Qatar emerges as player in Israel negotiations – didn’t they take in the Taliban 5?

John Kerry is supposedly heading to Egypt to “broker” a cease-fire in the current conflagration between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza. I find it interesting that the United States wants to assist negotiations with a non-state, non-uniform belligerent terrorist organization. Furthermore, Egypt, who is engaged in a similar military offensive against the Muslim Brotherhood and jihadists in the Sinai, is actually choking off Hamas — the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. So maybe Egypt isn’t the best place to stage those negotiations after all.

As the UK Guardian reports, “International efforts to secure a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip are focusing on the Gulf state of Qatar, whose close links to Hamas make it uniquely placed to try to mediate in a conflict that has highlighted Arab divisions in the face of Israeli attacks. Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, was flying to Doha at the start of a round of emergency talks to try to halt the escalating carnage. Ban was due to meet the Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president and head of the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority. It was unclear whether Ban would also see the Hamas leader, Khaled Mishal, who lives in Doha. Mishal and Abbas were due to meet separately.”

So let me wrap my mind around this: Khaled Mishal, the leader of an Islamic terrorist organization, Hamas, is hanging out in Doha, Qatar. Qatar has close links to Hamas. Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, the head of the Palestinian Authority — Fatah, the original Palestinian terrorist organization — is headed to Doha, Qatar to meet with Hamas, with whom they have signed a reconciliation agreement. And the head of the United Nations is going to sit and talk with this gathering of terrorists to discuss what? And why would the head of the United Nations sit with Islamic terrorist organizations and lend them a sense of international recognition and credibility?

But I guess there’s an even deeper question. Isn’t this the same Qatar that took receipt of five senior Taliban leaders released as a result of a unilateral decision taken by President Barack Hussein Obama. Oops, I forgot. The Taliban have a “consulate” office in Qatar.

Qatar is one of the biggest — if not the biggest — financier to Islamic totalitarianism and terrorism, such as support of the opposition fighters against Bashar al-Assad in Syria — birthplace of ISIS, now Islamic State. Qatar is very adept at playing the U.S. while it pretty much openly supports jihadist causes.

According to The Guardian, “Khaled al-Attiyeh, Qatar’s foreign minister, has emerged as a key figure in the ceasefire effort, not least because he is close to John Kerry, the US secretary of state. The Qataris say they are simply providing a “channel of communication” to discuss an agreement that contains the key Hamas demands: an end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza, an opening of the border with Egypt and a release of scores of recently re-arrested prisoners by Israel. Qatar’s role as mediator is being enhanced because of the deep hostility of the Egyptian government to Hamas, which has close links to the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood.”

Hamas has demands? An internationally-recognized terrorist organization is making demands? This is completely absurd and anyone supporting Hamas and protesting against Israel is supporting a terrorist organization. The only response to Hamas must be its destruction. Hamas is looking for a diplomatic victory, and in being recognized it is receiving such. Hamas must be crushed, destroyed, and its capability to inflict a terror threat against Israel by way of rockets, missiles, and infiltration tunnels must be decimated. Hamas cannot be allowed to exist as long as its charter calls for the destruction of Israel, because war is a constant state of existence between Dar-al-Islam and Dar-al-Harb as according to Islamic supremacist theology.

The Guardian says, “Egyptian President Abdel-Fatah al-Sisi is no fan of Hamas, due to its links to the Muslim Brotherhood. A key element of the Egyptian initiative – rejected by Hamas – is the return of Abbas’s Palestinian Authority to Gaza, for the first time since the 2007 takeover of the territory by the Palestinian Islamist movement. Egypt told Hamas that any opening of the Rafah border crossing would entail the return of Abbas’s presidential guard with no Hamas men present, a senior Palestinian official said. Israel and the PA accepted this proposal but Hamas rejected it, describing it as “not in the best interests of the Palestinian people.””

And interestingly, The Guardian reports “King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia – a staunch backer of Sisi, and another sworn enemy of Hamas and other Islamist movements -– said at the weekend that he supported Cairo’s proposals. Qatar’s efforts are being supported by Turkey, which is also close to Hamas.”

So if it were President West, my play would be to support Egypt, Saudi Arabia — and also Jordan — and get a pact signed that allies us to fight against Islamist totalitarian, jihadist, movements — and against states who sponsor such activities. I would also support the establishment of a Kurdish state as another strong ally. I would use the adage of “the enemy of my enemies is my friend” as a guiding principle — but of course express that any taquiyya-like double cross would result in serious ramifications and consequences. However, the problem for America is that the word and credibility of Barack Hussein Obama in the Middle East is less than zero. After all, Obama stated we should pivot from the Middle East.

Qatar, Turkey, and Iran are supporting the growing Islamist movement not just in the region, but worldwide. We have to identify them as our enemies and not seek negotiations but look for ways to leverage all elements of our national power against them.

Sure, the current occupant of the White House could adopt this solution — when he finds time between playing pool, slamming beers, eating BBQ and burgers, taking preferred photo ops, and whisking off to fundraisers.


  1. Just recently hundreds of thousands of our dollars was sent to Qatar, by our President .He sure knows how to pick them…

  2. It’s always great seeing conservatives who want to overthrow the state because some deadbeat white supremacist guy’s cows got seized by the government overwhelmingly cheer terror and bloodshed by a racist foreign military. keep loving liberty guys

    • I no i no race card race card race card whining ass pussy living in his parents basement getting free obamacare food stamps and and who idea is to tax the rich to pay for the poor…get off your pussy ass get a job get outta your parents basement and most of all open you eyes and stop yor racecard finger pointin and do something real with your life

  3. Some years back I read that geo soros had an organization which was giving support to a jihad group in Qatar. Ban Ki Moon and Kerry seem to have the same interests in the back ground. But when it comes to killing Christians or warring drug cartels, these three are no where to be found. I feel sorry for Israel and Egypt because of having to deal with the obama administration. I wish you were the President dealing with this. Kerry and Ban Ki Moon will probably end up promoting the problem.

  4. Israel will not win this war They are the losers.
    Israel is taking the rules of engagement from our policy. Israel should not give any advance details/warnings/notice to where they will hit with airstrikes and ground troops. Letting citizens know where Israel will target in advance is just wrong. They are listening to our policies when it comes to rules of engagement. War is not informing the enemy in-advance to where you will strike. Israel is a pussy who is conforming to the United States concerning the rules of engagement. Israel is giving Hamas advance notice to where they will strike by informing citizens to evacuate the area.That is no strategy to win a war. Israel will be defeated again. They do not learn by there mistakes and are out to please there critics,especially Obama!


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