Angry black woman eloquently smacks down Students for Justice in Palestine

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. If that’s the case, the American black community should be highly flattered that everybody wants to lay claim to a “civil rights struggle” just like the black civil rights movement. We see that coming from the radical gay agenda, and some in the black community provide credibility in attributing the “civil rights” mantra to that push. You even have folks here in America illegally claiming they have “civil rights.” One thing missing from all these other struggles is the central root of the black civil rights movement, the black church. The black civil rights movement was rooted in faith, the Judeo-Christian faith heritage and basic principles such as sacrifice.

However, there is another group laying claim to words such as “justice,” “freedom fighter,” and “civil rights” in comparison to the black movement and it has drawn the ire of one young black woman.

Chloe Valdary writes in, “The student organization Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is prominent on many college campuses, preaching a mantra of “Freeing Palestine.” It masquerades as though it were a civil rights group when it is not. Indeed, as an African-American, I am highly insulted that my people’s legacy is being pilfered for such a repugnant agenda. It is thus high time to expose its agenda and lay bare some of the fallacies they peddle.”

Ms. Valdary does a very precise job of laying out her list of grievances against these usurpers, which I’d like to share here in a Jeff Foxworthy-like manner of “you might be an Islamic terrorist sympathizer if:”

– You seek to promulgate the legacy of early Islamic colonialists who raped and pillaged the Middle East, subjugated the indigenous peoples living in the region, and foisted upon them a life of persecution and degradation—you do not get to claim the title of “Freedom Fighter.”

– You support a racist doctrine of Arab supremacism and wish (as a corollary of that doctrine) to destroy the Jewish state, you do not get to claim that the prejudices you peddle are forms of legitimate “resistance.”

– Your heroes are clerics who sit in Gaza plotting the genocide of a people; who place their children on rooftops in the hopes they will get blown to bits; who heap praises upon their fellow gang members when they succeed in murdering Jewish school boys and bombing places of activity where Jews congregate.

– Your activities include grieving over the woefully incompetent performance by Hamas rocketeers and the subsequent millions of Jewish souls who are still alive—whose children were not murdered by their rockets; whose limbs were not torn from them; and whose disembowelment did not come into fruition.

– Your idea of a righteous cause entails targeting and intimidating Jewish students on campus, arrogating their history of exile-and-return and fashioning it in your own likeness.

– You champion regimes that murder, torture, and persecute their own people, deliberately keep them impoverished, and embezzle billions of dollar from them—and then claim you are “pro-Arab.”

– You champion a system wherein Jews are barred from purchasing land, traveling in certain areas, and living out such an existence merely because they are Jews—and then claim that you are promoting equality for all. And if you push boycotting Jewish owned businesses, shops, and entities—and then claim that you are “against apartheid.”

– You justify the calculated and deliberate bombings, beatings, and lynchings of Jewish men, women, and children by referring to such heinous occurrences as part of a noble “uprising” of the oppressed.

– You pretend as though you and Rosa Parks would have been great buddies in the 1960s. Rosa Parks was a real Freedom Fighter.

Ms. Valdary closes by powerfully stating, “My people have always been Zionists because my people have always stood for the freedom of the oppressed. So, you most certainly do not get to culturally appropriate my people’s history for your own. You do not have the right to invoke my people’s struggle for your shoddy purposes and you do not get to feign victimhood in our name. You do not have the right to slander my people’s good name and link your cause to that of Dr. King’s. Your cause is the antithesis of freedom.”

Well, methinks that just about says it all to the SJP and the mindless lemmings who support their actions. And can anyone explain to me just how our own American students became so enraptured by the lies and deceit of these folks?


  1. Simple. Muslim Brotherhood owns the college campuses of our country. But you already knew that didn’t you Colonel?

      • The black muslims began recruitting in prisons back in the 60’s and succeeded in converting many thousand men. The recruiting process was to continue for years, and stupid Americans thought that being converted was align to being saved and welcomed the muslims. Many went dormant over the years,…..until “the call” was made (nobama for president) and all of a sudden all those who were converted years ago became active again. muslims are like fire ants….you feel the first bite and you are already covered in them! there ya go!

      • Interesting… never thought of that before… I would have not thought of them as Muslim brotherhood before or linked them. I’ll do more research on this.

      • Read the book; The Brotherhood Americas a Next Great Enemy. It’s a good start. Then research what the author says. He’s on point.

  2. In answer to your question at the end. Perhaps because they do not know God or Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Therefore, they can be deceived as they have eyes but can not see. Ms. Valdary did an excellent job of shining light on the truth. How much you want to bet she is a child of God?

  3. I asked this question on their FB page:

    Would you brainiacs also defend Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan as the victims in WWII? Probably so.

  4. She did an awesome job of putting them in their place!

    Another thing that these protestors (aka: civil rights activists) DON’T know is that Israel is not at war with the Palestinians, Israel is at war with hamas who shields behind innocent Palestinians. Israel has always befrended the Palestinians. hamas MUST be crushed, they are on a quest to conquel and destroy and if they could (not likely) defeat Israel who is next?

  5. Do they not understand that these animals would slaughter Americans in the same way and just as fast ? They have been offered a ceasefire several times and refused. Hey, they ask for it.

  6. Thank you, Ms. Valdery. You ask this question: “Can anyone explain to me just how our own American students became so enraptured by the lies and deceit of these folks?”

    The answer is — Liberal college professors who cast their evil uber liberal teachings upon our college students. Folks, be careful where your students want to attend college. Yes, I know that they’re 18 yrs old but they are very impressionable and these liberal professors take advantage of that. If you, as their parents, are going to help them pay for college then IMO, you have a say regarding where they go to school. PERIOD. Some day they’ll thank you.

  7. I have only one problem with the article here.
    WHY does she have to be “African” American?
    Did she come from Africa? Was she born there, what about her mother or father, were they born there?
    Why can’t she just be an American?
    I don’t call myself an English American or Scottish American, that is where my forefathers came to this country from.
    With that being said, you go girl. Put the know-it-all collage kids in their place.

    • Agreed… she is making sure that she raises herself up some above plain ole White folks. I find that a little offensive. Not sure how much of a Freedom Fighter Rosa Parks actually was either. She was kind of made that way in history by others.

    • I have to agree with you on this one! Did she immigrate from Africa? Yes she may be lineage of slaves that were forced here, by some our great x’s 100 grandfathers. I perturbs me when people have to throw in their ethnicity to separate themselves from the rest of AMERICANS? Do so called African-Americans have a dual citizenship, that I do not know about? In advance for any haters! I happen to be Irish-PuertoRican-American! But first and foremost, I am an AMERICAN!

      • The Irish were the first slaves in the colonies, for the crime of being Catholic…….

        BBC Scotland also did a special on the Irish slaves.

        There is even a song about it……….
        This is the shocking, previously untold story of over 50,000 Irish men, women and children who were transported to Barbados and Virginia between 1652 and 1659. The motivation for the initial transportation of the Irish was expressed by King James I of England: “Root out the Papists and fill it [Ireland] with Protestants.”
        From a search that began in the library of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society and its files on Irish slaves, Sean O’Callaghan for the first time documents the history of their transportation, the conditions in which they lived on the plantations and their rebellions in Barbados. To Hell or Barbados manages to put a few names and faces on those otherwise anonymous victims of slavery.
        Excerpted from To Hell or Barbados: The Ethnic Cleansing of Ireland by Sean O’Callaghan.

    • I’ve literally written diatribes regarding that particular “special status” moniker, and I rebuke it’s use vehemently whenever it’s invoked to describe me OR my family. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again… I’m no more an “African” American than a cheeseburger is a flying saucer.

      It’s just another special status entitlement offered to perpetuate the contrived and necessary victim-hood status of my culture. No doubt it was a phrase coined long ago by the Left in an effort to placate, deceive, or otherwise ensure their ridiculous “we stand for you ‘special’ folks” politically racist subterfuge.

      Such a badge of ‘simulated’ honor insinuates that we’re necessarily “special” over other Americans, or deserving of more respect than any other person alive. It does nothing but lend weight to the chip on many shoulders.

      • Very well said.. I have so often felt the same way and watched one guy years ago on, I believe it was Geraldo when he had his daytime talk show, who was in the military say the same thing. I wish I could remember his name as he made me proud to be an American.

  8. That’s very well written. And Mr. West is right about anti-miscegenation laws; this is not apples to oranges. Where one is denied marriage; the other seeks to create “parriage” – black and gay simply do not equate.

  9. Really its simple: the jews have been very succesful in academia (as teachers, researchers, administrators, etc). The “old order” that used to hog these jobs for themselves have resented this for a long time. They use the “poor, oppressed and (most importantly) suitably distant palestinians” as a club to beat up jews in the hopes of driving them off college campuses so the old order of country club elites can take back thier “rightfull” place.
    Haven’t you noticed that its all the old money churches that are seemingly obsessed about Palestinian rights in Israel but could not care less about Palestinian rights in Lebanon, Syria or Jordan???

  10. She says she is a Zionist? Apparently she is not aware of what a Zionist is…because that is a specific aspect of Jewish culture and politics…and “it ain’t all that nice” either. Zionists pursue aggression and war and taking territory. Check it out folks, it’s a fact.

      • Noah, your comments are more reflective of your own intellectual inadequacies than they are of anything relating to me or my comments. I take note of your mindless attacks which provide no meaningful input to the conversation. Sad.

    • This was also in her article:

      Coretta Scott King was a Zionist.
      A. Phillip Randolph was a Zionist.
      Bayard Rustin was a Zionist.
      Count Basie was a Zionist.
      Dr. Martin Luther King Sr. was a Zionist.
      Indeed, they and many more men and women signed a letter in 1975 that stated: “We condemn the anti-Jewish blacklist. We have fought too long and too hard to root out discrimination from our land to sit idly while foreign interests import bigotry to America. Having suffered so greatly from such prejudice, we consider most repugnant the efforts by Arab states to use the economic power of their newly-acquired oil wealth to boycott business firms that deal with Israel or that have Jewish owners, directors, or executives, and to impose anti-Jewish preconditions for investments in this country.”

      • Coretta Scott King could never be a zionist according to the strict definition of the word. Zionists are a specific cultural and political group within the Israeli community. Now, Coretta Scott King could identify with those individuals, but she could not technically be a zionist. Nor could Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. whom I greatly respect. Just because he did not support discrimination against Jews does not make him a zionist. It makes him a supporter of anti-discrimination. period.

    • Zionism (Hebrew: צִיּוֹנוּת, translit. Tsiyonut) is a nationalist movement of Jews and Jewish culture that supports the creation of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the Land of Israel.[1] A religious variety of Zionism supports Jews upholding their Jewish identity, opposes the assimilation of Jews into other societies and has advocated the return of Jews to Israel as a means for Jews to be a majority in their own nation, and to be liberated from antisemitic discrimination, exclusion, and persecution that had historically occurred in the diaspora.[1] Zionism emerged in the late 19th century in central and eastern Europe as a national revival movement, and soon after this most leaders of the movement associated the main goal with creating the desired state in Palestine, then an area controlled by the Ottoman Empire.[2][3][4] Since the establishment of the State of Israel, the Zionist movement continues primarily to advocate on behalf of the Jewish state and address threats to its continued existence and security.[citation needed] In a less common usage, the term may also refer to non-political, cultural Zionism, founded and represented most prominently by Ahad Ha’am; and political support for the State of Israel by non-Jews, as in Christian Zionism.

  11. American students became enraptured through their professors and an American Media so uniquely powerful it can manipulate anybody or any event to its own agenda

    I would even suggest it’s time to end Constitutional media protection for this reason and make them a party to potential libel suits and even RICO laws..

    These are not journalists driving these issues.

  12. This sums it up perfectly. Islamic radicals are the barbarians at the gates oft the civilized world. A complete pox on those who proclaim for justice for the Palestinians. Send that justice message to the biggest threat to the Palestinian population, their own “leaders” – Hamas.

  13. Hats off, kudos, and “we’re not worthy” mantras for at least 10 minutes straight Ms. Valdary. You should be a folk hero already, having campfire songs sung in perfect harmony about how you won the internet in 2014.

  14. Americans have not questioned enough why schools in America must be left wing. Why should schools we all pay for only represent half the population?

    • From preschools through to the pinnacles of academia, our educational system has been co-opted by Leftist ideologues plying nothing but the long march of Cultural Marxism. It’s poisonous, and has been getting progressively worse in our schools and media since the 60’s.

      Watch this video if you haven’t seen it already. It’s certainly lacking Hollywood production value, but contains a number of great thinkers and carries a deeply disturbing message. Pretty eye-opening stuff.

    • Because every time a true conservative teacher is in front of the class the demoRat party loses future slaves. The demoRat plantation requires that the younger generations stay stupid and pliant. I suggest that every student reads “Atlas Shrugged”.

  15. Israel WILL survive. Those millions of enemies who attacked her in so many wars and waves of terror expected to actually destroy her (God forbid). They see Israel’s survival as “cheating” the predicted inevitable consequence of their money, fervor, idealism, military strength, vast numerical majority, oil, and strategic alliances (e.g., with the Soviet Union during the 1967 Six Day War). Being unable to murder the State of Israel or persuade Israel to simply evaporate by “bully-cide,” they switched to painting Israel as the bully instead of the victim of their aggression.* The fraudulent media “spin” (aka blatant lies) may serve to cushion their battered self esteem. But most important, these lies work in the court of public opinion. At least, they used to, until Chloe Valdary showed how the terrorists have stolen any emotive buzzwords in order to spew them back at their victims, in or out of context. Genocide, holocaust, oppression, Geneva convention, civilians, children, attack, bomb, murder, apartheid, crimes against humanity, racism, torture, disproportion, martyrdom – They do and they blame. The Arab terror world is not embarrassed to lie, based on Arafat’s famous quote: “I am ready to kill for the sake of my cause; wouldn’t I lie for it?”

    * Bully concepts from the school playground, as described by Emily Bazelon in Sticks and Stones, apply also in adult world politics. It’s not bullying, right? It’s just kidding – until the victim either submits or retaliates. When they retaliate, it is convenient, though fraudulent, to label the victim an oppressor.

    • “they switched to painting Israel as the bully instead of the victim of their aggression”

      Well put… I like the use of the word ” bully-cide’…

      However; let me add… satanic Islam may have a Master Class of “Arab”… but Arab’s make up only 18% of the satanic Islamic world…

      Thus… let’s not get detracted from calling satanic Islam, “Arab”…

      Islam is Islam… it’s not about Arab.

      For instance… the Arab/Israeli wars are actually Islamic/Israeli wars…

      Let’s call it for what it is… satanic Islam.

  16. I say any and all Students for Justice in Palestine members in the US to give all of their possessions to Native Americans and be slaughtered or set adrift on a wooden raft held together by shoe laces (their choice.) In my eyes that land now belongs to the Jewish state of Israel by right of conquest. Maybe I just have very old extreme Conservative views on the world but I’ve always found it strange that today people think once a line is drawn on a map it becomes permanent until the end of time. I’m 100% fine if Palestinians want to try to get their land back, however don’t come crying to the civilized world when Israel blows up your positions regardless if they’re in a school, playground, neighborhood, orphanage or even a hospital and don’t complain when Israel takes the rest of “your” land. Now obviously I’d prefer a non-violent approach, which has also happened quite a bit in history (even if it isn’t as exciting to read about) but sometimes 10 years of talking only makes things worse. Sooner or later, when to talking gets you nowhere, you have no other option but to fight and let the victor take the spoils.

    Let’s take a look at WWII for a minute. WWII was pretty much just an extension of WWI. It was a pretty similar situation to Israel now. Germans were a bit mistreated by their conquerors. Hitler and the Nazi party actually came to power with claims to poor Germans that he would lead them back to glory. He’d wrong those who mistreated Germany and he’d take back all the land they lost after WWI. It sounds pretty familiar to Hamas and those who lead them (and I haven’t even pointed out that both wanted the complete destruction of the Jews.) Could you imagine what the world would be like if after Hitler started slaughter Jews by the millions, after he invaded all these different countries and after he reduced England to rubble with his ROCKETS (hmmm) and still after D-Day and after the Soviets turned the Eastern Front and right up to when the last thing Hitler had left was Berlin, the neutral countries would have objected to the way the allies were treating Hitler and then demanded France and Poland return the land that was stolen from Germany? “Don’t worry about the Jews, French, Polish, English, etc. Germany and the Nazis are freedom fighters trying to get their land back. You can’t blame them, their land was stolen from them.”

    It’s funny because if you asked these same SJP students about Hitler and/or the Nazis I’d be willing to bet they’d have a different opinion. Why is it horrible for Hitler to do it but Hamas is good in their eyes? Also how are these college students not able to draw perfect parallel lines from these two events? Do they no longer teach basic World history in schools? IDK maybe the reasons why they aren’t the same is similar to the way that a white guy who doesn’t vote for Obama because of political reasons is a racist but a black guy who votes for Obama just because he’s black isn’t racist.

    Anyway let me know what you think. This is just the way I’ve always looked at it.

    • A couple of things…
      Israel didn’t conquer the territory… it was given to them with the split up of the Ottoman Empire after WWI.
      Of course the West Bank was conquered… but remember..
      The satanic worshipping muslims don’t just want the West Bank back… they actually want all of Israel back, per “Dar al Islam”.
      Which means… any land ever belonging to satanic Islam must be retrieved fully, even upon death. That means ALL of Israel.
      See.. today it’s the West Bank… tomorrow it will be the rest of Israel.
      Also… after the Six Day War… the Islamic majority UN passed an International Law that territory could NOT be conquered in war any more.
      Thus boundaries could be changed before 1967… but the laws were changed ever since.
      That is why these fake Palestinians are focused on the Armistice Lines as their argument.

      • And other than the United States, who even notices what the UN says or does? They are great for bars and whorehouses, but, not so good for regular people in countries that the UN invades.

  17. I got in an email discussion with a guy who is with a Palestinian Christian organization in Colorado. He was decrying Israel. Eventually I pointed out to him that – as demonstrated by what is happening in Mosul – Palestinian Christians should make good with Israel and be partners in fighting radical Muslims. Suddenly our conversation stopped. Imagine that: right here in the US is a Palestinian Christian (supposedly) group stoking Christian sympathy for Muslim terrorists. There are a lot of disinformation groups out there, and some dumb Americans buying their lies.
    As for Chloe Valdary, she’s an American of whom I would be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with.

    • Jews worked with King, and were an important part of the American civil rights movement. That’s partly why conservatives are so afraid of them.

      • Jews. The idea that the civil rights movement and the “Shadowy Jewish puppet masters” are in cahoots is not a new idea. I’ve been hearing rightwingers talk about that all of my life. You see it manifested as the Soros Conspiracy nowadays.

      • LOL.. It sure seems to me that most,if not all, of the people supporting the terrorists from Gaza are on YOUR side.. The Jews, on the other hand, seem to be supported by the very people you said were afraid of them, the conservatives.. You can either be with the terrorists,or you can be with the only democracy in the Middle East, which is Israel.. Even with all of her warts, I’ll take Israel…

      • Those of us Jewish people who understand Economics, Sociology, and Basic Human Behavior are strongly Conservative. The schmucks with the Humanities degrees are strongly liberal. They can’t understand that everybody is not just like them if given a chance. Many Jewish people grew up in families that were well off and never really went without. They are fairly liberal also. They don’t understand the difference between family and community helping a person and the government hooking them with an assistance program.

      • Uh, liberals also teach economics and social science. We’re not all Humanities majors. A right winged Jew is someone who is ignorant,.

      • ^^^LOL..^^^ Of course they are ignorant ^^^^ They don’t agree with you, BILLY BOY… They actually say, NEVER AGAIN, unlike some on the left who think that the world would be better with out them..

  18. Gotta hand it to the Palis, they’re getting some positive results following Dale Carnegie’s advice from his book How to Win Friends and Influence People /sarc

    • Members of the Progressive Caucus with ties to the largest US Communist organization, “Democratic Socialists of America”.

      • They are more social democrats than Communists. The largest Commie org left in America is the Communist Party USA. They have fewer than 2,000 members now. There used to be millions of Commies in America. My grandfather was one of the last American Marxists.

      • They just don’t know they’re communists, they are called progressives,now.. Same $hit different name…They want everyone else to take care of them.. 50% in this country work, 50% do NOT work.. Why go to work if some else will go for you.. Democrats have perfected the art of telling people; don’t worry the government WILL take care of you while also perfecting the narrative that the republicans will take your free stuff away. No wonder they win elections, no wants their free stuff taken away. NOW, I’m going to go call my mom on my FREE Obama phone…

    • Are you a fool? Yes, you opened your mouth without engaging your brain! Look up the Black Progressive Party. They are all congressmen that are card carrying commie party members.

  19. There is no good reason whatsoever for anyone to side with a terrorist organization and yet, we have a President and his administration doing just that. Sickening.

  20. “Go down, Moses. Tell old pharaoh, ‘Let my people go.'” Who understood God’s deliverance of the Jews better than black slaves?


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