Forewarned is forearmed: The empire of teachers unions strikes back this fall

When you look at the state of education in America, you have to ask, is the problem with the children and how we’re preparing them or something else? Recently, California ruled against teacher tenure and the same is occurring in New York. There is a strong movement for school choice, charter schools and home schooling in America.

However, just like in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Democrats have called on their version of storm troopers, the teachers unions, for the 2014 midterm elections.

According to Politico, “Teachers unions are struggling to protect their political clout, but as the midterm elections approach, they’re fighting back with their most popular asset: the teachers themselves. Backed by tens of millions in cash and new data mining tools that let them personalize pitches to voters, the unions are sending armies of educators to run a huge get-out-the-vote effort aimed at reversing the red tide that swept Republicans into power across the country in 2010.”

Silly me, I thought the Democrats were against big special interest money in politics — oops, there’s that political hypocrisy thing again. One would have thought these highly influential organizations — National Educators Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) — would leverage their funding and clout to support better educational opportunities for our children. I guess that’s me living in fantasyland. Nope, they have one singular goal: beat Republicans. So much for education in America.

As Politico reports, “the unions have plenty of money: They spent $69 million on state races in 2010 and are likely to top that this year. But as they gear up for the most intense and focused mobilization efforts they have ever attempted, they believe it’s their members who will give them an edge. Americans may be frustrated with public schools and wary of unions, but polls still show respect and admiration for teachers.”

It’s a very crafty ploy but I would hope the American electorate — at least some — are wise to this game by now. I remember the slick, purple-shirted SEIU gang and now I suppose there will be a new legion joining them. Never laugh at community organizers — they know how to organize.

So will we fall for the trick of those we trust to educate our children, the teachers, who are being leveraged against us for a very selfish political agenda — which ultimately damages the future of our children? I certainly hope not.

Politico reports “the American Federation of Teachers, meanwhile, has joined other major unions in funding a huge expansion of the Grassroots Victory Program, run by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee and focused on state legislatures. The initiative already has deployed 236 field organizers across 27 states — up from 60 organizers in 10 states in 2012. And the NEA is partnering with Rock the Vote to bring more young people to the polls and with the NAACP to help voters intimidated by new ID requirements in some states.”

“When you stand up, others follow, because you are the trusted messengers in your communities,” AFT President Randi Weingarten told 3,500 of her members at the union’s recent convention in Los Angeles. “We need you to be those trusted messengers like never before.”

Here’s how the plan works: “If someone knocks on your door and says, ‘I’m Mark, I’m from the state Democratic Party,’ you take the literature and shut the door,” said Karen White, political director for the National Education Association. “If you say, ‘Hi, I’m Karen, I’m a third-grade teacher at Hillsmere Elementary and I’m here to tell you what’s at stake for public education,’ that gets a very different reaction from the voter.”

It gets a different reaction only if the person answering the door is clueless. This is why we must educate, enlighten, and inform more people about what is truly at stake.

Politico says “while other interest groups focus on the frenzied fight for control of the Senate, teachers unions are pouring their resources into state politics. They’re pushing to flip legislative chambers in several states to Democratic control and put allies in key offices such as attorney general and secretary of state in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. Above all, they’re out to oust incumbent Republican governors, especially Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Florida’s Rick Scott and Michigan’s Rick Snyder.”

So here’s what my response would be to a “teacher” coming to my door. “Hi Karen, thanks for coming by. Do you support illegal immigrant children being allowed into our public school system at the expense of struggling American taxpayers? Do you think my taxes and property rates should increase to afford those entering our country illegally? Do you support the top-down driven government education policy known as Common Core and the fact that the Obama administration’s “Race to the Top” program blackmails states for federal funding by forcing them to accept common core? Karen, what is your plan to reduce the size and scope of the U.S. Department of Education and the overall bureaucracy surrounding education so we can focus more resources to you in your classroom? And finally, Karen, how much of your paycheck goes to unions for their political agenda advancement and how much are the unions paying you to be here?

Something tells me ol’ Karen would turn and run away quickly — especially as I ask her how much it took to fill up her gas tank to get here, as opposed to back in January 2009.

Well, all you folks there in Wisconsin, Michigan, here in Florida — and elsewhere — you have been forewarned. The Storm Troopers are coming. Get out your light saber and be prepared.

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Teacher: “Hi, I’m a public education teach………..”
Me: *slams door*

The Liberty Point

Apparently they have no learned their lesson when it comes to throwing money at an issue, money doesnt work.

If a teacher knocks on your door, approaches you to vote for tenure and Obama & CO….it’s because he/she’s an incompetent teacher and without tenure would be fired. The only way he/she can keep his job is tenure. The incompetent teachers will be the ones knocking on your door.. The competent teachers, who don’t need or care about tenure, are planning lessons, having after school help sessions for those who need it and correcting papers! Tenure is the sole reason we have so many totally incompetent teachers who don’t teach, don’t know how to teach, can’t teach and are just… Read more »

Get the whole story about unions in “Conform” by Glenn Beck and Kyle Olson. The truth will make your blood boil folks. It’s a real eye opner. The teacher unions give huge amounts of money to the Democratic party, while not giving much to the school districts where the teachers work. Some union teachers have been caught in felonies, and the unions protect them. One teacher was sexually assaulting his students, killed his wife with an ax, and the union secured $200,000.00 in back pay for him. What? p. 30.

We cannot neuter the teachers unions until we can withold money from the school districts. Right now, they really don’t have to do anything if they offend the parents. The child will still go to school, the teacher will still be protected by the unions (check out the amount of teachers still getting a pay check even after being accused or convicted of molestation) because they get paid by the child from federal and state taxes. Until we have a way of witholding our payment from the school systems, they will continue to be a constant source of income, influence,… Read more »
David Wilson

The teachers in this country now are damn jokes

Dennis Crabtree

Useful idiots, brainwashed in college and turned lose to indoctrinate the children. They fail to see the consequences of their radical activism it is all about selfishness and not selflessness. The children don’t matter any longer. Teaching used to be considered a calling, now teaching for the most part, is an easy degree to skate through university. No more pride in turning out excellent citizens, now the pride is in who can radicalize the kids the most.


So true now!


You have no idea in how correct you are.


How about telling the teacher: It’s too bad that the teachers and their union had to align themselves with a bunch of Communists hell bent on destroying our economy, constitution and way of life. Otherwise I would support the teachers. But the damage their parent political group causes makes it impossible for any freedom loving American to do.


If the Teachers Unions do this, they are cutting their own throats!! The 44th occupant came out with an initiative September 2011 to FEDERALIZE TEACHERS Preparation!! All these teachers will be obsolete!! Here is the link to Dept of Ed and his initiative:

I know a lot of very nice people who are public school teachers. I know a lot of very nice people in other professions as well. The thing is, it seems like the public school teachers spend most of their time whining about being “underpaid” and looking for special programs to provide them with goods and services that have nothing to do with their profession, and everything to do with pandering to the union. When I was in college I considered being an elementary school teacher. What a great job! I mean, you only work about seven or eight months… Read more »

considering the fact that teachers are being forced to using curriculum that litteraly dumbs down the students rather then teaches them to think, and instills the idea that its okay to be stupid by the government. I think the strike should take place.


As a teacher, I can say that the unions don’t give a damn about us or the students, just their money and power, like any other union. I teach in the public school system, and I think tenure and “last hired, first fired” both need to be kicked out. Teachers need to keep their jobs the same way anyone else does, by doing it. And sometimes “doing it” means telling the politicians to get the hell out of our classrooms, we’re the ones working with the students, listen to US and not the unions.


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