Capitalist-hater Michael Moore owns 9 properties (with huge pantries apparently)

If there is one thing I despise most about liberal progressive socialists, it’s their hypocrisy. It is their sense of duplicitous elitism that points fingers at, “you rich white Republicans” but never answers for all the affluent liberals who are busy writing out checks to the Fundraiser-in-Chief.

The height of hypocrisy emanates from the Party of the political, entertainment, and media politburo whose members believe they know what is best for all us “little people” — yet they are constantly able to perpetuate the incessant lie of caring — and achieve economic enslavement.

And here is the latest Exhibit A, filmmaker Michael Moore, who apparently never met a plate of chow he didn’t like. Apparently Moore is in the midst of divorce, the details of which he’d like to keep secret because attacking capitalism has apparently made him ridiculously wealthy.

According to divorce records obtained by The Detroit News and reported by United Liberty, The filmmaker, 60, who split his time between a home here and one in New York, is leaving his wife of 22 years, Kathy Glynn. […] By reaching a settlement, Moore avoids a trial that could have aired dirty laundry common in high-proile breakups and impugned his long-hewn image as a common man by disclosing details of his comfortable life. His hit movies and best-selling books have begat a lifestyle far from most ballcap-wearing, duck-waddling denizens of Flint. Moore and Glynn own nine properties in Michigan and New York, including a Manhattan condo that once was three apartments. pegs their wealth at $50 million. In legal pleadings, Moore blames his wife for the expansion of the 10,000-square-foot home on Torch Lake, which has a value of $2 million.”

So let me just repeat that: the fat fella who hates capitalism owns nine properties including a Manhattan condo, a 10,000 square foot home on a lake valued at $2 million, and has a net worth upwards of $50 million. So I guess making (lousy) film and having people pay to view these films is ok as long as it benefits him personally?

I suppose that aspect of personal free market capitalism is acceptable, because he has the noble goal of bashing that personal free market capitalism. However, economic policies that enable someone to invest, or find a capital equity investor, to enable them to advance an idea, innovate, use their American ingenuity resulting in their building a successful and profitable business that hires other Americans — and potentially leads to offshoot businesses — that is BAD!

It’s this selective policy agenda that makes these socialists so despicable.

I find it laughable that these folks call themselves “liberals.” They have nothing at all in common with the father of liberalism, John Locke. As in all things progressive socialist, they redefine the lexicon and take claim to titles that do not reflect who they truly are.

Today’s conservatives are the true “classical liberals” who believe in Locke’s trifecta of personal rights life, liberty, and property. It was Thomas Jefferson who refined the unalienable rights from the Creator of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (property). I find it amazing that this pursuit of happiness is not acceptable for these post-modern liberals — progressive socialists –unless it meets their approval.

When Michael Moore and his ilk are attacking rich people they’re attacking those who worked hard and earned their keep but don’t maintain a like-minded political philosophy. That sentiment was reflected in Barack Hussein Obama’s “you didn’t build that.” It’s a belief that everything emanates from the government, so if it weren’t for government, you wouldn’t have an existence. But the fault of that logic is that it is the earnings of the individual that enable government to exist and build roads. These people simply don’t understand the premise of the social contract.

Moore and his like-minded progressive socialist elites become the adjudicators of what is acceptable wealth. They in truth believe themselves to be the grantors and takers of individual rights — as the rules for them are different.

Michael Moore is disgusting — physically, morally, and ethically. Yet in an America where the liberal media and the useful idiots elevate such a creative dunce, he becomes a wealthy — and in turn attacks the very system which enables him to garner wealth.

That is America and its free market economic system. Lucky for you Mr. Moore, there’s a sucker born every minute who will buy your foolishness. But be careful about biting the hand that feeds you — and based upon your girth, has fed you well.


  1. You know I cannot stand this man but his weight and his “fatness” has nothing to do with this and that I do not long. It is not necessary to bring his size into this anymore than I want to see people bash Chris Christie or a overweight child…..

    • Bullcrap! This low life slob has attacked many people over the years. You act nasty, you get nasty back. Screw that slob-o-crite POS. What goes around……….

    • When he goes and attacks people , it is ok… he is nasty and twists words and re-edits to put people in a bad light… It was cut when he made Roger and me… then he got a tastes of the liberal pie and went nuts to make his next few films…. he gets liberal backers and he collects the largest share of any profits for his 100K to make films (they look crappy and the editing looks like a kid did it on their apple computer)

    • If he were a decent person he probably wouldn’t be made fun of, but he is sickening and he is no child and doesn’t need to be considered one.

    • His weight has everything to do with this and it’s fair game. This PIG has made a vast fortune from the capitalist system which he bashes. He quite obviously stuffs his fat face very well while denying others the right to keep the fruits of their labor and just plain have something to eat! If he were not the hypocrite that all members of the left are, he would be using that money to take care of all the people he claims to care about. Nope, he wants his, but screw everyone else.

  2. I just recently discovered he was married. I always thought he was so nasty because no woman (or man) would have sex with him. For sure I wouldn’t…………..he is NASTY. Puke! Yes, Brenda, he’s fat and really really ugly. Just looking at him makes my stomach turn and that has nothing to do with the fact that he’s just an all around nasty person. Is that going to hurt his feelings? Who cares except you. Looks like he will need another honey, are you available?

  3. typical of conservatives to be so nasty about someone’s appearance. Liberals aren’t against making money, just shirking responsibility for taxes owed on it. A question for you, Mr. West. What if someone put you down for the color of your skin, or your “hi-top fade hairstyle that went out in the 1980’s…wouldn’t be very nice…

    • snoozy if you want to see the true nature of liberals just visit the huff n puff post. You’re all the biggest hypocrits, haters, illogical, vermin on the planet.

    • You just did, and you also say conservatives are so nasty about someone’s appearance? Well that’s good. It just shows you don’t keep up with the main stream media.

    • Moore is a massive hypocrite, SPECIFICALLY for decrying Halliburton and big pharma in his films, and the military industrial complex, while using the foundation (of which he is the sole manager) to own tens of thousands of shares of stock in those very companies.
      And Liberals are ABSOLUTELY against rich white guys. It’s the credo, as if you have never heard the outcry.

      In Michael’s case, his obesity is linked to his gluttony, and of course it’s fair game. He has more pantries than most city blocks.

      I guess you’ve never seen “Capitalism: A Love Story”.

    • Uh, no it’s not typical of conservatives to be nasty like that. Don’t believe me, go to a Tea Party event. Back in the schoolyard we used to have a saying ‘point a finger at me and you have three pointing back at yourself’ juvenile, yes but it fits to a T. People who live in glass houses, as they say. Know what I mean Vern?
      ‘If someone put him down for the color of his skin’ are you kidding? The man is black and grew up at a time and in a place where racism was common. I grew up in San Francisco and racism back in the day was common there also.

    • I’m a conservative Swoozy, and I don’t think it’s typical for us to be so nasty about someone’s appearance, but I would have to agree that it does not elevate the discussion at all to comment on someone’s personal appearance. I can’t think of a single nice thing to say about Michael Moore (He’s not Hitler?), but I would never let my emotions get so out of control that I would comment about his physical appearance. I’m pretty surprised that Mr. West would either. Disappointed too. Go for the intelligent argument, Mr. West. Anyone can call names. You are too smart for that.

    • First of all Swoozy, Col. West knows plenty about racism. He has endured much of it in his life. REAL racism, not like the phony racism you liberals cry because we disagree with Obama. I would LOVE to see you speak to Col. West face to face with a disrespectful tone. It would be entertaining seeing you try to remove his foot from your ass. Second, his haircut isn’t even close to a high top fade. It’s more of a military style flattop. And the link YOU provided proves it didn’t “go out” in the ’80’s as is proven by Nerlens Noel, one of Kentucky’s finest basketball players of 2012. That’s much more of an accomplishment than you’ve achieved in your pathetic existence. Third, name calling, I agree is going DOWN to a liberals level in an attempt to communicate a point because we’ve tried facts, reason, logic and intelligence but liberals go blank when you approach them with those attributes. Sometimes you have to speak the only language they understand which is their own. Communicating with a liberal is like communicating with a child, you have to use words and attics they understand………moron.

    • I would bet (being a retired LTC also) that his “hairstyle” is probably about the same that it was when he was on Active Duty with the Army. My hairstyle, since retiring, has actually gotten shorter. Knowing the context for one’s comments is important, unless you are a liberal in which case you are free to trash anyone you want. I’m also originally from Michigan, Michael Moore is just a big POS waiting for a flush.

    • And if I had a dollar for every time some lib commented on Chris Christy’s appearance, I’d be as rich as Michael Moore. So there’s nastiness on both sides of the aisle, eh?

    • The color of ones skin can’t be helped, OTH something can be done about being a PHYSICAL MESS such as Moore a.k.a. Jabba the Hut {^_^}

  4. Rise above, Lt. Col. West … I usually enjoy and learn so much from what you write, but this post was beneath you. Everybody knows what a despicable person Michael Moore is, but that kind of mudslinging only brings you closer to his level. The cream always rises to the top.

    • I do not see that as happening often! Did you take
      a good look at that fat boy! He has very little time for talk unless he does so spitting food all over everyone at the table! Is this the fat boy that got michael obama to starve our kids at school in order that he could get more to eat!

  5. Yeah, hey, I’ll judge by his girth. It’s no thyroid issue. I have this feeling with 50 cool mil available he’s not eating the same choices of food I’m eating. He’s not a common man. He’s lambasted our culture all the while feeding his face to obesity with it. Let’s call a spade a spade here. If I had a dollar for every time capitalism was blamed for every ill of society I’d be a rich fat filmmaker in a baseball cap. (and proof that with enough losers gathered together, they can elevate one of their own to wealth)

  6. Michael Moore should be picked up, taken to a hospital for a some FGM, maybe if he had his lady parts trimmed back he wouldn’t be such a huge tw*t.
    My apologies for my language but guys like that just set me off and I get tired of the never ending hypocrisy.

    • No apology necessary you are in my opinion correct and on the mark! So do you think the fatboy and the halfbreed boy have well you know kinda got it own together? He looks like hecand the halfbreed would hit it off when michael obama is not looking!lol

      • With the way the half breed boy ; ) acted around Chris Christie it’s obvious ‘bama likes him some fat boy but Moore is just downright repulsive and that’s before you factor in the political angle.

  7. Michael Moore is a Liberal Fat Head with an ego the size of Lake Michigan and a man with no character. Absolutely no character at all.

  8. Allen B West needs to pull the junior-high insults back. Physical appearance does not belong in a legitimate and intelligent article to prove a point. Reading Mr. West’s articles sometimes leaves me thinking he’s a very hateful man.

    • Blah, blah, blah… stick it up your ass!
      The way I see it… those who criticize like how Moore does… has opened the door to also be criticized.
      I thought the article was well written and quite applicable… especially how it exposes Moore’s hypocrisy.

    • But of course, you think that double M does not deserve the criticism he gets. So let me get this straight, Allen West is bad because he calls out MM for the hypocrite that he is, but MM is good because he’s a hypocrite. Gotcha.
      Boy, these socialist democrat liberal progressive leftist tools sure do have their heads shoved up their rears fairly tight; seems like absolutely no oxygen gets to those brains. Must suck to be that ignorant.

      • Clearly, what you don’t understand is the maturity level. Irrelevant of my opinion, once childish name-calling takes place, the content of whether correct or not, disappears.

  9. Moore is a Hypocrite First Class!!!!! Reddki, your right physical appearance does not matter, so tell your liberal friends to quit trying to enforce where and when I can drink a soda! Tell the First Witch, quit trying to force feed our kids at school that she thinks they need to have!!!! If you don’t like LTC West’s articles, then don’t read them….

    • Please give some thought to this: Simply because a person “believes” minimum wage should be raised, does not mean only people making minimum wage are entitled to that thought. Moore is as entitled to his opinion, as is West. The difference is Moore isn’t pointing out any of West’s physical characteristics and using them as insults. A true point stands on its merits with no need to insult.

      • Ridicule someone with physical prbloems? No Moore is too thoughtful and kind hearted to do that. He would never, for example, film an elderly gentleman with Alzheimers , try to make him look bad, then stick the footage in a POS film for his own pecuniary gain. Would he?

      • I was discussing Mr. West’s using insults and name-calling as a technique. I was NOT defending Moore’s character. Sticking on topic seems very difficult for some.

      • Please read the post I responded to and then read mine again. Clearly, there’s no understanding on your part.

      • So instead of you criticizing Lt. Col West in this Blog that he is not likely to read send your critigue direct email to him! You will find him to be very articulate and extremely capable of fielding your criticism! I sent him an email while he was a Florida Congressman about an issue of military action in Afganistan years back and he answered me directly and no I am not nor was I his constituient in Florida! I live in another State in fact his and my Birth State! His answer to my issue was very well said and from that time on I have admired his honorable and steadfast and loyal patriotic self came through loud and clear! So yes I feel you should perhaps stop preaching to the choir and go to the source!
        In this case he may have a good reason for throwing those insults moores way! I personally feel moore is a tub of garbage that should be made to run about 25 miles in front of a car that is ready to make a greasy spot our of him if he slows down!

      • I’m not criticizing him; I’m criticizing his writing. I have been in contact with him several times.

  10. How fat phobic is Allen West? Read the article and find out he couldn’t be much more! Plus most of the commenters.

    • I would reason that most poke at his tum because of his very hypocritical mentality. Its not because they loathe fat people but more that Moore is a hypocrite who points fingers at white rich conservatives but fails to see his own “fat cat” image in the mirror. This is socialism at its finest, while condemning those who are white rich and conservative they eat drink and be merry sitting on hills of gold themselves…. funny how when you point your finger at others you have three fingers pointing right back and you…

      How much of their wealth are they willing to separate themselves from to give to the poor to make this a more equal nation? I bet none of it, as they will use excuses such as “I need this money to travel”… hell look at how much of our taxes, (money from the middle class) Obama and his family, (including his mother in law) is spending as fast as he/they can on vacations and traveling around the country “fundraising” instead of facing the issues that are destroying this country…. How much of that money can go to feeding, educating, housing etc the poor?

    • LOL, fat phobic? It doesn’t appear that fear is in West’s equation. It’s been surmised that Americans, in general, are fat, lazy and stupid. Well, it’s a medical fact that, in general, Americans are fat. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see the interrelationships between obesity and the other two.

  11. It apppears from this write that my still admired by me Colonal West is just a little sick and tired of the hypocrites takeing full advantage of Americas opportunities and cursing her while he does so! I fully agree with the Colonel/Representative diplomat with his irratations from the likes of people like him!
    I wonder if fat boy curses and damns farmers and ranchers while he is stuffing his excessively chubby cheeks full of American Grown Groceries!

  12. That does not in anyway make him a hypocrite. I swear this country filled with morons. No one is against people making money, the problem is when people screw with the poor to do so.

    Moore does not make any laws that affect poor people, nor rich people.

    Stupidity is widespread through America and its sad.

  13. “filmmaker Michael Moore, who apparently never met a plate of chow he didn’t like…”

    “the fat fella who hates capitalism owns nine properties…”

    “Michael Moore is disgusting — physically, morally, and ethically. Yet in an America where the liberal media and the useful idiots elevate such a creative dunce…”

    “Lucky for you Mr. Moore, there’s a sucker born every minute who will buy your foolishness. But be careful about biting the hand that feeds you — and based upon your girth, has fed you well.”

    “We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior. Thank you for partnering with us to maintain a courteous and useful public environment where we can engage in reasonable discourse.”

    Perhaps, Mr. West, you should reread your posting policy. Your hateful language only serves to detract from your message. Shame on you.


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