Democrat hunger games: Who’s lining up to take out Hillary?

You so often hear about a “schism” within the Republican Party between the establishment and constitutional conservatives. You hear far less about the schism within the Democrat party. Just look at the treatment self-proclaimed conservative Blue Dog Democrat Henry Cuellar (D-Tx) received at the hands of the Obama administration. As well, he was publicly rebuked by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus whose leader stated Cuellar did not speak for them — a more progressive group.

The Hillary Express may just be derailed because the liberal progressive socialist Left wants one of their own.

According to the Washington Post a number of ambitious Democrats are jockeying for position. First at the gate? Senator Elizabeth Warren, who last week gave a “fiery sermon for economic populism — “The game is rigged, and it isn’t right!” — where scores of swooning supporters wore faux-straw boater hats with “Warren for President” stickers and chanted, “Run, Liz, run!”

We’ve opined here about a potential Senator Warren candidacy because there is a powerful segment – really the controlling segment — of the Democrat party that wants more Far Left solutions in America. This side sees Elizabeth Warren as the heir apparent to Barack Hussein Obama, who many on the Far Left believe hasn’t gone far enough — talk about crazy.

Of course, Senator Warren says she’s not interested — don’t be fooled. We saw in 2008 the liberal progressive Left pull the rug from under Hillary Rodham Clinton for a more “charismatic” progressive socialist in Barack Hussein Obama. What does concern the lefties is that they don’t see Hillary Clinton as being true to their ideological dogma which is rooted in the themes of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Saul Alinsky – as a matter of fact, they see her as being way too close to the hated Wall Street one-percenters (and given her six-figure income, she’s one her self). The question is, will the liberal media once again assist in propping up and feeding the American electorate heavy doses of Warren — as they did Obama – ad nauseum?

It’s my belief that Democrats hope to run another “political gimmick” candidate like the first woman president — the question is who? Or perhaps they’ll Unless they’ll shift and run Julian Castro as the first Hispanic president, unless positioning him as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is a seasoning move.

The Washington Post says “In stark contrast to the overt maneuvering on the Republican side, the 2016 Democratic presidential sweepstakes has been largely frozen in place as Clinton decides whether to run. But with the former secretary of state’s book-tour stumbles exposing a serious vulnerability with grass-roots voters, small cracks are beginning to emerge. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minn.) will test her folksy politics next month in Iowa, home to the first-in-the-nation caucuses. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.) is coming out this fall with a book, “Off the Sidelines,” that is part political memoir, part modern-feminist playbook and certain to generate presidential buzz.”

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is also publishing a memoir this fall titled All Things Possible and there’s even some buzz circulating around current California Governor, Jerry Brown. I hate to tell these fellas, they are just plain ol’ white guys, who come from states that are bleeding populations due to their failing economic growth policies. And that also goes for Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley whose state couldn’t even get the Obamacare website to work.

And for real entertainment, Vice President Biden is making the rounds this summer. The Post says, “during a recent vacation in Kiawah Island, S.C., Biden reconnected with old political friends. He played golf with Dick Harpootlian, a former state party chairman, who suggested that Biden is far more “authentic” than Clinton. Biden also appearaed at the Netroots Nation gathering where Warren spoke, but it would be a sea change if Democrats decided to run the “old white guy.

Of course the $64,000 question is who will Barack “Flexibility” Obama support? Then again, that means making a decision and not voting “present” — ya think he can? Obama will want someone to ride his wave (such as it is) and continue to support his failed liberal progressive policies, not roll them back.

Which one of these individuals will wholeheartedly embrace the Obama agenda, including the failed Pax Obama foreign and national security policy. And if were Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Hasan Rouhani or Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi I would be seriously cheering for an Elizabeth Warren — actually, I’m quite sure they’re cheering for any of these aforementioned possibilities. Is there any question why we see international chaos in Obama’s second term? After all, they got a green light — flexibility.

Yes, it looks like a Hillary Rodham Clinton Democrat coronation is not a fait accompli — there will be a Democrat primary, unless that powerful Clinton machine, Chicago-style, makes folks an offer they can’t refuse. Welcome to the Democrat Hunger Games — “and may the odds be forever in your favor.”


  1. With all the negative vibe from the current administration, i’m sure most of them would not want Obama’s endorsement… Its like saying “hey, if you like how bad I am, get a load of this guy/woman.

  2. This Just proves we are falling for their games. This has nothing to do with other Democrats trying to become president. This is the Clinton machine kicking into high gear. They are sending out extreme decoys, trying to make Hillary look more like a moderate. As though Elizabeth Warren has a snowballs chance in hell. They are using her to make Hillary more palatable. Get smart!!! They are trying to make it look like Hillary is not a shoe-in

  3. Name a strong conservative candidate, someone who could lead, someone who
    the country could rally around and win,,
    someone who could appeal to both young, and old,,,the wealthy, and the less
    fortunate, someone who could put americans back to work,, in all aspects of our
    society,,, someone who embraces moving forward, and understands that science and
    technology in our education system is key to ‘mericas furture……….
    Ideal candidate eh??
    neither party can deliver that,, and surely not conservatives

    • We seen what liberals have done. USA . It was the Worlds last best hope.
      We should have had NOTHING but conservatives in office to conserve it. Now it’s gone. YOU HAVE TOO MANY THING YOU EMBRACE. Leave them alone. Let them function.

      • Obama’s no Liberal…he has been more of a centrist….
        and that’s what the country wants,,,not a far right conservative,,
        who will take us backwards..

      • You have your head up so far you Azz, it’s pitiful! There has never been a more liberal president in history, not even LBJ implementing welfare can take it away from you cult leader!

      • At least we did not throw God out of our platform. Your party is the Godless party, with no morals. You people have forgotten how to tell right from wrong, if you ever knew

      • I am a atheist,,,I do not love my country because of that??
        I work,,,and work hard,,,have raised 3 wonderful children,,
        I help out at the local food bank,,, have donated time and $
        to the local Wounded Warriors project,, I vote,,I care what happens to my country,,
        If I believe or not has nothing to do with my moral fiber,,,
        that you think so,, causes me to wonder,,and fear for my country,,, and not the crap West post here on a daily basis,
        about muslims hiding behind every tree and bush,,,

      • If you are so against West, why are you on his site? My point I was trying to push, was I do not understand why people who call themselves Christians would ever stay in a party that denies their God. If it comes between my God and my party, God wins. As an atheist, it would not matter to you, it should to them. I did not mean to put atheists down. I have atheist friend who I love dearly and who are wonderful, loving people. They do not belittle God or those who believe, And I accept their beliefs because I believe they are good people and am not worried about them. I truly believe that they will believe when the time is right, even if it is in Paradise. I know that is different than most Christian sects but I believe my God loves all his children, even those who never heard of him and those who find it impossible to believe. I believe he has a way for all those good people to be saved. BTW, I am not Repub and see much wrong on their side too. I vote independent and in the past have voted Dem when I believed in the man. At this point I could not vote Dem because of what they stand for.

      • I wrote a reply to you but it is not here, so will do again. As an atheist taking God out of the platform shouldn’t matter to you, but to the so called Christians it should mean everything to them. If it is between my God and a political party, I would go with my God. For anyone who professes to be Christian to back people who profess everything opposite from what they say they believe is unimaginable to me. I did not mean to put atheists down. I have atheist friend who I dearly love. They are really good people. I also believe that atheists who live good lives will be fine when they have to chose between God and Satan. Unlike many Christians, we believe that God loves all his children, even those who never heard about Jesus or those who for some reason can not believe. We believe God has set up a mechanism where they can accept Jesus and be saved. These people are better people than many so called Christians, who I believe, will have a more difficult time getting in. You sound like a good person, not filled with hate. I am sorry I offended you, it was not my intention.

      • Obama was the most Left voting person in either houses. No he is no centrist. He is not a liberal either. He is a Progressive/socialist working toward a OWG.

      • Backwards to what? Being the most advanced richest country in the World? Forward to what? welfare state, socialism collapse and dictatorship?

    • I wouldn’t vote for a zero just because he was black or a woman or a Catholic. I would vote for someone who has morals and has a history of backing up high morals with works

  4. And you republicans haven’t been running? Who’s the republican du jour? The real race is going to be bet all the republican nuttcases, all saying the same thing. Bengahzi. How long is that going to stick until people fall asleep? NEVERRRRRRRRR

    • Not a one is capable,,,but the debates should be a hoot..
      I’m thinking better than the last ones…….
      but that will be the ticket,,Benghazi,,,and other whinings

      • I’m going to pee my pants.
        How many times are they going to bring Benghazi up? How many new witnesses, new evidence, new questions? ? Hillary went on all the TV shows to promote her books. Hillary friendly interviews as well as FOX. FOX FOX FOX- 24 hour Benghazi coverage!! That’s the channel West is on. They had an whole hour on her, was a soft ball interview? Did West call FOX out on their incompetent, soft ball interview? Where was West mystery informant?
        THEY HAVE NOTHING. Smoke and mirrors

      • Right, because the administration will not release the information or tell the truth. Why do you back someone you KNOW lies and is telling us daily that he does not care about America. I don’t get the illogic of defending someone who is a detriment to your own lives or those you love

      • The truth wont come out till our muslim leader is out of office..but it wont matter cuz u libtards wear blinders and only hear what you wanna hear and your news only talks about rusty the surfing squirrll and gay rites

      • NO way. His minister is an Imam, supposedly converted to Christianity. Only difference is he taught hate, and the Koran. Sure he is a Muslim, that is why he celebrates all Muslim holidays, gives money to the Muslim brotherhood, wrote in his book, he will always side with the Muslims. Michelle also said on tape, they were” going on vacation to Baracks home country, Kenya.” BO also said on tape, that “John McCain never threw his Muslim faith in his face.”

      • The House of Representatives’ never-ending dishonest, partisan hearings on the attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya in 2012 have long since been exposed as a waste of time. Now, thanks to the Pentagon, we know that they have also been a waste of money.
        As The Associated Press reported on Tuesday evening, on March 11 the Pentagon sent a letter to Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), which revealed that Congress’ numerous investigations into the attack have cost millions of dollars and thousands of hours of personnel time.
        “The Department has devoted thousands of man-hours to responding to numerous and often repetitive congressional requests regarding Benghazi,” the letter reads. “The total cost of compliance with Benghazi-related congressional requests sent to the Department and other agencies is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.”

        we have spent how much???
        and Issa wasted everyones time and $$
        but trent goody will get to the bottom of it,,,HA!
        meaning,,,Issa been ____ing around all this time,,
        you will say,,,they’re lying!! there’re lying!!

      • you have nothing,,,you have nobody…..
        you want to play the scandal game??

        that will go over great with independents,,,who are tired of the
        dysfunctional House,,,and the loons who parade around
        spewing crap all day….
        you have nothing…

      • Are you holden first hand knowledge of this or for real isnt that how you wish they felt……and my honest feelings about your first hand knowledge is who givs a flyn f……..

      • Your the one speaking for all independants …thats funny becuz im a independennt and you say were fed up and your so rite …with all the law breakin lieing ,losing your email aaadehh cuttin our soldiers throats((yes our soldiers our military underhanded christion haten muslim lovin and yes ( even though everyone knows obama sqelched bengazi becuz he had just told america that the taliban and muslim terrorist were all dead and gone all by himself) and when the compound was attacked by organized terrorist he had lie and hav every one else lie to save face …thats why americans died and were never rescued to so he could save face…thats why the prez told clinton to lie about a video ( this wil all come out when hussien osama is gone and your a idiot to think other wize…bengazi bengazi bengazi let the truth be told ….computer crashes and only the emails under investigation lost …so keep watchin your (independent channel) msnbc and those rustic the snow sking squirrel storys or how the gay can marry almost anywhere stories but if your a independent im bill clinton….

      • Helluva cover up but anyone with any brains knows exactly what happened and why…hillary will tell all once our muslim leaders gone

      • you have nothing…
        Issa has had nothing..
        and Trent will spend up to 3mil. of taxpayers money for a show,,that we have all seen,,
        and uncover nothing,,
        It’s not even about Obama anymore,,it’s about Hillary,,,
        So what do Rep/Con/Tea Baggers do??
        Do they reach out with a good solid platform to run on?
        Do they show all americans they care,, and come up with
        new and good policy to run on?
        Do they try to reach out to the new young voters,,and attract them to the party, with policy for their future??
        No,,,and No… and No…
        keep beating the Benghazi horse……..

      • No she won’t. She is up to her neck in this thing. She knew the fact and went along with the lie

      • If Holder had done his job, none of that would have been necessary. It is important that the proof comes out what a snake BO is to go to bed while his minion satt and watch in real time, our guys being slaughtered and refused to send help. It has been proved there were troops within two hours away and were told to stand down. The CO said they were on hold for hours until they got the notice to forget it. BO had to get his beauty sleep, so he could go party in Vegas.

      • No Benghazi “Stand Down” Order Was Given: Another Fox Narrative Falls Apart
        Narrative Was Pushed In 85 Fox Primetime Segments
        But now even Republicans are admitting that a “stand down” order was never given. According to The Associated Press, Gibson told a Republican-led congressional committee on June 26 that he was never ordered to “stand down.”

        “Contrary to news reports, Gibson was not ordered to ‘stand down’ by higher command authorities in response to his understandable desire to lead a group of three other special forces soldiers to Benghazi,” the Republican-led committee said in a summary of its classified briefing with military officials, including Gibson.r ordered to “stand down.”

        Republicans know this now…and have known this.

      • Many Republicans are complicit. The general who was stationed 2 hours away gave an interview about being told to stand down. They waited for hours for a go order, never came

      • Remember, turn around is fair play. Obama was voted the worse President since WW2. More than 60% voting were Democrats. They must be the ones who finally had to quit drinking the kool aid and wake up to the reality BO is destroying our country and their own lives are sucking worse than ever

      • It’s sad Benghazi is all they have. Except for Rick Perry.
        I would ask Hillary 3 questions, 1) Benghazi 2) her head injury 3) errrrrrrrrrrrrr, EPA.!!!!

      • OMG, you are kidding. BO’s gov has a new scandal every day. Gun running to drug cartels, Benghazi, VA, military, Trying to remove the Bill of rights, a Dictator in chief, spying on innocent Americans, Killing Americans without due process, The list goes on forever. Unfortunately the poor liberals have been sucking off the gov so long they no longer see anything but their own wants. Save our free cell phones!!

      • I only wish liberal had the power you fools claim we have. But again, using fear and paranoia is the best was the reps control their supporters.

      • You liberals have no power, it is the Progressive/Socialist/OWG leaders of the Dem party and the complicit RINO’s who control you, who have all the power. They just use you liberals to get what they want, the destruction of all that is good in the US. Most liberals believe they are doing good, and as individuals they are mostly good people, but their party has been taken over by people with an evil goal. They just keep lying to the liberals and they want so badly to believe them, they can NOT see or understand what utter evil they are backing.

    • Keep believing your stupidity. Try jobs, economy, foreign affairs and honesty – not lying for political gain and golfing daily.

      • COMEDY!! Whats the republican record on JOBS?? Foreign affairs?? HONESTY?? I’m laughing my tookus off over here! UNLESS the republicans nominate a GOVERNOR….they can’t run on a RECORD!!! They can’t give america something to vote FOR…they believe they will vote for them because they are AGAINST everything!!

      • Now that is funny, since you guys put in the Muslim community organizer, who only voted present and had no accomplishments. That is except for helping slum lords throw out the poor during a snow storm in the middle of the night and locking the doors on them.
        real good guy. BTW, how can you continue to believe in someone who has lied to the American people so many times and was caught doing it. Of course, you all watch MSNBC, that has been caught out and out lying so many times I’ve lost count. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Why else would you people keep believing lies?

      • That is not what you said the last time. You said you took out the college fund and put money away every week to pay for his college. You are just a liar. You must be a Demoncrat. Get your lies straight. GI Bill, that’s a hoot. You really are on here just to spread your lies. SHAME

      • My Navy son went to undergraduate at UT Austin, TX and now is in grad school at same school for software eng. The GI Bill doesn’t cover all of the costs like books, housing and meals and part of grad school. Plus, I cover travel from Austin, TX to home as well as school trips. In Jan, he went to Spain for a conference. I wanted my son to focus on his education and not work.
        The college fund I enrolled in was for any college in FL and did transfer over to UT but the tuition/housing/meals/books was way higher for out of state. Is that enough info? I’m I still a liar? Look up what he GI Bill covers and Florida Pre-pay. The rules changed for the GI bill after the Viet Nan war.

      • Yeah, you are a liar. You told a totally different story about how you worked two jobs to put him through school. You said you never took any gov money. You know, it is much easier to remember what you say if you don’t lie. It is harder to remember what lie you told when

      • Tammy, please cut and paste where you found that statement , PLEASE. I don’t take out loans, esp students loans bec the interest is too high and I don’t what that hanging on over my son’s head before he start job hunting. I enrolled in a FL state college savings program. 152 per months for 5 years. I couldn’t ‘afford to extras like housing, meal plans, local fees. GI bills doesn’t pay 100% of college .

      • try working to help the country instead of voting 51 times to get rid of Obamacare, 11 Benghazi committees, dragging your feet on immigration, and grandstanding standing for TV

      • John 21:7:4~~I told you ’bout the walrus and me, man
        You know that we’re as close as can be, man
        Well, here’s another clue for you all
        The walrus was Paul

      • Paul 23:12:3~~Lady Madonna,,baby at your breast,,wonders how you manage to feed the rest

        There’s never any fun here,,,it;s all doom and gloom,,,and the
        “muslims are coming!, the muslims are coming!!!!
        west takes himself to seriously,,, and they all listen and bow down to him…

      • Why is it your way to poke fun at , get a good laugh out real everyday realities …u choose yo deny drfend all yhesr wild scandal us rep make up about this administration…yep all lies simply made up for your amuzment …or as the dummies say ” what emails were did they go …what V A hospital whats a v a hospital prove it evet happened havent a clue…..what ever you watch the flinstones noe it will be alriye

    • So pussy, it is ok for our government to sit and watch in real time, our people being murdered for 7 hours and do nothing. What happened to leave no man behind. It’s ok when it is used to cover BO’s butt. Who cares if a few good people are tortured and murdered?

      • The rep had 11 chances to get to the bottom. Hillary wrote her book and went on many news shows including FOX FOX FOX. You would think FOX would have grilled her. Nope.

      • Hard to get to the bottom when the liar in chief and Holder are complicit in hiding all the proof and not allowing them free access to all the information. If they had nothing to hide, they would open it up. They are transparent as mud

      • She doesn’t carry a purse she carries a Indian wooden box carved by her faux Indian great-great-great-great grandfather.

      • I really don’t understand why these people hold on to the hopes of allen (i left my men behind) west running for president. Too much material….JUST ON THIS BLOG to sink that ship! And as a BONUS…you have his HORRIBLE military career! I do not believe allen west is sooo stupid that he will RUN! I hope he does….but he is not that stupid…or…maybe he is!!!

      • So it is OK with you she stole the scholarship for her education from the most needy people in our country. She knew perfectly well that she has no Indian blood in her, yet she took what did not belong to her. Another lying thief is not what America needs. Anyone who thinks that is OK needs to reevaluate their own morals

      • Then obviously you do not watch or read the news. It came out when she was running for office. Her excuse was that her parents always told her, there must have been an Indian somewhere in the background for her to have high cheek bones. She is a pos and a thief.

      • That “democrat hunger games” meme reeks of desperation. Especially considering the fact that Republicans are shortening their primary season and are having less debates. Just to make sure the nominee makes it to the general election with all his limbs. And to minimize the inevitable moments where Ted Cruz or Rand Paul will be condescending to a female moderator.

      • You nailed it….no matter…if you have a Ted Cruz or Allen west in the primaries…something STUPID will be said! I want to see Gov Perry do a 180 on his HEART comments of 12

      • You are the one who said they can’t get away with lying, they screw up. I’m just agreeing with you. Repubs are not good liars

      • I guess we will see …but hussien osama has made this thing so easy they could win with charles manson on the republican ticket and hillary you will see that as we get closer to elections she will find hetself finally coming clean on osama under handed lieing and she will realize if she wants to really beat mr. Manson she will hav to sell the muslim out hard or she can move to kenya with him( leave bill here, best prez ever)

      • Bill will be happy with his new mistress. From what I hear, he is not Hillary’s type anyway, no wonder he strayed so often

    • She stole her college education from an Indian. What a low life bitch. How dirty can you get to take from the most underprivileged. She should be in jail, not run for President

  5. Senator Elizabeth Warren has worked with the domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who admittedly call themselves “small C communists. She has also helped at the AFL-CIO sponsored “national teach-in” event with leaders of one of the largest Marxist organizations, “Democratic Socialists of America” and alongside communist Frances Fox Piven.

    hillary is a selfish snake in the grass and a Leftist who would take our country farther into the darkness of the Left, only she’d probably try to be subtle about it. Warren on the other hand, would pick up right where obama left off and immediately escalate their agenda, putting our country on the fast-track of becoming a Marxist/Communist country.

  6. I don’t like name calling, but this lady is a DING-BAT…The next Prez needs to have some real life work experience. Like a mayor, governor or a ceo..We do not need another LIAR or someone that thinks she is an Indian….

  7. Republicans should have just let her run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They had to obstruct. Now they are stuck with a Senator Warren of their own creation.


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