Pelosi: Hamas is a humanitarian organization. Is she delusional, or is it just me?

Remember back in 2010 when then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “we have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it” in reference to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act? I’m sure some folks would say she just misspoke — something it seems liberal progressives do a lot. What went through my mind was who votes for this person? And of course there’s the question of how can you top that one? Well, hold on to your hats folks, because here we go again.

As reported by CNS News, “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a CNN interview the United States must look to Qatar, an ally of the terrorist group Hamas, for advice in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. “And we have to confer with the Qataris, who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.”

Now, will that statement ever make it to Jon Stewart’s radar screen? After all, he admits to being a political satirist and comedian, what could be more hilarious? Sadly, it goes beyond comical into the realm of dementia.

How could Nancy Pelosi look straight in the camera and state that Hamas is a humanitarian organization. Even worse, how could she say this based on the word of Qatar, a known state sponsor of Islamic terror?

But hey, don’t just take my word for it that Hamas is a terrorist organization. The U.S government designated Hamas as a “foreign terrorist organization” in 1997. Its founding charter calls for Jews to be killed and says all Muslims are duty-bound to join a jihad to destroy Israel. And I think the Hamas leader certainly clarified his position this past Sunday in an interview CBS aired on “Face the Nation.” Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said Hamas does not fight the Jews just because they are Jews. “We fight the occupiers,” he said. Asked if he wants to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, Meshaal said “No.”

So what the heck is Pelosi talking about? “War is a deadly thing,” Pelosi said on Sunday, speaking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Actually Union General William T. Sherman said it best: “War is hell.”

Pelosi said, “I have many Palestinians who live in my district, and I am hearing from them regularly about how their families are affected who live in the region. It’s a terrible thing. But let me just say that any missile that comes from someplace has a return address. And if Israel is responding to that address, then that’s a shame that the Palestinians are …rumored to be using children and families as shields for their missiles.”

Rumored? Hamas has openly stated they will use their own people as human shields — as you can see in the video we posted here. Perhaps we need to send that to Pelosi.

Pelosi said the first thing to do is to “avoid conflict” that “Hamas initiated.” Hm, so the best thing for Israel is to run away from the rockets and missiles being fired at it by an Islamic terrorist organization. How does a sovereign nation exactly avoid conflict with a terrorist organization that exists for its destruction? I know, you just let them kill you and the conflict is avoided — right Nancy?

Further proof of just how delusional Nancy Pelosi is comes from her assessment of the relationship between Obama and Putin. CNS reports that in the same interview with CNN, Pelosi defended President Barack Obama’s “strong” leadership, dismissing a suggestion that Russian President Vladimir Putin considers him to be weak. Compared with Cold War days, “It’s a much more complicated situation now, and the president’s leadership has been strong,” Pelosi said, pointing to Obama’s support for Israel’s Iron Dome missile shield; his request for humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people; and his sanctions on Russia.

Reagan telling Mr. Gorbachev to tear down this wall was strong. Saying “I will have more flexibility after reelection” is weak.

And if we weren’t aware of all of Pelosi’s talents, she now seems to be a psychiatrist. “Putin is going to do what Putin is going to do,” she said. “Some of what we see comes from insecurity. Putin, for all of his — is insecure about Russia’s role in the world now.”

I think Putin is very secure in himself and what he wants, but we have an American president whose lack of a spine has resulted in global insecurity.

So, I go back to my original question, “who votes for this person?”


  1. This woman has got to be the dumbest person ever to hold a college degree. She should not be allowed to hold any public office, let alone, any office with power. I mean who the hell in California actually believes she is doing anything positive for this country. From everything i seen she just defends Obama’s every decision and makes ignorant comments like this. November SHOULD be Cabinet Cleaning Month. A tired American population can only hope.

    • There are so many dumb college graduates…It is not brain power that gets them through…There is no smarts in their heads at all. My school
      counselor said it was so sad that all the wrong students go to college and the brainy kids do not choose to go.

      • Many smart people go to college and many don’t. People like Peiosi can remember details and that is all you need to get a degree, but she has no common sense – as they say a libtard. So, a college degree is attainable by just about anyone. Sadly, we have sociopaths in politics that can easily screw the public for their special interests and sleep like a baby at night. This stupid woman should have been driven out of office when she stated: ” you have to pass it to see what is in it” referring to Obamacare. That is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. Hey dummy! You are suppose to read it to determine if it is something you support and worth passing. But wait – since they do favors for each other there is no need to read it because they pass or don’t pass depending upon who they owe a favor to. CORRUPT GOVERNMENT IN YOUR FACE!!!!!! – MAKES ME SICK!!!!!

      • How does Barbara Boxer and Fienstein get re elected???? makes no sense at all….When we began we did not have all these freaky people voting etc. We had pretty good people in our country able to make good decisions on voting…We need to change the voting procedure to early day laws. Cut out the welfare people. If you do not pay tax, you do not vote etc.

  2. Botox leached to the brain? Or is it as the Bible says, the disciples of Satan speak in
    the native tongue of their true father, the father of lies?

    • I think it is to the point where dems only vote for dems and the same for repubs.
      Sadly, the 2 party system has divided the people where the politicians don’t have to do the right thing. I’m against anyone that is not supportive of the 2nd amendment. That puts me on the republican side. If you are a homo then you must take the democrat side. And so goes society.

  3. The answer to your question: That half of the population that will vote for anyone that runs against a Republican. Doesn’t matter who they are.

  4. It comes out of California…what did you expect. A fully liberal progressive state. Are there any conservatives there??

    • Yes there are plenty of us but we are the minority here. We Are like a typical classroom, you have a few smart kids, us, then you have the rest, them!

    • There are many of us conservatives here in California. Just not enough of us I guess, to positively affect the liberal’s loony thought processes.

      • i really feel sorry for you californians , but i did hear you people want to break it up to make 6 different states ! which would be great because i do believe if they did get to the 6 new states , most would be conservative ! but obama and his socialist democrats would not like that because at all ! obama would not like it , because his socialist party would loose a lot of votes !

      • I live in Northern California and wouldn’t be opposed to splitting the state into two separate states, northern and southern. The six state idea is bad. It is proposed by a Silicon Valley billionaire who came up with the idea that, basically puts everything to his personal advantage. Splitting up California in this way would effectively make one new state, Silicon Valley (where he lives), the richest state in the nation and another new state, Central California, the poorest state in the nation. Why would someone do that to their current fellow Californians except for pure greed. The other issue is the water rights. If the southern area states are not longer part of the northern area, their water rights would then become at risk. It’s just a total mess.

      • 1stcav – But, as I said, having a Northern California and a Southern California (which it basically is now culturally), would be a good idea. More conservatives in Northern California and we could maybe finally be done with all the liberal foolishness ruling over us. But, that’s another reason he wants it split into 5 states so that the Bay Area (Silicon Valley state), can stay under their own liberal rule.

      • What map are you referring to? And I never said we didn’t have liberals in northern California. In fact I said just the opposite because that’s exactly why the guy who wrote this bill wants 6 states instead of 2, because he lives in the most liberal part of northern California, the Bay Area.

      • The dems figured out that getting elected is mostly about what is in it for the voters. Give the voters free stuff and they will vote for you. Give the union people more benefits and they will vote for you. Give the illegals and their families goodies and they will vote for you. The dems are now happy fat cats living off the wealth of the country, but like rats on an island, eventually the food runs out and they all starve. Too bad they will take us all down with them.

    • California was a very strong Republican state…The illegals changed all that…So Calif voted Rep over and over and you could depend on it…But a gal got voted in by the illegals and it has continued. She is still in office, still voted in by illegals.and her sister was voted in also…I want all illegals in America to go home…they must go home. We cannot be the true America with those people here….Believe it. Growing up in Calif there were never any Mexicans in our schools, blacks yes, but mexicans no…They came here to work only and then went back home….

      • I completed the last half of sixth grade, middle school, and high school in California beginning in 1964. I went to school with many fellow students who had Latino surnames and or Latino mothers. They spoke English, participated in school functions, and graduated at the same rate as the rest of us.

    • May I remind you Pelosi got her start as a city council member in San Francisco. We have a couple of liberal cities with large populations that happen to have the majority of the say. But please, don’t lump everyone who lives in California as a liberal.

      Instead pray for our state.

      Homosexual marriage was put on the ballot twice in California and both times it was voted down with a large margin.

      • I hear that residents of southeastern Cali. want to become the 51st state known as Jefferson so no, we don`t consider all Californians to be stupid libtards.

      • But so many of us, Republicans, have chosen to leave Calif instead of funding the many on welfare in the state. Many of the best of the best have left…Businesses had to leave because it was not a state favorable to business. Crime soared…At one time we too, did not lock our doors to cars or homes etc..Now Calif is gay mexico… sad.

      • For the ones that have left it was far easier for them to do so than many others we know personally who have family farms and businesses here in the central valley. They have had their family business for generations. It’s far more difficult for them to just pick up and leave. And I disagree with “many of the best have left”!

        There are a group of us that are not going to run just because the liberals are coming in and trying to take over. WE are not just going to hand the greatest state in the nation over to them. We’re going to fight. It’s our home too!

      • Oh, I is gone until such time as enough people that are still there wake up and change out your state government. A first step would be a ballot initiative directed at taking all non-citizens off of welfare, de-funding/sanctioning sanctuary cities, and instituting voter identification requirements.

    • You don’t know how frustrating it is to live here and have people continue to vote in the likes of Boxer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Brown. Like several states, it’s the urban areas which cause this; outlying areas are generally conservative, but we’re outnumbered by the big city folk who are either on the dole, or feel guilty for their wealth.

  5. No
    Allen, it is not you she is most definitely delusional plus it is worse. She is a liar.

    At least here
    in Illinois all we have are crooks. But come to think of it hasn’t pelosi’s
    net worth expanded while she has been doing the peoples work?

  6. “Teh Bo-tox, teh Boh-tawkz, it haz eetn my wut wuz left uv mi brayne. BOH-TAWKS, muss score mo’ Bo-tawkzzzzz….vote fer me…mu-thug-likkans BAAD…BOH-TAWKZ!!!” -Zombie Nasty Pee-Lousy.

  7. Wow, the wicked witch is such an airheaded moron and the people who actually vote for her are even dumber than she is. That’s scary

    • homosexuals , liberals and of course the muslims vote for her and the atheists , plus the aclu idiots who love destroying america plus the illegal aliens from the middle east and from mexico ! i think that about covers the 70 percent of the idiots who vote for her !

  8. This woman should have a keeper. Almost everytime she opens her mouth, she says something so stupid, only a fool would believe her.

    • I agree, Hell! everyone agrees, and yet people in a position to know say that she was one of the most effective Senate Majority leaders ever. How can this be? I certainly don’t have the answer.

      • She is in the House not the Senate. She was Speaker of the House. BTW I do agree with your statement otherwise.

      • You are right. My mistake was in checking before I made my posting. My first thought was Speaker of the House, but then I decided to check so that I didn’t post something that would haunt me. Unfortunately, I somehow misread my reference sites, and I ended up doing what I had trying to avoid. Representative, not Senator. Of course. Boxer and Feinstein Senators, Pelosi, Dingbat Representative from area including San Francisco. How could I have made such a mistake. Thanks for correcting me–I think. No, really. I made a bone-headed Pelosi-size mistake, and I have to admit it. I don’t have to like it, though.

      • It is easy to look like a good leader when you “lead” a unit dominated by individuals that want to go faster and further than you do. It is also easier if you have a sycophantic media, an upper chamber, and a CEO that want you to do at least as much as you are doing.

    • you forgot about her boyfriend on the side by the name of joe biden the vice president of the united states , he has the same problem she does ! it’s called incompetence !

  9. Why does anybody give her the floor, anyway? Oh yeah. Free Speech. Would that she quit her day job and join her SF whackos. Good question posed above: Who votes to keep her in office? With supposed leaders like this, we are ALL doomed.

  10. Pelosi has to be insane. She looks insane. She speaks as a lunatic. Police have to pass psychological tests and lie detector tests. These should be mandatory for all that sign up to be considered for Congress or the Senate. Also routine drug tests.
    Way too many reps in office are not suited to be in any representative role…IQ tests are needed as well. I feel many reps are morons for real…Look at Cunningham etc.

  11. She is not only delusional but just plain EVIL, she has no common sense only greed and political ambition for her own personal gain. no concern for what is right.

  12. Other than idiot pelosi is there anyone who believes that 4% gdp number today? I’ll bet anyone just like last quarter the first number will be way better than reality, the second will be somewhat worse and the third revision will be the number. My money says the final number for quarter 2 will be between 2.5 and 3.

  13. How has Pelosi lasted this long who are her supporters in the Bay Area … What has she done for the whole of working families and the bad economy ? We’ll she made sure when Obama got all that stimulus she went back to the Bay Area with about 455 million and devided it up amungs her friend and she put a lot into her wine train where owns a few vineyards too seems like she’s worth over $500 million in her own assets !
    Not bad for a congress women who’s made a carrier on tax payers …. If she knew what she was talking about and followed the oath of defending the constitution instead of her head up Hamas ass and instead of how to be looking to make money every where she looks at … America would not be where it is to day … She has created great great damage to America and the Americans and world policies she so so far removed from what’s going on and it’s time for her to go … Millions would like to find out who her cash and donators are there could be the foundation of the problems we face in America !

  14. i guess they arehumanitary to her because she is just like them she has no hart eithershe proble use her kids as shild to

  15. She voted not to supply the troops in the Middle East some years back of protection of armor under combat trucks for road side bombings …. She is really something else so so evil of a progressive socialist …. She ran out to San Fran years ago for all that free love and drugs and jerry Garcia living the California dream in the Bay Area all the way from Baltimore merriland and worked her way all the way into that social system of living off tax payers … Look at what’s running the Bay Area ! There’s a team of them just castrating America and that there real goal …. In politics …

    • You have come up with an accurate definition of Obama’s agenda that I’ve never heard before and which is totally applicable — castrating America.

  16. Is Nancy Pelosi smoking crack again? Hamas is a known terrorist organization who has attacked israel repeatedly! I am glad that Israel is standing up for itself! Mrs Pelosi you need to be forced to take a retirement! You have said many stupid things that are detrimental to the usa!

    • I have known a few crackheads & they would take offense at being compared to this demonically deranged nut job. I wish somebody would vote these lunatics off the island already.
      This rabbit hole of insanity just keeps getting deep & deeper, curiouser & curiouser .

      • Well I am so sorry that you know a few crackheads! Nancy Pelosi has been nothing but a problem for our country! Why should our own government aid and support a terrorist organization such as Hamas? Why should we support the Obama administration when they have been the problem for a while now? How dare anyone support a terrorist organization like Hamas? Unless you have solutions for the problems in this world, you should stop making comments that make no sense whatsoever!

      • Wow. Angry much ? Apparently you failed to comprehend my statement.
        1) I said that i HAVE (past tense, a looooooong time ago) known crackheads. Sadly they had more good Character traits than any of the current politicos. One of them even got clean from what I heard.
        2) I don’t disagree with you that pelousi is completely out of her jack rabbit mind. Every time this hag opens her mouth to spew more ridiculous bile, it almost seems intentional in order to give people even more reason to despise & ridicule her. Her soundbite are gold to comedians.
        3) Obama & his henchmen, czars, or whatever they are, are not the sole source of America’s woes.
        4) as far as a solution yes there is 1, but no it is not mine but it is the only one that will truly work. 2 Chronicles 7:14
        5) as far as you not understanding my comments, is not my fault. But I was actually quoting from Louis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland. When she went down the rabbit hole & began to see the craziness all around her she said, “curiouser & curiouser .”
        Also for the moment at least , like you still have the freedom to say whatever I like whether you or anyone else likes it or not.
        I would really recommend however that you take some time away from some of these stories as I have done in the past. If you spend to much time focusing on them, they will depress you, anger you & leave you a drained nervous wreck if your not careful. I’ll read, go for a walk, talk with God, watch some funny youtube videos, just simply stop reading for a few days. Seriously. I read some of your previous posts & believe it or not I see the same pattern I saw in me. You are getting angrier & angrier & it is consuming your joy & happiness.
        For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow. Ecclesiastes 1:18

    • Hey Nancy, I’ve got news for you. An average of 100 rockets per month were launched by Hamas to Israel for the six year period ending 2013. OK, it was only 7,199, not quite 100 per month. Still think they are a humanitarian organization? I’ve got a lovely historical bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

      • Thanks phil morrow for agreeing with my post sir! I have grown so tired of the bullshit lies in Washington dc that I refuse to watch anything related to the Obama administration! I’d rather watch the Nixon impeachment hearings!

  17. And people in San Francisco keep voting for her time after time, for sure that has to indicate a large lack of intelligence and common sense in San Francisco. Oh well the place is chock full of clueless low information left wing liberals!

    • One more reason. She has the gay community wrapped around her finger and she’s with them all the way. Someone blogged me that she was excommunicated from the Catholic Church. If not, with her despicable voting record and lying mouth, she should be.

  18. Who votes for this person, you say?
    I’ll tell you who votes for Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Reid and their ilk: the millions of (mostly young) people of this used-to-be-great-Nation of ours who: a) have lost their memory about what made this Nation great, b) have lost their vision of what can return this Nation to greatness (hint: nothing to do with “collectivism”), and c) are confused about the difference between “charisma” (Obama has tons of it !) and something called “substance” (Obama does not have ONE OUNCE of that).
    Poor USA !

  19. Putin insecure; well she is crazy!!! Putin is about as insecure as hitler was. He is secure in Russia’s place in the world he is strategically going about the expansion of his nation. He’s not weak or insecure. The only thing that Obama is strong about is the fact that he has the military of the USA to back his words, but his words and resolve are weak and he keeps his military behind closed doors and when he does use them he keeps a tight chain on them so they can’t just go out and destroy their enemy they have to coddle their enemy. The USA could crush any power in the world if we’d just take the chains off. Fewer civilian casualties would occur by ending a war quickly with the whole force of the USA military. Bombs, tanks, planes, ships all out attack and the war is over in months, if not sooner. Wouldn’t have refugees. Yea more civilians would be maimed in the short run, butter fewer in the long run. Civilians are destroyed when the war is on their turf not just by bullets or bombs, but by losing their homes, businesses, work, the hopes, their dreams. End it quickly so the survivors can get back to those hopes and dreams.

  20. This is a great example of why we need voter IQ testing. You score less than 80, you don’t get to vote. That would eliminate 95% of the people who voted for Obama/Pelosi/Harry Reid.

      • A simple civics test to qualify and show you have at least a minor interest in politics should be required. Heck, they have skill-testing questions when you win a draw eg 15/3 + 2 = ?

  21. I’m with Dennis Miller; Pilosi is #@&%# out of her mind. And the people who keep voting for her aren’t far behind.

  22. This was so truly funny, I thought it was a hoax until I read the entire article. In the dictionary where the word ‘stupid’ is listed, there is a picture of her.

  23. Lot’s of Medication, is how this woman functions, the only way she can, she is definitely not rowing with both oars in the water, and is about 45 cards short of a full deck.

  24. She is insane and continually opens her mouth to demonstrate that fact! Maybe she’d like to house a few Hamas humanitarians. For that matter our muslim in the White House could also house a few with 132 rooms there AND a lawn large enough for a tent city to house a few of the criminals and disease carrying illegal aliens he is leading in the invasion of our country. Not likely!

  25. Mr. West: You are lying and you know it.

    Nancy Pelosi did not say that Hamas is a humanitarian organization. In fact, if it is in any way a correct usage of the English language to say that Nancy Pelosi said that, then it is equally correct to say that YOU just said it, too.

    So, how, sir, can you sit at your keyboard and write that Hamas is a humanitarian organization?

    Honest Americans wait for your answer and know that liars like you will not give one.

    • RonB, may I suggest you visit an ENT doctor to get your clogged ears cleaned. I have heard Nancy Pelosi say these words on many interview programs and I am certain others have also. You are showing your cluenessness wiith every word you typed. Your so-called president had better alter course and change his leader from allah to the Lord.

      “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” Psalm 127:1 <

      • I apologize for not recognizing that you aren’t a native English speaker.

        Let me say this slowly and with small words: She said Qataris have told her that Hamas is a humanitarian organization, maybe they could use their influence.

        If I say to you “Dick Cheney said that Iraq would greet us with flowers and chocolates,” is that the same as me saying that Iraq would greet us with flowers and chocolates?

        There’s only one truthful answer.

        (Hint: it’s not “yes.”)

      • Not English? I’m writing, not speaking, so perhaps you should see an optometrist in addition to that ENT.

        Pelosi, another obtuse individual — in addition to you — believes reps of a country which is the largest funder of Hamas is to be consulted and believed? Are you out of your ever-lovin’?

        Your analogy? Isn’t one, But your rude cluelessness reveals you most certainly belong in the mind (I’ll be gracious and give you the benefit of the doubt of that) set of Pelosi (‘We have to read the bill before we know what’s in it…..”)

        If I were a guy I would simply write (in full) that you are an A$$ of the first order. Anyone who believes the convoluted tripe you spout is simply carrying Pelosi’s water as are you. (Are you from San Fran, perchance???)

        You say, “There’s only one truthful answer.” My question: what would YOU know about truth? Learn……

        “And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed.’ 2 Peter 2:2

      • I was referring to your obvious inability to understand what Pelosi said on the YouTube clip you referred to.

        The rest of your diatribe is all well and good, but you have revealed yourself to be an out-and-out liar.

        My work here is done.

        Have a nice day.

    • What rock are you hiding under ? Pelosi did say Hamas was a humanitarian organization!! love the Steelers, did not know Pittsburgh had airheads there
      guess you are one of the union guys ! huh ??

      • You just said Hamas was a humanitarian organization.

        I can quote you. Here, I’m going to C&P from your post.

        Hamas was a humanitarian organization!!

        Now tell me why you believe that?

    • Let’s put it this way. Do you think Dick Cheney would say,“And we have to confer with the Qataris, who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.” ? And if not, why not?

      And notice that Nancy is saying we have to confer with the Qataris, which any normal hearer would assume means that we should take seriously what they have to say.

  26. Pelosi, Reid and Feinstein are all mentally deranged. That fact has become very very apparent. You want enemies of the U.S. and the Constitution, look no further than those three topped by obama.

    And I agree with one major point in the article… WHO votes for these people?

  27. Unfortunately, Pelosi and Feinstein are voted in by a liberal minded, Hollywood deceived California majority who play on the votes of the liberals and the underprivaleged (who depend on entitlements). Friends in southern California in Orange Co, which tends to be more economy, business minded and conservative would like to vote them out, but just don’t have the voting numbers.

  28. Tho I did see the interview and Pelosi said the Qataris said Hamas was a humanitarian organization; and followed that up with a mumble-mumble affirmative answer that Hamas was a terror organization when pressed by the interviewer to acnowledge that Hamas was terrorist. Pelosi knows what she’s doing… she didn’t say Hamas was humanitarian, she said Qataris did, but she also knows that saying it in the media over and over again can change the public opinion of Hamas.

    • But look at the way she framed it: that the Quataris told her “over and over” that Hamas was a humanitarian organization. Although there may be a Clintonesq twist to her words, it doesn’t really counter the main thrust. (Among her other problems, Pelosi can’t even do Clintonesq without making a fool of herself.)

  29. Granny Pelosi belongs in the insane asylum for her protection! Surely she will hurt herself or worse yet someone else! She needs to invite them into her home along with the criminal illegal invaders!

  30. What absolutely ASTONISHES me Congressman West is that constituents in her district continue to re-elect this complete moron! She is an embarrassment to those in her district, the people of San Francisco, the people of the United States, whatever integrity of our Congress that may remain and our entire American way of life!!!

    I’ve searched extraordinarily hard to try to find a word that fully expresses my feelings toward her. Words such as reprehensible, delusional, disgusting, repulsive and others that came to mind just can’t quite fully capture them. I even tried looking for additional words in Roget’s Thesaurus with no luck.

    Then it occurred to me that the reason I can’t find a word is that such a word does not exist! So…I thought I would take it upon myself to see if this may catch on as a new pop culture term – “pelosied”:verb, extreme negative response, above and beyond any other currently know word in the English language, to be so utterly sickened by the words or behavior of a person such that no other word in all of vocabulary can adequately express the overwhelming negative emotions one may feel in response. Example: I am completely pelosied by the idea that Hamas is said to be a humanitarian organization!

    • RH619 – I totally agree. But HOW has she been constantly re-elected? Just think about it. She’s voted in by drug addicts, illegals, homosexuals, and the liberal Hollywood crew. Please excuse me if there are any Conservatives left in California who don’t agree with her. But sheesh! My evidence? There’s also Barbara Boxer. ‘Nuff said!

      • Sadly Debe, I must admit to being one of the seemingly few conservatives left in this “God-forgotten” state! (Note: God did not forget CA – CA forgot God) Actually there are a lot of conservatives, or at least “red voters” throughout Northern California and the Central Valley, by we are consistently outspent and overwhelmed by Southern California and the SF/Bay Area. It’s pretty frustrating!!! As soon as my wife can retire or get a transfer we are headed out of here. I’m already retired so I’m just trying to maintain my sanity until we can leave! This used to be such a spectacular state with so much natural beauty all around, but times have changed! My old middle class neighborhood is now a run down ghetto and even the nicer and newer suburban areas of Sacramento are seeing the influx of drugs and crime. Rarely a day passes that there isn’t at least ONE murder somewhere in town…usually a few! Anyway, with regard to Pelosi, I can’t imagine what in the world people in SF are voting for with her. There are not enough drugs in the world to get me high enough to vote for her without dying from an overdose first.

        What is TRULY sad is that morons like our legislative body from CA keep getting re-elected while a good man like Congressman West does not (under what I still believe to be suspicious circumstances)! Apparently America is getting what the masses want. It makes me sick and is sad to see our nation’s decay, but all I can do is cast my one vote…and pray!

      • I truly sympathize with you. I visited California in ’71 and was enthralled with its beauty, but you’re absolutely right. Things have changed. I’m proud of you for standing in there until you can leave. Let me be the first to welcome you to Northern Wisconsin where there are still more tall pines and deer than there are people. It’s quiet, friendly, beautiful, and not yet taken over by open-drug users or illegals. You’d be welcome!

    • …..this is exactly what HAMAS wants people to think……a terrorist group with a humanitarian front. Only weak minded, gullible people get sucked into this scam. Those who are of diminished intellectual capacity, those suffering from mental disorders, those who are reality impaired or those who are completely clueless, refuse to see HAMAS hiding in Mosques, schools, hospitals, using children as shields, ….or killing their own people for an anti Israeli sound byte, although it’s all factual. HAMAS is pretty good at manipulation and the above mentioned groups excel at being manipulated. They have done virtually nothing for the Palestinian people except bring misery, death and destruction, this co-dependence is taking a very heavy toll on the
      Palestinian people.

      • Apparently at least our US government leaders seem to believe this non-sense! Now Kerry says we are going to send $47M in US aid to Gaza! Gimme a break…why don’t we just send the Army Corps of Engineers over to rebuild all of their tunnels for them? Does anyone (outside of the Washington beltway) actually believe that any of these “aid” dollars are going to assist the Palestinian people? By contrast, how many would agree that most of that money will go to Hamas to rearm and build new tunnels, etc? Your tax dollars (or national debt) hard at work folks!!!

  31. In this “war”, so far Israel has murdered over 1400 Palestinian civilians, most of them children, while Hamas has killed 58 Israeli’s, only 3 of them citizens.

    And let’s not forget that it’s not lost on the world that the bombs and military equipment are US made and come from over $3 Billion in American tax payer money that the US gives Israel EVERY YEAR.

    Remind me again, who is the terrorism organization again?

    • Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, hamas, hamas, hamas, hamas, hamas, hamas, hamas, hamas, hamas, hamas, hamas, hamas, hamas, hamas, hamas, hamas, hamass, hamass, hamass, hamass, hamass, hamass, hamass, hamass, hamass.
      Get the point
      They are demon possessed, sub human s who follow a fanatical fraud who claimed to be a prophet. A prophet of what? Doom, gloom, murder, child rape, women haters and abusers..etc. etc.

    • I’d laugh except even that low figure you have the nerve to toss out here still isn’t funny. Israel is attacked and then attacks back. They have better weapons because they value their lives and spend time & energy creating protection and other good things, while Hamas spends all their time complaining about Israel having a Homeland. It doesn’t belong to Palestinians and Israel has turned it into an Oasis. It is theirs. Palestinians could do a lot more with their lives by finding a place of their own and building on it instead of spending lifetimes and generations trying to destroy someone else. Did you forget about the Hamas terrorists that sneaked across the border, got into a sleeping families home and slit everyone’s throat while they slept? That was just before Hamas started the one going on now. They have murdered their own people by holding them up as shields after they have attacked Israel. You should read more and listen to the media that tells the truth too. If Israel would only stop fighting back!!!!!!!


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