Outrage: Afghan Killer of Marines tried as juvenile

Photo: Kristen Wong/Marine Corps

Right now, we have U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi unlawfully locked up in Mexico. We are dancing around the idea of granting POW status to Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl — a deserter — and we’re handing out “pink slips” to our young combat leaders in Afghanistan. You may just wonder, what more disrespect could the Obama administration show to our men and women in uniform?

Well, here you go.

You might remember the story we brought you about Marine Lance Corporal Gregory Buckley, 21, who, along with fellow Marines Staff Sgt. Scott Dickinson, 29, Cpl. Richard Rivera Jr.,20, was gunned down in their Forward Operating Base (FOB) Delhi, Helmand province, gym while working out. A fourth Marine, Staff Sgt Cody Rhode, survived his gunshot wounds.

As well, the collateral damage of this incident involved the administrative punishment of Marine Major Jason Brezler, who sent a warning to deployed Marines in 2012 that the police chief, Sarwar Jan, for whom the shooter worked, was closely aligned with the Taliban. Brezler sent classified information over an unclassified network, and was subsequently fired because he handled classified information inappropriately.

As the Washington Post reports, the teenager who gunned down the Marines was originally to be tried as an adult and likely executed by the Afghan government.

“The teen, identified by the Marine Corps as Ainuddin Khudairaham, was accused of stealing a Kalashnikov assault rifle and opening fire on the unarmed Marines until he ran out of ammunition. He is said to have bragged about it afterward to Afghan police, saying “I just did jihad.””

“However, to the surprise of the Buckley family, Ainuddin was tried as a juvenile last week, convicted on Wednesday and sentenced to 7 1/2 years in confinement, the maximum under Afghan law for a minor, the Marine Corps confirmed last Friday. The family says they were not told about the trial date until Thursday, and only after they inquired about it with sources they knew who were following the case. There were two tests done to assess the age of the assailant, the first of those tests occurred a couple of weeks after the shooting, on Aug. 29, 2012, Gibson said. The second occurred a few months ago on May 10, 2014. Both tests showed Ainuddin was about 17 at the time of the attack, the Marine Corps said, but the Buckley family maintains they were told the first test showed he was an adult.”

We have ruined the lives of warriors sent into harm’s way to battle the enemy while they watch the enemy kill their brothers and get way with it. Consider Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance who sits imprisoned in Ft. Leavenworth for simply doing what a trained combat leader should, direct fire against the enemy and their recognized tactics. Earlier this year, former Army First Lieutenant Michael Behenna was finally granted parole after five years imprisonment for shooting a known al-Qaida operative, Ali Mansur.

And yet the Obama administration released Ali Musa Daqduq, a Lebanese Hezbollah operative who had the blood of five American Soldiers on his hands. And of course there’s the recent release of five senior Taliban leaders. What message is being sent to our warriors but even worse, to their parents who grieve their loss?

According to the Washington Post, Mary Liz Grosseto, Lance Corporal Buckley’s aunt, said in a phone interview Thursday night that the family is devastated both by the way the case was handled, and the fact that the shooter will get a relatively light sentence as a juvenile.”

“This is the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Grosseto said. “If one of our boys had killed an Afghan, they would have got 25 years to life in [the brig at] Fort Leavenworth.” Bowe, the family’s lawyer, said that Marine officials in Afghanistan responded to questions “only in response to continued pressure from the Buckley family and its lawyers” and “punted” their additional questions to enlisted casualty assistance officers who could not get the information to them in a timely fashion.”

And of course the Afghan police chief, Sarwan Jan, who reportedly had ties to the Taliban, and whose AK-47 was used by the Afghan killer, goes unscathed.

Three Marines dead, one severely wounded, another Marine officer forced out of service — and the shooter is sentenced to seven and a half years. Anyone believe he will serve those years? Regardless, he will be out by the age of 25. Is this how a “grateful nation” exhibits its gratitude to those willing to give the last full measure of devotion? Even worse, what comfort do their loved ones have as they try to live on?

And where is the media outrage? As Aunt MaryLiz stated, if this were an Afghan killed, there would be a mad rush to denigrate and incarcerate an American for the rest of his life.

It seems every day I have to ask, whose side are these folks on? Have we so reduced the meaning of honor and service to our nation and the lives of our own?


  1. Let us send the damn muslim in our white house over there and let him straighten it out he can not do any thing else but bow down to the bastards…..death to all the muslims

    • Beyond that even, Ken, by the very words and actions of our own ….. so called leaders ….. they are pointing their own fingers at themselves as being the worst kind of leaders our country could have.

  2. Military Management, generals and down, have now become wholly assimilated by the neo-Communist Demoncrat party of Chairman ObaMao.

    • Shame that all soldiers can do is fight under politicians who don’t care about their well being. It would be better if US soldiers fight in what THEY believe in not in what Obama believes in

  3. Our Nation cannot take this much longer. I’m all for impeachment but who would take his place? Biden? Boehner? Kerry? Holy smoke colonel, our beautiful country is clearly doomed!

    • Even if we ended up with Biden, we would have done something to preserve the power of the people. If Congress does not even impeach (i.e. the House process), then all future tyrants will have the precedent that the worst presidential lawbreaker in U.S. history will have been tacitly permitted to create his own law. We do not need that kind of precedent for future Supreme Courts to latch onto.

      • True, but an impeachment without a conviction in the Democratic Senate is less than useless; you would be unloading your own gun.

  4. There will be a day when these war criminals will try for residency in the U.S. with all of the money they stole (just like the Vietnamese generals and politicians). This time however, WE will not forget them, and will serve up their punishment as it was meant to be without the bureaucracy of government.

  5. As we prepare to leave Afganistan we should completely destroy ALL of the poppy fields in the country and any adjoining countries.

  6. Were he an American kid, here in the states, he would be tried as an adult for doing much less. Smh.

  7. The seeds of this behavior were sown during the Korean War when the 5th column had taken up residence in the State Department and began branching out and then began to infect our nation’s colleges and universities. It took root in Viet Nam when the geniuses in the political arena began dictating to the military. It has blossomed into a full blown cluster f***. Now we have persons in political power who have never played with toy soldiers much less served in the military directing war strategy and influencing tactics with their incredibly unrealistic, verging on fantastic, weltanschauung. I weep for my country and my progeny.

  8. Our Operation RedWing men, save the valiant Marcus Luttrell, are dead because they did not kill the Afghan goat herders because the liberal paper pushers would have cried “murder”, and thrown them in jail. The priorities of our military are messed up, and too worried about political correctness. I say put Code Pink on the front line and see how quickly they change their minds about a lot of things.

  9. The muslim bastard, who currently occupies the white house, doesn’t give a damn, when a muslim kills an American. Mark my words, there will be pictures of him, kneeling on a prayer rug, bowing to mecca, before too long. He can’t keep up the pretense of being an American.

    • Muslims also died defending our country. Don’t judge 1.5 Billion people from the actions of several organizations. Lets make it this way. Let’s say in the sake of conversation there are 1 Million “Muslim Terrorists” (which there weren’t) that would be 1 terrorist in every 1,500 Muslims in the world.

      • I would never serve next to a Muslim. Sadly I wouldn’t ever trust them. If the 1.5 billion muslims would be outraged and voice it, then back it with actions opinions might change, However if you were a good muslim you would not follow that kind of cult.

      • To start my statement,

        I am a strong supporter of the US Millitary and I have near 12 history books about the US Millitary. I have books like Lone Survivor (which movie I watched midnight on a Sunday just to say that I was one of the first person to watch in the country (probably not), The Red Circle, Codename Johnny Walker, and much more. my grandfather was in Australia fighting the Japs in World War II

        Now Bear with me

        First my response to your comment is precisely, like I said, You wouldn’t want a very small numberidiots from your religion to define your religion would you. If we are going to play that game why don’t we blame the Rwandan genocide as an act of Christian cruelty, or the witch burnings, or the Sabra and Shatila massacre, or the Protestant death squads, or the Serb Orthodox genocide, or the LRA in Uganda? Because that would be unbelievably stupid. OK, now lets talk about how this could be a cover up. Let me ask you a question, in the 1980s (the US Media which is owned by only 6 corporations btw) Osama Bin Laden was called a peacekeeper in a newspaper I discovered he was called a peacekeeper by the US media, well we know how that came out. Just imagine all who seek change in America was quickly terminated (JFK, Malcom X, MLK, and more). The most interesting one is JFK, he rejected a plan called Operation Northwoods (look it up) less than a year later he was dead. Now here is what Northwoods was about: Operation Northwoods was a series of proposals that originated within the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government in 1962. The proposals, which called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or other operatives, to commit acts of terrorism in US cities and elsewhere. (http://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=92662&page=1#.TxsGQG_Ox2B). So they would do anything possible to start war? what about kill near 3,000 innocent civilians? maybe?. Let me end my statement by asking you a hundred billion dollar question? What the hell is going on?

        Thank You

      • Thank you, Oscar. Those of us from the oldest generation now living have witnessed much from our entire lives that pretty much tell us, “what the hell is going on”, but somehow, it is critical for us to reach younger generations. Your few paragraphs speak volumes!

      • I could say that Mohamed said that Macintosh is better than Windows but that would’nt be the truth would it??

      • Bukhari.

        “It is reported from Aisha that she said: The Prophet entered into marriage with me when I was a girl of six … and at the time [of joining his household] I was a girl of nine years of age.”

      • Oh, so all of Bukhari’s writings can be dismissed? Actually good point the Quran can be dismissed as well.

      • Why? Can you also prove that Bukhari actually said that or do you just open google and search? :p

      • Thus the occurrence of reports such as the above about the marriage of Aisha in books of Hadith, even in Bukhari, is not necessarily a proof of their credibility.

      • I could say that Mohamed said that Macintosh is better than Windows but that would’nt be the truth would it?

      • Misguided American youths are joining the jihadist Muslims, but far more right minded Muslims are turning to Christianity. As Christians, we must become more vigilantly observant of the Muslims who live here for their very purpose of seeking to destroy us from within; all the while, keeping our minds focused in a combined way that is wise, courageous, strong, and in keeping the faith and waiting upon the will of God to direct us, and He will, in His own time. In His time, things are rapidly, according to prophecy, falling into place.

        In our collectively correct use of the Christian mind lies immense power and opportunity. Keep the faith! Continue to hold the Christian fort until the right time for action, and waiver NOT in mind. Remember the words of Scotland’s hero, William Wallace (Mel Gibson) leading on the battlefield in “Braveheart”, as the English army approached: “Hold! Hold! Hollllllllld!” I believe God has the same message for us: “Hold! Until I, God, am ready”. If our minds are right, we will know when that moment has come.

      • The only people who think their religion is based on hatred and violence are only low educated misleaded idiots. No religion teaches violence and hatred against a certain race. You should visit this place called Indonesia. Indonesia is a country with the most muslims in the world. The Muslim militant group in Indonesia is called Jemaah Islamiyah which only holds 200 hundred members. So that is 200 militants over 204,847,000 good peace keeping muslims. Which means there is 1 Muslim Terrorists in every 1024235 Indonesian Muslims. And the other thing, the majority of Muslims in Indonesia do NOT have any idea what “Sharia Law” is. Now if Islam is based on a violent warrior like religion, Why aren’t the rest of muslims doing it? You guys here aren’t afraid to go past a mosque to find a Muslim shooting a shotgun at you. So please think about what you are saying here

      • The Quran:

        Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief] is worse than killing…but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)”

      • I never said the Islamic religion was a pacifistic religion and it does mention war in only certain limited context. Fitnah is accusing a person of something they didn’t do. Now if you are wrongfully accused for killing 3,000 people, would you just sit there and accept it or fight back?

      • Under a leader who was a CIA asset and was called a “Peacekeeper” by the US Media in the 80’s? Shady don’t you think? I never said they didn’t do it and I do think they did. But can you imagine the anger of the people who lived in areas that lived near US Bases? Although I do support the USA 100% in this matter, I’m not suprised that they would fight back, expecially when they are misleaded by these so called “Muslims” who are just greedy people trying to occupy land

      • Then you should throw out mierda del toro regarding 3000 dead Americans at the hands of Muslim terrorists.

      • “Now if you are wrongfully accused for killing 3,000 people, would you just sit there and accept it or fight back?”

        Is English your second language? What does wrongfully accused mean?

        Oh wait, this is a form of taqiyya or kitman?

      • When anybody tells me that i am the enemy and their actions of cutting heads off convinces me, then I agree to despise them and not trust a single one. Afterall those that worked closely and trusted some that claimed to be friends ended up shot in the back. As Gabrielle Bridgett stated, the silent majority are irrelevant if all they are going to do is stand silent on the sideline.

    • Well Victor this war would’ve caused more deaths without the help of the local Afghani and Iraqi people I recommend you to read Lone Survivor and Codename: Johnny Walker. Muslims also suffered from the actions of these so called Muslims. Nidal Malik Hassan disgraced all Muslims in the Military. His actions have hurt us as much as they have hurt you

  10. Hey. Under Sharia Law would it matter whether he was a juvenile or not? I don’t think so; they’d slice his head off in any event.

      • Try meeting a true non radical muslim, only by then you will se who the truly the low information fool is! Getting information from a bias source does not count

      • I do too, in front of 1000 other Muslims in the Anaheim Convention Center 3 Days ago. Who condemnt Sharia Law saying that it wasn’t true

      • If the words of a Muslim follower does not apply to you then here are the words of prophet Muhammad when he was asked what to follow: those who follow the Quran and Hadith. It is also mentioned in the quran that these kind of stuff will happen

      • LOL, weren’t you the one dismissing millions of Muslims as insignificant and now you’re using the presence of .1% of .1% as significant?

        Perhaps you should move to Brunei and inform them, they’re doing it wrong? As well as Mauritania, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Kenya, Algeria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, oh he\ any where more than 50% of the populace is Muslim.

        See, Muslims don’t comprehend the ideas of personal freedom.

      • Well I believe I also mentioned that the Muslims in Indonesia dismiss Sharia Law and so does the Quraan?

      • Wow, so 99.99% of the world’s Muslims are wrong, but you and 1000 people in California are right?


      • no you are wrong, its because Mauritania, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Kenya, Algeria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen and more muslim countries do not follow Sharia Law

      • GOD how many more times should I tell you about stupid radical small minded idiots who don’t follow their religion properly. What about the LRA in Uganda? Does christianity teach that? NO! the same is happening here

      • Need quotes from the Quran imploring violence?

        Now for the opposite, care to quote Jesus telling people to forcibly convert or kill all who they come in contact with?

      • the people of america should. this shows how easy your own government can kill you. Abdulrahman didn’t actually choose to join his father did he? Look up Omar Khadr, an Innocent Canadian who had nothing to do with the war, who was on vacation. His whole family got killed just like that

  11. I am sickened to my core when I keep hearing all the disrespect shown to our brave soldiers,I hope they go to fight with patriots of the USA instead of Obumas army of Mexican gangs,but please dont call it the United States Army because non of our Americans will want to be in his Traitorist Army

  12. Wake up people! Obama has placed in his administration, muslim brotherhood members, that have been classified as terrorist in Egypt!

    Obama has no problem with the murder of our military by terrorist!

    Obama is the enemy!

  13. The obama administration is not on the side of Americans, that is for sure. What else is certain, is that they are enemies from within.

  14. Well that one certainly proves ….. beyond a doubt ……. that NO lie no matter how bodacious, is most certainly NOT beyond being uttered by Barack Hussein Obama. Any thing to reshape the American awareness to what he wants is certainly fodder for his wicked and depraved intent. But, he follows Mohammed the man; NOT Jesus, the Master of human thought.

  15. What goes beyond comprehension is, how this self imposed Dictator Obama, continues on with every breathe he takes.

  16. “Brezler sent classified information over an unclassified network, and was subsequently fired because he handled classified information inappropriately”

    Obama is a cowardly scumbag. He treats American citizens with contempt and fondles the enemy. Rewarding terrorists with a trade for a traitor. Sought to give KSM a civilian trial in NYC. Rewards the Benghazi murderer with Miranda rights.

    Then, turns around and attacks his stated enemies, “We The People” with the IRS, FEA, DEA, ATF and EPA.

    And still close to half the country would vote for the Jackass-in-Chief again.

  17. The final slap will come when this administration gives this murderous punk a US citizenship & all the freebies that the gov can give him.

  18. “It seems every day I have to ask, whose side are these folks on? Have we so reduced the meaning of honor and service to our nation and the lives of our own?”

    And it seems every day the answer is the same. Whose side are they on? NOT OURS! Have we so reduced the meaning of honor and service to our nation and the lives of our own? Not WE, THEY. The liberals and Demonrats who have taken over our government, our media, and a great many of our courts. They disgrace the offices they hold and shame this nation with their behavior.

  19. Can the Military go on Strike???!!! If a worker or workers at a plant were treated in such an awful manner they would walk off the job. No one in the Military gets paid enough or has enough benefits ,they so well deserve, to put up with this Stupid , Stupid way of being treated , who in their right mind would join such a crappy organization. why put your lives in harms way for some fat ass politician to make a point, no one in control of the military or for that matter in Congress should be able to run for office if they hadn’t served in the Military and especially the Commander in Chief!

    • I’m sorry, but being a veteran, we don’t strike. It’s not a 9 to 5 that you can just decide what you want when you want. You’re protecting a nation, and the idea of a strike is an insult to every man and woman who has or will put on that uniform.

  20. all part of the plan to weaken us. Making military service undesirable so nobody will want to serve.sadly, all appears to be going as planned.

  21. Sir, they just want that Hollywood BS like the bad guys shoot first and so forth. Look at the railroad job on Staff Sergeant Robert Bales. His PTSD & TBI clearly meant he shouldn’t have been there but the Army caused that.


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