That question everyone is asking me

It was a true honor and pleasure to speak this past weekend at General Tommy Franks’ Four Star Leadership seminar dinner and the Western Conservative Summit in Denver. Of course there is one question that continues to be asked, “will you run for president?” Well, I must be honest, I really don’t miss the arena of lies, deceit, and incompetence known as American politics. So let me share some thoughts.

I sat back and watched the horrific treatment of Herman Cain in the 2012 election cycle when it seemed he was a viable threat to the political status quo. The attacks, lies, and accusations that were levied against him were harmful. But it’s a funny thing, as soon as he dropped out, you heard nothing else. Or we can go back and review the “high tech lynching” of Justice Clarence Thomas and how that played out on the public stage. I weathered my own personal attacks 2012, including a TV ad of me with a gold tooth punching white women — and folks thought it was funny.

Politics in America has become the playground of those who will use personal attacks in lieu of serious debate on issues, policy, and solutions. Just look at the hate-filled ads against Mitt Romney.

And what is amazing is that rules, morals, and values are selectively applied in certain cases and dismissed in others — revealing the insidious game of political hypocrisy. Nothing has to be true, just said, and a ravenous media will take it and run countless stories within the news cycle. Why? Because sensationalism sells, not informative journalism and certainly not truth.

I know I have a target on my back because of the actions of my own state of Florida GOP members in the House and Senate who drew me out of the congressional district I represented — and the voter fraud, which occurred in St Lucie County. Even more telling was that no one in state leadership sought to investigate what many on the ground knew was questionable — to include the County Election Supervisor herself. So what’s next? How much more will the forces in politics levy against a simple soldier who served?

When I respond to people that I am praying about running and speaking with my family, these are just some of the considerations. Truth be told, I’m enjoying scouring the news to share my insights and perspectives. It doesn’t matter if I run for office if we don’t have an informed electorate. And I’m well aware there are some who gleefully await the opportunity to impugn my character and reputation – again. Remember in the movie “Gladiator” when Maximus was told “they have to kill your name before they kill you?” That’s the current environment.

When I sit and look at what America settled for as a president — whom many still defend — it deeply concerns me. In fact, it sometimes brings tears to my eyes. It reflects an America that is lost, and I wonder how far must we fall before we stop playing games and furthering the politics of character assassination?

My life has never been about “me” – it has been about serving my nation, and as I said on Fox News to Brian Kilmeade after ending the election challenge, I don’t need a title to lead. The movie “Braveheart” has a great line: “men don’t follow titles, they follow courage.” And so I will continue to be a statesman, a servant to this Constitutional Republic. Having the title of president would be an immense honor, but is it necessary for me in my life or my service to America?

Does it mean I will NEVER consider it? Nope, but I have to be honest with you all and ask, who among you would want to endure the attacks from those of lesser character? I fully believe in the words of Isaiah 54:17 and am always wearing that “full armor of God” as articulated in Ephesians Chapter 6.

Sadly, this business is ugly, nasty, and my country suffers as a result. I will press on despite the barrage of attacks. I am not deterred in my love of God and country — and service to every one of you.

My story has not yet been fully written and it is certainly not in the hands of those who seek to denigrate, defeat, and disrespect me, my family and my reputation.

So that’s where I am today. I am truly having a blast in this role as a “voice crying out in the wilderness.” If I can serve to better educate and inform the American electorate in order to preserve this Constitutional Republic, well, that is a reward in itself.


  1. The personal attacks on people of character need to stop. We the people need to stand and defend principled candidates or we get who we deserve.

  2. Sorry, but as much as respect your service to our country, and your stance against liberalism and Obama, you couldn’t win anyway. You need to run for the House/Senate and serve another term or two and then run.

    • I disagree…screw “political experience”…I prefer someone with integrity, intelligence, and a sense of national pride…all the things our current president is so treasonably lacking.

      • Well said. Obama was a nobody and even if he was in the Senate he really had zero experience. Big money was behind him and still is. The agenda is there if you search for it and it isn’t a conspiracy.

      • I want all of that too James, but we have to be realistic in who can beat the Clinton dyke or “Plugs” Biden. West can’t, Cruz can’t, Palin can’t.
        Right now, I like Perry and Condi Rice. As a team.

    • Sorry IU, I respectfully disagree! I believe Mr. West CAN win and why does he ‘need’ to serve 6-8 years confined to the political drama in the house and senate? Mr. West is certainly a capable leader and knowledgeable on all fronts, especially foreign policy and the security of America! We are facing the biggest threat we have ever faced because of obama’s support of islam. Not one person is out there with the courage to speak out on these issues! Yes Mr. West , we need you now, while there is still some of America to save!

  3. America certainly needs a tough leader who can withstand the lies and accusations from the progressives. I will continue to pray for the republic. Confident that Our God will bring forth a righteous and courageous leader, in His time, when He is ready.

  4. I think that you are right Col. West. I hope that Dr. Ben Carson hears the same reasoning. He is a great and powerful voice for our nation as are you. I wonder why the two of you don’t team up. Your voices together could be a strong force for gathering others.

  5. I just pray we elect an honorable person, with decent morals. Also my prayer is if he/she happens to be a man or woman of color, that the races arent constantly pitted against each other. I think the Obamas and Eric Holder have used the race card to the absolute death, making racists of people who really were not before. IDK, but I feel that between the 2 of them, it seems like black people have lost 50 years of gains that had been made for equality, hard won on the backs of decent black Americans.

  6. I second Val. Our country is wandering in the desert because we have no real leadership or integrity in our elected officials anymore. We need leaders like you Mr. West. Keep up the good fight…

  7. And it’s only going to get worse because neither party has anything to lose by launching attack ads against the other side or against one of their own. See Chris McDaniel.

  8. Please know that you are supported and there are more standing behind you than against you. Always remember that Lt Col West. Blessings on you and your family as you continue to be a “voice crying in the wilderness”.

  9. I concur that you provide a much needed service right where you are. You can speak truth and for the most part get by with it. That would not be the case if were to run for or hold political office. I hate the country we have become.

  10. It was a pleasure meeting you this weekend at the Western Conservative Summit. You are a hero to many, and we thank you for your service, and whatever service your future holds.

  11. It’s like your buddy Bill Whittle said,”without the Black Vote, democrats never win another national election again, ever.” But democrats know how to destroy a person – They target it, and take them out as fast as possible. We also saw that as in the case with Sarah Palin and the “main stream media” is more than glad to help.

    Democrats and the media know how to control the narrative. The 13th Amendment to abolish slavery was voted for by 100% of the Republicans in congress and by 23% of the Democrats in congress, but but if you listen to people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, you would never know. Good luck Allen – Maybe we can catch up the next time you are a speaker at the PBCTP. Hope to see you soon my friend.

    Willie –

  12. Your voice is like a drink of fresh water. Let the stream flow and stay on coarse through you in this wilderness. God’s will be done.

  13. You and Ben Carson should run together; and since I am an old white woman, you can’t say I am playing the race card…….

    • I agree Ben Carson & Allen West should run the left would try so hard ti discredit them but seriously how do you discredit DR Carson and a hero like Allen West!

    • I’m sure your not racist but making a point that your old and white wanting two black guys to run is not necessary. That’s like saying; “I’m not racist! See, I have to black friends.” Let your actions speak for themselves ma’am and you don’t have to point out your old and white

  14. I totally understand and respect your and your family’s decision, especially given the reasons listed above. I only say this one thing. If not you, who? You are not the man to avoid the fight, if it is what is right. The Gladiator you mentioned above fought the good fight despite certain death. If God is for you, who can stand against you. Trust Him, put on His armor and be courageous, if that is your calling.

    • Amen Micheal, I totally agree with you … Out of the entire field of candidates mentioned in the news I keep praying that Allen West will run in 2016,

  15. Mr. West…I served in the 82nd Airborne…and I don’t remember anyone ever saying that I didn’t have to close with the enemy if they lied about me or played dirty tricks. AND, since I volunteered to defend my country, I am not using hollow words. Sir, I would respectfully ask you either run for president and try to save our country (since I have no chance of doing the same), OR, you stop talking about it. If you don’t run, the country is lost..If you become president, we have a chance to save it. I don’t want to hear empty words about saving our country if you won’t even try. The rest of us can’t run for president and hope to win….. you could, and would surely win. I don’t mean to be rude, but the country is already falling off the cliff and I don’t have time to listen to people TALK about saving it, but not doing what they can to save it, when they have the chance the rest of us don’t. God didn’t put you in this position to have you wimp out because the bad guys are too nasty….I hope you think about this and I thank you for your time.

    • You ask him to step into an arena that is full of wolves… would you do the same in his shoes? Maybe Col West can wake people up by revealing the truth. To get our country back will require a vast majority to start raising their voices instead of sitting back and waiting for one man to step in and save the country. As the Col said..less than 3% of gays can get things changed. So what is wrong with the rest of us? So instead of talking down to Col West..shame on you… start raising your voice!

  16. Sorry Col. West, dont blow sunshine up my butt.
    Cain was a clown, at best. He didnt know the 2nd amendment from the 10th, which became his catch all end all answer to every question that wasnt 999.
    He threw the race card at his opponent, Gov. Perry, and couldnt handle what you imply was a “witch hunt” because he was a “threat?”
    He was a ticking bomb waiting to explode, lets get real.
    The only reason he entered the race was the same reason Newt entered. product branding.
    He wanted his name out there to put a price tag for speaking engagements and selling books and never thought people would take him serious enough to vote and support.
    Col. West, you are too smart not to see through Cain for what he is… and if you arent, I have misjudged you… which seems to be happening lately.

    But hey, if anyone can take someone serious after this campaign add… bless your little heart, you live in a truly special world.

    • Mr., it is sad, but you are the one who is mistaken and “live in a truly special world.” Have you not seen the LSM attack and/or villify every single person who throws ANY type of objection to the Obama crowd? If you haven’t observed this, you are part of the low-informed and must solely rely on lame-stream media for news, if you indeed watch any. Are you telling us that you believe Obama to be a better prez than Cain would have been? Simply unbelievable. Maybe you should experience the onslaught of lies, beratings and villification of yourself before you judge, or “misjudge” anyone else.

      • Karla, you are full of it.
        Yes, I have watched LSM attack anyone on that appears to be on the Right.
        And I have all too often watch people on the right blindly defend people they normally would not.
        Would cain have been better? Arguable.
        Would you say the same about romney?
        I would, and did. And i still voted for him in the general election, even though I actually did what you did not, and vetted the candidates and supported the one who was best qualified to run our country.
        You are saying that we should NEVER vet our own people?

        Both cain and obamao are ignorant as to the constitution and driven by personal agendas…. by all means try to argue over which is better. I notice you did not even attempt to defend cain’s ignorance on the second amendment.
        Yet, you defend him all the same. I guess that cain is a representative of your beliefs?
        I am way over to your Right with Thomas Jefferson defending people who know what the Declaration of Independence is at least, (Cain doesnt)
        By all means, walk that thin line seperating people such as cain, from someone like obamao and see how thin you can slice the baloney and try to call it something else.

  17. It is the hypocrisy I find so offensive. I, and my family, were all democrats. Largely for historical reasons (we are Creek, and the Republican powers that be were none to kind to us after the Civil War). I still have a D next to my name now, but more and more I wonder why. The hypocrisy of claiming to stand up against racism, while being so offensively racist at every turn it simply blows my mind. The hypocrisy of claiming to care for “workers” while refusing to deal with the 15 million illegal workers here driving down market wages (would we even need to be considering minimum wage increases if we got rid of 15 million workers working at sub-minimum wage rates?). Of claiming to wanting to help the un (and under) employed while pursuing policies seemingly designed to drive business overseas. Has anyone seen the NY “Open for Business” advertising campaign recently? “Tax Free Zones! Tax Credits for 10 years!” Why not just go ahead and acknowledge that high business taxes drive away business & lower the rates? Simplify the code! Why do we have the highest marginal corporate tax rates in the industrialized world? Why do we have the most complex tax code? Don’t you realize these drive businesses to do their business and take their profits elsewhere? New York does, they just don’t want to admit it. If you REALLY cared about the unemployed, minimum wage workers, and building a strong middle class, you’d support tax reform and reducing the top marginal rate to be in line with our major competitors (China at the top of that list). You’d support not amnesty, but mass eviction of illegals. “Americans won’t do those jobs” is BS and always has been. I picked fruit. I killed pests. I cleaned floors. I planted and cared for landscapes. And I became wealthy because I WORKED and spent less than I made. Get rid of all those illegal laborers, and businesses will have to compete for good labor, and labor rates will rise.

    • Dang, you are way too wise to continue to put the D after your name. Thanks for your insight and the hope that my brother, also a D, might someday see the light, as he is intelligent and wise too, except when it comes to being blind about the progressive movement.

  18. I believe you hit the nail on the head, having a candidate with integrity and conviction and commitment to the constitution is not our first priority, an educated electorate that values personal liberty and responsibility is chief. As a country our democratically elected officials reflect US, so I would love to see you run and win but being a voice that doesn’t falter is important!

  19. Col. I hear you loud and clear. And I apologize for what the country has put you and your family through, and for what is to come. You are a beacon of light, from a small group, that are ethical, moral, righteous individuals that are standing up to be heard, in an attempt to change the cesspool we call politics in the US. But that group is growing…..quickly. We need a person like yourself to run. Whether it is you, or another from the small group (Ryan, Gowdy, Rubio, Palin, Carson and others) someone needs to lead the charge. But more importantly, we all need to fall in and support that candidate/ticket. I read a lot of support for Carson. I think he is a great man, Forward thinking, moral, ethical, with feet planted firmly on the ground. But there is so much opinion to have him run for President, when he has never held any political position. (Maybe that would be the best thing–lol). But I truly believe that along with all the attributes mentioned, a candidate needs to have some experience in gov’t as well. I feel that he is being pushed so hard because he is black. I don’t care the race or the sex of the next president, as long as he/she is ethical, moral, has fortitude, and experience that can get the job done.
    You appear to have the fortitude and strength to withstand the coming attacks and get past them. TRUE leadership is never liked or appreciated by all. I wish you the best in whatever decision you chose. You have my unwavering support either way. Keep on charging. One Veteran to another.

    • Carson has more experience than obama had when he ran…obama never held leadership positions, never managed people and never had responsibility or had to make tough decisions 😉

      • And look how bad he is. I agree with you, Carson is a million times better than obama, and maybe should have an important position or run in the future. Just don’t think he is ready right now, to run for president. Would love to see him as a senator or congressman.

  20. I believe you will do as God wills you to do. He alone knows the best course for you. Just keep doing what you’re doing until He leads you to do something else. Thank you, sir for your service to this nation and for your willingness to speak the truth…even when you are attacked for it.

  21. Just remember we’re called to be the salt of the earth, and we are to suffer with Christ. It was never meant to be easy and we’re told if you’re not feeling the pain of the world being against you then you are of the world not only in it.

  22. Col West …I really respect you…and I do not feel you are “wimping out” as one man ststed. You…being you…are being realistic. I do admire you for your convictions. They not inly show a derp love for your country and fellow man/country…nut a derp love for YOURSELF, and your family…but most of all for Jesus Christ. God bless you. What you are doing is positive and keeping the country informed. Please do not stop. I do think you woukd be the best for dept head of the armed forces…you kniw the rules in that area. Therefore.++I pray that our next Republican president will use you the way God wantd to use uour devotion. The military needs to be “cleaned out”…to many gold bricks snd muslims deep in the trenches whose allegience is NOT for our country. Please…if you can…start addressing Common Core in our schools. It is diabolical and forced on us by the UN and new world order. Our young people will be completely brain washed in the next few years if it has not bern completely dropped in our schools. The hovernment should zNOT be fictating what our students should learn. As our forefathers wanted…schools should be locally run by district and state. Thank you for listening. Know thyself and be content with all the blessings God has given you. God bless.

  23. Sorry to hear that but you have made your decision and we’ll stand beside it.. Hopefully, you will take up a cabinet position under new leadership…

  24. We’re going to need someone strong and tested to defeat whomever the Dems put in the race. And we’re going to have to have a true Conservative to win. No more moderates, because moderates won’t bring people to the polls to pull the levers. Who better but a truly Conservative, military trained, Christian man like you?

    I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be Elizabeth Warren, and it’s going to take someone like you to put her in the loser’s column.

  25. I truly hope that, if the country chooses correctly, you will be considered for and accept an appointment as the SecDef. The spineless politicians that wear stars on their shoulders would be shitting bricks the day you walked in the door which is what is needed. I’m speaking as a SFC who knows a good officer when he sees one. God Bless, Sir.

  26. “Sadly, this business is ugly, nasty, and my country suffers as a result” With all due respect, there are enough individuals talking the truth and informing the American public regarding the state of the nation and everything that’s wrong… That’s NOT what this country needs…This country NEEDS LEADERSHIP..YOU know WHAT needs to be done, if you aren’t willing to step up to the plate to do what needs to be done, or atleast to try, then please STOP trying to convince us or yourself that you can be just as effective as a talking mouthpiece, speaking out against what’s wrong…Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words and if you see a problem and you are in a position to fix the problem but don’t…then you Sir, become part of the problem….it’s time for you to crap or get off the pot..

    • ^Wish I could like this twice. Leadership is what this country is lacking. I’m afraid if we go another round (meaning 8 more years) without leadership, there will no longer be a country to lead.

  27. A person has to have One Thick Shell, a Lot of money (to fight and disprove the LIARS that do not seem to Mind BEING Liars) and hardly a hint of anything questionable in their past. But then, Democrats just do not seem to even Need a Hint- – they WILL make up Lies just to derail people from a Good Person’s run for office.

  28. You have served us well in your current capacity. You have put yourself in the crosshairs of evil. Please continue to keep us informed.

  29. Its true you don’t need a title to lead but at the same time the POTUS holds power to do what is right for America. The best way to serve your nation right now is to run. You say it not about “me”. I beg to differ on that statement based on your article. I’m not trying to slam you but the morale of the article is you don’t want to be put in the spotlight and have your name slandered more. That’s at least what I comprehended. The question I have to ask is “what about the little guy” . You have an oppurtunity to really make a difference and help make this nation closer to its former self, and yet you want no part in it. I use to think Rand Paul was a good selection but he’s too wishy washy anymore. We need someone to stand up for Americans. I apologize if I sound like I’m bashing you it truly was not my intent but from this article politicians are the same they only care about one thing “me”.

  30. My husband served in the First Air Calvary and he and I have immense respect for you. Both of us would like nothing better than for you to become president. As Christians we also realize that God leads us where we are suppose to be. So with that said what ever you do or wherever you go we know you will do what is best for our country and you will continue to inspire and educate.
    Thank you for your service.

  31. You have a constituency, Col West. I think you have accurately assessed that you have a significant role to play without putting your name on the ballot (yet) and I think you are very smart to recognize that you need not subject yourself to the disgusting meat grinder of presidential politics in order to deliver that constituency.

    For me, I’d like the opportunity to support a 2016 ticket that has your name in smaller print and follow that up with a chance to support a ticket in 2024 that has your name in big, bold letters at the top of the ticket.

    Thank you for all you do.

  32. Hi tech lynching of Clarence Thomas? Sound like something Kanye West would say. Easier and more profitable to criticize from the sidelines right? Why is that not surprising.

    • The sidelines? What rank did YOU attain in the army Raffy? You’ve been sitting in the cheap seats as long as I’ve been here. Punk.

  33. After reading this, I respect you even more than I did before reading it and I hope you will share with us when the time comes, since you are so much more informed and I agree with you on your stance, who will have your support in 2016 for President of the US of A.

  34. Yes, I’ve always been taught that politics and religion are the cruelists in the world. They both are manmade rules. God is not religious, only people. For some reason they find it necessary to to keep folks under their thumb for control. So, theyxset up nonbiblical laws to be able to point their finger at their following so they feel guilty and submit. Now politics. Its the same and has been as nasty back in the day as it is now. Nothing has changed or gotten worse. When they couldn’t argue with truth, all was left?…attack the credibility of the truth giver. They did it with Apostle Paul in religion. They’ve always done it in politics. Ron Paul has had to stand basically alone all these years with fellow statesmen who laughed and mocked at him but he still maintained his integrity…whether you have his belief system or not, you have to respect him for that. I would like to see you head of Dept of Defense. Trey Gowdy take Eric Holder’s job and I’m not sure yet who for President. Several good people. Ben Carson, Rand Paul and couple others. NOT Christie, Perry, Cruz, Bush. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: IF YOU AGREED ON THESE ASSIGNMENTS AHEAD of time and campaigned with Carson, he’d have the strength he needed. You guys march together incadence. Campaign together as one man, you could beat the power voter fraud, personal degradation and be unbeatable.

    • This is one viable strategic scenario; there may be others. However, the point is that this kind of planning and “slate” building may be crucial to the coming presidential election. The old way of offering ourselves as sacrificial lambs to the ruling RINOs and progressives just doesn’t work. And conservatives need to start this strategizing NOW and all be in agreement, not an easy task when human egos are involved. You, Col. West, would be a superlative choice to engineer this as you are not ego-involved in being president.

      • Agree! There needs to be a “Dream Team” built ahead of time. A combination of West, Gowdy, Carson and some others. I’d like to suggest Dennis Michael Lynch and Bill Whittle be included. DML is an expert on border security and illegal immigration and Bill Whittle is brilliantly capable of decimating the message of the Progressive Left. All of these men working together would be an unbeatable combination and it would excite the Conservative majority in this country.

  35. I completely agree that you would not have to become President to be a leader, you ARE a leader! Not since Ronald Reagan have I felt such a security just oozing out of a man.You Sir, restore faith and hope to a tired people! I am confident that you can and would do very honorable things without being President, you have proven to us that that’s who you are. I do pray thatif it beHis Will, that you accept the ultimate and courageous challenge of taking the roll of our President.We WILL STAND WITH YOU AS LONG AS YOU STAND WITH GOD! God’s children are crying out to you for help sir. we are crying out to you too be more than what you know you can be, to accept that God can and will protect you when you are doing His work.

  36. I would certainly be honored to have you come back home to Georgia and be our Senator. If you run against Isakson, you would surely have my vote.

  37. You are an honorable and good man. The office of president seems to change people. Follow your heart ,and we that respect and look up to you will never leave your side. You speak the truth and I for one would love to see you as president but I also will understand and support you if you decide not to run!

  38. You are right. “Men Don’t follow Titles, They follow Courage.” That is why the current President’s approval numbers are so low. He has no courage- and he is no leader. Only the sycophants cling to him at this point

  39. Keep praying. If it should be the will of God for you to lead this country, take up your cross and go. We’re here supporting you, regardless, just as you support your fellow Americans every day. Your words, honesty, and courage to put the truth out there on a daily basis, even in the public eye of ridicule and scrutiny, is admired and appreciated. I love reading your perspective on what’s happening in the world. My fears though, is that without the leadership from you or someone with your same views, it remains just that, one perspective in an ocean of conflict.

  40. I would like to see a list of names of the people who generate and indulge in this nastiness. The time has come when they are pointed out and isolated for who they are. Good people ought not do business with them – be it commercial, political or any other form of social intercourse. Hold good principles high and have behaving according to them mean something.

    • You couldn’t make a data base big enough to list them all. I wanted to type “blame the libs” but that would be hypocritical. There just are too many hateful people in the world now.

  41. Sir, like you I often have a tear in my eye for our very lost and fumbling nation. You are an inspiration that there are still good, God-fearing, moral men out there and your voice will be appreciated, no matter how it chooses to speak. All of God’s blessings to you.

  42. You have my support, if nothing else I believe that you should run simply to keep the GOP candidates honest to conservative ideology and not allow them to melt into the populous opinions. You may never be the man with enough money to buy the nomination but your role is needed in the discussions for truly making positive change in our nation.

  43. Well said Col. West, I have been following your career since I first heard your name mentioned and I understand your being hesitant, but I know the sign of a good leader and you sir are a good leader.I just hope you realize that there are hundreds of thousands of ex military and countless civilians who will have your back when the time comes.That time is near as our once great country is showing signs of falling,and only a great leader can return it to glory. You sir are that man and I hope your family understands that this country needs you at this time.

  44. a simple solider who served? Good rewriting of history, West. You know if Bergdalh isn’t persecuted for desertion, he’ll get out with a better service record than you.

  45. I support you and know that God will Guide you in the right direction. I am selfish and want my country back , so of course want you to run, but I realize as you pointed out its not as simple as that.

    • There you go… Politics has become so divisive that even YOU won’t accept members of your own party, because they are not 100% in lockstep with your line of thinking. You don’t even like members of your own party… you stoop to calling them names…. because in your eyes, they are not “Republican Enough”

      When I hear people say “Republicans are waging a War on Women” I think, “What a brainwashed Idiot” And when I hear fellow Republicans call a fellow Republican a Rino, I think “That’s it… I’m changing my party affiliation to independent”

      • Instead of getting good people in to reform the party? How weak. How impatient and dillusional to think independents or a third party will be any better.

  46. Military Officers Oath:

    I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.
    You are in a key position in his fire fight to take out the enemy,,, TAKE THE SHOT

  47. These days, people want a “Rock Star” person instead of a responsible person to lead this country. They want a President to “make it rain” instead of make it better. Sad. Keep up with the good fight, Sir!

  48. I think Sarah Palin had to endure the most of the leftists attacks filled with lies and deceit. I can understand not wanting to go through that, but our country would sure be set in the right direction and better off if people like you Mr. West, were leading our country. God Bless you and your family and thank you for your service and your willingness to continue to fight for this great country!

  49. You are out of politics because, like Sarah Palin, you can not stand up to the scrutiny and challenge that real politicians have to face when answering critics or constituents that don’t worship you.

    As a private citizen, you are are not accountable and you are free to spout whatever you want and it goes unchallenged because you will never have to explain your rhetoric to anyone. You can limit all your media exposure to news outlets that are your supporters.
    You are free to cash in on your appearances, book sales, web hits, and whatever else you can milk from your followers.

    As a private citizen, you will never have to stand across from an opposing politician in a debate who can call you out on all the things you said and did.

    • We aren’t all Barack Obama, Brendan. We can’t all have an entire media service standing up for us and attacking our enemies for us. It just doesn’t work that way.

      • Actually, that’s exactly what Allen West has.
        he only appears on conservative news outlets that all praise him and attack his enemies

      • I too support Allen West but reread what Brendan is saying because in order for Mr. West to be effective in educating the masses that he SHOULD be targeting, he must find a venue that is effective. Only appearing on FOX news will not do that, we are already on his side. Don’t miss Bredan’s real point, he is not anti_Allen West, he is calling him out for the manner in which he reaches out, and whether it is really effective.

      • Brendan,

        You are exactly the negative challenge Col. West was speaking of in the article. You are a paid blogger to promote leftist communist garbage.

      • I wish someone paid me to write comments.
        And please explain, if you can, how my pointing out that Allen West avoids non conservative news organizations is me promoting “leftist communist garbage.”

      • Well obviously he avoids “non-conservative news” because he does NOT agree with the ideas they promote…that being socialism.
        Socialism -(in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.
        Communism – a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state.
        So in case you missed something, socialism is the stage of transition into communism.

      • i was not asking for the definition of communism.
        i was asking why you claimed I was promoting it.

      • You are speaking negatively on Col. West’s ability to serve as President and Chief. Unless you can state an absolute fact on his inability to lead, then you are simply bashing in the style of a democrat!

      • i was speaking negatively of his abilities as a politician should he decide to return to public politics.
        He has made some outrageous claims and leveled some false allegations in the past few years.
        some may play well with his base of supporters and he can garner support for them when he limits his public exposure to like minded people.
        But were he back in public politics he would have to not only be confronted by a press that would hold him accountable for his statements… but he would have to face his political opponents in debates who would directly challenge him on his previous statements and actions.

        While some of his statements may evoke cheers from his fanbase, it would cost him any shot at winning an election, especially when forced to explain them.

        like… comparing Democrats to Nazis, saying liberals need to be thrown out of the country, accusing feminists of wanting to enslave men, claiming 80 House Democrats were members of the Communist party, lying about the IRS lien on his home, his association with an outlaw biker gang, his labeling all Muslims (including peaceful American citizens) enemies of America.

        While some of these things, on the surface, may seem minor or defensible to his core supporters… they are political poison and would destroy his campaign if he had to explain them to an opposing candidate at a debate who confronted him

    • What West is doing for the Black Community, Vets and charities, is far
      more than Presidents have done for a very long time. He has gained
      support from those who have NOT been in his circles, who in turn spread
      the message across the country. This is not to mention his stand against
      Nazi Jihadists! Is this what you really are concerned about? Does this
      scare you?
      This is our country. West is doing what we should be
      doing…he sets a tremendous example of how the Presidency is not the
      where things truly get done! Local outreach is the key…speaking truth!

      • I appreciate your admiration for him as a community organizer, but I’m not sure why you think I’m scared of him for opposing radical Islam.

      • Sarcasm usually begins with fear or jealousy (not that you are).
        I do not mean one has to bow with praise, as Obama has been treated, for even I have issues with anyone out there who is fighting the true evil we are all facing, Not a one is perfect, or can give 100% of the people, 100% of what they want. Perhaps you are disappointed that such a strong advocate for what is/was good in our country is slipping away himself, out of fear…i have considered this, and ask Col. West to please consider this, for God admonishes, “Fear not” in so many ways!
        On your concern I think you may fear his Islam opposition….well that kind of ended up in the wrong place after editing. I’ll remove it.

      • Brendan, take your evil communist stagnant clump of gray matter to a different site. You are just another one of those paid by the democrat bloggers. Get lost you idiot!

      • Excuse me… what did I write that offended you so much?
        Was there a point you were trying to make or are you just going to hurl insults?
        I’m also curious as to how you think my criticism of Allen West makes you think I’m an evil communist or a paid blogger.
        I wish someone would pay me to write comments. That would be awesome.

      • Col. West is not a community organizer. Obama is a community organizer. Scared of him for opposing radical islam?…What is this all about?

      • Did you even read the comment that I was responding to?
        I was responding to a person who praised Allen West’s work in spreading the message in different communities.
        Do you even know what a community organizer is, or are you just regurgitating talking points from the 2008 election?

        People putting on Tea Party rallies are community organizers.
        A local pastor setting up a volunteer food drive is a community organizer.
        The term was given a negative spin by political hacks looking to belittle Obama… but, in truth, community organizers are everywhere and there are all kinds… liberal and conservative… and apolitical

      • Col. West is far more than a community organizer. He has credentials, experience, and love of country. I did read the comments. There are many ways of spreading the message throughout different communities. But promoting through left leaning and truth hiding media will do him no good. They don’t want the truth to be told. And if and when he decides to run, he will expand his outlets.

      • What did i write that was derogatory?
        Remember that you’re the one who called me an “evil communist” when you didn’t like my opinion.

    • did you read that on the back of your Rice Krispies box this am?, or
      you know he’s gonna “lock this country down”?

    • I have believed for a long time that he would find a way to stay in that office,I hope that I’m wrong.
      Obama is supposedly a lame duck president so who are the Democrats lined up to claim the job,Hillary? I don’t think so she is a smoke screen to keep people from considering the possibility of a third term.Is there any other Democrat attempting to look presidential while looking at a possible run.I have never seen the party of a lame duck president not have a mob of people lined up to take his job.

  50. As much as I want a president with your moral courage, commitment to the US Constitution, the rule of law and historic American values, sometimes one has to recognize that most of the time the greater contribution to victory is made by the troops on the line, rather than the generals formulating the plan. Your current contribution to recruiting troops (putting information out to encourage the people to join the fight in whatever ways they can) and training the troops (providing information and education to fight the battle) is of inestimable value. Thank you for what you do – and God bless you in whatever path you choose to follow as you continue the defense of the United States of America.

  51. What will help nominating Mr. West is a write-in on the ballot. Because pre-determined nominees are too easy to vote for by the masses.

  52. Something that really concerns me is all of the “fund raising” I don’t like the idea that elections can be “bought”. I think the candidate should have to “win” the public’s vote by their beliefs and their visions for the country IF they should win the office. I would like to see a cap put on how much any candidate’s campaign can utilize. Put everyone on the same financial level for their campaigns and force them to actually get out and earn the votes of the people. They would have to choose the most efficient use of their funds and get out and work with the people they represent.

  53. It is your courage, faith and love for this country that I as a fellow veteran will follow and work with you in continuing to expose the deciet, hate and lies that cover our nation at this time. It is an honor to know you and I will some day be honored to shake your hand. Standing with you keep up the fight and faith in all that is holy and right.

  54. You are a true statesman. A true Patriot. An awesome man of God! Keep standing, keep on fighting for us! We are listening. The gentle giants are waking up and finding their country is in a real mess! I understand your feelings and I respect them. Blessings!

  55. So, it’s brutal on a person to run for president. We, the People COMPLETELY understand the brutality of living under a TYRANNICAL party!!! WE HAVE NO CHOICE!! It is being FORCED on us by people NOT playing by the rules while the leaders we NEED are!! I’m am soundly DISGUSTED by the CONSERVATIVES thinking we have that kind of luxury!! WHEN > WILL< SOMEONE LEAD OUR MILITARY AGAINST THIS FOREIGN ENEMY, OBAMA?? WHO DOES HAVE THE BALLS?? HUH? WHO, IF NOT A MARINE?? I'M SICK OF ALL THIS RHETORIC!!

  56. Col. West , we need someone with your honor and integrity to run this once great country of ours . I believe you can bring it back to the greatness it once was . Do the citizens of the U.S.A. a favor and throw your hat in the ring for president . It would be an honor for me to vote for you as POTUS of America !

  57. I have tears in my eyes after reading your message . You sir give me hope that not all is lost . We the American people feel helpless as Obama breaks one law after another , as his minions lie and cheat and nothing is done. But I think you are right to pause ..they fight dirty …but can anyone else stand up to them as strong as you can? I hate to see what they would do to Rand Paul . We really need a Patriot like you . God lead you to the best choice for you and our nation.

  58. Are we willing to serve along side our candidates with our time and money? Even if they want to run for office, it takes a coordinated grassroots machine to make it happen. I for one am willing to donate, but am getting tired of being bombarded from all the different PACs. How can we concert our efforts? We only have two years to make it happen.

    • Isn’t that the truth! I won’t give money to the parties anymore. If I like a candidate then I might consider it. However, both the Dems and the GOP have the same attitude that the POTUS has. They stand around with their smirking smiles, hands extended for donations, and do nothing else. We hired them to do a job – not campaign for the next election.

  59. I support Allen West. I also think if he is truly going to make a difference in the USA he is going to have to appear less on FOX News and find a venue to educate and inform the masses. His support of conservative values and traditional American values needs to be directed to those that have been misled by the current administration. Mr. West is a true Patriot, but the battle has just begun. The battle to reunite Americans that Obama/Sharpton/Jackson/NAACP have so diligently divided.

    • I wish people would get over the bias about Fox News. They are told to believe that Fox is the enemy, when if you truly watched and listened to some of the more thoughtful people on the channel you would realize their values are the same as yours. People who watch John Stewart and his contemporaries, and think they are getting the news are delusional. Folks seem to have forgotten the definition of truth in reporting vs. comedy. Of course, the past year has been a ‘comedy of errors’ in government.

      • I guess you missed my point or I was not clear. I ONLY watch FOX news! They do the best job of getting the truth out. My point was that because those of us that watch FOX news generally have similar views and values, it’s like preaching to the choir. I meant to say that in addition to appearances on FOX and other conservative venues, Patriots such as Col. West need to target other audiences on other venues as well.

      • Mea culpa Marvin. I DID miss your point. Hopefully, Col. West will be invited to share his point of view on the other stations. But my guess is, until he throws his hat in the ring, they will continue to avoid other opinions than their own. The trouble is when, and if, he does enter the contest; the mad dogs will be dashing behind him looking for dirt as they always do. Then is when the people need to stand up en masse and support him.


  61. Thank you Col. West. We do believe in you and your integrity. Personally, I can understand why you are making a very serious effort to weigh all the pros and cons and consider where you could make the most difference. I admire you for everything you have said in this article.

  62. Col. West…Maybe you should find out what kind of support you would have. Especially outside your normal sources like your site. You may be surprised at what you would find.

  63. Your voice is loud and clear. I hoping the uninformed listen and take advantage of your insight. Stay strong and carry on.

  64. And that sir is the reason you would make an excellent president. Of course our me, me, vote for a living society will not see that. I will support you as God continues to direct your steps.

  65. I’d love nothing more than to see you as president. But at the same time, I can see the writing on the wall. I’m afraid that once again, skin color might become an issue in another way. Not because you wouldn’t make a good president, but that because the “last black president made such a mess of things”. I hope that I’m wrong and that people would vote for you on your own merit, but there will be those that only see the skin color.

    • Again, color of skin has NOTHING to do with it. One simply cannot begin to compare Mr. West to Obama. Mr. West has shown honesty, integrity and a love for our great country – EVERYTHING Obama lacks in a man. Obama isn’t worthy to serve Mr. West coffee. The left has successfully mastered character assassination – most recently with Sarah Palin, then Mitt Romney. Any candidate knows what they’re up against.

      • You’re right about Mr West, no doubt about that. And you’re right about obama too and you’re being very kind about him. But I know how many people think. So skin color COULD become an issue whether it SHOULD or not. It’s not an issue to me and obviously not an issue to you either. But we’re not the whole population.

  66. Well said!!! You are truly admired and respected far more than the media will ever allow you to know! I for one greatly appreciate what you have done, and continue to do for us and America. We desperately need you to keep leading the way. Thank You!

  67. I totally agree with your perspective in this endeavor. The media has become the enemy of the people and truth is victim. As long as folks believe what the say, write, and purport we are all in trouble. Fox is the only media outlet that has yet to be taken over by liberal leaning, mindless reporters out to numb the American mind.

  68. That didn’t sound like a “yes” or a “no!” 😉 But please know that if you did decide to take the leap and make a run, you would have many, many supporters — myself among them. We need a person of character, of kindness, of intelligence, and of honor for President. We need a Commander-in-Chief who actually knows how to command because he or she served in the military. We need a leader who knows what it is to lead. You, sir, are all of those things. You would have my support and my vote. God bless you as you bring this decision before the Lord!

  69. You are continuing to serve people Mr. West, regardless of running for office, etc. If you do decide, you have my vote. Godspeed!

  70. Thank you for your service. No matter how your future in politics unfold, your leadership is something that I admire. God Bless the United States.

  71. Sir, God will use you as He has right where you are. One does not need to be in a high level position for God to work mightily..He just needs a life surrendered to Him and a willing heart to listen and obey His word..God has that, as far as I can see in you. May He bless you and guide you in this endeavor as you continue to be in the service of the one and only King the Lord Jesus. That is what will bless this nation and the peoples therein.

  72. Be assured that a person with your character and integrity will always have a profound and positive effect on the American populous.

    Whatever and whenever you decide to serve you will be met with much enthusiasm from our public. It might happen sooner than later with the past that we have endured in this chaotic regime called “HOPE and CHANGE.”

    The fact that we made a horrible mistake in electing such a person like Obama will make people like yourself much more appealing to the masses.

    I wish you the very best as you contemplate the next couple of years.

  73. We need you to run and win Col. West. Who you gonna run against? Hillary? Biden? ( haha ) We need a candidate like you who says what he means and means what he says. A candidate with a backbone who will stand up to Vladimir and the rest of the world’s thugs. Enough is a Enoch and we the American people need your leadership. I really hope I see your name at the ballot box. You got my vote.


    Josh Turner

  74. This country needs a leader right now, and I have a short list of people that I would like to see running for that office, but an even shorter list of preferences. Our next president has to be a man, strong in character, strong enough to face the arrows that will be constantly aimed at him. Yet strong enough, and wise enough to make the changes in our system that allow such character assassination to take place in the first place. fear for the next presidents safety if he is to run the office the way it needs, the way this country needs it to be run.
    We need a president who can step on to the world stage and make decisions, not changes. Decisions affect our lives. Hanger are political monsters…

  75. Col West I would vote for you. Unfortunately we have similar political maneuvering here in Mississippi. It saddens me when Republican leadership stoops to Democrate tactics.

  76. Thank you for your service Mr. West! If you should ever decide to run, you will have my support. God bless you and your family.

  77. Sir, I thank you for your service and while I wish you would run, I am also mindful of the viciousness of the left. And the failure of the media to tell the truth. Your continued vigilance in helping the rest of us keep informed and on point is needed and appreciated. However, if you ever decide to run, you will have my vote.

  78. Col West,
    Often my thoughts reflect your thoughts. Especially regarding Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas. Judge Thomas’ upbringing reminds me of my upbringing. During the hearings that surrounded his confirmation I was angered, embarrassed, empathetic, disbelieving, and full of sadness. The criticism continues, even in the media. A report featuring Anita Hill was aired about a month ago. That story has not changed either.
    Herman Cain is a forthright, honest, experienced business man. He is an enigma in politics, “folksy”,humorous, easily liked, politically astute man. He was not born “comfortable”, he made his own fortune. I hate what happened to him, but if the accusation wasn’t adultery, another egregious situation would have been reported. I suppose that I am not his only fan who was wondering what the negative claim would be, and when, in his campaign it would appear .
    Col West, you and I have a connection that makes me read every work of every article written by you or written about you. You grew up in the 4th Ward, and I taught in that area during the ’90’s.. To my students it was “Fafh wad”. Because I visited the homes of my students, I also got to know the families. My students had been recognized as academically gifted and I had the joy of working with them all three middle school grades. There are so many wonderful memories. Two trips to the White House. First time was recognition for being second in the country in a NSF competition, and the second visit was in response to an invitation to sit with the First Lady during the State of the Union address. We also visited Iowa to present our concept to a conference on homeless children. It snowed after our presentation, it began as we walked back to our hotel. There was no holding those 4 team members back! They played in the snow, ate the snow, threw the snow, admired each other as the snow landed on their faces and clothes……….it was quite an experience.
    I left Atlanta shortly after I retired in 2000. I miss it terribly.
    I will continue to watch, listen, and follow your career. I watched your speech at the Church of the Apostles, in Atlanta via TV. It was very moving. Hope to attend a speech in person. If you decide to run for another political office, count on me to be a strong supporter!!
    Respectfully, Ann Woodward.

  79. This country needs a strong leader with good organizational skills to get it back on track, you would be such a man. We need someone who would put good and honest people in positions of leadership in Justice, Defense, the IRS, rid the State Department of all their leftist, and change the attitude of the EPA! You could bare your soul and tell them (MSM) everything to get it our first, but they would still make up stuff and throw it in your face. I do not know how to get a decent, honest man into the office of President, but sir, you would be good.

  80. A truly honest & heartfelt answer, Colonel West. We certainly could use more of this on the national stage! Unfortunately, I have to agree with your assessment and cannot blame you if you choose not to toss your hat into that “arena of lies, deceit and incompetence”! Whatever you choose, I will continue to applaud your “voice crying out in the wilderness”!

  81. Firstly, amazing article! Bless you man. Truly brave and even nice to your readers. Second though, think about instead supporting the best republican for 2016. And that is found at AmericaIdea, for the 2016 Dream Candidate.

  82. plenty of time before the election. no reason to be targeted so early, except as a decoy (right Hillary?)

  83. Regardless if you run or not my vote will be with the ideas and principles that you (and I) stand for. I admire everything you have done and everything you stand for. I just hope that people of your character stand up and lead this nation to the greatest we all know and deserve it to be. Please continue your march for the righteous, the free, the American way of life.

  84. Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann may be leaving Congress at the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any more political aspirations. In fact, the conservative lawmaker doesn’t understand why there hasn’t been more buzz about her future plans.

    “They haven’t speculated, for instance, that I’m going to run. What if I decide to run? And there’s a chance I could run.”

    and there you have folks,,,,Shelly in 2016…..

  85. I don’t disagree with a word you wrote and yet even though those words ring true if a person like you who has served this country and his people already once in politics where not to find the strength to still solider on and throw your hat in the ring to try and right this great country from all these past years of misguided bad judgement… Think of your fellow service men and women getting pink slips while still down range by a administration that pissed away all they achieved this past decade overseas and made everything they worked toward invalid. Think of your fellow veterans that are not getting the care they need at the VA. Think of the how this administrations foreign policies are setting this country on a dangerous cliff where less service men will be likely called on to defend us against greater challenges. We need a person to win this election that will not tolerate either parties status quo. Someone that will hold everyone accountable to the american people and I think you are such a person. I would argue it is time to come in from the wild and take care of business.

  86. Well said my fellow veteran and sir I salute you…we will continue to seek the truth and liberty for all. We must remember God is still in control and His will be done.

  87. LTC you’ve had my vote since the first time I saw you in the News and heard about your dastardly conduct in Iraq, Hahahahah, bet he had to change his panties after that interrogation, good job. It really ticked me off that our own party sided with the Enemies of our Country and helped you loose your last election. Well I hope those folks are real proud of themselves for electing slimes like Grayson. To bad his wife didn’t flatten his head when she tossed him out of the house. Anyhoo if you ever decide to run you’ll have my families vote that’s for sure. Take care and watch yer six. And if you ever see General Franks tell em hi, I worked with him for a bit in Korea back in 96.

  88. I am deeply saddened by the circumstances that took you out of politics. However, I do believe we need you, and people like you, to tell the truth about what’s happening in the country and educate the low information citizens. I believe we can have a change in this country, if we can get our voices heard.

    I look forward to the day when your address is 1600, and we can again be proud of our country’s leadership. You’re still a young man, there’s plenty of time.

  89. Colonel West you are a great man. I don’t blame you a bit for not wanting to go thru all that BS of an election run. I sure wouldn’t. And just think of the state of the United States when the next President takes over. It will be frightening, to say the least.

  90. Colonel West, thank you for your service, both in the US Army, and politically. I am honored to have served in the same Army as a person as knowledgeable and skilled as you. My question is this: you point to clear character assassination attempts, aimed at other strong, conservative, black men. Though you don’t come out and say it, there is the insinuation of race being a contributing/motivating factor. Notoriously conservatives are saddled with a “racist” label, while liberals are considered “tolerant and accepting.” Certainly, people from all ends of the political spectrum can, and many likely do, hold racist feelings; open or concealed. Is it likely that liberals use their racist views and behaviors to influence other liberals, and possibly socially moderate conservatives? How can these actions best be mitigated, overall? Thank you.

  91. Let God lead and you will never fail. God bless you for valuing service and righteousness which is disappearing from our nation. Who will teach us again to love good and hate evil?

  92. Sir…, it seems as though you may not consider the possibility of ruining in the 2016 primaries. (God opens and closes doors for specific reasons an attempting to enter closed doors is in vain, However God’s will is the only way to follow.)
    However as you continue to spread the word of truth from a true American patriot prospective as critical political events unravel on a daily basis. One position to consider is a possible position or seat of a national Tea Party leader.
    I am of the opinion that the Tea Party needs a leader that can give clear and concise step by step guidance to achieve success in their goals and endeavors. With such leadership and team work The Tea party can become recognized as a strong force to be reckoned with. I see nothing wrong with a possible official third party to continue to raise reasonable concerns of issues and keep an honest flow of Check & Balances within the Beltway of The US Capital, for the Good of Our Republic.

    I strongly suggest that (Retired US Army) Colonel and former Florida Congressman Allen West, be considered for a national Tea Party nomination to the top leadership position of the American Republic’s Tea Party.

    May God bless our Republic again, and the true patriotic citizens of America.

    Together we stand strong, divided we shall fall.
    To Restore our Republic as we once knew it, we shall not fail so long we Keep our Eyes on The Lord and trust in Him.

    God Bless America Again and all the True Patriotic Citizens of this once grate nation.

    Together we shall prevail… Amen

  93. We desperately need someone like Col West to lead us. He would be a wonderful, wonderful President, but it would be deeply disturbing to have to witness, “those who seek to denigrate, defeat, and disrespect me [Col West], my family and my reputation.” If we only had a truly reputable American media, the population could have a true picture of candidates. But, the media is corrupt and so many are so dis-engaged from reality and just vote like robots. I would love Col West to run, but I would not blame him if he does not. It would be brutal. Col West already has served, and is serving America now. I thank him and respect him.

  94. I agree with what you said about the state of politics, the lies and character assignation,, and such, an I don’t blame you if you want no part of it. I feel you would be a very good president. But, until the media start doing some actual, honest reporting, fair and balanced, I see no end of it. The thirst for sensationalism has so firmly been embedded in our lives, and until we can get rid of that, no true news will be published or aired on TV. You are a good honest man with clear thinking, and understanding of what needs to be done. If you choose to run, it would be a good thing for the country we love.

  95. God bless you Col. West…you are the only man who could run for that office that I could vote for w/o any reservations. “men don’t follow titles, they
    follow courage.”

  96. I believe in you and the God you serve. If you feel that God would
    have you run, I know God would have me mark an X by your name. God Bless you and your family Allen West!

  97. The sad thing is, one of the biggest arguments the Dems have is that the Republicans don’t have enough blacks in office but yet they vilify the blacks that DO hold any office. They are called everything under the sun.

      • I feel so bad for for conservatives. Everybody picks on the poor conservatives. The people who hate victims are the biggest victims in the world. “The media pick on us, Libs pick on us, Republicans pick on us, and we don’t pick on anyone” boo hop hoo

  98. I was one of those who pushed so hard to get you to run in 2012. We wanted someone qualified, someone who would be a true leader. And what did we get? The same old tired opposite. A non-leader. Someone with an anti-America attitude. You did not believe it was your time, I understood and accepted.
    Col. West, your article is clear, succinct, and truthful. Your vision is clear. Your intent is easy to understand. There is nothing with which I could take issue. If the future holds other or higher office, then so be it.
    Your present efforts are valiant and appreciated. Wherever God leads you, I am with you all the way.
    God Bless you and thank you.

  99. God bless you, Mr. West, & may He lead you in the path that He wants. Also, IF God wants you to run, then ‘no weapon formed against you shall prosper’.

  100. You are loved and appreciated I pray for you each day and night. You are honorable and I would love to have you lead this country as president .

  101. Is there a more honorable, courageous, honest man that can lead this country and abide by the Constitution, federal law passed by Congress, and rulings of the Supreme Court? I don’t think so.

  102. Very well stated Col. West. Your long list of examples of truths here even reminded me of the daunting emotional roller-coaster a Republican candidate has to endure. Where the MSM will have stated an unnamed source about a Republican Candidate with no truth, no video, no eye witness still won’t stop them giving it headline status Yet a Democrat Candidate with Video, 6 eye witnesses and police action will get the protection spin and pass.

  103. I can’t say how much this disappoints me, but after reading your answer to the question, I am forced to understand. Your honesty, integrity, and willingness to serve are self evident. There is no doubt that you will go where you are led and those of us who support you will have to wait and see where that will be. Thank you for all of your service.

  104. God bless you richly, SIr. And I sure hope the Almighty will call you as he did Moses. And as you know, Moses needed coaxing and assurance from the Lord that he would equip him for the job and trials he’d soon be facing. Thus, he did. To God be the glory for the man you are; the Christian, the Patriot, the decorated military leader, the husband and father, the statesman and the real conservative And an all around just plain ol’ good guy…

  105. Let me say… I haven’t voted in years…
    Haven’t been interested in Thing#1 vs. Thing #2…
    Basically… I haven’t been impressed with choosing the lesser of the two evils which we’ve been presented with over the past several elections…
    I just can’t find it in me to vote for someone I don’t want… just to keep another out of office.
    It’s like choosing between the antichrist and the False Prophet… just can’t do it…
    However; If you ran Allen… I would dust off my voter card and be at the polls.
    But…I also know… you don’t have much of a chance…
    Why? Because I don’t believe you’re part of the system… part of their Global agenda… or even want to be. Thus… they won’t let you in…
    Besides… you would wear yourself out fighting them every step of the way…
    It simply ain’t worth it Allen.
    Scripture has to be fulfilled… and as much as I would love to see you as our President… you’d be forced to bend. And no one can prevent that from happening.

    And for me… I’d hate to see that happen to you…

    I think you summed it up quite well… ”
    “I am truly having a blast in this role as a “voice crying out in the wilderness.”

    And with that… you know you can sleep well at night too…

    • But being asked to be VP, with Ben Carson, means he would not have to worry about the funds, or the stabs in the back. Carson’s armor would take the hits…and I can bet the left, and the Right Elite, would not find one chink in Carson’s armor! Carson is not even running yet, and the “Run Ben Run” group has already caught up with Hillary’s campaign, and done better than them! People LOVE Ben Carson, for standing up, courageously, to Obama, and not backing down, when Obama demanded an apology!

  106. Job one is to make the name Allen West as huge as Allen West’s character and patriotism. I do hold disgust for the political tactics that we saw used against Herman Cain and Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin, but I think that Republican candidates need to hit back harder than they were hit by propaganda. They often just stand, secure in their innocence and try to move back to campaign issues, but the liars don’t rest. Republicans need to call out the deceit, the liar and the truth louder, more frequently and clearer than any left wing or Republican establishment does. Republican candidate ads need to be informative, clear, precise, CORRECTIVE and educational. Many American voters live in America, but don’t have any understanding of it. When I miss the news for a few days, I get a sense of what much of the Democrat voter population must be like. There is a great disconnect that makes Democrat voters think that what Democrat politicians advance is a viable, acceptable American plan. I’d love to see an Allen West presidency. I’d also love to see the presidential debates that include the clarity, principles, history knowledge and character of Allen West, who is the candidate I would have the easiest and greatest confidence in. I’ve witnessed lobbyist influenced, two timing, TEA Party opposing activity in the Republican party just at the county committee level and I expect that it’s worse at each higher level. I thank Allen West for standing everywhere that he’s stood so far in service to our country. We all need to figure out where we should stand as patriotic, Constitution adherence & founding principle advocating individuals. I think that Allen West will find the place where he can have the most impact. I don’t question that!

    • Agreed, but the GOP leadership despises conservatives as much as does the Left…. there was not one peep from the ‘leadership’ about the massive voter fraud during West’s re-election campaign.

      • Joe, Don’t turn the TV off. A good Candidate will dismantle Democrat BS and it’s a pleasure to watch.

      • Voter fraud was so bad nobody went to jail for it!! Notice how when one of you LOONS win it has to be a excuse? How bout the people of that district didn’t want to be represented by a LOON

    • Those last presidental debates were totally a joke with the behavior of Biden and Obama. Frankly, if that kind of democrat behavior is a rerun again, I’d get up and walk out, if I were the Republican. The democrats were a huge waste of my time and I WILL turn it off, if I ever see that again!

  107. COMEDY!! I’ve been telling you LOONS that this man had no intention of running for months now! Unlike you ….I knew this man, just like sarah palin, cannot run for public office again. He has proven himself to be a disgraced military vet and a Islamophobe, homophobe and just a LOON! I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

    • There is no comedy here. There are a few people like you on the web advancing the story that you want to stall a West campaign. You are really persistent. You search out places and opportunities to do this. It is an example of this page’s central discussion. On your part, it shows fear that Allen West’s character and message will resonate and that what you stand for will meet certain true American Principles, likely known to you as obstacles. What you use to slander, I think that America will admire in Allen West. As with Sarah Palin, whose prior candidacy obviously still gets you a bit irate, I expect that you don’t care about her specifically beyond opposing true American governing and anyone who is likely to practice it. Have a nice day.

      • Allen west character??? He has none….he left his troops to face charges for something he was in command of. He didn’t stand with those men…Coward is more like it!!

      • Earl Lee; you sir are the coward. You have no love for God, for our country nor for the qualities of a decent human being. End of discussion.

      • OH PLEASE….I know what it means to SERVE WITH HONOR….I also know what it means to LEAD!! Allen west failed his men that faithful night and didn’t have the GUTS to stand with them while they faced and accepted charges! I have enough sense to read military reports!! YOU DON”T!

      • You mention Sarah (I QUIT) Palin?? He can’t run for anything again and she knows this. People will not vote for someone that quit on the people of that state.

  108. Allen West is an interesting guy. Watch his 2013 CPAC speech on U-Tube….he kinda reminds me of Barbra Jordan, the late Congresswoman from Texas…. I liked the book excerpt, and will have to buy his book.

    • and there is the point….why run for president when he can become a multi millionaire by getting the stupid to buy his products and pay to hear him speak

  109. He is a good and Godly man. He would have a tough go after this Obama fiasco and yes, it would be partially, at least, because of his skin color. I am sorry to say that our leader has done more harm to the black population than probably any white man has. I think that Colonel West will get his chance – 2016 is still quite a ways off.

  110. I don’t understand how you can see a speck in some else’s eye when you have such a huge log in your eye. Personal attacks? Allen West’s attack on Congresswoman Schultz was the worst I have ever seen. And his constant personal attacks against the President is epic.
    Sorry Mr. West, conservatives love having your face out in front so they can say “See, we’re not racist”. But conservatives will never, never, ever elect a black man for the republican nomination for president.

    • Well Wade, you’re missing something important and that is this. Who says things that are actually true and who is a political hack? If you can defend a person like Deb W Shultz, then you have no soap box to stand on or a foundation to stand one on if you had one. Truth is not her friend.

    • They couldn’t support a MORMON now they beleive they will support a BLACK MAN?? Allen west knows this…just one of the many reasons he is not running. ALSO, the reasons listed are B/S and are not the TRUE reasons this DISGRACE is not running!

  111. From Bill “LongKnife”

    The important thing here is the quote,” “men don’t follow titles, they follow
    courage.” America is crying for a leader. A leader with courage
    to tell the truth and face the problems. That is the first step in solving any problem: an honest assessment
    of what the problem really is! The real problem is the Lib/Prog/Dem strategy of
    buying votes from the ignorant and un-invested with the Welfare

    This is like letting the cockroaches under the sink veto your
    budget that includes roach poison of the exterminator. The problems continue to
    grow and now the Obamunists are intentionally importing Central American
    cockroaches to add to the problem.

  112. Colonel West…I believe it would be best if you stayed out of the running, but let Dr. Ben Carson know that you are available for VP, or Chief of the Armed Forces.
    I would LOVE to see a ticket of Carson/West!! A Doctor, and a Military Man…just the prescription we need, to get this country back on track, and do it WITH GOD!

      • Too bad your comment is actually sarcasm. But you are wrong! TWO great and true Conservatives…are a DREAM ticket!

      • “Black men on the ticket”…… it possible that you may re-phrase that?……”Two Americans on the ticket”….just sayin’………

      • 3 black men or 4….the color of their skin is not what will defeat them…its the policies of the republican/tea party!

      • Earl Lee..maybe the Establishment Republicans..but not the TEA Party…you have been brainwashed by the media. Use your brain, and look further.

      • The tea party once was a strong entity but now its viewed as being filled with a bunch of LOONS and RACIST! Why do u think the republican establishment is pouring MILLIONS into defeating tea party candidates?

      • But I thought you said that Republicans were all racist. Guess you ARE full of crazy, huh?

        Get lost, troll.

      • I guess I’m not getting what you mean….a conservative view of the machinations of our gbmint is bad?…..the ideals behind the title, ‘conservative’….means perzackly that: to conserve and protect the ideals, resources, and families of America….how is that a bad policy? i rather expect you to comeback w/ some snide aside, or exhortations of, ‘racist!’….instead of flingin’shit, try debating points…hater

      • Right! Because Republicans don’t see color. Just look at congress. On the Republican side there is no color!

      • Ha ha and the dem blacks are all being used by the white dems in both houses and are too dumb to accept that fact. They are paid off to toe the dem line and they had best not veer away from it either. Talk about slaves and their slave masters.

      • Right! Nearly all black Americans are brain washed. The 5 Black conservatives are the only ones smart enough to understand it. That’s what conservatives tell you. You have to be brainwashed to believe some stupid s#%! like that.

      • There aren’t many blacks running on the Republican side. There is a wonderful black woman running for Congress in Utah, Mia Love. Believe it or not, most of us on the right believe in character, not skin color.

      • Doofus? You continue to make my point! Out of 42 million you found 1? And the one you found is the only black person at her own dinner party. Including her husband.
        Here is the point: Republicans are a party for white men (just a few white women) not because of perception or misrepresentation like your favorite talking head brain wash you into believing. It because that what conservatism is. “Remember when..” “What our country use to be…” Some of us only had voting rights for a few decades so we don’t want to go back. And what is the republican stance, “let’s make it as tough as possible for them to vote”

      • Out of 42 million black Americans, you found 1. And the one you found is the only black person at her own dinner party. Including her husband.

      • Yes two men that will redeem the black race rather than the mulattos we now have claiming to be African American. Fakes they are.

    • No way in hell on Ben Carson -Surgeon General or HHS, fine, but he is not presidential material. I like him a lot, but not in the WH or a step away. He’s not a supporter of the 2nd amendment, for one thing. West/Cruz is my dream team.

      • tvlgds…you need to keep up…he has restated his ideals about the 2nd amendment..I too…had said NO, until I found out otherwise. Cruz is not eligible for the Presidency..and not sure about the VP slot. Carson is the grounded person we need, as President. Guess how many doctors were involved with the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution?

  113. America needs a leader to stand up against the lies and character assassinations and expose the Democrats for what they are: disgusting vermin, liars, deceivers, connivers, Marxist, manipulators of the uninformed, power hungry, and useless secular troglodytes from the scum bottoms of of hell.

  114. I’m reading all the comments describing allen west and I find them all to be FAKE. If allen west truly loved the nation and was a man of wouldn’t make a difference on how he would be attacked and what FACTS are said about him…he would FIGHT! BUT…what else would he do when he has a history of not fighting. When faced with 11 years in prison and being relieved of command did allen west FIGHT?? NO….he retired and left his men face charges, lose rank and pay. Allen west proves again what a COWARD he really is!!

      • How many people did allen west command the night that caused all of his trouble? How many of those people faced judgement while allen west didn’t stand with those men? COWARD THEN….coward now!

      • That is NOT what I asked…How many wars did YOU fight overseas? Do tell…What are the facts about the incident over there? What happened to his men? What charges were brought against them. Show the FACTS! You cannot…because YOU are Making them UP or..parroting the controlled media!

      • You should not even honor earl lee with a response that’s what he wants just ignore him…he’s one of those you know…

  115. “… who among you would want to endure the attacks from those of lesser character? ”

    Those of us who know that they can and will prevail..

    • As it stands right now, we Americans have had to endure attacks from those of lesser character for quite some time now, particularly the last 5-plus years.

  116. We understand, Col. West. When I began begging you to consider being our President years ago on the beach at Boca, I had no idea that politics would grow more and more ugly as time goes on. I understand that your innate decency and dignity plus the example of what Herman Cain had to deal with would prevent you from putting yourself and your lovely family at risk from those so vicious I can hardly believe that they are citizens of what used to be this great country. I can only cry for our country that we have lost a man who would have been the greatest President yet, but I respect and understand your decision. Please continue giving us the benefit of your wisdom and knowledge, and that of Dr. Angela, also. Jaye&Carl, Oregon

    • And yet, decent people still want to lead. Amazing, isn’t it? God will raise up the right leader, I truly believe that. It would be nice if he would run, but I can understand him not wanting to subject his family to the trash slinging the liberals have made their trademark tool.

  117. Your logical and well stated commentary backed up by honesty and integrity is obvious to those who choose to be informed. Even those of us up here in Canada are learning volumes about the USA from your speeches and media interviews. Good luck to you Colonel and many of us do hope you will run for office again. america needs people like yourself. God bless.

    • And we could use more smart citizens too. If you ever decide to move here, you would most definitely be an asset to America.

      • I have known quite a few Canadians in my time, and every single one was an upstanding individual. The socialists don’t speak for many in Canada.

  118. So let me see if I have this logic correct. Allen west don’t want to run because politics is too dirty BUT he participated in DIRTY politics and LOST? Really?? You people would believe ANYTHING!!!

    • Anything he said about your love of your life..Miss whats her name….was probably the truth. What a sickening LIAR of a woman!

      • Have you thought about what he said yet??? He stated that he is too afraid to run for president! How can you complain about the direction of the nation and claim to love it but too afraid to run for office. Allen west is only giving you guys LIP SERVICE!! BUY ANOTHER USELESS BOOK!! AHHAHAHAHAH

  119. He has my vote and respect. He is a strait shooter and can not blame anyone for not wanted to be smeared by a liberal media propaganda that tears down the good trying to pretend it knows what is good when clearly their idea of good has the whole world in chaos.

      • OH…the leftist sites isn’t much fun as this….think about it…you guys are praising someone that is AFRAID to run for president! HAHAHAHAHAH You can’t make this stuff up!! AHAHAHAHA

      • I would like to see you, with your little fingers…in a dark alley with Allen West…I wonder who would come out, without a scratch on him! Keep on typing all that hate…it will turn around and bite you somewhere…that you don’t like!

      • Colonel West proved his courage by spending 22 years of his life putting on a uniform every day and standing ready to defend this country against the enemies who would threaten its freedoms, including your freedom to sit on the Internet and spew mindless, childish bile at him at every opportunity, and has a Bronze Star and a chestful of other decorations earned in combat against such enemies to prove it – not that he actually needs to prove ANYTHING to you. What did you ever accomplish in your life besides regurgitating leftist anti-West propaganda over the internet?

    • psssssssssst……………..West has held elected office and served in the military. You? Move along gutless.

  120. Let me get this right…You claim to love this nation and complain about its direction YET you are not willing or too afraid to run for office and change it. REALLY???

    • My story has not yet been fully written and it is certainly not in the hands of those who seek to denigrate, defeat, and disrespect me, my family and my reputation. Do you see yourself in that sentence? YOU ARE THERE!

  121. Yes, Mr. West. I can certainly understand your apprehension toward running especially after what happened to Herman Cain. I was disgusted and broken hearted that such a fine man was so quickly discarded to the gutter by the left. It’s not necessarily how you suffer, but what your family goes through as a result. Please pray and at least consider. This once great nation needs you now more than ever.

    • Herman Cain was destroyed by the left? Really? Every Democrat in America was cheering for Herman Cain and Rick Perry to give Obama an easy win. Cain was destroyed in the Republican primary. By Conservatives just like any other black man who try to rise in the Republican Party.

      • Herman Cain was taken down by the corrupt as hell Shitcago machine. How ironic that one of the women who came out to falsely accuse him just happened to live in the same apartment building and knew Axelrod. The left considered Herman a threat since he happens to be a true black true conservative Christian, someone who the demonic left despises since he dared to leave their plantation. You are seriously delusional. Go take your meds and have your much needed nap, democratic troll!

      • You are listening to someone who claim to know all about liberals but don’t have a clue. I am black,Christian, and educated but would never vote for Herman Cain. No black conservatives or political threats to Democrats. There is only one in congress (appointed), and conservatives will never, never, ever nominate one for president. But if you want to blame the “left” instead of your racist conservative side, ok.

      • You people are NUTS!! Herman Cain was taken down by REPUBLICANS! The obama team was running BAIN commercials even before MITT had won the primary!

    • A black Conservative will be crucified; and they will save the most vicious attacks for immediately before the election ( some innocent white lady will swear you raped her when she was 12 years old ) or some such. Don’t hope it doesn’t happen, it will.

  122. Don’t run. You can’t win. Back someone who can win as a Republican. The questions surrounding your retirement from the military will become a major issue should you elect to run. But what the heck, you won’t even win in the Republican primaries so no worry.

    • On what facts do you base your opinions? I would really like to know…like the questions surrounding his military retirement and why you are so certain he would not win in the primaries.

      • West was charged in an incident that involved the beating and simulated execution of an Iraqi police officer. West was fined $5,000, accepted Non-judicial punishment and allowed to retire as a lieutenant colonel after an Article 32 hearing. He effectively was told “retire or face a court-martial. ” If you don’t think that would be used, ad nauseam, by any opponent he faced, you’re dreaming.

      • I did some searching and found the story, but thanks for the reply. Personally, I don’t think he did anything so terrible. What do people think happens during a war? They don’t all do a happy dance and hug each other. But you are correct, the liberal media would have a field day on this story. Sad because I think he would be a great president.

      • It was already used against him during his campaign for re-election in Florida. The sleazeball press, effectively known as Obama’s propaganda machine, would never let up on Colonel West. And Obama voters with their low IQs, will believe anything Obama’s press corp. writes.

      • Seriously? Allen west brought up that mans drunk arrest when he was 19? The man isn’t suppose to respond?

  123. What a great attitude and I understand thoroughly…keep up the great work you are doing sir and how proud I am of you as patriot, veteran and American. God bless you and your family!

  124. Earl Lee, everything you write is directed at Col. West personally. I get the feeling you got turned down by the Army or kicked out (aka dishonorable discharge). You never give any verifiable facts or respond to the actual issue in the articles all you give is your crappy personal opinion. Looks like the only thing you do is pick a guitar.

  125. A bunch of leftist idiots chiming in, Lt. Col. Allen West I admire your insight on the issues and respect you and your opinions very highly. May G-d grant you peace and many blessings no matter what you and your family decide. I know our country would benefit from your knowledge and insight in whatever capacity you choose to serve. Thank you for your honorable service.

      • I am not censoring G-D! I am Jewish, we write out G-d’s name this way as reverence for His name, to show a high degree of respect!
        Look at you 97E, you might just have learned something new…look it up! This country is based on Judeo-Christian values, might help you to know that a little something about Jewish traditions. and not confuse this as leftist cenorship.
        May G-d help you!
        p.s. I am sure the honorable Lt. Col. West probably knows this, he is a very well read and G-d fearing man.

  126. I don’t blame you not bringing your family into the lefts, scary, evil, strange, angry tactics. Your are a great man for sure and will be needed after the destroyers destroy our beautiful country. Keep on that armor and carry on. Thanks for all you do.

    • Exactly! Just look at the constant attacks on the Obama’s. I have never seen a First Lady so constantly and viciously attacked.

      • Watch some youtubes of michelle obama giving speeches in foreign countries or anywhere for that matter. Watch her shake her fists up in the air and yell and practically scream out that she’s a Marxist. Heck, watch some youtubes of other Marxists, Despots and Dictators give speeches, you will see similarities in the way they give speeches. As for the obama’s, there is nothing uglier than America-Hating Marxists.

      • That’s my point exactly. Look at all of the comments here. It’s all through the article. The idea that it’s the left with personal attacks. That’s all conservatives do. “Conservatives talk about the issues”. Issues like the Obama’s hate America and they’re Muslim Socialist. Incredible hypocrisy

      • Let me ask: do you have a spouse or significant other in your life? If so, do you love them?

      • Married with 4 kids. Which is why I would never support attacking politician’s wife and kids. That has never been acceptable. Until now! But it’s has nothing to do with race.

      • If republicans get rid of people like you MB, they would not have enough people to have a convention. That is exactly the reason Allen West or any black man will never, never, ever win the republican nomination for president. That is exactly why there is only 1 black republican in both houses of congress.

      • I did not vote for Obama either time but it had little to do with the color of his skin and more to do with his lack of experience and leadership abilities…and he has proved me right. However, from what I have read and heard of Col.West, I would vote for him and/or Ben Carson in a heartbeat.

      • I wouldn’t and didn’t vote for Obama because to me ‘communist’ is still a bad word. Funny, my Daddy told me back in 1953 ‘Communists lie.’ It’s as true today as then. They have to, if you know what is their agenda they would never get elected.
        Lenin was a ‘community organizer.’

      • Wouldn’t have anything to do with their competence would it? Black Democrats have a tendency to come from black districts and be in the progressive caucus, they are part of the problem.

      • Oh really? Many politicians wives throughout the history of our nation have gotten bad press. Some deserved it, some didn’t, but it’s certainly nothing new, and it definitely did not start with the current occupant of the White House or his wife.

      • The problem with the First Wookiee is that she is heavily involved in her husband’s politics. She is constantly sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

        As such, she has lost any and all protection from criticism.

        Too damned bad!

  127. Mr. West, you do, in fact, stand for what America is. And I am proud a gentleman of your caliber is available to read and listen to. In America today there are millions of good people. One of the great consequenses of freedom is that it provides a way for those that are not so good to have a stage. That is ok, they cannot prevail. Jesus said that 2 thousand years ago. A man cometh to the father but by me…
    Bless you and your family sir…

  128. There are a large number of people out there that want Dr.Ben Carson to run for president, so far he has not really said if he would or not. He’s a smart man and he knows what the media would do to him if he tries to run, he would get the same or worse treatment than Romney got. A person has to be just as dirty and sleazy as the person running against them to get anywhere in politics and I doubt Dr. Carson is that kind of person. The way Obama looked at Romney if looks could kill Romney would have died on the spot. I never saw such hatred for another person in Obama’s eyes as when they were sparring on the stage when they were running against each other. I don’t know if anyone else noticed it but I sure did.

    • ‘If looks could kill……’ reminds me of the expression Satan must have had when tempting Jesus in the desert. My hesitation with Dr. Carson is that he is out of his element as an office-seeker/politician/executive-manager and has no political experience to speak of. At least Jimmy Carter was a Governor and even that wasn’t enough. Herman Cain at least has business executive experience and oodles of common sense and intelligence. If you need a resume, Romney should be the epitome of competence; he made a few fatal mistakes with advisors and chose a VP candidate which brought him NO extra votes. Kennedy only won in 1960 because Johnson was on the ticket (LBJ was a horrible president.)

  129. Well-said LTC Allen West

    I believe Divine Providence has your future service to America, in one or more public leadership roles, mapped out, along with that of the other NOT4SALE Leaders, whom He has raised up … *for such a time as this* …

    #BeClingers ————————-> #AmericaRISING

  130. Mr West. I have stated many times here on your site. It’s takes a man that can take the brunt of humility and stand on his own convictions when the left attacks his character. Mr. West in hope you read this. As a military man and a patriot. Don’t take this wrong.

    Me, Myself and I look at the strength you have as a leader. Because we see you as a no nonsense leader. A man that can stand on his own convictions do what is right regardless. We see a man that knows how to handle foreign policy. Corniel, You above all should know this- Knowing your enemies tactics gives you an advantage. Yes politics is a dirty game.

    We both know if you’re a threat they will attack with everything including the kitchen sink. but to retaliate using their own methods. As you did when they attacked your wife. You scared them. Now they know you will not hold back.
    Mr West. I understand your statement. I just wanted to speak my piece. I still believe in your ability to take on the challenge.
    We Americans believe in you and your ability to lead and restore America
    Destiny often calls upon those who are reluctant to lead as leaders.

  131. I don’t blame him. These jackals that picked Herman Cain clean, they didn’t care if they were hurting his wife, who suffers from heart trouble. It’s the same media that did Meg Whitman dirty, and will do the same to anyone who has new, fresh ideas, instead of the same old ‘tax and spend’ plans. And yet, it’s funny, these same people are the ones who sing ‘let’s not get personal, his family should be left alone’ when it’s a democrat like Bill Clinton or Barack 0bama. Hypocrites of the highest order.

    • Absolutely. It helps to have experience in argument, debate, prosecution and/or defense in court, speechmaking. That’s why Gowdy and Cruz are so effective; they know what they are doing and HOW to do it effectively, on offense and defense.

  132. I fully supported Herman Cain. His business background and his ability to assess a situation and find sensible solutions really impressed me. I was alarmed and disgusted by the trumped -up trash that the media so readily spread about him. It was similar to the dirt the opposition tried to smear on Clarence Thomas. It’s amazing what some people will do and say for a few dollars. Good, qualified people considering politics may be ready to suffer the slings and arrows, but are not willing to subject their family to this abuse.

    • The chattering class and professional shills will repeat all slanderous dirt, true or not until the election is over and it serves no purpose. The correct response is to simply answer ‘no’ to a question ONCE and never again dignify the question with a response no matter how twisted the question or the logic. ‘That has already been answered; next question’ is also a proper response. Do not repeat yourself, do not elaborate. Instruct your campaign staff to respond in a similar fashion. Even paid shills will change their tactics if they get no response, it’s called ‘extinction,’ in psychology and is akin to a timeout.

  133. Lt. Col. West, I completely understand your reluctance to run for the office of president. The left are evil people and they will attack you with all of the evil they possess. Why? Because they crave the power the office represents. My favorite author once wrote that we should always be suspicious of the person who WANTS a public office, always question why they want it, what’s in it for them? In the same book he posited that for a national leader, people should pick the best qualified person WHO DOESN’T WANT THE JOB – even if they have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the office. Draft that person to lead the nation for a set period of time and then allow them to step down and repeat the process for the next leader. If you look at history, that’s pretty much what happened with George Washington. He had to be talked into running both times. He ran because people pointed out to him that he had a duty to run, that he was the most capable person available to serve as president in the perilous times when the nation was in the birthing process.

    Lt. Col. West, I submit that you have a duty to run for the office of President of the United States. You are the kind of principled, professional leader with strength and integrity that our nation needs in these troubled times if we are going to save this nation from the depths to which Obama and his gang have tried to cosign her. You have the gift that Ronald Reagan had to inspire people, to be an inspirational leader. You are the type of leader that men willingly follow into battle and would follow into the depths of hell, itself. Do I sound corny and sentimental? Of course I do, even to myself. But that doesn’t make what I have said any less true.

    Lt. Col. West, I am not a hero worshiper. There are very few men on earth that I have ever met or heard of that I really look up to with that inner feeling that I would follow that man anywhere he leads. I met one or two officers that were true leaders when I was in the Air Force that could inspire people that way. Ronald Reagan inspired me that way. And YOU, SIR, inspire me that way. And I know that you inspire others that way.

    Lt. Col. West I submit that if you run with a strong vision for the direction of this country as the strong military leader you have always been, with your head held high and refuse to knuckle under to the lies of the left, you CAN win. What I would suggest that you do is study the tapes of Reagan when he was running. Learn to put forth a vision the way he did. Reagan won in 1980 because he spoke of a future for America that was bright and optimistic, not the nation filled with malaise and slowing with inertia that Jimmy Carter saw. He truly believed that America’s best days were yet to come and that belief was contagious. It excited people. It INSPIRED people. Barack Obama won in 2008 for the same reason. He was able to inspire people with the WAY he spoke rather than the content of his speeches (which, when analyzed, mostly said nothing). The IMAGE he was able to put before people – of a smart, competent black (yes his race was the biggest factor) man who could be the FIRST black president and successfully lead this nation away from the horrible America the media portrayed under George Bush (I didn’t always agree with him but Bush was a competent leader, mostly, and the nation was actually not doing badly under him). Now most people can see that it takes more than an image to run a country, it takes a leader which Reagan was and Obama decidedly is NOT. They have seen the contrast. The American people are ready for a real PROVEN leader. A man tested in battle and willing to face the enemies of America head on – including the internal enemies leading the Demonrat Party.

    Lt. Col. West, I don’t know if you ever read the comments on this blog. It would be a lot to read for a busy person. However, if you do glance at them from time to tik=me I hope that my comment will catch your eye. I urge you, I plead with you to run for the presidency. I submit that it is not just your duty to your country and to the Constitution which you swore to preserve, protect and defend against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC, but your duty to yourself. You can be a man of destiny – the leader who leads the re-birth of the greatest nation on earth if only you can find the strength and determination within yourself to do so. Will it be easy? Of course not. But in the words of John F. Kennedy, “We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our
    energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing
    to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to

    I submit that we should elect you to be president not because it is easy but because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO! I submit that you should accept this challenge because it is the destiny for which you were born. You have it within you to be a great president – the first really great leader of the 21st century. Don’t deny that to yourself or, worse, don’t deny that to the country we both love. I will follow you, Sir. And there are many others who will, too. Are there enough people who will follow you to enable you to win? I don’t know. But I submit that if there are not then this nation is already doomed.

  134. Thank you for your service, and your continued dedication to our republic. I truly enjoyed reading your book, Guardian of the Republic. I am reading Dr. Ben Carson’s latest book now. It saddens me to realize, ahead of time, that if he decides to run for president, he will most certainly have to endure the same kind of attacks that you, Herman Cain, and many other dedicated conservatives have had to deal with. God bless you on any and all of your endeavors.

  135. Sorry to hear that you are not running although I need to say that if all conservatives feel the same way then we are done – they have won.

  136. Sir, with due respect. Some of those harassment claims about Herman Cain were found to be true. What was done to Judge Thomas was horrible.

    • Really….? Perhaps you’d care to elaborate on what claims were ever seriously investigated, much less proven?

  137. “Ask and it shall be given….” This is what you need to do Lt.Col. West…..pray to God, asking Him to lead and guide you in the decision to run or not to run for President of the United States. Our God will not let you down. If it is His will, I promise it will work out for you. Just pray and even present a fleece if you feel the need to.

  138. Since you are too afraid to run Allen West…please stop complaining about the direction the country is heading because its apparent that you are not willing to do what it takes to CHANGE IT!! These simple clowns can’t see that part of it!!

  139. I know many, many others on here, including myself, agree with poster “Roy” and his request made to Lieutenant Colonel Allen West.

  140. I appreciate many of your stands but before I vote for any candidate I will carefully weigh the leader I vote for not for any thing concerning you Mr. West but due in part to the lesser in character. It has been a heart wrenching ride with this administration.

  141. WARNING: He who wants to become POTUS has got to be a glutton for punishment.

    POLITICAL LEGEND: A politician was once making fun of “Honest” Abe, a former amateur wrestler and wood-splitter when Abe said, “if u say one more lie about me, you are going to regret it.”

    Apparently with a bunch still gathered around them, the man told another “doozy” about Abe. Abe strided over to the man, calmly picked him up onto his shoulder, waltz over to the stairwell and threw the man down a flight of stairs.

    People were stunned because they didn’t think good-ol’ Abe had it in him to do such an evil deed with the kind heart he was known to have. Someone piped up, “Abe you threw that man down the stairs.”

    Abe replied, “No i didn’t. He fell off my shoulder.”

    And that’s the way you handle the bullies.

  142. Allen west is nothing more than a LIAR! He used dirty tactics when he ran for re-election and lost. Dirty politics is done on BOTH SIDES! He knows he doesn’t stand a chance of winning the republican nomination AND if you LOONS knew ANYTHING about politics you would know that people like ALLEN WEST and SARAH PALIN and TED CRUZ does not stand a CHANCE of winning the republican nomination! This wouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with the democrat party because the republican ESTABLISHMENT would eat those loons ALIVE!!

  143. I Thank You for your service to our country. I respect your character and integrity. It saddens me that when good men with good intentions get smeared. That unfortunately is the reality of politics. I would vote for you in a heartbeat. We need someone like you as Commander In Chief. Do what your convictions tell you. I have been saying I would like an Allen West/Ben Carson run in 2016. Just my opinion. Thank God you are informing America, someone has too! You are a fine man and I will keep you and your family in my prayers. MUCH RESPECT FOR YOU!

  144. I understand your reluctance to run, but it seems that the only ones who do run are those with their own interests at heart. You are a true patriot and what this country so desperately needs. If you would run, there would be millions of hard-working, steadfast patriots surrounding you. America is calling….

  145. Sir, I would love to see you run, but I agree with you and you must follow your heart. What was done to Herman Cain was shocking and appalling. The fact he was ignored, after the accusations were made and he dropped out (not because he was guilty, but because those horrid lies took a toll on his family) as if nothing was ever said proves he never did anything wrong. It also proves the Left hates black Americans who choose conservatism over progressivism and Marxism. That also says the Left prefers blacks remain ignorant, enslaved to government and controlled. How despicable!

    I watched Justice Thomas’s hearings live and I never once believed Anita Hill. Not even before the trial, because too much time elapsed from the so-called sexual harassment to the nomination. If the Justice had committed those acts, Hill had plenty of time …while working for Thomas to file any charges. And no one can give me the bull poop that he was powerful and she as only an employee and she was scared to lose a job. GMAB! If he was a bad guy, you do something then, at that moment, you do not come out with accusations a long time later, when he is going to be US Supreme Court Justice to make an accusation, unless you are seeking to destroy someone you did not get what you really wanted from the guy, like an affair perhaps?

    It always sounded like Anita Hill was ignored by the very married judge and she was jealous. It sounds that way concerning Herman Cain and the woman who said he gave her money to pay her rent. Did she want more from the very wealthy man, like an affair and he said no? Mrs. Cain said her husband always gave workers money when they could not pay rent. She said that is how he is, because he was once poor and never wants to see a single woman with kids struggle. What is so bad about that? Nothing.

    That woman tried to make it look for money for sex. And those other women disappeared, really disappeared, after proven liars paid for by Axelrod. Ginger also disappeared. Where? We all know they lied, but the Democrat voters who adore Obama no matter what, want to believe no black American can be a good human being if they are conservative and vote Republican. That says something, even about my dem voting friends, who think women and blacks are no good if we vote Republican and are conservative and pro-life. We are considered traitors.

    I can see Sir, who you would rather write your columns an be a speaker for the Republic. You really do get the message out there.

    Politics is something someone really has to want. Ted Cruz does, and as a result, he will be tough. Will he win? I have no idea, because the voters are mostly ill-informed and do not bother to even research both sides, as well as researching the inside of both parties. Too many believe everything the MSM tells them, or left wing papers, they do not bother to read sits that pull out facts, nor do they bother to read our Constitution, Federalist Papers, Founder’s Writings, and even John Locke. Too many will not read Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams to see how economics really works an what it really is. No, they ignore them, either because they are black conservatives or because too many don’t want to be bothered to understand economics or politics or policies foreign and public. Therein lay the problem with most Americans—I hate politics, don’t talk to me about it, it’s too depressing, the news is too depressing. Really? Lousy, harmful, unconstitutional policies and leaders should be what you consider too depressing and something you want to stop.

    To get into politics is rough, you must put up with the slinging of dung more than mud. I have campaigned for people and seen the dung slinging and it is horrid. The lies are filthy that the opposition creates to make voters assume the worst and elect the worst versus the guy who was dung-slung into looking like the bad guy. And what did people get? Higher taxes, regulations and the loss of more rights. And they are complaining and screaming, but not blaming themselves for the fact they refused to vote for the good guy, but chose the dung-slinger.

    You could not pay me to get into politics. I’ve been asked, and no way, not to mention, America outlawed dueling, so why bother.

    But if you do not run Sir, you served us well in the military and you truly understand foreign policy, as well as national and local, you know economics, you do not play the race game or any other game, you understand the enemy and how big a threat Islam is, you understand the damage illegals are doing to this county, but if you do not feel the calling, keep up the writing and speaking, because that reaches people far more than the Oval Office. I would love to see you enter the Office, but it has to be something you truly want and God designates, otherwise, as you said, you are in the place where you can do us great service.

    I thank you for this site, for your columns, for you speaking out on TV and informing us daily. We need that. God bless you Sir, you are a great American and I am proud to call you my fellow American!


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