha …. Allen West decapitated, that’d be a lovely sight to see, just like you decapitated, hahahaha

      • ray786

        You should just leave your head up your ass you lunatic.

        Tell me, are you just like mohammed? Do you like little boys as he did … says so in the quaran. Maybe you are not a muslim but just a troll … if so, I bet you still like little boys anyways.

        I think you are a troll of some low life form but do this … get a group of your best lunatic ‘friends’ strap on your bomb vests and pull the cord … bye bye goof ball.

    • Why did you say “Most of you actors (not thinkers) are probable Christians … “? That made no sense at all. From the few news articles, trashy magazine headlines, and the few times I accidentally stop on ETV most of Hollywood appears to be the opposite of ANY religious order. Just wondering Otherwise, I agree with most of what you said.

      • Glenda,

        Since they are Latinos south of the border, I believe that the major religion there is Catholicism.
        Regardless of being Christian or not, the groups that I noted desires anyone who does not practice islam to convert or die.
        But I guess ISIS did give the Christians of Mosul a choice of leaving, converting or dying. Somewhere in there they could also pay a tax. I wonder if every one who wanted to get out actually did?
        I do not understand how any Westerner can be on the side of hamas.
        Israel can stop – Hamas will not stop till there are no more Jews in Israel.

  5. Nor a Nobel Peace Prize . . . “I guess an Academy Award has nothing to do with taking an aptitude test.”

  6. Yeah, like I am going to listen to the opinions of visually attractive meat-puppets that have a high-school education at best (not that it counts that much any more) that earn their living parroting back words that others put in their cakeholes while cavorting around in front of a green screen. It is funnier to read what these clowns say if you imagine a parrot reading it, complete with squawks and whistles and an occasional “Polly wants a reshoot” thrown in for fun.

  7. Javier already got his nose busted for it being in the ‘wrong’ place and making idiotic comments. Guess he hasn’t learned his lesson. As for Penelope…well all she can do is read from a script. She really doesn’t have an original thought like so many of her fellow actors.

    • Ron-

      Good video reminder – more people should see that. Speaking for myself and I would expect most people in the civilized world (those living in this time and not 2,000 years ago)-I have never cheered when innocent people have been murdered.
      That video could have been one street corner if it was a picture of Palestine and the muslim world then what does that say about their culture?

  8. It’s IQ test, not aptitude test, but I agree with your point. We give movie stars too much credibility. Most of them know nothing of managing anything or running a government.

  9. I don’t care who the frak they think they are. Under Sharia Law, hamas would still issue them the same ultimatum they are issuing to the Christians – Conform or Die.

  10. Maybe if Hamas really wants to stop the pain & suffering of their people, THEY’LL STOP SHOOTING BOMBS INTO ISRAEL!!!!!!!!! And regarding Bardem & Cruz, I don’t give a rat’s ass what the “hollywood elite” think. It’s of no consequence to me.

  11. I stopped watching Hollywood 6 years ago when they endorsed Obama. They might be rich but they’re also very doomed for hell. No tears here

  12. As Spain and Portugal were the VERY LAST to give up slavery and their relationship with Muslim slave traders, how is it that someone from that country, particularly a vapid celebrity, has the right to comment about anything?

    • While yes they were one of the lasts to do this. You do know the history of what is done in Spain now? The street cafes bring out baskets of a cooked pork product. This would be like going into a Mexican restaurant and they bring out chips and salsa. You eat this pork not because you are hungry. It is brought out because it is a sign of proof that you are not a muslim. So while some there still would accept the rule of those muslims who ruled before. There are plenty there who would never accept this rule. Just because one numbnut goes against the rule, do not put all there into the same place.

  13. idiots like this is what is running and ruining this country, I never thought they would get control but they have and we are paying dearly for it.

  14. One question, who the hell are any of these people? Oh one more question, why would I care about there opinion?

  15. An Academy Award is about as significant as the “Nobel Prize”. Just look at some of the recipients of the Nobel Prize. Mull that over for a while.

    • noble prize used to have meaning. my great grandfather won it. but now they just give em to anybody.. namely obummer

  16. Fake people who work in a fantasy industry, comprised of fantasy themes and purposes. Most are fools who think that playing make-believe somehow contributes to anything real. Most are pathetic, useful idiots by the Marxist/Progressive/Communist elements. Just like Joe McCarthy illustrated in 1951.

    • They are insulated from the real world, and so they don’t have to see the sad results of the social experiments they favor in the lives of real people, who often can’t escape being used as lab rats for the elites.

  17. Thank you Allen for being the man that you are! You can’t fix stupid, and it is to bad that some people don’t read their Bible before making a comment.

  18. The Hollywoodies are just followers of their shah Obama and could care less about the Spanish poor in South America or anywhere else. They would never open their homes to those coming across the border. obama did not send any of those so called children to their neck of the woods in the Hollywood hills. i don’t see them sending any money to help either.. They should stick to acting and stay out of politics.

  19. Actors simply repeat what is written for them. The only attributes required is good looks the ability to emote. No thought is required. If you think to much the you will upset the director.

    You would have to be a fool to take any advice from these people unless your trying to learn how to lie convincingly. Due to their looks, everyone lies to them and tells them that their opinions matter.

  20. sadly, some will follow actors simply because they are popular, and not because their statements check out against the facts.

    • it won’t be because of my money that they will be popular anymore!! Need to see all of the signatures so that we can not support them too!!!

  21. All that is required of these public figures is a good acting performance…otherwise I’m not interested in their opinions.

  22. While I agree that many of the so called entertainers should shut the heck up. I would like to point out one thing. When they are entertaining they should do just that, entertain us. What we need to stop doing is telling them all to shut up when they are on their time(dime.)

    We would have never had someone like Ronald Reagan as president if he just stuck to keeping his mouth shut and stuck to entertaining everyone. He had an idea, so he became a governor. He went on to become one of our greatest presidents. So think before you spout. If we tell one group to shut up and entertain, then others also have the right to tell us to shut up too because we have no experience in any kind of politics.

    You hit them back with facts, this is how you get them to shut up. Keep hitting them with the facts till they either get it or give up. Use the tactics that has been used on us for a couple of generations. Do not sink to their level of telling people to shut up. Come back with the facts and push those facts.

    These brain dead, brainwashed imbeciles will keep speaking no matter how much you tell them to shut up. They are programed to keep arguing with you till they make you give up. Use their rules on them, stop this pussyfooting around. Get into their faces, make them back up. Make them wish they had keep their mouth shut.

    • They have already lost the ability to know shame. Their ignorance is a badge of honor among their peers. There is NO incentive to actually KNOW anything, so confrontation and education are meaningless.

    • It is interesting that Reagan was the only actor that the left ragged on for being an actor wanting to be a politician. How they scorned him, but he was a conservative, and with these liberal ‘entertainers’ now, suddenly it’s crickets.

  23. Javier and Penelope are living examples that their life might be a stage for them, Clueless about the reality of what’s actually happening. Israel is not proposing genocide, the Hamas leadership have been documented that they want all Jews dead before there is peace. Is that ,lol, not the definition of genocide?

    • The problem is that THEY already have a stage. They have accomplished nothing to earn it, but its there. Without calling out their moronicity, the unwashed and unlearned sycophants MAY think they actually know something. After all they DO know the best bag to go with that dress – can foreign policy be that much harder?

  24. Response to the Spanish artists who signed the Anti Israel Letter
    Jean Vercors

    you have chosen to support Hamas a terror organisation without knowing the facts.
    Hamas has launched hundreds of missiles to Israel civil population – Hamas is totally responsible for the killings of innocent men, women and children in Gaza. hamas is using them as human shields. Despite warnings by IDF to evacuate combat zones, Hammas declined to evacuate civilians.
    Dozens of tunnels have been built to kill Israelis. and you think Israel has no right to defend itself?

    Your letter is a cowardly one designed to appease the enemies of the Jews.

    “Isn’t there a single member of the UNHRC in your country to stand up and demand accountability for Hamas’ barbarities, at least when the victims are Palestinian children? And where is the multitude of NGOs devoted to protecting children? Will they ever raise the target of their moral outrage at anyone in the Middle East other than Israel?”

    “Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by anything Hamas does. What else to expect from a regime that brainwashes children as young as three with genocidal propaganda using Mickey Mouse characters to convert them to the cult of suicide bombers; that has rewarded the voters in Gaza who put them in power, by using their constituents as human shields?

    We European citizens demand an end to the illegal occupation of Ceuta Spanish territory located the north coast of Morocco in Africa and Melilla located on the northwest coast of Africa. This illegal occupation for 600 years must stop, it is a crime.
    We call the complete lifting of the blockade on the Basque Country you illegally occupy.
    We descendants / Jews expelled from Spain by Isabelle the Catholic and bloodthirsty conquistadors ask moral, physical and material damages for injury during the Inquisition by your ancestors.

    Spanish artists Offspring Torquemada and other butchers of the Spanish Inquisition.

    Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Pedro Almodovar …
    Do you know how many people were killed during this savagery? Hundreds of thousands
    How many Indians in Latin America have you decimated and forcibly converted?

    The horror of that fatal period is etched in the memory of the Andean peoples where the fate of the whole of South America has definitely played. The world changed under the pressure of your barbaric ancestors who came to seize the largest ever known New World empire.

    How many Incas have you burnt live to satisfy your kings of Spain’s inhuman appetite..
    You pillaged, colonized vast lands to make an empire that radiated from northern Ecuador to central Chile today. A nation of more than 10 million men who were eliminated and reduced to slavery. Here’s how men arrive in your country purifiers, crushing everything in their path and behave like the devil himself.

    We Jews from Spain have had a piece of that Spanish cake, we were besieged, banished, hunted, tortured, burned, forcibly converted and expelled.

    During the Spanish Civil War, how many Spanish were killed by other Spanish? Nearly 450,000
    Genocide or picnic? We could continue the list …

    Some of you have started their career in porn and are fierce Anti-Israel activists, it is hilarious to see how your pro terror approach fools you. As you have been in the Euroleague Basketball final against Maccabi Tel Aviv and the Spain-Germany match at the mundial.

    Well, to refresh your memory, Spain has suffered the attacks of 11 March 2004, in which 191 people lost their lives as a result of the explosion of bombs in crowded trains Islamists. The next day, 11 million Spaniards, a quarter of the population, marched through the streets of the country to denounce the Aznard government instead of denouncing Islamic Terrorism.

    April 11, 2006: Judge Juan del Olmo indicted 29 people, including 15 Moroccans, nine Spaniards, two Syrians, one Egyptian, one Algerian and one Lebanese responsible for the attack.

    Where were you? To shout your anger? Where was your Outrage?

    500 years later, Spain offers the return of the Jews expelled.
    I find it very funny and A good idea for a country in economic and moral crisis.

    Others who signed the letter include directors Montxo Armendariz and Benito Zambrano; actors Lola Herrera, Eduardo Noriega and Rosa Maria Sarda; and musicians Amaral and Nacho Campillo. The entertainers blamed the new
    round of violence in the Middle East on the occupation of Palestinian land by Israel, which, the letter said, “continues to advance into and invade the Palestinian territories instead of returning to the 1967 borders.

    The fact is that NONE of this would be happening if HAMAS stopped the rocket attacks on Israeli civilians.

    as far as “1967 borders” go, here’s another clue for your ignornace: Israel is currently at the 1967 borders, as it rescued and liberated the Jewish Temple and other parts of Jerusalem from being treated like a garbage dump in 1967 (where Muslims pissed into Jewish graves and used gravestones to pave sidewalks).

    your certainly meant “pre-1967 borders.” And as far as that goes, the Palestinians already govern themselves and control nearly 96 percent of the pre-1967 borders.

    • And allowing them to even exist on that land is one of Israel’s biggest mistakes. When you win land in a war, you keep it.

    • Germans used to do the same during occupation. “Defending their soldiers”. Killed 100 civilians for each German soldier killed in a battle. I am not an anti Semite. Just pointing at the numbers. I understand that Hamas is shooting at you, but you are shooting at hospitals, schools, etc. Even if they put their weapons there, innocent people can’t stop Hamas with their bare hands. They can’t all evacuate either. So should they all be killed for that? Same as what Germans used to do during occupation, seems to me. I didn’t see many casualties on Israel’s side until they went in during ground invasion.

  25. It is always interesting to hear about what these Hollywood fools are up to, but they have little influence on anything in the real world….after all, where are ‘our girls’ now? Forgotten in the world where Hollywood and their supporting actors in the WH live, but still being raped and tortured by Boko Haram and his Islamic terrorist group in the real world. “Shut up and sing” sounds like advice all of them should be taking…or in Obama’s case, shut up and golf!

  26. There are so many people out there, who are ignorant to what history tells us, let alone the Bible, Alan!! Keep up the good work, sir!! Come back to public office, soon!!

  27. Just more proof the Hollywood airheads have more money than brains. I couldn’t care less about their opinions and I wouldn’t pay .02 cents to go and see any of them.

  28. Well, in Spain, Queen Isabella wanted the Muslims out of HER country. So she had some support and got rid of them. That can’t happen here because our puny milquetoast leader is one of them and welcomes them.

  29. I’ve lived among these morons. I call them morons because they are!! For some reason they think they know everything. If they do a part about someone that makes them an expert. Making lots of money puffs them up too. I haven’t watched tv in 2 years. The only movie I’ve been to in the past 5 years was “America” by Dinesh D……I don’t know how to spell his last name. I guess I’m not all that smart either. I’ll be waiting for the herds of Islamic terrorists to be heading into all the countries. They are going to make us all stick our asses in the air to pray.

    • You know why? The ones not praying are sizing up asses that they desire as they are all sodomist and prefer male a**holes like the halfbreed in Washington!

  30. This is an illiterate group of people that have not read the news, nor understand the people of Israel. Hamas is a terrorist group, and they have no qualms of killing anyone, whether children, women or adults of any faith.

  31. What on earth is the matter with these sad, stupid people? This is a prime example of why actors and actresses should stick to being entertaining and not try to indicate there is anything more to them. So misguided and so troubling. They always – I should say, usually, as in this case, end up looking foolish and of having IQs of approximately 2….and that might be shared among them all. Just disturbingly wrong on all counts.

    • That’s why Laura Ingraham’s book made so much sense. Oftentimes celebrities glom onto the Cause of The Moment without thinking things through, especially those from the Left, fueled by pure emotion.

  32. Still one more of the many reasons I so enjoy watching pirated videos of movies., if anyone else is interested. Hit ’em in the wallet. It’s close to their brains, what little they have.

  33. Why don’t they go to Gaza with their families and stand where Hamas hides their rockets and weapons? Show us how you really mean what you say!! If it is so awful in Gaza they should be there helping those “poor unfortunate folks.”

  34. What you all forget is the Power of the Purse. I really enjoyed Penelope Cruz and I find her very attractive. However, after reading this article I will do my best to find this letter and all who signed it. My own Life Long Personal Commitment will be to never watch anything of theirs again.When they get an elitist attitude like this they will not get another dime from me again, forever. I do the same thing for Jane Fonda. If there is a movie on with her in it, I will not watch it. Believe it or not if many of us felt this same way and did the same action then they would think twice about opening their elitist mouths. You doubt me then tell me what happened to Dixie Chicks? I loved their music but when they opened their mouths, yes I know it was only one, I would not listen to anything they did. If you are saying now who is the Dixie Chicks, then my point is proven.

    • Agreed and I do the same thing!! They have to be blind,deaf and really, really dumb,not to see Israel has no choice but to protect their people and country and they have given warning after warning they would have to do this if the hamas didnt stop!! No surprise the hamas wont stop sending missiles and said no to peace over and over. Then the hamas use their own women,men, and children as shields and hide their rockets etc in schools,hospitals etc. PUT BLAME WHERE IT BELONGS….ON THE HAMAS!! AND THESE HOLLYWEIRD PEOPLE IF THEY DONT SIDE WITH ISRAEL…..TO GET A GLIMPSE OF THEIR LIFE…….FIRE ALL YOUR BODYGUARDS AND TAKE OUT YOUR SECURITY SYSTEMS….GET RID OF WEAPONS AND DISCONNECT PHONES AND THROW OUT YOUR CELLS….THEN WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!! HOW LONG WOULD YOU AND YOUR FAMILY BE SAFE AND YOUR BELONGINGS?!?!?!?!?!?! How long would you sit there and do NOTHING while someone is taking your children,or stealing all your money and art etc or raping your wife or beating your husband to death???? What if you knew they were tunneling under your babies room or under your neighbors home with the intent to kill them all and their sole purpose was to start with you and take over tinsel town and totally destroy it???? Would you say go ahead? Would you warn youre calling the police(in this case the president) and they said they wouldnt help!! Would you do nothing or would you DIE protecting your family and friends????? HYPOCRITES!!!! Educate yourself before you show how silly and shallow you are!! Innocent people are dieing……but Israel has no choice! The hamas wont stop until they kill every Israeli… its a matter of kill or be killed!!! Praying for Israel!!!! Praying for innocent people on both sides and praying people get smart and put all the pressure on hamas and the fact they are savages….and pray every last hamas is terminated.

  35. “They can always watch the 1961 movie El Cid”? A Hollywood movie? They distorted The 10 Commandments and The Bible; they distort everything, and now this moron advices us to refer to Hollywood to clarify our doubts on the Middle East. Israel’s culture is 8000 + -, years-old, Islam 15 centuries + – years-old. The former has a lot of accomplishments that have survived the passage of time, the latter, I can’t remember one, worth mentioning.

    • The 10 Commandments with Charleton Heston was awesome, a real classic and 1 of my favorites growing up and I highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen it. As for The Bible, I can’t comment because I never watched it, but I know that the people behind it are very religious and devout Christians. So maybe they weren’t up to your standards but they weren’t on the level of Noah with Russel Crowe, now that was a distorted movie

      • Well, 1st of all, Hollywood is a money-making concern, their product is tailored and twisted to augment the ticket box. In that context I tell you that 10 Commandments & The Cid are not veritable representations of what happens in the Book and in the legend of El Cid. I could fill pages of errors & omissions carried out in these 2 films, & because of the scope of this response I’ll restrict myself to one example: 10 portrays the bacchanalia at Mt. Sinai as the reason God sends The Jews to wander 40 yrs. that’s entirely false, God is angered by the Jews because out of the 12 spies Moses send to survey the Promised Land only 2 say that’s OK to go forward; God kills all the old generation in the 40 yrs & only the 2 who weren’t afraid, enter the Promised Land. Moses and Aaron also disobeyed so they are killed before. Please read the Book, you’ll not regret it & take w a grain of salt everything that comes out of big H.

    • Actually the latter gave us numbers over 5,000 years ago, but it’s been pretty much downhill since then. In fact, they are probably into the negative by now.

      • Possibly, This year is 5775 in the Jewish Calendar, so if we add Adam and Eve, Cain, Enoch, Jonah, Abraham, Jacob + 460, or so, Egypt, we are looking, easily. at another 3000 + yrs. The Ice Age was 10,000 yrs. ago.

  36. I didn’t know who she was until this, but will put her on the “don’t watch list.” Mr. West you certainly know more about history and reality than most people who live in the fantasy world of movies. Even if they never study history, they should know the facts about today. Once Israel falls, the power struggle among the different factions will turn the entire Mid-East into one big slaughterhouse….and it won’t stop there.

  37. Yada yada yada
    Israel keep pounding Hamas until the beg; NO MAS”, no one else will protect Israel from these EVIL Satan worshipers.
    Europe will get to fight their Muslims Mental cases soon enough.

  38. I’d bet a LOT of money that NONE of these hot-body morons knows a thing about the history of either modern day Israel or its ancient biblical cousin. Israel is NOT in the wrong – Hamas, the PLO and the murdering Arabs are.

    Upon partition Israel practically begged the Arabs to remain in their homes, businesses and upon their lands but their Arab masters demanded they leave. They then refused to provide any assistance for them or land to dwell upon. The so-called Palestinian Refugees were created by the Arab States NOT Israel. Egypt refused them entry then forced them into Gaza and into squalid living conditions.

    THAT is history. I guess these hot-body ignoramuses were never taught history and it just isn’t cool to study it any more, eh?

    Ignorance suits the Jew haters to a “t” and always has. It works right here in downtown USA too.

  39. Senator Joe McCarthy was RIGHT and CORRECT! Liberals and DEMON-rats HATE FREEDOM and Our Constitutional Republic. . ..

    • That maybe because it is called a Republic and not a Constitutional Democrat. That doesn’t even sound right. They don’t seem to like much about the US.

      • Correct! Being a proud demon-rat would be like being a proud Nazi in 1948 AFTER seeing the murder of 21,000,000. Only DEMON-rats have MURDERED 51,000,000 AMERICAN Babies!
        THEY need to read “LIBERALISM is a MENTAL Disease”, By Dr. Savage! :=)
        PS: “democracy” (mob-rules) ALLWAYS is followed by Anarchy, followed by begging “the government to “shoot those people!” then SLAVERY for 70 Years! HISTORY doesn’t repeat, PEOPLE DO!

  40. These elitist have no clue what is going on around them. Keep living in fantasy land and leave the real world issues to those that know best. We need to stand by Israel.

  41. Maybe all these rich Spanish people that think they know about the world could pay for all those entering the US illegally.

  42. Madrid, London, NYC, Washington DC, Boston, Mumbai, Delhi, Jakarta, Nairobi aka, anywhere Muslims have sought to conquer.

    The Religion Of Peace. Mohamed the bomber of the world.

  43. From the same folks whose ancestors’ legacy is none other than the Spanish Inquisition! What in the world do these people read? Comic books?

  44. It is amazing how the media supports Hamas and makes them out to be the victums. There are too many people who pay no attention or check to see if the truth is being told. They believe whatever the MSM reports. I have asked people whay theyn think about Palistine and Isreal./ Every one was on the side of Hamas, because they believed Israel are killing innocent people and Israel was wrong? .Too many people do not care about politics. They believe everything will work out without their input. .Because of people with that kind of attitude I am sure it is too late to stop the Muslims from taking over the US. Save this comment so you can neener neener me if I am wrong.

  45. well now i know what actors i will never go and see another of their movies, they are so ignorant of history, i would suggest they get a copy of the koran and read what it says, all infidels must die, Christians , jews and anyone who will not convert to islam. look at iraq, Christians are fleeing, they have been warned to convert or die. check out walid shoebat , a former muslim terrorist, he will give you facts of the agenda of hamas, isis, all the terrorists, also bridgett gabriel, she lived among them. these air head actors should be shunned, they live in their mansions and are far removed from reality.

  46. Looks like Hanoi Jane has company. Wish Lefties would stop taking the side of terrorists and start acting more like they love America and Her allies.

  47. Mr. West: I commend you for bringing out the obvious, that movie stars are in no way capable of making intelligent assessments of what real truth is about muslim radicals. Muslim radicals want the death of every Christian and anything western. When they take over Spain, Bardem and his companion, Almodovar and all of their friends will have to make three choices like ISIS told the Christians in Irak: Convert to Islam, pay a heavy fine, or move. The bottom line is, that even if they pay the fine or try to move, they will be murdered, and their heads will be displayed on spikes along the avenue. In the history of my family tree, which was traced to the year 700, my direct ancestor was instrumental in the defeat of the mores when they were in Spain, fought besides the King to repel these barbarians back to the middle east, and for such valor was made the first Lord of Biscay (Senor de Viscaya) and Senor (Lord) of the House of de Cardenas. This is in part the history of El Cid.

  48. Palestinians are just the new cause celeb for the Hollywood left, kind of like adopting African kids were a few years ago, and carrying little poodles were before that. Penelope, Javier…..go f-ck yourselves.

  49. stupid hollywood liberals. ignorance abounds in hollywood. i never understood how anyone could think actors are experts on world affairs.

  50. We just need to keep reminding ourselves that because someone is good at their craft there is no reason to worship them, or to assume that because they can memorize a script and sound believable, that in real life, when they are writing the script they are to be believed. Playing a character doesn’t mean you have character.

  51. I completely agree with your post BUT I’m wondering… there are plenty of Jews in Hollywood… why don’t they speak up in these circumstances.

    • Only Jews in Hollywood are the liberal ones. Let’s remember, they stand up for abortion, homosexuality, legal drugs and condemn Israel. They have abandoned their religion and use the status for networking in certain circles.

      • Yes, and it makes us wonder if they seriously celebrate their Jewish heritage at all. Are they like holiday Catholics, who only celebrate Christmas and Easter? Do Hollywood Jews even go to temple regularly? Their reason for not going may be a weak one to which they publicly admit; that their fans would swarm them for even showing up. Funny that a high profile actors like like Matt McConoughey and Mark Wahlberg shows up to Catholic church and manage to stay on the Hollywood A-list. McConoughey and Wahlberg have a solid sense of themselves and place themselves before God and family to be judged first. Most of the LA crew put themselves in the light of fan idolatry and then we collectively wonder why their lives are screwed up.

  52. It’s amazing how ignorant people concerning the true facts in the Israel-Hamas situation. Hamas fired dozens of rockets at Israel before Israel defended itself.
    Israel showed great restraint and offered repeated warnings to Hamas, but they refused to stop firing rockets. Israel warned 100,000 Gaza residents living near the border with Israel to leave their homes so they would not be injured or killed when Israel launched an attack.

    Hamas has made heavy investments in building dozens of very long cement-reinforced tunnels used to attack Israelis, yet they show little regard for the safety of Palestinian citizens. They take advantage of Palestinian citizens by launching missiles near schools and hospitals without warning and failing to provide bomb shelters for their citizens.

    *The Jerusalem Post reported that Hamas claimed responsibility for
    launching three long-range M-75 rockets on July 9th at Dimona,
    attempting to hit Israel’s nuclear reactor. This is an act of nuclear terrorism as defined by the United Nations Article 2 (1) of the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism.

    Israelis have previously offered to work out equitable solutions to their conflict with Hamas, but Hamas has refused to accept such compromises. The only way there is going to be a Palestinian state of peace and security is if Israel neutralizes Hamas.
    Israel will be destroyed if they stop defending themselves.

    The people who signed this ridiculous statement better realize that one day they may be the target of Hamas, if nations like Israel don’t reign in their terror.

  53. Since I am sure they did not WRITE the letter, I wonder how much these Spanish celebrities were PAID to SIGN the letter and lend their names and celebrity to the cause of Hamas? These people are whores, plain and simple. They don’t do anything unless their agents and managers think it will get them a headline and put money in the wallet.

    • They are looking for a headline and money. After all they are living in a fantasy world. Every thing they do is the dream of someone else. Sure they get paid.

  54. Have you ever notice how easy it is for liberals to pick and choose facts from history or present day in order to make a weak case for anything?
    Bardem’s comments remind me of a high school English class in which we were instructed to write an argumentative paper supporting X. After I wrote the assignment and received a poor grade on my paper, my teacher showed me that it wasn’t very convincing because I used lots of heart-tugging emotion and few facts to make a convincing argument a weak one. I learned from my mistake and wrote many more fact-filled papers making strong, convincing arguments void of emotion, receiving the highest grade for that semester.
    This is the same problem liberals make today. They don’t let the facts get in the way of their arguments, which is why the rest of us, who have learned our lesson, can either laugh at liberal comments or pull our hair out trying to convince them with logic. They are the kids in school that never quite got it.

  55. If nobody cares about this letter, why write a rebuttal (of 3 pages)? And to be honest, I DON’T care what celebrities think. Any more than I care what the ass hat who wrote this rebuttal thinks!!!!

  56. Good statements, Allen. These people are idiots. They know nothing of history. They have a mental disease called liberalism. Sickening how blind they can be…”they have eyes but cannot see and ears but cannot hear”.

  57. They re as Jewish as Elizabeth Warren is “American Indian” (sic, no “Indians” in America!) no shortcut to India!) We must stand FOR Israel the above Liberals (actually early 20th century “progressive” Propaganda and eugenics Lovers) are SICK, Clueless and anti America and anti GOD! They need to read “Liberalism is a Mental Disease” by Dr. M Savage

  58. Astonishing stupidity. Why people think that attractive people that can act have any more insight or intelligence than anyone else I cannot understand.

  59. Hollywood has the right to write letters like this, but we have the right to say “you are so full of poop!”, what would you do Hollywood, if say China started bombing your state?!?!? would you write a letter like this and defend them?!?!? What if you had the iron dome, but it didn’t and doesn’t stop all the bombs, would this be all right with you??? How about if China bombs continually for years, as is the case, and you in California don’t bomb back for years, then when you finally realize that Oblamo is going to do nothing, as he usually does, would you finally stand up and say enough and stand up for yourselves or would you just wait to die??? . the people of Israel have every right to defend themselves and the people of Gaza voted Hamas into their government, it seems they approve of them…. this is a war between terrorists and Israel, that the terrorists actually use their own people as shields is the most cowardly thing imaginable! That the people actually stand there and be the shields, really stupid. Israel is doing what it must. I stand with them

  60. But its cool to agree with the other actors. If I don’t I won’t be cool too. Now leave me alone I have to go drinks seaweed shake and get my butt lifted…

  61. If Bardem and Cruz want to run their mouths about “genocide”, they need look no further than the Hamas charter. Funny how they forget to mention in their “open letter” that genocide is a declared Hamas war aim.

    If the Israeli intentions against the Palestinians were “genocide”, they’d have had the job wrapped up about forty years ago. Strange, I don’t recall any stories of the Nazis treating, say, wounded Jews from the Warsaw uprising in German hospitals, as the Israelis routinely do with Palestinians.

    To call this “genocide” is just another form of the old Blood Libel. Shame on these two pretty idiots. (Okay, I think Penelope is pretty, apparently some women think Bardem is, too, so I’m being generous.)

  62. I think these people are out of their minds!!! Hamas is described as a terrorist organization whose goal is to blow Israel & the Jewish people off the face of the earth. I converted to Judaism in order to marry my dear Berny, who died almost 2 years ago at the young age of 65.

  63. The Jewish faith is based on helping those in need because of the way they were treated in the concentration camps by the Nazis. I really do think that now they look at Hamas as if they were Nazis.

  64. There is an explanation. Why? Because actors are trained and practiced in the art of empathy to relate to the roles they play. Their hippocampus must be overdeveloped to master their performance work. Also many times their roles are so obtuse and extreme they have a difficult time understanding reality.

  65. After being called anti-Semitic for signing a letter condemning “the Israeli occupation army in the Gaza Strip,” actress Penelope Cruz is clarifying her position.

    “I don’t want to be misunderstood on this important subject,” she said in a statement. “I’m not an expert on the situation and I’m aware of the complexity of it. My only wish and intention in signing that group letter is the hope that there will be peace in both Israel and Gaza. I am hopeful all parties can agree to a ceasefire and there are no more innocent victims on either side of the border. I wish for unity, and peace…I believe in a civilization that can be capable of bringing the courage to have a world where humans can live side by side.”

    First of all, I agree, she’s no expert, yet she decided to speak out as if she were one. Kind of like with Obama’s Beer Summit. He criticized the police as acting stupidly, yet he admitted he wasn’t fully aware of all the facts. Then shut up until you have all the facts, or you’re the one who acts stupidly. And that very same can and is being said of Cruz.

    As for saying she only wants peace between the Israelis and Gaza. Why didn’t she sign a letter or author one herself saying what she feels, instead of piggybacking on anti-Semitic crap others wrote if she doesn’t feel as they do? She’s very much like that little fool Selena Gomez who says Pray for Gaza, but then she said she’s not taking sides. Bullcrap she’s not taking sides, and the same with Cruz. She signed a letter accusing Israel of GENOCIDE! Yeah, I guess she forgot about the 3,000 rockets that were fired into Israel before Israel even decided to attack. That so-called clarification she made should’ve been what she put out to the public if that’s what she felt. Instead she sided with the instigators of the war, the ones who don’t care about their own people, and the ones who would gladly wipe the Jews out! What’s that called again? Oh, yeah, genocide, to those who actually know what the word means.

  66. She can be supporting terrorism all she likes, but she’d better then auction off her pretty off shoulder dresses before they’re of no value anymore and all you see is her eyes or less…

  67. It’s well known that while the finger points at the moon, the idiot looks at the finger.

    Bardem is pointing at what Israel does, and that is, by any means, genocide. This is the definition, according to the UN convention against genocide: “Genocide is the systematic destruction of all or part of a racial, ethnic, religious or national group via the (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; or (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. Genocide entails also the Conspiracy to commit genocide.” This is what Israel does every single day from May 14, 1948, the day the zionists decided to found a country for themselves and complete its ethnic cleansing, expelling 700000 Palestinians from their homes by executing cold blooded mass murders like the ones at Dir Yassein.

    Today Israel is attacking a concentracion camp, killing civilians and kids who have no place to hide, bombing hospitals, schools, etc. It has a well trained military, so there is no doubt that those are intended victims. Still genocidal.

    Most people in the US are not aware of the nature of Israel. Most even think it’s a democracy, just because they have elections. But elections were held in my country, under Franco’s dictatorship. Even under Stalin, there were elections. A democracy is a system where every citizen has equal rights. Israel is not a democracy. To keep this as short as possible, I’ll quote just an example: A Chinese, Russian or Somali jew is paid by the state to establish himself there. A Palestinian born in Jerusalem in 1944 can’t return to his home.

    Israel is a colonial country, built by a group of racist europeans that dediced to do it there after checking Uganda and Argentine. A groups racist enough as to congratulate Hitler on his electoral victory with a very famous letter where they defined themselves as a brother party, worried about racial purity, which indeed they were. A group that on August 25, 1933 signed an agreement with the nazis that made them the only legal political organization in nazi Germany, by which the SA printed their propaganda and trained their youth for the migration and that alllowed zionists to abandon the Reich with all their posessions, while they cooperated in sending non zionist jews to the camps, sometimes by hiding the truth, or convincing them that the should not worry cause the were only relocating them etc. 60,000 zionists left, taking with them 1,7 billion dollars. The sort of those who couldn’t leave is well known. Zionists never fought antisemitism, they felt it was natural and that only jews were to blame for it. They applauded the Nuremberg nazi racial laws. Those are the founding fathers of Israel.The country is the destillation of their ideals.

    As a colonial country, they occupy land that does not belong to them, They commit all sorts of crimes daily to try to maintain their power. The Geneva convention states that the occupant is responsible for the well being of the ccupied, and Israel does not excel at that either. The killing and kidnaping of children is a common occurence,. A visit to, the NGO formed by ex israeli soldiers will give you the details. If you need more on human rights abuse, illegal treatment of Palestinian adults or kids, illegal seizing of property, etc. you can rely on any of the courageous Israeli NGOs that fight that situation. Madchom Watch, B’Tselem, Defence for Children, even YMCA or Save the children will educate you.

    And Javier Bardem is not alone in denouncing the genocide: You’ll find plenty of jews on his ground: Holocaust survivrs, Rabbis, etc. Jews Against Genocide, for one (¡Surprising, aint it) British jews
    Jewish Voice for Peace USA Naturei Karta Rabbis supporting Gaza’s victims, The Rabbi that presides over the Canadian Coalition against Israel’s Apartheid
    A furious London Rabbi Here you have a collection of ex soldiers, survivors, politicians, etc. Here a group of American jews who occupy Israel Army offices in NY in protest for the Gaza bloodshed

    As you see, Bardem is not only right in his analysis, but very well accompanied by decent jews and Israelis.

      • You do not know what a communist is, pure and simple. Which is only too common in the US, where you are not educated on politics, just on jingoism,

        I do know about freedom, that’s for sure: For instance, I know that a country that has administrative detention, where someone can be jailed for as long as an army commander or a politician seems fit, with no due process, is very wrong. That is Israel, where anywhere between 7000-15000 Palestinians are in jail without having ben accused or tried and not knowing when they will be freed. I know that a country that has a 25% of Arab population and not a single minister of that race has a problem. It’s also very weird tat such a country has law regulating mixed marriages, That it forbids arabs from entering the IDF or the police.Or that regulates where its citizens can live or move to, with two sets of rules: one ofr Arabs, other for Jews… So weird also that people are forced to marry following the jew ritual, regardless of their faith, so that many couples hace to go to Crete or Cyprus to have a civil marriage… Do I have to continue? You get the idea about freedom in Israel? My problem is that I cherish the US constitution and legal framework, so far from Israel’s…

      • Flores you are a light of knowledge in a sea of ignorance. It’s funny how the arguments turn personal when the facts are shown. Keep up the good work, I will pray for you and all enlightened people like yourself.

    • You are an idiot. If we were to “genocide” Gazatian people – there wouldnt be 1000+ killed (Lets call them Non Involved pedestrians) there would be 100,000.
      We are working with a niddle there. Not with a hammer.
      This land is ours for more then 6 THOUSANDS YEARS! Get A grip of reality.
      Such an idiot. (You believe everything you read – SO according to the equasion now created, time travel is available) FOOL!

      • This land is ours for more then 6 THOUSANDS YEARS! Wow! That’s an astonishing feat! How did you manage? And who is that “ours”? Does it havea proof of property? Deeds, documents? Read the legal definition of genocide, list all the activities Israel conducts against Palestinians and check wether it paseses the test. But check, facts, not fantasies about property of the land. You can only come to a conclusion: Israel is commiting a genocide.

    • The term “suicide bomber” is regularly associated with Palestinians. Not with Jews, Israel or any other culture. Just the Palestinians and Muslim militants. As a group of people, we should be asking why this is the case. It is because they care more about the death and destruction of Jews than they care about the value of human life. And that, my friend, says it all.

      • This person obviously watches TV, listens to celebrities and has never bothered to research the topic. That or he/she has a Palestinian friend.

        The fact that they use the word “genocide” in the same sentence as “Jews” and accuse the Jews of the atrocity is repulsive.

      • Susan, I’m well versed in the topic. I’m Spanish, have PhD education, have Jewish and Palestinian friends and strive to learn the truth. Much more than you, judging by what you write. The emotional outburst about jews and genocide does not impress me. Has been tried too many times. Here you have an occasion in which someone using that tactic gets the anwser she deserves

        I know, as you should, that the zionists that founded Israel were nationalist-racists, that’s how they described themselves, as a brother party to the nazis when they congratulated Hitler for his election victory. In fact they partnered with the nazis,signed a cooperation agreement the 25th of August 1933 - so that some rich zionist jews would be allowed to leave Germany with all their money (something forbidden to all other Germans) and in exchange they would stop any resistance to them. German Zionists then made US jews stop the boycott they had organised against Hitler, that was already hurting Germany and depriving it of oil and other basic resources. In fact, Zionism was the only political organization legal in Nazi Germany. 60000 rich zionists left Germany with the equivalent of 1,7 billion dollars. Poor jews, on the contrary, didn’t have a chance.

        I would reccomend you the reading of some history: Shlomo Sand, Israel Shahak, etc. The story of the zionists cooperation with nazis, that cost so many jew lives, is very well documented by prof Lenny Brenner, as jew as Sahahak or Sand, in Zionism in the age of dictators. Please have a look at that, maybe you’ll discover, with Hanna Arendt, that Holocaust would have not been possible without the zionists and think twice next time you want to play the jews-genocide “repulsive attrocity” game..

        It’s a long story, but suffice to say that as was proved in the Rudolf Kastner trial in Jerusalem, zionist helped nazis with their deportation on several occasions. Kastner, for instance, negotiated with Eichman to allow 1600 to leave Hungary in exchange for sending 400000 jews to death, and even told them that they were being relocated ad had nothing to fear, so that the transfer would work smoothly.

        What I find repulsive is genocide, and who commits it doesn’t change my reaction. Mind you: I would never accuse the jews, only the state of Israel and the zionists that are still this day racist and genocidical. I can add 40 or 50 videos of jews who are of the same oppinion, but do not want to tire you with such powerful and moving testimonies against Israel genocide. You may risk to learn the true nature if the conflict or be bothered in another way. Lets stop just for a moment, a single testimony, that of Rabbi Dovid Feldman, representative from Jews agaist Zionism, president of the Canadian Coalition Against Israel Apartheid, that reunites hundreds of organizations such as the International Jewish Anti Zionist Network,

      • Insults only define the people who use them, they do not affect those on the receiving end. Misinformed? Don’t think so. Maybe you should try to read the text again and point to what makes you think so. Also where in that text I say that there is only one race in Israel. If you can question any of what I wrote, please do so. With data and arguments. I’ll gladly engage in such conversation. Maybe I should start by pointing at the hundress of organizations within Israel that think exactly as I do.

    • Go to google, type in “Hamas human shields”.
      Then take my word for it; Hamas told civilians to stay home after Israel dropped fliers, warning them of bombing.

      • No need to. Plenty of volonteers are using that gross lie. It’s obvious you do not know Gaza, otherwise you wouldn’t write that. There is no place to hide there. It’s one of the most densely populated places in the world since the zionist expelled Palestinians from their villages in 48 and forced them to emigrate there.

      • Oh Flores. Just take a second and think: 66 yrs with our very own country and we have ranked Nobel peace prizes, avant garde technological medical military literary ground-breaking technologies. Would a country so hell-bent on genocide manage to do all that? No.

      • Actually, a country hell-bent on being haters would be densely populated, meager, poor defense system for its civilians. It would not have a proper fire fighting squad (there’s a video of Gazan fire fighters standing and watching their electric company burn to the ground). It would not have government aid in place. It would focus all international funds on hateful plots like digging terror tunnels into its neighboring country. It would call on its citizens to IGNORE Israeli warnings to leave their homes when that home contains mortars and missiles and is about to be eradicated from above. They would come out with music videos showing in great detail how they will dress up like Israeli soldiers and kidnap our soldiers and our civilians. This is what a hateful country does.
        Now shut up and enjoy your computer which undoubtedly has Israeli technology all up in it.

    • Flores, first, let me say I believe your opinions are based on what you think are facts, and clearly you’ve tried to research and learn the topic, however, your opinions are based on inaccurate facts and worse than that, some are plain lies. I will relate to some of them in my comment:
      1. Israel is a democracy. Not a fake make believe democracy, but a full functioning one. Being an Israeli citizen, I myself voted for one of the far left parties. At no point was I pressured or brainwashed to do otherwise. When I speak against my government, or when Israeli journalists do, we are never threatened or fear for our lives, as opposed to Palestinians who do the same. Just this week, 30 Palestinians were killed by the Hamas in Gaza for speaking against it.
      2. Genocide? How do you explain the fact that the population in Gaza has increased so much in past years. If we are performing genocide, boy, are we doing a lousy job.
      3. As opposed to what you wrote, Arabs do join the IDF. In fact, some of them are excelling officers. Oh, and about not having any Arab ministers? True, but thery are members of the parliament. Just google Hanin Zoabi or Ahmed Tibi.
      4. Also, guess what? Arabic is one of the two official languages in Israel. Despite what you think, we coexist with them: we go to the same universities, work at the same offices

      • Rellyna:
        1) Israel is not a democracy. A democracy is a regime where every citizen has the same rights. I’m sure you are aware that any jew form anywhere in the world can settle in Israel whenever he/she wishes, while an Arab born in Israel before 48 will never be able to return to his home. That’s just one of the many differences the Israeli law makes conditioning rights of persons on their ethnic/religious background. I would ask you tou read this hertbreaking New York Times piece I could add a ton of discriminations. You even have laws that regulates marriage between arabs, on which parts of the country they can settle in, etc. The Coalition on Racism in Israel has found 35 laws that discriminate people. And yes, there are a handful arabs on the army, mostly the feared bedouin mercenaries, but they are (or were, if that has changed) excluded from compulsory military service.

        2) Having elections is not the measure of democracy. As I wrote, I grew up in Spain, under Franco. That was a dictatorship, we hade elections, as does Cuba or did Russia. The South Africa pre-Mandela had elections. It also had a certain degree of press freedom. In fact, I would say it was quite similar to present day Israel.

        4) A country that practices torture and approves it – and I’ll like to point to the Landau Comission- is hardly a democracy. A country that kidnaps teens and sends them to a jail with adults, violating their rights, is hardly a democracy. A country that practices legally what’s called “administrative detention” where a person (arab, of course) can be sent to jail without a trial, with no certain date of release, etc. is not a democracy. Should I go on? I can write a couple hundreds of sentences like that.

        3) The demographic changes among the victims is not a measure of a genocide, or not the only, if you want. According to your argument, there never was a genocide against the jews, since their number has grown. I’ve already quoted the definition of genocide set up by the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (originated, by the way, by a Jewish activist, Rafael Lemkin). Should we go through it? Let’s see: a) KILLING MEMBERS OF THE GROUP. Check. Not only terrorists, the IDF has killed a Palestinian kid each third day for 15 years. And many more Palestinians… Remember the two kids shot in cold blood under a cctv near Ofer in May? No outrage in Israel, seems you’re only sensible to the fate of Jewish kids B) CAUSING SERIOUS BODILY OR MENTAL HARM TO MEMBERS OF THE GROUP: Check. I’m sure I do not need to go into the details, you know them. c) DELIBERATELY INFLICTING ON THE GROUP CONDITIONS OF LIFE CALCULATED TO BRING ABOUT HIS DESTRUCTION: Check. I’m sure you know Gaza is on a diet, using the worlds of a famous Israeli. It’s not the oly ocurrence, I can quote hundreds of other examples.

        Let`s leave it at that. No need to insist.

        And yes, there are always token Arab members of the Knesset. You know what? We had Saharan and Guinean members in our parliament under Franco. Sure sign that was a democracy.

        All I’ve written so far is not in essence judgmental. It’s a description of Israel closer to the truth than what the author of the absurd, ill documented and even worse willed and formulated judgmental piece on Bardem wrotes or to what you wrote. Israel is what it is. There are better and much worse countries in the world, some in its vicinity, but that doesn’t absolve it from his enormous sins, from the pain, death, terror and misery he inflicts every day to innocent people that suffer under his colonial, racist rule. And yes, as I’ve written before, I have an enormous admiration for the Israeli’s NGOs and righteous, decent citizens that speak out against that and think as I do.Regrettably, they are very few. Last time Haaretz asked the question, 76% of the Israelis wanted to have the Arabs expelled from Israel. Considering 20% of the Israelis are Arabs, that leaves about 4% of them.

    • – continued
      And we vote in the same elections… Yes, they have a voting right. BTW, my doctor is Arab.
      5. When one talks about Israel’s “smart weapons” that also refers to millions of dollars spend on developing weapons that would allow the IDF to surgically attack targets, so there would be a minimum of civilian casualties.
      6. I think what upset me most was your accusation of crimes committed by the Israeli government such as the kidnapping of Palestinian kids. Whatttt?… What are they putting in your sangria? I’ve heard many allegations against Israel, but this has got to be one of the most ridiculous ones.
      Flores, I know I cannot change your opinion of us. And I know that there is no way I can convince you that you base your knowledge on misinformation and propaganda.
      The only thing I can do is invite you to visit Israel (preferably on quiter days…) and come and see for yourself. I promise we will welcome you in open arms and minds. Though it may not seem so from the outside, there is nothing we wish for more than peace with our neighbores

  68. “This is a war of occupation and extermination against a whole people without means, confined to a miniscule territory without water and where hospitals, ambulances, and children are targeted and presumed to be terrorists,” Bardem, himself an Academy Award-winning actor, wrote.”

    Fascinating, I did not know that hospitals and ambulances could be presumed to be terrorists. I thought terrorists were people. The letter is so ridiculous, it makes those who signed it seem below animals in intelligence.

  69. Fake people who work in a fantasy industry, comprised of fantasy themes and purposes. Most are fools who think that playing make-believe somehow contributes to anything real. Most are pathetic, useful idiots by the Islamo/Marxist elements.

  70. What do Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz know about genocide?
    Well, apparently enough to know that Israel is committing one in Gaza against the Palestinians and Hamas.

    But seeing their public declaration to that effect, I wondered about their immersion in the subject.
    before they parroted the obscene, depraved, repulsive lie that the Jews are committing a genocide of the Palestinians –
    Did they ever assist commemorations of genocide?
    -the 1.5 million Armenians slaughtered by the Ottomans during the First World War
    -the Cambodians population murdered by Pol Pot and the Khmeier Rouge
    -the Rwandan Genocide.
    -former Yugoslavia in Bosnia, Srebrenica, and Kosovo

    Or perhaps they were tanning in Beverly hills.

  71. Please don’t kick these two out of USA, they might decide to come back to Spain! We don’t want them here in Spain!

  72. And thanks Allen for your support over the 11M bombings. These two idiots support the same people who put those bombs as well as ETA

    • Then we need to improve our IQs by Watch on YouTube the following 6 clips. just cut and paste the following capital letters. Amazing stuff to watch, just cut and paste each separately:




      4) [433] Two Jewish Voices Fiercely Debate Gaza Siege | Max Blumenthal vs. ZOA’s Morton Klein



  73. They backtracked on their statements. They’re Jewish agent told them their next job in Hollywood will be on Dancing With The Stars.

  74. Oh, they’re not really bad people…
    They just had to sign it to find out what’s in it.
    That doesn’t make them bad does it,
    Ignorant, and too stupid to think for themselves…but bad?

    Liberal Logic == oxyMORON

    At least they “work” for a living.
    So, whose bad…the actors or
    those who pay to see them and give them a platform to speak from?

    If I needed brain surgery, I’d not ask, nor would I listen to an auto mechanic for advice.

  75. Israel violated the UN resolution for the two-state partition of Palestine. That is why this resolution should be revoked, and Israel should get out of Palestine.

    • why should pallestine be allowed to be a state? there are already 23 islamist states in the region yet they have to have the one Jewish state. You are b-t sh-t crazy and havent a clue to what Israel has endured. do your research.

      • Absolutely! I hope Colonel West reads some of this insanity.
        What’s this “tribe” crap? His “tribe” is the U.S.A.

    • Irene, Israel is the only place on earth for Jews to call home, They took in over a million Jewish refugees from all over the Arab world and made them full citizens instantly, Those same Muslim countries which Number in the 50s can take in their brothers like Israel took in their brothers, it would be a fair trade and besides 80% of Palestinians already live in Jordan which was originally designated for the Palestinians and is one of the lands where they come from in the first place along with Egypt and Syria and so on. Islam has over 50 Countries, why can’t Jews have just 1 small little country Named Israel? It is after all the place Jews originate from as it was Called Judea on all the ancient maps, It were the English who called it Palestine as the Egyptian Pharaohs did before them, they did it to deny Jews a History but to deny Jews existed in Judea is to deny the dead sea scrolls exist which are Hebrew archives 3,000 years old written in, you guessed it Hebrew which is the Jewish language.

      Ne bud durai suka!

      • Mr. Raw, thank you for giving the ignorant Irene a lesson of history, which I hope she appreciated as also was ‘free of charge.

      • We need to stop stealing the lands of others and then rehabilitate our people. The land belongs to Aboriginals. Watch on YouTube the following 6 clips. just cut and paste the following capital letters. Amazing stuff to watch, just cut and paste each separately:




        4) [433] Two Jewish Voices Fiercely Debate Gaza Siege | Max Blumenthal vs. ZOA’s Morton Klein



    • The Palestinians don’t want the people of Israel to leave. They want to kill ALL JEWS.

      The UN is a sham. It should be disassembled.

    • Excellent Irene, Watch on YouTube the following 6 clips. just cut and paste the following capital letters. Amazing stuff to watch, just cut and paste each separately:




      4) [433] Two Jewish Voices Fiercely Debate Gaza Siege | Max Blumenthal vs. ZOA’s Morton Klein



  76. These are people who memorize lines from a script yet they believe they are experts on foreign affairs and Michelle is kissing up to them every chance she gets. Most probably didn’t finish high school. It doesn’t take a genius to memorize lines and repeat them.

  77. TRUE ISRAELITES ARE NEGROIDS FROM THE TRIBE OF SETH IN THE LAND OF SETH (UPPER EGYPT). There is no such thing as Ashkenazi Jews — 92% of the world Jewry. They are turks from a white mother, according to their OWN genetic research. They have nothing in common both racially and historically with the true NEGROID Jews of the Old Testament. They are not even semites (half-white-half-black). They are mongoloids, and their motherland is Turkistan. They have never been in Palestine till they colonised it in 1948. They converted into Judaism in the 8th century, but this did not make them “semites” and “israelites” of the Tribe of Seth, since it is possible only through mother’s blood. ASHKENAZI TURKS ARE FAKE JEWS. THEY SHOULD GET OUT OF PALESTINE —- N. O. W. Israel violated the UN resolution for the two-state partition of Palestine. That is why this resolution should be revoked, and fake Turkic Israel should be terminated in Palestine. There is such a thing as DNA ARCHEOLOGY. Every so-called fake Jew can take a genetic test to find out that his/her paternal DNA is from Turks and Kurds, and his/her maternal DNA is from a RUSSIAN WHITE MOTHER.

    S.T.O.P. G.E.N.O.C.I.D.E O.F. S.E.M.I.T.E.S I.N. P.A.L.E.S.T.I.N.E.

    • The Palestinians were given a two-state solution and they refused. That is because these members of the “religion pf peace” wanted to kill the Jews.
      Sadly, so many were already horrifically tortured and killed in WWII.

    • I think you really may want to go live with the Palestinians. You seem to love them so much and hate Israel, so perhaps living with Palestinians would be a good move for you. Give it some thought.

    • Did it ever occurred to you to seek medical help ? I think you should……..”and before doing so, just google “dhimmi” and see what can happen to you too. Is not about only Israel, is about all non Muslims
      Some serious research and reading did not hurt anyone, so perhaps you should educate yourself more and watch what and how you say it ! With insults you are not more convincing.

    1975 UN RESOLUTION # 3379. Elimination of all forms of racial discrimination

    The General Assembly,

    Recalling its resolution 1904 (XVIII) of 20 November 1963, proclaiming the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, and in particular its affirmation that “any doctrine of racial differentiation or superiority is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous” and its expression of alarm at “the manifestations of racial discrimination still in evidence in some areas in the world, some of which are imposed by certain Governments by means of legislative, administrative or other measures”,

    Recalling also that, in its resolution 3151 G (XXVIII) of 14 December 1973, the General Assembly condemned, inter alia, the unholy alliance between South African racism and zionism,

    Taking note of the Declaration of Mexico on the Equality of Women and Their Contribution to Development and Peace 1975, proclaimed by the World Conference of the International Women’s Year, held at Mexico City from 19 June to 2 July 1975, which promulgated the principle that “international co-operation and peace require the achievement of national liberation and independence, the elimination of colonialism and neo-colonialism, foreign occupation, zionism, apartheid and racial discrimination in all its forms, as well as the recognition of the dignity of peoples and their right to self-determination”,

    Taking note also of resolution 77 (XII) adopted by the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the Organization of African Unity at its twelfth ordinary session, held at Kampala from 28 July to 1 August 1975, which considered “that the racist regime in occupied Palestine and the racist regime in Zimbabwe and South Africa have a common imperialist origin, forming a whole and having the same racist structure and being organically linked in their policy aimed at repression of the dignity and integrity of the human being”,

    Taking note also of the Political Declaration and Strategy to Strengthen International Peace and Security and to Intensify Solidarity and Mutual Assistance among Non-Aligned Countries, adopted at the Conference of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Non-Aligned Countries held at Lima from 25 to 30 August 1975, which most severely condemned zionism as a threat to world peace and security and called upon all countries to oppose this racist and imperialist ideology,

    Determines that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.

    • It’s 2014. Hamas has a covenant and they proclaim it is they who promise to commit genocide.

      ‘The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and

      kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the

      rocks and trees will cry out: ‘O Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind

      me, come and kill him.’ (Article 7)


  80. It’s a shame celebrities are given a podium. I can’t believe some people actually look up to celebrities as voices of wisdom and knowledge. They are the most uninformed, cliquey and unrealistic body of people. For one thing, why is this letter only signed by “Spanish” stars? Can you imagine if someone drafted a letter of only white, American-born stars? The outrage would be everywhere. That’s only the beginning of the hypocrisy. I’m sure many of these stars only signed the letter because Bardem asked them to. I don’t for a minute believe Penelope Cruz has any idea what’s going on in Gaza.
    To title a letter, “Genocide” and accuse Israel of such an atrocity is inexcusable.
    The irony is sickening.
    I won’t go into history even though it’s painfully obvious Hollywood needs one.
    I’m so sick of celebrities taking advantage of their popularity and spewing ignorance. You would think they would research something before taking a stand.
    Does Hamas drop fliers warning Israeli civilians that they’re going to be bombarded; please evacuate? Who does that? Israel. Hamas is so sick, so twisted that they use their civilians as human shields. Hamas stores their bombs in schools and hospitals. There are hundreds of pictures and videos; a celebrity could see with his/her own eyes if they bothered.

    I can’t believe there is any debate on this at all!
    Hamas doesn’t hide that it is they who wish to commit Genocide. Most of the Hamas charter proclaims their commitment to obliterate all Jews. This is just one sample, but it’s very clear:

    “‘The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and

    kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the

    rocks and trees will cry out: ‘O Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind

    me, come and kill him.’ (Article 7)

    These self-important celebrities have fans who think they’re knowledgeable.
    I wish they would just shut up and act, sing, dance or whatever. We all have first amendment rights, but we all don’t have a loud microphone.
    The fact that Bardem had to give an apologetic explanation after publishing the letter proves he didn’t think it through.

    • Enjoy viewing the thousands of civilian women and children butchered in the Palestinian streets,, Susan, your a real dumbshit!

    • Are you stupid. Hamas does not have an army, planes, tanks, drones, white phosphorous so they can’t drop fliers. Only 3 civilians have died in Israel. Please educate yourself over the past 10 years only 13 civilians have died by Hamas rockets. Over 1800 dead civillians in just 25 days of continuous bombing in Gaza. Gaza where 80% of people are refuges one of the most over crowded place in the world where 40% of its population are under 17 years old. UNICEF have stated that over 400 children are dead and over 2500 children are left severely disabled. Israel can not justify the genocide it has committed and needs to go on trial for war crimes. If all this murder happened in Israel by Hamas than we would of seen a different story. That is when you know there is a great injustice going on in Gaza.

  81. how about the genocide in America of the millions of unborn? Most often due to irresponsibility? Certainly wouldn’t want to talk about that here in America….but it’s okay to have opinions about other countries as long as we are comfy here.

    These comments from these really smart ‘actors’ are the result of their ‘God’ complexes which make them believe that they are so much more informed and intelligent than the average schmuck that pays to watch their ‘crap’….

  82. Spanish citizens in Spain can sign any letter, any petition, any statement they please… Javier Bardem played in much more than the hollyjewed garbage you have cited – try “Mar Adentro”. If you don’t agree with his political agenda, don’t jump on his genuine artisitc accomplishments. You’re talking about appeasement!? We have blindly supported that country no matter what. The only human life they place a value on is that of one of their own. We have an Israeli ambo in this country wha was born and raised in Florida… We have the purported Americans who get shot while serving in the Israeli armed forces.. You don’t see anything wrong with this picture? Are we a sovereign nation or an extension to the agenda of a bunch of religious fanatics? 426 years ago that Armada was destroyed by a storm, not by the British (sic, English). Then, 273 years ago, the Spaniards, while outnumbered 9:1, destroyed a 20,000 strong landing party and a good part of the British fleet at Cartageña de Indias. You’re out of your depth, West. That’s your source of cultural background: Charlton Heston in plastic armor. Luckily for you, just a few years from now, no one will remember your ignorance.

  83. When was it ok to kill women and children and bomb hospital,schools,ambulances UN shelters kill little children playing football on a beach. When? There are some many Zionist supporting cowards in Hollywood.

  84. Those people that stand up when the innocent children are dieing are true heroes. Israel is a terrorist state that occupies Gaza. Gaza has no army no tanks no fighter planes only handmade rockets that are mostly intercepted by Israelis. Israelis are killing innocent civilians by land sea and air. Where is the justice? Coward Obama won’t say a word. When your occupied you have the right to fight the occupation.

    • Gaza has not been occupied since 2005..Educate yourself.They have a blockade. Why? because if they didn’t they would bring in much dangerous weapons from Iran. Palestinians could have had a State created back in the 90s with Bill Clinton, But Yaser Arafat refused it. Why? Because they don’t want a 2 State solution, they want Israel destroyed. Go and Educate yourself, Liyana moron.

      • Go look up Miko Peled, the son of an Israeli General, he claims that by 1993, Isrtel had enough control of the area that a 2 state solution was simply impossible, it was all talk to make Israel look good, Hamas may want Israel destroyed but if you ask the average palestinian, they just want peace, they have had enough of this, I have friend who have visited the area last year and this is what most of them say, but at the same time, I can totally understand why they hate Israel, if I were treated the way they have been then I would certainly not stand for it.

      • What gets my goat is that if anyone comments about Israel’s totally disproportionate use of weapons against innocent civilians, then automatically you are an Israel and Jew hater, I don’t hate Jews, but I do hate the way Israel has treated the Palestinians for so long.

      • Oh so why haven’t the Israeli terrorist stopped building ILLEGAL settlements in Palestine. Why do they keep building on a land that’s not there’s. Why you moron. Why did Stephen Hawkings refuse to go to Israel. Why did the Israeli kill Tom Hurndall and Rachael Corrie? Too kill so many children and civilians is ethnic cleansing. You go and find out Max Blumenthal and miko peled. The good jews not the Zionist scum racist jews.

    • Moron. Ppl like you have never experienced what Israel is going through. Live in there shoes before you make idiotic comments.

      • Isn’t Cohen Jewish and you defend the ppl that attack our homeland. Traitor, ppl like you should be sent to the gaza and let the true Israel’s take you out

  85. Allen West is quoted as saying: “If Israel didn’t have the Iron Dome system to protect it’s people and all those Hamas rockets were landing (in Israel), do you think that these folks would be writing a letter to Hamas?” Mr. West is correct in observing that the citizens of Israel are protected by the Iron Dome system. Only one (1) Israeli citizen has been killed by one of the thousands of Hamas rockets fired, and that was in an isolated occupation compound located close to Gaza. Since the citizens of Israel are protected from these rockets, why is Israel using these virtually useless and harmless rockets as an excuse to slaughter over 1,400 Palestinians, 85% of which are innocent men, women and children? So someone throws a rock at your house, which bounces off the side of your house, causing a small scrape in the paint, and you respond by blowing up the rock throwers home using mortar fire and kill everyone inside and outside that house, whether those inside or outside that home had anything to do with the rock thrower.

    Mr. West goes on to state: “that when we went to war with Germany, we didn’t try to discriminate as to who was or wasn’t a Nazi.” Mr. West is correct, we did not discriminate, we killed everyone, including innocent men, women and children in that war who were not Nazi, including Germans who were against Hitler. Like Israel is currently doing, we indiscriminately slaughtered innocent Germans in that war to bring pressure on the German government to surrender, just as the Jews are slaughtering innocent Palestinians to bring pressure on Hamas to surrender to the Zionist military occupation of Palestine. As an American, would you meekly accept Chinese soldiers occupying America, arresting and detaining Americans without charges, searching and destroying your home, denying you access to water and electricity, obstructing your access to medical supplies and treatment and basically converting America into a massive open air prison where travel is restricted or denied entirely? If you are honest, you would not tolerate this for one minute and would be doing everything in your power to drive the occupation force from your nation, just as the Palestinians are attempting to do against a vicious, murderous and heavily armed occupation force that is in violation of international law by being in your country in the first place?

    Mr. West’s defense of Israel’s genocide, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Gaza reflects his true character. America, by aligning itself with the terrorist state of Israel and furnishing the weapons Israel is using to butcher Palestinians, is recklessly endangering the lives of American citizens everywhere, including citizens living in our own country. With our porous borders being unguarded, expect blow back from the millions of enemies our government has created all over the world.

      • Your all morans! Standing up for Hamas and those bastards that have harmed the isreali ppl. Those innocent ppl aren’t innocent. Hamas is telling them all to stay and become marters

      • Close to 2,000 dead Palestinian civilians vs 4 dead Israel civilians??? Who is the moron who can’t even spell moron!?

      • Your an ignorant fool. If you lived in Gaza you would of been dead by now or a slave under Israeli occupation. Where as an Israeli well protected by the 3.5 billion aid that it gets from USA. Israeli are singing ‘no need for schools in Gaza all the children are dead’. People like you and Zionist scums are supporters of a Terrorist state called Israel who like killing Palestinian children. How many kids have died in Israel? zero. UNICEF have counted in Gaza on Sunday over 400 children dead and over 2500 children left severely disabled. Try making yourself disabled and then tell me how it feels?

      • Any decent human being would condemn Israel’s slaughter of children. Only a heartless monster would condone Israel’s slaughter of innocent children, regardless of the excuse given for such actions.

      • Can you actually prove that all Palestinians want all Israelis dead, can you physically prove it?

      • Just like the great Netanyahu who has been screaming Iran is two months away from a nuke bomb,,, for the past thirty years??!

    • Then we need to find out the truth my friend. Watch on YouTube the following 6 clips. just cut and paste the following capital letters. Amazing stuff to watch, just cut and paste each separately:




      4) [433] Two Jewish Voices Fiercely Debate Gaza Siege | Max Blumenthal vs. ZOA’s Morton Klein



    • It is not Israel’s intent or wish to kill innocent Palestinian children. They make every effort to avoid that eventuality; it is Hamas who is responsible for this end result. It is the stated desire of Hamas to destroy Israel and if that were not the issue which drives Israel to feel the need to protect themselves, there would be no deaths at all. Hamas sees nothing wrong with using their own children as human shields because they know that this behavior makes Israel look bad. When Israel gave back Gaza and the West Bank, Hamas could have used the cement they were given to build and improve Gaza and turn it into a place of pride but instead they chose to build terror tunnels into Israel to continue their attempted murder and destruction of Israel.

      • ok when the 4 boys where killed on the beach while playing football all under the age of 11. Israeli rocket just landed on top of them was it because Hamas was hiding in the football. You need to wake up lady and smell the coffee. Israeli Zionist scums own most of the media so your probably brainwashed by it. Hitler brainwashed the Germans once.

      • All of these sorts of incidents are tragic and the horrible by-product of insane violence that wars cause. Was the kidnapping and murder of the Israeli teens okay? Once again, your clear attacks on me personally show that hate dominates these emotionally charged issues. You have so much hate in you that I cannot begin to debate any of this logically with you. My insight and knowledge of the situation is personal and my background has nothing to do with being brainwashed. I could say the same to you…that you are brainwashed against Israel and the Jews, but I don’t. I acknowledge the right of others to express outrage for a horrible situation. But personal attacks are not only unnecessary they serve no useful purpose…except to keep hate going to nobody’s benefit. Once again, all I can do is pray that both sides can stop the hate and violence and resolve the conflict.

      • How can you call it a war. Why are you still so ignorant. Israel has all the latest weapons where as Gaza is under occupation by Israel. Gaza has no army, no tanks, no planes, no ships no drones. War is a fight between 2 army’s 2 equals. That is why there has only been 3 civilian deaths in Israel. What is going on in Gaza is nothing short of a genocide. When your bombing UN school shelters, clearly can see children playing football, ambulances, hospitals. Killing journalist and UN staff. When you kill over 1800 civilian whom over 400 are children. Your nothing but a terrorist. I don’t have hate but I hate any so called democratic government that kills so many children. Please stop watching Fox News and just do your own research start with finding out how Rachael Corrie and Tom Hurndall died. Pray that the Israeli have humanity left in them and we don’t have to watch them singing ‘no need for schools in Gaza all the children are dead.’ Seeing dead injured children who have done nothing wrong makes my blood boil.

      • There it is again, your obvious hate though you know nothing about me. I am hardly ignorant. 911 was an example of how little it matters who is considered stronger. Hate and damage are done by lesser powers as well as mighty powers. I don’t even get Fox news, and it might be worth the debate if you stopped assuming things about me. Research means nothing when you are satisfied to see only one side. Clearly, nobody wants to see dead or injured children. For you to think Israel wants this is ridiculous. As long as Hamas stores their weapons in civilian areas that are supposed to be safe havens, and tells their own to stay put to ensure there will be children dying to inflame the world and make them turn against Israel, this sort of thing will continue. In any case, the two sides are apparently sitting down to talk about a lasting peace with Egypt brokering so I’m going to pray this latest escalation of violence ends with justice for ‘both’ sides.

      • What is 9/11 got to do with Israel. No building has been blown up killing 1000,s of people in isreal. Instead isreal is an aggressor that occupies Palestinian. I think your love for a Zionist evil statel has made you death, dumb and blind. Hamas did not store anything in civilian areas. Gaza is very overpopulated. Maybe you need too look at Gaza in a map.

      • My point – and clearly you are so determined to keep the hate alive here while I yearn for peace – is that your statement that Israel is stronger militarily…does not hold up because the United States is a super power and yet Al Quada was able to inflict tremendous harm and damage in New York. Hamas may not have the military strength of Israel ‘now’ but the terror tunnels cannot be ignored as threats to Israeli security particularly when so many in the area have your enormous anti-Israel attitude. I am not a blind supporter of anyone and I deplore killing…but I have seen it on both sides and terrorist actions occur with militant extremists on both sides.

      • Hamas denied kidnapping those boys. When Hamas kidnap any Israeli they mostly exchange prisoners. Israelis are worth more to them alive. Kidnap was done by some other nut cases. Israeli spinned there lie and propaganda to go and attack Gaza. On a daily basis Israeli steals from the Palestinian whether it’s land by settlements, water, uproots Palestinian olive trees builds a wall around them making them live in an open air prison.Palestinian Women give birth at Israeli checkpoints because there not allowed to cross over to the hospital. They are degraded every day. Israelis arrest 6,7,8 year old boys and question them in adult prisons. Please find out about the good Israeli soldiers who have left the IDF there organisation is called ‘breaking the silence’.

      • Not a denial, but what was said about the kidnapping is that Hamas is not in control of all the terror cells and that the kidnapping and murder may and likely was done by one of the Hamas terror cells. In any case, can we believe what Hamas says when they build terror tunnels instead of using the cement and improving the lives of their own?

      • Another ignorant question? How can they improve lives when they are under siege, under occupation. Nothing is allowed to go in Gaza and come out. A olive grove farmer is not allowed to sell his olives outside Gaza. They are not even allowed to visit there family in West Bank. You keep believing all the lies Israeli Zionist tell you. Just listen too a some good jews like max blumenthal and miko peled and you will do the world a favour, by not calling children Hamas and then supporting Israel that is killing them. Hope your family are safe because people in Gaza are not with a terrorist democracy like Israel occupying them & controlling them. Israel was one of the countries that supported apartheid South Africa now it has turned into one.

      • Good grief, they were NOT under siege when Israel gave up Gaza originally. At that time, it was done with a hope that the Palestinians would work to improve their lives with the greenhouses left for them. But they could not do that and instead joined forces with Hamas – a stated terrorist group – and the tunnels were built to attack Israel. The trouble is trust. Neither side trusts the other enough to stop the conflict and truly work together to build a peace that will last.

      • One of the fractions that separated from Hamas did the kidnapping. Because they did not want Hamas to do a deal with Israel.

      • The point is, it was a ‘faction’ of Hamas and this is why the area is in so much turmoil. If moderates ever want peace and work towards peace – acceptable to both sides – some militants on either side come along and provoke the hate and off they all go again fighting. Has to be a better way!

      • The Israeli army isn’t perfect and misses targets just like every army does. Hamas has also misfired rockets at its own ppl in Beit Shemesh and Hebron. It’s a fact of war. Quit holding Israel to such high standards because it is anti zionist and anti semetic.

  86. Who is this
    Allen West? If so it is terribly sad to see that people in the
    profession to write incongruent phrases like “Just as a reminder, it was
    some 426 years ago today that the venerable Spanish Armada was sunk by
    the British”…. what has it to do with anything? Did the writer drink to find inspiration, as did far more famous writers before him?

    The article is one after the other of ridiculous,
    often absurd assertions. What is the point of mentioning the Madrid
    trains bombings, what is the relation with this case if other than the
    before WWII meaning of antisemitism (Arabs are also speakers of a Semitic language), to create a hate for all Arabs. Rather than criticizing
    the lack of knowledge of the two actors the journalist should consider
    his own lack of knowledge and he may discover that Spain, unlike Israel,
    did not bomb civilians (women, children, old people) of the culprits’
    country, Morocco.

    writer talks of the growing hate against Jews in Spain without
    understanding that this recent feeling arises from seeing dead children
    on the street of Gaza while using the overused “fight against terrorism”
    as an excuse. Israel can hardly take the moral ground when, as the
    writer admits, Hamas rockets are not a real threat.

    Mr West, not unlike Israel’s government, tries to create fear reminding that al-Andalus (not Al Andalusia has he misprinted)
    was once ruled by the Arabs. He obviously read it somewhere without
    deepening his knowledge, otherwise he would have also reminded that
    al-Andalus was, for centuries, a beacon of learning, and the city
    of Cordoba became one of the leading cultural, scientific and economic
    centre in Medieval Europe and throughout the Mediterranean basin, and
    that after the reconquista, the Jews were expelled forever from Spain,
    or be killed. Coincidentally, despite the writer’s claim that in Spain
    there is a growing hatred of the Jews, this year 2014 Spain’s
    legislature has begun a new process of legislating to grant Spanish to
    the citizenship to the descendants of Spanish Sephardim who requested it
    writer defines Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem as “whiny little
    artists”: aside for the moral standing of a journalist calling someone
    whiny because a powerful army is killing indiscriminately hundreds of civilians who can not escape or defend themselves,
    I sincerely hope for the sake of journalism that, unlike these two
    international artists, Mr West is a teensy-weensy journalist
    otherwise, to paraphrase the writer, “I guess being a journalist has nothing to do with taking an aptitude test.

    • “Seeing dead children on the street of Gaza while using the overused ‘fight against terrorism as an excuse’ etc. The fault is Hamas…Hamas rockets are a huge threat not only because they keep hate and terrorism alive and undermine the hope for peace…these dead children are the consequence of Hamas telling these children and Palestinians to stay put when Israel warns ahead of time to leave that location. It is Hamas, of the genre of suicide bombers who have no concern about human life, that brings upon its own, these consequences.
      And Hamas leaders have admitted that the use of their own, dead children, images in the media, helps in their war against Israel to out Israel and vilify Israel.

      • Hamas rockets are not a real threat given Israel’s defense system, and hardly an excuse to kill children. you say that the fault of their death is Hamas for telling them to stay put: can’t you see how cruel your words are? Are you actually thinking of the children dying, or those with lost limbs, or those who lost their mothers? Who is throwing the bombs that kill them? Are you really saying that it is enough Israel warning, while these children are possibly forced to stay, to absolve Israel of their killing? To give you a more personal example: if criminals retained you in your house and the police said “leave because we are going to burn your house down” would the police be less guilty of killing you and your children because of the warning? Is there any really decent excuse for killing children and innocents? Are their just numbers and not human? Do you really not see how cruel it is what you are saying? Is your hate really so strong?

      • Hate? I have no hate, none whatsoever. My heart aches for both sides in this ongoing conflict. I long for it to end and for both sides to find a way to come together in peaceful co-existence. This situation is much too complex to label Israel the villain in all of this. It may be Israel’s fire that kills Palestinian children but it is Hamas who has Israel this paranoid and terrified that they feel the need to destroy all the tunnels. Sadly, children are caught in the crossfire between adults who can’t seem to find a better way to resolve this conflict.

      • There is not “both sides in the conflict”. Just one. A colonial state founded by racist europeans that took the land from the original population. That’s it. You fail to understand the essence of the situation. I won’t repeat what I already wrote above on the essence and origins of Israel. Just do not believe the fable invented by zionists.

        One of the vilest things that can be done by a human being is blaming the victims for their pain. That’s exactly what you are doing in every one of your commentaries.

        And, please, stop confusing anti semitism with anti zionism, something hundreds of thousands of jews also feel. I’ll add a couple in a vain effort, I suppose, to stop this habit you have: I say it is a vain effort cause usually sectarians are not convinced or deterred by the truth.

      • You’re entitled – as is Siegman – to opinions that perpetuate hate and do nothing towards the cause of peace, but there are indeed ‘two sides’ to the conflict. We are not talking about ‘innocents’. This conflict is between Israel and Hamas, not Israel and the innocent civilians who are caught in the crossfire. Nobody is blaming victims here and that skewed view shows a lack of recognition of the underlying issues from both sides. Hamas wants Israel gone. And to suggest that there is some historical base of entitlement here is to accept one side’s version only. I will not bother to go into all aspects of this situation. You consider Hamas a victim? I have not blamed the innocent Palestinians in any of my comments. I have said and it is true that Hamas has brought on this conflict by using cement given to them to improve Gaza to construct an intricate network of terror tunnels to attack Israel. Hamas is no victim. It is bizarre in the extreme to call Israel a colonial state founded by racist europens who took the land from the original population. This is totally in dispute. Both Jews and Arabs originally inhabited the land. Palestine did not even come Palestine till much later. Both Jews and Arabs therefore have deep roots and connections to the land. And ideally they would live together in peaceful co-existence. Since you do not know me, your attacks on my understanding of the truth in this conflict will not be addressed. I do not have to defend or explain myself to you.

      • “Jews and Arabs therefore have deep roots and connections to the land.
        And ideally they would live together in peaceful co-existence.” Yeah, right. In fact, Jews and Arabs are family, almost brothers, and they indeed lived in peace. But that was until till a racist european nut, Teodor Herzl, planned to build a state just for him and his racist comrades somewhere, and decided to settle in Palestine. In 1900, there were 600.000 people, 4% Jews. FYI, Herzl was a member of the blut und bloden german nationalist-racist groups before he “discovered” his jewishness. All his political theories -zionism- derive from that starting point. He in fact, defended that the best government is a good tyrant and blamed anti semitism on the jews themselves. His theory was that no society could stand jews above a certain number. Racist, ridiculous, criminal. And as such, contested by hundreds of thousands if not millions of Jews. No space to quote all of them but I was moved when I read that Yehudi Menuhin, asked what he thought about the zionists, said that he shared his father’s opinion, that Jews should be Jews and not nazis. That’s the origin of the problem: racist nationalism. Same venom that had Europeans start two world wars. The US is the antidote for that, as I’m sure you’re aware of.

        The state wasn’t built by Palestinian jews, but by those nazi-zionists. Ben Gurion was Polish, Chaim Weizman, British, Golda Meier, Ukranian, Menachem Begin was born in Bret Litovsk, wherever that falls now in Europe, Levi Eshkol was Ukrainian, Abraham Stern, founder of the Lehi, was Polish, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, founder of the Jew Legion and the Revisionists, was Russian, David Raziel, Irgun founder, Lithuanian… Avraham Tehomi, another of Irgun’s initial group, from Odessa … European enough for you? I already explained the connexion, well documented, among these two racist groups, and their influence on the foundation of Israel. How the zionists cooperated with nazis, and were not interested in preventing the Holocaust, on the contrary, as Hanna Arendt said, they were instrumental. No opinion in all that, just history. You may like what Herzl and his followers said, felt or did, I am distraught and scandalised by a colonial organization that in plus sent Jews to the gas chambers, then cynically claimed that their state was a safe haven for those same Jews.

        As for Hamas, I have no simpathy for a fundamentalist criminal sect, in any case much less simpathy than Israel, that generously financed them in their beginnings and fielded Shin Beth operatives to help. Their aim? To create a religious faction that opposed the PLO. They indeed succeeded. That’s also history, believe it or not. I think what they do amount to resistence, even if I am repelled by the slaughter of innocents and by terrorism. Maybe you should see The Gatekeepers, a documentary that interviews the six heads of Shin Beth, they adress all this: One of them says “Mind you, our terrorist is always someone else’s freedom fighter”. They all agree that there is no military solution. Israel has always accused his opponents of being terrorists. Pure cynicism-hipocrisy again, when zionism terrorism has been extremely active, before and after the foundation of Israel. Have a look

        As for the human shield nonsense, it demonstrates a real naivete or gullability in those that believe or follow it. Gaza is, FYI, a small stretch of land, 50 km long (that must be 30 miles, more or less) 14 km on the wide end and 7 on the other, has 4.120 inhabitants per square km, that’s one of the highest densities in the world. It’s about one third of the area of New York City. Hamas doesn’t need to “fabricate” human shields, as Israeli soldiers regularly do on their patrolling of the occupied Palestine (go to Breaaking the silence, the ex soliers NGO if you need confirmation). The IDF provides victims regularly, no need to ask. Did I say that acording to UNICEF, Save The Children, DCI, etc. they have killed a Palestinian kid each third day for 15 years? That’s mostly on the West Bank, where there is no Hamas or rockets. Doesn’t that impress you? How do you feel about that ? You wil also blame those kids for being shot?

        I want peace. We all do. But it will only be possible the day Israel aknowleges what it has done to Palestinians. The best precedent and comparison is South Africa. The ANC were also called terrorists, remember? Mandela was the biggest evil on earth, remember? Israel is on that same course. And yes, it is black and white. As black and white as South Africa.

      • Thank you for what is obviously a great deal of research and academia on the subject! Charles Laffiteau spent a lot of time trying to prove that Zionism is and was a negative thing and that Israel was built on evil and hate. I am a great believer that academia can bring about more harm than good. Stats and so forth can make anyone’s ideas look true and legitimate. Your argument – and his – is that Arabs and Jews lived on the land and peacefully co-existed until along came evil Theodore Herzl who dared to believe there needed to be a place where Jews could call home. Unfortunately, he doesn’t take into account the fact that after the Holocaust, nobody would take the Jews… they had nowhere to go. Jews have been persecuted for so many hundreds of years that basically they were without a place in this world to ‘exist.’ It also doesn’t take into account the current reality and how to solve it all. Whatever was, was…I don’t dispute that there was terrorism on both sides and that in trying to create a Jewish homeland, many wrong-headed things were done. But whether it was the hatred of the Arab world for Jews or hatred of the Jews for Arabs whose stated purpose always has been the complete destruction of Jews and Israelis, is all about the hen and egg story. All that matters now is whether we can go from this point onward and find a solution to all of it, to put an end to the hate, the fighting, and the deaths of so many people.

      • Carole, what I think will die with me and is irrelevant. Teodor Herzl WAS a racist, a nationalist-racist of the same school of thought as the Nazis. Same lines about racial purity, etc. That’s was a fact then, is a fact now and will always be a fact. That’s why, as disturbing as it may seem, they got along so well. Whether he was reacting or inventing is also irrelevant. He was not very original. Most of Europe’s nationalist parties was developed then and in the same vein. Israel, the Greater Serbia or the Third Reich were dreamed at the same time.

        I understand now you accept my argument about the European origin of the conflict.

        There is no chicken and egg. Zionism is the origin of this conflict. Not jewishness or arabness. Not the situation of Jews after the Holocaust or their dispossesion. Herzl’s followers planned a “final solution” for Palestine where they would expell Arabs from their land to form an state just for themselves, disregarding their rights and disdaining them as subhumans, well before WWII. I can quote all of them, from early settlers to Golda Meier, Ben Gurion, etc. That’s what they did. They succeeded but did not foresee what would come afterwards.

        Israel was built on that and is fuelled by that, but has a deep contradiction in that it wants to be a democracy, but it is obviously an impossible task. There is no democracy with two different set of laws, one for the right people (Jews) another for the rest. Democracy and colonialist opression do not mix.That’s the nature of the beast and the venom, very European, that is destroying Palestine, Arabs and Jews, and Christians and a large etc of different people that are never in the news but suffer along them.

        Anti Smitism is not that special. It’s more spread than other criminal prejudices because Jews did travel more than other confessions. I’m sure you’re aware of what happenned to Ukrainians in the 30’s. Or to Hereros, Armenians, etc. The list of genocides fuelled by racism or nationalism or religious prejudices is very long. The solution to Anti Semitism can’t be a racist state reserved to Jews and built on the dispossesion, enslavement, torture, suffering and pain of the original, innocent population.

        While we in Europe killed ourselves in two gigantic wars that destroyed most of the continent fuelled mostly by racism and nationalism, the US thrived in comparison with the same people, with the same ideas, but with a different political system. Ok, there was slavery and Native Americans were slaughtered and dispossesed, but you understand my point. It’s the only solution to the Palestininan – Israeli conflict, democracy, as it was to the South African one. There is no reason why it wouldn’t work, and if all the resources diverted to war could be dedicated to enlightment, education, growth, etc. considering what Israel has achieved so far, what sort of effect do you think it would have in the Middle East? Although it’s not a good moment to be optimistic, as this article by Chas Freeman, points out It’s great to read as well informed, thoughtful comments as his’.

        In any case, I don’t think we can spin this interchange forever. It all started on Penelope’s and Javier’s manifesto. And was provoked by Allen West’s disrespectful comment, truffed with ignorance and malevolence.

      • To equate Herzl to Nazis is outrageous and totally not true. His reasons for Zionist ideals were reactionary to anti-Semitism and had nothing whatever to do with racial purity. Since I have no idea who you are or where your beliefs stem from, I will simply say, the desire for Jews to have a homeland indeed had to do with the tremendous persecutions of the Jews since time began, pretty much. All ideas expressed die with each of us, so that doesn’t matter to this debate very much. Neither you nor I will solve the serious problems between Palestinians and Jews but I will continue to pray there will one day be a lasting peace with justice for both parties. I am naïve I guess.

      • Academia and ‘research’ are fine as far as they go, but they do not take into account whether the researcher, in this case, Charles Laffiteau, has taken a bias and is attempting to push that bias on his readers. You slam Theodore Herzl as a racist etc. without properly taking into account that he had been exposed to the enormous amount of Anti-Semitism in the ‘real’ world and his was a desire to find a safe haven where he would live among people who would not persecute him. He wrote: “The Jewish question persists wherever Jews live in appreciable numbers. Wherever it does not exist, it is brought in together with Jewish immigrants. We are naturally drawn into those places where we are not persecuted, and our appearance there gives rise to persecution. This is the case, and will inevitably be so, everywhere, even in highly civilised countries—see, for instance, France—so long as the Jewish question is not solved on the political level. The unfortunate Jews are now carrying the seeds of anti-Semitism into England; they have already introduced it into America.” You prefer to see Herzl’s Zionist ideas as those of a “racist European nut” when in fact they were more likely self-protectionism and reactionary. There is no such attitude where, for example, Italians assimilated all over the world, retain Italy as a homeland. The problem is that the question of Jewishness is whether it can be called a nationality or a religion and this has always been in dispute.

      • Your ideas are absoloutely out of touch with the reality of Herzl. You write “To equate Herzl to Nazis is outrageous and totally not true.” OK. Go tell the German Zionist who saluted Hitler’s “victory” en the elections with a letter in which they defined themselves as BROTHER PARTY worried as much as them BY RACIAL PURITY.

        As for anti semitism, Herzl not once denounced it. He blames Jews for antisemitism, and you seem to agree with him. The text you are quoting is a good example, but it’s all over his writings. Everybody with half a brain will deem that untenable and unnacceptable. Jews are not the cause of anti semitism. Bigotry, ignorance, etc are. And the answer is not racism, but equality and freedom.

        Zionists never ever fought anti semitism. It’s an organization intent on building a clean state for one type of peope, and that is racism. It’s what the nazis wanted, a pure society. I did not invent the comparison, didn’t even think of it until I read the in-famous letter adressed to Hitler by zionists.

        Did you ever read VIctor Klemperer’s diaries? They are illuminating.

      • Apparently you know nothing of the 4 terror attacks in Israel in the past 36 hours. 2 in Jeruslaem, 1 in Ramle and 1 in Malei Adumim by Palestinians. So YES this is about fighting terror and ppl committed to destroying the Jewish race Of course the Israeli army isnt perfect, but it’s not easy finding pple who hide behind civilians firing rockets from civilian populated areas. If Hamas cared about their pple they would come to the front lines and fight like every army has done. Those little cowards!

        Have you ever wondered why they REFUSE to build bomb shelters for their people instead of terror tunnels???
        NO one has been able to answer that question and it’s not because of lack of materials bc they had plenty to build a web of tunnels.

        The answer is simple: they use human shields and havent built bomb shelters because martyrdom is an essential part of sharia law and jihad. These sick ppl are responsible for the Palestinian pples death. They willingly put their pple in harms way to get sympathy from ignorant pple like you. The more you support them, the more you are supporting their cause and the death of civilians.

      • Yes they are very much the real thing. Just bc Israel decided to build its people bomb shelters to prevent most casualties doesnt mean its okay for Hamas to rain down rockets on Israel. Its a pity Hamas doesnt care enough about their ppl to build them protection vs tunnels

      • To add to my previous statements: you are presenting a false binary choice between passively accepting Hamas’s
        rocket attacks versus bombing Gaza civilian neighborhoods into the
        stone age. Given Israel’s overwhelming military superiority and its
        vastly lower exposure to fatalities (more than 100 Palestinian civilians
        have been killed for every one Israeli civilian), surely it could
        afford to be less enthusiastic in its utter destruction of
        civilian-heavy areas. It is very difficult to imagine that a Palestinian threat that has
        killed less than a dozen Israeli civilians is dire enough to justify attacks that
        have killed and maimed thousands of Palestinian civilians. The argument over moral responsibility for civilian Palestinians
        makes a fundamental mistake by assuming that culpability is a zero-sum. Both sides are independently responsible. Both sides, by treating moral responsibility as
        zero-sum, are giving themselves permission to overlook their own role in
        driving up the civilian casualty rate, and thus continuing the killing. I find this attitude disgusting and inhuman.

      • This argument fails at a very deep level…it is not for anyone outside the situation to judge whether Israel’s ‘superior’ defense system therefore makes what they are going through any less terrorizing than what Palestinians are going through. I have family and friends living in Jerusalem who tell me that they are sitting in their backyard and literally up from the ground come Hamas from the terror tunnels. Many of these terrorists then disguise themselves as Israelis and this threat is huge.

      • Please tell your friends and family to stop occupying Palestinian land and lift the siege. If you had family in Gaza they would most probably be dead by now. Over the past 10 years Hamas rockets have only killed 13 civilians tell them that.

      • The only Palestinian land is Jordan. More than half of Jordan is made up of Palestinians. But even they dont even want those in Gazafor good reason-Jordan killed 5000 fanatics in 1 week in the 70s and kicked them out and no one blinked an eyelash, when they started terrorizing Jordan. None of the arab nations wants them for good reason. The people of Gaza dont deserve Israel and never will. They can continue rotting their until they change their sick and twisted ideology to only live for death and destruction.
        But of course you support that dont you?

      • Then why dont you Watch on YouTube the following 6 clips. just cut and paste the following capital letters. Amazing stuff to watch, just cut and paste each separately:




        4) [433] Two Jewish Voices Fiercely Debate Gaza Siege | Max Blumenthal vs. ZOA’s Morton Klein



      • They have no where to go!? lol should they go to the UN schools or other refugee places that are also getting bombed by the IDF, dummy!

    • Apparently you know nothing of the 4 terror attacks in Israel in the past 36 hours. 2 in Jeruslaem, 1 in Ramle and 1 in Malei Adumim by Palestinians. So YES this is about fighting terror and ppl committed to destroying the Jewish race Of course the Israeli army isnt perfect, but it’s not easy finding pple who hide behind civilians firing rockets from civilian populated areas. If Hamas cared about their pple they would come to the front lines and fight like every army has done. Those little cowards!
      Have you ever wondered why they REFUSE to build bomb shelters for their people instead of terror tunnels???
      NO pro palestinian activist has been able to answer that question and it’s not because of lack of materials bc they had plenty to build a web of tunnels.
      The answer is simple: they use human shields and havent built bomb shelters because martyrdom is an essential part of sharia law and jihad. These sick Hamas leaders are responsible for the Palestinian pples death. Whats more they call for it in their ‘manual of war’ which has been discovered in the past couple of days. They willingly put their pple in harms way to get sympathy from ignorant pple like you. The more you support them, the more you are supporting their cause and the death of civilians.

  87. I have never understood who give’s a rat’s butt about what some celebrities say. Most of them are not all that educated. Putin hit the nail on the head in saying that Americans are not well informed. Take the time to go back in history and study the Israeli plight. They are surrounded by people who want them dead. The same people want Americans dead. If the terrorists would spend their time trying to do something worthwhile, they wouldn’t be so jealous of Israel. Take the time to see what Israel produces on that little plot of land.

  88. I am half Muslim and half Jewish. I want to address this to Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. You both have been blessed to make millions of dollars to simply act in movies. Kindly use these blessings to educate yourselves and not make remarks that causes more pain for so many who are suffering on both sides. There are Israeli mothers and fathers as well as Palestinians who will never see their children again. Have you ever lived in a small country like Israel surrounded by terrorists that are hell bent on destroying you? Have you ever liver in a country where a missile can come through your childs window at any second,an organization bent on the destruction of Israel, an organization that has no reservations over destroying their own people to achieve their objective. How cowardly you two are, go live in these two places and understand the situation before you judge. Pray for both sides whose lives are forever changed, pray for both sides whose families simple wanted their children to grow up in peace, pray for both sides that will never see their children again. Palestinians are greatly suffering and so are the Israeli’s. You two are so full of wisdom, what would you have Israel do about the tunnels built under the homes of Palestinians for the sole purpose of entering Israel to murder innocent people. What would you do for the Palestinian people who are used as human shields to further a genocidal cause? We are all connected, we don’t need you two to judge as you are making 20,000,000 on your next Woody Allen movie. You two are part of the problem not a solution which is based in compassion and understanding of all people.

    • Brother, it is irrelevant whether i am half this or that. Watch on YouTube the following 6 clips. just cut and paste the following capital letters. Amazing stuff to watch, just cut and paste each separately:




      4) [433] Two Jewish Voices Fiercely Debate Gaza Siege | Max Blumenthal vs. ZOA’s Morton Klein



      • Agree, but these idiots will stand by Israel even if their children were shelled by rockets(highly ignorant),, the Zionist mentality is nothing but evil and has nothing to do with biblical Judaism!

      • Quit the contrary. Jews pray for zion daily, AMerican Jews too btw. Israel is the essence of the Jewish religion, apparently you know absolutely NOTHING about biblical Judaism, so quit pretending to be an expert.

        GO ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good for you! I have been saying the identical thing for some time now. Both sides are suffering and both deserve compassion and understanding, not judgment. Keep seeking justice for both sides.

  89. Movie stars have no clue. They are pampered, given anything they can think of to say something in support of a hidden agenda. Wait….they are just like politicians.

    • Jim, Movie stars have no clue, but the experts on the ground do.

      Watch on YouTube the following 6 clips. just cut and paste the following capital letters. Amazing stuff to watch, just cut and paste each separately:




      4) [433] Two Jewish Voices Fiercely Debate Gaza Siege | Max Blumenthal vs. ZOA’s Morton Klein



  90. Israel does have a right itself, but the blatant indiscriminate murdering of civilians in hospitals and schools etc.. is out of control!

    • What blatant indiscriminate murdering of civilians… Hamas is hiding its weapons in civilian areas knowing Israel is on a mission to eliminate the terror tunnels and the weapons, rockets, etc. being constantly fired at them…so Hamas knows that seeing the death of Palestinian children will inflame the world to vilify Israel and increase anti-Semitism. They claim this conflict is about Israel’s ‘occupation’ etc, but it is about the underlying hate that is in the Hamas charter, to destroy Israel. Why did Hamas use the cement given to Gazans to improve and build up Gaza to build terror tunnels instead of taking care of their own people? It is ALL about hate, not caring about its own people.

  91. watch this video on YouTube. cut and paste the following:


  92. Israel wouldn’t need a dome for protection if it wasn’t ’cause they’ve bashing the Palestinians for decades. Stop your lies for goodness sake! I’m surfing the net a lot these days and honestly, they only place I see hate is in the sites infected with Zionist! Get a hold of yourselves!!!

  93. Allen B West your an absolute ignorant idiot. Ass licker of the Zionist apartheid state of Israel. Shame on you. Please educate yourself.

  94. Letter to Mr Voight,

    In reply to your letter to actors Barden and Cruz, let me take a little dent at your claim for calling them ignorant.

    Israel was created to offer a safe home to Jewish people after the horror of the Holocaust, understandably so. This was done on the basis of respect for each other. Yet, what the state of Israel has done since its creation is to subject Palestinians to mere existence if they are lucky not to get killed by soldiers or settlers, any day, any time.

    Apart from killing 1000s of civilians every so few years by shelling their cities, human rights are systematically abused in the occupied territories. If you really want to learn what their lives are like – as opposed to just wanting to be right – listen to prominent Jewish figures who tell it all: Noam Chomsky, Miko Peled, Ilan Pappe.

    Palestinians didn’t accept the deal “offered” to them in 1948, you say. Their land was occupied … and colonised. Decades down the line, their society is fragmented and their own survival endangered… I don’t know you, Mr Voight, but this really reminds me of … genocide? And if it was only me… but I am afraid it is probably the main word
    that has sprung to millions of people’s minds around the world these days.

    You say that Israel is the only democracy in the Arab world. How can you call a democracy a society where a substantial percentage of the population is deprived
    of rights and is struggling to survive, let alone flourish? Israel has an obligation under international law to protect the population in the occupied territories. Not only it has never done so, it has abjectly condemned Palestinians to live in what is now rightly called the biggest open air prison on Earth. But of course you don’t know that (or don’t want to know), which is why you have earned the title of Ignorant again, deservedly so!

    The information is there for all to see. Not just from a bunch of leftish, not just from a circle of flower-power hippies praying for peace. From serious organizations like Amnesty International. Ever heard of it, Mr Void? (It’s not a typo).

    Finally, on the claim that anyone who criticizes what the state of Israel does in Gaza is anti-Semitic, I just say: Give us a break! May I remind you that there is global outrage in the world at the current slaughter of innocent people, and much of such outrage comes from Jewish people themselves, inside and outside Israel. I am sure you have heard of “Jewish Voice for Peace”, “Breaking the Silence” – or am I being too optimistic here ? – and many other civil organisations that have decided to do that just, break the silence and stand up against the fascist, Zionist state that Israel is today. Criticising an atrocity does not make people anti-Semitic, it makes people what most of us are, human beings who would not stand up for ethnic cleansing or genocide or apartheid ever, whether it is against Jews, Palestinians or anyone else. The fact that you are playing the Holocaust Card and the anti-Semitic Card is Grossly Immoral and another patent show of your vast, endless and unjustifiable ignorance. Calling people ignorant doesn’t make you a much more enlightened being when you have no other grounds than your opinionated self.

    However, ignorance is not without cure! I invite you to nourish your intellect – and your soul, much needed if your letter is anything to go by – to nourish your intellect by listening to some prominent figures mentioned above. All of them Jews, but mostly and above all, Mr Void (not a typo), people equipped with humanity, reason and Conscience.

    All the very best,

    Fae Lorna

    The Apologists of the murderous state of Israel are in tatters and don’t know what arguments to use any more to silence the worldwide outrage they’ve caused. So now, when exposing the abject policies of the Israeli state you will be labelled “leftish”, “anti-Semitic” or “ignorant” amongst others. Take your pick!
    When empty vessels like Mr Voight mistake Barden’s and Cruz’s letter with anti-Semitism, his followers talk about “revealing the truth”. You can only reveal something that has been previously hidden, and that is the oppression Palestinians have been subjected to for years. The “official” story has always been the Israeli one, don’t forget that. Labelling others “ignorant” won’t make you a much more enlightened being unless you’ve got some grounds for doing so!
    The Apologists of the terrorist state of Israel are in tatters too because today we have Internet! And because with a sea of information available to all, we won’t buy their stories any more. Israel has, of course, won the military offensive (against an unarmed civilian population, how very brave of them!) but Israel and its apologists are increasingly losing the support of the citizens of the world, deservedly so.

  96. Long Live Israel and Alan West! If muslims/hamas/palestinians did not fight like cowards – no “innocents” would be hurt! Put on a uniform and fight like MAN – Like the IDF, America, and Alan West did/do! Descendants of Caine, give out “school supplies” after Isreal announces where they’re going to drop a bomb – 24 hours BEFORE they attack!

    WHO are the muderors? I should be obvious descendants of Caine (killer of his own brother): muslims/hamas/Palestinians.

  97. Israelis are doing to Gazan’s what the Nazi’s did to Jews in Germany, however sadly some are with the perpetrators this time around! OR simply watching kids and women being slaughtered by a very ‘efficient’ and ‘peace-loving’ Israeli military!! Hamas may be a terrorist organisation, but Israel seems to be a terrorist state!
    Many say America blindly supports Israel, but as far as the external policies of Israel is concerned, Israel (directly and through American Jews) controls the most powerful nation on earth, the United States of America!

  98. I say good on Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and 100 others for speaking the truth, unlike you sir that are either been paid by or worship the Zionists……..Hamas was created by Israel it has been mentioned by top political people…. you Sir forgot to mention that…… you really should look at what is really happening why don’t you mention that the Zionist are murdering innocent women and children and calling it a WAR !!!! A war against who ???? against a handful of poorly armed men….. that are fighting a full blown army equipped with fighter jets, drones, naval mortar, and the Latest Military equipment that is supplied by you know who…. and why didn’t you mention sir that these poorly armed men under the circumstances that they are in are still winning back some ground….. Let me tell you about the surrounding countries, I can assure you sir that Israel is the Aggressor, if Israel was a peaceful country there would be no trouble at all , the Ottoman Empire once sent the Entire Naval fleet to save the Jews from Spain…. But yet again you forgot to mention that……. you really should open your eyes and your heart SIR…..

  99. Over 80% of ‘Palestinians’ voted for Hamas and support Hamas in its fight to kill all the Jews and wipe Israel off the map. That’s over 80% of the ‘Palestinian’ population who support Islamic Terrorism.
    Cry me a river when bombs fall on their heads, oh boo hoo.

    The ‘Palestinian’ population increases in size every year – it doesn’t decrease – all the claims of ‘Genocide’ are just more Muslim lies.

    Uneducated dimwit Muslims and backwards pathetic Islam are responsible for the majority of violent conflicts around the World Today.
    Muslims have been killing themselves and everyone else since the dawn of Humanity and continue to do so to this day.
    Islam was spread by death, hate, murder and violence and continues to be spread by death, hate, murder and violence to this very day – That was Islam then and this is Islam now.

    These ‘Celebs’ should consider spending their fortunes to educate themselves…Just saying.

    I.S.L.A.M = International Society, Liars And Murderers.

  100. The Likud party doesn’t recognize the possibility of a Palestinian state either in the West Bank or Gaza nor do they recognize Palestinians as citizens so how are the governing Likud party different from Hamas?
    As a family member of a Holocaust survivor we are appalled by the actions of the state of Israel, they have taken the playbook of the Nazis and are using it against the Palestinians.
    For shame.

    • You are both ignorant of actual current events and gullible for believing the liberal atheist professional liars at ABC News, NBC, NPR and CBS who hate God and hate Israel for reminding them of God.

      Palestinians are murdering Arab Muslim liars. End of story. Jews are living on land they BOUGHT from Turkish landlords. Do you not believe in land ownership?

      Palestinians voluntarily departed the nation in 1948 at the request of Egypt, Jordan and others to make way for the wholesale slaughter of Jews.

      You know nothing of truth and have been taught to reject any source where truth can be found.

      The Likud Pary is the only glimmer of intelligence left in Israel of refusing to recognize a Palestinian State. Why the hell would any sane person grant authority for lying hateful Muslim murderers to own half of your capital?

      Read: A Place Among the Nations or dozens of other takes on who the Moon God lovers, followers of Mohammed are. Or how about just viewing the Pallywood videos on Youtube to easily see how Palestinian liars have been staging for cameras fake instances of killings by Israel? Do SOMETHING to break free from the professional liars!

      • You have actually uttered nary a syllable to address the information contained in my post.

        Instead, like a typical propaganda-drunk liberal (I used to be one), you resorted to calling opponents the usual: hateful, uncaring, racist and such rather than confess to yourself that you are a gullible mal-informed useful stooge for the atheist elite.

        They operate from the studios of ABC News, NBC, NPR and CBS (Comedy Central and Hollywood too), then get laws changed through the neo-communist thieving liars who call themselves Democrats. Do yourself a favor and break free from the professional liars in the atheist media and their puppets in the Demonic Party.

      • Bravo.

        Op-Ed: A Palestinian
        State is Double Fraud

        A must read article with hard facts, necessary for
        countering spurious Arab claims. The Palestine Post, run by Jews, was called
        that until it became the Jerusalem Post after the state of Israel was declared.

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        Published: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 7:41 AM

        David Heilbron Price

        The writer is a British historian/ journalist based in
        Brussels. He is…

        ► More
        from this writer

        Calling for the creation of a State of Palestine in 2011 is
        an obvious incitement to political fraud. It has all the hallmarks of what
        Robert Schuman, the Father of Europe and the EU, warned democrats would lead to
        a disaster.

        ‘Nothing is easier for political counterfeiters to exploit
        good principles for an illusion, and nothing is more disastrous than good
        principles that are badly applied.’ In that he was agreeing with two French
        philosophers, Bergson and Maritain.

        In 1948 the government of the Holy Land changed its name from
        ‘Palestine’ to Israel. Previously it was the Jews who mainly bore the name

        If there were no Palestinians in Roman times how can there
        be ethnic Palestinians today? Did the people who were dead for the best part of
        a millennium, spring up and beget children?

        The Arab population preferred to call themselves simply
        Arabs, or Bedouins, but more often villagers of a certain place. Nationalism
        was not a factor.

        After World War One, the lack of any strong national
        identity presented western nations with a problem. When the victorious Allied
        powers divided up the Ottoman empire and freed the peoples from the yoke of
        control from Istanbul, they had to carve the borders according to lines on a
        map, not natural or ethnic boundaries. Ancient Persia had also lost its
        geographical identity. The other nations had had their boundaries completely changed
        by the invasion of the Huns, Mongols and Arabs. Massive migrations of
        populations took place in the first millennium.

        The only indigenous people who were sure about boundaries
        were the Jews. Western people educated in history were also familiar with the
        boundaries of ancient Israel.

        Some of those living in Palestine called themselves southern
        Syrians. Then there was a large influx of Arabs in the nineteenth century from
        neighbouring countries who wanted to benefit from the economic revival under the
        Jews. Many accounts speak of how barren and bare the land was before the
        immigration of educated Jews.

        In this post-Ottoman period after WW1, when the world powers
        agreed legally to a Mandate to return the land to the Jews, the term Palestine
        was used. This was because it was the ‘normal’ but anti-Semitic term that
        Europeans had used for the land of Israel since around the time of emperor
        Hadrian in the second century CE. Many in the so-called ‘Christian’ West did
        not consider that the term Palestine was abusive.

        It was a Latin word used of a long-extinct troublesome
        mini-state of the Philistines in the extended area of Gaza.

        Who Were the Philistines

        The use of iron instead of bronze was known in ancient
        times, but the Hittites in what is now eastern Turkey were among the first to
        produce iron goods on an intensive scale. Iron was previously found in
        meteorites, the mysterious stones that fell from the heavens. They had
        religious significance. The Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun, had a magnificent
        steel dagger obtained by his father from the Hittites.

        Iron technology is quite different from copper or bronze.
        The early iron was an oddity. It was brittle and of little practical use,
        unless special and secret techniques were applied. It also required higher
        temperatures. It was later found iron ore could produce the same results if
        special furnaces funneling the prevailing winds could cause the charcoal to
        blaze extra hot. A range of other trade secrets were developed by the
        iron-smiths who learned how to make the metal stronger than bronze.

        The Philistines in the Gazan towns seemed to have made a
        cartel agreement with the Hittite empire (or Hatti). That way they could deal
        with the Egyptians and traders to the east. While the Philistines were not
        particularly numerous, they were powerfully backed and the iron monopoly gave
        them power over the Israelites and far beyond in the Grecian islands.

        They were able to forbid the Israelites from even owning
        iron tools at the time of the Israelite judges such as Samson, as recorded in
        the Book of Judges. With more abundant iron they could not only make swords but
        chariot wheels and other armoury that helped them easily to subjugate the
        surrounding nations.

        The cartel power was however as fragile like the early,
        unskilled iron. The Philistines were also the weak point of this international
        military-industrial complex. It is there that the Samson, a Danite judge,
        attacked and brought the cartel-complex down.

        Archaeologists have discovered that Philistine houses were
        often supported on central pillars. Samson destroyed the assembled Philistine
        leadership by demolishing the two central pillars of the crowded temple of
        Dagon (Judges 16). With hundreds or thousands of the leaders killed, Philistine
        power collapsed and they were reduced and eventually exterminated by the

        The Hittite Empire which also had a highly central
        administrative structure was invaded and collapsed around this time. The
        surrounding nations that had suffered cruelly under this oppression made sure
        that the Philistines disappeared from existence.

        Palestina from Roman Times Onward

        The Romans applied the term Philistia or Palestine to the
        land of the vanquished Jews because of the enormous efforts the Roman Empire
        had had to destroy Jewish freedom of thought under Vespasian, Titus 67-73 and
        Hadrian 132-4 CE. The Roman name Palestina implied that it was the land of a
        totally extinct empire. It had been dead a thousand years. It could be
        interpreted to mean Dead-as-a-Dodo land.

        The Roman enemy name, Palestina, applied only to the land.
        Nearly all Jews were cleared out. The land reverted to the name of the state of
        the Philistines that had existed a thousand years before the Roman-Jewish Wars.

        The state and all its people, the Palestinians or
        Philistines, were long extinct. Nobody in Roman times called themselves
        Palestinians even though the land was called Palestina. It was just a bad,
        anti-Semitic joke. The people called themselves Syrians the name of the Roman
        province. Some of the Jews who managed to live there were also called Syrians.
        There are gravestones of ‘Syrians’ around the Roman Empire, some witness to the
        fact that some of the ‘Syrians’ were Jews.

        The use of the term Palestine for the Mandate of the League
        of Nations was bizarre and insensitive. Yet that was how the League and the
        United Nations created an international legal system to return the land of
        Israel to the Jews. Palestine was the name of an extinct race, dead for 2800
        years. Geographically it defined what must be returned to the Jews, not

        If there were no Palestinians in Roman times how can there
        be ethnic Palestinians today? Did the people who were dead for the best part of
        a millennium, spring up and beget children? 

        If nowadays people call themselves Palestinians it shows (1)
        they are ignorant of history (2) they are a complete fraud because the
        Palestinians or Philistines were extinct in 800 BCE; (3) they are anti-Semites
        because the name of Palestine since Roman times is anti-Semitic abuse. We can
        add a fourth conclusion: They think that the rest of the world are as ignorant
        and fraudulent as they are.

        Anyone who claims a Palestinian State is an utter fraud and
        anyone who says he sincerely supports them is foolish. The Europeans set on
        this self-delusion when after the massive deployment of the Oil Weapon it
        agreed to the Venice Declaration of 1980. Oil prices in the 1970s were
        quadrupled and quadrupled again by the oil cartel. A total embargo of oil was
        targeted on European States who refused to trade the truth for lies under these
        blackmail conditions.

        The Europeans agreed to pay for the ‘Palestinians’. They
        began to pay, and pay, and pay.

        Now European taxpayers are paying for more than half of the
        cost of all Arab Palestinian refugees, their children and their children’s
        children. All Jewish Palestinian refugees arising from the illegal invasion by
        Syrian, Egyptians, Jordanian and other foreign armies that were registered
        under UNRWA have been re-settled more than sixty years ago. The displaced Arab
        Palestinians were refused a proper home in Arab countries.

        Consider an equivalent potential fraud case. The Celtic
        Britons have been in the British Isles about three thousand years. When the
        Romans left, some Anglo-Saxon tribes were originally invited to support the
        Britons in the fifth century. They called the native Celtic Britons the Welsh.
        What does Welsh mean in Anglo-Saxon? It means Foreigner!

        Now consider someone who arrived in the last few years and
        says I am owner of the British Isles and I can prove it. I am of a tribe which
        calls itself, Foreigner! That is a double fraud, the use of a name initiated by
        a later arrival and the name itself obviously fraudulent for an indigenous

        It is obviously a fraud to claim to come from an extinct
        nation. Anyone who calls himself Palestinian is a fraud who does not know where
        the name came from — the Romans.

        If a group, a would-be nation, does not have a history, then
        it is not a nation. It does not deserve to be considered a nation. It is merely
        a group of peoples, some who have lived there plus many who arrived only a year
        or two before 1948.

        If this type of fraud becomes a common place other nations
        had better watch out. Turkey for example. Maybe some group will claim they are
        descendants of the Hittites, another empire that disappeared from history. No
        Hittite appears to have been around for more or less the same period. There is
        no genealogical connection. No trace of continuity. No trace of the
        blood-lines. How would Turkey react if some Arab migrants now said they were
        ancient Hittites and claimed all of eastern Turkey? What if they bought favours
        with oil largesse and blackmail and took the case to the United Nations? Would
        the other nations in the United General Assembly know or care that the
        Hittites, and their empire disappeared 3000 years ago?

        Why Palestine Belongs to the Jews

        The reason the nations of the world decided that ‘Palestine’
        should be returned to the Jews was simple. Jews had continuously prayed that
        they would return to the land during the two thousand years of exile. They
        mourn the loss of the Temple many times during each year. They remembered the
        loss of Jerusalem and Israel for more years than most of the States of the
        world have existed. 

        Those who managed to move to their ancestral land despite
        massive persecution tended the graves of their patriarchs, there. Joseph’s and
        Joshua’s tombs were tended at Shechem. Abraham, Sarah, Isaac and Israel and
        other patriarchs were honoured near Hebron, and Rachel’s near Bethlehem. They
        kept up the rituals for celebrating their forefathers that had with extreme
        difficulty been handed down over centuries by courageous Jews who returned. The
        presence and the claim for the land of Israel has been continuous for two
        thousand years.

        King David is also commemorated in Hebron as he is in the
        city of David, Jerusalem. Under David the cartel was broken and iron was
        produced in abundance, 1Chron 22. The earth of the land is full of
        archaeological treasures proving this Israelite connection, including seals of
        personalities mentioned in the Bible. The 2000-year old Dead Sea Scrolls containing
        parts of nearly all the books of the Hebrew Bible were found in the Judaean
        desert of the so-called ‘West Bank’.

        Today’s Hebrews can trace their genealogies back to the
        twelve tribes of Israel. It is an obligation and condition for priests, Levites
        and Israelites when they participate in some
        the synagogue rituals of the community worldwide.

        There were no finds of Philistines dating more recently than
        2800 years ago! Palestinians and Philistines are extinct.

  101. I saw the Zionist A$$kissers who signed the petition for Israel. A bunch of Jewish Actors , most I have not ever heard of. The rest, a bunch of has beens


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