Anyone surprised? Illegals are no-shows at deportation hearings

The bottom line in the current issue of illegal immigration is the rule of law.

People seem to forget America is a sovereign constitutional Republic with a defined border and a set of laws mandating the protection of that border. We continue to be bombarded by progressive socialists and others with this faux compassion argument.

If we are to consciously make the choice that our bleeding hearts override the rule of law, then we should admit we no longer care to have a sovereign nation, and the rule of law is useless and should be discarded.

We have children here in America stuck in a foster home system looking for homes — the American dream. We have children here in America living under the specter of violence — such as the black girl who was shot by a stray bullet in Chicago while at a slumber party.

I find it laughable how some selective choose biblical verses and references to support a political agenda, such as Nancy Pelosi claiming that “baby Jesus was a refugee.” Or even Stephen King tweeting that Jesus said, “suffer the little children that they should come unto me.” I wonder how many of these illegal immigrant children these two will accept unto their homes?

But if we show no respect for our own rule of law — then why should anyone else? Let’s just erase Article IV section 4 in the Constitution all together – because clearly those entering illegally have no respect for our laws either.

As reports, “Nine out of 10 illegal immigrant children who were scheduled to appear before a federal immigration judge in Texas did not show up on Tuesday. According to a report in the Dallas Morning News, there were 20 youths “from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala who were set to appear in federal immigration court Tuesday for initial deportation hearings,” but only two showed up. Instead of issuing immediate deportation orders, the judge reportedly reset the hearings for the absentees for August 11, a decision which was cheered by immigration activists.”

So I suppose this is why the Obama administration needs that $3.7 billion, to have more of these mock hearings where illegals don’t appear, only to have more hearings scheduled. Why was an immediate deportation not ordered? Why were there illegal immigration activists present who cheered?

We have a self-inflicted crisis here because we have a lawless administration that spits on the Constitution and law it took an oath to uphold. This manufactured crisis comes from our lack of discipline to uphold our own precepts. We are mandating our ICE and CBP agents to stand down and not conduct their assigned duties and responsibilities — in other words forcing them to not uphold their oath of office and service.

As Breitbart News reported, Juan Osuna, the Director of the Executive Office for Immigration Review at the Justice Department, testified at a Congressional Hearing that 46 percent of illegal immigrant juveniles do not show up to their hearings and “the total pending case load for the federal government is 375,000 illegal immigrant juveniles.”

So where are these almost half a million illegal immigrant juveniles — not children? How many of them are associated with the notorious El Salvadoran gang MS-13? Where will all these juveniles show up? There can be no doubt they’re being pushed off as a concern and threat for local law enforcement agencies — already hard-strapped by current inner city violence and gangs.

So why are we seeing this purposeful destabilization of America and undermining of its rule of law? Who is to gain from the complete decimation of our rule of law? Certainly not average hardworking American middle-income families who will be pushed further into the depths of economic tribulation as the welfare nanny-state expands. They will find their labor market wages undermined. They will find their children lacking strong education as more illegal immigrant children flood public schools. They will come to find America is no longer for Americans — and those who sought entry via legal means, respecting our rule of law.

Breitbart says “there have been nearly 60,000 illegal immigrant children who have been apprehended since October of last year. Those from countries other than Mexico and Canada are given “notices to appear” and released, and many of these illegal immigrants have said they made the dangerous journey to America believing they would receive such “permisos” that allow them to remain indefinitely in the country.” In fact, rather than evade capture, they all voluntarily turn themselves in — and based on the actions in the Dallas court, they’re right.

A recent Pew Research report found that nearly 90 percent of the illegal immigrant “children” are actually teenagers. So this in’t about little children — but once again, We The People are not being provided the truth by the Obama administration.

The illegal immigration crisis in America should be about compassion for Americans and respect for our rule of law. But clearly that’s of no concern to the Fundraiser-in-Chief.


  1. Channelling an inner Booker T. Washington, our Government needs to stop being enamoured with those of strage language, culture, tongue, and costom. They should use the people its got. How Jug Ears ever hoodwinked Black Americans who have on average a longer American pedigree is beyond me. Fredrick Douglas refused the notion of returning to Africa, insisting American roots ran deep.

    In an America that herolds from the world, we are morally obligated to put our own first. We have our own languishing on unemployment. We have our own graduating with degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math competing agaisnt H-1’s of every persuasion, including sklled trades. Gates, Buffett, Facebook’s slob, and others should be see for what they are.

    My nephew a bio researher, is now working in Japan only becasue his wife is dual national, witb family connections. Priced out of A job by H-1’s

      • They do so with complicity of BOTH political parties to our deficit, and a president hell bent on destroying current American cultural hegemony, American history, and language which he destains.

        It frustrates him England and its former colonies even with their shortcommings, have done more to eliminate poverty, and promote human rights. The handiwork Utopians like him offered the death of a population exceeding Japan last century.

      • India and China were former British Colonies and this country let Amer businesses send Amer jobs over there, helping their Econ .
        Btw, where are all these dead people , Amer history and English language Obama destroyed. ?

      • i am bilingual by choice, and accepted as an equal in an immigrant family that prides itself on their assimilation outside their homes. While growing up my nieces and nephews came to me for perspective on Asia, and US history not taught in school when I was in schools. Woodrow Wilson, the ideal Poster Boy for what isn’t taught. A Democrat racist, and liberal Fascist. Another Margaret Sanger the Progressive American Mama of Eugenics.

        America’s native hegemony is basically American White European and American Black, only flavored by the rest. It never has been anything else, and English the common language. Obama’s root is radical, and the part of him Black, isn’t ours, nor does he know or respect America’s minority heroes who corrected our warts.

      • I really don’t know or care where you are coming from, but thanks for enlightening me, anyway
        Obama blackness is not “ours”?? Please tell me what is the typical Afro American experience?

      • Most American Blacks have generations of ancestors planted in our dirt with attachment to it, Importation of slaves was restricted in 1974, prohibited in 1807, and considered an act of piracy in 1817. Over 200 years of loyalty fighting for their country, agitating, and educating America for a day all citizens would have the same rights as White men. Today they do; women vote, and White men welcome their children’s spouse who isn’t White as valued members of their family.

        So what does Obama have in common with them? He is a knife in their back! Obama is a snake oil salesman for the Jack and Jill croud, which has debased itself to self hatred. Ever hear about the Brown paper bag and ruler test?
        Walter E. Williams, a Libertarian with a wrong headed Black ancestor that served as a Confederate. Thomas Soul, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, and Alan West ARE the American Black experience

        Promoting mass importation of the poor, uneducated, illiterate, non-English speakers regardless of skin color or religion to compete with our own poor? Black unemployment sucks worse than White unemployment.

        Quoting Booker T Washington who today would substitute American Poor for Black or Negro:

        “Cast down your bucket in agriculture, mechanics, in commerce, in domestic service, and in the professions. And in this connection it is well to bear in mind that whatever other sins the South may be called to bear, when it comes to business, pure and simple, it is in the South that the Negro is given a man’s chance in the commercial world”

        “To those who look to the incoming of those of foreign birth and strange tongue and habits for the prosperity of the South, were I permitted I would repeat what I say to my own race,“Cast down your bucket where you are.” Cast it down among the eight millions of Negroes whose habits you know, whose fidelity and love you have tested in days when to have proved treacherous meant the ruin of your firesides.”

      • I’m not even going defend wAste my time arguing your BS. The Afro American experience is vast and as unique as anyother race.
        You sound like one of those old time southern ass hole racist when they tall about “putiy” in their race

      • It is about one of many histories of exceptionalism of those loyal, and OUR HEROES correcting America’s warts. Think more with you I hit a raw nerve Jack. A great nation is built on assimilation, adaptation, and good politics.

        “No Machines, no Visitors” Cesar Chavez

      • No sir , you didn’t hit a nerve . You overloaded my liberal brain with your intelligence . I completely agree with you. I an anchor baby so I understand immigration very well. I also live in an community full of illegal and legal immigrants.
        My heart is torn, but I will always fall on the side of immigrants. ” there before the grace…..”

      • So is every man and woman of compassion. Sometimes there are only the best of bad choices to choose from. Sometimes this is the result of other choices that put people, or a nation there.

        Can you look at all the LEGAL immigrants, and tell them that their children will have to indefinitely compete with more and more immigrants who will necessarily drive down their wages?

        Giving must be skillful, as Henry David Thoreau said: “Meat closest to the bone is the sweetest”. You don’t give an addict drugs, an alcoholic a drink, put the poor in wealthier neighborhoods in larg numbers. Americans 1st.

        Many come to America come from failed countries, bringing flawed sensibilites not only to a country that welcomes the legal, but expect America to adjust for them while refusing to assimilate? America accepts more legal immigrants than the rest of the world combined.

        Americans are my extend family, I grew up poor and my mother on assistance. My competion were other poor Americans; many friends and minorities. Competing against Americans is what it is, but those with no right to compete?

        I keep seeing Americans who look like those I grew up with, educated and less so, diminished competing with H-1’s and Illegals. This has been an issue to me for 25 years+.

        I remember all the racist Democrats in California egar to legalize those without right to compete saying “They only want to do stoop labor” They are human beings, not animals!

        By the way, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown screamed and hollared when Vietnamese refugees were sent to California. I’ll let you determine for yourself why. Either he was a liberal knowing well uneducated poor immigration wasn’t compatible with a welfare state, he is racist, or both.

        Alexis De Tocqueville in the early 1800’s concern America’s egalitarian nature could result in equality in poverty was a valid observation. I don’t claim to know Lots about American history, but i do claim to know lots more than the idiot in the White House. Contray to popular belief, he isn’t the 1st mixed race president either

      • Also, Brits are still fighting over the Falkland’s. So. Africa after apartheid still has poverty in black communities and 70% raise in crime. Rhodesia, 60% of white left, the one’s stay and pay for protection, have a commie president, Mugabe, who wants to kick of rest of whites.

      • South Africa is generally headed in the right direction, but needs to see better politics. Mugabe is a murdering thug; and not the recent immigrants with only 400 years of their kin planted in Africa. Families who worked with them even more to this day.

        You are correct to point out Mugabe was a Communist, like Stalin who starved 11 Million to death in Ukraine, and another 55 Million more. Mao the SOB murdered 75 Million, and starved another 40 million to death during his second 5 year plan; “The Great Leap” That piece of Hunan garage desecrated Ba’s parent’s grave, murdering or torturing his siblings.

        Next are the Liberal fascists like Wilson, Obama. Hitler the piker, and Tojo who murdered 35 Million Chinese in Northern China.

        If the Boxers would have left our embassy alone, even with the Empress Dowager building stone boats instead of warships, Western occuper would have lost. Being said, their influence in HK and Taiwan are shining successes. Taiwan got rid of Chang after becoming an educated country to earn money needed to protect him from Mainland

      • Like this pig?

        San Francisco radio talk show host Melanie Morgan appeared on Hannity & Colmes tonight to discuss Nancy Pelosi’s hypocritical politics. The topic was the minority leader’s pork barrel spending, but Morgan brought up the Napa Valley vineyard Pelosi owns and the people who work for her. Last week, The American Thinker wrote about the people Pelosi hires.

        Remember Linda Chavez? Chavez withdrew her nomination for Secretary of Labor after she acknowledged sheltering an illegal immigrant. But since she has an “R” by her name, the rules are different.

        Update (Michelle): See-dubya notes in comments below that the Investor’s Business Daily editorial linked by The American Thinker doesn’t level a direct charge that Pelosi hired illegal immigrants. Here’s what it said:

        As Peter Schweizer notes in his best-selling expose of liberal hypocrisy, “Do As I Say (Not As I Do),” part of the fortune of this defender of the working man is a Napa Valley vineyard worth $25 million that she owns with her husband. The vineyard produces expensive grapes for high-end wines. Napa grapes bring up to $4,000 a ton compared with $300 a ton for, say, San Joaquin grapes.

        But Pelosi, winner of the 2003 Cesar Chavez award from the United Farm Workers, hires only nonunion workers and sells these grapes to nonunion wineries. [….]

        Which makes Pelosi’s steadfast opposition to any attempts to enhance border security and stem the flow of illegal immigration into the U.S. all the more interesting since she seems to be among those rich employers who financially benefit from a steady supply of cheap foreign labor. [….]

        Nor has Pelosi been a fan of employer sanctions against the hiring of illegal aliens. In 2003, she accused immigration officers of conducting “terrorizing raids” on Wal-Mart stores that led to the arrest of more than 300 illegal aliens.

        Loraine Stewart, a farmworker advocate with Napa Valley Community Housing, in a 2004 San Francisco Chronicle article estimated that half of the migrant labor force in the valley consisted of undocumented workers, without whom “not one bottle of wine would get made here.”

        If journalists in the open borders media weren’t, well, so pro-open borders, one of them might ask her point blank whether her vineyard has used “undocumented” labor, whether the company has signed up for the employer verification system to screen out illegal workers, and if not, why not?

      • What are you talking about? You are going around in cirlces with only accusations. FACTS ,son.
        I will not accept anything Schweizer says bec he is anti demo and baised. He worked with Palin and Beck.
        Lina Chevez might have lied about her maid-
        Wash. Post- “There were troubling discrepancies, according to the FBI,
        according to sources that said that the FBI was troubled by several discrepancies between Linda Chavez’s account and that of Marta Mercado and also that of some neighbors, who were around at the time. Some of the neighbors had
        actually employed Marta Mercado in their home.
        While Bush praised her and expressed disappointment,
        Republican officials close to Bush had prodded her to withdraw.”
        If he really wanted her to stay, he would have fought for her.
        As for reporters asking Pelosi about illegals… You mean right wingers who would love to crush her don’t have the guts???

      • [[ You are going around in cirlces with only accusations. FACTS ,son ]]

        I gave you facts punk. Prove them wrong lefty.

      • Okay,
        paragraph 1) opinion
        2) I answered Chavez statement
        3,4,6.7) bias statements by a right wing writer
        5) for what reason did the UFW give her the award? Did any members complain?

        8)SFC article was a statement.

        9) Are you saying, right winger media is afraid to ask Nancy hard hitting questions?

      • Why are you dodging the point that Pelosi is a friggin’ hypocrite? Your diversion is an obvious acknowledgment of the facts I offered…………………son.

      • I suppose according to Piglosi, we have to flood the U.S. with criminals to see what they are going to do? As compared to her we have pass Oblamercare to see whats in it?

      • Maybe you should start digging your dooms day hole, now . I would advise to get a Mexican to help.

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty stupid to think that it’s about the hearings or the law that says they have to have one. It’s about not getting arrested and then deported. We need to turn off that law and quick, start arresting and then deporting again.

  3. According the Us law, people under age 18 are children .
    Children IDed as gang members ( gang tattoos) are jailed and deported
    The Supreme Court rules the US had to educated illegal kids, thank you a Reagan admin !
    It wasn’t Dallas courts that let these children in, it was Bush’s law!!!!!!
    As usually, you give enough info to piss people off.

    • Screw your dodge. As we speak POS POTUS Obama is tying to get Honduran ‘kids’ deemed refugees. Then do the same for Chi kids.

      I live in Chi. What do you want to ask me?

      • Another lie and dodge.
        One….more………time. Obama is trying to run around the law by having these ‘kids’ called ‘refugees’.

        Is West the POTUS? You got Obama running his gums when there are mass shootings but not a peep about gang violence and the shootings here. Now it may make your biASSed arse uncomfortable to hear it but Obama has never called out the gangs here in Chi for all the killing THEY do. Why? Because the gangs are black. Tell Obama to get past his racism, get his ass up here and do his job. Or do you endorse gang violence like your POS POTUS does?

      • Don’t act like a dodging beotch. You made a claim or two and I responded to it. Now what do you want to ask?

    • You are still as ignorant as all your other posts! Bush’s law was strictly a law regarding child sex rings! Not for so called refugees in a so called war torn country!

  4. Not surprised in the least. Cloward-Piven strategy is in full effect! Bar up you windows, put several bolt locks on your doors! It’s gonna get ugly!


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