Achievement redistribution: University of Wisconsin to distribute grades based on race and ethnicity

One time I was speaking at a local South Florida high school and explaining “wealth redistribution.” I used a football analogy, with the example of a team being ahead at halftime 28-7. However, when the team came back after halftime, the scoreboard read 21-14. I explained to the students that officials met in the press booth and decided to have equitable apportionment of touchdowns to make the game fairer. They believed the self-esteem of the other team was being adversely affected. When I asked the high school seniors if they agreed, they vehemently said no. They felt they’d earned their touchdowns. So I asked why? Shouldn’t they share their good fortune? I was met with a resounding no. They responded that the other team should have practiced more and played better.

Clearly the University of Wisconsin-Madison would have trouble understanding that analogy as the faculty has just adopted a new charter advocating “proportional participation of historically underrepresented racial-ethnic groups at all levels” including “the distribution of grades.”

According to the National Review, “Earlier this year, the University of Wisconsin–Madison faculty senate adopted a new Framework for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, which, according to the campus’s Board of Regents, “places the mission of diversity at the center of institutional life so that it becomes a core organizing principle.”

“To achieve the plan’s vague aims, the Ad Hoc Diversity Planning Committee formulated five goals and thirty detailed recommendations. Unbeknownst to faculty senators, these goals and recommendations are based on the “Inclusive Excellence” framework adopted earlier by the Board of Regents which includes eight essential “working definitions,” among them: “compositional diversity,” “critical mass,” “inclusion,” “equity mindedness,” “deficit-mindedness,” “representational equity,” and “excellence.”

Yep, it’s a bunch of academic gobbledygook indeed, but let’s look again at the definition of “representational equity.” According to the charter it means proportional participation of historically underrepresented racial-ethnic groups at all levels of an institution, including high status special programs, high-demand majors, and in the distribution of grades.”

As the National Review puts it, “Political correctness has for some time mandated that everyone get an A, so it was only a matter of time before the coercive forces seeking “Diversity and Inclusive Excellence” rendered grades utterly meaningless. But to commandeer grades as a vehicle for reparations? That level of brainlessness deserves an F — no matter what color you are.”

What ever became of advancement based on merit and the personal challenge to achieve a standard?

This is yet another facet of liberal progressive social justice: social egalitarianism. What happens to a society where there is no longer an equality of opportunity but rather equality of outcome? What is the incentive to work harder when your achievement is shared with those who have made no attempt to achieve anything? As Barack Hussein Obama and Elizabeth Warren say, “you didn’t build that, you didn’t earn that.” So why seek excellence?

A popular definition of socialism is “A theory or system of social reform which contemplates a complete reconstruction of society, with a more just and equitable distribution of property and labor.” Complete reconstruction sounds a lot like fundamental transformation, doesn’t it?

As Sir Winston Churchill said, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy…The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

I wonder if the Wisconsin Badgers football team will be so kind with the “representational equity” of touchdowns this coming college football season? Riiiight.


  1. Just another step in the dumbing down of Americans. If you hold somebody to higher standards, they will strive to achieve those standards. Lower those standards for some and others will wonder why they should be required to achieve those while others are left with less to achieve for the same end goal. That is the ultimate in RACISM.

  2. This is just another attempt to destroy the exceptionalism of America. I would wager that next year the majority of applicants will be from ethnic minorities.

  3. In other words, minorities are either too stupid, too inept, too lazy, or just plain incapable of succeeding…so we must punish everyone to make those minorities “feel good” about themselves. Talk about racism…and using that to make a statement about an entire group of people! SMH and this makes me SICK!

  4. This must be insulting to minorities. It suggests that they are incapable of achieving the same standard of excellence as white students.

    • Unfortunately, due to the “dumbing down” of the K-12 public system most minorities do not know to be insulted but think they are ‘entitled’ to east street.

  5. A college education and diploma dumbed down to the lowest common denominator is worthless and a waste of money and time!

    Why would any Caucasian, in their right mind, allow themselves to be cheated and
    pay tuition for the right to be cheated out of their grades with another “affirmative action scam”?

    • Well, thanks to the left wing media and the leftists running our public schools, there are a lot Caucasians feeling the white guilt. I bet there isn’t one complaint or lawsuit filed by a student to fight this stupidity.

      • No one alive today has owned slaves or been a slave!
        Therefore there is no bona fide white guilt. Affirmative action, the black privilege, for decades, more than compensated the black community for any perceived angst passed on by their dead ancestors.

        Students’ knowledge of government and civics is so lacking, due to the liberal education in public schools, they are too clueless to know that they have that right! They’ll protest for birth control bills because they were indoctrinated about sex! That’s the mentality.

  6. Oh you poor ethic dear, don’t you know you cannot learn and excel on your own? I shall make sure to pat you on the head and continue to keep you down by creating a false sense of achievement.

  7. Who are these imbeciles put in charge to orchestrate such a colossal plan to implement mediocrity? Who really gets helped when such a stupid policy provides virtually no incentive for expanding a student’s capacity to learn? It’s a waste of money for students who can afford college on their own and a HUGE waste of any federal tuition assistance aid.

  8. “….places the mission of diversity at the center of institutional life so that it becomes a core organizing principle.”

    Universities were founded by Christians with the core organizing principle that there is an overarching domus of knowledge extant in the universe, and all knowledge is organized by God. It is the endeavor of a university, and their organizing principle, then, to remain faithful to that organizing principle, and sift and winnow (to borrow from the University of Wisconsin’s hallowed pledge) among the various fields of study to produce a living understanding of that which God is communicating to humankind.

  9. And we wonder why we lag behind in education in the world. Instead of trying to educate, we’re making a college degree useless!

    • Exactly, China is closely becoming the world’s top superpower! They’re are far more disciplined in their educations systems.

      • I said 10 years ago we’d be in a war with China eventually. We cut, they grow. They just got their first carrier and with the way they procure and then produce…! They own most of our debt. The tree huggers wouldn’t fight for their life. They will surrender willingly. Oh and WHO is taking whole hotels and having their citizens give birth in the US to be taken back to their country to be educated as Chinese but are American citizens who will vote… We’re being dismantled from the inside and the sheeple won’t see it. Our citizens will be wondering what kimmode kraptrashian is up to on her show!

  10. This is the same as the Florida school district that did away with the Valedictorian and Salutatorian, because it made the people who refused to excel feel bad.

  11. Does anybody actually place real value in any university degree these days? I haven’t heard of anyone flunking out of any college in well over a decade. If I was hiring, your college degree is nothing to me. Practically every school in the US is happy to keep you on board if you are willing to pay tuition or bury yourself in debt. An engineering firm that I work with has resorted to probation hiring for all new graduates. They have been burned too many times by a piece of paper that claims the individual in possession is qualified as such. It’s not just for one particular school either.

    • I attended a friend’s college graduation a few years ago. Gold tassels outnumbered plain tassels by a ratio of 5 to 1. I wondered when institutions of higher learning dropped their pride in providing excellent, top level educations. When did the principle of the bell curve get tossed out and replaced by greed?

  12. If you take away all the reasons to try for excellence all you will get is below average which is not why this country is what it is!

  13. This is actually an attack on the capitalist system.

    Profs have been envying the achievements of entrepreneurs from behind the Ivory Towers of Academia, and have been waging a psychological war against capitalism since the Cold War and even before that.

    Redistributism of grades is a good way for College Profs to “get even” with businessmen and women for making money and jobs available to the unwashed masses outside of academia, who are simply, in the minds of these Profs, undeserving of their success. Thus, redistributing grades based on some gobbeldygook straight out of some psych prof’s thesis is an the Weapon of Choice being used by academia, using students as their Agents of Destruction of Capitalism.

  14. Well would seem to me this would render any degree meaningless. I was going to say people would have to be pretty stupid to believe this would work but that would be redundant. It seem they already think it will work.

      • When I got my Master’s degree – all we had to do (for each class) was show up on day one for the initial roll call, sign up for a group and show up the day of our group presentation and we got an “A!” It was a joke! But they got my tuition money and I got my pay raise! Does anybody really believe that college is ‘hard!” I had a harder time making “C’s” in high school (or middle school) than I did making “A’s” in college! From year one through Master’s I made 3 B’s and 1 C (and that was in advanced calculus)! The rest were “A’s!” I almost failed Algebra in the 9th grade!

  15. I would have expected you to do a better job of researching this article BEFORE you made an incorrect comment about this. This is a flase statement about the Unviersity of Wisconsin Madison and is NOT how they grade.

    • So everyone should believe a post written by a person that can’t spell and has no facts to back up an accusation that the article is false? What facts do you have proving that the article is inaccurate?

    • Well let me tell you about something that I know for a fact IS HAPPENING and has been for several years! It is at the top of the list of reasons that I took an “early retirement” from teaching! About 15 years ago we were told that NO student could “receive” less than a passing (60) grade. I lived with that. I had to push, pull, drag and bribe many kids through the year but we made it! Then we were told they could make no less than a “70!” It was difficult but we managed! I sent home progress reports at the end of the first 4 weeks – every kid’s showed slightly lower than actual grade. This caused parents to question – we talked – kids were jacked up – and they did better the entire year and the goal was met! Fast forward to 2010! I was told before the progress report went home, in no uncertain terms, that it wasn’t going to happen! That every kid’s report was to show NO LESS than a 70! “What about the one’s who had Ds and were failing?” I asked! Didn’t matter! Didn’t matter what they had or hadn’t done! NO LESS than a 70 was to be on those progress reports! Ok! Reports “adjusted!” Parents happy! Kids overjoyed! The year from hell! They didn’t do a damned thing from then on! Report card time rolled around – again I was told – “NO LESS than a 70! What about the kids who earned a 70? All those deadbeats who didn’t even go to the trouble of copying somebody else’s work are getting the same grade as those who WORKED for theirs? How exactly is that fair? So I took it upon myself to “bump” the “working people” up 10 points! Of course at “100” you can’t “bump!” But between that and the principal calling one of my special needs kids a “sped” I was DONE! I did my own “research” ECrownheart! This was a middle school! But I’ve taught every grade from 7 through 12. And I’ve taught in five different systems and subbed in many more. They ALL do it! It started with inclusion and got worse with immigration. And so, yes, I believe the grading is done this way!

  16. Wow, definitely not a college I would send my kids to! We have a liberal arts college like that but they lack sports of any kind. The marijuana smoking, drug using students play hackie sack and throw frisbees for sports. The grading system is a pass/fail? But I am sure they have something close to this ridiculous college. Might as well take “Excel,” “strive” “self-esteem,” self-discipline,” etc.,out all the dictionaries

  17. In a way it is a vindication of the often-reviled-by-liberals book, “The Bell Curve,” which found that, statistically, race was a factor in intelligence and academic performance testing. Whether it was genetic, or culture seemed irrelevant — as it was consistent over the years and decades, despite the government spending masses amounts on “disadvantaged minorities” in a vain attempt to eradicate the differences.

    The findings by race were:
    — the mean score for Asians was higher than the mean score for Whites,
    — the mean score for Whites was higher than the mean score for for Hispanics,
    — the mean score for Hispanics was hire than the mean score for Blacks.

    The proper interpretation of the findings was that for any particular score:
    — the percentage of Asians was higher than the percentage Whites,
    — the percentage of Whites was higher than the percentage Hispanics,
    — the percentage of Hispanics was higher than the percentage Blacks

    What it did NOT mean (most often erroneously assumed by the popular media) was that all Asians were smarter than all Whites, or all whites were smarter than all Hispanics, or that all Hispanics are smarter than all Blacks. That is NOT what the statistics say.

    At any score, including the highest scores, there are always Asians, Whites, Hispanics, and Blacks who achieve that score. Just that the percentage of Asians (of all Asians) who achieve that level is greater than the percentage of Whites (of all Whites) who achieve that level, which is greater than the percentage of Hispanics (of all Hispanics) who achieve that score, which is greater than the percentage of Blacks (of all Blacks) which achieve that score.

    So, at the highest levels of performance, there will always be some Blacks who outperform the majority of Hispanics, Whites and Asians. And some Hispanics who will outperform the majority of Whites and Asians. And some Whites who will out perform the majority of Asians.

    • I think they should take off all of the ‘tags’ I,e,, Asian, White, Hispianic, Black,. Assign the student an ‘ID’ number and let them go as far as they can no matter what their race is.

      • As with the last census – race should be indicated NO WHERE on any forms, except doctor’s office for medical purposes. Especially, since fewer and fewer individuals have parents of only ONE RACE. It’s unnecessary and inaccurate.

      • if we remove the race tags, then we lose any visibility into racial correlation on performance. But i do agree that mixed-race progeny muddy the water somewhat, though mixed-race children are not a large percentage of the population.

        I absolutely agree that every individual deserves the opportunity to excel. Statistics are a group measure, not an individual envelope of containment. No one knows beforehand what any particular individual’s performance attainment will be.

        All the statistics will predict is what percentage of a race will be able to achieve a certain score – and it won’t be an equal percentage for each race.

      • I stand by my original view point, also I think it keeps the ‘race card’ going and it’s too easy for any minority to ‘buy into’ what they believe the statistics are revealing, I. e., Blacks will do worse than Caucasians, Hispanics worse than Blacks and so forth. The more often these results are reported more and more students will come to believe it must be true. There are other ways to get statistical results than what is being reported on. Allow each individual to ‘BE’ an individual.

      • I guess you could make up your figures, and call them “statistics.” That’s what liberals and so called “progressives” do (also called “Democrats.”)

    • In a nutshell, equality of opportunity does not guarantee equality of outcomes.

      In any case, there are many factors that impact outcomes, that correlate with race and other characteristics. So outcomes are not so easily correlated with qualities (such as intelligence).

      • The types of statistical studies on mental performance are quasi-experimental — meaning the variables cannot be easily manipulated (if at all) as in a true scientific experiment. So other techniques are employed to try to tease out the independent variables — such as partial correlation coefficients.

        While correlations can be established, the question of causation is much more difficult task to establish. And the best we can do is to assign a probability of error (confidence level) to our results.

        Repeated independent studies that arrive at the same or similar conclusions add weight to the findings.

    • Always offering assistance to an individual, while expecting another individual of same age to do it on their own; sends the message “you’re not smart enough to do it on your own, you ARE a lessor individual”. This is prejudice, that for some reason; these minorities DON’T SEE? They just believe they are not being treated equally – but brainwashed into thinking, it’s those who oppose this, as prejudiced?

    • Then campaign on fixing it; but throwing a huge law, with many regulations, and billions taxpayer $ – which usually has many unintended consequences; requiring more Fed. gov’t interference. It’s how politicians attempt to remain pertinent, justify their salaries/benefits; and gain more power in order to take more power. It’s disgusting – but apparently, only conservatives are aware of this practice, which is decades old.

  18. I have always thought that the “soft racism of low expectations” if the worst kind of racism. It predisposes that particular minorities are incapable of excellence therefore there must be a “handicap” in the game, so to speak. I think it is insulting. It is the same thing when anyone with a differing viewpoint than our President is automatically labeled racist. I think it is racist to NOT voice opposition or criticism just because of a person’s race. That is condescending.

    • And, if everyone gets a good grade, why work for the high grade, and where is the confidence, pride gained in receiving a high grade? It will demean the high grade received honestly, as word gets out to employers/others really quickly – they won’t know if the grade was honestly received. Really stupid, lib/socialist idea.

  19. This is Absolute BS!! STOP telling minorities that they cannot accomplish the same things that anyone else can!! THEY CAN!! It requires hard work, dedication and years of climbing a ladder….nothing in this world comes easy!

  20. hummm…Socialism, Communism, Marxism. All those ism’s make me sick to my stomach. Just remember! Stalin is dead, Mussolini is dead, Mohammad is dead, Mao is dead. And may all those ism’s leaders rot in HELL!

  21. So they are going to apply this to sports? A culture of inclusion not based on actual performance? Maybe this is my big chance to play college ball!

  22. What a crock!

    Years ago, I was the recipient of a prestigious scholarship at McGill University. I would love to believe that I earned it on merit, but how could I be sure? That was the beginning of the era where women received special treatment, particularly in the sciences.

    It doesn’t work, folks! All it does is undermine those who receive these tainted awards.

  23. The people of Wisconsin should be looking for another college to send their kids to. It would not take long for the College to fold. Keep your children home, until we turn “Our Country” around.

  24. I would be willing to bet, since the highest performers don’t get recognized; there will be a move toward “fewer and fewer high performers, attending”. Why would they? Especially, once word gets out – these low performers, will be getting “manipulated” grades; how many employers will hire them, not knowing their real quality of education?

    Isn’t it also racist/prejudiced to believe/assume certain individuals AREN’T SMART ENOUGH OR WILLING TO WORK HARD ENOUGH – TO GET THE GRADES?

    • obama will just sign another executive order making it a federal offense to discriminate against the dumbasses by not hiring them.

  25. This redistribution crap doesn’t work. Just look at the “Affirmative Action” president we have in the White House. And now he’s bringing in another “Affirmative Action” guy to be in-charge of HUD. And what explains the Head of the Dept of Education, the “Lab Rat” from Chicago, Arne Duncan??

  26. Nothing like racism coming from another liberal institution. Wis. telling minority students that they are not smart enough to achive. How could anyone hire a graduate, from UW, not knowing, in reality, what grades they got? It isn’t like UW is top tier in public funded universities in the first place.

  27. If anyone is seeking “reparations” in the form of better grades, I would like to know when and where they were in slavery! Reparations is an outdated concept, since all of our students have equal access to the same education across the country. (Except rich people, they can PAY for the better education and prep schools.) Maybe we should give reparations to everyone who is NOT rich!

    • I was just about to hit the ‘Up Arrow’ for your comment… then you had to make that last statement. Instead how about we give reparations to NO ONE and use the money instead to increase the amount of college grants that deserving students who strive for excellence have available?

    • Reperations is an outdated concept ? Because slavery was so long ago and if you don’t make something right and keep doing wrong it balances itself out and you can avoid ever paying the debt right ? I would like to remind you that the abuse of black people in America did not begin or end with slavery . In the 1960s there were still people being lynched in the south and children, women and men being thrown back into buildings set ablaze . That is why that was the decade of the Freedom Rides and civil rights groups like the Black Panthers and leaders like Malcolm X and MLK, both of whom , along with Marcus Garvey, were either assassinated or undermined and destroyed by J Edgar Hoover and the FBI until the groups of displaced youth , displaced and pissed off not because of slavery , but because they were being killed by police and beaten by civilians in the street who had banded under such Nobel causes were displaced once again . Enter the CIA and the contras in Nicaragua scandal which ended in the 90s with the new CIA director having to go into inner cities to apologize for putting crack cocaine on the street and using Freeway Ricky Ross and newly created gangs , those same groups displaced by the anticts of the FBI , to distribute it. Gangs which now continue to , along with the drugs they flooded the streets with to fund their south American dirty business, make it extremely hard to get anywhere above where you were born if born in an inner city. On top of that you have a bunch of crooked cops who treat you one way if white and another if black. If you haven’t seen this first-hand then you have not been around enough inner cities, cops or black men in or around them. The double standard and racism is worse than I have seen in any other country in the world and I have traveled a lot. Learn some history before you spew ignorance please.

      That being said, as for the original topic of this, I agree it’s racist as hell to grade based on race .

      • Let’s give the decendants of slavery one way tickets back to Africa. Debt paid……….they’re back home with the folks that SOLD THEM in the first place.

      • EVERY race has been slaves at one time or another, where are *my* reparations? Get over it, I never owned a slave and I sure ain’t gonna pay for something I never owned.

      • There have been injurious and unjust actions against all races by certain groups. It does not entitle our ancestors to reparations. Having taught in the ghetto for 22 years, I have seen very little of what you speak and my students have all had equal opportunities. However, I do agree that there are places where that is not the case. It is not everywhere, though!

  28. I experienced something similar when I was in college. I was an art major and was in a couple of classes that had students that weren’t Art Majors. The prof gave me a lower grade than the students that were just filling up their electives with “easy” classes. I complained because my work was obviously better but he told me that I got a lower grade because I was more talented and needed to work harder. So……………I left and went to a different Univ. If you’re taking a Eng. class as an elective, the person taking it as a major shouldn’t be penalized just because they know more about the subject.

  29. LOL. Don’t bother to check if the story is true or not. Even if it sounds so preposterous that it couldn’t possibly be true.

  30. For a time I worked at Home Depot as an associate. Under the circumstances, Mr. West, following this colleges teachings, when a customer might come in and ask, how do I fix my kitchen faucet, it is leaking all over my kitchen and I need help. I might say, go to isle 5 and pray, how the 7734 would I know or would want to help you fix your faucet? I suspect the Wisconsin college football team is going to have to forfeit or be ok with getting their lunch handed to them by a team not so ill advised.

  31. total bs. They should be graded on their merits not their race or anything else…That is so freaking sad that employers are getting people like that cuz they really don’t know what their true grade is.

  32. I will be a student at a UW university and I hope like hell that the campus that I’m going to hasn’t adopted this bs. If Madison has their way grades won’t mean a thing.. until you graduate and can’t get a job because of poor standing in your class.

  33. How insulting to minorities. They are being told “you can’t succeed without help”. It perpetuates the victim mentality.


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