Meriam Ibrahim arrives safely in Italy; will meet the Pope

Photo: EPA

With all the horrible news for Christians in Iraq and elsewhere, there is one bright spot.

While we slept, Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim arrived in Italy. As the UK Telegraph reports, the 27-year-old woman, who was spared a death sentence for apostasy in June for refusing to renounce Christianity, landed in Rome where she is to meet Pope Francis before traveling to the U.S.

I know she will appreciate all of you who prayed for her and her children and her perseverance through an almost year long-ordeal. Ibrahim and her family were flown to Italy in a government aircraft to Rome accompanied by Italy’s deputy minister for foreign affairs, Lapo Pistelli, who flew to Sudan to collect her late Wednesday.

There are many more Christians in Sudan who deserve our prayers. As the Telegraph reports, “Olivia Warham, director of Waging Peace, a UK NGO that campaigns against genocide and systematic human rights violations in Sudan, said millions of Sudanese Christians faced daily brutality and ethnic cleansing by the Sudanese regime.”

“Three years ago President Omar al-Bashir made it plain there would be no room for non-Muslims in his Islamist Sudan. He has been good to his word, crushing dissent and systematically killing ethnic and religious minorities. Regular aerial bombardment by the Sudanese armed forces destroys communities and Christian hospitals, forcing people to flee from their fields to hide in the Nuba mountains,” she said.”

“It is shocking that Bashir’s ideology of elimination provokes nothing more than the occasional words of regret from the international community, when we should be applying targeted smart sanctions on the architects of these atrocities.” As we reported yesterday, there is scant comment on the complete elimination of Christians in the Mosul in Iraq.

The Italian government and the Vatican led the way in securing Ibrahim’s release, something I wish our own American government had done. As we’ve written here, she is married to a naturalized American citizen and therefore her two children are American citizens.

I hope she is given the same compassion here in America – legally — as those who are entering illegally.


  1. Why isn’t she here with her US Citizen hubby and kids? My guess says that the current admin in DC doesn’t want to upset its muslim friends. BIG SIGH

  2. O doesn’t lift a finger to help Christians, he only helps muslims or muslim wannabes – case in point – the 5 freed terrorists for one Bowe Bergdahl, the wannabe.

  3. Good for her and her family maybe the Italians n the pope can get our Marine in Mexico out of prison n back to the US where HE was born hmmm

  4. Good for Italy for assisting her so much. The USA gov’t did NOTHING to assist her, but that is no surprise at all since she is Christian. Obama’s administration is almost entirely Muslim and their only concern is rights of Muslims. Their compassion extends only to Muslims (and illegal aliens).

    • Well, she was supposedly held at the US embassy for her safety, but I agree that it never even should have gotten this far. The US should have gotten her out a long time ago!! Thank you to Italy!!

  5. You mean Pope Francis who pissed off conservatives like Limbaugh and Palin for talking about “unchecked capitalism”? And who was labeled a PROCESSIVE LIBERAL by conservatives?

    • I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that we were supposed to either live or hate every single thing a person does. Then again, that IS why so many liberals still drool over Obama, isn’t it? Because you HAVE to love everything about him? You must not speak out against him, because it is the liberal way?

      • You’ve got to be kidding? How long have you been on this site? West calls his detractors commie or socialist all the time and never once gives any liberal/demo any credit. Now, when it’s convenient, this socialist is his friend.

      • Again, I wasn’t aware that you had to agree or disagree with someone every time they open their mouths. There are people I disagree with all the time on most things, but they still do some things that I like. Am I supposed to just keep my mouth shut then? Not praise when they do something right? That”s not going to happen. And if Mr West feels the need to praise someone for something they’ve done, even if he doesn’t agree with anything else they ever do, that is his right.Just as it is your right to think less of him because he praised someone for doing something good. Smh.

      • I have no problem with different views. West has a problem with different views. I called him out on it.

    • The biggest difference between you and us is that we are capable of exercising intelligent thought to evaluate individual actions. We don’t need to make a blanket judgement to love or hate. I, for exame, don’t like the hate that you are spewing over us all, making a broad judgement. I do appreciate that you seem to be glad that this innocent woman is free from the unjust suffering she endured. And don’t you have any discontent that the current administration did nothing to secure her freedom at all? Case by case judgement.

      • Rush and Palin were pissed off by the Pope. And he was labeled a commie, etc.
        In all the time I’ve been on this site, West has used commie, liberal, etc many times and NEVER given them credit for anything. Now, the pope is counseling the Ex Muslim woman, he’s the best person ever.
        And as for generalizations, how many times have West and the rest of the clowns used the words “liberals are…”??

    • Could also just be a big PR campaign for the Vatican. It’s a satanic order but at least this woman, Merriam, will be blessed for standing up for her Christian faith.

  6. God knows our every thoughts and heart. He used least expected to do unexpected to humble and bring humility to the arrogant. Thank you Jesus for you are Holy and wonderful!!!

  7. And the mighty force for good, the UN, does what to prevent the atrocities going on in Sudan? Useless Nabobs…[spit]

  8. No matter who got her out, I am thankful she is free to be with her two children. God Bless her and her family and those who did so much to help her gain her freedom.

  9. This government shames me more every day. To keep up with what is going on is only smart…but it sickens me, too.

    • Sometimes I think I should not keep up on what is going on. It sickens me and I seem to be able to do nothing. But I am praying.

  10. Praise GOD for HIs lovingkindness. Thank you for highlighting this story of answered prayers all over the world, Allen. Haven’t seen it anywhere else. May your days be blessed Meriam, as you give GOD the glory for His deliverance and safekeeping in your hard days now behind you. Can’t wait to hear the stories you will share. Enjoy every blessing for your testimony, strength, and FAITH.

  11. Obama had months to intervene and help this woman and her family, but stood by silently, doing nothing. Thank you Italy and Vatican for standing up for her. Meanwhile, back in a Mexican prison, lies a US Marine who has had no help from Obama either. This president has no conscience, no soul!

    • Yes he has a soul, the same as Hitler and Stalin! His soul belongs to satin. He is against everything that is good and right and just. He is against Christians and anyone who believes.

  12. He would do nothing to help this woman who was not guilty of anything. However he finds time to go fund raising, play golf, release top terrorists, let thousands of ILLEGALS carrying diseases, some of them criminals, into our Country. You have to earn respect. I haven’t seen it yet.

      • no actually will look into it now, thanks. But regardless, he may have been trying to do something good, but has now put a price tag on every american abroad, Before, they wouldnt take americans, because they know the government wont deal with terrorists, but Obama has changed that now, now Americans are worth something……yikes, thats bad all the way around.

      • No, they have not cleared him of wrongdoing. They cleared him of any wrongdoing while he was in the “custody” of the terrorists. He is sitting his ass at a desk pending the outcome of his desertion investigation

      • I have the funny feeling he will get off because of some mental condition that will be created for him……they are pushing to also give him his back pay as well.

  13. By Obama’s inaction and refusal to deal with any pro-American crisis on any level, it is becoming more and more obvious who he is and what his agenda is.
    As long as one is not wearing rose-colored glasses, that is.

    • Too many idiots still enamored with “hope & change”. It will be tough going to fight off the colossal ineptitude from this illegal PINO.

    • Really, me too. I wonder how long it will be before Obama invites her to the White House to parade her around as if he had done something, anything to help her. If so, I hope she spits in his face, I really do!

      • i just said that very thing… just like the bergdahls, ‘0’ will parade Meriam and her family out in the Rose Garden and try to take credit for her release……. or else glom onto it with Italy. Hope she doesn’t show!

  14. The problem was they weren’t Muslim…if they had been the administration would have flown them home immediately….just as if the Marine in Mexico were Muslim or communist, he would have been brought home.

  15. oh and a big shout out to Italy, thank you so much, and a small thanks to the pope, yes helping get her out is good, but you are falling short of the big picture, these people are your followers, you have been taking their money all their lives, you better step up bro, we are watching….

  16. Well said, our President and State Dept. should hang their heads in shame, but as we know, they could not care less.

  17. This woman broke the law in the country she was living in. Period. And in that country the punishment is death. Why are you folks all upset? All I have heard about the migrants on the border is “they are illegal” Not in their country. She was illegal. Is religious intolerance right? No. That is why I despise the so called “christian right”. They would be very happy to outlaw all religions except for theirs. And make it a capital offence. They already behave as if being any faith other than christian is un-American when the opposite is true. And why should our, obviously Christian President work to get her out of prison for committing a crime? Being an American doesn’t give you cart blanche to do anything you want anywhere in the world. So get over it. Look in the mirror once in a while and know that most of you commenting on here, if given the chance would give every non-Christian in America the same choose, convert or die.

    • Ridiculous statements from start to finish. Christians in this country have never “purged” nor threatened to “purge” any other religion whether witches, Buddhists, Muslim, or Catholic or Protestant or whatever. Our Constitution forbids making any law regarding religion. There has been no wholesale slaughter in America based on religion such as we’ve seen in the Middle East.
      The people on the border are an invasion. They are not coming here through normal, legal, accepted methods and are an insult to every American who took the correct citizenship path themselves or whose grandparents or great-grandparents who filled out papers, waited in line and passed the tests. You, sir, are an embarrassment.

      • You must have missed the Salem Witch trials miss historian. Just saying. I am not a fan of Islam,. I’d like them all gone. Just get your facts straight..

      • The Salem witch trials took place in1692. “This Country” did not come into existence until 1776, just like to get the facts straight!

      • Bill Toohey cannot fix Gilbow- Can’t fix stupid! Another Obama-ite drone- stuck on stupid.

      • I believe he was on about Christians, whether we were a country or not at the time. Christians did try to purge others out who were not Christian, same as they did during the inquisitions and so on. It was their way, or be imprisoned, become outcasts or simply put to death.

      • You can not argue with Mr. Gilbow, He believes that he is some kind of genius, and the rest of us poor dumb asses should just shut up and believe that whatever he posts is irrefutable fact.

      • Heh, I’m quite sure he gets most of his information from “Google” as well. He is what I would call a “net-genius”.
        But then a lot of folks on here do the same by researching the “facts” such as the ever so popular Earl and Phil.

      • Are you in MENSA Mr. smart ass? Is Google your information source on all things political or do you think you’re just that smart? Another “genius” that missed my point. Do you also do Tarot card readings in your spare time Mr. soothsayer?

      • Why wouldn’t someone Google information? Are you saying that researching information on the internet is not as valid as if you went to a library? It would all depend on the information and source you Google… empirical articles are in both areas… don’t set yourself so high you can’t think… Your lack of oxygen up there is affecting your reasoning at the moment.

      • I am not a fan of Obama. My comment also had nothing to do with the time in history, so get off the hateraid Bill. I’d be happy to see who’s smarter than you or I anytime. I love an ass kicking contest with a one legged opponent. THe comment after your was the point I was trying to make. And as far as Islam……I’d like to see them all meet Allah asap.

      • I just wanted to point out that Christians in this country most certainly did try to “purge” and certainly DID threaten to “purge” a group of people that had beliefs that were different than the mainstream. Look up Mormon history. Especially the “Extermination Order” from the state of Missouri that was on the books until 1976. Freedom of Religion in this country usually means that you are free to believe like the mainstream, otherwise you will be treated with disrespect at the least and raped, murdered, disenfranchised, physically abused, or by having all your property confiscated at the worst. We like to think we are all good, but there are sure plenty of instances where that falls flat on its face. Usually it is just individuals that are behaving in a very Un-American way. But when a state makes it legal to exterminate a group of people and the Federal govt says they can’t do anything to help, then you sure know you have a problem. And for those who are now going to spend endless messages bashing what the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe… you do nothing but prove my point and the point of others who say that many mainline Christians are rather badly behaved toward others who have different beliefs. Now… the thing I want to be understood is that harming those that believe differently than you (either by physically, emotionally, financially, or civically abusing them) is not “Christian”. Christ would not treat anyone that way. It is decidedly EVIL. And nobody can make it “right” by surrounding it with religious language. And you certainly don’t attract an potential converts that way. You will be held accountable by the Lord for even your very thoughts… how much more for your words and actions. HE misses NOTHING.
        I am glad this woman in Sudan is free. I am glad that someone stepped up to help her. I am glad that the prayers of thousands were answered (my own included). I hope that others in a similar situation can be helped as well.

      • Please note this was a short-lived ABERRATION, & that Christians by & large DON’T do this kind of thing, whereas Muslims are COMMANDED by their god to be the exact OPPOSITE, & it’s ONGOING, NOT temporary!

        With Muslims, conversely, suppression of EVERY faith other than their own by BLOODTHIRSTY means is the NORM.

        Get a little perspective, why don’t you. Islam CLAIMS to be “the religion of peace.” Christianity has, mostly, aimed for REAL peace. Our motto is NOT “convert or die!”

      • THANK YOU, Kat, for writing what I was too furioous to type! What a jerk. He obviously has a huge chipon hisshoulder toward Christians, & like atheists & other Leftists, looks to find SOMEONE to blame for every ill or evil. Not even the Muslims can be said to do that–though of all the people / cultures alive today,t hey certainly TRY the hardest to qualify!

  18. Italy stepped in because the the USA WOULD NOT, not “could not” the State Department under this Administration WOULD NOT.

    But they would give money and arms to Islamic terrorists and ignore the actions of another group of Islamic terrorists that resulted in the death of a US Ambassador, a State Department Employee and the deaths of two former military servicemen who were hired by the State Department to provide security in addition to the US Marines on Embassy Guard duty.

  19. I wonder if Italy and the Pope would be willing to get our marine stuck in Mexico out. Rather obvious the Administration and State Department don’t care about him either…

  20. It’s amazing what can happen when there is the will. Evidently there is no will for the Marine in Mexico.

    • We need to BOYCOTT MEXICO, someone ask me how? Well how many people do you know that go on vacations there? Buy their products? Even our stores, like WM and Dollar General carry their products. I am very vocal when I shop abt foreign products. Once I was at a convenience store and all I could hear was loud mexican men. I yelled out “Hey is this United States of Mexico or United States of America?” It got real quiet. Some people only understand when it affects their profits. By that I am referring to the ‘kick backs’ that are paid to the police ect Oh and they have big HUNTERS INDUSTRY, DON’T go over there to hunt.

  21. Maybe Pope Francis will intervene on Pastor Saeed’s behalf. The pastor has been in jail in Iran for nearly 2 years. He is a naturalized U.S. citizen who refuses to renounce he’s a Christian. Then there is our Marine in a Mexican jail. I doubt very much that our State Dept. is at all interested in the plight of both.

  22. What makes people think that Obama would help Christians overseas, even if they are American citizens? There is a rumor that Obama is a Christian, but he sure does not act like it.

    • That’s all it is a rumor—HE’S A DISGUSTING mUZZIE —without a soul-Islam takes the soul and leaves a shell-with nothing inside so all evil can exist.

  23. Our govt. would not do anything to free her –Our Muslim brotherhood controlled government is DISTUSTING AS ARE bho and his liberal.progressives who suck-up to them.

  24. Barry did NOTHING to secure this poor woman’s release. She is a Christian! He damn sure rescued the Moslem traitor in Afghanistan, though!

  25. Just another example of how things go here in the USA since we have a Muslim Government! Just wait till Barry (The OBUMMER) starts the same things here after he sets himself up as Dictator Supreme!

  26. Obama is only interested in saving his futile legacy and corrupt Senate majority. Ideology means everything to this man, and saving this lady would do nothing to advance that, so the job was left to others. Hat’s off to Italy and the Vatican for doing the right thing. How refreshing that is to see.

  27. I am very happy for her and her children. So glad that someone stepped up to the plate to help her and those children. Goes to show the power of prayer.

  28. Why on earth would she EVER want to come to the USSA? I’d become an Italian if I was her. She’s already experienced the Sudanese tribulation, it’s just a matter of time due the political conditions here in the states that we’re heading in that direction. Praise Jehovah who is so good for answering our prayers and releasing her!

  29. Our jihadist dictator needs to go. No help for the wife and mother of an American citizen, no help for a Marine in Mexico – yet he can quickly release 5 murderous jihadist who will be in combat against our interests in 180days or less for the return of a deserter.

      • Louis We need to BOYCOTT MEXICO, someone ask me how? Well how many people do you know that go on vacations there? Buy their products? Even our stores, like WM and Dollar General carry their products. I am very vocal when I shop abt foreign products. Once I was at a convenience store and all I could hear was loud mexican men. I yelled out “Hey is this United States of Mexico or United States of America?” It got real quiet. Some people only understand when it affects their profits. By that I am referring to the ‘kick backs’ that are paid to the police ect Oh and they have big HUNTERS INDUSTRY, DON’T go over there to hunt.

      • Ah, I didn’t realize the dollar stores got their merchandise from them. I seldom do any business with them for anything, but I won’t do any business with them now.

      • Many of the stores today have mexican food products…Why? because they have a big audiences of shoppers who want THEIR OWN COUNTRIES products. And prostitues that they are., these business’ “cave” and buy those products for them.

      • Louis Dicapura, ask if any produce is from Mexico wherever you purchase your groceries. That’s one way. There are also many merchants at the fabric/clothing district in CA who can be another to boycott. I’m thinking it might even be a benefit to let them know you are intentionally boycotting them.

  30. It gives encouragement, joy and G-Dly anticipation when HE grants our prayers indeed. Wonderful YHWH !!! L-RD JESUS come.


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