Democrat men losing their War on Women

Down south we have a saying: “If you go to the well too often it ends up being dry.” That “War on Women” pit the Democrats keep dipping into may be a little arid these days, and as a matter of fact, stirring up the ire of women.

According to the Washington Times, “Some women are getting sick of the Democrats’ “War on Women.” Take Laura Carno, who became so fed up with the nonstop “War on Women” political advertising campaign in Colorado that she put together a radio ad of her own. It’s aimed at Sen. Mark Udall, a Democrat who’s pushing the theme in his re-election bid against Republican Rep. Cory Gardner. “I have to ask, Sen. Udall, why do you get your underwear all in a bundle about women and birth control?” Ms. Carno, who heads the conservative group I Am Created Equal, says in the spot. “Do you honestly think we need the government to make these choices for us?”

Democrats seem to love to get into “bedroom” issues — maybe that’s where they’re most comfortable. Is it possible that Democrats have relegated women to being so hapless and helpless that this is the only issue for which they are concerned? I guess they think the economy, energy, illegal immigration, healthcare costs, rising gas and food commodity prices, as well as national security and foreign policy are just too complex for women to comprehend?

“The feedback I’m hearing from women, especially women who aren’t involved in politics, is, ‘Why do they think I only care about birth control? Don’t they realize I’m more complicated than that?’” said Ms. Carno, who lives in Colorado Springs. “Women know how to get their own birth control. We’re pretty damn smart.”

Ah but, not to liberal progressive socialists, ma’am.

All you have to do is follow the money to assess where the Democrats are focusing. The Washington Times says “the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s Bannock Street Project is sinking $60 million into increasing turnout among key demographic groups, including women. The Senate Majority PAC and other Democrat-friendly committees are targeting Republican candidates on issues like abortion, birth control and equal pay in states that could determine the balance of power in the Senate, including Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire and North Carolina. “Take a stand immediately: Demand Republicans stop waging their disgusting War on Women,” says a petition on the DSCC website.”

Seems weak to me — but effective for the low voters who don’t understand the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby case ruling.

How about the GOP responds with this, “The real War on Women is being waged by Obama and his liberal progressive acolytes who are destroying the American dream for women, and their children. The GOP is focused on a war not just FOR women, but for all Americans, who we see as individuals with promise — not as a collective where they can instill fear and freely manipulate.” (And the marketing/communications department at the RNC can use that, gratis, of course).

Of course, it’s tougher to sell the “War on Women” when the Republican candidate actually is a woman.

As the Washington Times reports, “Missy Shorey, executive director of the conservative women’s group Maggie’s List, said it’s Democrats who are waging the real war by moving to knock GOP women out of contested primaries. She pointed to the Oregon Senate race, which saw a Democratic operative leak police files to the press on a domestic dispute involving Dr. Monica Wehby a week before the Republican primary in May.”

But otherwise, the Democrats are calling upon the “Ghost of Todd Akin past,” comparing this year’s GOP Senate candidates to the Missouri Republican now infamous for his “legitimate rape” comment in 2012.

“Cory Gardner, Thom Tillis, Terri Lynn Land and Joni Ernst are cut from the same cloth as Todd Akin and embrace the same radical positions to block birth control and roll back women’s health care rights as he does,” said DSCC spokeswoman Regan Page.

It is incomprehensible for Democrats to accept that people are individuals and all have a brain. I am quite sure Gardner, Tillis, Land and Ernst can think for themselves – a quality and characteristic not welcomed in the Democrat party.


  1. Democrats don’t give a crap about truth. No deceit is to low for a democrat if it advances their criminal agenda. Democrats are amoral baby killing elitists who want to turn this country into a socialist hell. When a liberal comes into a room the truth flies out the window.

  2. “Democrats seem to love to get into “bedroom” issues” That’s rich. Considering which party passed laws to mandate ultra-sound probe shoved into women bodies. Taking the decision out of the hand of the doctor and the patient.

    • Yup you’re right Democrats are opposed to any health and safety regulations on abortion clinics, Kermit Gosnell kept jars of body parts from late term, illegal abortions YOU MUST be so proud.
      The Democrats luvs them some dead babies.

      • I disagree vehemently, the unborn is a human life and should be protected, but even someone pro-abortion should want abortion clinics to be well regulated for health, cleanliness and safety, right?
        The government shouldn’t get between me and my facelift but I would want the doctor to have to follow health and safety regulations.

      • Absolutely agree with the regulation part. But then you go to war against Planned Parenthood who makes it their mission to provide safe and clean abortions. The unborn will become his mother’s responsibility once it’s born. Women should be able to decide when and if they want to take on that responsibility. Government has no business butting into the decision process.

      • But PP resists regulations that places them in the same category as other clinics providing surgeries. Abortion is a dangerous procedure why would they resist standard regulations other surgical clinics have to follow?

      • Only because the regulations they resist are designed not to increase safety but reduce access. Lack of access is what makes desperate women go to butchers like Kermit Gosnell.

      • What are you Rafael? You have a man’s name, you look like a woman and you act like neither. Have you ever been pregnant?

      • I’m a man, never been pregnant. I have two kids though so I have an idea what it’s like. Also took one of my ex-girlfriends to an abortion clinic. She didn’t want to have my baby. It’s the worse experience I ever had in my entire life.

      • I noticed in earlier post when you discussed the unwanted baby that you mentioned that it would become a lifetime liability to society if it was born. I see that as part of the decision making process in a lot of posts. It make s me wonder how this negativity has become so ingrained.. My parents had eight children, I was the oldest, None of us managed to go to college but some of our children have and their children will have a higher percentage of their children go to college or at least a trade school than we did. My parents never gave a thought to the possibility that we would be a societal obligation and that we would become part of the welfare nightmare. We never considered that our children would be part of the dependency group either. You and yours have the same opportunity to an education that I and my children have had. When I dropped out of school I might have fallen into that sort of thinking I suppose, but I think I had an advantage because it wasn’t even an option in my mind.. I joined the service and became a producing member of society and have continued to be one all my life. Do you think it was white privilege that made it possible for me to be productive or the fact that I didn’t see dependency as one of my options that drove me to find a way to be productive. By the way if you think I just had all the breaks you should know that I was making my money driving for a gambler and doing lone shark collections before I was old enough to join the service.. I could have gone a different way but I had family values (not as much oversight as I should have)but values and morals that got me through that period .. Maybe it’s all luck in my case, I was lucky enough to find criminal activity went against the grain and going hungry unappealing.

      • Thank you for sharing your experience. And you address a lot of important questions. The truth is that negativity you perceive in the decision making process, is actually cold hard reality for some people. And not just black people. It’s very interesting that you mention that dependency was never an option for you. You didn’t wake up one morning and decided you had work-ethic and family values. Those where ingrained from an early age and you practiced that work-ethic muscle all your life. When it was time to make a decision to which direction your life would take it was a no-brainer. You just decided to do what you where taught and what made sense. It’s not white privilege it’s plain old work-ethic and it has no color. The only privilege you had where parents willing to be parents. However as much as we’d love for everyone who can procreate, also have the ability to be good parents. It’s not the case. For some women having a children means an end to their career, means giving up their education, means raising that child alone. For you it might not have been an option for some people it’s the only option.

      • When I was a kid abortions were illegal. Unwanted kids were carried to term in shame usually and given up. Or the much too young father married the much too young mother and they mostly starved and froze to death with the child unless one of the two families let them move in which was more often the case. They had to work and they were expected to get out on their own as soon as possible.. The negativity is not a color of your skin thing and yes I do understand that and I fully understand hunger and despair and all the rest of the misery that goes with the depressing situation of being assisted. Assisted (not so much) but even grinding poverty can become habit forming and the will to break out fades as does the desire to get an education or trade to enable the break out. As mentioned earlier I was a driver for a gambler, paid well and it came with a gun. I was also a collector for a loan shark that came with a baseball bat. The folks that I visited to make collections were losers of every color. Losers of money gambling or cars to repossession to the buy here pay here shark I worked for. But they were also people on the verge of loosing their spirit to live. Some would just hand me the keys or take a beating. I don’t have answers to much of anything but I have a lot of questions and if we don’t all ask our selves some hard questions and act on the conclusions we draw this country is going to explode.. I don’t expect that you will agree but I think we have to end the government interference in our lives. Food stamps and aid in most of it’s forms as well as abortion clinics. People may have to starve some before the anger builds to the point that they do something. I would expect some violence and increase in crime of all kinds for a while, maybe even a generation or two until people started to band together in family groups to take care of each other again. Fifty percent of the families in this country are single parent, what the hell kind of training can we give our kids that way? We already have multiple generations living together in many instances and I think they need squeezed some more to make them support each other.. My younger brothers and sisters never worried about support or protection although they went hngry from time to time. Our family was first and everything else was after. We all worked as soon as we could and the money went to support the family. We resented it of course but we learned the lessons we needed to learn..

      • If memory serves PP opposes laws that require abortion providers to keep their clinic clean and sterile like hospitals. PP I’m thinking even opposes the born alive protection act. I guess it can be a girl child and PP still wants to kill it. So yeah I think your pretty much right about them opposing all safety regulations. They seem to advocate for the Gosnel’s of the world.

      • Actually, it now appears Planned Parenthood’s mission is to dole out kinky sex advice to underage girls 😉

      • You mean on that illegal and highly edited recording. From an actual actress who posed as 15 year old and did solicit the advice? Part that is not shown in the video.

      • It wasn’t the actress, as you put it, that offered the sexual advice. It was a worker at an abortion clinic. Horrible thing to tell anyone let alone a 15 year old child and that is what she thought she was.
        You don’t seem to have a grip on reality Rafael. You just seem to disagree with common sense.

      • LOL! I see you are from the DailyKozmunist school of when your side is caught in a scandal, just lie and make stuff up.

      • Pay for what? The abortion? Or the lifetime of public assistance that unwanted child might end-up costing? Because if the mother can’t take care of the kid, you will pay one way or another. I understand the emotion behind wanting to protect the unborn, but the unborn only stays unborn for 9 months.

      • So if can be determined, after birth, the child will need public assistance or be a drain on taxpayers up to what age is it alright to still kill it?

      • You’re right except the government should and is involved with murder which abortion is. Abortion= aborting or stopping a pregnancy which means there’s a baby to abort. And it can’t be aborted without killing the baby.

    • You forgot to mention that the ‘probe’ is only done early in pregnancies, because the fallopian tubes and uterus are closer to the vaginia, thus producing the best image for the mother to see the fetus(baby). So she can see if she really wants the abortion after seeing the life she carries inside. But hey Margaret Sanger thought she knew best who should live or die and reproduce.Democraps think the same themselves and any law that hinders that effort is cloaked in “women’s health rights” rhetoric.

      • You dont think that there should be some kind of mandatory process to reconsider an Abortion before one is done ? They cannot be undone once you end that life. Its not about being stupid or not, as you clearly are the former. It is about maybe changing that woman’s mind to save that life instead of murder it. Maybe, just maybe that mother to be is on the fence and undecided. Maybe just maybe that mother to be actually sees the precious life she is carrying and it changes her mind. By seeing that life she carries it to term and not kill it. You should read up on what the founder of Planned Parenthood really thought about abortion and why PP was founded, before you think the GOP is about what you say it is. But I am positive that are one of those people that always has to be right, even when wrong. Always knows everything about everything, even when ignorant. And always has to have the last word. It is better to be quiet and thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt. The great thing about you Rafael, is that you always open your mouth. Have a nice day. See you tomorrow, certainly you will be the smartest expert on whatever Col. West posts.

      • If think that if a mandatory process to reconsider is required it should be mandated by the medical profession not lawmakers. If you make a law to try to change somebody’s mind about something it’s because you don’t trust their decision making process. Don’t need to be an expert about anything it’s just common sense. I’ve read about Margaret Sanger, but we’re in 2014. The truth is some people who want an abortion won’t change their mind no mather what. And they might have their reasons. Unless you volunteer to take care of all the aborted babies in America. Butt out, let people make their own decisions.

      • Actually the only groups providing private assistance to border children at this time are Christian and so called ‘right wing’ groups.
        The issue is not about caring for them, please show me one quote where someone says they shouldn’t be cared for, but whether as a nation we should have any control over our borders. Quite simply no borders no nation. But seeing that the US is the richest nation there is probably a billion kids that would be better off living here, should we take them all?
        The mayor of Lowell, Mass. (hardly a right wing place) said we now have to find space in our schools for hundreds of new non-English speaking kids AND WE don’t have the resources. Children already in our school system ARE GOING to suffer as a result.
        We now are spending, maybe, billions of dollars wouldn’t that money be better spent on needy American children?

      • Actually I was 25 had a decent job. Was in love head over hills and was going to propose. When she got pregnant she had just finished college and started her first job. At that time I already had a 2 year old with another woman. She knew. But decided she didn’t want to fit into the “baby mama” stereotype. Did everything I could to convince her to keep it, that I would raise it myself. She wouldn’t, I cried all day when it hapenned. She moved up the ladder at her job and I got back with the woman that had my first child. We have a second one. Wasn’t easy, only way I could live with myself was to tell myself it was her choice. Was it for the best? I don’t know.

      • The reasoning for providing that view early in the pregnancy was very obviously to reduce the number of abortions. Women aren’t necessarily dumb but they are conflicted to a great extent by the society they are a part of.. Don’t you find it strange that the Republicans you seem to hate want more black children to survive? Even I find it strange.. So many black people seem to have the attitude, that they are being oppressed that they do indeed become dependent. They quit trying to get out of the surroundings that are indeed oppressing and become educated enough to become more..

      • When someone is conflicted it’s because they don’t know what they want. It’s not government’s role to help them make up their mind one way or another. Especially not by adding mandatory medical procedures. I don’t hate republicans, I just don’t understand why they don’t want to feed all these children they are trying to save. Dependency is a cycle and you don’t have to be black to be stuck in it. All it takes is someone willing to break the cycle. Someone like you. All you have to do to quit trying is get discouraged. Then you pass it to your children. Human thing, not black, not white.

      • Blacks are mostly ignorant of the reason that Planned Parent Hood locations were placed conveniently to provide abortion services specifically for blacks. Sanger the founder was a racist and bigot and hated the blacks enough that she came up with a way to slow the reproduction of their babies. Democrats loved the idea so they have been eager to provide all the support possible. Seems strange to me that they would want to reduce the number of potential Democrat voters. But they have the Latino population coming along nicely and they haven’t made them quite as dependent yet so? I’ve noticed that they are being less destructive through their policies regarding the family unit lately as well. Destroying families in the black house holds didn’t give them the results they desired. The spillover unintended consequences has resulted in about a fifty percent rate of house holds nation wide having a married couple raising the children. The policy was supposed to only affect blacks. Opps.. The Latinos have a stronger Christian ethic for the moment . So if they don’t screw that up with their socio economic tinkering they may be able to create the perfect servant group.. Then the black communities can be reduced further.

    • I’ve seen your posts on other threads and your as poorly informed on this as you are on most or all of the other things you comment on. You might read the replies to your comments and then look into the factual information they provide to educate yourself, but I’m sure you won’t.

      • I would expect that you waste all your time. You seem to know a little about some things but it’s obvious you haven’t actually make an effort to be well informed about most things. So rave on, it’s easu to ignore you. If you want to have a conversation do a little research and make informed comments..

      • To debate these people with facts is useless….these are the same loons that believe that obama will cancel the 2016 elections and stay in office!!

      • now thats funny!!

        along with warehouses full of prayer rugs for all the
        mexican-muslims O is summoning to come here and take over this great USof A…
        it’s like Louie Screwy Gohmert said…

        “TERROR BABIES.” Gohmert repeatedly claimed that terrorists were impregnating women,sending them to the US,
        waiting for the babies to be born as “anchor babies,”
        flying them back to wherever they came from,
        waiting twenty to thirty years so the babies can grow up and be trained as terrorists,
        and then sending them back to the US where they can gain easy entry to blow up the country. He first introduced this idea in a speech on the House floor in 2010.

        It’s Texas ya know,,,they be different down there…..

    • Ultrasound is not shoved into the body and it’s done on pregnant women all the time and is not dangerous. Bone up on your stuff before you spout off about what you know nothing about.

    • After reading your posts, I can honestly say that you are one of the most uninformed trolls I’ve encountered. I would suggest listening to Malcolm X in his own words. Search “Malcolm X Chump” on you tube. His gist is that you are a chump and a traitor to your race if you vote D.

      Then I would look up Margaret Sanger, a cofounder of Planned Parenthood and read her essays where she advocates the FORCED sterilization of blacks. After you’ve read that look at the racial statistics of black abortions. If you have a modicum of intelligence, you will realize that you have been lead astray.

      I challenge you to listen to Malcolm X and read about Margaret Sanger before you spew your hate for the right. Have a great day

      • I’ve read Malcolm X biography before I was old enough to vote. And before the internet was a thing. Let’s just say I don’t agree with him on everything. I also googled Margaret Sanger. She did how long ago? I’m not sure. I didn’t know abortions had a race, I thought they all came out bloody red. But I’ll listen, how about you listen to what he says about uncle-toms.

      • He called anyone that voted for the democrat party blindly, chumps and traitors to their race. Margaret Sanger is relevant In that there are more babies aborted to black women than any other race of pregnant mother. The D’s didn’t change their lynching ways, they changed their tactics.

        It’s easy to control a segment of the population when they abort the population before they propagate more of the same or by threatening the tax payer hand outs. Today’s Uncle Tom is the sheep that follows blindly without knowing the past and putting the pieces together.

  3. Personally, I’ve rolled my eyes at the “War on Women” since I first heard the phrase. Now, in the Middle East, there’s a real war on women. Genital mutilation, honor killings, and an almost total lack of rights is a real war on women. Not having my employer pay for me to have certain abortion-inducing “birth control” pills? Not so much. Not being pro-abortion? Also not so much. I’m wondering how many of the liberal feminists realize that they’ve killed more future women than any wars have ever done.

      • Um, I do actually feel quite lucky. If American women don’t feel lucky, then they’re not paying attention to the world around them. We are treated better here than most women in the world are…and yet we have probably the largest amount of whiners. “Oh man, I have a job and food on my table and a roof over my head, but my employer won’t pay for every type of birth control that I want! Those jerks should lose their businesses!” Or “I want to go out and have unprotected sex and rather than be responsible for my actions, I should be able to kill the baby at any point that I want to in its development. I can’t believe the losers out there that think that life is sacred!” Yeah, we really have it tough. These things totally compare to being killed because you’ve married a guy that your family doesn’t like or because you were raped. Excellent point.

      • Less availability for abortions = more people who actually think before they open their legs. It = more people who will take responsibility for their actions. And, just to keep you informed, the only drugs that Hobby Lobby refused to cover were abortion-inducing drugs. So, yeah…the other 14 or so should’ve done the job just fine.

      • Less availability for abortion will make more desperate women go to butchers like Kermit Gosnell. Supply and demand, you cutting the supply won’t reduce the demand. Laws of the market.

      • Rafael, that’s hilarious. That butcher that you mentioned, who killed all of those women and their babies? He was a legal butcher. He had a license to do what he was doing. And if you’d do your homework before you reply, you’d know that what you said was false. Abortions have increased by a huge amount since they became legalized. Most women used to just live with their choices rather than go to a butcher like Gosnell. Now it’s just an easy thing to walk in and get rid of your baby.

      • Rafael, I can see that you’re sincere in your defense of women and I can appreciate that, being a woman and all, but you seem to be missing the big picture here. You can’t, in one breath, say that “policing vaginas” is governmental intrusion and then in another breath say that the government needs to intrude on businesses and force them to pay for other people’s birth control. But, knowing that this conversation will never end, let me say that I appreciate you defending women. I just happen to believe that you’ve been mislead. I was once like you. There was a time when I screamed that women had the right to choose life or death for their offspring. I like to think that I’ve been enlightened. If you’d be willing, I’d like you to watch this video that kind of illustrates my point and my conversion: I’d also like to say that I have a beautiful older sister that my mom could’ve easily chosen to abort but chose, instead, to raise her as a single mother. I can’t imagine my life without her.

  4. The new job numbers tell who is creating the “War on Women”. Of the 280,000 new jobs, 80% were low pay/part time jobs. Whose policies are creating an economic climate that makes it hard for a woman to find a good job, one that can support her and her family? Obamacare gave companies the “30 hour loophole” that allowed companies to shift fulltime workers to 30 hours a week or less to avoid paying for Obamacare for their employees. Who voted in Obamacare? When the Dems point the finger at Republicans, they have four fingers pointing back at the real culprits in the “War on Women”….The Dems are ignoring this and telling women that the Republicans are keeping them from getting the $9.00 a month birth control they want…

  5. I don’t get this equal pay for equal work slogan cause everywhere I’ve ever worked it was the same pay for same work and same seniority! I wonder how many woman are tired of being lied to by the democrats.

  6. No, I am tickled they are using it. I like to say that the Bloomies and elites are willing to give them birth control but their right to choose self defense. When you start telling women that these elites won’t let them defend themselves it makes a huge impact.

  7. Why the post allen?? You are too afraid to run for president! Guess you will have to live with being the COMPLAINER IN CHIEF or the leader of the TIN FOIL HAT COMMANDOS!

  8. Sorry West, but it’s men and women republicans, who are losing the war on women. Reps realized they have not done one thing to support American women and are devaluating their damage, claiming there is no war and downplaying the dems contributions. This year, the rep have voted against Violence towards Women Act, Paycheck fairness and Ledbetter as well as an increase in the minimum wage.
    PS, I think you need to talk to your own rep women, bec they aren’t doing your party any good.

    and Tod needs a good talking to as well-


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