That speech the CIA director gave in Arabic on the beauty of Islam

In 2010, John Brennan, the current Director of the CIA, gave a speech extolling the beauty of Islam. I hope you’ll watch this three-minute clip.

I’m not interested in contradicting Brennan’s opinion of the glorious aspects of Islam, or commenting on the fact he spoke fluent Arabic, and hoped “Insha’Allah” to study it again one day.

What concerns me most about this speech is that a senior member of our National Security team, and now currently the CIA director, referred to the capital of Israel in the first instance not as Jerusalem — but as Al Quds. That is a blatant slap and disrespect to our ally in the Middle East, the State of Israel.

If that is the sentiment within the Obama administration, then it more than explains why current Secretary of State John Kerry is negotiating a ceasefire on behalf of an Islamic terrorist organization. What I did find odd was that Mr. Brennan never made any references to the history of continuous violence in Islam since 622 AD — the time of Mohammed’s Hijra from Mecca to Medina. And I guess those ISIS fellas are simply celebrating Islam’s beauty by threatening others to become a part of it, or be killed.

I hate to be a broken record, but whose side are these folks on?


  1. Surely NOT America’s. So with our help in 2016, we will make you president and YOU will help us rid ourselves of vermin such as this from our government, Thank you Mr. West, for all you do!

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      • I don’t call a war hero who fires his weapon by the head of a filthy muslim to save his men a war criminal. Of course you wouldn’t understand that

  2. Unacceptable LTC West, thank you for sharing this. Doesn’t the Director of the CIA know Islamic terrorists want to kill us all?

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      • LTC West did what a good officer would do. He took care of his soldiers. I dare say you haven’t worn the cloth and until you do I would suggest you learn about leadership.

        MSG (R)

      • Yes, agreed, he knows. Obama and all other quislings selling out Americans know.

        Why they’re selling us out could be many reasons from offshore payoffs to having been threatened to get with the program of Islamic-states-big-oil-billionaires-joined-with-other-global-oligarchic-including-big-government-socialist conquest on a planet where 7 billion people is not in the global oligarchy’s interests.

        The globalized alliance of the rulers over the ruled is less about ideology than about who controls vast amounts of wealth, usually ill-gotten instead of creatively invented (which Communists like Lenin and Stalin of course controlled) no matter what system (communism, socialism, globalized not small-to-medium-to-large-American-business capitalism, Sharia law, whatever) they claim to be operating in while they control their ill-gotten wealth.

        There could have been a long-range covert plan with the top Brits and global financiers behind it, for all I know even involving top Islamic ruling elite families, to carve up the Ottoman Empire and influence WWI and WWII events so there’d be Islamic states by the 21st century warring with Israel and ultimately positioned to take over the U.S. Now that’s starting to sound like I’m a wannabe novelist, but if it had been planned 100 years ago with various contingencies ultimately to take down America financially and by jihad, it could not have been planned better.

        In other words, democracy as we thought we knew it may be dead wherever oligarchs are really running the show. SCOTUS has almost guaranteed a congressional stalemate going forward in a two-party system by the so-called “Citizens United” case (named for a conservative PAC plaintiff) granting unlimited global corporate campaign financing (including so-called dark money from nonprofit organizations with undisclosed donor lists) but granted to both conservative and liberal sides of the red-blue divide. Stalemate, checkmate. The oligarchy wins again.

        How to know who is and is not an oligarch: Watch what they do or do not do, and ignore what they say. In all cases, across all parties!

        Politics in a globalized world only makes sense as a silent movie — what is being done and not being done. All the rest is a sideshow. The current threats of Islamic and allied terrorism are so great, we cannot afford to let oligarchs bleed off our energy in sideshows when we need our best thinking power for our best solutions.

    • “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. Praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above ye heavenly host. Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.”

      My soul’s saved through Jesus Christ my Savior but yours “No way out,” not unless you disavow your intolerant Islamic religion so discriminatory, violent, hypocrisy-laden and hostile as to include these descriptions and directions in its purported 7th century “holy” Quran:

      “Allah; He is Mighty, Wise. …Allah revealed to the angels, saying: …’I shall … cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, smite the ends of their fingers.’ This is because they defied Allah and His Apostle [Muhammad]. He that defies Allah and His Apostle shall be sternly punished. (We said to them): ‘Feel our scourge.’ … Allah plotted also. Allah is most profound in His machinations. …Make war on them until persecution is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme. … He [Allah] is the noblest Helper and Protector…. Have patience: Allah is with those that are patient. … Let believers [Muslims] not make friends with infidels [non-Muslims] in preference to the faithful [Muslims] — he that does this [makes friends] has no
      connection with Allah unless you guard yourselves against them [don’t tell
      the truth to non-Muslims] … They (the jews) schemed, and Allah schemed.
      Allah is the supreme schemer. … As for those who disbelieved, they shall
      be sternly punished in this world. … Their apostles came to them with
      signs, with scriptures [some translations add Psalms], and with the
      light-giving Book. But in the end I [Allah] smote the unbelievers: and how
      terrible was My rejection [some translations say abhorrence] of them.
      ” (Quran [Surahs] 8:10, 12 – 15, 30, 39, 46; 3:28, 54 – 55; 35:25 – 26).

    • The Islamist’s side instead. The ones who just torched a 1800 year old church in Northern Iraq, marked the Assyrrians houses and told them to convert to Islam or die.

    • just another treasonous muslim lover. must be a Jew hater. one of those who adore hitler…maybe all those who hate the only democracy over there will volunteer to go join isis? especially the females…….

    • Karin Friedemann…there are hundreds of planes that leave this country every day…do us all a favor and load your smilin’ ass on the next one.

  3. sad day to see this but not worried we have not seen anything yet its going to get a lot worse before it gets Better( Jesus Christ Returns) These things must come to pass be fore he returns.

  4. I agree with bootelowe…..please run for president colonel west…..America needs you now more than ever….. if not…… we may become another caliphate statistic. I myself do not want to be ruled by sharia law. I am also tired of all the racist propaganda that is being precipitated by the current administration. I believe you sir are one of the few persons that could transcend racial lines and bring this great nation back to where our forefathers had envisioned it to be. the land of the free and the home of the brave your the real deal and most americans know and see your patriotism and love for our great nation. may you receive all the blessing this life has to offer. in closing we can’t wait(literally) to see you in the oval office
    your staunch supporter

  5. We need to focus less on the SYMPTOMS of Washington’s incompetence and focus more on the CAUSES of their incompetence.

    Fix the foundation and the rest will right itself. The foundation of our gov’t has been broken since 1913. And this faulty foundation has resulted in laws for every conceivable thing and an enormous debt to boot.

    Here are the cracks in our foundation:
    1) The Federal Gov’t is in charge
    2) The Federal Gov’t taxes individuals (therefore, companies)

    Here’s how #1 happened:
    Originally the federal gov’t had 3 equally-important entities at the federal negotiating table. These were the ONLY three entities in the US that had an interest in EVERY law the federal gov’t would pass:
    – We the People (the House of Rep)
    – The States (the Senate)
    – The Executor of Laws (the Executive branch, POTUS through veto power)

    Then in 1913 our leaders removed the states from the federal negotiating table by passing the 17th Amendment. Now negotiations look like:
    – We the People (the House)
    – We the People (the Senate)
    – The Executor of Laws (POTUS via veto)

    The Senate is no longer accountable to their State Legislatures. This is the single action that led to America believing the federal gov’t is supposed to be in charge of everything in the US (against the Founder’s design of 3 equally-powerful entities checking-and-balancing each other). The federal gov’t now overruns the state gov’ts…and by proxy: YOU (collectively: We the People).

    And don’t fool yourself into thinking that We the People, having 2 seats at the table, are more powerful than the Executive (POTUS). Our power is divided (into 2 Houses with over 500 members) while the POTUS is one person whose power is focused. When was the last time you felt the federal gov’t was listening to you? Right, that proves the point…if the President doesn’t want to do it, it doesn’t get done (who wags whom?).

    And there’s a reason why our Founders “Bill-to-Law Process” started in the House. This way all law begins with We the People…then gets input from the States and the Executor of Laws. This design purposely put We the People in the driver’s seat…are we today?

    This setup allows bills to pass QUICKLY into law since one of the 3 interested parties has no say in them. The result is many more laws that aren’t well thought out (since an interested party has been excluded from negotiations). And each law that tramples on states, necessarily tramples on We the People who live in states.

    Now #2:
    Originally the federal gov’t got its operating budget from the state gov’ts ONLY. The attempts to get money directly from We the People were ruled by the Judiciary to be unconstitutional. So, what would any red-blooded American who loved themselves more than the Constitution do? Instead of “protect & defend” they “changed & enriched” themselves.

    In 1913 they passed the 16th Amendment that made direct taxation of US citizens the law of the land. And, in doing so, injected themselves into every taxation debate effecting every individual in the entire country. They also generated enormous wealth for the federal gov’t, so you might think we would never have problems paying for anything our gov’t needed. RIGGHHHHT! (as Bill Cosby used to say so well)

    With this windfall our gov’t did what most people who aren’t used to money do: they overspend it. They’ve also enriched themselves over and over again…how many in Congress (both houses) report an income of ONLY their gov’t salary? How many in Congress (both houses) have a SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER net worth only AFTER being elected (they never made money hand-over-fist before being a “public servant”, but they sure do after!)?

    The answers to these and many other questions can be found by Googling them…do your own research. This is how a gov’t windfall (individual taxation) became a personal windfall for elected officials (who changed our Constitution & enriched themselves at our expense).

    Without these 2 amendments we would have 50 test cases (the states) to see what combination of freedoms vs. regulations works best. The state with the largest population would win, as many would flock to its borders for a true American Dream. Another aspect of this is that there would be 50 different cultures to choose from and you could choose which one fit best with your personal life principles…we would all have choices.

    With these amendments we are on our way to an America where all states are run by the federal gov’t and operate exactly the same. A new name may soon be in order for us: The United Socialist States of America.

    As it is, this structure has saddled Americans with ENORMOUS DEBT that we can’t possibly pay off in even 5 generations. Stop this insanity and restore states to the federal negotiating table because this is entirely gov’t’s fault and gov’t needs to repair our Constitution – and they WON’T do it on their own! We the People need to ensure they do it.

    Fix the foundation and the rest will right itself.


    Now, regardless of politics, we need to get together as a group of “We the People” and agree to a particular path that will fix our foundation. This is a call to action, not a plea for agreement. If you agree then act…find those in your area that are like-minded and determine among yourselves what it will take to influence your federal representatives to take these “foundation-fixing” actions. And if they don’t take them, or give you some cop-out answer have them fired if they’re up for election, or recalled if they’re not.

    The cop-out I hear the most is “I support doing this via the 10th Amendment”. Well the Tenth states:

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    …meaning if the Constitution gives the federal gov’t powers, the federal gov’t keeps those powers. So, since the 16th & 17th Amd. are in the Constitution they are UNTOUCHABLE via the 10th Amd. Politicians who tell you this cop-out are untrustworthy and should be recalled (if this were the solution it would have been done in the 100+ years since these amendments passed).

    Therefore, the only option to get rid of the harmful effects of the 16th & 17th Amendments is repeal.

    The States can do this through the Convention of States, or Congress can do this as leaders in their own right. Currently the Convention of States ISN’T focused on this foundational fix…but We the People can change that. Congress doesn’t want this fix either, but we can change that. It ALL starts with us…We the People. It’s time to ACT.

    You are the key: copy and paste this message, share it as many times as you need to in order to get ALL elected officials to make these changes. ALL elected officials means: STATE Legislatures, your US Senators and House Representatives, etc. Talk to people about this, get your teenagers to understand it so they’re actually prepared to vote when they’re legal, this is OUR country and it’s WORTH talking about and FIXING.

    On FaceBook show your support by Liking and Sharing this page –

  6. He loves these peace loving religious folks and knows how Wonderful they treat all man kind, why in the h….don’t he along with others pack their bags and move to that peace loving country.

  7. I read over a year ago that it was Brennon who scrubbed BHO’s passport clean before BHO ran for office. Of course he was put in the CIA position later.

  8. brennan was in cairo studying before camp david – while egypt was israel’s enemy. he refers to fellow students as “palestinians” and he called jerusalem “al quds”. he is obviously a traitor to the west, to judeo-christian/helleno-judaic civilization. the true believers of islam and the faithful followers of mohamed are ISIS and boko haram. brennan is either a traitorous useful idiot or a spy. he says he witnessed hajj; therefore he must be a muslim; only muslims can do hajj and woithness hajj. so i think hes a spy.

    • Perhaps a sympathizer as I noted, but totally blind for an educated intellectual to the reality of what’s happening in Iraq, Syria, Israel. He fits right in with the rest of the brain washed administration that can’t quite grasp that there never will peace among the various sect of Islam let alone with Israel. Brennan only perpetuates the Obama myth that negotiation will settle the mid-east difficulties.

    • He has done more for this country to combat terrorism that you.
      And he called Jerusalem Al Qud and jerusalem because he was speaking in arabic to an arab audience, our arab allies.
      Why don’t you go to Arlington Cemetery and kick over the headstones of muslim American soldiers who died fighting in the war on terror since you hate anyone who speaks arabic.

  9. I think it’s pretty obvious whose side they are on. Obama has put all these people in powerful positions in our government. We and our elected representatives have stood by and allowed it to happen and now we and Israel will reap the whirlwind. Apparently the whole kit and kaboodle of the Democratic Party is in on this ruination of America too. Plus the whole lot of the propaganda and protective arm of the Liberal media are in it together. Anybody who votes Democrat I believe is a Socialist Traitor.

  10. I have begun to compare Obama to Chamberlain who thought that Hitler was a nice kind man who promised the British PM that all he wanted was to bring peace to the Germany people.. Then he marched into Poland and most of Europe and killed everyone who he thought wasn’t perfect.. Not just Jews, but Gays, the mentally ill, blacks, people with brown eyes, and whoever else got in his way. Obama is the same naive stupid ignorant (possibly closet Muslim) ever! I can’t believe he is still the president! Honestly, I don’t think we have time to wait for elections in 2016, we have to do something now before our whole way of life is destroyed.

    • QUESTION, Please! Why would our DHS purchase 30,000 Guillotines? Can
      anyone answer that! We have sat here and allowed it! That’s our taxpayer money!
      When is the last time anyone can remember a beheading in the United States of
      America??? Why do we have 800 FEMA Camps
      Staffed and prepared, with Giant Coffins holding up to 3 bodies each and mass
      graves prepared? ACTUALLY, The entire
      gang should be arrested and imprisoned for that one act alone! We don’t behead
      authorized it! All of our government should be arrested, charged, convicted of
      treason and BEHEADED! Then thrown into all of those mass graves they have
      prepared for us! Where are our Marines? We desperately need them to save us
      from this TREASON that is happening as we watch! I am convinced that most of
      our Government (Congress and Supreme Court) are either Bought Off and/or
      Blackmailed or somehow compromised and therefore complicit in this Treasonous
      Conspiracy to Destroy the United States of America! We haven’t had a budget for
      5 years but have spent more money than ever in History on NOTHING but
      destruction of our Nation! WE MUST HAVE OUR MILITARY INTERVENE IF WE ARE TO
      SURVIVE! We are in the greatest danger in our History!

    • Why?
      because he spoke arabic in front of an arab audience?
      In this age of our war on terror, wouldn’t you want a head of CIA who understood the middle east and spoke a little arabic?

      by the way, the man has dedicated his life in service to this country and the fact that yo uwant to hang him as a traitor for speaking arabic to an arab audience is retarded.

  11. Then the silent majority should speak up against the radicals who are killing with wild abandon. Where are the peaceful ones now???

  12. Yes Mr. Brennan, what are your thoughts about that beautiful Islam today? Butchery, antiquity decimated, Christians annihilated, property confiscated based on sects, is this the Islam you speak about? Me thinks that you are a sympathizer and a closet Muslim.
    Perhaps you would like to educate the ISIL on the finer points of diplomacy?

  13. Another member of this administration, James Clapper, declared the Muslim Brotherhood, “largely secular,” too.

    There’s no shortage of evidence, but I think some truths are so ugly they’re hard to admit to ourselves. The coffee is smelling very bitter right now.

    • Being able to wrap our heads around the betrayal, then the horrific danger to the American people, is definitely a challenge. Once you’re there, though, as you’re no doubt seeing, you can’t go back to denial about this just being a dumb or clueless Obama with others around him in Congress, CIA, etc. not being able to see it if we, as a bunch of civilians, can put 2 and 2 together and call it Islamic terrorism coming to conquer.

  14. Another one that needs to be fired……the Muslim Obama cabinet…..only Islamic radicals need apply!
    Every day I get more disgusted

  15. With you in the White House Col West, America would have an ally. And a scholar. These people are an embarrassment. Even worse tho, is that too many people are not paying attention or learning enough to know that these people just continue BS’ing everyone. This is why they are called “low information voters”. But, with you in the White House, academics and learning history would actually mean something for a lot of people, particularly our youth and future leaders.

  16. Benedict Arnold has modern company in the U.S., and the list keeps growing.

    The list of pro-terrorist co-conspirators with Obama, if a prosecutorial team were
    ever commissioned, would likely include but not be limited to John Brennan, John Kerry,Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Jen Psaki, Janet Napolitano and her current counterpart Jeh Johnson, Hakeem Jeffries (part of the silencing effort of those patriots who would identify the treason through H.R. 3878, currently in committee, as connects to Obama’s collaboration with the UN’s Islamic states via UN Resolution 16/18), and Sen. Ed Markey (similarly part of the unconstitutional silencing effort through S. 2219).

    It makes sense, doesn’t it, that the Western leaders in an electronic spy-vs.-spy globalized world would communicate with one another by THTT (Trojan Horse Taqiyya Tactics) like this speech by Brennan?

    Are the Western leaders being paid off handsomely in off-shore accounts by pro-terrorist Islamic big-oil billionaire magnates, are their families being threatened by ninja-style Islamic jihadists who enter their homes in the dead of night and put a sword to their throats as warning, are they not “give me liberty or give me death” followers of Patrick Henry-style American patriotism?

    Obviously not the last. The other two, only speculation about what could possibly motivate their sellout of the American people.

    Here’s some of what my 1980 translation of the Quran — (approved by joint Sunni/Shii Councils in Lebanon before 9/11 so not a “sanitized” 21st century translation from the Arabic) — says about what I’m calling THTT, Trojan Horse Taqiyya Tactics:

    “Allah; He is Mighty, Wise. …Allah revealed to the angels, saying: …’I shall … cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, smite the ends of their fingers.’ This is because they defied Allah and His Apostle [Muhammad]. He that defies Allah and His Apostle shall be sternly punished. (We said to them): ‘Feel our scourge.’ … Allah plotted also. Allah is most profound in His machinations. … Make
    war on them until persecution is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme.
    … He [Allah] is the noblest Helper and Protector…. Have patience: Allah is with those that are patient. … Let believers [Muslims] not make friends with infidels [non-Muslims] in preference to the faithful [Muslims] — he that does this [makes friends] has no connection with Allah unless you guard yourselves against them [don’t tell the truth to non-Muslims] … They (the jews) schemed, and Allah schemed. Allah is the supreme schemer. … As for those who disbelieved, they shall be sternly punished in this world. … Their apostles came to them with signs, with scriptures [some translations add Psalms], and with the light-giving Book. But in the end I [Allah] smote the unbelievers: and how terrible was My rejection [some translations say abhorrence] of them. ” (Quran [Surahs] 8:10, 12 – 15, 30, 39, 46; 3:28, 54
    – 55; 35:25 – 26).

    Maybe Brennan long ago and surreptitiously converted to Islam. Maybe pro-terrorist Muslims have reason to trust him. These would be possible scenarios by the directions of the Quran and the history of violent and deceptive Islamic conquest from the 7th century to the 21st.

      • Shirley, you and anybody else reading whatever I’ve already commented on blogs can repost, relink, etc., an online comment from Scot Fourowls for informational and idea-sharing purposes as we try to understand this complex time in history.

        Thanks for the kind words. I’m appreciating the dialog here among those starting to see and think clearly. And good to see you’re awake, too!

      • Thank you Shirley, I appreciate your post, although it scare me to death. I will worry til we finally get him out of office. Just remember to vote and try to get a conservative. I just wish more people would wake up.

    • Don’t tell the truth to non Muslim’s – this sure explains alot about how every word spoken to us is a lie! Now I totally understand why he can never be honest! Damn scary!

      • It takes a while to wrap our heads around it, but ultimately it is always better to know the truth (sets us free to think more clearly, and so on)!

  17. What’s the problem?
    The head of the CIA knows the Middle East and speaks a little Arabic?
    So what?
    Isn’t that a good thing… some of the skills we want in our intelligence agencies fighting the war on terror?

    He was obviously speaking to an Arab audience at the time and being respectful to our allies.

    • Jack, That is naive thinking! The majority are irrelevant! The violent 25% will overrule them and the koran totally supports this violence! The koran is a book of mystic rantings of a sexual pervert, pedophile terrorist! Calling islam a religion is exactly like calling the Nazis a religion! WE should have enough sense to identify and classify islam for what it is! It is not a religion! It is a satanic cult of a totalitarian government system to rule the world! To eliminate all infidels and establish a world caliphate for worship to their false God! Until we wake up and deal with this fact we are in grave danger! 1 John 4:8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. The common theme throughout the Bible is this… Faith and Love! The theme of islam is fear and hate! Perfect Love casts out all fear! islam is Anti-Christian! They call the U. S. the “great satan” and Israel the “little satan” Doesn’t take a “Rocket Scientist” to figure out that islam is our enemy! We are at war! Not a war we, as Christians chose but war none the less! We must WAKE UP!

    • If you don’t see a problem then you are blind. There are over a Billion Muslims in the world the ones that you think are cool are 80% of them and they are not standing up against the bad ones which are 20% of them. So you are probably thinking that 20% is not that bad, well that’s where you would be wrong,20% is still three hundred million crazy Muslims that want the destruction of the western world and our way of life, they want to kill every one who will not convert to Islam. Do you get it yet? Do you still think they are cool? The one’s that you think are cool will cut your head off in the end.

  18. Firstly here is an academic over view of the 14 hundred years of murders done by this religion of death.
    NOTE: This does NOT include the 100’s OF MILLIONS of Africans genocided by these animals so that the small children could be sold as sex toys. WHOLE Villages were eliminated just to harvest the pre-teens and babies.

    OR THIS: The killing innocent families just for fun.

    • But Christians animals (like you) have murdered many more people over 1,000 years of the dark ages to force convert tribes throughout the world ?

    • Unfortunately for Mr. Brennan, there was no such country as Palestine. I is a name for a region originating in the ancient days of Greece & Rome.

      • British invaded Palestine (the country). Then the evil Jews from Europe have invaded in 1948 to set up an illegitimate nation on Palestine. These Jews are not even from Palestine and have expelled 1.5 million Palestinians called refugees (see U.N stats)

    • That’s because it is Palestine that the evil Jews from Europe have invaded in 1948 to set up an illegitimate nation on Palestine. These Jews are not even from Palestine and have expelled 1.5 million Palestinians called refugees (see U.N stats)

  19. One of the FBI’s former top experts on Islam has announced that President Obama’s pick to head the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, converted to Islam years ago in Saudi Arabia.

    Former FBI Islam expert John Guandolo has long warned that the federal government is being infiltrated by members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood. But Guandolo now warns that by appointing Brennan to CIA director, Obama has not only chosen a man “naïve” to these infiltrations, but also picked a candidate who is himself a Muslim.

    “That fact alone is not what is most disturbing,” Guandolo continued. “His conversion to Islam was the culmination of a counterintelligence operation against him to recruit
    him. The fact that foreign intelligence service operatives recruited Mr. Brennan when he was in a very sensitive and senior U.S. government position in a foreign country means that he either a traitor … [or] he has the inability to discern and understand how to walk in those kinds of environments, which makes him completely unfit to the be the director of Central Intelligence.”

  20. I have been told by my global friends that ISIS is completely a CIA organization with recruits from most radical muslim brotherhood groups! They have been forming for a long time and with the establishment of U.S. Advisors to Syria have formed into what they are today! I now believe it after seeing this man’s speech! Our government has been pillaged by Obama’s Administration and totally infiltrated with plants from the muslims to achieve a take over! I have been posting and saying this since 2010 when my first post was this…
    QUOTE: When you have an Illegal President who is a muslim, who illegally sits in the chair of Commander in Chief of our military, how can you expect any different? WAKE UP AMERICA, for God’s Sake! Obama is a muslim! I believe that Obama hates the U. S. Military! I believe that he feels threatened by them because they have each individually sworn an oath to defend and uphold the constitution of the U. S. Why do you think that Obama personally represents us to the U.N. He, with no authority from our Congress, invaded Libya under the flag of the U.N.! The same thing happened with Egypt! Next will be Syria! Are you aware that 27% of the
    costs for “U. N. Peacekeeping Activities” is paid for from our tax dollars? Most of this goes to Turkey, a muslim nation, who are the second largest supplier of troops! Israel is waking up! They have been blinded by the light! Obama does not want to represent the U. S. That’s why our money goes to the Muslim Brotherhood – To support our demise as a nation and the Nation of Israel! Obama is NOT a U. S. Citizen! He does not want to be President of the U.S. He wants to make the U.S. his stepping stone to become President of the Globe! Destroying us as a nation is his most important step to bringing about “One World Government! No Borders; just electronic chips! He has an Agenda and it is One World – One Religion! A muslim caliphate, complete with sharia law! He wants to move from the present system of governments of Individual Nations to a One World Government with him as the “Head” We must WAKE UP! UNQUOTE!

    • Shirley Ann Smith Rhodes is completely correct. David Horrowitz, Freedom Center published pamphlets explaining how Obama had put a Muslim adviser and their “team” in every branch of government, aided by Hillery Clinton and Huma Abadeen, whose entire family is Muslim Brotherhood.
      Careful searching of the Internet can reveal Obama’s entire life story. It is an absolute horror story of a lifetime of being taught hatred for America and how to destroy everything. All now being implimented.

      • We live and have lived under the first Muslim President in history here. Rejoice ! Rejoice in the name of Allah !

    • Shirley read the Department of Defence (U.S.A) website. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the U.S.A since 2001 ! in fact at the time there were 2 million U.S. citizens that are muslims. Imagine the gargantuan growth now!

      Shirley in fact 8 years of Democrat rule under a man born to a Muslim father; raised as a Muslim and registered under his Muslim name at university is your leader of the whole nation ! And “next” – it is highly likely to be Hilary leading for the next 8 years !

      You have lived and at 73 years of age will die under a Muslim made nation under God (Allah) with a CIA director that speaks Arabic !!! What do you make of all this ?

      You cry and complain above and everywhere But fact is fact, reality is reality, it is happening and has already happened Shirley under your watch !

  21. This guy is absolutely demented. There is no beauty to Islam that I have ever seen. It’s a religion of hate, intolerance, murder, slavery, terrorism. To think that a CIA director, who is charged with defending THIS country, and knowing the perils of cooperating with Islam, just makes me shudder and almost give up hope for the future of the USA.

  22. Sad that high US Officials take pride in showing so much “affection” & “support” for ppl who are DETERMINED to make mince meat of the USA

  23. You are the only leader with the intestinal fortitude to address the history of Islam, the heinous crimes of Moslems and their nefarious plans to oppress and convert the world. I thank you for your courage Colonel, and pray for your safety. These savages, and their ally in the White House, may fear the truth enough to come after you. GOD BLESS!

  24. I guess this means that little surveillance will be done on terrorists, with most of the CIA’s efforts concentrated on Republicans, veterans, NRA members and Christians.

  25. I don’t have a problem with him speaking perfect arabic–he’s in the CIA and they all speak many languages. My problem with all of these liberals who tell us how great islam is is that they ignore how we see islam as shown by islamic terrorists. “Ordinary religious” muslims NEVER speak up against terrorism. We to see islam as a violent religion because of their actions—-terrorism or silence in teh face of terrorism. If they are so peaceful, why do they hide terrorist activities in their mosques and not speak up against the violence. If “ordinary” muslims are peaceful and beautiful, they are also cowards.

    • The reason the so called peaceful ones don’t say anything is because they know that the radical ones are the ones that are really following what the Qu’ran says. If they was to speak up they would be denying everything that they were ever taught. If you ever noticed every time big groups of Muslims get together there Islamic balls grow. People better wake up because Islam is the biggest threat to freedom since Communism. There is noting free about Sharia Law.

    • But Islam is great. Sure it has extremists but there is a history of pure violent gargantuan genocide in Christian history. And who killed Christ ? Jews! So stop blaming Muslims for the few against over 2 BILLLION OF US, over 2 MILLION of us in the U.S.A. as citizens.

      • wrong about the Jews killing Yeshua. They condemned him to death because he was a Jew who said he was God’s son and God. So he had the power to stop any events that would hurt him if that went against his plan. The Roman’s carried out the execution. Yeshua killed himself for your salvation so you would know the Love and Grace Yahweh. I hope you find peace and love. The so called Christians in the past who killed for their own gain will pay for the pain. I’m never converting to Islam. Are you going to save me from the one’s who say convert or die? Will you speak out against the terrors? Will you lay down your life for me? Thank you

  26. I wrote to Mr. Walid Shoebat to ask if Brennan was, in fact, a convert to Islam. The answer was: all indicators would say yes. No more Islamists in high positions until Islam joins the civilized world.

    • Islam/Chrislam is the coming new world order one world religion. The one world monetary system is is almost here and I think the one world govt is already here.

  27. What bothers me is all these so called peaceful Muslims in my country “America” that do not speak out and against the radical Muslims and their actions! It’s very disturbing.

    • Exactly. I assume it is because they are really not or are too afraid. They pretend to be peaceful until their numbers in any one area increase to point that they can effect politics to suit themselves and then install their shariah law. Look at what has happened to the UK and other parts of Europe that have welcomed Mooslums. They now regret it. Islam is like a cancer and needs eradicated.

  28. I really wish he WOULD go back and enjoy their lifestyle……filth, intolerance for any religion other than Muslim… in mud houses, praising Allah (false god) 7 or 8 times a day….even Obama says the music of the prayer call (7 times a day) is the MOST BEAUTIFUL sound in the world…..take Obama with you…..and all the others too! We are a Christian nation…but we respect other beliefs……we don’t want to kill you or harm you……but we do expect you to respect our beliefs….as we attempt to respect yours……

    • We are not a Christian nation otherwise there would be no battles in the Supreme court to prevent the cross from being the only display at nativity scenes and other governmental buildings. This is a secular nation, always was where people could leave oppression and become an atheist or any religion.

      About Obama: The overwhelming majority voted for him twice and we are going to have Hilary for the next 8 years. You have no chance in our country

  29. scary.I see all that warmth, especially in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia. SO humane,warm and comfy especially for women and gays.

  30. Allen West fought for Israel in Iraq and is, apparently, more than willing to take up that same battle as a civilian, lul. And once his beloved self-chosen clan of marxists are done flooding the USA with savages from every sh!thole on earth, he can fight to defend them right here on the streets of America.

    • Muslim Brotherhood spread out all over this administration and we sit back and do nothing about it. Praise to Bachmann and Golmert for attempting to expose the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • Glenn Beck stated late last year that Grover Norquist started hiring muslim brotherhood members for high level jobs in the US gov’t. while George W. was in office !!……
      And don’t forget in his speech right after 9/11, George W said “islam is a religion of peace”…..WTF…I knew that was a LIE when George W. said it..

  31. Not America…… He says he sees Islam as diverse…. Oh yeah, I suppose he thinks they are a peaceful, tolerant and compassionate culture too?

    • “They” ? There are over 2 million American citizens that are muslims right here: many in the armed forces.

      I am American second, muslim first.

      • Pulled for what ? I will always be muslim first. it is not a requirement of citizenship that I put my religion BELOW my citizenship. The U.S. was founded as a secular nation where muslims can practice Islam. Go to citizenship “class”.

      • When you become an American Citizen you become American. Has nothing to do with your religion, as everyone in “Our Country” has Freedom of Religion. Maybe it’s because you said, “I’m a Muslim first”.

        “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.”

      • Being a Young Muslim or a young American exposes both to so little history as to be ignored as being ignorant. Young Muslims born in the US are just as ignorant of American History as a 5th generation Scotsman. I suspect the dropping of history is part of the progressives agenda along with our founders belief that our Republic is only fit for a moral and religious people. Being a Muslim usually equates to believing Islam is the true religion. A study of Islam proves that it is not a religion but a theocracy.

      • I agree with you on that. I yet to understand, why parents are not in a flipping uproar on how and what their children are being taught. They are the ones that have control of schools and it seems like they are out in left field. They should be organizing and not stop until this crap is undone, or start Homeschooling their children.

      • My daughter was dyslexic before we knew what it was. We spent hours on the back porch at a blackboard doing the alphabet and numbers and reading comprehension. She entered school and was doing quite well. She had figured out her ability to correct the text and numbers to her advantage.
        [As an aside she wound up teaching for several years.] When she entered middle school the schools were being integrated and there was some angst in our community to say the least. My daughter came home one evening and asked for some help on a math problem. The problem involved the figure 4 as we always pronounced as four. Her pronunciation bastardized the word to foo. After meeting with the school about the problem with properly enunciating the words in the English language we elected to move to another district that still had TEACHERS that could speak and enunciate properly.
        Does that make me a Racist? Probably so ! I am also not politically correct. Right is Right… Wrong is wrong and Evil does exist in the world and when we allow language to interrupt common sense it’s time to correct our course or call it a day.

      • Yep! Three Grand children and three great. I got her husband his first job in the oilfield and thought what a mistake. I would give everything I have for him. It’s so easy to make judgments that turn out wrong. There is a loving God…

      • I must agree on one point, I am Christian first, American second, that is why I believe in “One Nation under GOD” and that we all have the right to worship GOD as we choose, however, those coming to this country must obey the laws here and not those of the religion, especially those that demand MURDER. Sharia Law is of the old country of which they are fleeing so they should not try to bring that same oppression here.

        If Islam cannot tolerate our modern culture then maybe Islam needs to stay in those countries where they enjoy their Barbaric one step out of the cave culture.

        Please don’t associate my form of Christianity with those conquerors from Spain that exploited religion for Gold for their queen.

        I am not Catholic either, but that is another whole can of worms.

        I am very tolerant of all other forms of religion and have studied them and have many friends of those faiths and we find our associations very interesting.

        Now if you can see my last name here, you might realize, that I have some first hand knowledge of just what Islam is, with the cutting off of heads.

        Christianity is the Religion of Love, Islam is the Religion of Death, the only Peace in Islam is the “Rest in Peace” after they kill all that are not them, and even bunches that are them.

        Sadly not all Christians use or even understand the Gift of the “New Comforter” that Jesus sent to all of us Christians, the Spirit of “Truth and Wisdom” Proverbs 8:1 thru 8:36, instead they follow the same spirit that the world follows, “Lies and Errors” and evidence of that is the way our President is running his cabinet, of which this CIA director is a part of.

        Thank you Reba for posting the Oath I especially point out the part about ” I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;”

        I say, Our Laws are not SHARIA.
        R.I.P. J. Hensley

      • Your Muslim “religion” should be ranked with, and treated like, the religious sect that was exterminated in India, the Thuggee. Islam delenda est.

      • And what type of Muslim are you, the
        “I must bathe in blood” type or the “moderate” type.

      • There is only one type: those that believe in God. There is no “I must bath in blood” type you bigot. Any population that is invaded will fight for their liberty.

      • I would never fight with you for my liberty. You should move to a country that can use your enthusiasm, like Iran.

      • What burden? It is you Christians that have statistically committed more genocide , murder and atrocities since the dark ages to force convert millions. There are over 2 million U.S. citizens that are muslims here and many in our armed forces.

      • As long as Muslims continue to bring death upon themselves and others, they will never be accepted fully by the free world. Either you change or we will change you.

      • This sir is false and you know it. I suggest that you refer to the Jihad in the East, India for example. So far as forced conversions to Christianity. This is impossible and would be invalid. Now the greatest murderer in the 20th c and his followers was certainly not Christian. Hitler the #2 CLAIMED to be Christian but was obvious he was not. Pol Pot? Chairman Mao?
        Then this

      • so…..just what are you saying? Why did you come to America? Did you and yours come here to flee an intolerant and barbaric country or that you want to force that kind of intolerant religion and murdering tendencies on America and American’s?

      • Trouble with “American second, muslim first” is that Islam is as much a geopolitical authority as it is a religion. I know Christians who are Christian first, American second, but would never act to harm America or American interests even if their religious clergy should demand it. There is no Christian equivalent of the Islamic mandate to establish a global Muslim Caliphate. Not so with Muslims, and We The People have already seen enough of Muslims in action to harm America and American interests at the behest of their religious leaders — and We The People have had it with lying (taqiyya) Muslims. The whole civilized world would be MUCH better off if Islam was declared illegal and eradicated, at least from Western civilization and certainly from the Western Hemisphere. Islam delenda est.

  32. it is a diverse group… you have the extremely vile, the regularly vile, the moderately vile, and those who are in because they figure it is better than death

  33. He converted to Islam. Brennan made sure Obama passport documents disappeared before he took over the CIA. He may have been involved in having Lieutenant Quarles Harris, Jr. KILLED, the only person who saw Obama’s passport information. Barry Soetoro sits in the biggest sleeper cell in America, the Oval Office.

      • Muslim lie. So its impossible to believe anything they say since its ALL intended to further Jihad. They can even deny being Muslim so long as they know in their heart they are really muslim. YOU sir know this is true. But to many of the people Islam works hard to dupe do not.

    • It appears to me and many in my family that Barry is indeed a muslim. Where did you get the information on the killing of Lt. Quarles Harris Jr. ? I would love to read more on that effort to silence a witness who could expose the fraud Obama.

    • According to Snopes .com Brennan has not converted to Islam, but he sure does respect it. Just checked Brennan of today because I keep hearing he is a Muslim.

    • English is not the official language of the United States (but it is in the U.K). Hence if there is a heavy Spanish or Arabic speaking population then signs are required in the U.S. in that language

      • Seriously? ‘ENGLISH’ is, was & always will be the official language of the United States. As soon as we get rid of all the PC bull$hit that’s chocking America.

      • You are a virus and we have the cure. Your “Muslim Paradise”
        in the United States will have a very short run.

  34. If he loves and respects the heathen muslims then I suggest he move back there and take all those in the Obama regime that have positive feelings towards Muslims.

    • but there are over 2million of us American citizens right here that are also Muslim . In fact according to the Dept. of Defence website we are the fastest growing religion in the U.S.A. Did you know we are everywhere, your surgeons , throughout the military – and right at the top, the first Muslim Chief !

      • That’s a frightening situation that Americans must deal with. We all know that the “Chief” is a Muslim. He is also a lying incompetent fraud.

      • I attended school and was taught by very intelligent teachers . No liberal indoctrination by liberal duds.

      • “Two million too many”. What you said about “the first muslim chief” is correct .If he had been properly vetted he would never would have been considered a candidate for the highest office in the US.

      • Islam is not a religion. It is a cult. The quran is based on
        plagiarized Biblical texts which were then distorted to suit Islamic

        We have more than sufficient proof that Islam includes
        teachings from Arab mythology, Arab occultism, Sabaen astral worship and mythical characters from Zoroastrianism.

        All these are well-researched including Mecca never having been a center for trade until after 400AD. We also have proof that it was the Yemenis that set up home in Mecca and built the Kaabah to pay homage to their pagan gods.

      • You can go with him if your radical and do not love our country. If you do love america, then you need to speak out in your communities against Islamic terror.

  35. I find his illogic and foolish talk a constant irritant. The man in charge now glorifies organized violence, and helps imprison those who unmask evil. We are in grave danger.

  36. Islam is not a religion. It is a cult. The quran is based on
    plagiarized Biblical texts which were then distorted to suit Islamic

    We have more than sufficient proof that Islam includes
    teachings from Arab mythology, Arab occultism, Sabaen astral worship and
    mythical characters from Zoroastrianism.

    All these are
    well-researched including Mecca never having been a center for trade
    until after 400AD. We also have proof that it was the Yemenis that set
    up home in Mecca and built the Kaabah to pay homage to their pagan gods.

    This man is dangerous. Obama has wasted 8 years
    of America’s life. Race relation s today are worse off than when he came
    on board. Foreign relations with almost every country bar Muslim
    countries have never been more cold.

    Obama must
    and should be investigated after he leaves office. He should spend much
    of the rest of his life behind bars for the numerous crimes he has
    committed against Americans.

    • I believe what you have said is true, about Islam and Mr. Obama. I have many adjectives to describe that man, but I promised my wife that I won’t lower myself. This guy is a incredible danger to our nation. I’m afraid though that by the time he leaves office we will no longer be a super power. Never the less Obama, will go, but the senators who are socialists and closet communists have to go also.


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