Who says I’m not fair & balanced: two video views of the Israeli conflict

I am often criticized for providing only a one-sided view of events – in general that is because I do want to provide only one side: the truth.

But today I am sharing two videos, which show you different sides of the Israeli conflict with Hamas.

One from May of this year is a clip from Palestinian al-Aqsa TV. It’s a children’s program with a fuzzy bee character that encourages little boys – and girls — to kill Jews.

The other video produced by Stand With Us is a collage of clips clearly explaining Hamas’ tactic (and admission) of using their own citizens as shields and targets. It is an act of cowardice – as one Israeli officer says, if you want to fight, why hide?

Anyone who rejects this evidence and continues to protest in support of Hamas and condemn Israel is clearly either anti-Semitic or deluded – or both.

Just yesterday the unindicted co-conspirator and Muslim Brotherhood front group, Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), initiated a letter-writing campaign to end the Israeli offensive in Gaza. Where was CAIR’s letter writing about the genocidal demands of ISIS to the Iraqi Christians?

I also have to ask, how often is the airport in Kabul and Kandahar closed to international flights — and that is an active war zone. Trust me, I’ve been there and know that rockets, missiles, and suicide ground assaults by the Taliban are a constant threat.

So is the Obama administration’s FAA trying to protect American flights heading to Ben Gurion Airport — or is this some backdoor means to isolate and bring economic pressure against Israel? I’ll hold back my final assessment until after this latest 24-hour restriction ends.

There can be no clearer situation and confrontation. You can align yourself with a sovereign nation-state, Israel, and its survival, liberty, and freedom. Or you can align yourself with iIslamic terrorists and their state sponsors: Qatar, Turkey, and Iran.

There are anti-Semitic, deluded minds on our college campuses joining with terrorist supporters advocating for the insidious BDS — boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel. They are of course part of the liberal progressive socialist Left and follow the ever more dangerous influence of Saul Alinsky radicalism.

Consider the fact that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and the Kurds do not support the Islamist movement — and we have Americans who do. Without question our own American president and his administration are part of that latter group.

When you finally accept and understand President Obama is on the side of the Islamists, all of his actions in the Middle East make perfect sense – which is why he is despised in Egypt for his support of the Muslim Brotherhood (who as you know has many associates in the Obama administration).

I wonder if Barack Hussein “Flexibility” Obama has time to view these two videos during his American Fundraising Tour surely coming to a city near you. I doubt it. But I hope you will watch and share them. We must ensure the truth is not suppressed.


  1. The liberals and pro-terrorists do not care how many videos you show that tell the truth, they claim its false or put blinders on so they don’t see it. They have their heads buried so far up their own butts their brain cells have died…. Same as when you show them whats happening on our own borders… I watched an interview clip from MSNBC where the host just ignored everything she asked her guest and still went with her own agenda… http://hotair.com/archives/2014/07/23/watch-the-most-infuriating-interview-on-the-israel-gaza-conflict-yet/

  2. Let’s stop calling it Israel’s “offensive” in Gaza. The Israelis are acting defensively, in retaliation. The word “offensive” is not right here.

  3. Not sure if that video is B.S. or not because I don’t speak the language…I hope that this isn’t another of the smear tactics this page often uses….I follow the page because I am conservative but this seems like a red flag to me……

    • The video of the kids has been around for quite some time… if it were fake then there would be something about it being fake…. I believe it.

    • the video is real. I’ve seen MANY others with them teaching and telling the children to kill the jews. It’s been gong on for a long time. I know people that speak the language, the video is accurate. Do a search, there are thousands of videos like this training children to kill jews. It’s not hard to search for the truth Jeremy. just don’t trust anyone – do the research yourself and u’ll see that the video telling and teaching children to hate and kill jews is real. sadly, it’s very very real

    • It would be reassuring if the video of that childrens show were fake. But it isn’t, and it continues to this day. If it were fake, then their would be hope for the future, but it isn’t and that means an entire generation is being raised to hate and kill. This is the true face of the enemy, the true face of radical Islam. I use the word “radical” now, but considering the silence from the majority of Muslims, and the fact that this type of program is aired unchallenged, means that soon I may have to drop that prefix.

  4. You know what needs to be done. The rest of us are watching, waiting, for the other so-called leaders in Washington to lead. One man can not have this much power to destroy this nation and allow others to be destroyed around the world. We need an honest answer, what’s the hold up? If there is an enemy within then you know what needs to be done. You guys signed up for the job, now get to work.

    • Washington is now worse than worthless. They Are a large part of the problem. Obama and his socialist and terrorist friendly appointees are destroying our reputation with the world, our healthcare, our economy, and our schools. We are more divisive than we ever were and is due to constant racial rhetoric from his paid minions. We will soon lose free speech and possibly if they get their way our right to bear arms. Meanwhile we bicker about whether one of his many scandals is impeach-worthy.

  5. The next president of the US would do well to “know” (your, our) “enemy.” No. I do not mean “pal” around with them or invite them to dinner at the White House, but understand their take on the world. For instance, An American president, before Mr. obama, could be counted on to keep his word and honor his treaties and contracts. The president meant what he said and said what he meant, back then. Our enemies will lie to us, say one thing and do another, will not honor a contract and overcharge us for service. In the end they will kill us. Eureka! That foregoing description of, “our enemies,” sounds like the description of someone we know. This characterizes the actions of Mr. obama. How so? Mr. obama lied to us. He said that we could keep our doctor. Mr. obama says one thing and means another. “I will fundamentally change America.” He meant turn the economy upside down, deal with our allies with duplicity: use illegal and unconstitutional authority to cause increases in the cost of, well EVERYTHING. Mr. obama never honored the contract he deceitfully got Congress to pass (ACA) by changing the terms, again and again. Mr, obama has certainly overcharged us for the expenses of his and his wife’s many vacations, often separate. In the end, obamacare has killed some of us, already, because we could not keep our doctor or previous levels of car. How stupid was it to change the entire medical institution because 15% were uncovered. So THEY said. Mr. obama uses deceit as a negotiating tactic. Nothing he has said can be trusted. Right down to why this country had to go to government run healthcare system. Look at the VA. That is a 300 billion a year government run health care system, it is a disaster and should be abolished. To do so would save lives and free those vets to seek competent care at a privately owned medical facility.
    Know the enemy. And the enemy is barak.h. oboma.

  6. The ignorance, or willful blindness to the facts surrounding this conflict, by those on the left who march in support of Hamas, is very troubling! What is it with Liberal Progressives, and their constant siding with evil? Why does the mainstream media fall lock step in line with these Democrats? This is the result of 6 plus years, of having an amateur in the White House. A person with no experience, no direction, and no plan.

    • We do not “support” Hamas. We simply think Israel over reacts and that blindly supporting Israel is sheer stupidity.

      • Blindly criticizing Israel, and turning a blind eye towards Hamas, does in fact make you and your cohorts supporters of Hamas. You say the response from Israel is an over reaction. Yet what you are really saying is that any responses is wrong.

        If you saw someone push a person into the path of cars, in order to get the cars to stop and rob them. You would blame the car drivers who didn’t stop, for killing the person who was pushed, and completely ignore the one who push them in front of the cars.

        Hamas is using human shields, and you are protesting the fact that those people are being killed. Which is exactly the response Hamas wants from people like you. So you are indeed supporting Hamas, by going along with their evil killing of their own people, and blaming Israel for it!

      • Hamas has not ever used human shields. They may be a bastard organization but it has never been proven that they use this practice. Unless they hide on the beach or in UN shelters which would explain why children’s bodies were all over the beach and why several UN officials are dead today.

      • The part of my reply that was in quotation marks, is all the proof needed to confirm the fact that you are an idiot.

    • I’ve seen this before and…
      Actually; it is a lousy video… which doesn’t go back far enough in History to explain why the conflict exists in the first place… which is “Dar al Islam”…

      It’s a shame we have college educated people that can’t grasp the truth… and are bent on conditioning the masses to eventually accept the Two State Solution…

      Besides… it’s NOT a fake Palestinian thing… it’s a satanic Islam thing.

  7. I like the way this article says it clearly…

    “Barack Hussein “Flexibility” Obama”

    We need to remind everyone that Barrack Hussein carries an Islamic name because he is a muslim…

    • But i thought all you right wing nut jobs wanted to get us all riled up over his christian pastor, you know, the one he spent 20 years listening to? So which is it, RWNJ’s? Is he a Muslim that as a facade attended a christian church for 20 years, but didnt really believe it because he is Muslim, thereby making Jeremiah Wright irrelevant, OR is he listening to a radical christian preacher and acting on his wishes thereby making your Muslim argument irrelevant? You can’t have it both ways.

      • Either way, it’s messed up and you don’t care because he’s a democrat. Which makes you f*#king insane. You won’t get “riled up” about anything the man does or any messed up part of his past, and there is plenty to be “riled up” about. And that makes you a left wing “nut job”. It really doesn’t matter if he’s a Muslim or if he spent 20 years listening to America hating black liberation theology. It matters that his lying, filthy administration has had one scandal after another, every one making Watergate look like a parking ticket, and you still don’t care, because you’re a stupid, dumba$$ idiot. But go ahead. Say right wing nut job again. That’s very witty.

      • Let me understand you correctly… we have to determine Barrack Hussein’s religion based on just these two factors you give?

        I’m curious… Did Barrack attend Jeremiah’s church for twenty years like he was born in Hawaii?

        Do you think Barrack Hussein’s track record of deceit, lies and being fake means Jeremiah’s so called “christian church” is legit?

        Since Barrack Hussein was also groomed by the Jew-Rat Kissinger… do you think he was ever bothered by Barrack Hussein attending Jeremiah’s so called church?

        Do you think a person like Barrack Hussein, since being groomed by the Luciferian Globalists, would factor in attending a so called “christian church” like Jeremiah’s for the purpose of duping people like you?

        Can you define what you’re idea of a “christian church” is? Can you define what a Christian Church is?

        When Barrack attends speeches and has the Cross covered up… is that an example of Jeremiah’s church? Or… being a Christian?

        Does Barry changing his name to Barrack Hussein seem like a Christian thing to do? Or… is that a “christian church” thing in your eyes?

        Does the Islamic Saudi Royal family, who supposedly paid for his so called college education seem bothered by his attending Jeremiah’s church?

        Do you think Barrack Hussein’s Bigoted Homosexual was bothered by him attending Jeremiah’s so called church?

        Do you think Barrack Hussein’s election committee telling the media NOT to use the “Hussein” part of Barrack’s name was a cover?

        Do you think Barrack Hussein is bothered by his Voodoo practicing mother-in-law? Or… Jeremiah and his so called “Christian church”?

        Do you know if Jeremiah’s so called church preaches that Christ Jesus is the Son of God? Or… just a Prophet, like satanic Islam?

        DO you think Barrack Hussein believes the same way as the “satanically influenced catholic fake church of thievery” who claims to worship the same god of satanic Islam?

        Do you think the Luciferian Globalists are bothered by Barrack Hussein aiding, funding and helping satanic Islam expand?

        DO you think Barrack Hussein aiding, funding and helping satanic Islam expand is a “christian church” thing to do? Or…a Christian thing to do?

        Therefore… I have this feeling that you don’t know jack squat about what Christianity is nor have any faint idea what Jeremiah’s church believed.

      • What I see of O’s “christian” pastor is that his teachings of Black liberation theology bear little to no resemblance to Christianity. The pretense of being a Christian adherent is consistent with Hudaibiya. The Islamic practice of lying about conversion in order to infiltrate and set the enemy up for attack. Therein is the consistency and the relevance. So who’s the Nut Job now?

  8. This story is written in the bible, 1 Samuel 15: 3 – 6. Hamas is Amalek and the Palestinians are the Kenites. The Palestinians need to distance themselves from Hamas.

  9. So after they kill all the Jews, who will be next. And so history repeats itself. Indoctrinating the children to hate and blindly follow evil. Sound familiar?

  10. There is a much larger problem with all of this that most people miss.
    1 Now the LORD said to Abram,
    “Go forth from your country,
    And from your relatives
    And from your father’s house,
    To the land which I will show you;
    2 And I will make you a great nation,And I will bless you,
    And make your name great;
    And so you shall be a blessing;
    3 And I will bless those who bless you,
    And the one who curses you I will curse.
    And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”
    Ge 12:1–3.

    The part in verse three should concern you, as those who are either allied or not reap a reward or a curse. Watch this nation continue to fold because of the policies and actions of our government who disregard God’s word.

  11. Unfortunately many in the world believe that Israel came into existence in 1948… not true.

    Israel already existed for 30 years prior… as a National Homeland… It only became a nation when it declared Statehood in 1948.

    SO how did Israel come about?

    I’ll tell ya…

    At the end of WWI… the German loving Islamic Ottoman Empire collapsed and was divided up into what we have in the ME today… And actually Israel was given a much larger portion, but was pressured by the Islamic world to hand back 80% of it, for a peace which never came. That territory given up… today is called Jordan.

    So Israel ended up with 1/6th of one percent of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI… all the rest went to satanic quran loving countries.

    Fact is… if Israel doesn’t have a right to their land… then nobody does. Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, Syria, Libya and all the others were created out of this Ottoman Empire. And at the time… the world including Russia and Europe hated living amongst and with the Jews… and the basic solution was… put them somewhere away from everyone else. (a whole other story)… This was basically the world’s solution. Especially since the Zionists were already in the process of literally purchasing back the land which many of the secular Ottoman Empire leaders were all for.

    [NOTE: To all you sick minded neo-nazi, skin head White Supremacists… who love world segregation… let me say… creating Israel is supposed to be part of your wants…aye? So what’s the problem!? Don’t you want everyone to be put in their little corner of the world!? Apparently not… y’all are to stupid to see how you are being played!]

    And since the Ottoman Empire was being dismantled… creating a Homeland for the Jews was the simplest answer. But the unforeseen problem which has been surfacing ever since was… “Dar al Islam”.

    Which were faced with in this world today.

    Dar al Islam is what motivates the satanic worshipping muslims against Israel. It is their responsibility to retrieve any lands once belonging to Islam… even upon death. Even upon conjuring up lies to duped the masses from the truth…

    And the satanic Islamic answer to that is… convince the world to believe that the Jews stole the land.

    The question is… who did the Jewish steal this land from? It was the British Empire that divided up the Ottoman Empire… it was the British Empire that gave Israel to the Jewish… It was the British Empire that established all the nations in the ME that we see today.

    Remember… how the British relinquished control of the ME over to the newly created UN? More evidence of how Israel existed long before 1948.

    The fact is… this entire scenario in the ME regarding the satanic Islamic world against Israel is all about retrieving that land back for satanic Islam.

    Why? Why is this sOOOOOOO important today?

    I’ll tell ya… satanic Islam requires all these lands to be brought back into Islam so their… are you ready for this… here it comes…

    So their satanic antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi can return. And it is expected to reveal itself here in the next 3-4 years… right at 100 years from the day Israel became a nation.

    See… Islam has a website dedicated to observing the return of this satanic antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi…

    Which is expected to happen during eclipses of both the Sun & Moon during Ramadamadingdong… which I like to call… the Islamic slaughteroween.

    Folks… Islam is satanic to the core!

    So what will happen when this satanic antichrist Islamic Caliphate/Mahdi returns?

    I’ll tell ya…

    It is expected that this satanic antichrist Islamic Caliphate/Mahdi will unite all the muslims together! Then… then… once they’re all united… the entire satanic Islamic Ummah will begin their slaughter of the Christian world!

    The satanic worshipping muslims will know this time has come when… when… they see mushammad’s green flag raised above his tomb. That is the signal to war against the Christians.

    Therefore… all of you who are duped by the propaganda of satanic Islam to hate the Jewish and hate Israel’s existence… know this… you’re more of a tool for satanic Islam than the fake Palestinians are!

    • sumsrent . . .WOW . .you have your information all screwed up. There has NEVER been a Palestinian State (organized and recognized Government) since the beginning of time. If I’m wrong, prove it . . .show me some data . . .show me something besides an adobe house with people living in it.

    • Your history is pretty accurate, but your conclusion is seriously flawed. That is not why there is a palestinian/israeli conflict. That exists because both were promised their own country and Palestinians never got theirs.

      • Wrong… there never was anyone called “Palestinian” at the end of WWI… the word was coined by Arafat in 1967.

        Therefore… YOUR interpretation is flawed. And it is NOT my conclusion… it is fact! Research “Dar al Islam” and learn the truth.

        Now then… if you want to discuss the wandering lawless gypsy Bedouins of the Islamic Ottoman Empire… that was another factor for the Jewish giving up the Transjordan area for the false peace deal that never came.

  12. There has never been a Palestinian state where Israel is today. Check your history on this one. This is the third Jewish state in that region that is only slightly larger than New Jersey or about the size of El Salvador. Muslims will not stop until they control the world and kill everyone that stands in their way. That is their religion and belief system. Hamas is only one of many…many who believe this way.

    • Yes Peter and lets also not forget that they are really the Philistines, and God warned the jewish people about them long ago.

    • There was a Palestinian administrative area controlled by the British. Post WW1, the grand plan was to create a palestinian state and an israeli state, by pushing out the existing muslim families. It took 30 years, but israel got its state, and the Muslims in the area never got theirs. 20 years later, israel illegally expanded its borders. You cant blame Palestinians for animosity.

  13. You conveniently left out any mention of the Lehi, the Irgun, and Mossad. In their day they were called terrorists, because that’s exactly what they were and still are. The Haganah were actually pushed aside for not being extreme enough in their interaction with the Arab Palestinians. You criticize civilians for getting in the way and getting killed!? Would the U.S. military conduct their missions in this manner? Why don’t you tell people about the Partition Plan and how the Jewish Palestinians ended up with 60% of the territory that was partitioned to the Arabs in less than a year of passage from the UNGA? Or better yet, how we know of Plan D which planned such a land-grab a decade in advance of resolution 181? If you are going to hold all Palestinians accountable for acts of terrorism affronted from a few in Palestine, then why aren’t you condemning all Israelis for having assassinated the British Minister of State, bombing a building and killing 92 British officials, and assassinating a UN official? And that was just in the first few years of Israel coming into being. The Israelis call it “cutting the grass”, would that term fly in the US military? As a US Army veteran I find it disturbing that we don’t hold our allies to the same standard that we implement in diligence to spare civilians from the hardships of war as much as humanly possible. And I know what humanly possible is because we don’t bomb civilians populations just to eradicate a handful of insurgents, for when we even approach that level of atrocity, we hold our soldiers accountable. I’m as conservative as one can get and I’m learning that I’m more conservative than most conservatives when it comes to this issue. You even stoop to the same tactic that you ridicule the left for doing when one opposes this administration by labeling those who speak out as racist and incapable of being objective. So apparently because I know the history of this dilemma and have come to an educated conclusion which is in complete contradiction to your pathos rhetoric I am anti-Semetic? You are now a hypocrite Mr. West and if you are going to make the assumption that those who disagree with you are doing so out of hate, then they can just as easily claim that you are a puppet of the “State” of Israel. Conservatives are supposed to look to history for solutions and direction and when it comes to this issue it seems there are many out there that simply are unawares of what the founders of Israel were willing to do in order to get what they wanted. I urge any conservative who reads this to contemplate why they are proud to be a conservative. It should be because we believe in principles of freedom, honor, integrity, and a relentless drive to understand the nature of people for good or worse and apply those principles with a humane purpose. I believe Mr. West is lost and I do not expect him to do the right thing and confront Israel on how they administer “defense”, let alone hold them accountable for violating nearly every agreement they have made with the Arabs of Palestine. I’m not claiming innocence on the part of Palestine, I’m saying for peace to prevail this is obviously failing and it’s precisely because of US statesmen like Alan West who do acknowledge that Israel as conceived is and always has been just as murderous as the Arabs we condemn for “attacking” them.

      • Interesting that you contrast this discussion to what I am only assuming is your perception of the hypocrisy of the US to disagree with the method Israel uses to “defend” itself. What you might not have realized is that the same man is responsible for both. Harry S. Truman, a democrat, first ignored advice from the British in that neither Jew nor Arab should be favored in the mandatory. Then when the handful of Israelis that had not more than ten years ago been labeled as terrorists crawled to Truman begging him to recognize them as a legitimate state…he did, quickly followed by the Soviets. That is peculiar because at the time the Soviets wouldn’t ordinarily agree to a common interest in the middle east, so why did they? It turns out that the ranks of the Zionists which formed this so called government of Israel were rife with communists and socialists, the very thing most conservatives in this nation find disagreeable. So there we have it, a real historical argument instead of some Chomskian punt which is how a liberal argues. Why can’t conservatives realize this mess was started of the democrats, by the democrats, for the democrats. Need I mention how many Jewish representatives are democrats? And we wonder why we continue to be involved in this where the British learned the hard way and wanted none of it. And WWII was an entirely different theater of war, but according to your logic Israel should really be using atomic weapons instead against people they told the international community they could share and reason with only to turn around and run them over, drive out of their homes or simply kill them where they were. Ever heard of Miko Peled? You’ve just been schooled by a conservative as a conservative should be able to.

      • Mr. Davis you asked a question “Would the U.S. military conduct their missions in this manner?” and the answer to that question, yes and they did but not only in WWII research the Korean Police Action and also Vietnam, we did in fact kill many civilians.

      • I am well aware that civilian casualties are unavoidable in war and I will take your advice. I think it’s a good point, given the amount of firepower used how effective is Israel at smiting their enemies with the occasional civilian casualty compared to that same ratio in US military campaigns? Is that your point?

      • So I did a little digging and discovered that Israel has killed approximately 91,000 civilians since their statehood began. Although most US campaigns have observed a 1:2 civilian to combatant casualty rate, the rate for Israeli-Palestinian/Arab conflicts is much better, depending on when you observe it. Up until 2003 they had an average ratio of 1:3, then suddenly from that point they maintained a 1:15-1:30 ratio. It is suspicious that they suddenly set a historical first in establishing such a ratio as most wars produce a 67% ratio. But the civilian casualty rates of the US are irrelevant since only one of it’s wars was actually a civil war and that’s what you aren’t taking into account here. The Israeli-Palestinian war is a continuing civil war. So I wouldn’t expect you to dispute the US military killed bushels of Native Americans, but yet I think most Native Americans, though irritated over the historical outcome, aren’t continuing to engage in acts of aggression or war towards the US non-Native American population. Why is that? Could it be because most Native Americans are afforded the same degree of liberty and rights as all US citizens are? They are treated as equals and I don’t think anyone would believe that the Israeli government views Palestinian Arabs as such, that being equal.

      • The ‘palestinians’ that remained in Israel when the arabs told them to leave until Israel was wiped out, are citizens of Israel

      • Ah, Israel the great democracy….I see your point. So now they’re simply an oppressive government which is another reason why the US should probably distance itself from Israel. So if what you’re saying is true, then Israel has been killing it’s own citizens, which is what Saddam Hussein and his mentor Joseph Stalin were doing to their countrymen. Are you sure you want to go with that argument? How would you even support that statement given the UN recognized Palestine as a State in 1988 and has extended them Observer status two years ago. That happened because of how Israel has been managing this affair. They won’t lose, but then again in fighting they’re sure to never win anything either, so they will continue to kill people. They’re doomed with these policies.

      • Mr. Davis let me ask you a question, what do you think would happen if all the Arabic people who live in Palestine(BTW there is no such thing as Palestinians) said that they would lay down their arms and fight no more……

      • Well, if there is no such thing as Palestinians…then who are we talking about? Ever heard of a Palestinian Jew? They existed, according to British passports issued to Jew how wanted Palestinian citizenship before September 1947. As for the Arabs laying down their arms, I would say it would make it much easier for the Israeli government to displace them entirely into the surrounding nations. You do realize that in the first year of their existence they displaced 700,000 Palestinians and then immigrated over 200,000 international Jews into those areas? You were aware of this, yes? I don’t see how people whose families have been killed could reasonably be expected to give up and want peace with an entity that does not, as you even touted here, recognize their legitimacy as a people with their own culture. Again, you are admitting that as things are with these methods no peace can be obtained, so why support a nation that insists it has no alternative yet historically has never done anything but direct its efforts towards this very outcome knowing the result in advance? What would Israel need to do in order to lead the US to a decision where it is decided best to stop supporting Israel?

    • Your way of thinking and our military’s insane ROE’s that only benefit the enemy, is what got my son killed in Afghanistan. Mute point for you as you are still alive and well.

      • I was under the same ROE and I enlisted knowing it was possible I might lose life or limb and if I had lost either I would hope that neither I or anyone else would use my sacrifice to further some argument on a web forum, which is petty in comparison.

    • I think you are blinded by the media’s love affair with the Palestinians and radical islam. Do Israelis teach hate and murder to their children? Do they use their children as fodder for propaganda?
      Sorry, but peace will NEVER be achieved until Palestinians accept the right of Israel to exist. Period. Land for peace has not worked, nor will it ever. And it is soley because the only acceptable outcome for the Palestinians is the utter destruction of Israel.
      There are two sides in every war. Here we have the only free thriving democracy in the Middle East and those hell bent on their destruction and genocide. You appear to support the latter. Good luck with that.

      • And I think you are taking your stance because you perceive it as being the opposite of the liberal dogma somehow building the notion of a conservative stigma. You’re absolutely right about the land for peace initiative fails….Israel has continually expanded and run people out of there homes with no end in sight. You’re right, the Israelis will never be happy until the have it all and drive all of the Arabs out. “What we want is not that the country be united and whole, but that the united and whole country be Jewish.” David Ben-Gurion, 1937. You should learn about the people, like Gurion, who founded the current manifestation of Israel. And I never said it is our job to ensure peace among the Israelis and the Palestinians. My point was that the US should not support either side and you apparently admit there will never be peace, so it really should be the problem of Israel since they worked so fervently to create this issue.

      • You are delusional. Israel gives up the Sinai for peace with Egypt. They give up Gaza hoping for peace with the Palestinians, who now use it to stage attacks. The Palestinians do not want peace. They want dead Jews. Period. And why would we not support the only free democracy in the middle east? We should throw them to the wolves instead? That would certainly fit our “head in the sand” foreign policy of late. Or more like head up our a$$, I should say.

    • You are forgetting that Israel drops flyers, makes phone calls and tells the gaza citizens to vacate the premises (what other country does that). Israel is not digging tunnels into Gaza to murder people. Israel has given up land for peace..that worked well didnt it? Hamas has broken every agreement. How many rockets hitting your neighborhood would it take before you demand our government do something

      • What other country has to do that on a continual basis? The question itself acknowledges there is a problem that has not been thought out. If they had relinquished enough land to reestablish what was drawn out in the Partition then that would be one thing…but I don’t think they even came close to meeting that.

  14. Ok. That children video is screwed up. But if hamas teaches people to attack jews in one side, the israeli army teaches their soldiers to kill palestinians (“meat shield” or not)… Big fuckin difference.

  15. I am surprised by the headline of the article. But to answer the question posed I would maintain that any objective reader would say you are not fair and balanced. Both videos appear aimed to justify the current Israeli invasion. And from the comments here it appears there is a strong basis from all readers.

    First let me say that the majority of people do not support Hamas. They are a terrorist organization that has a stated aim of destroying Israel. The history is complicated but the premise is, they believe that Israel is occupying their land and that violence is the only method by which they can achieve their aims. The first video is from a real program that ran from 2007 to 2009. It has been heavily criticized for its anti-semitic teachings and is a poor reflection on the Palestinian people. (However many of these video clips circulated have been accused of inaccurate translations where the translation is showing the participants to more be aggressive than the reality) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomorrow's_Pioneers

    To be fair and balanced one must also look at the Israeli actions objectively. The criticism of Israel is that their response is disproportionate to the threat. If you look at the numbers of people that have been killed there is a large discrepancy: approx: 1,134 Israelis and 7,590 Palestinians since 2000. More apt is to look at how many innocent children have been killed: 139 Israeli Children and 1534 Palestinian children. http://www.ifamericansknew.org/stat/deaths.html.

    These figures do not take into account the recent deaths in the current conflict where 680 Palestinians and 31 Israelis have been killed. With 174 of the Palestinian deaths being children.

    If innocent children are being killed at a ratio of 11:1, Palestinians to Israelis, one begins to question the ligaticany of Israeli actions. When Israel tries to excuse its killing of innocent children by saying that Hamas is using them as human shields most rational people begin to question the legitimacy of this claim. The recent murder of 4 children on a beach in Gaza is clear example of the disproportionate action of the Israeli forces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPd0OVRn69c

    In summary if you are to be fair and balanced I would ask you to actually present both sides of the conflict. I am certainly not a supporter of Hamas but equally I am not blind to the balant actions of the Israeli army. Many consider their current actions as war crimes and to blindly support them is a abdication of your responsibility. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/07/23/un-human-rights-chief-warns-possible-gaza-war-crimes/

    • What is Israel supposed to do when Hamas continues to use human shields and continues to bomb Israel from within Gush Katif (Gaza)? Is Israel supposed to not fight back and continue to get hammered? How is Israel to respond when Hamas instructs Palestinians to remain in the “hot zone” and to be on the rooftops with their children when the bombs are flying? Is Israel supposed to allow unfettered destruction of their country while Hamas continues to violate UN resolutions regarding military activity from within established non-military zones? Why is Israel crying at the unneeded loss of innocent Palestinian life worse than the wanton and celebratory exultations at the loss of any and all Israeli life?

      Has it been forgotten than when Israel forcibly removed their own citizens from Gush Katif (Gaza), with all buildings and green houses and hospitals intact, the Palestinians destroyed everything left behind? For Hamas, *destruction* of Israel *at all costs* is their only motive. Hamas, MB, ISIS, etc… don’t have problems with the *size* of Israel, but the *existence* of Israel.

      How do *you* deal with a bully that wants you dead?

      • If all that matters is that one side is so bent on the utter destruction of the other then you need to study the Zionist insurgency. You are assuming that the Israelis are incapable of wanting all the Arabs to be wiped from the planet, that is the underlying flaw in your point. Both sides hate each other to such an extent that it is dangerous and simply pointless to support one over the other. I would add this, how is it that Mr. West can go on about social welfare enabling people to live beyond their means and can’t seem to understand that the US supporting Israel is a form of militaristic welfare enabling them to behave in such a manner that they would not be able to otherwise? In other words, it is the tools we provide that allow them to disregard peace on mutual terms in substitute for merely dictating how peace established. They are a tyranny primarily because all tyrannies seem to underestimate the initiative that people will undertake to resist such an environment. Take away their weapons and I promise you there will be peace soon after, not right away perhaps, but eventually more so than what we are witnessing today. Or we arm the Palestinians to the same degree and allow for the concept of mutual destruction to set in on both sides.

      • So you reiterate that Israelis are not allowed to preserve their own lives? Hamas is in violation of UN agreements by launching military strikes from civilian locations. Then to add insult to injury, Hamas instructs everyone living in Gush Katif to NOT run for cover when Israel sends missiles to destroy the illegal military installation.

        You may want to watch not only “The Gatekeepers” on Netflix, but “The Square” to see how organizations like: MB, Hamas, Boko Haram, ISIS, etc… take over movements that not only endanger innocent non-Muslim civilians, but also the “moderate” Muslims in their own countries.

        Israel may be “guilty” of targeting illegal military installations and inflicting “collateral damage” (how I hate that term), but the founding charter of Israel does NOT call for the destruction of their neighboring countries. All the Islamic entities in the various countries surrounding Israel (and within Israel) explicitly call for the destruction of Israel as a country and the genocide of all Israelis. Please tell me how one is supposed to negotiate with an organization (and individuals within that organization) who want you dead at all costs?

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNNhG0zDtA8 – May be helpful as a primer

        Osama bin Laden was right, Muslims are engaged in a war of ideologies. It’s long past time The West woke up to that reality.

      • I don’t think you understand me. It’s not the responsibility of the US to negotiate with or for anyone. It’s there problem and if you really understood this civil war you would at least acknowledge that the Palestinian Jews were just as zealous in attempting to take as much as possible and drive out the non-Jewish populace. Many people have commented here along with me about David Ben-Gurion, there’s no excuse for your continued lopsided ignorance….unless of course you’re a Jew which means you likely are unable to be objective. Though not necessarily, Miko Peled seemed to have escaped the Jewish bias of Zionism.

      • I’m not saying the US needs to negotiate or even mediate between Israel and Hamas/MB/ISIS/Etc… Your comment on my being Jewish (which I’m not) could be taken as anti-Semitic by those who are hyper-sensitive (which I’m not).

        I will not deny that Israel has launched missiles into Gush Katif. My issue is *why*? Because Hamas is engaging in state sponsored terrorism against Israel. (US funded “Unity Government” – to the tune of $800,000,000 – in violation of international and US law. Thanks President Obama.) Hamas/MB/ISIS/Boko Haram/PLO are masters at propaganda, and The West have bought it hook, line and sinker.

        I’ve seen the actions of the hyper-Jewish presence, and they *are* just as rabid as the hyper-Muslim presence. But they are generally held in check by the Knesset. Not so is Hamas/MB/ISIS/Etc… held in check by any governing authority because they *are* the governing authority.

      • When it comes to propaganda, how many films have you seen lately come out of Hollywood about the Palestinians from their point of view? What do Americans really know about the Arab other than they are blood thirsty throwbacks that would rather kill you than look at you. If that’s not propaganda, then I don’t what is. The dichotomy is so opaque one can almost cut it with a knife.

      • Israel is the only country that allows non Jews to hold office and in the cabinet. You wont see that in Iran, Iraq, Gaza etc. The ‘palestinians’ who did not leave when the arabs told them too are now Israeli citizens. BTW there are no ‘palestinian Jews’.

      • Interestingly enough I don’t think many people realize that there were several Arab leaders that invited the Jews back to Jerusalem. So that does demonstrate the Arab community is capable of producing leadership that can workout differences to an extent. But Israel as it was founded, by the particular faction of Jews which founded it is not a gleaming example of the sepulcher of harmony. They were doing the very things that Hamas does today, only towards the British. The international community even labeled them as terrorists. A Palestinian Jew would be a person who was a Palestinian citizen under the Mandatory Palestinian government. My distinction is between that of the European immigrant versus the Jewish descendant who have been in Israel before it’s founding. There is definitely a distinction because for a period during the immigration of European Jews there was even tension between them and the “Palestinian Jews”. It’s the latter that really gave rise to the Zionist insurgency which founded modern day Israel. Just because other countries don’t practice tolerance doesn’t mean that justifies what Israel is doing or how they have treated the Palestinian Arabs.

      • Take away the Israeli weapons and I promise you there will be annihilation. But be amazed at Who will actually prevail! Israel is not being “tyrannical”, my dear, they just want what they believe they are entitled to have. And Mr. West is right, and you are mistaken. Please reread his comments on the matter and rethink your conclusions.

      • take away the weapons and there would be peace? why teach 5 year olds to kill Jews? or should I say Apes and pigs and whatever else the Palestinians call Jews? Hamas wants money not peace. Hamas wants power not good lives for Palestinian’s. They dont have clean water but they can buy Russian missiles and build million dollar tunnels. Twenty percent of Israel’s population is Arab now and that number is growing. Who wants to kill whom?

      • Craig, you didn’t address the point I made. Perhaps you could reread my comment and address my point regarding the disproportionate response of Israel directly and objectively. I would then be happy to debate this issue with you.

    • you would only be happy when as many or more Israelis were killed. Hamas cannot and will not win any kind of military action. this is about the numbers of women and children they put in the way of Israeli DEFENSIVE STRIKES so that Hamas can fool idiots like you. Hamas is Boko Haram North.

      • dghealy, your response is emotive, ill conceived, lacks coherence, devoid of insight and is also both factual and grammatically incorrect. Perhaps you can take some time to educate yourself and then post a comment that would add some value to the debate.

    • “If innocent children are being killed at a ratio of 11:1, Palestinians
      to Israelis, one begins to question the ligaticany[sic] of Israeli actions.”

      No one does not. When it is know that Hamas wants civilian casualties.

      1) for the international outcry against Israel

      2) to foment hatred among the Palestinians.

      Also remember that the Hamas terrorists are themselves civilians. This is not a uniformed army fighting another uniformed army.

    • Patrick — would you be happier if more Israeli children were killed, to bring some balance to the equation of death?

      Three things:

      1) Hamas lies. The number of dead “Palestinians” is inflated.

      2) Hamas encourages “Palestinians” to put themselves in harm’s way, to score PR points. Israelis, on the other hand, have invested in protecting their population.

      3) I put “Palestinians” in scare quotes because there is not, and never has been, a nation of “Palestine.” It is a “region,” like what we’d call The South, or Oceania. This region includes parts of Israel, but also parts of neighboring countries. There are “Palestinian” Christians, “Palestinian” Jews, and so on.

    • Just ignore everything else and look death to death. That’s not intelligent, or even civil. Israel goes out of their way to protect their own people with Iron Dome and thousands of bomb-shelters. Israel risks failed battles by giving advanced warning to Gazan people (and the Hamas Terrorists) before they strike to save civilians. Israel conducts a ground war against rocket launchers when they could easily carpet bomb the a square-mile around the launch site. Israel risks many more soldier’s lives to spare enemy civilians. The US doesn’t do this. Hamas does the opposite. Hamas aims rockets at civilian targets. Hamas shoots rockets from homes/schools/mosques/shelters in order to have human shields. Hamas want lots of death on both sides.
      If you can miss all this and pretend that body-count to body-count comparisons measure fairness, then go ahead and convert to Islam. It looks like you have already shut-off your brain if you ever had one.

    • Patrick, if I were you I would use credible websites. Wikipedia isn’t what I would use to support my side of the argument. if I wanted to I could go in to Wikipedia anytime I wanted and edit it with anything I want. the public has the ability to edit and change information on Wikipedia. so if you want to argue using your twisted views, use a credible site. thank you.

  16. Israel can do no wrong , because people of religious superstition believe they are a chosen people…… nevermind WE created Israel, once oil became a valuable commodity and the riches of the middle east became evident, we replanted and armed the Israeli’s there…. they are also our strategic partners/allies…. so, boxing in a country on all sides as a jail, controling any and all exit points and food /supplies etc, not enough power….if we can look the other way on own criminality for invading Iraq, for the MIC, I guess our conscience is clear on any war making Israel may do……

    • I am very religious- a Roman Catholic and I don’t excuse Israeli persecution of the Palestinians any more than I excuse Palestinian terrorism. Both are in error in policy and action. There will be no path to peace until both sides want it more than anything else. They are stubborn, prideful, tormented and greedy- and misery and destruction are their default setting. The Jews are no better than the Nazis in some of their tactics, and the Palestinians are like the IRA, the Hamas, the Taliban, ISIL, the Communists- terrorists. Neither group pursues justice- the Christian west was the only hope but we have sold our souls for greed, too. It is only a matter of time before some nuclear powder keg turns the 10 40 window into an ocean of glass.

      • “The Jews are no better than the Nazis in some of their tactics”

        What a load of Obama! Care to name the Auschwitz gasing Arabs?


        Greed? LOL, do you have a job? If so, do you work for free?

    • “boxing in a country on all sides as a jail”
      Yes, why can’t an Israeli travel to Saudi Arabia? Good point.

      • No one travels to Saudi Arabia without a contact in country. It is not an open country. They have the right to refuse entry to any they choose- that is what the concept of national sovereignty means.

      • Please stop the mierda del toro, no Jew is allowed an entry visa. I could have gone in a second in the ’90s.

      • I’ve been there one time,and my husband travels there regularly. NO ONE gets into Saudia as a tourist.

  17. I’ve been in Afghanistan for the past four years and we have had direct attacks outside of Kabul airport. The airport has not closed…however flights have been canceled. Also keep in mind that your statement of AFG not being affected is false. Yes, US military departs the airport in war situations on the military side but civilian is another matter. We have flights that are foreign airlines. FAA doesn’t matter because there are no US flights (excluding military). If you notice but there were quite a few international airlines who were still flying in and out of Israel. Plain and simple, MH 17 happened And FAA and US airlines panicked. My question, before MH 17 happened, if that pilot decided to turn around to Amsterdam and then all routes through eastern Ukraine were canceled, would we have been scoffing at FAA’s overreaction?

  18. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope” by Barak Obama.

    • On the other hand, we have Mr. Obama, who blatantly has the “audacity” to stand against Israel, when as an employee of the American people, he has been hired to do the will of the majority. The majority have made it clear by now that we stand with Israel. This is NOT a man to be admired, but who should be removed from his employment immediately, for this and many other reasons.

      • He should stand for peace and stability in the region. That is what the people of the US are paying him for, because that is most conducive to our own and to the greater common good. But this would require sacrifices and humiliations on both sides that neither is willing to make, and it would require reparation and recitation in ways no one is willing or equipped to make- this situation required the wisdom of Solomon, but there is no one with Solomon’s values alive today.

  19. Here is what ISRAEL’S first PM, David ben gurion, said, “Why should the Arabs make peace? If I were an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country. Sure, God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. We come from Israel, it’s true, but two thousand years ago, and what is that to them? There has been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come here and stolen their country.” The Jewish Paradox : A Personal Memoir of Historic Encounters that Shaped the Drama of Modern Jewry (1978)

    • Ben gurion was a wise man. He made this statement realizing that there would never be peace between Israel and the Arabs, but was still willing to be obedient to God. A man to be admired.

      • So, you have no problem with people’s land being stolen because God “promised” it to another people? Do you pro-israel nuts even realize how crazy you sound?

      • Yeah and we should also give all the lower Southern half of the United States to Mexico and the rest back to the Native Americans.

        This is ancient history. It’s as irrelevant as blacks in the United States born today saying racism is the cause for them being broke while we have a popularly elected Black President.

        Since when is uprooting and moving such a problem? It’s said in the U.S. that if you are not willing to move you will never be successful. To be successful you have to uproot and move to where the jobs and money are. Whether your family has lived there for generations is irrelevant. That didn’t stop Arnold Schwarzenegger from coming to the USA flat broke.

        It’s a tough choice but you have to do it. In this case the land was given to Israel and the Jews, the people living there, now calling themselves Palestinians, rejected a similar offer. They have absolutely no claims as a consequence, just as Mexico has no claims to current-American land.

        There is one Jewish state and 9 Arab states and Muslim states everywhere. Each state is double or triple the size of Israel. It’s time to let the Jewish people have their little sliver of land that they’ve developed into one of the most powerful and prosperous nations that’s ever existed.

        In each state surrounding Israel a woman is lucky if she can drive or not get murdered for refusing to fast during Ramadan or walk outside of her house unaccompanied by a male relative. Muslim nations are held back by their own beliefs. If it weren’t for oil the entire region would look like modern day Syria. Even in majority-Muslim countries the Muslims are fighting and killing each other and can’t even agree on anything amongst themselves, even with no Israel in sight. Israel gave Gaza back to the Palestinians and what happened? They elected Hamas. Evil breeds evil. Complacency allows evil to grow and fester. Peaceful mainstream Muslims have so far been irrelevant to preventing terrorism, and they suffer the consequences of that. All you have to do is look outside of Israel for proof of how “great” it is to live in a Muslim nation. But they, that’s apparently what the people want, right.

        Why don’t the Muslim nations focus on war in Syria or the one in Iraq or the fact that woman have no rights in Iran and Saudi Arabia. The Palestinians should go back to Jordan, find jobs, and live in peace with Israel. Show some compassion and give up the entire thing to the Jews who suffered the worst catastrophe that Muslims can’t even fathom suffering in the World War II holocaust. The Jews, more than anyone, deserve to have that ENTIRE strip of land to themselves.

        In the USA there is such a thing as “imminent domain”, where the government can force you to give up your land. It sucks, but if it happens to you, guess what? There’s nothing you can do about it. Smart people pick up, move on, and start over from scratch. They begin building a successful life again, they don’t dwell on the past or the fact that they lost what they owned. So their land was taken? Oh well. Life isn’t fair. Move somewhere else. You must just find that the grass is actually greener on the other side.

        Matthew 6:14-15 “If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

      • If God promised it to someone, no, I have no problem with it. I don’t care how crazy it sounds to you or anyone else. I am not the final word. He is.

  20. When your enemy wants to destroy you, to kill you and remove even memory of you from the earth, what choice have you got?

    Death has no meaning for them, they welcome death from their enemy. The children are raised on it. Where we teach tolerance and acceptance of differences, they teach hate and condition their children to violence.

    As Paul Harvey said often “It is not one world.”

    • When your enemy wants to destroy you, to kill you and remove even memory of you from the earth, what choice have you got? You go ahead and do exactly what the British told you not to do and segregate yourself, declare yourself a state and then enter into an agreement with the UN where upon passage of a resolution to establish a partitioned Palestine you immediately violate that resolution and assume power of an additional 60% of Arab land as defined by the resolution you agreed to. Then you displace almost a million Arabs and hand out those areas to immigrant Jews. Yeah, that was definitely the path to a peaceful and mutual existence with your Arab neighbors. Won’t escalate a bit.

      Death has no meaning for them, they welcome death from their enemy. The children are raised on it. Where we teach tolerance and acceptance of differences, they teach hate and condition their children to violence. As opposed to teaching our children that they are Gods chosen people and they’re smarter and more important than anyone else around them. And they wonder why nearly every nation has driven them out at some point in time? Seriously, this stuff goes both ways, the Jews poke the Palestinians, and the Palestinians poke back and the Jews say “He’s hitting me!” and the Palestinians really hit the Jews for tattling and the Jews grab a stick and wack the Palestinians and the Palestinians throw a rock and the Jews say “He’s throwing rocks!” and….This will never end. Throw both of them out with the bath water.

      • The difference is that Israel contains the people historically chosen by God to host the greatest Man who ever lived, died, and resurrected. According to biblical prophecy, which so far has been about 99.5% accurate, (only because the final .5% hasn’t happened yet) as long as Israel is a nation (a prophecy realized in 1948) there will be conflict because of their disobedience to God. Yet God still loves them and will protect them til the end because they were his chosen people. The Arabs came from different tribes descended from the family Noah long before this. They claim Allah as their god, a false god who cannot prevail. This is a holy war between the two nations, that will continue until the end of time, and there is nothing we can or should do to stop it.

    • When you’ve lost your children through violence you likely have nothing to harbor but hate. Killing peoples children is a great to end up dead yourself.

  21. Let’s all look at this conflict realistically. This conflict will not be resolved until one side is almost completely wiped out. Why are certain countries and people looking for a band aid when the situation calls for surgery.

    When you look at the history of Man and then compare the last 50 years things get very confusing. Boarders have always changed. If 200 years ago you were to say an invading people took control of another people’s land nobody would think twice. For thousands of years people and armies would fight and the winner took the prize. “To the victor go the spoils.” However now we draw a line on a piece of paper and it becomes permanent until the end of mankind?

    They’ve proved time after time after time after time that they can not coexist. This situation will not be resolved until one side wins. I say just let them resolve this situation once and for all, the old fashioned way.

    • You are wrong. They can coexist. But Israel must keep ever vigilant and do exactly what she has been doing for the past 70 years. There is no hope of ever having a true peace there…its ridiculous to even try…but Israel can exist…and inflict pain on those who would harm her.

      • If you call the constant threat of violence and terrorist acts coexisting than we must have different views when it comes to living life and coexisting.

        A good day in Gaza is when both sides are plotting their next move and things are quiet. An O.K. day is when rockets and bombs go off and less than 5 people die or less than 20 people are injured. A regular day consists of multiple people dying on both sides.

        I just think a one time war, winner takes all, is more humane than 50, 100, 500, 1000 or more years of violence. Only one thing can stop this mess and that’s one side winning and the other losing. When neither is willing to bend the knee the conflict will never end.

      • They did that in 1967. And here we are. Until there are no more Jews in Israel, the fighting will continue. The countries surrounding Israel will never stop attacking. Ever. And they are able to gain support by playing the victim to a world of morons who lap it up

      • Nop in 1967
        Israel took control of Palestine and Egyptian territories but did not annexed
        them to their country, using the land and control to negotiate peace, which
        was done with Egypt and the land given back to them, but the Palestinians
        decided not and swore to kill all Jews and to not recognized their right to
        exist as a country, and that is what Israel still trying to do today to be
        recognized and left alone, but maybe is time for Israel to just take it and annexed
        it and make all Muslims convert or leave the country, o no wait only ISIS can
        do that the rest we have to go along with them, or die.

      • If that war would have been an actual war, which ends when one side is completely destroyed, instead of a 6 day offensive, we wouldn’t be seeing all this stuff today. Israel’s dream of coexisting in peace is a fantasy. The two sides can’t coexist. The only way there will be peace is if one side is completely destroyed.

      • Are those the same people who are allowing Hamas to use them as human shields? Anybody who is just trying to live life has long since left Gaza.

      • I believe the Israelis have the right to protect themselves, and Hamas is a bunch of terrorists. The issues and the region are extremely complex, and peace is very difficult to achieve. Maybe the cease fire on the table now will bring some relief to the people. That is what I hope. Here are some statistics- there almost 2 million people in Gaza, most of them are probably seriously suffering with no place else to go, they are not all combatants or willing participants in the rocket attacks against Israel.

        From Wikipedia

        “The Israeli name for the military action is Operation Protective Edge, and is the deadliest military operation to have taken place in Gaza since the Gaza War of 2008–09.[46] According to the Gaza Health Ministry, at least 805 Palestinians were killed and 5,250 were injured.[9] Among the dead were 182 children, 92 women, and 45 elderly.[47] The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) estimated that, as of 24 July, 578 of those killed were civilians, of whom 278 were women or children.[4] OCHA’s spokesman said “There is literally no safe place for civilians” in Gaza.[48] 34 IDF soldiers have been killed as well as 2 Israeli civilians and a Thai worker. In addition, one IDF soldier is missing and presumed dead.[4] The Israel Defense Forces has accused Hamas of using civilians as “human shields”;[12] an allegation denied by Hamas.[49]

        According to OCHA, as of 22 July 2014 in the Gaza Strip, at least 117,000 Palestinians have been displaced and are taking shelter in UNRWA schools, 1.2 million people have no access or very limited access to water or sanitation, 90 schools and 18 health facilities have been damaged, 2,655 housing units have been destroyed or severely damaged rendering them uninhabitable, 3,175 housing units have been damaged but are still inhabitable and 80% of people only receive 4 hours of electricity per day.[50]

        Human rights groups have argued that both Palestinian rocket attacks and Israeli targeted destruction of homes of Hamas and other militia members violate international humanitarian law and might constitute war crimes.[51][52][53]”

      • Israel fights wars to win wars. They don’t draw imaginary red lines in the ground and then do nothing when everyone crosses the line. They told everyone that they were going to start retaliating to rocket fire coming from Gaza. They gave any and all civilians ample time to evacuate the area. Meanwhile Hamas continues to fire rockets from residential neighborhoods, churches, playgrounds, schools and any other area populated by civilian targets. Hamas is looking at this entire situation as a win-win. If Israel doesn’t respond than they’re free to continue launching rockets, if Israel does respond they can show the corpses of children, women and the elderly on T.V. and claim that Israeli troops are slaughtering innocent people. Israel is just doing what it takes to stop the constant attacks.

        Honestly I’m not Pro-Israel and I’m definitely not Pro-Hamas but I can’t fault Israel with anything they’ve done so far when it comes to their response to these rockets. They’re lucky Israel hasn’t decided to turn Gaza into a giant crater.

      • And that she does. Just because I understand it does not mean I can condone it, not all of it anyway.

    • God is not on Israel’s side more than He is on the side of Palestine, and He is not on the US’ side more than He is on the Chinese side. God is on the side of those who love and obey Him, and who are accountable to that which He has made known to them about Himself.

      • Jose, yes, there is a God, and His primary concern is to reconcile those who will be (those who want to be, choose to be) reconciled with Him unto Himself, according to His intention for each one of us in creating us. Every single person is loved and desired by God in spite of the wicked things we have done or seen or been victims of. This is graphically displayed for us through the incarnation, life, passion, death and resurrection of His Son, consubstantial with Himself, Our Lord Jesus Christ. There is nothing NOTHING anyone anywhere can do, or has done, that the God who died for the sake of all sinners is not willing to forgive- all anyone has to do is ask, and receive- then the best thing any soul can do is find ways in this life from this point forward to help people undo the damage, however that works out for each individual.

      • If you will pray sincerely to the living God, he will reveal Himself & His Son to you.The scripture declares that IF you seek Him, He will found in you! Those who repent, He will forgive & cleanse from all unrighteousness! (1 John 1:9,10) Please let Him in your heart by humbling yourself to Him.

      • God does take sides with the more righteous nations, until they backslide terribly , then at times He allows enemies to defeat the more righteous nation. Israel is promised this land in the end times & the LORD Jesus Himself will defend then at the battle of Armageddon.

      • The Israel St. John is speaking of is the Church. I believe there is some particular role the nation of Israel and the Jewish people play but I would not be so bold as to exonerate them based on apocalyptic prophecies. The Jewish nation is not the apple of God’s eye and neither is the US. The people of God, are the apple of His eye. There are no Christian nations anymore- there are only apostate ones. Christendom is laid waste- moral depravity has taken over culture. In fact, I sympathize with the militant Muslims, when they despise westerners because of moral turpitude- and that is what will be the downfall of the United States. The more righteous nations right now, over all from God’s perspective, might be the Muslim ones….

      • I can not will not agree that God supports those who destroy innocence and purity in his name. Yes Christianity has a great deal to do if it is once again going to be a major influence on culture. However I suggest that too is part of his plan.Christianity was never designed to be an imposed order that forces others into the designed box of “righteous” Rather if you truly imbrace Christian ideals you react in love to those around you and inspire righteousness.If you are truly preferring the radicals view point of severe doctrine designed to keep individuals suplicated than truthfully Christianity and it’s love thy Lord God with all thy heart and might and thy neighbor as thyself won’t feel that niche. True faith makes God the ultimate authority not sharia. I saw your earlier post about anti christian actions by Israel but your new post makes me doubt it. You said your self where your sympathy lies. Christians and Jews have a conflicted history but at the end of the day our core beliefs align far better than the radicals do. We see in our own countries the baited game of doing an act that creates a conflict than blaming the other side for the violence if they defend themselves. Israel has been dealing with this bully longest but as the game continues elsewhere people are waking up to how the radicals twist events and care nothing for human life.

      • My sympathy lies with righteousness, but I agree with you the only path to righteousness is by way of the grace won for us through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and it is through entering into the same sacrificial love that we will find the pathway to that righteousness- not by oppression, not by injustice. I am not a Muslim or a Jew and I regard both with respect. I am a Roman Catholic, a Christian. Christians have been the custodians of the the western civilization for over a millenia

  22. “When you finally accept and understand President Obama is on the side of the Islamists”

    Hence ignoring the Green Revolution in Iran.

    Where was CAIR’s letter writing about the Hamas rocket attacks since Israel left Gaza?

    If these putrid Islamists “caired” more for their sons and daughters than death to Israel, there would be peace in the Middle East.

    That will NEVER happen.

    Islamists protect their weapons with children, the sane world protects children with their weapons.

    • Palestinian Christians are regularly harassed by Israelis at checkpoints, have their access to water ridiculously restricted, etc. There are no white five gallon hats in this region of the world- neither side has a just cause for all the nastiness. The Israelis are persecuting the Palestinians, and the Palestinians are terrorists. This is a two edged scimitar and both sides are guilty.

      • Moral equivalence failure. Israel can’t take chances with folks who use women, children, schools, hospitals and mosques are weapons.

      • Israel sends food medicine water milk electricity to the people in so-called Palestine, which is really Judea and Samaria of the Bible that is Jewish Hebrew Israeli land. Israeli doctors and hospitals take care of the same Islamic supremacist terrorists about to kill Jews every day until there are none left and Israel is wiped off the face of the earth

      • Israel has more Nobel Prize winners per capita than any other nation ever has. They have helped the whole world with their supercharged brains and their intelligence such as cell phones email text messaging Intel processors Google, irrigation inventions agricultural inventions science medical techventions too many to even begin to scratch the surface of here

  23. Can someone explain how our administration’s gift of 50 million dollars to Hamas, a self proclaimed terrorist organisation bent on killing every Jew can be anything but a declaration of war against Israel. When did evil become good? Why does Obama support evil against an ally? Is he really a anti Jewish Muslim? his actions seem to suppprt that.

  24. I applaud Col. West for his steadfastness and loyalty to our country. I’m much more pessimistic however, and I feel as though the US has been destroyed beyond repair. Too many people are just plain ignorant of what is taking place, and I fear many more just don’t give a damn enough to make the effort to educate themselves. Israel will survive, and they will thrive, even without US support. It is really a sin though, that the only other truly free country on Earth cannot count on US as a “steadfast and loyal” ally any more.

  25. The day the FAA banned flights to Israel I knew it was ordered by Obama and was a thinly veiled threat against Israel. There was no safety issue involved. It was merely to cause Israeli’s and others to pressure their government to do what Obama wants, which is to submit to Hamas. Fortunately, the average Israeli is smart enough to see through these “tactics”, whereas many Americans aren’t. That, in itself, is a sad commentary.

  26. I suggest that the Palestinians transport their children to Israel since the Israelis appear to be the only adults who actually care about these children.

    • The only problem with this is Palestinians use their children and hospitalized patients as shields. So if they sent them to safety, they would not have their “shields” anymore.

    • Give me a break! You are delusional or anti-Israel! Palestinian kids TV teaching the children to kill Jews! Just how do the Israelis compare to the hatred and brainwashing of children in a manner even approaching that? Dumb ass!

      • How typical! Can’t stand the facts so you attack the lack of spellcheck! What a nat! Hey, did I spell that write? Go back and follow the link! It is a somber accounting of how the Israeli military establishment dehumanizes Palestinians. And just for your information? I was around in the 70’s, when Palenstinians were routinely referred to as terrorists. They were ALL terrorists back then, there was no distinction. Realizing the public relations embarrassment which was surely coming, that language was toned down, at least in public. I am not going to get into any further argument with a mentally challenged elderly person. You are simply unable and unwilling to look at the issue objectively. Your biases about this matter are all too clear.


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