Will Muslim apologists find excuse for destruction of Jonah’s shrine?

Our nation cowers rather than confronts the reality of Islamic totalitarians and jihadists. We opine with the language of apologists and condemn our own citizens as “Islamophobes” for speaking the truth. We recoil, saying this isn’t about Islam and we’re not fighting a religious battle.

Stop it. Stop running from these barbaric savages as they continue to evidence their true intentions and designs. Christians are being slaughtered — thank God for Meriam Ibrahim’s escape from the terror that faced her in Sudan.

This morning after my morning devotional, I turned on the TV to be reminded once more who the enemy is. As reported by the Daily Caller, “Radicals from the Muslim terrorist organization (now an army frankly) the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), destroyed the shrine of the Christian biblical prophet Jonah, in an action not seen since the Taliban destroyed Buddhist religious sites in Bamiyan Province during their rule in Afghanistan.”

Mosul is located in the ancient area of Ninevah and of course Jonah is a prophet of the Old Testament. He is best known in the Old Testament as the man swallowed by a large fish. Jonah spent three days and three nights inside the fish, praying to God. He is saved by God and then proceeds to save the people of Nineveh. Jonah is revered in Christianity and Judaism. Jonah, as with other aspects of Christianity and Judaism, is mentioned in the Koran (an early version of plagiarism) but it seems he is not so revered.

And we are just sitting back and watching it all happen. Remember it was the Taliban who hosted Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida. Has anyone forgotten the consequences?

At least the Kurds protect the biblical historical sites of Daniel or else we know what would happen under ISIS.

The Daily Caller says “Iraqi news sources reported that the group destroyed the prophet’s shrine located east of Mosul on Thursday, after seizing control of the mosque that contained it. The militants shut down all doors of the mosque, preventing religious observers from entering for their daily prayer, before blowing up the holy site.”

“The tomb of the prophet Jonah in Mosul was the primary shrine to the biblical figure in the world, and served as his major worship site. It was built on an archeological site dating back to the 8th century BC, and is believed to be the burial place of Jonah, although this fact cannot be fully confirmed. The shrine was last renovated by Sadam Hussein during the 1990s. Since then, the site has remained a popular site for religious pilgrims.”

How ironic, Saddam at least respected Jonah’s shrine. Well, it exists no more, and the place that honored a prophet of the Old Testament is nothing but dust — thanks to Islamic jihadists. Is there any doubt what would happen if ISIS ever got control of Hebron — or God forbid, Jerusalem?

As Samuel Huntington wrote in the mid 90s, this is the clash of civilizations — and I will stand on the right side of history.


  1. Hey… anyone know where I can get one of those trendy “COEXIST” bumper stickers so I can show the world that I enlightened?

  2. Want a view a GREAT discussion about the history of the israeli/arab conflict? Search for “Occupation 101” on You Tube. Begin at the 17 minute mark… You may be surprised.

  3. Even Muslims consider Jonah a prophet. When do Muslims finally stand up to those like ISIS who do these things? I don’t think that will ever happen, because ISIS may be the true face of Islam in the modern world.

  4. The writer of this article obviously doesn’t know much about religion: “the shrine of the Christian biblical prophet Jonah” ????? Wasn’t Jonah a Hebrew prophet, who if he existed at all, preached about 1000 years before Christ ???? Still, it’s wrong to destroy history of any kind and yet it has been done. The Christians destroyed just about all of the ancient Roman and Greek temples and even defaced many of the temples in ancient Egypt. Likewise the Puritans defaced all of the medieval cathedrals and churches in England, destroying sculpture and paintings of saints. So religious intolerance is nothing new, but sad to think that people have not advanced in the last five hundred years.

      • And your point is what, exactly? If it’s OT, than it’s not Christian?! Anything “Christian” in the Bible is to be found only in the NT? There’s a reason both testaments comprise the entirety of the “Christian” Bible, and that’s because what is found in both pertain to Christianity. Jonah was a Hebrew…and??? So was Jesus. So was Peter. So was Paul. So were all the Apostles. The only distinction is that Jesus was the Christ, and the apostles were his followers, and thus considered “Christians.”
        In the article, Allen West states, “the Christian biblical prophet Jonah”; i.e., Jonah was a prophet of the Christian bible. And that is true. If you somehow construe that West was claiming that Jonah was a Christian, that highlights a discrepancy in how you interpret what was written.

        Which leads us back to the earlier question: What is your point, exactly?

      • Why does he need to know the difference? The entire Bible is written about Jesus….Jesus Himself referred to Jonah in Matthew 12:40. The apostles used the prophets beginning at Moses to show who Jesus is.

      • Then explain why shadrach meshach and abindigo saw jesus Christ back in babylon when nebuchenezzer was king. Since Jesus is Christianity then his appearance in babylon links the two together totally

      • He KNOWS that there is NONE “difference” !!!
        OT + NT = Bible !!! Without NT the OT has no meaning.

        “Torah” (“Pentateuch” or the Five Books of Moses) and “Nevi’im” (“Prophets”) ALL are about Jesus Christ.

        Jesus Christ and His Apostles very often referred to Torah and

        He Himself said: “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law [Torah] or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill.”
        (Matthew 5:17)

        Jesus linked the Prophet Jonah (Jonah 1:17) to Himself:
        “40 For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” (Matthew 12:40)

        By pointing your Liberal finger at Col. West you have exposed your IGNORANCE.

      • I wonder how many copy/pastes i can find of this exact response. You call others ignorant and you can’t even address people individually with original thoughts. Of course, being one of blind faith, i see you were taught not to think original thoughts.

      • “The way of a FOOL Mat is right [ONLY] in his own eyes” – King Solomon (Proverbs 12:15)

        And HOW MANY “copy/pastes YOU can find of this exact response”, tell me you, deluded IGNORANT LibTard???

        Quote: ” bla, bla, bla…you can’t even address people individually with original thoughts.”

        And with WHOSE thoughts I did “address people”? With yours, IGNORAMUS ??? WHAT a donkey aZZhole, you are !!!

        Of course, being one of STUPID IGNORANT Sheeple, I see that you have NO clue how the arguments are constructed and supported by the sources, because YOUR LibTard breed wasn’t taught to think for yourself, but just how to spewing the DEMONcRats Talking Points.

        KEEP croaking, DERANGED MANIAC.

    • Jonah was an “Old Testament Prophet”, but he is revered by “Christians” for doing the work of God, even though he fought it and spent a few days in the belly of a big fish, he is used by Christians as an example of “doing what God tells us to do”. It’s a great lesson for children to understand that God had a purpose for Jonah, which ended up getting the people of Ninevah to repent and follow God again.

      As far as a “Biblical Shrine”…all things will pass away, except God’s word. Not one Jot or Tittle will be destroyed. So while it’s a historical loss, we still have the Bible, and Jonah’s story is there for all to read !

      • Jonah is as much the Christians prophet as the jews prophet. There really is no difference in the two. We christians are jews as well according to Christ. we are grafted into the vine as scripture says so that means we are rooted by jewish heritage.

        Besides jews christians are all gentiles in that there was no distinction before abraham. we all came from Adam or noah if you want to get technical. AND neither was a jew.

        That is why you really cannot be christian if you do not support israel. He is after all his chosen people

      • You can’t be Christian without “supporting Israel”??? I didn’t read that in the Bible.
        Hey, what should a Christian do, when dear Israel sends spies to steal information from us, and then sells it to Russia during the Cold War?
        Hey, what should a Christian do, when dear Israel treats that traitorous spy as a hero?

      • what would Christ who was born a Jew, lived as a Jew and died a Jew do? he would certainly support Israel and his Jewish brothers over Muslims who want the destruction of all infidels (Jews, Christians, Hindus etc…)

      • Would he support the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland, and their replacement by Jews from Europe? Would he support the Jewish murders of Palestinian villagers in Deir Yassin? The ethnic cleansing of some 450 Palestinian villages?
        The ethnic cleansing of more than 750,000 Palestinians from their homeland?
        The murders of hundreds of Palestinians by fanatical Jews tossing bombs in crowded Arab markets?

      • Would he support palestinians lobbing rockets into Israel and then hiding behind their women and children? Israel is a tiny little country — the Palestinians (who are a made-up people) are displaced Arabs who the other Arab countries refuse to absord in order to keep the friction going with Israel.

      • So much Zionist hasbara lies in one post….
        Why is it wrong for Palestinians to launch rockets into Israel? It was Israel, after all, who drove the Palestinians in Gaza from their homes in Palestine. That is how most of them ended up in Gaza, after all…
        That all-Jewish village of Sderot, after all, was an all-Palestinian village until 1948, when Jews born in Europe drove them from their homes. Along with more than 450 other Palestinian villages.
        There’s nothing “made-up” about Palestinians. They were born there in PALESTINE, where their ancestors have lived and farmed for the last 10 centuries or so.
        Unlike most of the Jews, whose ancestors lived in Poland, Brooklyn and Russia.
        People have the right to resist their occupation. Period. France did it, Ireland did it, South Africa did it, and Palestine is doing it.
        I fully support them.
        I notice you didn’t address the Jewish terrorism I mentioned, such as the massacre of more than 107 Palestinians in Deir Yassin, and the hundreds of other Zionist terror attacks.
        I guess terrorism is perfectly acceptable when God’s holy Chosen People do it, right?
        It’s only when someone dares to fight back that it suddenly becomes “wrong”….

      • Right, because the Jews weren’t there first? Right?! Why don’t you let someone claim they own your property and try to kill you daily multiple times then? In war innocents always have and always will die, cold hard fact. Sorry if you’re too soft for that. Also, If you threaten or kill someone and says they are wrong for retaliating, how is that not illogical?

      • wow easy there with your fabrications…the Palestinian people were not living in present day Israel before 1946…they were actually living in Transjordan and other Arab countries but don’t let facts get in the way of defending Hamas who are responsible for the majority of deaths in the region including their own

      • HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Take your lying Zionist hasbara elsewhere. MORE THAN 750,000 NATIVE PALESTINIANS were ethnically cleansed from their homes in Palestine by racist European religious fanatics…..
        They were in Tel Aviv, Hebron, and more than 400 other villages.
        You are a liar.

      • I guess the Florida sun baked your red neck little brain.try putting up a fact that can be proven…the Arab states wanted nothing to do with the “Palestinian problem” so they let them starve…and are you actually saying that 750,000 Palestinians were killed by Jews…what a sick little red neck you are

      • You either are for him or against him. IF you take a position against his chosen people you are against him. Its that simple.

      • Well…. so if one of God’s “Chosen People” steals from a non-Chosen person (like say… me) and I beat him for that, am I “against his chosen people”, and thus, against “him”?
        What about Jewish child molesters? Or Bernie Madoff? the SEC agents who arrested him.. are they against God???
        I get so confused on matters of theology. Perhaps you could help me?

      • You are twisting the story here to make a made up point, this war is about retaliation and defending your home. (Think Pearl Harbor).
        It is not about someone of God’s “chosen people” doing something to you TO INITIATE A CONFLICT and you not being able to retaliate. That would be called terrorism, yes?

      • You are either for or against him. if you attack his chosen people your against him and every nation that has attacked his people has been utterly destroyed. 🙂

        I’m ready with popcorn and soda sitting down to watch israel kicking arse and taking names.

      • what about when his “chosen people” attack you? Is is a sin to fight back? What about when they drive you from your home? What about when they murder British soldiers? Or when they sell your stolen classified missile tech to Communist China…
        What to do, what to do….

        Theology is tricky… I get confused.

      • I’m going to dumb this down for you Tom. Scripture says that “God will always stand with Israel”. So likewise, if you don’t stand with God, then you must no be a Christian. No twisting of words, pure logic for the misinformed or the ignorant.

      • Except…. that ‘s NOT “what Scripture says”. Putting those words in quote marks doesn’t magically make them verses in the Bible. It ain’t there. Period.
        I’m not interested in what religious fanatics claim that their God says. I’m interested in RIGHT AND WRONG. And driving someone from their land because “God said so” is WRONG.
        Plus… what you said simply isn’t in the Bible.

      • Actually Genesis 12:3 makes that abundantly clear. ” I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you.” So yes, you are wrong, proven to be either uneducated or ignorant, boy that must burn you up.
        On that, just because you disagree with a point God made, and put in His book, doesn’t make it magically disappear. So yes, according to scripture, you are wrong, period. That would be called making Him into a graven image, you know, what YOU wish he had said (or not), or done (or not).
        I find it funny how someone who stands against Christianity claims to know so much more than someone who practices the faith. That is quite the epitome of hypocrisy.
        Furthermore, I am not interested in someone’s ”opinion” who has clearly never ready the Bible ‘opinion’ on ‘said’ scriptures.
        And also Tom, if you weren’t interested in what ‘religious fanatics’ say, maybe you should not rush to defend Islam, you know, the worst offenders of all time. If I was, I would just listen to you or radical Islam worldwide.

    • “The writer of this article obviously” does KNOW about the Holly Scripture and Christ’s teaching, but you OBVIOUSLY do NOT. And by YOUR ignorance you just RIDICULED yourself.

      Yes, “Jonah WAS a Hebrew prophet”, but Jesus Christ WAS “a Hebrew” as well.
      OT + NT = Bible !!! Without NT the OT has no meaning.

      “Torah” (“Pentateuch” or the Five Books of Moses) and “Nevi’im” (“Prophets”) ALL are about Jesus Christ.

      Jesus Christ and His Apostles very often referred to Torah and Prophets.

      He Himself said: “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law [Torah] or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill.” (Matthew 5:17)

      Jesus linked the Prophet Jonah (Jonah 1:17) to Himself:
      “40 For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” (Matthew 12:40)

      By pointing your Liberal finger at Col. West you have exposed your Liberal IGNORANCE.

      And please PROVE, “biblical” and “history” scholar, your Liberal DIARRHEIC
      gobbledygook that “the Christians destroyed just about all of the ancient Roman and Greek temples and even defaced many of the temples in ancient Egypt” and not muZlims and pagans like you.

      • It is such an old and tired point yes. It is like one someone once tried making to me ” Well, look at all those Christians killed in the Crusades alone!”
        While this is in part true, these deaths were mainly in Holy War. Apples and oranges, I say.
        People that make these similar points love to twist history to suit their points of view, all the while acknowledging things like, how many abortions have Pagan Americans alone had in just the past year? Over 1.2 million?
        Rememver, evil will be called good, and good will be deemed evil in the end of days. God be with you.

      • YOUR gobbledygook is a total Non Sequitur = argumentum ad absurdum = the horse laugh fallacy.

        Your COMPREHENSION skills are not as good as you think.

        Read again his comment and my reply.
        Best wishes.

      • Well, since you can’t put together simple logic, let me lay this out for you: 1) Just because you have a strong command of the English language doesn’t make you smart. It makes you seem asinine. Maybe your ability to read and discern genuine empathy is not as good as YOU think. Being able to discern logic through common sense, however… 2) I was actually agreeing with EVERY POINT you made, so I really don’t understand the undue harshness and rudeness you display toward what I said. (So let it be clear, I was in no way mocking you, nor was I disagreeing in any way with what you said.) 3) Alondra, you obviously don’t understand also what a non-sequitur is. If I agree with, again, EVERY point you make, and go on to elaborate and give examples of said ‘points’, how exactly does that make me illogical? That point in and of itself defies ‘logic’, although I suppose you MUST think I was being facetious, since you also seem to think I was mocking you with ‘argumentum ad absurdum’. Which again, I was not. Sorry you feel that way. 4) Next time, instead of making an ass out of yourself to someone who HAD empathy yet agrees with you point of view, you should ask what they mean first.

  5. If the Iraqi people can’t take care of their own land then why should we care any more? I was deployed to Mosul and drove past this mosque multiple times. We need to stop wasting resources and human beings to fight these radicals. Secure our borders because it’s a matter of time before ISIS casually walks across our boards.

  6. If I recall…Jonah was a Hebrew…so I am sure the Jews of him too. Not a “Christian” prophet. That’s OLD TESTAMENT dude.

  7. ISIS… ah, yes. The US and Israeli front group. “Radical Islamists” doing evil deeds so that all Muslims can be painted with their brush.
    Got it.

      • I DID NOT SAY “FAKE”. Can you read?
        I said “The US and Israeli front group. “Radical Islamists” doing evil deeds so that all Muslims can be painted with their brush.”
        Nothing fake about them. Of course they are doing evil things. That’s what their orders are…

      • awe.. calm down bucko… yer panties in a bunch and got you all twisted? Really you can’t be that stupid to believe such BS, but then people like you probably do believe it cause of course the Muslims are so innocent of shedding innocent blood… they are the perfect people living by the “religion of peace” right… yeah..

        ::edit:: oh and by fake.. if you knew how to read or even write with any sense… fake would mean your assumption that it is a “front group” in essence a fake group of Islamic extremists made up by the US and Israel to make the Muslims look bad.. really… you wrote it… thus the reason I said fake… get a grip on life moron… and wake up before you end up like those in that video by the hands of ISIS as well… wont be long before they are in a neighborhood near you if you keep your head in the sand and blame the US and Israel for everything instead of the evil ones doing this act…. god I feel pity for you..

      • You like to live in a fantasy world and just.. make up things, don’t you?
        Hey, who created HAMAS? I’ll wait……

      • Stop projecting. You made stuff up then took offense when you claim someone did the same as you. Feel free to cite reasonable sources for your original claim. Oh you have none, do you? We return you to your fantasy world where what you feel is real and everything else is make believe.

      • Ah, “reasonable sources”…. Hmmm.. what is a “reasonable source”, to you?
        Ex-AIPAC agent Wolf Blitzer? Not to me. So… finding a “reasonable source” will be problematic.
        If you Google “Israel created ISIS” you will find plenty of info, but based on your screen name, I’m guessing you won’t believe any of it, like those Snowden-released documents showing that US/UK/Israel are behind ISIS.
        So… we are at an impasse.

      • Funny how you can’t simply cite your sources and instead pretend I will be unreasonable and thus defend your fantasy as objective without ever proving it.

        “I’m guessing” That’s how your world operates, isn’t it? Though I admit that my only objective evidence is your own testimony.

      • Sigh… Most Disqus sites make posted links go thru a censor/editor, thus it takes a while for them to be posted, if ever. It’s quicker to say “Google (this)”.
        THAT is why I didn’t “cite my sources”. Again, the information is easily available via Google.

      • Excuses.

        Perhaps you ought to familiarize yourself with the concept of fallacies. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fallacies

        See how easy that is?

        Now please stop making excuses and cite your sources. I’m not going to go Google your information, read a hundred articles, then play the let’s guess which ones he based his ideas on and which ones he didn’t game.

        Just be a big boy and cite your sources.

      • wow… sounds like how Christianity got it’s start. Yep, kill the heretics. How long did christians go on killing in the name of god? Or is that ok because it falls in line with your belief structure?

        I’m not lending validity to either side, because i believe that they are both plagues on humanity, but i love how people of faith never stop to think of the past of their own institution before they go passing judgement on others.

      • True followers of Christ do not believe in forcing people to change or believe in God… notice I say true…. religions of all kinds are responsible for the murders that you speak of. I am not a follower of man, I do not follow religion, so no Its not in line with my belief structure, shouldn’t assume something you don’t know anything about. But the difference today and I’m speaking of this century where Christians have moved way beyond such barbaric beliefs, followers of Islam have not moved forward but backward… centuries to be exact, where women have no rights and people are murdered in the name of Allah.

      • Wow, “Chuck M”.. .you really told me!!! That’s a good response to what I said. I will, indeed, “get lost”.
        Wait. No, I won’t.

  8. As Christian, I believe that the OLD and the NEW Testament are relevant. After all, there wasn’t a New Testament when the apostles shared the gospel of Jesus Christ…they used the Old Testament to spread the Word and prove that Jesus is the Christ….not the New.

  9. So many of these blood-thirsty murderers commit acts contrary to their professed faith. Are they truly Muslims or are they megalomaniacal pigs hiding their coup d’états behind the emotionalism of the Islamic faithful?

    • Read up on the history of Islam. This is nothing new. We’re simply ignorant of he past and think that these things have never happened before.

    • I will grant you that the Saudis are somewhat sympathizers to ISIS, but why Mecca & Medina? They aren’t even in the same country. And the Saudis aren’t ISIS. You make no sense.

      • Um, it’s a religious war despite protestations to the contrary. It’s simple justice. An eye (equitable punishment) for an eye (misdeed).

  10. They can destroy all Holy sites here on earth, but they can’t destroy the Word of God….and God says they will be thrown in the Lake of Fire along with the devil, anti-christ and the False Prophet! So go ahead you demons!

  11. i don’t think that the shrines are necessarily that important to true christianity since they will all be destroyed one day anyway. I think however that as a socialogical and historical angle it is a tragedy. Satan has always tried to erase the existance of God but fails miserably every time. He thought he succeeded prior to the flood, but yet God said uh uh.. wiped out satans minions and started over again. It wasn’t very long after that Satan got a foothold in ham noahs son and started rebuilding his dominion. Then came babylon yet satan still couldn’t erase God from this world. We had daniel and jonah, and all those great men. But they were just men, though albeit Men of God.

    ISIS thinks they are eradicating God from the world but they are doing no such thing. They are fulfilling Gods prophecies and bringing on the end of their dominion over the world. They are the instruments of their own destruction.

    Those that sit on the sidelines and support ISIS, alqueda, hamas, and any other muslim group that attacks kills and tries to eradicate Christians and jews all will face the same destruction that will befall the muslims. They also will become the slaves or be killed by those same people they defend once Christ takes most of the Christians from this world and leaves only 144,000 witnesses of Christ to testify and bring others to christ. Once that happens there will be nothing but war and poverty death and destruction. YET! Satan still won’t win. He will raise up his army against God and his people and in one fell swoop Christ will descend, striking the mount of olives splitting it to the four corners of the earth and destroy all that oppose him.
    I have to say that will be one glorious battle that will pale the great wars and conquests of the earth since time began.

    • I’m with you. Even though this time period will be terrible I look forward to Jesus ruling from Jerusalem. What a glorious time that will be.

      • You aren’t the only one that is waiting. It will be wonderful when he reigns and every knee bows to him
        And the kool thing is he does his own killing, unlike the demon allah who relies on his followers to kill

      • Nop…. Islam was not Created as no religion is CREATED… it was Blessed by GoD or Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala… but the thing is it was molded by some Fanatics and such Fanatics are in every religion…

      • It was created by a pedophile drunk that wanted to unite the arabic tribes and wrote into his unholy txt to kill infidels… End of story… (except he REALLY plagiarized the Old Testament to get his story straight. LOL…

      • 🙂 No Ma’am I am not… I am saying that No Religion is teaching about Beheading and killing Innocent people…. I know and I respect Christians but they also have very Bloody Past… and I know that it is also because of some Fanatic Christians… Like now days Fanatic Muslims… I know that I can’t CLEAR your mind but still I could try…. I have many Christian frnds as well as Jew frnds and you know what I have frnds with same religions in Pakistan too… but you have Pictures in your mind that EVERY Muslim is a Radical one!!! and I can’t say any thing on this mentality… I am in a situation right now if some one ask you abt Hitler and you start cursing Hitler that he made or show Christianity as a Brutal religion and some one ask about your feeling to share a religion with Hitler!!

      • Hitler did not kill the jews in the name of Christianity you Idiot…Bad point, moot argument.

      • Yeah I know he told the same as Israhellies saying right now…. that they are superior and they are right to kill any one for the LAND…. So whats the difference b/w Zionists and Hitler??? but again he didn’t kill on the name of Christianity but he killed other religious persons…. as saying that every problem is created by JEWS and they have to be Killed…

      • Sheikh Obama??? Wowwwww That is the reason he is Backing Israhell to kill Innocent Women and Children…. That is the reason he is Backing up these Fanatics like ISIS…. If you think like this then I should say that you r the one who is more Radical and Killer Religion because you are the one who Killed a lot of Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem as well as You are the one who killed a lot of Muslims and Jews in Spain and you are the one who has 2 World Wars between same religion and Killed a lot of Jews… Man if you have thinking to Kill every Muslim(Men, women and children) is a Religion then Sorry Liberal Muslims will back these Fanatics too… I just want to show Reality and this is reality that these groups are getting Back by Israhell and USA…. Like USA back up Mujahideen in Afghanistan against Russia….

      • It is a shame that you are so biased you cant even blame HAMAS for raining rockets down on Israel. That pretty much shows your true colors and your hate for Jews… When no other Arab country will take in Palestinians, and almost 2 million live inside Israel, you blame the jews. Pathetic… Be ashamed…

      • From which reply u see my comments against Jews???I replied and showed the real color of Christianity (So called Religion of Peace) I think you didnt read my comments and replied here…. First read and Understand my comments that what I want to say then comment pls…. On the other hand if you believe on equality then I could share a lot of Israhelli teens and parliamentarians spreading words through FB and columns to kill ALL ARABS and Muslims…. Will you going to reply them also and saying the same wordings which you have said here??? I think not because in ur Heart it is engraved that you all have to kill Muslims… The real Biased person is in front of me right now… Will you condemn Israhelli military to kill innocent women and children??? 🙂

    • Ghufran, can you answer but one question for me and that is, was your prophet a child molester or not as he slept with a 10-year old child?

      • I was thinking that this answer will be asked and here you are… OK just ask your Grand Father or others that in Past if some one had child before Marriage would it be a good thing in society while now days we have seen it as a common practice in US and UK… Why because in both countries Marriage Rules made difficult while having FUN make easy…. Now come to the Point about Molesting a Child…. well it was 1400 years ago… hmmmmm now days we don’t have such things…. seriously??? wowww just go to:


        hmmmm Shocking that it is happening today also…. Just ask some one in High School or in School that How much Girls Had fun in their early ages…. They could do any thing by their CHOICE so just read abt it that “That 10 years old child was also Happily want to marry”. Equal if no then what should I say abt this mentality that in PAST it was illegal but Now it is Legal ??? 😀 :D: D

    • I understand that that is the current meme among supporters of Islamic fundamentalism. Even Indonesian thinkers have bought it. Isn’t it convenient to always be able to blame someone else?

  12. The apologists will say ” see, ISIS cares. They closed the mosque before they blew it up. “. What more could you ask for?

  13. so now we destroy 10 of their mosques, kind of a “chicago way” of doing things but they will catch on eventually… and look at all the shovel ready jobs it would create, WIN WIN!!

      • how do you know? My strategy has never been tried in modern times. (too many limpdicks who lack the courage of conviction in leadership) this could be a “teaching moment”

      • I think we’re on the same page. I’d blow up ten of their mosques but I don’t expect them to catch on. That’s OK though, just got to keep pushing ’em back to hell.

    • Yes, but…

      Think of the story of Jonah and the story of Christ. Some of the Old Testament is a reference to the New, in other words, Jewish history and Christian prophecy.

  14. Worthless, distructive, hateful, barbaric, animals. My apologies to animals, you don’t deserve to be grouped with these people.

  15. Nuke Mecca. Tell the “99% peaceful Muslims” they have 1 week to halt all Muslim terrorist group actions or Mecca Is gone. So tired of hearing the liberals excuse these sub – human beasts. When a dog goes mad you put it down.

  16. an early version of plagiarism….wait…say what?? i kinda stop reading from there…. more rhetoric….I firmly believe, it is anthropologically devastating to destroy relics…period… whether they are buddist or…moronic, or christian….the whole idea that the x-tian bible is “it”…. is just simply dumbing it down….besides the fACt that X-tianity is nothing BUT plagiarized belief systems written by a bunch of guys….oh wait…! there were some boox of the christian bible written by women?! oh well, now, we cant have thAt now, can we? one of the rules of this posting system is reasonable discourse…nOw that should have been a commandment….

    • “an early version of plagiarism….wait…say what??”

      Funny how you talk about anthropologically speaking yet completely ignore that what the good LTC is telling you is exactly that, “anthropologically speaking.”

      “one of the rules of this posting system is reasonable discourse” Yes, and you wouldn’t know reasonable discourse if you were hit in the head with several “boox.”

  17. “How ironic, Saddam at least respected Jonah’s shrine”

    The devil that you know. At this point, what difference does it make?

  18. No matter what anyone says this is a religious war! The muslims want to take over the world & they don’t care how they do it. WE NEED TO REMEMBER THIS

  19. Well, I guess this is one way to bring us to a nwo……destroy all the religious shrines in the world by having the most hated created terrorists do it for you… bad muzzies…….. pretty much…..well……Jerusalem has to go……. 🙁 It is only fair……

  20. Tell that to the muslim in the white house…..he supports al quida and prays to the barbarian allah. That is who is ruining our country, allowing it to be invaded by mexican terrorists and muslim terrorists. I guess the democrats want this too, as no one is stopping him.

    • I don’t recall ISIS running rampant under Bush. In fact, it’s pretty clear that ISIS is running rampant as a direct result of the inaction of Obama but please don’t let facts and objectivity get in your way.

      • Please abstain from speaking like a redneck retard. The formation of ISIS in 2007 was a reacon to the baseless annexation of Iraq. Their leader was detained in Gitmo and apparently the CIA had a role in his radicalization, as a post evacuation strategy as their puppet government wasn’t doing Uncle Sam’s bidding.

    • And i guess your dumbass forgets that the senate was held by democrats and ALL but one voted for the war (obama)… The Republicans were the Minority when this started… Check your facts before sounding like a retard.

  21. Jesus said ” Those who live by the sword will die by
    the sword ” Similarly those who live by bullets and bombs will die by
    bullets and bombs . That is how ISIS will die . ISIS is not Muslim but Satanist
    and Anti Christian and also Anti Muslim . About 6 hours ago they demolished a
    Sunni Mosque that was built over the Tomb of the Prophet Jonah. They have
    demolished over 8 Sunni Shrines and many Shia Shrines . They are nothing but
    terrorist who are Muslim in name and Satan in game . They have destroyed `1800
    year old churches in Iraq and Syria and killed 1000s of Muslims . They are so
    terrible that a terrible terrorist organization like Al Qaeda has banned them .
    They are the lowest of the low . Any moderate Muslim in Iraq, Syria , the world
    will agree to that . Jesus is mentioned 25 times in the Koran . It is mentioned
    that He was born through the will of God . through the power of the Holy Spirit
    through virgin birth, That He is a sinless human being , That He is alive in
    the present , That in His name the sick are
    healed , The Demons cast out and the dead come back to life , He is called Word of God and the Spirit of God . Who can
    be the Spirit of God ? Except Gods Son ? Would the Word of God ever lie ? Never
    ! Jesus Himself said ” God is my Father
    , He sent me to give the Good News to the World . He said he is the way the
    truth and the life .He is Jesus the Christ the ONLY SON of God what these ISIS terrorist and their likes are destroying
    is what belongs to Jesus Christ and they are doing this by being the
    instruments of the Anti Christ and Satan . It is truly shameful that Abu Bakr
    Al Bagdadi who claims to be a PhD in Islamic studies does not know the truth about
    Jesus Christ and Christianly , and Mohamed and Islam . All He wants to
    be is the Caliph of the Islamic Caliphate that he and his fanatical followers
    have declared in Iraq and Syria , the Islamic State of Iraq Syria . Can you
    imagine what will happen if they get entrenched in this area in Syria and Iraq,
    then in the Arab world and then MENA . It
    already makes the AlQaeda and Taliban look like small and insignificant
    groups. We must pray that with the help of God they are defeated and that all the fighters who
    are fighting them Muslims , Christian
    and Jews win this war against terrorism that is affecting the whole world.

    • They live the way of Muhammed their prophet, not Jesus. Ever really truly understand Islam, akin to Japan’s Shinto. Anyhow back on point, even thou the earlier prophets are revered by Muslims… Only the latter prophet or the last one is hold in the greatest reverence, and he wasn’t ready to turn the other cheek.

      • remember the prophecy’s say that the world will believe a lie a delusion one day and believing that islam is a peaceful religion is a major delusion

    • “ISIS is not Muslim”

      Seem to be following the Quran and Haddith so I’m not sure how they are determined to not be Muslim. Perhaps you will elaborate for us.

  22. Shrines are not the abode of our Faith. We are not like them, and therefore we will not lower ourselves to their level by conducting vengeful acts against their shrines or mosques. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Remember, we are the children of God. We are the light of the world and the salt of the Earth. We must conduct ourselves accordingly. Thy will be done, oh Lord, not ours, but thine.

  23. You idiot, Muslims believe in Prophet Jonah and do revere him. ISIS has killed thousands of Muslims and it is Muslims who are fighting against this group. I know bloodthirsty animals like you want nothing more than every Muslim to be killed, but you could at least try to get the facts straight so you don’t look like an idiot when making your case.

    • “so you don’t look like an idiot ” Projecting much?

      Notice how you completely failed to address the facts that these Muslims so revere Jonah that they’re blowing up a shrine to him?

      • Because this group wants chaos, and blowing up this shrine hurts the sensibilities of BOTH Muslims and Christians. Like allen west, this group loves to have conflict.

      • And why do they want chaos? For Islam? To bring the Mahdi?To chastise apostates and terrorize infidels?

        C’mon. You can do it. Draw the conclusions yourself. No need for taqiyya.

        Are you telling us that no similar behavior or commandments to conduct such behavior are found in the Quran or Hadith?

      • Because some people are evil for the sake of being evil and are exploited by foreign powers. This has been a common occurrence throughout history. Also, please let me know where in the Quran it says you can kill innocent people of any faith. Just a word of caution, if you’re going to copy/paste verses from anti-Islamic sites I would suggest reading the verses before and after verse quoted, or you’re going to look foolish.

      • History tells me that this was a common occurrence among Muslims without foreign influence.

        And a question about anti-Islamic sites. If I post anything that is not consistent with your belief, does that make it anti-Islamic? What about quotes from Islamists? Are they anti-Islamic? It seems to be foolish and fallacious to deny any evidence simply because it is contrary to what you want it to say.

        So instead of me trying to play the game of, does he approve of this site or that site like another poster was trying to get me to do, let’s apply my simple test to see where you stand in your faith to what the vast majority of people believe to be a sin or crime or immoral act. This should clear up all foolishness.

        When Mohammed consummated his marriage with Aisha, in other words, when Mohammed had sex with a 9-10 year old girl, did that make him a pedophile? If not, why not? If so, at what point did he repent of his sin and where is written that Muslims should condemn that act?

      • Boy, you’re dense. I said if you’re going to quote a verse without reading what is before and after the verse, it would make you look foolish because the meaning of the verse would be inaccurate. So, feel free to post any verse that says innocent people may be killed.

        As for your weird detour into the age of marriage question, nowhere in the Quran is the age mentioned. The age is only mentioned in a collection of sayings that were collected centuries after the Prophet. There are some Muslims who say she was 10, others say 17-20. Just as some Christians say the Virgin Mary was 12 when she married Joseph when he was 90.

      • Good to know. You can make it say whatever you want. Aisha saying Mohammed married her when she was a little girl is inconvenient so pretend it never happened. One would think you would know the age of your prophet when he married his most beloved wife.

      • Like I said, the only thing Muslims take as 100% the word of God is what is in the Quran. The age is not mentioned anywhere. It’s like me asking you, how old was Mary when she married Joseph, do you have a 100 % answer? Still waiting for you to post verses that show innocent people can be killed.

      • Still waiting for you to stop being evasive. Was she older or younger? If she was younger according to your own religion’s experts, how do accept a pedophile as your prophet. Last I checked, Joseph was not considered a prophet nor was Mary considered perfect.

        And so what is your position on the Hadiths? What do you pick and choose from? What does the larger body of Islam think of the Hadiths? How is their take on the Hadiths count as something less than yours? What is your position on Muslims who put full stake in Aisha’s young age and Mohammed’s perversion with her based on such Hadiths? Are they not Muslim because you disagree with them?

      • Evasive? How many times do I have to tell you that there is no consensus on the age issue, some Muslims say she was 17-20, is that pedophilia in your book? My position on the Hadiths is whatever conflicts with the Quran, I disregard. The Quran states that a man should marry a believing woman, can such a young person be truly believing? Also, it says to give a dowry to the wife, what would a young person do with this? No Muslim is perfect today, so what others believe based on their own studies is of no consequence to me. Speaking of evasive, have you found the Quranic verses that says you can kill innocent people yet?

      • Lol you ask a question about evasive and address how some Muslims believe her age to be 17-20 while ignoring the other option of her being 6 at marriage and 9-10 at consummation and giving a free pass to Muslims who put faith in a prophet who was a child molester. I’m not equating the beliefs of those that believe her to have been 17-20 to those who believed she was 6. I’m simply exposing how Muslims like you can’t be honest and address the topic. But please, pretend you are being honest with us by completing ignoring and not condemning those “moderates” who belief Mohammed was a pedophile and are completely fine with it.

        Killing kafir? I’ve seen the verses. I’ve seen the verses before and after. I also am familiar with the history of those who practiced it. I’ve seen how “moderate Muslims” evasively answer questions about how “ambiguous” passages are interpreted and practiced by “radicals” and the “moderates'” lack of response.to such radicalism. But Taqiyya is a good thing, right?

      • Not being honest? I told you my reasoning in detail. Now you want me to explain why others think she was a certain age and then condemn them without any knowledge of why they believe what they believe? I prefer to find out the reasoning of a certain group before condemnation. For example, if someone were to ask me do I think babies can talk and that a person can make people rise form the dead, I’d say yes. The person would probably think I’m crazy but I believe that because the Quran states that Jesus Christ was able to do these things. So, if a baby can talk according to some religious people, is it out of the realm of possibility that a 10 year old girl was also not the typical 10 year old but a more mature girl, both physically and mentally? I’d have to know these things.

        You say you’ve seen the verses but it’s becoming clear you won’t post them for some reason. Fine, let me ask you a question then. Do you believe that Bible is the word of God? I’m not a Biblical scholar so please clarify the following verse for me.

        Deuteronomy 22:28-29 If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, he shall pay her father fifty shekels[a] of silver. He must marry the young woman, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives.

        1 Samuel 15:3“This is what the Lord Almighty says… ‘Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.’”

        Exodus 21:20-21 Anyone who beats their male or female slave with a rod must be punished if the slave dies as a direct result,but they are not to be punished if the slave recovers after a day or two, since the slave is their property.

      • Thanks for confirming that Mohammed could have been a pedophile and you have no problem with it. It took a while but you finally got there.

      • BTW, your Muslim intolerance is seeping out. “Boy, you’re dense.” Is this how the merciful Allah works?

      • Hamad, you’re dissembling…. define “innocent”. Most devout Muslims I know define innocent thus: a person who is NOT Muslim, regardless of age or gender is NOT innocent. So when the Qur’an says “don’t kill innocents” they take that to mean that’s it’s OK to kill anyone, from newborn babe to ancient grandma, who is not Muslim.

      • Not true. Innocent is innocent, regardless of religion. Quran 60:8-9 “Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes – from being righteous toward them and acting justly toward them. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly. Allah only forbids you from those who fight you because of religion and expel you from your homes and aid in your expulsion – forbids that you make allies of them. And whoever makes allies of them, then it is those who are the wrongdoers.”

      • This group doesn’t want chaos, they believe in a nation contained in Syria and Iraq, hence isis. They are filling the void that Bush filled with coalition troops from many nations. And those weapons of mass destructionthat Bush said Hussein shipped to Syria before the invasion? Well remember this year when assad used hussein s gas, violating Obamas”red line” and nothing happened. ..

      • You don’t think carving out a country against the peoples wishes is chaos? And Syria had WMD’s for a long time, well before the Iraqi invasion.

    • No sir, only those that want to kill us and israel. They can die the rest that want to behave they are fine by me. But it would go a heck of a long way if those that don’t wish to kill us would stand up and kill those that do
      After all the enemy of my enemy is my friend

      • What do you think is actually happening? The pakistani army has been fighting the Taliban, The Muslim countries routinely share intelligence on terrorist groups. In America, most arrests of terrorists have come after a MUSLIM tipped of the authorities,

    • Muslims appear to be the blood thirsty animals.* Christians are not killing people for not believing in Jesus. Christians are not mutilating their women so they can never enjoy sex. Etc., etc., etc.
      *No disrespect meant to predatory animals that must spill blood to survive.

  24. I’m hoping that a whole flock of Hamas Missiles destroy the Al aqsa mosgue in Jerusalem, and then the Dome of the Rock…

  25. Note the writer clearly makes the pint that when Sadaam was in power there was STABILITY in Iraq – up until Bush x Cheney decided to mess that up. Therefore you could argue that the shrine would still be preserved had the US led invasion that was looking for something that wasn’t there in the first place

    • And you likewise condemn the unilateral disruptions of Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, etc. by Obama? Or do you rationalize those away?

      • The US mostly adheres to a strict policy of not interfering with civil wars. Reagan tried it and 241 Marines were killed, remember that in the 80s, way before Obama, way before the current instability.

      • I’m sorry. Were my questions confusing or do you lack the information to answer them? “And you likewise condemn the unilateral disruptions of Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, etc. by Obama? Or do you rationalize those away?”

      • Nope, we haven’t sent any US troops there, nor did we tear down there governments and instill new ones. We did in Iraq, the article is about Iraq, not the region.

      • Those weren’t U.S. F-18 bombing Lybia? Which by the way is terrorist State today too, no thanks to Obama!

      • Libya* – but that’s not by Iraq. Also fighter jets bombing for a week and troops on ground are two very different scenarios. Not to mention nation rebuilding, military rebuild, police, etc.

      • Funny how Shaun says he’s all about “jabbing the two piece and a biscuit to all political parties” yet can’t find it in himself to opine negatively about Obama and keeps rushing to blame Bush.

      • Bringing up Bush and Cheney up one time after my initial post = “keeps rushing” IDK if that equates to keeps rushing bruh. Some of the commenters bring up a person 3x in one post and you say I keep rushing. Hey, how bout you keep reaching haha. Seriously though, this fake state of Iraq, and its affairs are a result of colonialism and western countries trying to force democracy on a barely 80 year old country that has been going with the whole totalitarian theme. To say ALL is Obama’s fault is pretty ridiculous seeing he wasn’t born during WW1, to say I keep rushing is just as bad. If you wanna execute a clean one two biscuit, the banter must be tip top, otherwise you will lose to trolling Iraq War Vets like me because I am nearing troll level: Super Saiyan.

      • ” to say I keep rushing is just as bad” Yep, Long as I ignore, Bush did this, Reagan did that, WMD (Bush implied)…etc. then there is no pattern of you ignoring what Obama has done and focusing on republicans.

        You’re no troll, just a transparent idiot.

      • I protected the shrine of Jonah from the trolls lol. WMD was in my original post yes, Reagan was brought up once, yes. Still not rushing. Did Obama start any wars? Nope, so lets keep it to the people who did. My OG post was about how if the war in Iraq would have never happened the shrine would still be around. So naturally I will speak of the President who was in office at the time and who pushed to invade Iraq on bad intel. Did you ever pull guard on the shrine? Did you ever pull any kind of guard in Mosul? #shrineguard2004-2005

      • Yea, a lot of people pull guard in any theater of combat. I believe the first order in any military operation is to establish security.

        Did I personally guard the shrine, no, but I was in Mosul as an 11B. Thanks for keeping it real on the FOB… bruh.

      • What would it matter to 11 bang bang? They’re bad ass and everyone else is worthy of contempt, right?

      • LoL no, all support services are essential for any combat arms units to operate in theatre. I’m curious as to your specific specialty, branch, and rank. I’m surprised because you tried to dog my overall ASVAB score which frankly nobody cares about in the military. The GT score is typically the category that will deny you from specific jobs and rank. So if you were in the military I would think you would try and knock my GT score. Like I said, mine is 117, if you say you were an officer than you must have scored at least the minimum of 110.

      • Combat Arms is not known for high ASAB scores.

        Suffice it to say (I maintain a certain level of anonymity online) that I served in a Combat Support MOS during my enlistment before getting out and doing ROTC in another service where I completed my career in ops, training, and headquarters staff positions. Such positions/specialties precluded me from ever doing guard duty.

      • Every Combat Arms officer has a high Asvab, so does every spec ops operator. Regardless of your opinion on my asvab, I’m calling BULL on your service or your rank. Certain level on anonymity get outta here with that. 11Bs work in S3 (ops/training) as well. There is no branch for officers called “staff”, you are either Infantry, Engineer, Chemo, MP, MI, Quartermaster, etc. What is your career field as an officer? Not sure what you would want to hide and keep anonymity, there is a only a handful of career paths. Let’s back up, what branch of the military were you supposedly in?

      • Let me help you.

        1 – “(I maintain a certain level of anonymity online)” I could say it five more times if need be. If you don’t get it after that, I will have to conclude your ASVAB scores aren’t as high as you claim.
        2 – Combat Support/MOS would indicate USMC or USA. I was not a Marine.
        3 – “doing ROTC in another service” – key words being ROTC in another service, i.e. not the Army.
        4 – “There is no branch for officers called “staff” – it was used as a common descriptor for the type of duty being performed (as opposed to duties such as command, ops, support, training, etc.). Staff duties in the military have existed for centuries.

        And perhaps you should educate yourself on the Army and staff officers (though I wasn’t an Army staff officer) before you make yourself look any more ignorant. Chapter 2. http://armypubs.army.mil/doctrine/DR_pubs/dr_a/pdf/attp5_0x1.pdf

      • 1 – Your anonymity is weaksauce, you could say it 10 more times but you are still a keyboard warrior.

        2 – Ok

        3 – Wow

        4 – You received ZERO specialized training after ROTC? Your specialty must be keyboard warrior. Thanks for holding down the AC on the FOB like I said. Too scared for combat and too dumb to lead troops. Hey mom they made me a staff guy derp. I get to fill out a want list of supplies for the staff room. They even let me choose the coffee brand.

        5 – Just let me know where to FWD my DD214 buddy or any other necessary if you want to verify my GT score. I don’t have anything to hide, but of course you are too scared to pull yours out in front of everyone when you wanna talk about who’s got the bigger prick. Like a prick, you are having second thoughts. You are shrinking, and your two little balls are shrinking with ya.

      • “Whatevs” meaning you give up, you’re a fraud, you give in, uncle, white flag, your prick is in fact shrinking, you don’t want to compare DD214s, you have nothing to say, no rebuttal?

        ————————-NOTHING FOLLOWS—————————

      • You want me to bow to your demands…provide the info you want regardless of my position. You can pretend you’re all that but you’re a simpleton and an idiot. You talk crp about there being no such thing as staff and when educated on it you lack the integrity to admit you were talking out of your ass. I have no need to satisfy the demands of an idiot that lacks integrity. The fact that you now wan to talk about another man’s junk speaks to your complete lack of intellectual capacity. There was a reason you simply stood guard.

      • Cool story bro. When I speak of your shriveled member it is in reference to you wanting to start a pissing contest. Also, did you forget what “nothing follows” means at the end of a sworn statement. It’s like last word. Finished.

      • Nothing follows? Why are you still typing? Don’t you need to stand somewhere and look stupid? I’d trust a mall cop to guard something more than I would you.

      • Pretty sure that a petulant child that can’t admit to his own fail instead blames his predecessor is guilty by his own words. Seems pretty logical on my end.

      • Oh, so an air campaign by the U.S. Military which toppled a government doesn’t count? LOL alright man…have a good weekend. I’ll have to remember Military intervention only counts when boots hit the ground!

      • Yes boots on ground you know why? ISIS looted to weapons depots in Libya because nobody was there to guard them. Can jets w/ missles pull guard duty, no they cannot.

      • You have little to no clue! I’ve got over 7 years of deployments under my belt since Desert Shield/storm! Let me clue you in, drones operated by the USAF kept guard over every base I was assigned to with specialized or top secret equipment in a war zone! Not only could they pull guard duty, they were loaded to destroy any and everything that even pretended to attack us!

      • I guess those (drones) failed to guard those sites in Libya that were raided. Airstrikes might topple a government but boots on ground will always be a better guard than a drone. Let’s not get off the topic and glorify your 7 deployments with drone security on the bases you were on. I’m arguing airstrikes effectiveness vs. boots on ground. I also deployed too buddy 😀

      • Their were no drones guarding anything in Libya! After Obama used the USAF to beat down Moammar Gadhafi armed forces with not one boot anywhere. Oh the drones didn’t fail in Libya, Barack Obama failed in Libya when he cut and ran which left this country vulnerable. Maybe he should’ve used the Navy and AF to destroy these weapon cashes before he created that particular terrorist state!

      • Only EOD can properly dispose of weapon caches, which goes back to boots on ground. Anyways… you are agreeing with me that boots on ground would have been the only option to protect weapons sites in Libya. And that boots on ground vs. airstrikes are two completely different things. Thanks for agreeing to the point I was making 6 comments ago.

      • Really? You can’t be this foolish or naive! You are tricking us by your foolishness aren’t you? Every military campaign in modern U.S. History starts by destroying the enemies weapon cashes from the air! Used in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraqi freedom, campaigns in Afghanistan without a one boot on the ground! Obama failed to capture or destroy Libya’s arsenal for one reason! Because he has no clue what he’s doing! He’s surrounded by a cabinet of campaigners, not experts in world affairs! That’s why last week he spent 3 out of 5 days campaigning! The fools he has around him advised him to do that, just like they advised him to lie to the country and cut and run out of Libya before it was stable!

    • You mean that something that they didn’t find 10 years ago but isis just dug it up where sadam hid it don’t you… You obviously don’t read the news

      • Let’s hope that ISIS doesn’t heave any CHEMO officers in their units then bwahaha. The key terms in those findings was “potential” WMD material. Not ready made or ready to use stuff. I have a can of kitchen de-greaser and 409… do I posses chemicals that could be made into a potential WMD?

    • Seriously? you and others are still clinging to the “something that wasn’t there in the first place” idea? We knew he had WMD because we sold them to him, or the requirements to make them. He used them on Iran and on the Kurds. Guess you could ask them about all that stability. That is why we went to get them, we knew they were there. Thanks to the UN Saddam moved them all over the place playing games. And remember he also stated that the entire world’s views on chemical and biological weapons did not apply to him. And now ISIS has proved that he had them – they found them! So how long are you going to keep saying they didn’t exist? The proof is right under your nose, 40 kilograms (88 pounds) of uranium compounds, still viable not likely, but found. Could ISIS make a nuclear bomb, no, but could they make a dirty bomb, probably yes. Regardless of your denial what ISIS found is certainly nothing we would want terrorists to have. Saddam was a madman and hardly what I would call stable.

    • As to your argument about the shrine and that it would still be there if Saddam was still in Iraq, please. That’s a pretty lame statement.

      • I’m clingy because the search for WMDs was called of late summer of 2004, I deployed to Iraq in Oct 2004 and spent 10 months in Mosul. It’s too bad that city is in the state it is now. I’m arguing that the US actions created an unstable Iraq, the dictator had guards at the shrine on government pay roll. The current, US fed, Iraqi government cannot commit to safeguarding such sites because the need to safeguard their citizens are more important at the moment. The current state in Iraq makes it prime real estate for groups like ISIS to go there, who wouldn’t probably wouldn’t have gotten into the country pre US invasion.

      • Key word is DICTATOR. He was most evil in his ways. He really liked mass genocide. Sounds like you are little disgruntled with your 10 months in the sandbox. Iraq was lead by a madman who created a human rights nightmare for the people of Iraq. He was an egotistical power hungry demon. Iraq was already unstable and needed little help to get there. Where he went terror followed. In that there is no “probably.” Evidence of WMD in your face patriot. Mission called does not mean mission accomplished.

    • I guess we can also say that Bin Laden was handed to William Jefferson Clinton in handcuffs in 1996 by Sudan! Clinton playing politics instead of leading with morals instructed the Sudanese Government to let him go, even though he was responsible for countless terrorist attacks and murders throughout the world! Imagine if Clinton did the right thing? No 9/11, No Afghanistan. Imagine the world today had Clinton done the moral and lawful thing instead of sucking up to the Saudis!

      • Do you really think Iraq would have happened without 9/11? So if you want to go that route, it’s directly a result of Bill Clinton that this happened. It’s ok, we know you were still trying to blame Bush for everything, you just failed at it is all. It’s no ones fault but radical Islam and ISIS.

      • What about Bush’s extended vacation in Texas while the 9/11 intel was coming down hotter than ever? The Tacjam4 guy above said “its ALL Obama like it or not though”. You say its Islam and ISIS and he says the President… what if …. OMG…. are you saying Obama is the founder of ISIS and responsible for the instability in the Middle East that has led to the deaths of many innocents?

      • Absolutely Obama is responsible! He’s responsible for the 180,000 deaths in Syria by drawing an Obama line, that entire situation made ISIS! Obama made ISIS by not following through in Syria…HE IS RESPONSIBLE!

      • Nobody in Europe to include Russia can be held accountable? Is every problem is Middle East need to be fixed by the US.

      • Name a problem that the Obama Administration could not have stopped? We know his bad decisions and fake Obama line enticed the creation of ISIS! We know he played an integral part in destroying the Libyan government by ensuring it couldn’t protect itself (this morning the State Department pulled all U.S. personal out of Libya) Obama has turned Libya into a lawless bed of terror, which will be exported around the world! Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, giving them billions in aid! The Brotherhood wanted Sharia and started jailing, murdering anyone who disagreed with it (all with Obama’s support and U. S. tax payer money) Last but not least, Iran is full steam ahead on creating a nuclear bomb….all while knowing Obama won’t do a damn thing about it! Let’s be honest, when Iran gets its bomb, the free world is in trouble! Obama is either intentionally allowing the U.S. to be made a target, or he’s just an idiot with no clue! You can continue to turn the other cheek and defend this moron, or you can wake up and recognize the danger this fool is putting us in!

      • That’s easy. Maliki x Sectarian Violence. If anyone had a good plan to how resolve that, that would be awesome. But hard to fix that when Maliki is putting only his cronies in charge and leaving the people oppressed. Idk how troops on ground can fix sectarian/civil problems. Doesn’t matter who the POTUS is to quell that, it’s a tough job.

      • Where you at? I named one problem that wasn’t Obama’s fault, it stems for WW1 and ongoing today.

      • Sure let’s play! Obama was warned about ISIS in January, he did nothing not one thing! Obama was warned to leave 10k troops in Iraq, instead he insulted the Iraqis by telling them we’d leave 300 advisors! 300 people meant nothing so Iraq declined the SOFA agreement! Obama was left with a stable Iraq which he destroyed with bad decisions! This is all Obama! Like it or not!

      • OK but who said I rooted for Obama in the first place lol. I jabbing the two piece and a biscuit to all political parties anyways. But its impossible to be ALL Obama, like you said he was left with a stable Iraq, so that would mean it’s affairs would have to exist prior to Obama taking office. It’s like your turn in a Jenga puzzle late in the game, and it is bound to topple at any moment.

      • Absolutely not! After any war that a Government is toppled that country needs support until it’s new Government is stable, like Japan, Germany, Italy! Not like Obama did in Iraq and Libya, or supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt by giving them $300 million to round up non Muslims and murder them…then Obama which you don’t support turns the other cheek….like he did in Iraq!

      • Clinton did do the right thing according to Big Pharma. He blew up a Medicine Factory over there, remember? He got rid of the competion. Clinton was the first “No Child Left Behind” guy. And he was the Put The Druggie on SSI guy. So they can get their meds from their Psycho Doctors who get rebates from Big Pharma. It’s a Sweet Deal for Big Pharma. SSI Druggies & ADHD kids in public schools getting all kinds of meds on the Taxpayer dime.

    • Yup, because he knew the only language those heathens understand. If he was still in power all those idiots would be dead.

    • It has been clearly proved that exactly what Bush Jr said was there was moved to Syria as we found out recently also proved to be true again by the British government. Feel stupid yet? Also they admitted to harboring Al Qaeda, so don’t even go there.

      • 1992-1997 IDK but in 1997-2001 Bush and Cheney were working on invading Iraq for personal profit and rewards.

      • It was and is a volunteer force! No one forced you enlist! From the years you stated, you also reenlisted at least once! I spent 26 years in the Military, I got out because I seen the writing on the wall! Obama has his lap dog Generals and the worst SECDEF in history are all in place! I don’t agree with Obama, so I decided not to volunteer any longer!

      • Correct, I did volunteer. But TBH it feels like we only give terrorist groups the opportunities to kill soldiers when we actually pick up and go to their (or neighbors) backyard. Special Ops units are tits in my opinion going to another country to “rebuild” and establish support from the local populace. Line infantry units not so welcome nor the attitude towards given to each other is very heart warming. Based on my experience we rounded up more HVTs and less attacks when a good relationship were forged with the civilians in our sector. But there is always that punk ass local cop or army captain that does not want to cooperate at all, which is unfortunate.

      • I wouldn’t have felt stupid, but thank you for your service. Let me just get out there. Might I suggest instead of feeling stupid, maybe try to educate yourself about the issue more next time, if there will be one for you, instead of going off what others say? Maybe do your research, and wait to see what facts come out before rushing to judgment as you have?

      • Sad thing is, in the end, all war and death is pointless and meaningless. But the man was aiding our enemies in multiple terrorist groups. He also was pretty bad all around. Like Hitler bad.

      • So Bush knew they moved them to Syria and we don’t chase that? I’m pretty sure we mobilized an entire military force halfway around the world to find WMDs in Iraq… Then comes a memo that they are in Syria and we cannot pick up and move one country over to go after the things that we were supposed to be getting in the first place?

    • You could argue, that, if you want to appear the clown.
      I don’t count warring with every neighboring country, including 10 years war with Iran which featured sending hundreds of children into minefields, as “stability”. Also, there were most def WMD of all kinds. But if you must bark about Bush and Cheney, go ahead. Only makes you look the fool.

    • Maybe you’re ten years old, which would make your ignorance understandable. When Saddam invaded Kuwait, it was pretty clear that “stability” was no longer an option. Then of course, as he showed himself to be a complete lunatic criminal, Slick Willie proceeded to do absolutely nothing about him. (Of course Slick was way too busy getting his ” cigar smoked” in the oval office to be bothered with taking care of a criminal like Saddam, so that much is understandable). No, your imbecilic “blame Bush” nonsense is as ridiculous as always.

      • Stability as in when Sadaam was in Iraq no terrorist groups were infiltrating Iraq. There wasn’t attacks against the countries infrastructure. It was nearly 10 years ago when I went to Fallujah though, nice try guessing my age.

      • Wow, good one. I guess I was barely smart enough to kick in peoples doors and put my weapon in peoples faces. Dumb enough to work for General Dynamics and safeguard all that proprietary data that came my way.

        Have anything regarding the written topic or are you just gonna go with the “hey you’re an idiot” because we do not agree routine? Lucky we live in the US right, where I can freely post my opinion – which is more/less on the article, not hear to try and get into a pissing contest about how someone with a different idea is an idiot.

      • If people were killing others because they weren’t Christian, or if people only allowed others to live, and/or live in their homeland, if they renounced Allah and worshiped Jesus, or if in the name of Jesus all their women were mutilated so that they could never enjoy sex, or etc. . . .

        If that was happening anywhere in the world, Christians, including their leaders, would be loudly, boldly, forcing their way into the media and public attention to be sure that the message is heard: These people are evil and not Christians. They are the worst, because they do evil and then lie saying it’s God’s will. They are against God’s will.

        ‘Moderate’ Muslims around the world are not doing this concerning the evil men who do evil in the name of Allah. They’re busy telling us we need to be more tolerant and about evil Israel.

        Christians acting in faith find their courage to do good. The big difference between these two religions I believe points out which one is truly worshiping God.

      • Where were all the good Christians at when they were killing the Jews during the Crusdades? Ah forget that they killed any religion that wasn’t Christianity?

      • Real Christians don’t just go out and Murder. I believe it was the Roman Catholics that started the Crusades. Christians defend Life & Liberty.
        And I doubt that Islam is anything but, a false religion. Look at Iran and how the Muslims set that nation back into the Dark Ages after Jimmy Carter stuck his nose in. Something similar to what Bush did in Iraq. And similar to Obama with Kerry as his Lead Man. He’s just another Skull & Bones Progressive who served with Bush at Yale. And you think that Rinos are real Republicans?

      • K noted – Roman Catholics not real Christians. I think it’s quackery the currentrepublicans in congress voted no on two huge packages for the VA, one directly for jobs for vets. Seems silly to send more troops off when there is 300,000+ waiting for benefits. There is supposed to be a press release tomorrow regarding an agreement for a new plan 🙂 hopefully some good stuff comes out for the vets, and a restructure of the VA system.

      • What does something that christians did hundreds of years ago have to do with what muslims are doing today? Christians have not been on a crusade for hundreds of years, but muslims are waging jihad on innocents every day. Raising the crusades as a serious argument about how Christians behave today shows a serious lack of intelligence.

      • OK well how many Christians are currently ‘Turning the other cheek’ right now? Isn’t that the whole point is live a life of Christ?

        Capitalism is waging idealism on the innocents everyday… telling me how I should live, eat, sleep, and breathe. Should we invade those responsible for that as well?

        Believing in any religion shows a serious lack of intelligence in my opinion.

      • ‘Useful’ soldier to deploy to Iraq in order to protect ‘idiot’ keyboard warriors like you to live in freedom at home and call veterans idiots. You are welcome.

      • While Saddam was in power, he WAS a terrorist. That’s the point here. It was probably the liquor and the drugs, combined with the fact he was a sociopath, that contributed to that, but to describe the Clinton years as “stable” in Iraq is simply wrong. And to blame Bush and Cheney for “causing” instability by removing him from power is just plain silly. The current instability was caused by Obama doing the old cut-and-run and abandoning the Iraqis to succk up to his voters.

      • There were no terrorist groups moving to Iraq when Sadaam was in power. With him being removed and the army disbanded it created a haven for terrorist groups to set up shop. Nobody was bombing Iraq’s infrastructure while Sadaam was in power. He did oppress and murder people yes, but terrorist cells weren’t operating the way they have since 2003. The US invasion led to the formation of thousands of sleeper cells, and 10s of thousands flocked to the country for their chance to kill Americans and any other coalition forces. The ongoing problem is sectarian violence which is creating holes in the countries security. Iraq was prosperous before Sadaam, turned to doodoo, and turned to even more doodoo after 2002. Shrines like the one written in this article were not only protected but restored under Sadaams regime. I’ve made my point in my first comment that the shrine could arguably still be preserved had the US invasion not take place. I’m not saying Sadaam was a good guy at all, what I’m saying is NO groups, not even Al-Qaeda was working with Sadaam to terrorize anyone or set up a their base of operations in that country.

    • The fact is that you are partially correct i your statement. Bush/Cheney did destabilize the country after invading and removing Hussein as he did actually keep most factions in check in that country. Unfortunately though, for your statement, ISIS has been shown to have located a chemical weapons bunker that Hussein did have. I don’t know if Bush was truthful about the invasion or he just recently got lucky in regard to the discovery but regardless, he was proven right at this time. As for preservation of the shrine, it also would not have happened if a residual force was left in country and the forces weren’t pulled out like someone flashed the lights at a bar and said time to go…

  26. My question is this: Will these same apologists find an excuse for the beheadings of the Christians left in Mosul today? These are not even subhumans—-they are the basest form of animal life walking on two legs.

    • They are Muslims! I know, I know the religion of peace! They say only 20% of Muslims are radical, 1.6 billion Muslims…..that’s only a partly 300 million! America better wake up!!!! It’s already to late for Europe.

      • Muslims are not the religion of peace. The Koran speaks of killing all who do not believe in Allah. I believe in Jesus who is the Father, the Alpha and the Omega, the Prince of Peace, the Savior, the Creator, the Word, the Son of Man, the Son of God. Allah is not His name. Allah is the image of a god that is an enemy of Jesus our Lord.

  27. Wouldn’t have been nice if a great proven leader like Allen West as the First Black President instead of this underwear stain we have now….

  28. Had a bomb been dropped on either Mecca or the Kabaa(?) stone, it’s a no-brainer of what kind of firestorm would erupt from Islamofascists. They can’t take what they dish out.

  29. ISIS has to go. But Israel is feeding their ranks. Smile and laugh. Life is insane. Isis is worse than Saddam Hussein, tribal leaders in Iraq consider Mailiki worse than ISIS, and Israel kills more innocent civilians in Gaza than ISIS. The world is a freaking joke. Where did the word human go in these times. Just idiot religious zealots and charlatans who strive for money and attention off of misery. (*sigh*)

    Prediction – blockade around Gaza goes or ISIS will be at Jerusalem. Maliki will fall. Tribal leaders in Iraq will turn on ISIS like Al Qaeda in 2006.

    Worse case scenario, Maliki refuses to give up his positions as Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, Interior Minister and ISIS become entrenched into Iraq and thus unable to be removed. They ill be in Jordan next and then Jerusalem. Innocent Muslims, Christians, and Jews will suffer a high price.

    Good luck. I got popcorn 🙂

    • Your on crack…and I find your remarks are absolutely stupid…and without serious thought. Israel isn’t feeing the ranks of ISIS. For someone who “THINKS” they know what is what…..truly your insane. ISIS wouldn’t have an Israeli among their ranks…EVER!! IF anyone would feed ISIS ranks sweets….it would be the Palestine people. While you can keep believing the liberal rags you read and watch…… I know people who live in Israel. If civilians die…its because the Palestine’s in charge….demand that they stay where there are….despite the fact that Israel warns them to get out. More Israeli people have died at the hands of the Palestine people and its leader the Hamas. Hamas has in its charter that it hates Jews and its whole goal is to kill Jews and dismantle Israel. They think Jews come from monkeys and worse. What I can tell you….if we as Americans do not defend Israel…..Hamas will be joining ISIS to kill Americans as will the Palestine people. First, we need to get this Jew hating….Islamic president out of office…and now!!!!!

      • You would think the Jew Hating Jimmy Carter would be at a time in his life (Getting really old, almost 90) that he would come clean about all of his policy of giving strength to the Evil Muslims. ***The PLO & Yasser Arafat.***
        ***Not supporting the Shah of Iran.***

        The Muslims advanced their power and strongholds under Carters stupidity.

      • not really relevant any longer. maybe you should hold your imperial leader responsible for SOMETHING

      • Yes, Carter did those things but Obama could have used Drones to frighten ISIS before they took over a whole country.

  30. Um. Yeah. I don’t know if the 2016 Republican Best would put up with this too much longer. Anyway, the plan that should have been attempted is history now. See AmericaIdea for the only 2016 Dream Candidate. Blessed be peace-wanting Americans, Kurds, Iraqis. The enemy must be met eventually one would think.

  31. Well, guess who falsely blamed Saddam for being in League handed Iraq over to the Islamists on a silver platter?

  32. Actually ISIS is a CIA creation. They trained militants in Jordan to fight the Assaud regime and now it’s come to bite them back on their Christian asses.

  33. Those ISIS bastards who destroyed the Mosque, simply because it was built over the grave of Jonah from the Old Testament ‘The Torah’ as they hate Jews. I want to see the perpetrators of that ‘Hilul-Hashem’ pay with their lives. I pray they will be caught and have their ‘F*****G-Balls cut off’

  34. Saudi-Arabia, The Gulf States, Jordan, Egypt and ISRAEL should all join forces to whip those ISIS forces asses forever and finally bring peace to the Middle East.


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