Kanye West: Celebrities being treated like blacks in the 60’s

Oh my goodness. I guess what makes people in the “entertainment industry” like Kanye West so successful is because they’re just so darned entertaining. And by entertaining, I mean the fun I have poking my eyes out with sharp implements when I hear the things they say.

Kanye West – no relation to my boss (thank goodness) – in case you’ve somehow missed it, is the famously outspoken “artiste” who just married the highly talented and dorsally-esteemed Kim Kardashian with whom he has a daughter creatively named “North.” West has been blessed with enough talent or hubris or whatever to pursue his God-given right to life, liberty and happiness.

In an interview with GQ, West seems to appreciate that fact, saying “I am a black American male from Chicago who had my rehearsal dinner at Versailles and then got married in Florence with a view of the entire city.”

For all of you keeping score, Kanye West has a net worth of about $120 million. That’s quite a bit more than “walking around money” – at least in my book. It’s also quite a bit more than I, a white Jewish female from San Jose, will ever get my mitts on.

And yet, Kanye West believes he is still a victim. He is being discriminated against. Because now he’s a CELEBRITY.

In Zach Baron’s interview with West regarding the wedding, Baron writes that he heard West gave a forty-five-minute toast to himself.

Here is West’s reply:

And what I talked about in it was the idea of celebrity, and celebrities being treated like blacks were in the ’60s, having no rights, and the fact that people can slander your name. I said that in the toast. And I had to say this in a position where I, from the art world, am marrying Kim. And how we’re going to fight to raise the respect level for celebrities so that my daughter can live a more normal life. She didn’t choose to be a celebrity. But she is. So I’m going to fight to make sure she has a better life.

I. Really. Don’t. Know. What. To. Say.

Celebrities are being treated like blacks were in the 60’s? I could be wrong in this, but if you’re sitting in the back of the bus right now Mr. West, it’s because you OWN the damn bus.

You have a life of privilege and fortune unimaginable to those who marched for the right to attend a school you probably wouldn’t even send your own daughter to today (and neither would our own black president, for that matter).

There are definitely still racists in this country, but you can’t tell me there are “celebritists” – heck these people who are supposedly out to get you are PAYING YOUR BILLS.

I’m glad you’re fighting to make sure your daughter has a better life. But better than what? Jetting all over the world, staying in luxury villas and wearing fancy designer clothes?

How about a better life of humility, service to others and interest beyond your own self, for starters.

Help me out here folks. Am I off base?


  1. A person with no talent marries another person with no talent but a ton of money and they still complain? Only in America, though I’m not sure it’s my America.

  2. Some celebrities can’t live without drama and the attention they get from the drama. Kanye West is a perfect example of this.

  3. you are helping this self centered POS out by writing about him, he is insignificant, and he knows it, it’s what’s really bothering him

  4. *yawn*

    Kanye West who? I know the name but can honestly say I don’t care what he or Kim Kardashian do or say. Both of them are not worth my time.

  5. Poor little Kanye, wasn’t he suppose to move away from the US? I was so looking forward to that day! Get a life, loser!

  6. “..having no rights”, all the while probably toasting himself with triple digit champagne, wearing 6-digit clothing, multi-million-dollar surroundings…the poor man. He and Hils have a lot in common.

  7. Emotion based thinking leads people to believe that victim hood is the height of celebrity status. No matter how much some people have or how much has been earned or given to them they will always claim victim status to get their fair share of pity and praise for bravery. It’s mental illness.

  8. KANYE WEST is a turd that should have been flushed ages ago, A 10 year old can write better song lyrics than him with his kindergarten style. I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten a job in Sesame Street where he belongs.

  9. Perhaps he and Hillary can get together and debate who is the biggest victim of society, and who deserves the most sympathy from the rest of the world. But I probably will miss it, as I have real work to do in order to survive…

  10. He and his wife are users and abusers of weaker people, they exploit people and prey on their weaknesses and lesser qualities as people and do so in order to enrich themselves. They produce nothing of true value that is edifying, uplifting, honorable or of virtue. They a full of crap up to their eyeballs

  11. This is how he keeps his name in other areas besides the bullshit industry that is Hollyweird. Lets just ignore him!

  12. I am willing to bet anyone that there are more black racists then there are white racists in this country right now.

  13. West and his porn star consort and their illegitimate spawn are garbage. They are treated badly because they ACT badly. He is an uneducated black hommie. Disgusting. I don’t csre where you had your wedding dinner or where you hot martied..+it wo’t last…and you will still be trash and kim will remain a porn has been.

  14. You’re either a victim or victor. It’s your choice. All the money and fame, and he still can’t make peace with himself.

  15. Kanye is an angry little man with self-esteem issues. No one is that cocky but still plays the victim. He needs to seek counseling.

  16. You are right on target. If I had $120m I wouldn’t give a s**t about anything anyone called me. What the hell is his problem?

  17. Why does anyone listen to ANYTHING Kanye West says? this stupid SOB doesn’t know WTF he’s talking about. I personally take offense to it as my brothers and sister, parents, cousins, aunts, and uncles were treated subhuman in the 60’s and Kanye trying to compare being a celebrity to that is like comparing Kim K. to a virgin.

    • Exactly. Talk show personality Wendy Williams said she would eat crow if their marriage lasted longer than her previous one. Lets see how that goes down. She is wondering what kind of wine goes with crow.

  18. No, it’s only u, u ignorant creature, they treat like that….why? Because ur such an ignorant creature, that’s why!

  19. They are part of the entitlement generation. Thank goodness many of that generation have more sense … and, in truth, more talent, than these two egotistical “celebrities”. (sic)

  20. If Kanye is worried about his daughter being victimized he might have considered the burden of growing up with the name North West. (Guess he and Kim wanted an airline.)

  21. Isn’t it also interesting, Col West, that no one wants to redistribute Kanye’s wealth, do they? It’s OK for HIM to have 120 million and not care about those he left behind in the ghetto. And what would have been wrong with him marrying a nice black girl or having his wedding in Harlem? A little up-petty don’t you think ?????

  22. Kanye is a model celebrity, a model singer/entertainer, a model husband and dad, a model role model…BUT, we must remember that a model is just a small, cheap. plastic imitation of the real thing!

  23. Boo hoo hoo! cry me a F#ckin’ River! Poor Kanye thinks he knows what Blacks in the 1960’s went through? Does he have a “White’s only” bathroom in his Mansion or a “White’s only” water fountain? Does he have to go all the way to the back of the stretched limo because the front seats are “White Only?” This man has no F#cking clue what he is talking about half the time.

  24. “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

    From the book, “My Larger Education, Being Chapters from My Experience” by Booker T. Washington, (1911), Ch. V: The Intellectuals and the Boston Mob

    Once Kanye realizes he is free to step off of the liberal plantation, his life might improve. But it’s doubtful he ever will. He “swallows the blue pill” every day of his life, living in the luxury of his illusion (and delusion).

  25. Singers sing. Actors act. Models model. News people read what’s in front of them. When they’re not doing those things, they are just as big a bunch of morons as anybody else in any other line of work.

  26. The guy is a f*ckin retard, he takes other peoples records and yells gibberish over them much like a 5 year old does, so you’re not going to hear the most intelligent things coming out of his mouth.

  27. Can I just say that I think most normal people would not want to spend 30 seconds talking to these two insufferably self-absorbed me-monkeys, and perhaps that is the apartheid they are experiencing. Not because their black or greek or whatever the hell she is, but that they are obnoxious. Jmho.

  28. He (kayne) needs to “trace” his ROOTS to his “TRUE ~HEART~ COUNTRY” from the which he LOVES (as he is SO ANGRY at the “EVIL” country of USA) GO HOME!!!! Go live in a tent in the dirt since America is SO “UNJUST” and “EVIL”…… PLEASE~ GO!!

  29. And “celebrities” can live “normal” lives too- they simply forsake the high school popularity contest. Your wife’s whole purpose in life was just that, dickhead.

  30. Shame on you Allan for giving ANY air time to the overinflated air head. The only way to deal with this nitwit and his big boobed boob is to ignore them. They are only celebrities as long as people like you pay attention to them. Give them the attention they deserve, NONE.

  31. Obviously Mitch, you don’t know anything about West. He’s a fool who’s so full of himself, no one takes him literal.
    Or is this an example of your resentment of towards successful people? God gave Kayne a gift to make people happy, he was rewarded with lots of $$ and is free to do over the top things with his money. Just bec you don’t have an real talent other than riding West’s coattails on this loser of a website, doesn’t mean you need to feel threatened by people actually going places.
    I wonder if you have ever asked West about his rich, over privileged actor friends at FOA about how they spend their money, and why would they want a tax break from the IRS for admin fees?

  32. Taking social commentary from KW as truth is about as true as saying that a wet steamy pile of dogshit is good for your Meatball hoagie.

  33. He must be what Eric Holders son looks like, LOL race card always works when the opposition is so damn afraid of being called a racist..

  34. From what I’ve observed, the quintessential problem with this no talent jackass is that he is as selfish as can be. That’s it in a nutshell. I have no pity for this crybaby. I thought he was going to leave the country if some ridiculous ‘demand’ of his wasn’t met. Yet, he’s still here. Oh yeah, he was tired of the ‘racism’ in American .He ‘s nothing but a mouth, pure and simple. It seems our society is getting tired of poor, wittle, talentless spoiled brats who think they are owed something for no reason.

  35. You hit it square on the head. I’m not sure what this guy is famous for other than bitching and moaning. He needs to get a grip and get over his imagined victimhood.

  36. Banal celebrity who makes money for being nothing but a self promoter and the stupidity of people who give them attention. Every public appearance is planned advertising. How many pictures do we need and of course Kim’s cleavage. Celebrity sells over substance and they made money off their wedding. People get a life .

  37. Not off base at all… he has always played the victim, now he is using his daughter. … and Kim has NO room to agree… she is no talent she just uses her assets for $ just like a prostitute. .. very sad. …

  38. He is a disgusting piece of filth who has somehow managed to become rich & famous. He says his daughter is a celebrity. You can change that by taking your fortune, finding someplace to live where you won’t be disturbed (like Tina Turner perhaps?) and raise your daughter to be NORMAL and keep her away from the spotlight.

  39. You are not off base. It’s just like Hillary claiming she was poor when she and Bill left the WH. People that live a life of privilege seem to lose site of reality and base their view of it on their own circumstances instead of what the real everyday people experience. I have always thought Kanye carries a large boulder (not a chip) on his shoulder in regards to his race, which to an everyday sane person, makes no sense.

  40. You are RIGHT ON!! Kanye, move somewhere that no one heard of you and live in obscurity. With that ego of yours, you’d not last a month!! You’d have to find a stage somewhere so that you could rant and rave about how you are being mistreated; all the while reminding us how WONDERFUL you are! NOT!!

  41. how is it that because he is a celebrity, now his daughter is to?? so i guez the everybody is racist against me so im going to leave this country bullshit didnt pan out for you??

  42. North West will never have a better life, she will be brought up as a spoiled little princess, she will never know what real life is, she will never know what real people are. This poor little rich girl is doom to a meaningless life because of the self absorbed parents she has…I feel very sorry for her, she will be rich but that is about all.

  43. This guy reallythinks he’s some sort of world changer. What an idiot. I can’t believe he just compared celebrity to segregation. He actually thinks that their wedding broke
    down some sort of cultural barriers . . . God-complex much?

  44. THAT’S REALLY FUNNY ! Could it be that someone doesn’t need to be on the ‘back of the bus’ but on the really short one instead ?

  45. Works for me!!!!!! I would like for BOTH of these no talent hacks (Kanye & Kim) to live on MY resources for just a month. Do MY job, for just one DAY….. GEEZ!! What a pair of jackasses!!!!

  46. Who the is Kanye West? He hasn’t done anything of substance, value or importance in my book. A snotty nosed grown ass child who is self centered? It appears he doesn’t have real talent. Where did he come from again?

  47. Let’s wait for Jessie and Al to chime in and correct him… crickets. Where are all of the civil rights activists to correct this moron? I guess John Lewis getting knocked out by a brick in Selma, AL is the same as poor Kanye getting bad publicity.

    • Getting hit by the brick?…not the same…now marrying the person he married is sorta like getting a hit from a brick

  48. Public figure–Kanye West is a public figure. When you become one, become famous, some baggage comes with it, your life is changed–not always in a good way. Deal with it, Mr. West. You’re being a cry-baby.

  49. kanye is the racist and racism goes both ways pal remember his taylor swift stunt how he got so rich off no talent is beuond me but heu this is America and his wife is a no talent prostitute

  50. Please remember this man made his millions pretending being someone he’s not! So why do we take anything he says so serious? Most of Hollywood fits the same description! Fake and full of hot air!!

  51. Just like the African Americans in the South in the 50s and 60s, lynched, shot, burned, spat on. There are plenty of celebrities who are out of the limelight and have privacy because they choose to do so. Julia Roberts makes millions yet she seems to live a quite life privately. Her children are “celebrity”. How about Ben Affleck and his wife? I could spout off more celebrities who successfully “go to work” making movies and the slip quietly into their private lives. Kanye and the family he married make no effort to get out of the limelight. They have made their own public bed.

  52. “highly talented and dorsally-esteemed Kim Kardashian” Pfffft… Please!
    More like… Multi-Positional & Flexible…
    Willing to sell her soul for 5min. of fame…
    Walking talking cuΠ+!

  53. The child will be dead before she is 16. She will grow up to be just like her whore of a mother and idiot father, and will never have a change to be anything other than a spoiled rotten brat, Look at Whitney’s kid, will never be anything but a drug addict. Feel so sorry for the baby, but at least she doesn’t have to look at his or Kim’s ugly faces, as the only time they see her is for a photo op.

  54. Wow Guardians of the Republic using their column to make fun of a baby’s first name. How courageous from that “editor-in-chief” in a third grader kind of way. Guess children are sacred only when they are in the womb or have conservative parents. Very petty guys, you have outdone yourselves.

      • Yup! Kinda shallow and petty. How wonder how Col. West would feel if someone took a dig at his kids like that. I know I wouldn’t appreciate.

      • Yeah, nevermind the ENTIRE article was about a moron like West comparing himself to blacks in the 60’s. Geez, you idiot.

    • I was wondering what had happened to that 47% now that Obama is completely inundated with scandals and poor performance. It likes like a few of them are still alive! Oh Goody…

      • You obviously didn’t read the article because the mention of “our own black president” completely missed it’s spot with you. The baby, North, is not the one taking the slams…. it is the lack of cleverness from the ever so “talented” parents of North that is in question. Contextual reading comprehension is a great ability to try and pick up. Instead of doing as the masses have been doing for thousands of years with anything (especially religion), try not to pick out just what you want from the reading. See it as a whole.

      • Seriously? Why does this need explaining? The baby’s name was mentioned to prove that her parents are not the smartest, which is why Kanye chooses to open his mouth and speak stupidly, day in and day out.

      • Not at all considering the context of the article. It is not a slam on the baby itself but the parents’ lack of creativity. And on that note, I am done with this conversation.

      • Sorry, that’s the job of the libtards. You know, the goons who screech about the 1 percent and income inequality?

      • Did you read the rest of my sentence? “ABOUT THE 1 PERCENT AND INCOME INEQUALITY.” Try and keep up, or else ryb akibg abd let the adults talk.

      • What you see is your own feelings clouding your judgement, Rafael X, and rendering your opinion useless, for the most part. That is, unless people enjoy laughing at you after laughing at Kane West. You seem to feel the need to defend somebody you apparently look up to. Nothing wrong with that, but you would do much better, communicate better, if you would first learn to separate your feelings from you opinions. The two are not the same thing. When I fail to separate my feelings(what I feel) from my opinions(what I think) then what I say isn’t worth much good. It makes me look self-absorbed, emotional, ignorant and not so stable. In short, it renders what I say as something people would be better off ignoring. I don’t believe anybody is without some measure of value, including Kayne West, and I think you agree on that. I am just trying to say that you can learn better how to express that about West, and others, if you first take a look at your own good self.

      • First of all,if you care to reply to my comment,I am one person, not “you guys”. Secondly, I begrudge nobody their success. However, Mr. West has ,in addition to whatever his other talents are,an innate ability to render ridiculous opinions and deliver absurd statements for public consumption. That he comes off as an ass to large numbers of people doesn’t have anything to do with “hate” of any kind.That just seems to be the simplistic evaluation used as a crutch by people lacking effort intellectually.

      • And the “author” couldn’t make that point without including Mr, West’s child? Kids don’t choose their parents, that was the point I was making.

      • Unfortunately,in your attempt to ridicule the author of the article,your effort falls flat,as it was Mr. West who brought his baby daughter into the conversation,unbidden.

      • Allen West talks about his kids all the time in his articles and had them feature in a campaign adds. Does that make them fair game? And yes the “author” bought ridicule on herself.

      • What on Earth does Allen West have to do with Kanye West? That is a rather idiotic attempt at a connection between the two. And the author did not “bought ridicule” on herself. You attempted to ridicule her,and failed.

    • You really missed the boat on this one. Actually, I’m laughing out loud at your comment. No one made fun of the name. There is plenty of making fun of a superstar who thinks he’s being persecuted like African-Americans in the 60’s who could not drink out of the same water fountain or could not get a job because of the color of their skin. No one hates his success, but we’re laughing at poor pitiful millionaire superstar who has no clue what suffering is.

      • It’s an ironic name – North West. No one belittled it but you have to admit it is unusual.

      • Libs tend to find one thing that they dislike and just roll with that. Only way to distract from facts. Problem with Libs are that they are driven by emotions not facts or our Constitution.
        I dislike Kanyes theories, but to his defense I am sure he’s trying to entertain us right? Sick theories Kanye.

      • Kim & Kanye took the 1st shot (and with DEADLY accuracy) by naming that child NORTH WEST. Your rage is misplaced. Be mad at THEM!!!!

      • Bunch of cowards and now they are tripping over themselves justifying going after a baby that can’t even read the venom they are spewing about her parents. All shocked to be called out.

      • I can’t WAIT till North is old enough to write a tell all book. Talk about SPEWING VENOM!!! It’ll make “Mommie Dearest” seem TAME!!!

      • I don’t hate the child at all. What I despise is Kanye & Kim CRAVING the attention for themselves & then telling the paps to STAY away from Northwest (those are cardinal directions NOT a name to give a precious child). And won’t she be SO PROUD to be surfing the internet one day and come across mommy’s CLAIM TO FAME……a SEX tape!! and NOT with daddy!!

      • For pity sake… No one is “going after” the baby. Theare simply validating that if her father wanted her to live a “normal” life he might have considered naming her some less regrettable. I’m surprised that ANYone defends this man. He is rude, arrogant, self-absorbed, and simply moronic in his self-aggrandizing statements about his “artistry” and how hard it is for him. Yep. What a humble guy:
        “I’m like a vessel, and God has chosen me to be the voice and the connector.”

        “It’s like this, by not giving my album a classic rating, you diminish your magazine’s credibility. And that’s real.”

        “Because I’m great. I’m great like Michelangelo. I’m great like Disney.”

        “I’m putting my life at risk, literally… And I think about it, I think about my family and I’m like, ‘Wow.’ … This is like, being a police officer or something, in war or something.”

        Seriously. Confidence is one thing. Out of control, pathologically egotistical is another. As for his talent? Eh. Mediocre AT BEST.

      • See how you are making your argument without using the baby’s name? Here you are a laymen just like me and yet you didn’t need to mention the child to make your point. I’m not defending him, like most rappers he became lazy after his first album. Just wondering why bring the child into this. She did not choose her parents.

    • From what i read, Kanye brought his child into the conversation by mentioning it. Even went as far a labeling the child a celebrity. That is the only funny thing i read concerning the child. How did the infant achieve such celebrity status at such a young age? Win a grammy? An emmy? Nobel peace prize? No. That child is famous for having a bad name.. a gift bestowed upon it by its parents. Point your finger at Kimye, not the author of the article

  55. If West feels so strongly about celebrities being treated with respect, then he should have treated Taylor Swift with some of that respect. West is a self absorbed, hypocritical idget. He garners no respect from me, and I’m not alone in this,… “respect”. (or lack thereof)

  56. You know, most celebrities are rabid narcissists. That’s what drives them into performing in the first place. The more success they have, the more out of touch they are. And for Kanye West to be complaining about how hard it is to be a celebrity is especially laughable, since his wife has absolutely NO discernible talent EXCEPT for being famous. She is famous for being famous, and it has made her extremely wealthy.

    I don’t know why anyone reports on the nonsense these people say, because it isn’t news, it’s just nonsense. Kanye West wasn’t even BORN in the 60’s, he has NO IDEA what it was like to be black in the 60’s, and he lives a completely out of touch existence today. I guess he must mean that blacks in the 60’s had paparazzi taking photos of them everywhere they went, because that’s what he and Kim complain about the most. That is, until the paparazzi STOP coming around, and then they complain because they are fading into obscurity.

      • I remember hearing Marlo Thomas telling a story about her husband, Phil Donohue. She said when they would leave their house and people would recognize him and want his autograph or want a picture with him, he would act all put out and angry and “Why don’t they just leave me alone???!!!” Then, when he wasn’t on TV anymore, they would go out and nobody would recognize him and he would walk up to people and say, “Do you know who I am???” He couldn’t stand not being famous anymore.

        I have a friend who is the catering director of a big hotel in a medium-sized city. A C-list actress was getting married there, because it was her home town. All during the wedding planning, she made a big deal about ensuring they had adequate security at the hotel, because she did not want her big day “ruined by fans.” So the hotel maintained the secrecy she required, provided the security she required, and at the reception the actress was so disappointed that there was no press, no paparazzi, and no FANS mobbing her that she went to the lobby in her wedding gown and started asking people, “Do you know who I am???”

        Celebrities are soooo stupid!!!

      • I’d love to tell you who it was, but my friend is still in that job and I don’t want her to get fired.

      • I know that’s what you meant, but if I tell you who the celebrity is, SHE will probably take it out on my friend. I’ll tell you it was a big soap opera star.

  57. It’s Kanye West. He always says or does something stupid. Just ignore him. Btw Our black President likes Kanye’s music.

  58. Yeah it must be hell to be super rich and have people care so much about every little thing you do, say etc … My heart breaks for ya as we struggle to pay our enormous light bill so that we don’t die of heat stroke this summer!

  59. OMG!! He makes the bed he sleeps in if he wants to be treated with respect then he should show some and stop playing victim all the time. I wonder if he realize anytime you are a celebrity you live in a different reality than us “normal” folks do!! Stop bringing neg. attention to your self and be thankful for the wonderful things you have. Goes to show money don’t
    buy happiness!!!

  60. Shows how a lot of you ignore the author’s name on article’s. Allen West did not write this article Michelle Hickford did. And she was exactly right in her judgement of the so called artist’s disconnect with reality. Why so many in the entertainment industry chose such inappropriate names for their children is beyond me, an unusual name is a burden, I know I have an unusual name and it causes all types of problems later on in life. I can just imagine what it will be like for this kid to have a name like North and the accompanying teasing from other children.

  61. I don’t know what I dislike about him the most. His arrogance, his bigotry, his racism, his lack of any understanding of the world in general or the fact that he feels that it’s acceptable to beat on a woman.. His success, is to me, a symptom of the strange values of those that follow and hold him in high regard.. I suppose he understands his audience but if that’s true it’s also true that I don’t.. If the divide is as wide as it appears to me and if others of his generation and background are as alienated then our efforts in the area of civil rights are very incomplete. Races are free to follow their own star but they still don’t know it. Even someone as successful as he is feels that he is a victim..

  62. As far as I can tell Kanye’s only claim to fame is his big mouth, and we all know his wife’s only talent is in being famous, she has never done anything else, So with a pair like this to draw to, why does anybody care what either one of them have to say about anything? If the Paparazi stop following them around they would have to hire somebody to act the part, Of course in public they complain about it but in private, i’m sure they are happy with it.

  63. If he is being treated like Blacks from the 60’s, why hasn’t someone hung his black ass for marrying a slut White woman?

      • NO HE IS NOT AN IDIOT!! Jim is RIGHT ON!!! WHAT HE SAID is what REALLY happened to blacks in the 60’s. Kanye is just like Obama in that he views himself a victim!! Poor me!!! Nobody likes me, boo hoo!!

  64. Please, I want to be dIscriminated against like Kanye and ONLY have a 120 million to be consoled. And that my poor little daughter with a name that is sure to get her teased or as they call it today bullied that I myself have caused for naming her after a major airline may suffer the same fate. Oh, the terrible pain and mental suffering that we would have to be burdened with just so people can take our picture every where we go. And that we be given free tickets to only the best sets at any and all major events. Yes, it would be hard to endure but for the sake of the fans I will drudge on.

  65. He needs a reality check! He has a persecution complex that he needs professional help to learn to deal with. I only wish his Mother was around to pull out a big ol can of whoop ass on him. People treat you the way you allow them to treat you, so if it walks like a duck, its a duck!

  66. Actually, I never heard of Kanye until I heard he and whats her name had a baby and named it North (West). Probably should have chosen a different name for her if he wants her to have a “better” life. I doubt he has any idea what the blacks went through in the 60s. I had a black boyfriend and I’m white, I was also subjected to racism just for being his girlfriend. Racism comes from blacks against blacks, just like black on black crime. I think blacks hate each other simply because they have black skin. That is sad because blacks are simply destroying themselves for no good reason.

    • I can understand that about racism. I was a child in a country where there were no black people. I am brown. I was called the “N” word. I remembered how I learned to loath myself. That all changed for the better when I came to America.

  67. Seriously people? Kanye is being treated like blacks in the 60s. Im sure he has a seperate bathroom, dressing room, airplane, RV. But im sure they are nicer than the average white, black, yellow, or brown person has access to. Of course he has rights and chose to be a celebrity, isnt forced to use seperate facilities, etc. That was yet another choice. So far as getting respect, i think that has more to do with making assenine statements than it does celebrity status. Sorry your child is made fun of because of their name. Certainly that child is the only victim here. Yet the lack of respect seems to spring from the same source. If youre famous, even a b list talent, and name your child north west, expect that to be the brunt of jokes on every late night talk show hosts monologue for at least a year. I know i could make fun of it for a full decade, and my comedy, like poor norths parents talents, is b grade at best…

  68. No one holds a gun to the head of celebrities and forces them to live their extravagant, flamboyant and flashy life-style. That is a choice they make. All choices have consequences. Can’t have your cake and eat it too, Kanye. You chose the life style, you chose to marry into a family that makes being a celebrity an occupation. Now live with it, and don’t complain that you ‘don’t get any respect’. Respect has to be earned.

  69. Not at all! I agree with everything you said! I can only imagine having that much money! I can’t figure out why he is bitching! Did he vote for someone else? I thought he wanted this president! Seems like his bitch needs to be taken up with Obama! He wouldn’t be happy if they hung him with a new rope! Hope he don’t loss his head when the terrorist start the reign of terror here! And that has been going on forever in the middle east!

  70. I wonder how many of you can live Kanye West’s life. How many of you wouldn’t be dead, hooked on drugs, or totally broke. Photographs everywhere you go, fake ass “editors-in-chief” taking cheap shots at your children. People hating you for any and every reason. Talking about their insight in you psyche as if they know you personally. We talk about how disconnected these people are from the common man but never consider how disconnected we are from their reality.

      • Dead serious. How many “celebrities” last as long as Kanye West? Where’s Britney Spears? Amy Winehouse? Lindsay Lohan? MC Hammer? Why do we have shows named “where are they now”? If it was that easy everybody would do it.

    • Yet, he chose that life. He CHOSE to be famous, he chose to be a celebrity, he worked hard to become one. It’s not like this is a new thing for celebrities to be hounded by paparazzi and smeared in the tabloids. As a black man, he of all people should realize how ridiculous and disrespectful his comparison is.

      • True, but again, he CHOSE this life. He wanted the fame and fortune, and this is the price. You sell your right to privacy the minute you take the million dollar paycheck. You can’t compare it to the REAL struggle of millions of black citizens in the 1960’s who were fighting to be able to sit at the counter in a diner. THAT is true oppression.

      • If that’s the point to be made why include the child? The baby didn’t choose her parents did which I think was the point Kanye West was trying to make. But you are right it’s not comparable I will give you that. I just hope you make the same point when some “black conservative” compares anything and everything Obama to slavery or talk about “democrat plantation”.

      • Just as I hope you don’t think any time anyone disagrees with the president, they are automatically a racist.

        And plenty of celebrities manage to raise their children pretty well shielded from the public eye. By not doing Vogue photoshoots with them, etc…

      • talent and intelligence are not mutually apparent or exclusive in the world of make believe

  71. I hope you don’t mind me commenting Mr. West, as this is your world and I’m just raising my children in it. You married a woman who is…let’s say a celebrity without any talent. At least none that anyone can see at first glance, because she is famous for a sex tape, a celebrity dad, and…A sex tape. Not disrespected financially. Only disrespected by her detractors for not having any talent other than shopping…and a sex tape.
    I don’t know much about your talent because your genre of music is not mine. Though I must admit I liked one song of yours, but the talent on that one was Jamie Fox and Ray Charles. So please before you cash your next royalty check, display some talent of your own and address your statements to all people, not just the ones ignorant enough to believe you…THERE got through a whole post without making it about race. What’s this country coming to?

  72. You are on the money. If there is any human being on this planet that I just might hate, Kanye West would be the closest to it.

  73. You hit the nail on the head…this jerk and himself obsessed woman are so far removed from reality it’s pathetic. They have no idea What a hard days work is or What it’s like not to have 100 people at your beck and call. How pathetic there is no comparison to the treatment of blacks in the 60s .. These two idiots CHOSE their lifestyle so deal with it,and How about giving back a little!!

  74. Ok, maybe he is not the most articulate person however if you can take one second to imagine that he is really just human and is spouting off because he is concerned for his kid. Parents do that. I hear strange crap like that from parents all the time. His is just relating to celebrity status and how that is going to impact his kid. Did he go way overboard on the dramatic side? Yes, but the author of this article seems to have gone way overboard in the dramatic criticism and lack of human understanding.

  75. With everything I read all I heard was kanya talk about everything hes not. He nor kim or their child will ever know what being below class really is it is easy to set and talk about wanting better I know I want better for my children everyday. The difference btwn us is I want my kids to wake up and not worry about wanting to try out for something bc we dont have the money or b able to go into a store and buy them something just bc I want too .I wish he could put their money to.good use and help those among us who need it we have streets lined with vets and these celebs amongest other wealthy ppl that walk.around like kanya and cant get their heads out of their ass and help ….guess what they paid for ur freedom all the money in the world cant buy that….

  76. You are right on, Michelle. What bugs me a lot about people in Mr. West’s position is that they are really in a place to do good, to be role models, to help those less fortunate. Instead, he wants to be deified by his celebrity. I just don’t get it.

  77. right on! the only way this world is going to be a better place is if the people in it become less self absorbed and self centered….and yes, i’m gonna say it………..and become God centered

  78. Hopefully conservatives now know how stupid they sound when they compare everything Obama to slavery. Talk of democrat plantations or love quoting LBJ using the N word sixty years after his death. You all sound as stupid as Kanye West.

  79. I really don’t understand why they are famous, everyone seems to hate them lol the only way for them to go away is for people to stop buying their music, products, not watch their show etc.

      • I wouldn’t take a picture of Kanye……I would of Kim. As far as I’m concerned and I don’t care what anyone else thinks…the smartest thing Kanye ever did was marry Kim. The dumbest thing Kim ever did was marry Kanye.

  80. These are obnoxious people who pollute our airwaves because they are being promoted by those who can make money off them. The public is interested in them in much the same way one is interested in watching a train wreck in progress. The career of Anna Nicole Smith was similar. Mr. West can take off the trendy togs and his Mrs. can remove the makeup, hair extensions, and artificial nails to once again be part of the hoi polloi. Then their daughter can be common. Oh, and change her name to Sally.

  81. This guy is an empty shirt which possesses an equally empty head. Perhaps, just perhaps at one time he may have suffered and went without but I would say that he conviniently forgot all that and how to be a common person a long time ago.

  82. He is so irrelevant! We’re supposed to feel bad for him cause he “struggling” with his celebrity!!! This culture has made him into this loud-mouthed pompous we see today…ridiculousness!!!

  83. Oh, Poor me!! If I weren’t so popular in this society maybe I could be happy! To paraphrase “The Rich Young Ruler,” ‘Go sell what you have and give to the have nots and go and live a normal life – then come and follow me!!’ Sounds simple, doesn’t it??

  84. What makes Kanye think he deserves more respect than we do. Being a celebrity does not garner respect, rather disrespect, because of the way celebrities act. Celebrities do a job, just like we do, and are in no way superior.

  85. Like the President, and no many others that wear the “Racist” moniker with pride, Kimye simply cannot believe that people don’t like them because… well… because they say stupid things and they pimp themselves out for the sake of $1. Or maybe, just maybe, we don’t like Kimye because they shove themselves down our throats constantly, and we are just plain sick of them. Nope, it can’t be that. It’s got to be that we’re all racist. The best thing for Kimye to do is buy 200 acres in the middle of nowhere and simply raise their child in obscurity. If they want respect and to be treated like normal citizens, then they should stop pimping themselves out. They are the source of their own problem, not us. We really wouldn’t miss them if we never saw them again.

  86. My only comment is to say that I do not wish to comment on ANYTHING the totally irrelevant, spoiled punk Kanye has to say. Let’s find better topics for this website.

  87. Guess he flunked history huh? The Civil Rights movement was passed in 1963 so the 60’s were good for negro peoples. One thing about those people that he doesn’t get…they had integrity, dignity and work ethic. They had manners and treated others with respect. That’s how they accomplished what they did…that’s why MLK was able to accomplish so much and move the mountains he did…but west has no idea…he’s as entitled as his little girl…who I hope marries someone normal with a normal name so she won’t be made as much fun of as her father.

  88. This reminds me of the new legal defense, affluenza. Whereby the affluent are not responsible for their actions or decisions because they have never had to deal with anything themself. I feel so so very sorry for them……

  89. I guess he just doesn’t recognize that he’s made it. He’s living the American dream and doesn’t know it or just doesn’t appreciate it. Money doesn’t by happiness and Kanye West is living proof.

  90. Is he talking about the fact that the paparazzi chase them around, infiltrate their homes, their most private moments, etc. then sell the pics for big bucks? Or just the fact that they have no basic security or legal right to stop the parasites from chasing them (think Princess Di and her fate) – or that they have to hire security to protect themselves from over zealous “fans”?!

    What other “victim-hood” could he possibly mean?!?!

    As the old saying goes, “It goes with the territory. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” Of course, that would mean not being able to have those $120M+ intimate weddings and such…………but, hey! Fame has its costs. As well as its benefits.

  91. Its the progressive playbook, always be the victim! How can Michael Moore be part of a protest against the rich? I thought he has money? He is a victim telling poor people to take from the rich? How does that work? Couldn’t he just give them his money?

    • This is an embarrassingly gross over simplification. Your only point here is to slander “progressives” but just end up making a fool out of yourself in the process.

      • no you are the whiner victims STHU does anyone own big boy or girl pants on that side of the isle?- because All we hear is Waahhaaa!

      • Your avatar depicts you as a mature woman, but you reply like an angsty teenager. What are you even getting at? Use your big girl words

      • Thats to simple, thats to complicated, your a racist, its Bush’s fault, stop controlling my body, (but pay for it!), global warming, amnesty, “slander progressives” is a new one to put on list. Another progressive victim destroyed by a fool? Why would any well educated progressive respond to a fool? Why call it slander, if I’m a fool? I’m a victim and need your help, why would you make fun of a fool? It’s not my fault. Your a bully for picking on a victim like me.

      • I’m not a liberal/democrat, if that’s what you’re getting at. No one is going to take conservatives seriously if we can’t have a basic grasp on politics or a basic grasp on the English language. My advice is to stop posting on the internet.

      • Sorry went to public schools. So when can I expect your check to help me? There are two groups Americans and Progressives. Americans love the Constitution and bill of rights, Progressives hate the Constitution and will do anything to regulate around it. We know who side you are on. liberal, democrat, republican, does not matter anymore. This is good vs evil.

      • Nice response syberlink:) it seems like all rational thinking people are fools these days. What’s wrong is now right what was up is now considered down.


  93. He could just stop talking, stop hitting people, stop acting like a spoiled entitled child. Maybe people would stop caring about you and you can live your life. P.S. don’t marry a women who is famous for being famous. She wants and needs the fame so deal with it.

  94. He is such a moron, he probably tries to take what little brain he has out to play with..and when he can’t get it out, he cries like a little spoiled girly-man..HE MAKES ME SICK!!!

  95. It might help his kid if he and the Mrs. led a less public life and did not sell pictures to the highest bidder. I mean, really. He is the symptom of a greater illness spreading through the world. Woe is me, someone owes me because (fill in the blank). Grow a pair Kanye, man-up and teach your kid that race, gender, etc does not matter. Stop the spread of the virus.

  96. You know, hard working Americans aren’t really interested in hearing a millionaire whine. We have more important things to be concerned with. Mr. Kayne is not one of them.

  97. He doesn’t have clue what normal is, just a great deal of BS and the only ones who would believe the BS he strews around are other celebrities. He isn’t normal so I seriously doubt anyone in his family will be. His only claim is to be lucky enough others think he can sing. As far as Kim, she has no talent either but a lot of fools must think so.

  98. There are many children of celebrities, who we’ve never heard of…..If Kimye’s daughter becomes a “celebrity” it will be because they pimp her out like they’ve pimp out themselves…..God help that innocent baby….I wouldn’t trade places with her having those two as “role models” for triple his purported millions…

  99. Banging my head on the wall for even commenting. …no one cares. No one cares who you marry or where or how much money you have or that you gave your child a ridiculous name. The people who achieve fame like this are the most irrelevant people on the planet but they keep making news for being disconnected from reality and saying asinine things. Real problems exist and deserve attention. ..These to are not on that list.

  100. He is a total spoiled brat who, if he ever had it, has lost touch with reality. His comparison of the way he is treated now as a celebrity to the treatment his race endured during the 60’s is a statement made either out ignorance, or…to elicit a response that will garner even more attention to himself, although not the attention I bet he imagined. I’m gonna go with ignorance though.

  101. Do you know why this guy continues to make jackass comments … because people pay attention and make a big deal. He’ll never learn until people forget that he exists. I’ve never liked him, don’t like his music and have never contributed to his $120 million, and never will. FORGOTTEN!!!!

  102. Never even heard of him! But then I’m just an ordinary guy who doesn’t buy any newspapers because they’re full of bulls**t about celebrities. I don’t watch any of the self congratulatory “award” show on the TV because they make me want to puke. I don’t buy modern music any more because most of it is drivvel. Used to be there was a time when people moaned about repeats on the TV. These days I actively seek them out because most of the current crop of programmes are all but unwatchable. So Mr whoever the hell you are, if you don’t want to be thought badly of, keep your trap shut!

  103. No, your not off base except for your comment regarding Kim Kardashian being highly talented, I hope you were joking. Him comparing his situation to the discrimination black people faced in the 60’s is ludicrous! He is arrogant, self absorbed and ridiculous. Stop buying his music people!

    • Amen to that! She has ZERO talent! The only reason she had any exposure is because of her real dad being a high profile lawyer, O.J. Simpson’s to be exact. Also her gold digging mother remarried Bruce Jenner. Who happened to be a celebrity. Then they came up with that stupid reality show, only a bunch of sheep watched!

  104. Well spoken and written article! Kanye is a big whiner! I believe when you are celebrity like him, and like to hog the spot light. Well you have to take the ridicule with the praise! boo hoo!

  105. I feel sorry for this idiot. Having to struggle with his 120 million dollars, his arm candy Kim. Celebs usually are pompous, selfish A**holes, why do so many people bow and gush at the sight of these creeps?

  106. Did he not several months threaten that he was going to leave this country? Why don’t people carry through on their threats?

  107. I do not care one whit what Kanye “thinks.” Why doesn’t he spend some time and money helping our service members and veterans, like Gary Sinese and the Lt. Dan Band? I really wish the liberal media and gossip mags would focus on real celebrities, instead of these vapid people. You can’t check out at any grocery store without seeing these publications, and who cares??

  108. I think his permanent frown in very telling of his “poor me” attitude. Sadly, his daughter has this same frown. Poor kid..

  109. Someone needs to sit Mr. West down and have a Man to Boy talk. Regardless of his money, fame, and fortune, he’s going to be worm food in the next 100 plus years. So, the only thing special about him, is his delusions of grandeur make him a legend in his own mind.

  110. If he’s being discriminated against because he has money and fame, he could do is all a favor and get out of show biz now – TODAY! And while he’s at it, give all his money away to some charity that needs it. Since he’s always talking about slavery, why doesn’t he give it some organization in Africa that is fighting to free modern day slaves? Yes, there is still slavery in modern day Chad and lower Sudan, just to name a couple. And I think the media needs to stop feeding his game. Ignore him. And send him to Africa to lead the charge. He could start out in Nigeria, for now.

  111. Kanye West is so delusional, and ignorant… His rants are embarrassing, and I just don’t get how he even has fans.

  112. I never grew up in the South but people who thought they were better than me seemed to have a way of picking on our entire family. We were dirt poor. We got one new outfit to start school. We were the only house in our small town that had an outhouse. Do I feel sorry for Mr West, no. His daughter will never know poverty, but grant she will be exposed to drugs. Plus she will meet men like you. God help her.

  113. Being educated in Chicago, no doubt in a public school, KW has a difficult time expressing himself in a verbally correct manner that truly expresses his actual thoughts… then, maybe not… sorta like that obama fella.

  114. Kanye, like all liberal, progressive, socialist, communists, is attempting to redefine repression, racism, bigotry, and contentment. So far, he hasn”t succeeded with any of them. This is what happens when egocentric self meets the owner.

  115. Ms. Hickford, you seem astounded that a “celebrity” can be so very ignorant. I’m generally only astounded when one isn’t blatantly ignorant. That’s why the utterances of the man would never have come to my attention outside your article. I don’t listen to any of them. So it isn’t me treating him different or special. I wouldn’t know him if I saw him.

    When I want to hear ignorance, I tune into whatever politicians are saying. You can always find plenty there, too, and that ignorance has the ability to affect my life, finances and general well being.

    So sad Mr. West feels put upon. Perhaps he should donate his $120 mil to a few worthy charities and live in a regular neighborhood in his home town. Let his daughter grow up “normal”…just like him.

  116. And Kim Kardashian is highly talented how? That was funny. Kanye West is a ignorant, racist man. Nothing surprises me what comes out of his filthy mouth. Karma is just around the corner.

  117. Pardon my ignorance but these creatures are known for what exactly? I hear of them but don’t know what it is they do other than saying stupid things.

  118. Yes and no.

    Celebrities have lost most rights to privacy due to the internet and tech advancements in the media culture. Kate Middleton couldn’t even suntan topless in a bloody private enclosure with her husband without the bugs snapping pics of it, and look up Toronto Mayor Rob Ford just to give you a hint of what immature and undisciplined media groups can do to a person’s private life!

    on the other hand, If I had 120 million, I probably woundn’t care too much about the opinions of the masses too much anymore. Also Kanye West is the LAST person who should be the champ of this cause. If he really cared about the treatment of his daughter, then why the he** did he choose the name “North West”. Might as well have called her ‘Alaska’. At least it’s unique and respectable…

    To sum myself up, not ALL celebrities are rolling in it like ‘Kimye”, and have suffered this same invasion of privacy. Look at the BS porn stars have to go through. Treatment by the media has driven more than one to suicide or ruin, and these days, unless they venture into prostitution or the gonzo crap, the might as well get a normal job. The money is no longer there otherwise. They have more of a right to call out the media than Kanye ever will.

    • With all due respect to hard working, and down to earth entertainers, seriously, no one in their right mind could attempt to get into the entertainment industry and NOT expect to give up at least some of their privacy. It’s a serious trade off, and one that a person should think over very carefully. Unfortunately, it’s not human nature to usually do that. Many celebrities I do feel sympathy for in this respect, but not these two.

  119. I don’t listen to this mans music or his rants. He would not be able to say this stuff if it wasn’t for the very people he calls racist! I am so disgusted and just fed up with the racist propaganda! We have so much more to worry about than what Kanye Pest and Kim Shamedashian have to say!!!! They will have plenty to deal with when kneeling in front of the Lord God Almighty!! Why don’t he just buy his Island like he keeps threatening and sail on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. WOOT WOOT!!! Encore! Bravo! Wonderfully written Ms. Hickford. No, you’re not off base at all. Spot on. More people should be tormenting him. Either delusionally self-important or he has a fairly severe drug problem that’s causing really bad paranoia.

  121. Who is Kanya West? Oh that guy…..not much to think on or of…by the way…Who is he Again?
    …nine seconds….later…

  122. He is the one that went into entertainment & he chose to be in the public eye. You can do more than the average Joe, with your name & $$$$$$. You have a chip on your shoulder. Kanye, if you don’t want to be maligned for your actions, why not use your wealth for good, helping the less fortunate, doing the charity work yourself, not paying someone to do it for you. Better yet, develop a foundation that will help people that WANT to help themselves……no hand-outs…..ONLY HAND-UPS!

    • Denlin… There are celebrities out there that stay below the radar unless they have a movie coming out or something like that. For example, how many times have you seen or heard about Denzel Washington’s personal life in the media? If he wanted to he could step away from entertainment and still live a lavish life. But he CRAVES the attention. They both do. But they want to raise their kid out of the media’s eye. It’s basically saying one thing but doing the total opposite.

  123. He needs to go to Europe and spout this crap off. That’s where Kim was insulted by a guy in black face and a no talent comedian who wasn’t afraid to throw around the “N” word in Kim’s face in an interview, and then there was the drunk lady on the airplane who was yelling about Kim’s sex tape and pointing out her mixed baby. He’s taking his ire out on everyone else. Sorry Kanye but money can’t buy happiness nor class.

  124. I’m sorry, but why would you waste time to write about this crap? I can’t believe there are 377 comments on this crap when we have more important issues to discuss.

  125. Kanye West you have to be the most ignorant person on planet earth. I used to be a fan. Now after reading this article. You’ve revealed a side if yourself that literally tells all. How can you even compare the treatment of entertainers to the Black American Civil Rights Fight! It wasn’t a movement from what i observed as a white Jewish child seeing & even now as I’m writing this my idyllic photographic memory is playing in mind how blacks were being treated. I remember asking “why mom are these people being treated like this?” Now my mom is Sephardic Jew but she was also prejudice. She tried to explain to me that there will be people who will always be prejudice because of not understanding each other. I would see Black youth being bused to school and they had to sit in the back. Especially treatment of the black community down south. In fact I will never forget a trip to Birmingham, Al. back in 1987. Yes 1987. I was there for business. I remember we are riding the Airport Hotel shuttle. We were riding along & all of sudden I see an elderly black gentlemen walking down the sidewalk and a white lady is coming up the sidewalk. What I saw next I thought went away after the civil rights fight ended. The man crossed the street. I asked our driver does this go still. He said yes unfortunately people area still in their own ways. I was stunned. The only reason you Mr. West you would have to cross the road to travel the other side is to escape your fans & paparazzi chasing you for photos & autographs. Not running you down to catch you & hang you. No your fans want hang out. Back then a black male marrying a white woman was absolutely taboo. You chose to be an entertainer. The blacks fighting for their equal rights which was well overdue. Yet still continues. Martin Luther King paid for his dream with his own life. The dream where all mankind is treated equal never seeing color any longer. Mr. WEST you chose to be an entertainer & from what I hear enough to influence public opinion. So why don’t you help the community instead crying whoas me. Help the black youth.& families to do the right thing. Mr. WEST

    • no mister there.. I loved it when jay leno chastised him and said “how would your mother feel about your actions..” well dumb ass kw… geeze

      • Ohio Land Man,
        Being white I am trying to be respectful. I was raised in L.A & Portland, Or majority of my friends were black. I also wanted to marry a very beautiful Nubian Princess. Unfortunately due to the attitude of our nation st that time wr never could pursue our strictly best friends relationship. I was told not to show up to hear birthday. It broke my heart. But i was being respectful of the Dad

      • Anthony, It’s sad that you were denied your love. But in those times I see why. I’m just hap[y that now it’s a little easier. I have 4 amazing grand-babies and all but one is mixed. If this were the 60’s i wouldn’t have them. Some people think race-mixing is horrible. I call it freedom to love whomever you want. Maybe in your next life you will find that Nubian princess again. Good Luck..

  126. Maybe he should start the tell everyone “I used to be a celebrity, but my ego took me down” He’s a self centered POS. I wish he would stop making songs, just hearing bits of his music causes irrepairable brain damage.

  127. Kanye…yo stupid…if this was the 60s, you’d be hanging by the neck, with your d1ck in your mouth, from a tree. Ah, the good old days.

      • Nicely stated. I’ve met people in Costa Rica and Guatemala who have virtually no possessions and are richer than this slug will ever be.

      • And I will always have more respect for those who have little than those who have millions but who have sold their souls to get there. I believe in working hard, whether it to become rich, from your own hard work, or making just enough to get by. I have never been one to idolize stars and neither do any of my children. I was raised to respect those who keep us safe, and honor God.

  128. Both he and his wife are terribly over-exposed as celebrities. People seem to dislike them simply because they show up too much in media. If Mr. West wants a normal life for his daughter I would suggest dropping out of media and promotions for a few years.

  129. The “elite” doesn’t don’t seem to “get it.” He needs to take a walk down “memory lane.” Maybe, he could do a truly noble thing and give his money to help to revitalize a city – like Detroit or Chicago. That would be great thing. To the elite, I would say, “make a difference” with your money – you can’t take it with you, and it can cause “internal fights” within the family when you pass. An action like cleaning up Detroit or Chicago would be very visible and good PR for the both of you. Do good with the money that this country has allowed you to earn.

  130. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes something like this. If I had any advice for Mr. West I’m sure it would be unheard. Not being a celebrity myself, I have zero empathy for him and his ilk.

  131. people like kahnye are brain damaged, he’s either not worked a good day in his life, or has completely forgotten what it’s like “to be in the struggle” . if he doesn’t want to be treated differently then keep your really stupid notions to yourself.

    • Believe me….you are not missing one darned thing by not knowing…Actually you should consider yourself very blessed….

    • For real…and for what???? He is only a legend in his own mind..He sure as hell hasn’t done anything worth mentioning..nothing that is really worth anything.

  132. You know, we just can’t win. And they just won’t take, yes, for an answer. Fortunately, there are also men like Morgan Freeman who seem to get it.

  133. Poor, poor, Kanye West.

    He has had all the opportunities in the world and has attained a fortune in our capitalist system and he is STILL whining about being a victim. He is disillusion.

  134. America has been invaded. The NAFTA gravy train is in full force. obama is about to grant Amnesty through Executive Order. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and homes and barely have enough food to give their children. And instead of helping our own people, the American taxpayers will be forced to pay for the invaders and their extended families as obama has intentionally imported poverty and disease. The government is choking and killing off millions of American businesses and opportunities while promoting globalist business opportunities outside of America-with taxpayer money. And obama has over extended American troops in the middle east and then does not allow them to win the fight. We have civil war- like conditions gathering in America. And most of the world is involved in serious war conflicts. And it seems that any day now the world may come down on Israel and WW III will begin.

    And all Kanye can talk about is how great he is and how hard it is to be a celebrity….what a selfish individual. What has he ever done to help Americans of all races in America? What is Kanye’s great contribution to the world?

    • You nailed it on the head. His contribution to the world is “music” full of hateful garbage, and a self-centered attitude that has to go down in history as one of the wackiest ever.

  135. He got confused. It happens with jetlag..he didn’t mean that we are “Celebratist” he meant to say he is an ignorant jack a$$. He better keep at that Versailles, bring it to the street and you’d be hit with a stupid stick…repeatedly..uh oh I’m a Celebratist..Yes I would say I am

  136. WHAT DAFUQ?
    Kanye Go Away….Far Far Far Far AWAY!!!
    You Turd and Your Skank Wife, Take The Long Walk Off That Short Peir.

  137. And people like him contribute huge amounts of $$ to Liberal fund raising events so that they can elect more self centered, clueless politicians who want their own agendas carried out.

  138. This idiot lives in a world of hate; he is so filled with hate that he cannot see that he is reviled because of his racist comments. Is he talented, I really don’t know because I think RAP in general is an art form that is brutal and leads the uneducated youth of America down a path of destruction – but I don’t think so because of that very reason!

  139. Stupidity. And Kim Kardashian did not choose to be a celebrity. Bull. The only thing she has ever done is choose and try to be a celebrity.

  140. they are self-centerd spoiled brats who thrive on being a celebrity!! He is just a miserable being even with a 120 million in the bank!!!

  141. Kanye West: Oh poor me. Let’s blame me for being stupid, low class, bigoted, idiotic, and anti Christian. I thought this anti American was going to leave our country, that made him rich and famous. I just want to puke when he makes headlines.

  142. His wife is a celebrity because of her mother. What kind of talent does she have other than that certain video tape? Just looking at him all you see is anger and hatred. WHY??? He is wealthy because of those who paid obscene amounts of money for his “talent”. And he’s worried about how his daughter is going to grow up!? She will be a child of privilege who will be spoiled and never know how the real world lives. Here is an idea…why don’t you give back to your peeps that are struggling to get by everyday. JUST SHUT-UP and go away and stop playing that stupid race card. You repulse me!!

  143. He drinks from the “Celebutards Only” drinking fountain and goes to the “Celebutards Only” bathroom while sending North to the “Celebutards Only” school.

  144. Kanye West is anything but entertaining. He’s an embarrassment who is ungrateful for what he has. Who would name their child North, especially with a surname like West?

  145. I wondering if the “Celebrity ” brain can be use to something more Useful…OOOh YEAH to named his next child SOUTH and/or EAST(Sarcastic) lol!!!!

  146. Why is it newsworthy that this dog turd has found a new excuse to whine about the way he thinks he should be treated? Anyone that buys this guys crap (and it really is crap – how can you call it talent?) is an idiot. Sick of these mother effers.

  147. In America there are blacks, Negros and the N word. Kayne West you are in the third category. You are lower than a piece of fossilized whale sh.t at the bottom of a New Jersey swamp.

    • This is ungodly and unnecessary, and bigoted in itself.
      Allen West doesn’t have to use this language, because he’s the true definition of a Conservative, and Christian Man.

      Their aren’t ‘Blacks, ‘Negros’ or the ‘N-Word’, and no matter how much of a ignorant fool Kanye West is, irregardless of his ‘Cultural Background’, or his ignorant usage of ‘Skin Pigmentation’ ….

      Is sooo absurd for you to stoop down to the same level, but worse.
      You are being prejudice and so inhumane, by intentionally degrading
      a calling ‘any’ Afrikaans or African Americans — a slave and bigoted
      name — called, professed and constantly used to demean the ‘African
      People ‘and their ‘Cultural Identity’ inside and outside of America.

      I don’t ‘tolerate’ such stupidity, and I don’t tolerate ‘reversed discrimination’.

      All of those ’14 Like’ are as ignorant and insulting as your comment.

      Skin Pigmentation has nothing to do with someone’s blinded ideology,
      not matter the topic, including but not limited to the topic Kanye brought
      up. Which whether he was trying to give an analogy or not, he is wrong.

      And some people as yourself need to learn how to let others be complacent
      in their ‘sins’, ‘lack of wisdom’, and ‘blindness’ …

      And that needs to reflect in your language, and NOT how you posted,
      as for the response of my prompt response.

      Let me explain to WHY …
      I never would use the N-Word or Negro to demean ‘even’ the most ignorant, evil or self-centered individual, and specifically from the African American Community.

      Because, those words, are intentionally mean’t to only do one thing, HARM.

      I’m a Woman of Christ, and I follow his words.
      I will not profess such degrading meanings or words that tear the most evil, blinded and broken or especially the lost in this world.

      I figured maybe you would be able to learn this concept and be mature.
      But your comment proves otherwise, and set me off-on-edge !
      And no this post, as long as it is, is really my seriousness and
      extreme anger towards it.

      If your going to be as intelligent as one can be on topics associated with different ‘cultural groups’ of people, and one not of your own.

      It would be best to NOT use ANY, bigoted vocabulary, it is thee equivalent of profanity, and the intentional degrading based on the superficial premise of one’s ‘skin tone’, and stereotyped perceptions of that individual(s) ‘cultural identity’.

      Your comment could have sufficed with the following.

      ‘Kanye, is lower than the dirt under my feet’.
      ‘Kanye and his wife, are overly care about in the media lime light and
      Kanye’s perception is obviously full of crap, and not from a historical educated -and-factual observation of thee present times’.

      These proclamations come from a honest, sincere, and reasonable place.
      Unlike your comment.
      Please learn how to not be the equivalent to anothers ‘wrong doing’.

      Two wrong’s don’t make a right.
      Kanye using skin tone, African American hardships he wasn’t around to experience, and then you equalize your hatred, aggravation with Slave Name Calling and bigotry. Makes you an equal in the same ‘crime’ he committed.

      Please.Stop IT. !! Stop hating the persons ‘appearance’ in correlation
      to their ‘actions’. Start hating ‘ones actions’ in correlation to ‘ones
      mindset, and HEART’. I beg you to understand the necessity of this. 🙂

  148. The man is totally devoid of all reason and intelligence. Who cares what he says? I think this meme said it best: “If Kayne and Kim were going down in a sinking ship …. what kind of sandwich would you make?”
    Peanut butter and banana BTW ……

  149. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLHAHAHAHAHAHAHHEHHEHEHHEHHEHEHEHEH….Oh boy…is this clown ever delusional…Now while I will say that hollywood does have many celebrities who are intelligent and do deserve every bit of respect that they get…Uhhhh this clown is not one of them and will never get what he wants…OMG…I can’t even keep a straight face or not bust up laughing when I even think of his words…Just too damned funny…The guy is a POS …and will never be anything more…End of story….except for my lmao….lolololololol

  150. You people sure spend a lot of time and energy on people you pretend not to care about. What’s with the Kanye bashing was Eric Holder busy playing golf with Al Sharpton?

  151. It’s like the old saying……….just give someone enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. Hopefully in this case of celebrity worship (mostly self worship), it’ll be sooner than later. I feel so sorry for that baby.

  152. Neither he nor his bride have any idea of how blacks were treated in the ’60’s and having witnessed it, it infuriates me that he feels that he has first hand knowledge of what his grandparents had to go through to get this idiot the fame and recognition he has. How dare he compare his life to those who fought so hard and were literally beaten, jailed or even killed to fight for the rights of human beings of another color.

  153. Obviously a stupid comparison by Kanye, but the paparazzi that hunts these celeb’s down 24/7/365 and gives them no privacy is definitely a problem.. People are so pathetic this day in age that they are obsessed with these celeb’s thus giving websites like tmz a reason to stalk these people.. Everyone needs to focus on themselves and not what kimye is doing.. Who gives a FUG!

  154. No – you’re not off base. Kanye so desperately wants to say something intelligent or meaningful yet he manages to come off as a complete moron. He doesn’t even know the 60’s. In the 60’s he’d be swinging from a tree for marrying a white woman. He’ll just go live in his mansion and continue to say stupid and meaningless things.

  155. Spot on. He is so insulated and pampered that he has no idea how rediculous he sounds to the average person. It’s like Oprah recommending the $400 pajamas. This is a get real kind of moment, Kanye! You are no longer a victim. You are part and parcel to a system that has made your talentless, giant boody wife rich, without any dicernable talent whatsoever.

  156. lil’ kanye has got to be the biggest baby that has ever been in the business. If he would just quit whining like a spoiled child and stick to being an “artist,” he would probably get a lot more respected. The kid has definitely got some self-esteem issues.

  157. Well, he probably believes that Bill and Hillary were poor when they got out of the White House, and by those standards, he could very well be in poverty. Or, maybe Hillary was looking at how poor Kanye was, and that is how she deduced that she was poor.

  158. He’s part of the art world? AHAHAHAHAHA! No! Art Was done by Rembrandt and Picasso. What a F*CKING ARROGANT PIECE OF CRAP! Oh yeah, call your kid North West. How bright?

  159. Please…why????? are we bombarded by two people who want their names and PR every day..we turn on our computers..she has not been seen carrying that baby of theirs more than two times if that much..that child will be a real eye opener to the two of them…this girl is just as egotisrical as her now husband..and still I say..she will find someone richer..and this guy will be history…she is really an amazing self promoter..she is succeeding..yet..everyone talks negative but she laughs all the way to the bank…(ahem!)

  160. I’m with you. I wouldn’t give him anything but a cold shoulder. The guy makes me absolutely sick. Get out if you don’t want your daughter in the spot light. Jeeze get a life . Idiot

  161. This article was written in order to get hits on this website, we are the curious ones that need to hear what this retard says. I’m guilty/human lol.

  162. Kanye is a self-indulgent, self-gratifying, self-defecating POS, that I would not spit on if he was dying of thirst, this stupid MF’er should be on the first boat to Africa, just goes to show that Chicago can’t get anything right Obama or West. Chicago the Windy City is right at least two blowhards came from the same sail cloth.

    • he change ‘so much’ after his beloved mom ms.west die,and went to heaven too soon RIP
      i just do not believe he would have married the disgusting likes of the white girl kim k or whatever she is,i just don’t think so if mom was alive,and he just really lost me prior to that as a fan,since “college drop out.”

  163. Do not equate money with success. There are many successful money-makers who are miserable failures as human beings. Also, don’t “assume” that because someone has attained a certain level of celebrity, they are intelligent and know what they’re talking about. Mr. West is a perfect example.

  164. Allen West please don’t bring yourself down to the level of discussing famous morons like Kanye and Kim. Or any of the Kardashians. Who cares what they think or say. They have never been in the military, never went to college and they don’t know anything about real life issues. They are famous for being famous. Please don’t add to that or help then by bringing attention to their names. I consider them trash like Michael Moore. I think you are an amazing man and you are soo intelligent. But discussing them on your site is like bringing yourself down to the level of our President and caring anything about these famous morons is above you and your intelligence. I do agree with is said here though.

    • yep i m just posting something above.
      my friend refer me here.she is very very smart
      and i am glad she refer me here. i say more above .


  165. I am glad a friend of mine, beautiful lady inside and out so very smart,and she refer me here to read,as i am really (more interested)in learning more and i always am perplex i.e,how KANYE WEST was so diff when his mother Donda or Dondra WEST was alive RIP. (died too young in her fifties)but how he was so diff back then,to later sounding as pathetic as he has lately for years since dating,and then shockingly marrying a sleaze chick,not a sistah,our people,but marrying a h—ebag artificial super fake each part of her kim kardashian. i am going to follow this great site,and put it on my facebook,i agree with each word you’re saying. peace out


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