Disturbing: Former border patrol agent calls immigrant surge asymmetrical warfare [VIDEO]

I came across this video interview from earlier this month and recommend you all take the 15 minutes to watch it.

Retired border patrol officer, Zack Taylor, says the immigrant surge has all the hallmarks of asymmetrical warfare, which seeks to destroy the infrastructure of a nation from within.

We must have an informed electorate which understands the dangers of this manufactured illegal immigration crisis. I hope you’ll watch and share this video.

(Video courtesy of Little Bonanza Productions. For more information, please contact: [email protected])


  1. **TROLL ALERT**

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      • To the”troll”people. I envision you to be lonely people that live in your parents basement.
        Anyone with half a brain knows this man is only putting himself out there because he is trying to help Americans realize what is going on.
        Everything he sayscan be validated.

      • Some are lonely losers, while others are paid by Media Matters and OFA. They get paid more if they provoke more responses from other users.

    • Great point. He seems to live to be the anti-Allen West at all costs. His disagreeing comments are on every page I have looked at?

  2. I have said for years that organizations like the Builderberg Group, Illuminati and other elitists main concern globally is overpopulation. Listening to this man just proved my theoretical analysis may, in fact, be confirmed.

  3. Very interesting…started to watch this video and it suddenly disappeared after a couple of minutes. Is it posted on Youtube?

  4. the only thing I would add is “Fast and Furious”…the guns have to be part of the whole picture….

  5. At what point should states start arresting Federal agents and deem them security risks.

    Impeach DHS secretary Johnson and every complicit dept head from him down. If that doesn’t end the insanity, Impeach Obama, then Biden.

  6. Wow, everyone should watch this. If we could somehow hack the evening news and put this video up for all of America to see. This man knows his stuff and he describes it in a way that’s easy to understand. And he also conveys the absolute & utter seriousness of what we’re dealing with here.

    “Children of tomorrow
    I apologize to you
    On behalf of those in my time
    For the things we didn’t do
    We didn’t stop the tyrants
    So your fate could be prevented
    We watched them steal our freedom
    By our silence we consented
    We didn’t choose to circumvent
    The doom you’ve not escaped
    While the Bill of Rights was murdered
    And the Constitution raped
    Some of us were lazy
    Others too afraid
    To think about our children
    The ones we have betrayed
    I guess we were too busy
    To be concerned or care
    To try to ease the burden
    Of the chains we made you wear
    We could have been good shepherds
    When the wolf got in the fold
    But we watched the flame of freedom die instead
    And left you cold.
    I’m sorry we were timid
    My selfish generation
    We left you but a remnant
    Of a free and prosperous nation
    I’m sorry for our actions
    Like cowards we behaved
    We could have left you freedom
    Instead you are enslaved
    Children of tomorrow
    Descendants of our land
    I’m sorry we allowed this
    The fate you now with stand.”

    – Anonymous

  7. What this man says in regards to ammunition is true. Over the past year it has been very difficult to purchase ammunition in the state I live in. The statements this man makes are very concerning. Our borders have been overrun for a few years now; the disease’s being brought here are scarey. Just think of all the disease’s that have shown up over the past few years. A few years ago the MRSA staph infection was associated with illegals coming across our borders. I can’t help but wonder why so many people are so ignorant to how other countries feel about us. Most just think that every country loves us, but this is not true. I’ve seen this first hand, we are not liked, we are just a money store.

  8. yes his I know. but the obama is intentionally letting this happen to
    us for he is not one of us.. the people are being misinformed daily to just keep them confused and keep them beliving all is well

  9. So what exactly do we, the citizens of America do ? How do we fight against such a large enemy? We have no defense !

    • We have each other. A willingness for one man or woman to stand, alone iof need be, followed by the resolve it inspires in another man or woman. WE are the ONLY defense.

    • You bring it home! Start organizing and be at your State Capital and other Elected Officials Offices. When the Elected Officials go on Break and are back home, be ready for them. Demand that your Governor and County Sheriffs activate and swear in the Militia to start protecting your State Lines and Borders. They do not listen to us when they are in Washington, but they don’t have a choice when they are home. Either they listen or suffer the actions of “The People”, because we are fed up!

      • This is a big picture of the last many years of the NWO plan…..What do illegals from Central and South America and Mexico bring with them when they enter the United States (excluding things like diseases we eradicated long ago)? Another good question is what do illegals from the Middle East bring with them when they flock across the border with the Mexicans and South and Central Americans? But that’s not what this article is about (and what they bring with them is far more dangerous than a few deadly diseases).

        Our neighbors to the South bring an attitude of a people who have been servants to government for many years, an attitude of acceptance towards poverty, an attitude of acceptance towards an oligarchy consisting of a labor class and an elitist class. They are used to tyrants and tyranny and living in poverty. We must ask ourselves if that is the reason both Republicans and Democrats are so determined to shove some form of amnesty for these lawbreakers down our throats whether we like it or not – and most of us do not.

        When you add these attitudes to those of Americans who are totally dependent upon some form of government payment each month for survival, it encompasses about half of the voters in America. Without the illegals, 47 percent of the population is government dependent. This includes Social Security and military retirement recipients – and yes, we all worked for those benefits and paid for them. Unfortunately, we also took a vacation when it came to watching what was being done with the money. The result is a majority attitude of “Don’t rock the boat because I’m dependent on government for food and shelter.” http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/07/20/child-sex-trafficking-banking-and-the-new-world-order/

      • Whatever works for you. I think you’re denying the use of common sense, and perhaps projecting US’s “gift” of pestilent blankets to Indians onto these refugee children.

      • Tsk, tsk. Shouldn’t accept someone’s creation of correlation just because you like the results. That’s basically dishonest. Though seldom have I felt so complimented while being accused of brain damage.

  10. Obama has already done more damage to us than what i think we can fix in years to come. Obama is America’s enemy and a lot of the democrats that are in (D.C.)

    • In the last 8 years our welfare rolls have increased over 10% to where 50% of Americans are on Welfare…
      They want to raise the gas tax so they can fix our roads
      Our national debt can never be paid off,

      our vets are dying waiting to get proper care,

      1/3 of Americans go to bed hungry..

  11. The sick people AREN’T being quarantined. They’re being sent to various places around the country and set free to go wherever.

  12. I used to work for an airline, does this make me an expert on how to build a plane? There are thousands of ex border patrol agents, this whacko has no business coming off as an expert, and his views, are just that, his views; doesn’t make them right!

    • Yet, pretty sure he knows more about it than you. How about the $190M given to house them? Don’t read much about our Veterans being assisted in this manner with many of them living on the streets. California overwhelmed with illegals. Hopefully Perry will put a stop to it, at least in Texas.Three on terrorist watch list were apprehended. Please go bury your head back in the sand. Classic Cloward-Piven strategy.

      • Perry, bringing in National Guard, but there hands will be tied. I don’t get it, why can’t our people do the job they are hired for?

    • I don’t think he is a “whacko” as you call him. He makes more sense than you or any of the Obama administration or any Democrats I’ve heard. BTW I will share this post.

    • The only whacko here is you. You are related to Goebbels, are you not? From your profile pic, it is likely you will be stuck in a wheel chair in some retirement home, drooling on and crapping yourself all day, soon. Therefore, you could care less what happens to the country.

      • Your post violates the Posting Policy of this site. The fact that I am old does not mean I do not care about the direction our world is taking for future generations. And you too Cody will end up some day drooling on and crapping on yourself, if your lucky enough to live this long. At least I have the balls to post my picture, something you have not. You will notice most of the people posting here do not have enough courage to post their pictures.

      • They will in the end.. their job is to uphold the constitution and that means against both foreign and domestic enemies of the state.

      • you are the one who used the word Whacko first…
        typical hypocrite…it is OK for you to call someone a name but heaven forbid that someone else do it…
        If you throw names expect them back

    • If you watch the actual news, you would see many Border Patrol officers voicing the same opinions and concerns. And they’re the ones on the front lines. I think that trumps your regurgitated lib taking points.

  13. What he said makes perfect sense and I really do not think that you even care about what he said . You just want to close your eyes and deny the truth!

  14. Retired border patrol officer says “I heard a new phrase when Fox News was talking about the Middle East, and after a bit of cogitation, I figured out how it could apply to the Mexico border as well.”

  15. My argument is that just because one ex border patrol employee has a theory it does not make it fact. Yes, there are some bad people trying to sneak in with the ones that actually do need asylum, but, that does not mean we should shut our doors to all of them. There is International Law and that requires us to interview each one individually and assess their actual refugee status. I would not want to be responsible for sending one innocent person back to a life of certain death or being enslaved by drug lords. Yes, some of them will have illness,not surprising after going through what they did, we have the ability to treat them and isolate the ones that need to be. Unlike the United States the countries they are coming from have mandatory, free, vaccinations for all, you are more likely to get a diseases from a U.S. child.

    • If everything is on the level, why all the secrecy? Why can’t the administration be more “transparent”?

      What are they hiding, and why? These are fair and reasonable questions.

      • Because they’re sneaking in terrorists and cartel/mexican gang members and most of these “children” are NOT children but young male adults who are protraying themselves as teenagers – but with tatoos all over!!! Again, MOST are adults!

    • You’re a fool if you discount what he says. There is a reason we have, at least we had, a process for legal immigration. Are you willing to trade the health of your children and grandchildren to be sympathetic to people who are coming in illegally? Unbe-cottonpicken-leavable. We truly have become a nation of idiots. People like you may be the leaders of that movement.

      • These are not immigrants, they are refugees. The process is well defined and is being adhered to. International law has to be followed. We have always been a nation of haters, hating every group of new refugees that needed to come here. Thank You for upholding these values.

      • THEY ARE NOT REFUGEES!!!!!!!!! They are immigrants, and they are illegally in this country. And they are bringing all the diseases and corruption of the third world countries they came from. You like them so much. I would invite you to come live where they are. That’ll change your attitude. BTW. Research is now showing they are not doing this to escape violence, since violence is way down in Central America, but because o…. promised them they would not be deported and would be on a path to citizenship. These ILLEGALS are replacing people who were on the list for legal immigration and I know that from personal first hand experience. But go right on ahead and drink the o…. Kool Aid. No one is as blind or stupid as someone who decides to be.

      • BTW; I am all for LEGAL immigration. It’s just too easy though for folks like you to hide behind international law while ignoring our own.

      • Look at them kw…they are not refugees…Refugees are poor starving people with no assets…
        The vast majority are decently dressed, and far from looking like they are starving(H3LL a large % are even on the chunky side).
        Many in the centers have Cell Phones..
        Don’t you even question the fact that in a country where most have an income of less than $5 a day are paying $5,000 to $6,000 a piece to be taken here .. Where the H3LL is that money coming from..

      • If these illegal aliens stay here, our people will be in worse shape than the illegal aliens were before they got here. Additionally, we will probably end up under martial law because of the manufactured chaos, and we will all get internationally banned assault bullets loaded into us.

      • We will be a third world country before long.
        H3LL when I went to school in the 50s America was top ten in the world for schools …Now there are many 3rd world countries rated better than us.

      • I notice they dress better than a lot of Americans. Also, we have homeless people who don’t have anything as good as what they have.

      • Congressional leaders have even acknowledged that those coming across border now are NOT part of the Law of 2006(?) – that was clearly identified for seeking help with having been treated with “human trafficing” problems. It was an OUT ONLY for those individuals!

      • I would not mind if the extra terrestrials flew you off along with billy boy gates, zuckerburg, whacko, reid, biden, jarrett,. pelosi, feinstein, mendez, and the rest of the ring of rogues.

        Those people are illegal aliens because of the drug cartels which are the golden geese of people. Clean out the cartels and send them all home on trains. Anything less than removing these people means the death of America. GMO alone on steroids to support them is insane, too.

      • If getting rid of the drug cartels were that easy, it would have been done millions of dollars ago. The only way to solve that problem is to take the profit out of it., Legalize all drugs and take the money raiser from taxes to treat those who abuse them, and the rest to house veterans and feed the hungry. States are finally getting wise and legalizing marijuana, should have been done years ago. But the drug lords don’t want that..it will put them out of business.

      • International law is bull to the highest degree. We are a sovereign nation. You have the words of a traitor if you go against the constitution of the US. The UN has been high jacked by nwo people who wish to follow agenda for the 21st century and murder 85% of us. Do your home work.

    • 1,500 are crossing the Texas/Mexican border daily; 45,000 a month. That’s only one border..Demographics have changed to where 2/3s are now males in their late teens and 20s. Mind you that is the age of most military forces in the world, not to mention that the 45,000 crossing in one month is more soldiers than we have at most military bases in the US.
      All I can say is that there is something very very weird and spooky about this picture…Especially when you consider that Obama is shipping thousands of them to military bases all over the country while handing out thousands of Military pink slips.

    • Pot calling the kettle black… you are a whacko. and it is totally called for. a misguided leftist commie crumb left over from the lsd hippie communes of the 1960’s. your ideas are stale and clearly misguided at best. I would not compare you with Goebbels other then to say your both on the side of pure evil in a most refined form. he a socialist and you a progressive communist with a “global” view only supported by those who hate our Nation and what it stands for. You Sir, I cannot decide of you are truly a “whacko” I see a lot of your ilk trolling conservative boards with your misinformation and outright lies, attempting to discredit any and all media that does not support your one world globalist agenda. It is quite possible your completely sane and yet so misguided you believe your own poppycock. A quick education. we are not bound by ANY LAW International or Domestic that violates our Constitutional rights and as a FREE nation, Sovereign INDEED> That means Not Controlled by any external Nation nor bound to a Foreign power, King or world body in case you are not intelligent enough to comprehend that, Therefore we do NOT have to capitulate our Policy on Immigration to any other nation or world body. It is a shame that the Blood of Patriots is always shed so worms like you can feel free to spout your anti American rhetoric from your nearest soapbox, neither knowing sacrifice or having to make that hard choice living with the ten yard stare. You are a weak minded fool that will continue to espouse you are intelligent while your posting belays a man who repeats nothing more then talking points that can be easily googled from any number of progressive communist websites. an original thought has surely never crossed your neural pathways.

      • You Sir are the enemy. The world has changed, and I have kept up with it…have you? We are a global community, we can no longer afford to be separatists. When we presume to ignore International Laws that speak to common decency and humanity, we incur the wrath of other nations and peoples. We give ammunition to Hamas and all other terrorist groups. There is a reason why we are hated. Because of people like you that think we are privileged and entitled.I believe in the USA, I believe in what it says on the Statue of Liberty. I have lived through the hate of other ethnic groups first hand. My America is not about hate and bigotry and I am tired of people like you giving us a bad wrap.

      • Do you want to support these people coming in???
        Strange that when you look at them they don’t look like they are starving or have even missed a meal for that matter. H3LL many of these poor starving illegals even have cell phones…
        Don’t you ever wonder how they can afford the $6,000 to $7,000 apiece to get here with. $6,000 is the what the majority of the people in their countries make in 2 or 3 years..
        FYI did you know that around 30% of our welfare roll is made up of Illegals, of which most them on welfare get paid under the table.

      • Yes, there are some, a small percentage that abuse welfare. Most of the illegals here work, and work hard, to scratch out a living without government assistance. They pay more in taxes than citizens because they cannot avail themselves of any of the refunds, tax breaks etc.
        Your indignity should. be at the 1% of corporations that pay NO taxes, hide their money in off shore accounts, and invest their money over seas. Maybe if they were to employ the immigrants here,,,it would add more to our economy.

        All of this is just a scam to take the pressure off of them, to divert us from addressing the real issues.

      • You are an idiot. Low income workers pay next to nothing in taxes. Most get money back via Earned Income Credit and pay nothing or next to nothing in. Your argument is invalid. Try educating yourself.

      • You Sir are an idiot. plain and simple. Head tucked in the sand. If you mean i am the Enemy of Red card carrying communists like you well hell yes! I see it as my mission to someday work the gallows when scum like you are purged from America. Same illogical liberal rhetoric spurning forth from your brain dead cranium. Insert two marbles and it will exceed the mass contained in your skull. The wrath of other nations?? ROTFLMAO! Like they could hate us any more with Barry running the sinking ship of diplomacy? Leadership, something i am sure you have no experience in requires you be in charge. not take direction from a bunch of foreign diplomats *another word for politician* But to direct them as to how to achieve what we have here. If the rest of the world has it so right and we have it so wrong sub-genius then why are they all dying to get into the good old USA. ?? No, It is idiots like you that let the terrorists of the world continue to think we are weak and can do as they please.

    • Kwjutrz: The milk of human kindness runs in your veins. But you haven’t put much importance on the welfare of our nation. And, you are wrong about being required to admit aliens.

      • I am not talking about illegal aliens from Mexico, I am addressing the refugees (we need to start calling them by the correct term) from Central America. I would save my picketing and righteous outrage for the 1% of the population with all the wealth, not paying their fair share. We need to take the money out of politics to take our country back, we are in more danger from them, than these refugees
        AND aliens.

        1/3 of legal Americans go to be hungry..in the last 8 years our welfare rolls have gone up way over 10% to where over 50% of Americans are now on Welfare. Our Vets are dying because they Cannot get proper treatment.

      • In reportings from the border 95% of those coming across the border are NOT saying they’re here because of conditions in their own countries —– they’re saying they were told that if they came to America they would be allowed to stay and maybe even get citizenship! Conditions in the central American countries is actually better than it has been in last 70 years! (International report!)

        So this has nothing to do with “refugees”; it has everything to do with obama NOT enforcing immigration laws and telling the “young illegals” we (US) would not take any action to deport them!!!

      • REMOVE whacko from office. Secure the border. Terminate drug cartels. Heal our people from whacko damage.

        01.) One in five US children live in poverty. Now there will be more.
        02.) On any given night over 100,000 veterans sleep on the streets. Now there will be more.
        03.) 90 million Americans are unemployed. Now there will be more.
        04.) 50 million Americans on are food stamps. Now there will be more.
        05.) 47% of college grads can not secure a job per their college degree training.
        06.) 60,000 Americans killed/murdered by illegal aliens. Now there will be more.
        07.) Unchecked communicable diseases are being distributed around the nation.
        08.) Most of the inflow of illegals have not graduated from high school.
        09.) Our schools are already suffering financial problems. Now it will be worse.
        10.) Rest assured the unaccompanied minors will have their left behind relatives join them.
        11.) All who end up in prison will be taken care of by the tax payer.
        12.) Americans will pay trillions for this.
        13.)Americans must pay for food, clothing,and shelter for these people despite the facts we already have to deal with items #1 through #6.
        14.)Cost for treating a treatable TB case is thousands of dollars. Cost of treating the untreatable TB is at least ten times the amount.

        There is much more on this list. The whole invasion screams to the world of weakness of the USA and our final drop on our collapse.

    • Kw…our country/home is falling apart–the roof is leaking(national debt is more than we can ever pay..), 50% of our people are on welfare…1/3 of our nation goes to bed hungry…our vets are dying cause they can’t get proper treatment.
      As I keep saying


      • What is causing the roof to leak, hunger, low job rate? Not the illegal aliens or refugees. The lack of Corporate America to pay their fare share. Trillions of dollars in war debts for senseless wars that claimed the lives of so many of our youths, just to line the pockets of the war mongers. Don’t fall for the distraction from the real problem by these greedy monsters.

      • when you cannot take care of your own you don’t bring in more to take care of..
        You stop spending (national debt and giving Billions to others), and having more kids to feed(letting illegals surge our border).
        Sorry but I am truly wondering if you are really thinking..

      • It is not that we cannot take care of our own, it is we choose not to. We would rather give the 1% a free ride; let greedy corporations not pay their fair share. Fund needless wars, rather than take care of our returning soldiers and line the pockets of the arms companies. Fight an unwinnable war on drugs, privatize prisons so there is an incentive to incarcerate, we have the highest percentage of incarceration of any “civilized” country. We have plenty to go around, if you control some of the greed.

      • The occupy. org web site likes puppets. They have really good articles laced up with this agitprop. Agitprop is agitation propaganda. What they really want is votes and commies. Study Lenin, marxs, Trotsky, Stalin, Alinsky, william ayres, and cloward and piven. No communist regimes worked. Most ended in genocide. I suggest you research. We need to get all these illegal aliens out of the country and take care of our own people.

        I can see your heart is there for some. I agree about some of the changes. The world fell apart when the family fell apart. whacko needs to be arrested for his giving support to the drug cartels. Actually, he needs to be arrested by the UN for a lot of things he has done. But ban ki moon and kerry and whack o have different agendas.

      • He who does not take care of his own, is worse than an infidel. This is in the Bible somewhere.

      • moment you said corporate america needs to pay their fair share… you played your hand… nothing you say has any validity from this moment on you liberal hack

      • Are you enjoying this? Do you make comments for argument? Is this one of those fight to be right arguments wwhere a person would argue that night is day?

        Those ideas are implanted by the elite as distractions. They are laughing at the stupidity of people they plan to shuffle into the nwo. We need to work and provide for ourselves. We need to find our inherent attributes. We need to identify our problems and handle the problems. We do not need excessive government control. And we don’t need to have rich people take care of us. These rich people are possibly psychopathic individuals dreaming about a chance for genocide.

        We need to restore the Constitution. We need to teach people how to think. We need to restore unity in our country. We need checks and balances. We need West and Cruz and Trey Gowdy and all the senators and reps of Oklahoma + other good reps….. all replacing the whack o ring of rogues in DC. We need new blood asap. We need to figure out how to get the democrat ring of rogues out of office.

      • Why do you equate having the rich, pay their fair share, with the rich taking care of us? And yes, I would not be surprised if many are not psychos that are consumed with making the almighty dollar so much that they could care less about their fellow human kind.

      95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.
      83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens.
      86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque are for illegal aliens.
      75% of those on the most wanted list in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.
      24.9% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally
      40.1% of all inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally
      48.2% of all inmates in New Mexico detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally
      29% (630,000) convicted illegal alien felons fill our state and federal prisons at a cost of $1.6 billion annually
      53% plus of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.
      50% plus of all gang members in Los Angeles are illegal aliens from south of the border.
      71% plus of all apprehended cars stolen in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California were stolen by Illegal aliens or “transport coyotes”.
      47% of cited/stopped drivers in California have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 47%, 92% are illegal aliens.
      63% of cited/stopped drivers in Arizona have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 63%, 97% are illegal aliens
      66% of cited/stopped drivers in New Mexico have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 66% 98% are illegal aliens.
      BIRTH STATS: 380,000 plus “anchor babies” were born in the U.S. to illegal alien parents, making 380,000 babies automatically U.S.citizens.
      97.2% of all costs incurred from those births were paid by the American taxpayers.
      66% plus of all births in California are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal whose births were paid for by taxpayers.

    • With all due respect they just can’t come here unlawfully. We have laws in place and although not perfect it does not say our borders are open. Without borders there we do not have a country. We have always welcomed immigrants… legally. This invasion, which for the most part is being kept from the American people how serious it is, is going to cause a collapse of the current welfare system. This is not good for anyone. .for us or them.

    • 44….You sound very demeaning in respect to this Retired Border Patrol Agent. Had it not been for him and thousands like him our borders would have been over run many years ago. In all you seem to miss the key points the agent is making. The sick are not being checked by medical personal, criminals are crossing over in record numbers, and the Russian mob may be moving people into our country illegally. You sir are in need of re-education. Thousands of women and children are being robbed, raped, and murdered along the trail to the USA. Have you no compassion for these left to die in their trek to America ? You insist on calling them refugees, if they are it is because Clinton passed NAFTA. NAFTA has put millions of Mexicans out of work. Corn farmers can not complete against our massive farms and reduced prices. Pig ranches, grapes, and many other stable crops in Mexico have been run out of business by NAFTA.
      You suggest we take in these “refugees” and support their cause. Have you not seen them burning the American flag. Do you not find this disturbing ? Would you bring someone into your home and allow them to drink your beer and then piss on your carpet.
      In another post you condemn the rich for not paying their fair share of taxes. Really, let me guess you watch CNN for all the your news. You realize the democrat that owns it is a billionaire. You certainly comprehend the tax loopholes you referenced were put into place by the democratic party. Simple fact. Every democrat in the Senate is a millionaire. but your ok with that ..right ? It has been reported if we taxed the rich ( all of them) 100% of their money we could only run this country 8 days. This ploy is used throughout history to distract and rally the misguided and ignorant. Hitler used it to blame Germany’s problem on the “rich Jewish bankers”. Hopefully your wise enough to realize Hitler was Germany’s problem not the Jewish people.
      You refer to two wars we could not win, suggesting of course Bush should have never gone in. I find this repulsive. You obviously have no compassion for the thousands of Kurds slaughter by Saddam. You probably think he was doing a righteous thing to invade another nation. As we had supported and financed much of Saddam’s rise to power we have and obligation to his people to correct the wrong he brought them. Forget this argument of weapons of mass destruction, WE had an obligation to the good people of Iraq to remove this madman. But then Kurds and Kuwaiti people mean nothing to you.
      As you express so much concern over our southern neighbor, may I ask, how much have you sent in the way of money to Mexico ? Certainly this is not your first and only attempt to offer assistance. I would think your humanitarian heart may have given thousands of dollars over the years to some worthy cause in MEXICO. Perhaps Bill Gates, a democrat billionaire, has paid your share.
      Let me close by reminding you….the democrats controlled Congress when we went to war in Iraq. It has been six years and Obama has not pulled us out but in fact followed the same path laid out by Bush.
      Last but not least….WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, and Somalia are all democratic wars. 160 MILLION DEAD ! …..So before you are any other democrat raise your ignorant voice about Bush’s war, and war mongers in the Republican party…..learn some history ! I did not list the Civil war, simply not to rub your face in it. Yeah….Lincoln was a Republican….

      • billly boy gates and zuckerburg are unfit to be on American soil as far as I am concerned. i wish the extraterrestrials would take them off along with the ring of rogues in DC.

      • There is a legal way to come here! I know cause my father did it—so can everyone else. Intentionally not sealing the border is a treasonous act

    • HERE is the problem. o has brought back slavery. The American tax payers are the slaves. Our slave owners are these free loading illegal aliens.

      In addition to this, we will problably borrow form the federal reserve bandk and pay billions on interest to the nwo slave lords.

      Read about cloward and piven and see about this subversive plan in operation.

      Also, o probably has a drug cartel czar. I wouldnt be surprised. Cartels make millions off of sending drugs across o’s open border. Cartels make millions off of coyote trafficking humans. o admin sent assault weapons to cartels which increased violence to cause refugees to come here. We are all the inferiors to o’s jolly band of drug cartel members.

      All o has to do (and /or Ban ki Moon) is get US military + militaries of south of the border and go in wipe out the crime in 3 days. End the drug cartels, end the violence, end the excuse for these people to come as refugees.

      Cut off foreign aid to them too.

      Some of the illnesses have no treatments, and since we have open borders, al Qada and who ever may be bringing in no telling what kind of chemical warfare. And if not someone may do it here and blame it on some unknown who probably came in across the border.

      Additional problem: This is an obvious subversive plan to end America.
      Additional problem: We have democrats, liberals and progressives who support this.

      I missed who you called whack o. Sounds like a good name for obama. No need to apologize for calling someone that. I think I will start calling that name on o since he is whacking the life out of our country. We are already just about belly up and gasping for air.

    • Kwkurtz44
      The kids coming across the border are not refugees they are coming here because OBama promised them amnesty. There is no war going on in any of these countries because if there was you would not see advertising for tourists hotel stays in the Sunday paper. Actually what is happening in Central America is no worse that what goes on in US cities like Detroit or Chicago. The drug dealers and MS13 are happily living in the US doing their dirty work. I have often wondered just why the gangs which are in all US cities aren’t simply renamed terrorists and treated like terrorists. What is going on in LA with the 18th street gang has been going on for for decades. What needs to be done with these dangerous people is bring in the National Guard and clean them out once and for all. If you don’t know who the 18th street gang is look them up on google. And this retired border patrol agent is trying to warn hard heads like you what is going on and what has been going for for years.

    • He cannot be arrested while in office. The only choice is impeachment, which the House could do, but Harry Reid would never let it get past that. He would never let it go to trial in the Senate. Impeaching Obama right now would be a HUGE mistake that would backfire BIG TIME. The media would have a field day with it, with coverage 24/7 calling it a witch hunt and making Americans feel sorry for Obama. Republicans would pay dearly at the polls in November. Dems know this, which is why they are DYING for impeachment proceedings to begin.

      The ONLY way impeachment will ever work is if Republicans regain control of the Senate in November and keep the House. On second thought, with so many establishment Republicans, THAT may not even work. They would vote against it.

      • Well that didn’t make me feel better..hehe!! Praying this fall people will vote with their eyes opened to what is happening to our country. There is certainly the agenda to change the way we live here. The Democrats are doing their best to make us all pheasants. Because of course they know best for us poor uneducated people. That is where they want people..dependent on government. NO THANKS..I HAVE BEEN TO RUSSIA..WE DO NOT WANT THAT. Please wake up America before there is no point of return. Start educating all you know as to what is happening..our freedom is slipping away.

  16. People keep saying we need new Legislation and immigration reform. They keep saying that it is the Republicans fault for not passing the Immigration reforms presented..
    These Illegals have been dishonest from the time they first entered illegally or over stayed their visa. Illegals are criminals that have broken our laws. Yet by some miracle they are going to start telling the truth???
    Even the Democrats say the surge is because of Obama’s Dream Act Executive Order. That means that they are supposed to have been here already. Thus this new crop have already decided they are going to lie their A$$e$ off to be able to stay and become citizens.
    Obama should have put more troops at the border way way before this. However what Obama does is fly these Diseased Laden Criminal Illegals all over the country. They then release them with court dates than way over 90% never show up for.
    1) Secure our borders in chain link prison type fencing with razor wire, and electric fences.
    2) Stop amnesties.
    3) Mandate E-Verify.
    4) Reduce rewards for illegal aliens.
    5) Strengthen interior enforcement
    6) Reform birthright citizenship
    7) End chain migration
    8) Reduce refugee and visa fraud.
    9) Reduce unnecessary worker visas.
    10) Eliminate visa lottery.
    11) End visa overstays.
    12) Fine and Punish Employers of Illegals, using monies for shipping illegals back
    13) Confiscate any and all assets Illegals got in the US to reimburse cost of shipping Illegals back.
    14) Repeal the Anchor Baby Law.

      • There are so many illegals already here I am wondering if anything will do any good …they say 50,000 in last 6 months or so…But we all know the Obama people are covering up the numbers

        I have called and keep calling…

      • Multiply whatever there is by 5 or 6 because ted kennedy’s law allows their relatives to come over. ted is dead but his laws are destroying America. I have been griping about ted for years.

      • that is the reason I think the unescorted males in their late teens and 20s…Mothers can now bring over rest of family

    • That commie ted kennedy wrote some of those bills that became laws. This has caused millions of people to come here legally and get citizenship. I support everything you posted. Thank you.!!!!!

      • And most of those from Third World countries who have no notion of how our Republic is (supposed to be) run, or why we fought for it in the first place.

    • That list of 12 things sounds great, but the chances of any of them happening with the bunch in the WH is ZILCH. Granted, it may make you feel better to type it all out, but in the end it’s just a waste of your time and energy.

  17. Cornyn/Cuellar border bill lets Obama off the hook; Call Congress and urge them to oppose

    Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) have introduced legislation that they believe will help end the ongoing crisis on the Southern border. The HUMANE Act, H.R.5114 and S.2611, centers around the 2008 human trafficking bill that’s been wrongly blamed for much of the ongoing illegal-alien border surge.

    While a change in this law is necessary, it deflects attention away from the real reason for the surge of illegal border crossers along the U.S.-Mexico border – the Obama Administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws and its DACA policy that grants legal status and work permits to illegal-alien minors.

    House GOP Leadership has signaled that it would like to bring the House version of the bill to the floor for a vote before Congress breaks for the August recess at the end of next week.

    Please call your three Members of Congress and urge them to oppose the Cornyn/Cuellar bill and to oppose any emergency funding for the border crisis until the Obama Administration begins enforcing existing laws.

    Once you’ve called your three Members of Congress, please call House GOP Leadership and express your opposition to the Cornyn/Cuellar HUMANE Act.

    • It may be easier to join Numbers USA. They will already have a fax about this and they provide the addresses. All anyone has to do is use a click of the mouse one time and all 3 of the letters will be faxed to the appropriate elected reps at one time. I need to check and see what faxes they have. After joining you just have to click on MY ACTION BOARD which is at the top left on the screen. It will take you to a cork board which has fax machine pictures. Click on the fax machine and it will show you the letter. Really simple. I have sent over a hundred. Thanks for reminding me.

  18. Still trying to figure out why they want to come here when they don’t even respect our country.
    On the 4th of July the pro-amensity people were burning American flags, and dragging American flags on the ground..these are people who want to be American citizens BS
    All that the illegals want, is to suck off the governmental welfare system.

    • People like you scare the he ll out of Americans! Why? Because even if obama stood up and told you in his own words “I hate America and I am doing all I can to destroy it”. People like you would still be asking the same ignorant questions and assuming its ridiculous that an American president would want to hurt us; “Still trying to figure out why they want to come here when they don’t even respect our country”!
      First; what does it matter “why they want to come here” Second: its a no brainer why they want to come here, thirdly and related to “First” its irrelevant why in they’re minds they are coming here!
      You just heard a video of a man telling you why they are coming here, no matter why they want to, you know now why they are coming here, you should have known before watching this video. The president is not an American, he is the enemy and he is trying to destroy our America and I am sick and tired of this president getting away with it because of the stu pid pin heads allowing it by voting him in, or saying “oh your nuts, he’s not doing that” etc etc!
      S TFU!

    • Agree. I think they want to free load and also because o invited them. A lot of them come here and talk trash down on us. Those burning the flags should have been rushed a way and dropped off at the border. That would teach the others to straighten up. But no o o o. Not in this country where they get green lights for everything and o comes against us if we say the least thing against them. And i notice those poor people are all pretty well dressed. I can’t even afford to buy clothes.

      • In the school district over 80% are Hispanics(yes I know not all Illegals are Hisapanics). Of the over 80% teachers can point of over 2/3s as being Illegals, and all but mayb 5% or less are anchor babies.
        Way over 90% are on th free breakfast, lunch and after school meal. Meanwhile way over 75% have cell phones, game boys & Ipods, along with all the latest in home electronics; computers, xboxes(or ?? with tons of games and you name it…Then they are always bragging about their $100 shoes.(yea I have bothered to price them sometimes). Many I see in the grocery lines with their parents using a food card to buy their food with…
        Meanwhile Legals Americans, our military, our elderly and ?? are just ignored.

        Hey when was the last time you heard about Welfare going broke, or us cutting our money to foreign countries…Yet every month we hear about Social Security going broke.

      • Oh, and another thing. With all of the government goodies that are handed out – to illegals as well as American citizens – the “guv” sticks in a flyer saying that they can be registered to vote, just fill out the form. (The small print says that you should be a valid American citizen; but who is going to read that?) This is criminal!!!

      • At the clinic I go to. they were mostly talking Spanish to the people wanting to sign up for Obamacare. If you don’t know English then there is a VERY good chance you weren’t born here …I thought that Obamacare was only for Legal Americans.

    • You can’t without impeaching them first. And right now that will get us absolutely nowhere. Sure, the House could impeach, but then it would have to go to the Senate for trial, where good ol’ Harry Reid would just table it just like he has the tons of other stuff the House has passed. Plus, the media, Dems and Obama would use it to get pity out of the low-info crowd. It would backfire BIG TIME. In fact, the Dems are DYING for impeachment proceedings to begin in the House just for that reason.

      As long as Harry Reid is Speaker and the Dems control the Senate, we are screwed.

  19. This gentleman is exactly right. It is like the ages when kings were safe in their castles, and the enemy would hurl diseased bodies of the walls. This is biological warfare!

  20. These people are Invaders & have been for years!!! No matter how old they are & what sex they are!! Both sides have done nothing to stop it!! You know the jobs no American wants?? Obama has just helped a little faster then Reid may have wanted but will say nothing bad about his master!!! Good bye America unless We the People Step up!! Of course that is what Obama is waiting for!! He has just about everything in place to finish of America as most of us know it!! I hope yoo all like the change that is comeing??

    • o waved his wand around in the middle east and countries were over thrown with al Qaeda. He waved his wand over poland or whereever it was that we had our shoot down missile defense place and he closed the site. In doing this, he waved his wand over the eastern states and they are open for air attacks. he waved his wand over the southern border and opened it for past 6 years. I think he waved his wand over a lot of the liberals and progressives because they don’t believe any of this is happening. A lot of idiots don’t understand what a lot of us were seeing in the imposter from the beginning. Reid and the others need to be recalled or something.

      • Yes or something!! His wand & phone has just about finnished us!! The middle class that is!! I think that was the whole idea anyway!! I thought there were a few demacrats that were for the USA, left in the world!! I’m beginning to think I’m wrong!! They are all out to destroy the USA!! Along with the muslims & Hitler!! He said we would fall without firing a shot!!

  21. Isn’t it strange that when you RETIRE from a company or position, you can then NOW put all the DIRTY details out on the tables for the world to know about. But, why not spill when all this is taking place.

    I have been saying this from day one everything that he’s saying. People best wake up and realize what’s about to happen. My worst fear is I don’t want my child in the school district with a kid that has a deadly disease. Coz eventually they’re gonna put these kids in the schools.

  22. All I can say is, God bless Col. West for bringing attention to this crisis. This country is in deep trouble. It’s time to seal the borders with what ever means necessary and deport all illegals from the country. Otherwise we are doomed.

  23. There has been decades of occurrences and practices that would back up what is being said by Ret. Officer Taylor. I would start with this; Why are we not taught these things in schools …… founding principles, principles of liberty, American history, what the founders believed and advocated, why they chose the republican form of government over collectivism, how much effort even many slaveholding founders put into ending slavery, how much they succeeded before the formation of the Democratic Party united oppressors and legislated in support of slavery, that at the time of the Declaration, Constitution and civil war, securing the union was priority number one with abolition only possible under an undivided union of the states, how the founders advocated and included Jude o Christian Biblical influence to make us less in need of masters (bigger government) and more able to self govern and be free, that the constitution separates powers and gives few and defined powers to the federal government while the bill of rights goes even further to cage government and keep the people and their rights uninfringed, that Sunday services were held in the US Capitol building from the time our federal Washington DC Capitol was built until after the civil war and that no religion was established while the people had the free exercise thereof? Our “American” education has been diverted for at least a half century to the point where the Marxist, communist principles advocated by Obama and Liz Warren and Democrats across the country sound acceptable to their team voters and youth across the land. I’ve heard that at Monticello, there is a video that states that Thomas Jefferson fathered Sally Heming’s children when the DNA test didn’t come to that conclusion. At Independence Hall, I saw an informative presentation by a park ranger that ended with his emphasis that they did NOTHING to end slavery, which is, as is all that I mentioned, designed to create an uninformed population, gullible and easily sold on alternate government. BIG government. The people are led to believe lies and we are at the point where lies are huge and frequent. America has been corrupted for a long time. There is a clear and blatant stench of anti Americanism rising across the land. Can the brakes be applies to the agenda? I don’t know. Will November help fix anything? I don’t know. Why wasn’t the border locked down in 2001? I don’t know. There has to be SOME good news out there! Good news is long overdue.

  24. This man knows what he’s talking about and if it isn’t addressed and taken care of we are going to be in a world of hurt. Asymmetrical warfare is very dangerous and could easily take down a nation without a shot being fired. Now why is the government storing up so many rounds of ammo? I don’t believe it’s to protect us the citizens of the United States. We better be getting ready to arm ourselves before it’s to late. Right now our government is doing everything in it’s power to disarm us now. We will have to fight back with what ever we have to protect ourselves. This is for real and it’s not going away.It’s only going to get worse. I will be praying for God to deliver us from evil because there certainly is plenty of evil working against us right now in our own borders. Our own government is our worst enemy at this time .They are working just as hard as they can to destroy The United States of America before the end of 2016.GOD BLESS AMERICA .

    • I do respect Allen West, but I haven’t seen him at the border. I am sure he can for One day demonstrate along with the view citizens who have actually taken there time to show there anger at the border crossing(s)The Citizens who protest at the border are our heroes. Allen West could make a mark by visiting the border crossing and physically thanking & shaking hands of real American heroes (citizens) who are physically at the border, but he remains behind a keyboard in the comforts of his office and leather chair while some citizens get off there butt to be where it is all happening.West doesn’t even fly down to Texas to individually thank each citizens who stand in front of buses He is no better than Obama in that respect! West seems to be all talk and no action!

      • Robert..If your going to go around calling people idiots and dumb asses…..You may at least want to use proper English and spelling…..jeez boy…..Eradicate your use of misplaced words…….Know the difference between….”there”. “their”..and “they’re”….just for a few.. And take your meds. Damn

  25. Col. West:
    The flood of kids into the USA and the distribution of the
    kids to all medium and large cities in the USA is the method Obama will
    He will say that we have a humanitarian crisis and he needs to have ” MORE POWER TO COPE WITH THE CRISIS”.
    now has his FEMA Corp and his Brown Shirts ready to go and all the
    equipment and ammo he needs to start a war he things he and his cohorts
    can win..

    • Don,
      You are right on target. Have seen enough to believe this could be exactly his plan. Why are we putting up with all that is being dished out. He has consistently gone against the Constitution. It is time for Americans to demand to take control of America again. Why are we allowing someone who isn’t truly an American to control us??? How far are we willing to let it go before the brown shirts are at our doors???

      • He is only partially right. Obama is not working alone. Obama is not the main king pin. Obama works for the over sea bankers,Globalists for the New World Order. The only reason that these illegal aliens have been invited is to create a third world population in the United States that consists solely of servants. These servants will be raised,educated and cared for by the state. This is not part of Obama’s plan. Obama works with the globalists and is there mouth piece.
        Don Ruane is not quite on target. You have no clue about world history=education.The difference between me and you and Don is that I am a lot more educated and intelligent than the both of you! People like you think everything is as simple as A,B,C. If you dont understand world history you than have little knowledge to why this is all taking place!

      • O is a puppet. He will use upset citizens taking action in their own hands as cause to evoke martial law… imported disease and Muslims will take over. It’s the beginning of the End. It must happen. We can’t stop it…

  26. Ted Cruz can drop dead for helping Glen Beck(high school drop-out) feed the illegals and gangs! And all you idiots were raving about Cruz .Cruz just proved to you idiots that he is pro amnesty!!

    • Hey you bastard. Just because this is going on in my country does not give you a right to call me an idiot. Your a real tuff guy behind that keyboard…

      • I am from the United States. I was born on US soil. I did not come here illegally by invitation. Are you a gang banger from Central America? I see my government got you a computer and hooked you up to the internet. We Americans are paying for all your comforts in my country while veterans are killed/murdered and committing suicide in VA hospitals.

      • I am also American born you ignorant prick. I have never taken a hand out. I am a union ironworker, and have worked my ass off my entire life. For you to call all Americans stupid is bull. We all feel like victims just like you.

      • It is any Americans right to call you or anyone else an idiot. This includes the president Obama or anyone in government and a police officer. So,go do your policing in North Korea!

      • Just because its a constitutional right does not make right. Instead of calling fellow Americans idiots perhaps we should be organising the malita. Its real easy to talk smack on a thread, but real men take action. You just wanna flap your jaws. I would not wipe my ass with Obamas face. I do agree with a lot you said, but to call fellow Americans idiots shows a lack of self worth on your part.

      • You are stupid and Ignorant. Over 50% of Americans have there head buried in the sand. Over 50% of Americans are interested in American Idle than the Iron curtain that is successfully dropping on our country. If you think I’m all talk and no Action than you might as well call Allen West all talk and no action. I have not seen him supporting the protestors at the border. West has not taken the time to hold a picket sign and to thank the citizens who are on the front line.

    • During a friendly conversation with my neighbors, I asked their little girl what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said she wanted to be President some day. Both of her parents, liberal Democrats, were standing there, so I asked her, “If you were President what would be the first thing you would do?” She replied… “I’d give food and houses to all the homeless people.” Her parents beamed with pride! “Wow…what a worthy goal!” I said. “But you don’t have to wait until you’re President to do that!” I told her. “What do you mean?” she replied. So I told her, “You can come over to my house and mow the lawn, pull weeds, and trim my hedge, and I’ll pay you $50. Then you can go over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out and give him the $50 to use toward food and a new house.” She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Why doesn’t the homeless guy come over and do the work, and you can just pay him the $50?” I said, “Welcome to the Republican Party.”

    • I think you are seriously misunderstanding both what Beck and Cruz did and what they say about the current (manufactured) crisis.

      • When you make a response explain yourself to why you disagree. It is if you are not completing a sentence. You IDIOT.

      • Are you this obnoxious and hysterical in real life? I can understand the hysteria; the times call for it, but I’m baffled as to what you think your obnoxiousness will accomplish. I guess you want people to write you off as crazy?

      • I edited the comment and toned it down considerably. I added factual and educational information. If you cannot make a rebuttal than do not respond!

      • if you would get rid of that anger and hostility people might listen. Otherwise you are just going to be seen as a shrill and obnoxious lune. Calm down ………….

  27. I know that commenting on various articles and blog posts makes people feel better and gets their anger out a little. I comment occasionally, myself. Most say this or that “should be” or “needs to” be done. The fact is, you can comment and rant all day long, but in the end NONE of what you say will be listened to by the people in charge. Why? Because they DON’T CARE what you or any of us think! They’re gonna do whatever they want. Commenting and ranting won’t stop them. Congress won’t even stop them! It’s really a pointless endeavor in the end, except to get anger and frustration out.

    • On one level, I agree with you. However, I have made personal contacts with patriots from all over the nation, and networks are being established to deal with the ultimate crisis which seems imminent. The media … basically, social media … which was used with such effect against us in 2008 and 2012 may be the Left’s undoing.

    • “I’ve been clinically diagnosed with sociopathy.’ ‘Do you know what that means?’ ‘It means that you’re about as important to me as a carboard box’ ‘You’re just a thing – a piece of garbage that no one’s thrown away yet.’ ~ I Am Not A Serial Killer

  28. “I don’t care what the international lawyers say, we are going to kick some ass.” – George W. Bush, September 11, 2001, quoted in Clarke, Against All Enemies (2004), p. 24
    Compare this quote from a great American with all that Obama has done to this country.

      • LET’S understand what he was doing at the time. Preventing children from being sold/trafficked as sex slaves. He called for hearings to take place for children transported across the border. No one could have foreseen a President putting word out that “we’ll give children a free pass which would lead to their parents getting a free pass” – for an increase in Democratic voters! THAT is what led to this mess.

      • Not what I was talkin about. I was talking about the greater overall policy of the GW Bush administration that allowed and encouraged illegal immigration in large numbers. Granted, 0 has taken it much farther, but his predecessor definitely help the process along.

      • Seriously? You are so unaware of recent history that you want me to do your work for you and educate you? And, explain what exactly?

        1st – it doesn’t come off well when you issue an order like “explain with documentation”. You could, for instance, be polite and ask – that might get you a positive response.

        Do you really not know and are sincere in your request for more information? If so, I can put my skepticism aside and engage in a conversation with you.

  29. Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.” – Adolf Hitler
    If this is being perpetrated on America by our own President………..what then?

  30. This is Islam’s planning. They are in Mexico and Central America and they have stated in the Middle East they will destroy America from inside. Obama has many Muslims in his cabinet including one in Homeland Security. The only was to counter this is the states to outlaw Islam as a religion based upon it’s death sentence upon those who do not convert to Islam. Buddhists’, Christians, Jewish and even Atheists do not condemn to death those who do not convert to their way of life. The federal government could not stop this if the ban is factual based on the actual requirements in the Qur’an.

    • Guiterrez is a vocal proponent of this invasion. Did his Daddy get amnesty in the 80s? Is he legal? Just curious. No actual citizen, including legal immigrants agree with this B_ __ S_ _T

    • We have been stupid while being duped right under our noses. “The fear of offending is stronger than the fear of pain.” ~Serial killer in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

  31. Its is lovely to see someone with ” the right credentials” saying what many of us “regular citizens” have been screaming from the rooftops. Maybe someone can hear him.

  32. With respect to the highly informative tape of a retired border patrol agent:

    In the Eighties I hired a retired Army Spec Ops trooper. He spoke of a training exercise he was involved in along the CA/AZ border with Mexico. They were to live in the desert for two weeks discreetly monitoring and shadowing, but not interdicting, the human traffic coming North from Mexico.

    One night a seven-man team, armed with automatic weapons, pistols,grenades, commo gear, etc., came across the border. The team apprised command of the situation. They were told to shadow and not interdict. This they did for about two miles, then released them to continue North while they returned to their cubbyhole..

    About three hours later, the Mexican team returned, headed South to re-cross the border— but there were only six men, not seven. They apprised command and were told to shadow and not interdict, and away they went, back into Old Mexico.

    1. Who was it that was so important that he needed a six-man team to escort him ? What is he doing?

    2. That took place in the late eighties. How many more VIPs have we let in? And, what are THEY doing?

    This is endemic of a malaise that is System-wide. Justice, DOD, Congress, IRS, CDC, and more. The entire system is going bad, from the inside out.

    It will not stop, until it gets stopped..

    • I am from a family of special operations vets. I have listened to hundreds of stories like this. Some considerably more disturbing.

  33. Wow…he just confirmed everything that a lot of us feared was happening. Mr. Zach Taylor better watch his back. Please share this with everyone you know.

    I feel a sense of defeat and despair. I do not understand why congress and senate do not stop this. What do they have to gain if our entire society is ruined? Where do they think their tax dollars will come from if we no longer can sustain our jobs and lifestyle? The threat to our health is disturbing as much as anything.

  34. Don’t forget that this fiasco was orchestrated by Obama and his cronies. HHS solicited bids months ago for contractors to house, clothe and feed these illegal immigrants. The bids asked that 58,000 illegal child aliens be taken care of. How did they know months ago how many children would show up, if they didn’t orchestrate the whole thing to create a crisis? There’s something fishy about the whole thing and I wish the Congress would investigate it.

    • There is nothing fishy about it. Only to non intelligent, stupid Americans it sounds fishy!
      I is very obvious and factually known that this was in the making by the Obama administration well in-advance,probably for at least a year. The government has to contract hundreds of company’s for food,bedding,clothing and a massive amount of survival items. This does not happen over night! This occurs over a long period of time, but many of our brainless Americans have no understanding. Create a third world population of servants. Millions of illegals will be owned,educated,clothed and fed by the state.(Nazi Germany)This is the plan that the Globalists made for the New World Order. Obama is there mouth piece. Nothing fishy about it at all. ” A fish rots from the head down”

    • they sent some up here to poughkeepsie NY.

      explain to me what good reason there is to ship people all the way to NY who need to be shipped all the way back to south america??

    • It is not to create a crisis. Our government made a deal with Honduras and Mexico. There do not need to be One or more reasons to invite Millions of illegals on our soil. The sole reason is to create a third world population in our country. A population of servants. A population of servants that will be educated,fed,clothed,housed by the state. This is what the over sea bankers, Globalists are doing for the New World Order. Obama is the mouth piece for the the Globalists. If you think he is doing this alone than you have your head buried in the sand. As you and I know this was planned months in-advance. Our government made a deal with Honduras and Mexico (deal unknown and kept secret) to have these useless lowest of the low aliens at our front door. Read your history and you will see the connection. If you don’t know your world history than you are only guessing or making assumptions like many uneducated Americans also, not every American is my “fellow American”

  35. Unwanted, undocumented, unknown, unidentified, illegal teenagers and youngsters.
    They’re probably being trained to be Obama’s special soldiers.

    • What do you think Obama meant by “We must have a civilian force that is more funded and trained as our military….”
      Our country we the people deserve everything we are getting from Obama. I did not put him in office for Eight years and I didn’t vote for him when he first ran for pres. I am not Stupid like the 50% of Americans. I new he had a Adolf mentality.
      The people put this Hitler mentality in office. We are stuck with him for Two more years. He can and will do anything he wants because we have no opposition party. Obama is not the only person to blame,we have always lived in a One party system and the Republicans want the same thing the Democrats want,and that is power and $$$$$$$. Obama is a big problem in Washington, but he is not the only political leader who is successfully destroying our country, I also large blame on the Republicans. There is plenty of blame to go around!

  36. Is this agent a disinfo agent? Everything he says is true EXCEPT the idea that there was a deliberate Ebola infection in three African cities. It has little to do with this problem, it is easy to *claim” it is nonsense. He just left a huge back door to discredit 100% accurate information which we are all thinking anyway.

    Perhaps this guy is on the level and just a bit naive. If so he should go remake this with that single claim taken out.

    We need a lot of information. Many people don’t even know that Ted Kennedy was not the force behind the 1965 immigration act, which removed the national origins formula that had kept America in proportion since 1924.

      • You didn’t listen very well. I said he told the urgent truth except for one slip up. He left a door open to this valuable information being challenged and ignored.

    • With all due respect, vonKlop, I believe he was just pointing out that this ebola outbreak, now epidemic, did not progress in the customary way. Throughout the tracked history of ebola, the virus has started in the jungle amongst the few and spread outward, towards the cities, with potential to infect the many. This made early containment feasible. This time, however, the outbreak started in three large, major cities. This is strange, and Mr Taylor said so. He said it looked almost as though the virus were planted, with a purpose. Absolutely true! He made no claim that this is anything other than a theory born of experience, a good mind, common sense and seeing what’s in front of your face.

  37. Imagine a large stage … with a large audience … 2 men sitting in chairs in front of a large video monitor … one man is Barack Obama and one man is this Border Patrol Agent … they dim the lights and run this video … afterwards the lights come up and everyone turns to Barack Obama for a response …. what does he say ?

    • I’m guessing he says a lot of things, and they all turn out to be lies. Never before has the old saw about knowing when a lawyer lies been truer, than with the current regime. It’s easy to tell when obama lies, his lips will be moving!

    • “uhhh uhhh we will uhh look into this, and make sure we uhh get to the bottom of it. also its bushes fault”


  39. Central & South America NIC
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  40. By the end of 2012 there will be 10 Homeland Response Force
    units capable of responding within hours in each of the FEMA regions to
    program. DoD’s overarching interest is to improve the capability for
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    10 Homeland Response Force units capable of responding
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  41. Americans need to wake up. This is not a joke or some far fetched idea. This country is being systematically destroyed by our government. The current administration is constantly holding children up in front of the camera to get away with their criminal activities. It started with Sandy Hook and continues through the current immigration disaster. This president is doing exactly what he set out to do, and you, the people, the bleeding hearts of America, are allowing it to happen. Wake up and see the diversionary tactics being used. See the real problems behind the faces of these innocent children that they use to camouflage their real agendas. See it and recognize it before it is too late. We are in serious trouble here.

    • Already the V.A. scandal is old news,Our borders is old news,Benghazi is old news,fast and furious is old news,That army deserter and traitor is old news,Obama and the illegal acts are old news. This administration making Putin look like evil and pounding the war drums has diverted Americans from the Millions of illegals that continue to freely come on our soil. No One cares at this point. Obama has successfully diverted all Americans attention on Russia.
      It is as if Obama gave the orders for the Russian separatists or the Ukrainians to shoot down flight MH17 out of the sky. God only knows that Obama approved Hamas to strike rockets at Israel. We have Israel ,Russia and the Ukraine on Americans mind. Maybe the Obama administration set this elaborate diversion so Americans will forget about the Millions of illegals that are still freely coming on our soil and the illegals acts of this administration. It seems to be working. No news about the border and past scandals like the VA. Obama may be the most clever president in the history of our country.

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  43. He’s trying to position himself as an “EXPERT” in National
    Security & it’s coming across as designed propaganda.

    First, he talks about “Foundation of society” through
    Jobs/Economy combined with Safety & public health. So now he’s gone from
    being a border patrol agent to being an economist & back to analyzing the
    safety & health of the nation from an intelligence perspective. This guy is
    a piece of work.

    This guy fails to mention how the US policies towards these
    countries affect these people and us as citizens of this nation. A competent economist
    would know these things. He doesn’t say anything about NATFA, CAFTA, or any of
    the arrangements in place that allow our jobs to leave the US. He doesn’t
    mention how the US has wretched these people countries and economies creating
    the environment for them to come here.

    He fails to mention how the US Government has a history of experimenting on
    its citizens and people of other nations for the purposes of biological warfare.
    I agree with the man about people being infected on purpose. But I believe he
    doesn’t go far enough. He needs to make the connections of WHY these people in
    these African countries are being infected deliberately. All you need to do is look at the US record on
    experimenting on its own people and I’m sure you will come to the right

    The US immigration policy has always been one sided in terms
    of race. The same focus isn’t nearly the same if you are coming from a European
    Nation. If you are a person of color then it gets very very dicey. Rarely do
    you see any Haitians allowed to come here, only but the rarest of occasions.

    America was built off of cheap LABOR. That’s what fueled the
    slave trade. That’s what’s fueling this so called immigration distraction. The
    belief of a tragic event happening because of a so called immigration problem
    is less than some white man (Timothy McViegh) committing some Mass atrocities.

    He talks about human trafficking (Organs) without bringing
    up the biggest buyer of these organs. ISRAEL….
    We have just had a big operation ring uncovered in the NJ/NY area. A
    group of Rabbis was sending these organs back to Israel and making a huge

    This video is a bunch of propaganda. Its playing into your
    fears & harbored skewed views. Here is a guy that’s a border agent talking
    about warfare and the science of it. Come on people, let’s wake up to this

    • you need to get rid of some of that hate………..try looking at this issue again without your big bad white people glasses on…………

    • Your thinking is foggy and vacuous, and your facts are fiction-riddled. But I can tell it comes straight from your heart. Racist moron!

  44. he makes a good point. There is zero reason to be shipping people who are going to be shipped back to their home country up to my city in NY unless the plan is to bring in so many that it makes impossible (cost prohibitive) to send them back

    we need to make it easier to send these illegals back, there should be a 24/7 court running at numerous locations on the border and when one is taken in he is taken directly to court. Afterwards he is directly deported. this is simply madness

  45. We need to have a FAST TRACK Court System in every state that can protect its
    citizens from the criminal actions of the Federal Government! TODAY not years from
    now! Judge Roberts cannot be counted on to do the right thing!!!


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