Obama thinks you’re too clueless to understand the issues

A common refrain from progressive socialists is that if you don’t agree with their agenda it’s because you’re just not quite smart enough to understand it (well, either that or you’re a racist).

And so, case in point, as reported by the Washington Times, “President Obama told Democratic donors Wednesday night that most Americans don’t have time to think about the details of the Benghazi terrorist attack or the problems with Obamacare. Speaking at a fundraiser at the Los Angeles home of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes, the president took his usual shots at the Republican Party, suggesting its members are focused on the wrong issues and frequently “obfuscate and they bamboozle and sometimes don’t say what’s true.”

So they guy responsible for the “Lie of the Year, 2013″, is accusing people of saying things that aren’t true? The fella who has more Pinocchios than Gepetto himself is bringing up the issue of integrity? But what most offends me is this president’s dismissive opinion of Americans’ understanding — we certainly understand abandoning four Americans to die.

“Over time, they start thinking, ‘you know what, all politicians are the same.’ And most folks don’t have the time to sort out all the intricacies of Obamacare or Benghazi, or this or that. They don’t have time for that,” he said. “All they know is it’s not working for them. And so people then pull out and they drop out, and they don’t work. And that further entrenches those who are protecting an unjust status quo.”

So Barack Hussein Obama thinks we’re just not smart enough to comprehend his failures. We’re not able to realize his foreign policy is beyond dismal and creating an increasingly unstable world — while he is AWOL.

Well, let me speak for my fellow Americans when I say we’re smart enough to understand our border is unsecured and his executive order is the prime reason for the current illegal immigration crisis. We’re competent enough to know a U.S. Marine sits in a Mexican jail while Obama has done nothing. We are indeed wise enough to understand Obamacare was passed using non-standard procedures in the House and Senate, under Democrat control, and we continue to realize that YOU and none of your disciples even read the damn bill — as evidenced by this week’s confusing court decisions.

Obama says “the Republican Party has been taken over by people who just don’t believe in government.” Good try bro, but we believe in the proper role of government as articulated in the U.S. Constitution, of which you claim to be a constitutional scholar.

I think Obama was in good company with Shonda Rhimes, the creator of “Scandal” and its star Kerry Washington, an outspoken supporter of the president who worked on his re-election campaign. With all the scandals surrounding him and his administration, art truly did get a chance to meet life — fantasy occupied the same space as reality.

Why does Barack Obama go off on all these fundraising junkets? Because it’s way more fun than staying in Washington D.C. and doing his job. I suppose Obama believes he is so capable that he can govern and lead the United States in moments of crisis on the fly. After all, as “No Drama Obama” – he can spread magic crisis dust all over America and the world as he jets about wasting American taxpayer dollars and increasing his carbon footprint.

In a weak attempt to to rally Democratic voters ahead of the crucial midterm elections, Obama said there’s no time to be discouraged over the lack of progress in recent years. Gee, I think there’s plenty of reason to be discouraged, but more reason to celebrate when we rid the country of some of his progressive socialist acolytes this November.


    • Apparently about 47% if the polls are correct. Either stupid or uninformed and happy with it or maybe just have tingles running up their legs

    • Now, now… if you just leave it up to stupidity you’re neglecting to mention on the hard work they put in fixing the election through voter fraud.

      • Voter fraud was sooo bad that the republican house held numerous hearings on the subject….wait…that didn’t happen! NEXT!!!

  1. Please stop bringing up race when you write about Obama. You are the only one that says that.
    2) the Republicans are not doing anything for this nation but smoke and mirrors Benghazi, spent BS time going 51x after Obamacare, ignoring immigration and not working together with Demos for anything. Congress approval numbers are worse than Obama’s remember.
    Also, fundraisers. Why does he have to stay in the WH, esp now? All we are doing is minoring the situation in Ukraine. What more do you want? You do know it’s 2014, right? All of us are connected to info with phones, computers, social media. Obama is connected, AF1 is connected, his advisers are connected. Remember Bush, he sat in a elementary class room, listening to a bunny story for 7 mins after he was notified about WTC.
    I guess no other pres had a fundraiser, even in time of a nation crisis. Not during WW2, Iraq war, depression. The usual, if Obama does it, he’s the first.
    Gee, congress is going home in a couple days. Why go home when there’s a crisis overseas? Not staying and doing their job? How much are reps going to fundraise over Obama this year? (Especially, you sir. I got your email, too.)

    • Republicans ignoring immigration? The nation’s interests have shown in poll after poll that immigration has been the least of our concerns. Its a non-issue made into a crisis by Osama’s executive action. The same with “income equality”. Nobody gives a pinch of owl crap about income inequality other that the socialist/progressives. Congress, on the other hand, has been getting things done. Their approval rating as a whole is low, but when you look at individual’s own representatives, their approval rating is quite good. THe problem is the Great Divider in the White House and those making the talk show circuits harp on Congress for not getting anything done when in fact they have been very productive. Smoke and mirrors Benghazi is an apropos term for how the administration handled 4 Americans left for dead.

      Obama goes out of his way to make a point that he is decidedly unconnected. How many scandals has he learned of “I saw it the same time you folks did, on the news”?

      In WW2 the Royal Family of the UK and the Prime Minister refused to leave London during the blitz. Leadership. When things get tough, Obama flies out for his 180th round of golf and additional fundraisers. He’s a pathetic leader in over his head whose modus operandi when it comes to “compromise” is an unwavering expectation of “capitulation.” He’s a proven liar, looks incompetent, and international leaders have lost respect for this country to the point that they’re openly declaring a strategic alliance with the United States is worthless.

    • 1 you are right all of Congress is worth less
      2 you are wrong because obama is a lying pos who cares nothing about you or me. Right now he’s only interested in personal gain and connection

  2. Way to twist the President’s words. I think that what the President meant is most people don’t have the time to pour over the 14 pages of Operation Zero Footprint. Case in point people around me can’t comprehend why I spend so much time on political websites.

    • for someone who lost,,,he sure can prattle on about what’s wrong with everything,,
      I’ve yet to see an idea,,or anything positive,,,all Barry Hussein, all the time,

    • Thats ok, obamacare is 20,000 pages. 11.5 million words that politicians made into law without reading it first. And you think that the public not reading 14 pages is the problem…

  3. Seriously?

    I am not “smart enough”?

    If I do recall correctly (and I do), my IQ was tested after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

    I scored a 143, losing 9 points to the injury (down from 151 for you math deficient Demotards).

    Something tells me that my IQ far outstrips this nincompoop’s.

  4. The Democratic party has been OVERRUN by neo-communists that have taken Communist ideology and put a new spin on it! They repackaged it, tweaked it’s core principles and rebranded it to make it appear Hip and Cool to the unsuspecting. They been so successful at this re-marketing campaign of old theocracy that nearly half of this country actually believes the Democratic party is helping them! Now that’s a successful brainwashing in my book! Meanwhile the leaders of this same party have become millionaires off of the Capitalist ideology that they claim to loathe! And yet people still vote for them… that’s both genius and dumfounding at the same time!

    • To be a Democrat today isn’t about FREEDOM from oppression, it’s quite the opposite! It’s about total commitment to socialist ideology: What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine too! You’re better off than me so you need to give me some of what you have… I’ll send some money to poor kids in Africa but for God sakes, keep those homeless veterans away from me! Michael Moore should make a zombie movie – The Democrats could be the Zombies and the Republicans could be everyone else just trying to survive the insanity!

  5. I have an idea, ground Air Force One. Why is he fundraising and taking vacation on our dime? The world is imploding and he’s on what seems to be a non-stop vacation. Don’t even get me started on Michelle. We are set to pay a ridiculous amount in taxes again! Meanwhile the illegals next door continue to have babies and receive tax credits to buy new cars with their tax refunds although they refuse to pay heir medical bills. Woohoo..lets let more in


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