Foul-mouthed Black Jesus coming to your TV. Will you be tuning in?

Um, I’m all for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ but I don’t think the new Adult Swim series to be released on August 7, “Black Jesus” is the correct vehicle. Take a look at the expanded trailer and give your assessment.

The show’s premise is that Jesus has returned to earth to the California black community of Compton. I believe in the free market and the success or failure of this program will be based upon you, the viewer.

There have already been complaints lodged by the American Family Association (AFA). However, I’m more interested in what black ministers and pastors around the country have to say about this new show.

What I think doesn’t really matter, because I won’t be watching the show based on this trailer and the disturbing storyline and script.

But here’s a question. Do you think these writers and producers would have the cojones to do such a show about Mohammed? As a matter of fact, some of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups in America, like CAIR, have even sent letters of protest about the new show on FX called “Tyrant.”

I love how folks find it so easy to mock Christians and Jews.

How many of you like the trailer?


  1. Talk about perpetuating a stereotype of black people, as foul mouthed, shallow, intoxicated thugs, who randomly shoot guns indiscriminately at the drop of a hat.

    I think I’ll pass on this show as well.

  2. Considering how negatively this portrays the black community, the blacks should band together, hunt down the actors, directors and producers of this trash and lynch them. This will set back race relations at least 30 years.

  3. We’ve been warned this kind of thing would be happening in end times. His sheep will be bowing their heads in sadness.

  4. Well; black, white, Indian, Asian, Native American Jesus? Who cares, but let’s all remember that when Jesus does return, he will not be as a lamb but as a lion. The time for an example for our behavior would have already come and went. When Jesus returns, he’ll mean business, and he won’t be doing acrobatics, cracking jokes or speaking obscenities.

  5. disgusting……is this suppose to be funny….lets just have TV Shows that mock the retarded….that mock rape victims….how about a game show…:BEAT your WIFE SENSELESS!!!!!!

  6. A fool is bound for his own destruction, and he will inevitably destroy
    everything in his path. Those who get in the way of the fool will get

  7. I won’t be watching this show either. However, might this show be a tonic needed for the insanity of the black community of, say, Chicago? After all, the black on black crime on the south side dwarfs any kind of racism present in the United States in sheer senselessness and insanity. Might Jesus appear in a form that communicates to the ghetto while in the ghetto? If there was an equivalent white on black crime wave today, you can bet Obama would call out the National Guard.

    The language of the ghetto is filled with obscenity. South Chicago, where my father grew up and my cousins lived until they were forced to flee, has become obscene. Might appropriate ghetto language communicate to those that might never be reached otherwise? Just one more language of the Tower of Babel?

    But, no question, Obama has no solution! Actually, he could care less! No fund raising to be done there! Jackson doesn’t care. Sharpton rather show off on MSNBC!

    But Jesus does care. So, here’s hoping the show makes a difference. God knows something needs to be done. God knows our liberal leaders are clueless, careless, and downright cruel.

  8. This is just crap. If it lasts more than 2 episodes I’ll be surprised. No, I wouldn’t watch it if it were on all the stations.

    • Have you seen the garbage on TV lately? Unfortunately this sort of garbage lingers on season after season…. I mean look at some of them… Bad Girls, pregnant teens, Heck even Flava Fav.. or what ever his name was lasted a couple seasons… Morals have degraded in this country and well not just the country but the world and as others have said… the sign of the times… Just as in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah.

  9. From an established Christian’s perspective this is nothing but garbage. but we forget that there is a few generations younger than us that know absolutely nothing about the Gospels of Jesus Christ or who He was and what He did. If some tasteless humor is able to bridge that gap of ignorance and spark an interest in moral value, sense of community and perhaps maybe even lead to salvation, I’m all in for some funny jokes.

    • There is a difference between “funny jokes” which I see nothing wrong with doing, life shouldn’t be all work and no play.. but to degrade the perception of Jesus this way is not going to help bridge the gap in my opinion but is a mockery of how Christians should be and act. This is garbage..

      • I believe that is the problem. There is already a perception among the unsaved of Jesus as being either a ‘fairy tale’ or a cruel dictator that condemns those who do obey Him. At least this will offer another possibility .Nothing is more contagious than humor.

  10. Jesus in Fact was not white like me of european descent. He was of a Jewish Mother and no doubt of olive or dark skin. This does NOT MATTER, but this trailer is horrible and I won’t go to see a movie that depicts Jesus this way or black men. !

    • Then enjoy. I have never enjoyed forced stereotypical humor – whether its black, hispanic or even elderly. It’s demeaning.

      • i respect your opinion, but do some police work, not being stereotypical. there are a few that take the righteous path, but look in any REAL hood…this is how most ppl talk. black or white

  11. who knows maybe when jesus does come back he will come back as a black man this time. and try to connect with those that are like this.

    • As someone already posted, it doesn’t matter what form or race he comes back in, do you really think he will do this? This show is doing more harm to blacks and minorities as it depicts them just as the stereotypes that “whitey” has said and they all got upset about.. so now its ok because its “Jesus”?

      • I dont decide what he will do, thats not for us to decide, if ur a christian that is for god, jah, or jehova to decide. whatever u may call him. or go forbid, allah.

  12. This is disgusting not just to Christians but to Blacks and minorities as well. This puts them as the “stereotype” that they have been trying to get away from that they call whites racist for….

  13. Just more of the wolves in sheep’s clothing that Jesus warned us about; I know what I will not be doing on August 7.

  14. If you feed the people garage…garbage they will become! This kind of show does not pull people up out of their low circumstances it keeps them down and glorifies their misery. I bet Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpen love this new series…..

  15. Not only does this make Jesus look like some kind of foul mouth black trailer trash but it really stereotypes lower income black people as all being addicted, lazy, self centered, dishonest, morally challenged people. This may be true for some but always putting this stereotype out there in the media makes it seem that everyone is this way. Would have been nice if black Jesus showed up acting like a class act trying to lift these people out of their “lowness.” It makes fun of Jesus and is disrespectful to the message and meaning of Jesus Christ who is God Incarnate. It reduces God to a joke.

  16. C’mon guys, it’s a comedy show on the Cartoon Network. It is satire. We give the left crap every day because they believe the representative from the 15th district of Georgia. Is it bigoted? Yes. Is it garbage? yes. But it’s also not to be taken seriously.


    Spiritual Blindness! Man-centered TRASH! Unbiblical. Untrue.

    PRIDE, GREED and the LOVE of MONEY and the LOVE of

    There is NOTHING funny or comical about the precious Savior
    of the world the holy and pure and perfect and righteous risen, living LORD

    7 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man
    sows, this he will also reap. 8 For the one who sows to his own flesh will from
    the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the
    Spirit reap eternal life. – Galatians 6:7-8 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

  18. Take it easy folks its a joke. And as for the people saying how stereotypical the content is, all I can say is you’ve never been to Compton.
    Leave your hate messages below 🙂

    • Totally, it is what it is and Compton is not different. And by the way I think Jesus would go there first, folks forget He came for the lost and the broken.

    • I’ve been to Compton. Yes lots of drugs, and gangs. I personally find no humor or entertainment in watching people act like savages.

  19. In the end it says that we would lose sight of what was right and wrong. I thought of this the other day when my wife was watching the view, they were talking to a actor who was African American, or America, the rest I do not understand, anyway he was talking about how the black community has gotten so bad that today over 90% of the families are single family homes with no father in the children’s life.
    Rather then giving him a chance to explain they started to yell at him, “What if they are Two lesbians, what about woman who wants a child but has no man in her life, or what about a mother who is raising her children on her own.
    The person said that he respects that these woman are doing what they are doing, but men, they need to step up and act like men. He said that this breakdown is much of the problem they are facing today, the children have no role model, so they go where they can find on, and most of the time that is some foul mouthed punk who raps about killing cops and beating up their “old lady”.
    Ten years ago, this would have been agreed up and they would have moved on, but today try to talk about making sure there’s a good man in your child’s world it goes into anther gay rant for them. If you try to talk about what is good, you are called names, Dare to say you believe in the bible, they call you a bigot.
    I was looking at a chat with the Methodist minister who was stripped of his right to preach in the church for marrying his son to another man. The people in the group had links to groups that are surprisingly large that wants to push the government to strip any church of their tax free status if they say that homosexuality is a sin. Another site that is growing, and the visitation to it is more surprising is a site that wants to have churches shut down if they will not perform same sex marriages. I did a Google statistics search and the traffic to them was extremely large.
    Hang on folks, I think we are in for a wild ride over the next twenty years. You will find the Middle East getting more violent as radical Islamic groups grow, in Europe I expect them to blow up in civil war with Muslims trying to take over the countries and force Islam on the people. And if we are not careful in the US, we might face this soon after.

  20. There are several posts saying it is just a comedy, a joke, lighten up.Well if it is such a comodey, or joke why don’t they spoof muhammad, and the Quaran

  21. DONT LOOK AT IT AS DEMEANING. look at it as fact. sorry i respect blackl men, hell allen west is my fav. conservative. but do a lil police work. this is how the black gangs/ppl who grow up in the worst ghettos (for the most part) talk. black or white. its fact.

    • its humor based on the reality of what goes on in our world. dont look at it as making fun of jesus. look at it as seterical humor, and an insight into real life in some areas…

      • It may portray ghetto life to some degree but it misrepresents Jesus and God. That is not funny and can’t be excused.

  22. AND dont bother calling me a racist, some of my best friends are black, and my favorite conservative politician is Mr. West. HE speaks the truth. even when its his own race doing wrong. and “whitie” as some of you call us are the victims. most ppl are to scared to speak out against black on white violence, for fear of being called a racist. not Mr. West

  23. instead they should make a movie about obama believing he’s the king of the world,walking around swearing,smoking pot and acting generally like a piece of trash…it would be much more realistic

  24. Oh, come on, it’s just a satirical comedy–right? Well, perhaps…but consider the following: The historical Jesus was…watch for it…wait for it…here it comes…JEWISH! BINGO! YAHTZEE! If the historical Jesus were black, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican, White, Nordic, or from Alpha Century–it makes NO DIFFERENCE! Some people can only understand the world by viewing it through their TOP SECRET OPTIC-DISTORT-O-REALITY lenses. Choose your blind eye filters WISELY, because they are guaranteed to make you spiritually and analytically blind–Read The Label Carefully! They come in many styles and assortments: Homosexual (Gay/lesbian) filtered, Race filtered, Jew-hater-filtered, Kill-all-infidels filtered, Hate filtered, Nation filtered, Educational filtered, Drug filtered, False-religion filtered, Poor-man-mentality filtered, Oh-it-is-only-a-comedy filtered, Rich-man-mentality filtered, Homeless-bum-in-the-street filtered, I-am-a-victim filtered, Snob-filtered, Fat-filtered, Skinny-filtered, Me-Much-Smarter-Than-You filtered, Me-An-Educated-Idiot filtered, Nappy-ho filtered…

  25. what bad men mean for evil, the Lord can use for good. I say hey if the message is there it doesn’t matter how it gets to them. You are taking a group of people shut out of religion by the state and expose them to the gospel, how they will hear it. I hate to say it but by age 25 I was already an alien to youth today. Maybe they need a Jesus to call them a punka** and show them that He loves them and that He died for them. I believe no matter how profane the Lord can reach whoever, no one that would be offended by this should watch and you should get rid of your tv anyways.

    • You don’t have to compromise to make the Gospel relevant. This MOCKS Jesus as a pot smoker, foul mouthed idiot. I have plenty of friends who use hip-hop, R&B, and even social media to reach people for God. This brings no glory to Him at all!

  26. I’m so disgusted. We complain about how blacks are portrayed but yet you’ll always find some who are more than willing to perpetuate the stereotype. This is just wrong on so many levels. I hope it suffers a swift death.

  27. I’m a white, agnostic female, and I found this offensive! Not only is it just slapping Christians in the face (which Hollywood loves to do), but if I were a Black American, I would be so offended that Hollywood continues to depict (and glorify) the average black person as dope smoking, cussing, gun-toting gangsters from the hood.

  28. Good point! Let them do one on Muhammed and see how long that show lasts! Lucky they have the their 1st Amendment rights!

  29. I won’t be watching it but that’s because I don’t watch ANY tv anymore, it’s all excrement (can I say that?) They won’t make anything about Mohammad because they will be killed if they do. Maybe we need to change our tactics.

  30. I broke down and watched the trailer. I was rather offended at first but then I thought…….why not? He is appealing to a segment of society that really needs it. Of course he would blend in , so to speak with the language. It looks like it could be a positive. and besides, Jesus is God’s son, he can return any color. He chose to be black to help the black people. If white’s couldn’t accept a black Jesus then they don’t believe that all things are possible with God.

    • It’s not about what color He was/is (although he was NOT Anglo-Saxon), it’s about using foul language and mocking the Lord and Savior as one who smokes pot, drinks, and cusses. That is NOT my Jesus and you’re right – they would not DARE do that to Mohammed! God forgive them, for they know not what they do!

      • agreed. And I always assumed and pictured Jesus as a Hebrew – and looking like a Hebrew. Why just because I’m black do I have to think he’s black? No white folks I know give a damn about his color either. I just serve him – I don’t care what the color of his skin is. It’s liberal atheists that see race in everything. When I see Jesus I’ll drop to my knees and thank him for all he’s given me – I don’t give a damn if he’s Chinese or black or white etc.

    • YOUR statement is exactly what the makers of this show wanted u to say. You fell right in. They know this is an offensive way to represent our Lord and Savior and they know that if white folks don’t watch, or complain, they’ll say that it’s cuz yall what Jesus to be white. I’m black and I’m offended by this crap. I can laugh at it, and think it’s entertainment, but as a Christian I think it’s wrong to have Jesus droping the “F” bomb every 2 seconds. And the representation of blacks was pretty offensive as well. No Christians get upset to imagine if Jesus came back as a black man, a Chinese man, or whatever – they just want to see him. If you were a person of real faith you’d know that. I always assumed Jesus would look like a Hebrew but couldn’t care less if he was blonde blue eyed or black as coal. that color crap is always on the minds of liberal atheists when it comes to talking about Jesus.

    • I don’t have a problem with a black Jesus either, but I got a problem with the vulgar way they are portraying our Lord and Savior and all the black folks in that community.

      • I’ve always had a bit of a problem with Jesus being a beautiful white man and I have a problem with him being black. Not really a problem just thought it was unrealistic.

  31. I don’t have a problem with a black Jesus – even though I know that Jesus was a Hebrew and probably looked like a Hebrew. I think this is just a dumbass show that deliberately wants to mock Christians and it’s hoping that people won’t watch just so they can call you white folks racist saying u just aint watchin cuz Jesus is black – but it’s not cuz he’s black it’s cuz the show is lame and offensive with it’s cursing and stereotyping of blacks. I won’t be watching

  32. I am a Christian, and I am not offended, but then I just saw some very small pieces of the film, but it just looks like a movie about someone thinking that he is Jesus, or spoofing that he is Jesus, because we know enough about GOD, and Jesus Christ the Son and we can pretty much assume that is not how his message would be delivered, but then GOD works in mysterious ways. In these days, that we are living in now, there are constant attacks on Religion, well Christianity primarily, so of course we want to do everything possible to be sure GOD’s message is receive by everyone in a good light, because we as well as the Lord knows that there is a push to Eradicate Christ from our Nation, and the World, but we know in our hearts that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and in the Rapture, we will rise, while the non-believers will rot in Hell for ever. It is not what we see or hear that will keep keep us from GOD’s Kingdom, but the failure to Believe. I Believe that Jesus Christ died for everyones sins, when he was Crucified on the Cross. So I am not judging the movie, but I do believe that if this was a that showed Islam in a bad light, there would be rioting around the world. At least that is what Obama, and Hillary wanted us to believe what happen in Benghazi! Hopefully, People will wise-up, if they haven’t already, and Stand Now with GOD, and know that with out GOD there would have never been US!

  33. who cares?
    you have this new fangled invention called a “remote”,,,you don’t wanna watch,,don’t

    “I love how folks find it so easy to mock Christians and Jews”
    It’s easy,,it called laughing at ourselves.. If we can’t do that,,why bother?
    Just another doom and gloom article from west…………

    • You need to get your head out of where ever and realize what is going on around you ALLEN WEST is a great man just telling you truth.

      • whats going on around me?
        If I wanna know what’s going on around me,,
        I get my info in other places……….
        west took his pension and bene’s,,instead of fighting the court martial
        one term as a Representative,,, and the people had enough of his
        muslophobia,,,etc,,,so I take what he says with a grain of salt,,,
        as he scowls the bowels of the internet looking for stuff for people
        to read,,,makes for clicks…clicks make for $$
        but I’m ok with that….

      • It’s kinda fun here,,,and I know..when the world comes to an end
        I can rest assure that west will type a fitting blog,, about how he told everyone that the muslims, and Obama,, and all the liberal scum of the earth caused it to happen,,,
        so it’s kinda wait and see….

  34. On the anniversary of 9/11/2001… eleven years to the day, on 9/11/2012… a mushammad video movie trailer helped to instigate a world wide uprising of devout to the satanic quran muslims…
    In fact… America was also attacked that day once again on 9/11 at the Benghazi Consulate… where ambassador Stevens was brutally raped with the ends of rifles and killed… by devout to the satanic quran muslims…
    Not knowing who it was that created the mushammad video trailer [even though it was a muslim] the Islamic world reacted and quickly attacked America…
    Just saying… for remembrance purposes…

  35. As a Christian this is highly offensive and when He returns it is to Israel and He will rule over the nations with and iron rod ! His name is Yahusha! This is total blasphemy! And the woes that shall befall this country for promoting such filth!

  36. Mr West, South Park poked fun at Mohammed several times and as to your point about CAIR writing letters of protest over Tyrant… so what?
    Chjristian groups have written letters of protest and boycotted over shows and movies too.

    In the immortal; words from the movie STRIPES…
    “Lighten up Francis.”

  37. This movie is no comedy! Where is the fear of God among you? You do not blaspheme His Son! Do you know the price He paid for your lives! This is nothing to laugh at! Why can’t you consider How Almighty God who is Holy Righteous and Just cannot tolerate anything that is evil! Where is your fear of Elohim!

  38. He would never contradict His word let no foul or polluting language ever come out of your mouths. He said it is not what goes into the mouth that is defiling speaking of levitical law of eating foods prohibited it is what comes out of the mouth that is defiling! So why would He have the need to use such profanity! If He hates what is profain in us!

  39. It looks stupid, sacrilegious and slapstick and a lot of foul language which seems to go with the” new America”. I think it’s disgusting. I won’t watch it but then I don’t watch anything except what I pick off Netflix, Amazon etc.

  40. This flick makes blacks look like the typical sterotype of the black boys that lived on plantations a hundred years ago…i thought we were educated and have come up in the world as knowledgeable citizens with education in the 21st century…the blacks I know would not watch this gutter stuff. It’s degrading to the black people…we are going backwards in our media entertainment! Com’on, Hollywood or whoever created this blather, let’s give black actors something worth doing and black Americans something worth watching!

  41. The world has been attempting to cheapen or eliminate all value in God’s redemption of sin. Just another attempt at self-justification to appease a belief that one can continue on sin but still be saved Frio the eternal death penalty. Not going to happen. I had to stop the trailer on seeing the anti-christ glorifying drug use and alcohol consumption (being drunk).

  42. From what you have stated, I will not even waste the time to watch the trailer. I do in no way endorse or even look at what someone already stated is Blasphemous! God is merciful, and will give them till their death bed to repent, and if not their Hell (Yes there is such a place) will just be that much hotter for it!

    I do have to agree with you on that Muslim part tho!

  43. With everything that people have done to promote the parity of all people, regardless of race or ethnicity, this takes common decency back to, just this side of, the dark ages. And the indecency of mocking that which is holy.
    In other words, the producers of this trash are just stuck on stupid!

  44. As a follower of Christ I am not offended by this. Why? Because it is too ridiculous for anyone to take seriously. I won’t be watching the show mind you, but then I don’t watch the mind numbing thought control device that everyone seems to worship anyway. If I should have a sudden irresistible urge to increase my lack of intelligence, I’ll just pull up the last state of the union address on you tube.

  45. This is wrong!! It is blasphemous, Sacrilegious, and plain evil. This is the work of Satan. It isn’t even funny. I will not be watching this and I will spread the word to my friends to avoid watching it too…infact avoid watching the station, too. I am so offended that you made a mockery out of my Sweet Jesus.

  46. We live in the era of 300+ channels, and on-demand broadcasting. Web broadcasting, Youtube, Netflix. You can loop your favorite sermon endlessly for months if you want. Lighten up people.

  47. I hate it, total Blaspheme straight from the pit of hell. I didn’t watch the entire trailer but I saw enough to know that I am offended that anyone would be so callous as to disrespect the Lord God Almighty as well as those who know Him as Lord and Savior. There is nothing funny about it and it shows a total lack of respect for God and those who love Him. It’s a good thing that God is a merciful and forgiving God but one day…It will all be over and the makers of this film will have to stand before this same God and give an account of themselves whether they believe in Him or not. He is real and His word is true and at the end, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord!!! Is it worth it to gain a few coins from such shallow filth as this and lose your own soul? I think not

    • Amen, and I sure think the judgment hand of God is upon this nation . First we allow him to be kicked out and now it is funny to mock our Savior ? I am with you my brother I think not

  48. That is awful. Blasphemy. There is funny and it is okay to laugh when it comes to religion but then there is this. Not funny. Total blasphemy. Not ok and I will not watch. I hope they cancel this show.

    • Are atheists behind this show? Sounds like nothing but a slam against Christianity to me. I hope it cancels before it airs.

  49. You bet you won’t see them making a show like this about Muslims. They would cry a river of tears! Can’t offend them now can we?

  50. Another plan to create division, confusion and disrespect people of faith. Jesus is not black or white. He is Hebrew = very tan. This is just another way to mock our Christian belief’s. Mockery of our Holy precious Savior. Jesus didn’t curse or act out like the rest of us do. It’s a shame.

  51. I am interested to see how the black American population accepts this. It’s certainly not The Bill Cosby Show. And he was, and still is, a master at his profession. Time will tell!

    • Most of them are smart enough to realize this show doesn’t make fun of black people but makes fun of the stereotypes about black people morons like you still entertain.

      • Did you watch the trailor, did you see the stupid white guy coming out of his car hodling a gun screaming “I’m standing my ground”. Who do you think that makes fun of genius?

      • What I saw was “poking fun” (or lame attempts at) at just about every stereotype there is.. white, black, latino.. not to mention the obvious jabs at gender and religon. So.. it certainly was not just the white guy.

      • 1. You called a random guy a moron with any provocation, and for no apparent reason.
        2. You more than implied that white people are stupid in your second comment, which implies that you are a racist, and (ironically) implies that the show is racist.
        3. More unprovoked name calling and baiting.
        4. You just seem like an overall douchebag. But that’s ok! Everyone’s got a place in this world, and I think you’ll be just fine. 🙂

    • Black Americans are probably not even their target audience, given that this is Adult Swim. You mention The Cosby Show…that show existed when there were fewer viewing options on TV, and it probably would not last long today on TV.

  52. Adult Swim network is still shameful without this show. At first I thought this must be a joke, now I just feel sorry for those responsible for making this show. There will be no winners here. The good newis. Christians are not their judges, the bad news- God is. Like I said I feel sorry for them.

  53. Different individuals connect with the message in different ways and need it to meet their world before they let it in, BUT I don’t see this as a positive delivery and I lean toward the expectation that it will deliver a Progressive revision of the message in place of the message. Entertainment leans towards shock value much more than value. This is an example. I boycott musicians, actors and entertainment that stand against traditional values and American principles.

  54. people have lost their fear of god,but the day is coming when they will stand before the real jesus who will cast them in to the lake of fire where they will scream and beg for another chance but there is no second chance giving.they will scream through out the eternities..

  55. This show is based on stereotypes of a black community in California… it doesn’t mean it is REALITY or even VIRTUALITY, when I was growing up, I saw other shows about black and white stereotypes of communities… The Jefferson’s, Archie Bunker, Sanford & Son, Fresh Prince of Belair and Good Times plus many others. Some of them were considered “good comedy” others not so much. Here is a list of the best 25 Black Comedy sitcoms:

  56. Jesus is my Lord – not a comedy! This is another plan to cause diversity, confusion, hatred between us “ALL” and mock Christian faith and our precious Savior. Don’t think Jesus minds being portrayed as black as HE created us “ALL” and loves “ALL” equally. The color is not the issue. Jesus was Hebrew- Not white – not black and not foul mouthed as portrayed in this film. He is Holy and PERFECT. This film is very disrespectful, blasphemes IMO and expected in the last days. I read the book. Won’t be too much longer.

  57. They are also insulting the Black Community. Shame on whoever did this…….It won’t last…..Don’t forget to check the sponsors and not buy their product. . I only keep up with the world news on T.V., the rest is garbage, as someone else stated. T.V’s idea of entertainment is insulting race, ethnicity and religions…..

    • Because the radical Democrats couldn’t put their crazy ideas into action without pitting groups against one another—whites vs. blacks, men vs. women, union vs. non-union, old vs. young, and Christian vs. atheists. Once the groups are pitted against one another they offer a few crumbs to one side to gain their loyalty. The more loyal get fewer crumbs. They are working on the illegal latino vote now. Tells you something about the Democrats’ reason for resisting voter id laws. It has nothing to do with black people, although that excuse is given.

  58. This is another prime example of the outrageous nature of the Hollywood elite! Nothing matters but that buck in their pockets! Sadly there will be the uninformed that will watch this. They will be sorry for mocking the Lord Jesus Christ1!!

  59. I got through 59 seconds I will not be watching this either. I agree…it’s all good to insult Christians, but God forbid they insult the Muslims….Talk about lying, hypocritical scum….

  60. I might be old but I’m not yet senile. No I would not watch this disgusting trash. America is turning into another Sodom and Gomorrah and God is not very happy with us. If you are brain dead you will watch this; anyone with enough intelligence will not.

  61. Disgusting. I could not watch the entire trailer…blasphemous. If this is an indicator of national suicide, I refuse to drink their kool-aid. I have better things to do with my time than to watch such trash…like clean the kitty litter. LOL. God bless America!

    • No. God gave us the gift of free will. If it is used to mock the Son, it is more than likely a gift from Satan. Just like your mockery.

      • Since, God created everything (theologically speaking), including the concept of “Satan”, my point is the same. God also created humor… for us to enjoy.. not for a bunch of false prophets to demonize in his name. How is this different from older religious comedies, such as the movies Oh God, or Sister Act? It’s just a little more modern and geared towards adults and black people. If this was a humorous take on Islam, called “White Mohammad”, I’m sure most of you would pay no mind, or would find it quite humorous.

      • Clearly, you have no concept of what “free will” is. It’s probably due to all that “free thinking” that isn’t. Also, you presume racism in others in a blatantly racist manner. Have you ever stepped back for a moment and noticed that you are a parody of who you think you are?

      • Well, harry, I am a free thinker… I don’t let the media or any individual, for that matter (including political and religious figures), influence how I think or act. Thank you for your concern though… I really appreciate it. I love that last sentence too. I say something like that all the time… to religious folks. Because you guys are the ultimate parody of who you try to act like. I did presume prejudice but it was a purely observational and (for the most part) correct presumption. We wouldn’t be having this conversation if it were another religion they were making fun of…. and that’s all there is to it.

      • You’re no free thinker. You’re a slave to your own ego. I have no doubt you drink your own bathwater.

      • …says the very guy who’s judging someone strictly for the fact that he finds the COMEDY, Black Jesus, funny. The only problem I have with you ultra religious nuts is that you speak in certainties about subjects of which you are far from certain. “Clearly you have no concept of what free will is (as if you’re qualified to make a CLEAR judgment based on 6 sentences that I wrote)…”you ARE no free thinker….I have NO DOUBT you drink your own bathwater”… typical religious BS. So, when you go up for your “final judgment” (which is a real event that occurs within your subconscious), I want you to think about this: did you really live a good life, or did you hide behind religious dogma in order to justify being a jerk to people you don’t agree with?

      • LOL!!! First you “condemn” me for judging, then you go ahead and fill the rest of your post with dimwitted attempts at judging me! Yeah, when you try to tell me that God who gave free will is responsible for the decisions those people who make the freewill decisions make, yeah, you completely show you don’t know what free will is, regardless of what your sixth grade education may say. Plus, you mock God and get all bent out of shape when people are a “jerk” about it. Good humor! Well, just chalk it up to there being no justice in a random universe.

      • Uh, nobody “condemned” or judged you. I just pointed out that there’s gonna come a time when you are gonna be judged… by your own subconscious, not by some phony bologna deity that you think you’re serving by insulting people who don’t possess the same narrow-minded opinion as yourself. This is a scientific fact… it happens to everybody on their death bed.

        Anyways, you can get your definitions for free will right here

        With todays technology, you don’t need a “6th grade education” to come up with a definition. I don’t “mock God”… I only mock the false deity Christians worship.
        And I certainly didn’t “get bent out of shape”… I just pointed out something that you’re eventually gonna have to come to terms with. I just hope that you do so before its too late. Its a lot harder to make amends with people you’ve been a jerk to once you’re on your death bed. And, I’m not talking about myself… I’m talking about the people who care about you the most. I’ll bet you’ve been a “jerk” to them too.

      • Um, no, Harry, I didn’t “condemn” you. Actually that’s something that only you can (and will) do to yourself. Perhaps if you did a little research (like perhaps

      • You said condemn. I said “judge”. But it’s a typical tactic used by half witted libs to change the narrative to suit their agenda. They also like to foist junk science on the rest of us as “fact”. You’re a fool and a tool. You lie about getting bent out of shape when people react negatively to you mocking God, and then try to tell us how you’re morally superior.

      • No sir, wrong on almost every point again. First off, YOU used the word “condemn” and I just quoted you. I like what you’re saying about dimwitted liberals playing word games and “bending” scientific facts in order to further an agenda (ex. global warming). But republicans do that too. And republicans are also known for basing their political agenda on theology, which is WAY-out-there in my opinion. I’m not sure what you refer to as “junk science”. Like for example, the fact that, its impossible to come back to life after being dead for 4 days… is that “junk science”? Science is a system of facts. Before something can be considered a scientific fact, it must be proven. “A fool and a tool”, wow, there you go with the name calling. Well, sir, I am certainly no fool. I could back that up with IQ test results, near perfect grades in college and high school (which including a required theology class every semester, btw), and the fact that I’m the guy people come to when they need help thinking. I’m not a conceded jerk, but the point is, your “fool” comment is absurd, but that’s ok, it’s not like you know me. As for the “tool” comment: I’m not exactly sure what you meant, but a tool is something that gets used. Since I don’t work for anybody, am not affiliated with any political groups, and don’t let others influence the way I think, that point would also be invalid. But once again, how would you know, you know nothing about me. And that’s ok. If you wanna judge someone you know nothing about, then that’s you’re right, so go ahead. I am certainly not going to get bent out of shape. If I were to get “bent out of shape”, it would sound pretty nasty. Believe me, if I had anything better to do, I wouldn’t be sitting here responding to your attempts to insult me. “Morally superior”? Those are your words, not mine. I’ll take it as a compliment. I would never say that about myself, however I do believe I’m intellectually superior when compared to people who take theology as literal fact. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t.
        BTW, Black Jesus was funny as hell. You should try to catch the replay on cartoon network. If you’re going to judge something, don’t you think you should at least see what you’re judging?

  62. To all the people who say they are Christians, but still count themselves among the progressive, statist, Democrats—-What is the “mark of the beast”? What is it supposed to mean for those who have or don’t have the mark? Why does the Bible warn us about it? Is an all powerful government that controls everything in your life and knows about everything in your life similar to the mark of the beast?

  63. wow. really? Is it bad if, even before seeing a trailer, I’m ready to correct them based on the still shot showing in the viewer? Jesus was not a Nazarite so he wouldn’t have had the flowing locks. That is a hold over from a period in art history. He was also a Jew so he would look, well, Jewish. lol

  64. I got rid of Cable TV…I purchased a nice Antenna…I get about 40 stations…I only watch 7 of them…but it’s nice not having all the trash…I noticed the programing is decent and the commercials are not full of trash…I feel good not having my TV offend me several times throughout the day…This stuff is just some anti Christian BS Obama has brought to America…I swear it’s like Satan rode in on Obama’s back..this country has changed and it’s for the worse…God help us…

  65. So this will air on the Cartoon network? We really need to find the sponsors of this program…so that we can get it pulled off the air…I thought it as HBO and in that case it does not have sponsorship like Bill Maher..would last 2 seconds off HBO..

    • Cartoon Network ends at 10 PM or so each night—Adult Swim shares its channel space, but is considered a separate channel for ratings purposes. But for cable TV, they have likely already made a profit before a single ad is sold, or are very close to break-even; ad revenue is gravy. However, the people who would likely protest are likely considered outside of the target audience of the show.

  66. Actually, the only thing I don’t have a problem with here is with Jesus being black. Jesus, being the son of God, is an omnipotent being. I would have to think that being omnipotent, race or gender would not matter to you in the slightest. It simply would have no meaning at all (which is something we should keep in mind!). But.. just about everything else about this I didn’t care for. I simply don’t find being shockingly offensive very funny. There seems to be many that do though. *sigh*

  67. I just watched the trailer and it me this child rapist mohammed (may he forever burn in hell)is trying to put one over on us and comes back he is a black Jesus and then I realised it couldn;t be because he is still burning

  68. America has officially gone to hell. No respect for the Lord Jesus. Very offensive – not comedy. The black – white color issue is not the issue. Nauseating, How very disappointing our rights are disrespected as Christians.

  69. This is another recycled negative stereotype production with stepped up shock value. It makes me think of how Monty Python took the better road and made the effort to respect Jesus while making an English humor film based around Christ. They said … what if the people followed the wrong guy instead of Jesus? That is the basis of Life of Brian, who was born in manger next to Jesus on the same day. So the next question is … Who is going to make the comedy about America following the wrong guy, Barack Obama? The answer is .. no one. Because this is not funny.

  70. It is truly not surprising to me that such a movie would grace cesspools called movie theatres. No true believer in Jesus Christ having been sealed by the Holy Ghost would ever find this movie suitable. When I see documentaries, movies and series having to do with the Bible or Jesus advertised I instinctively know not to watch them. Seriously people, why are you surprised? Can anything good come out of Sodom?

      • it’s comedy,,,it’s humor,,,,it may not be your kind of humor,,
        but it’s humor never the less….

      • And if something that you find sacred is mocked…..then what? Oh, like if I called Oboohoo a lil bitch for all the whining that he does??? Well, that much is truth and not mockery……

      • that doesn’t make no nevermind to me, ???
        it’s just words,,,
        you G-sus folks get all bent outta shape when fun is poked at your gawd…
        might be a good time to grow up,, eh??

      • I asked you a simple question….but I forgot it was the simple-minded that would reply without answering….and you’d best do yourself a service and look in the mirror if your TRYING to throw out a maturity statement….since folks who insult what others believe lack much of that….maturity….now grow a pair and STFU….now reply with something foolish….

      • “Knowing how to think empowers you far beyond those who know only what to think.”
        ― Neil deGrasse Tyson

      • Gee, do you think that you could come up with an original thought on your own? Nah, didn’t think so.

      • WOW, now how classic of ya….and you just spewed hyperbole….well, they are your opinions after all…..LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Meanwhile, you consider the corporate news organs who provide $4 billion worth of censorship and cheerleading for the Muslim and his Nazi party to be worthy of thinking peoples’s trust?

      • Major, unfortunately the great thinkers are very poor eternasts. They care for today and have no clue for tomorrow. Haven’t you noticed that they all have the same billion year look back on HIS-STORY? Their deception is their eternal cage. Never to be released from and screaming about the deception. Sad as it may seem they will come to realize what was real and what was trickery of the first kind. Go ahead and keep quoting others who in reality have no original thoughts only repeats of the same lies. Same dance, different dress.

  71. I can’t even figure out WHAT this show is supposed to be, but it looks like another excuse to glorify ghetto crude culture and promote more racial hatred. I don’t think that they are saying the guy is supposed to actually BE Jesus, just to THINK he is Jesus. Now, that basic premise could be interesting if it were not for the crude language, low-life attitudes, and glorified violence that is clearly a large part of the show.

    • I wholeheartedly agree!!!!!! Promoting more racial hatred.
      If I were black I’d be offended by the offensive language and behavior.

  72. I love a diverse mix of comedy and I can see where this could be funny. But alas they go to far. Should have dialed it back to Tyler Perry level instead of full “Gangsta”.

  73. Well, when I heard the F- – – word coming out of his mouth I hit pause to state my opinion. It’s blasphemy. Nothing new for Jesus. All I can say is, those poor, lost souls who created this “show.” They know not what they do. Did none of them sense the presence of evil while doing this dastardly deed?

  74. This is disgusting, and blasphemous!!! While I’m sure Jesus has a sense of humor, and it’s true that he hung out with the most broken souls of his time, he also was without sin, so he would NOT have been cussing and sitting around drinking 40’s with his homies.

  75. I’m sure Jesus had dark skin, but he was not a ‘homey’ gansta with a foul mouth. Disgusting and blasphemous is putting it mildly.

  76. I agree this is disgusting but this is what our time is about. With all that hollywood and the no moral actor/actresses movies that are made I am not surprised. Too many liberals in the movie business and they are disgusting BUTT so are the people who go and see these movies. It gives them more power and money to produce the evil side of life. How can kids learn from that?

    • Kids are not forced to watch these programs. If they are, that speaks to the lack of parenting. You would have had a better case about having to pay for it through subscriber fees.

      • If only people would read things correctly they would learn what others are talking about. My children would NEVER watch such filth on TV or in the movies. WHAT I SAID WAS, sick liberals in hollywood make filthy & no morals movies & when adults go to see this crap they pay a lot of money to see this crap & in turn the hollywood pigs make a lot of money to go & produce more filth. If everyone STOPPED going to these make no sense movies that show T’s & A’s as the draw them to the movie, the pigs would have to stop parading nude actresses/actors who have no shame or morals. I’d bet with the filth gone children would grow up much different even though they don’t see it on TV. There is so much suggestion in the so called children shows that should not be there. So this disgusting so called Jesus movie was never going to be seen in my house or in my children’s houses. I raised my children with morals and this movie is horrible. I still say children can’t learn from much of anything on TV or in the movies these days & most parents won’t allow filth in their houses.

  77. The same premise for a show but using Mohammad instead… first, it would never make it onto TV. Second, the Middle East would go apeshit with just the thought of a show like that, people blowing themselves up left and right. Third, I would watch it just because it pisses the extremists off.

    • I’m shocked that Tyrant depicts the behaviors that it does…wondering where the picketers are for that show.

    • We will never get that!!!! It would be so much fun! I would love to be a script writer. I’d do it for free. (Cool stuff deleted here!)

  78. I would never take fault with the concept because no one knows what ‘color’ Jesus was…but this trailer depicts nothing but foul language and violence. I don’t think anyone should go to see it. If it has any redeeming qualities, the trailer doesn’t even give us a hint!

    • Hey Craig. I don’t think negative towards blacks because of this. This is a combination of whites and blacks from writing the script and directing, producing, acting, promoting, and airing it. And it’s certain individuals…not any group as a whole.

      • Hey, dickweeds! The show hasn’t been on yet and you dumbfucks are badmouthing it. I like the Boondocks. I don’t always agree with it. So what? Lets watch this show and see what it has. We can always turn it off!

      • Wow. In your brain…can you understand this one thing? If we have watched the trailer and it has already proven just by it’s foul language that we find it blasphemous….what reason do we need to watch the series? That’s why they make trailers…DUH! To give an idea what a show is about!

    • Craig, it does not put Blacks in a bad light – it puts the actors, writers and viewers into a bad light if they try to spread this show as a valid message. I have no problem with Jesus or God being Black or White or Yellow or Red…it just has to be the Real Deal and the Holy Spirit will tell me who is true and who is false. This show…FALSE.

  79. Wow! And yet at the end of the day this show’s done it’s job – piss off the hypocritical Christian community and leave the rest of us laughing. Show hasn’t even aired yet, I probably won’t be watching either, but will be tuned into everyone whining about their sky man being mocked while they do the same to other groups.

    • You forget that the Lord was on this earth before he ascended into heaven. And who are you to judge who is hypocritical? But hey….if you want to join those who are laughing go ahead….you can all laugh …for awhile yet. But believe me the day is coming and soon when the unrighteous…the unbelievers and those who choose to be enemies of God will not be laughing anymore. I would say that God and the believers will have the last laugh, but we won’t be laughing because our hearts will be saddened for those who will receive judgement and rejection from God. They will not have any part in God’s heaven or eternal life because they chose to reject the Lord and to scoff and mock Him. But he is merciful and patient and still offers a window of opportunity for those of you to come to him and be saved. Time is running out though.

      • First of all, you forgot there is no such thing as a Lord.. Nice story, brah. And no, I didn’t read past the first line, lol. You failed.

      • Look at all the religion wars Christianity has started, look at the treatment of the gay community. If you don’t know, you’re a real idiot.

      • At the risk of being thought an idiot I’ll respond with a few questions. I’m going to assume you used the word “hypocritical” because you have a view that Christians, who claim to follow the Prince of Peace, have a history of war mongering, which is the antithesis of peace. Is that correct? If so, could you please list the wars Christianity has started that you refer to?

        I also wonder if you could enlighten me on the hypocritical treatment of the gay community by Christians. You obviously expect their Christian beliefs to lead them to act a certain way toward the gay community. What way is that and how have they been acting that seems to contradict the way you believe they should act?

        I have read, listened to, watched on TV, received personally, etc. much hostility and many cruel, crude, and demeaning remarks from members of the gay community against Christians. Do you condemn the gay community (or, at least, these members of it) as being hypocritical? If not, why not?

      • Boring. Didn’t read your book, bro. Send me a ticket when it comes out to movie, I’ll probably sell it for a nickel, as that’s as much you and your opinion are worth.

        Truly being s Christian you know of all the crusades, witch burnings, etc your kind were into before the world woke up and made that bullshit end.

  80. more bigotry from some in Hollywood, you could spread the message of JESUS in a modern context , but that would be politically incorrect. would love to see them try that crap with say Mohamed , they wont because they’d get their heads blown off.

  81. I don’t see what’s so bad here… This isn’t morally wrong. Morals have nothing to do with religion. Whether you believe in Jesus or not is beside the point. Let the people that don’t believe have their show. Free speech for all. If this offends you, then don’t watch it. It comes on Adult Swim, all of the material is Mature content. I don’t see people protesting all of the Jesus jokes in Robot Chicken or Family Guy, but do a show about that one joke, and everyone loses their minds.

      • A long and wicked life followed by five minutes of perfect grace gets you into Heaven??
        An equally long life of decent living and good works followed by one outburst of taking the name of the Lord in vain — then have a heart attack at that moment and be damned for eternity??
        Is that the system?, is that the way it works?
        ~Robert A. Heinlein

      • majorwiblit (and Robert A. Heinlein),

        Nobody has a lived a long life of decent living and good works followed by one sin. If anyone has lived a long life, it has been a life filled with all sorts of sin and, hopefully, good works, too. You expect God to weigh your works in the balance. His requirements for you are a bit beyond that: “Be holy as I am holy.” In fact your righteousness is to exceed that of the Jewish religious leaders of 2,000 years ago who were quite serious about their morality – “For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” And, if you’re like the rest of humanity, even the most moral and seemingly righteous, you have failed that requirement. Thus, your need (and everyone else’s) for someone to save you from the just punishment of God for your sins.

    • Actually! When it comes to God Almighty …there is no such thing as free speech! He tells us in his word, the bible, we will give account for every thing we say … if we speak truth and righteousness we will be commended and blessed. If we speak lies and unrighteousness(profanity, filth, slander, haughty and arrogant talk etc) we will be judged and rejected by God.

    • The people who hate Jesus should stop trying to find ways to engage in the sort of behavior that, if it were aimed at any other demographic, would be labeled hate speech.

      • Freedom of speech should never be abused and used for bigotry. Ever THOUGHT about that? (Oh yah. Liberals say freedom of speech over and over but never THINK about the consequences. Or hardly ever THINK for that matter)

    • Cindy! Your post gave me an interesting thought. If a lie about a Muslim bashing video was responsible for the destruction of one of our embassies and the killing of American citizens, then what can this show bashing the Lord and Savior of all mankind cause?

  82. Allen. I, for one, will not watch even out of curiosity. The subject matter disgusts me. I have no problem with a religious movie which happened to show Jesus as a Black Jesus because Jesus represents people of all races and colors. But, this is an attempt to make Jesus a joke, I think. I agree with you completely and agree with your statement concerning how easy it is to poke fun at Christians and Jews.

  83. They say He is in the desert…go not forth; they say He is in Compton…we will go not forth, thank though.

  84. It seems from the trailer that this reinforces a lot of negative black stereotypes. Why is it if we portray Jesus as a black man he has to curse and drink 40s?

  85. I, as a hard core conservative, and, a Jewish kind of guy will give this show a chance. Boondocks is really good! The more assbites knock this show before it is on the air, the more I will want to watch it. As for 40s, fool! Jesus turned water into wine! You don’t think he could do a few 40s if he wanted to?

    • As a Christian of Jewish decent, it always hurts me to see such stupid spew coming from the mouth (or keyboard) of a fellow Jew. Regardless whether you believe Yahshua is the savior God promised us or not, our Father does not approve of vulgar language and immorality.

  86. cant belive what I am hearing,this is terrible this show dose not need to air this is putting my GOD down and making fun of him. my GOD dose not talk, act like this,and dont smoke weed my family will not be watchen this show and I hope you all want either,may GOD have mercy on your souls

  87. After reading the forum its clear. Yall minds aint ready and hearts aint open. its 2014 folks repeating the same spells might work for some but not all. You may need to think of updating your program or loss more of the flock. So no matter what you think of the show, if you not doin for the community right not 24/7. Where do you begin to think you have a say. if you are the children of god you have every bit of power needed to heal teach and reach far beyond your limitations of policies and laws created by mans own tainted moral thinking. Spewing your disgust is hate folks, just pick up a stone why not. If your minds aint ready and hearts aint open You are no better than gods most loyal servant turned free thinking rebel aka satan. But im just saying

      • And I believe your dead spirit has no love to stand before others and protect Christ. Did the bible not say you stand with me and I will stand with you. Did it not say that as you stand with Christ you will be hated. Please I could say to everyone who disagreed with me that thier hearts are not open to the idea of Christ. You can say your christian and never stand once with Christ or have a relationship. Then the question is did you open your heart to God or not. Are you truly saved if you only believe half the bible.

    • Funny because even Jesus got mad and threw tables and destroyed what they were asking in the temple saying you won’t do this in my father’s house. I am sick of that stone story because you know they were going to kill the woman and trying to trap Christ. I am not killing someone I am saying the show is wrong like Christ did with the people selling in the temple you do not disrespect the father and especially not the son. That is exactly what the show is disrespectful. I bet the people who wrote it are not even church going Christians. If Jesus can get angry we can too.

  88. first thing i thought about was: do something w/mohammed. why not? i found the trailer noisy & not that funny. they need better actors & directors. the concept doesnt bother me that much, but i also see there were bleeps. it could be more vulgar & offensive than i think.

  89. Manicured, cook book-writing, social-climbing, skinnin’ & grinnin’ political deal–making PREACHERS’ behavior demonstrates they no longer consider “tithes and offerings” is how God’s churches should operate. These need to surrender tax exempt statuses. Black clergy and lay people HARM THE Glory of Jesus Church worse than this television show black Jesus!

    For too many Black churches – unless “Let’s Make A Deal” there’s federal $$$$$$$$$$$$ for which there can be pretenses of helping people, the leadership pays little regard to members with problems they don’t know how to handle such as: sexual identity, insurmountable debt, suicide / homicide thoughts, health crisis, jailed loved-ones, incest, domestic violence, AIDS, gambling /substance addiction, etc.

    Fame seeking preachers and indifferent laity pretty much are saying to their flock: “good luck with ALL that.” Further, rather offer Christian support, too often church members let themselves off the hook for edifying their brethren, by instead blaming them for their troubles and saying they caused their sorrows due to poor choices. Incredibly, church members ignore 1 Corinthians 8:1, while congratulating themselves for how knowledgeable they are, and disregarding “have nots” in their midst.

    To reiterate, the Black Jesus show is no worse than church members’ lack of love and care for one another –as well as concern about prison systems. Additionally, the pastor’s wife seems worse. And particularly for reasons like those below, scores of pastors’ wives who are called ‘first lady’ would do well to consider:
    •When you show up, dressed in what you think looks good, and as far as you’re concerned, people with problems could go see Jerry Springer, or enquire to “Madea,” you are not a first lady!
    •When you cannot say when you evangelized or bothered complying with Matthew 28:19-20, you are a last lady!
    •If you don’t isolate time daily to pray for your church members to have blessed lives, so that they can be God’s Kingdom builders and healthy support system to your husband, you’re a last lady!
    •If you get dressed for church with thoughts in mind of being seen, instead of simply enjoy looking nice, you’re not a first lady!
    •If you use your children for spying on your husband; giving reports of what they think they heard or saw; if you carry tales to drive who or what threatens you, you’re a last lady!
    • If you remain in the front of the church, or edifice gawking at audiences to see who’s who; if you don’t greet and interact with people as if they matter as much as you do, you are a last lady!

    • Remember Ms. Grace, according to the Word of God those who teach shall be held to a higher accountability by God. The followers of those radical pastors (of which I have seen first hand) should read the Word God has given them and hold these men/women accountable. This show is in the public eye and has no body of followers in Christ to hold it accountable, so Christians (Mr. West and myself included) must stand up to this growing attack on our faith and Godly American heritage. This show and others like it are clearly formed through hate inspired bigotry aimed at Christians and our savior Jesus.

      • You are 100 per cent correct kind Sir! We should never compromise Christ’s standards –and the Black Jesus show is indeed in poor taste from what I have heard about it (I will not view it). But I think you can also agree that IT IS BEYOND URGENT for certain pulpit orators to be also held ACCOUNTABLE, particularly because they steal people’s hearts (2 Samuel 15:6), finances –and they are pulling families apart over false doctrine! Again, I do think the show is wrong; but somehow, I think energies could be spent elsewhere since lots of damnable stuff is available for viewers; and false doctrine is pervasive from friendly leaders. Also, hate-inspired bigotry is aimed at Christians from people seated in their assemblies. But, I really think you’re saying it hurts to have your Lord dishonored! That’s how I feel! And that’s how I feel when I don’t do what I should –and worse when others seem not to even care about attempting to take up ANY cross / ANY inconvenience, as if they are clueless that the Christian includes “suffering” and “inconvenience” for souls. (Remember: “Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone, and all this World Go Free?”

        I think it sends a double message when, professed followers of Christ REFUSE to be: “salt in the earth,” (Mat.5:13) “light of the world” (Mat.5:14) I think it is appalling how many who protest “pass by on the other side”(Luke 10:31-32). I say this –not as someone who is void of a log in her eye, but as someone who interacts with people who are left to make out as best they can. Such IS NOT what Jesus taught. Jesus said, when we are converted, go strengthen others.(Luke 22:31–32) If we do our part, there would more people strengthen her / his neighbor, and less people feeling so empty that they need to take their lives or others. “What the world needs now . . .” In a nutshell, I’m saying that if we could get back closer to what we know we each should do, then shows like that would not have even been an issue, as the children of the Kingdom of God, pursue Christ’s teachings –particularly toward neighbors. Again, yes I concur, we must always stand up against that which is an affront to the glory of God –and we must be search our motives to ensure that our reasons for opposing Black Jesus are not because of human esteem and self-interest, as is the manner of some.

        Thank you SO MUCH for a chance to dialogue. Let’s pray for one another –and for His Kingdom come *-*

  90. Comedy is basically tragedy + time, just how much time depends on how horrific the tragedy was and how sensitive people remain about it into the future. However, I think that the alleged events of Christ’s life, struggle, arrest, torture and death by crucifixion, only to have hime come back to life days later, has happened so long ago that it’s been ready for comedic interference for quite some time.

    Do you all remember Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian”? How it was literally banned in many Catholic countries and even in some less conservative states populated by mixed-Christian faiths. It caused an UPROAR! It was going to be the downfall of society, it was going to destroy our children, it was the apocalypse. People went CRAZY over getting it permanently banned, Well, after it had been out in other countries for many years and proved to be a huge hit, and none of those countries had degraded unto lawless, anarchic states, the last countries finally removed the ban and the public basically said what was the fuss all about?

    That’s what this show is going to be. People who aren’t familiar with the writers, and the other show’s they’ve done, have no frame of reference for how they’re going to be handling this subject. For example, they make a show called “The Boondocks”, which at a glance seems to be an animation espousing the values and lifestyles of young black men who have chosen to live a “gangster” live, to pimp, sell drugs, commit street crimes – what most people would call the “black stereotype” applied to black people in larger cities. In fact, through clever writing, they are disapproving of this type of action and behaviors and lifestyles taken on by some of the poor black people living in big cities. They condemn the “thug” lifestyle mostly by the youngest son getting involved with people in bad crowds, and him coming home and slowly and painfully learning the lesson through his older brother and Grandfather that this is no way to live. You don’t live like a ghetto-thug wannabe rap-star, no matter how appealing that life style might be through the eyes of a young black child who doesn’t know much else.

    So with that being their background, I’d have a terribly hard time believing that they would write this in any other way as being very cleverly satirical and a commentary on society today.

    Quite honestly, we know virtually nothing as far as facts go regarding Jesus. The bible is not a history book. We think he was Jewish, which would make the most sense based on the rest of the context, but who knows for sure? Maybe he was black, or of more Middle Eastern descent, like Arabs of today.

    I think the comedy of the show is going to be the idea that Jesus returns after just over 2000 years and finds himself in Compton, the center of the Black (and to a smaller minority, but definitely existing, white) ghetto-thug center of the world. And what a time he would have, with such a reality adjustment and trying to fit in and spread his message of love and peace amongst a group of people so far away from that spectrum and way of life that it’s nearly impossible to convert them.

    The foibles and follies that result as Jesus tries to gather his flock and teach them the lessons that they’ve abandoned so so long ago will make for the very humorous subject matter. And furthermore, while Compton might be the worst place to place Jesus in at the current time period, it does serve as a microcosm for the challenges Jesus would face with re-connecting us ALL to what he practiced and preached. I think he would be horrified by our behavior in general.

    With so many flashy religious false prophets scamming billions of dollars out of the hands of people who believe that they are being good Christians by donating to these televangelist empires, and official Church representatives found guilty of committing crimes from embezzling and tax fraud to child molestation, it seems that not even those in the so called “holy flock” are even slightly holier than most of us.

    To me, it seems that it’s prime time someone edgy and savvy made a smart yet seemingly stupid show commenting on our social situation and general lack of faith and failure to practice the preachings we’re reminded of every Sunday.

    To anyone who hates this show right off the bat simply because the fact that this Jesus is “black” (omg! Blasphemy!) and that he finds himself in South Central LA in the ‘hood, I strongly urge you to watch a few episodes and look for the subtleties that make it the opposite type of show that you in fact think it’s going to be.

    Minds are like parachutes, my friends, they only work when they’re open. Give it a chance so you at least know why you hate it and want to protest it, or change your mind and embrace it as humorous and witty, Judging someone or something without really knowing about it breeds ignorance, one of the few banes of our society, and they’re no excuse for ignorance in today’s day and age when nearly anything can be looked up and read about or watched nearly instantly.

    Know what you hate before you hate it. Personally, I’m looking forward to it but might decide after a few episodes it’s trash, but I doubt it, I keep an open mind though and will be honest with myself and friends, even when it means I’m wrong and it brings shame and embarrassment to me

    Enjoy, give it a chase before condemning it.

  91. This show isn’t a “mockery” of christianity. It’s a satire based on an idea presented in the new testament: That jesus was known for being in the slums (what we would today call the hood) and that in order to do so he had to interact with people on their level, speak “the language of the people” so to speak, to make the teachings practical to the poor. Because their spirits and morals are consistently juxtaposed with yanno, eating. I think this show could actually help some people reconcile their spiritualities with their realities… That, in my opinion would be a good thing. Oh, and the show isn’t “new” it was a fairly successful web series on youtube a few years back.


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