Bill Clinton: Hamas is winning because it’s forcing Israel to kill Palestinians

Everyone is so giddy about Hillary Rodham Clinton running for President. But did we already forget then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s infamous toy “reset button” presented to Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov? Or how about First Lady Clinton and her husband Bill welcoming known Islamic terrorist Yasser Arafat and his wife into the White House? In case you forgot, Arafat was the original Palestinian terrorist and founder of Fatah, now referred to as the Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, which has reconciled and entered into a unity pact with the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas. As we’ve addressed here, Hamas’ charter firmly states that it exists to destroy the State of Israel and kill every Jewish man, woman, and child.

Israel, in self-defense, has embarked on a ground offensive operation to destroy Hamas’ rocket firing capability, weapons stockpiles, and tunnel complexes enabling its infiltration into Israel. So, want to get a window into what “President Clinton, The Sequel” would look like?

As reported by, “Former US president Bill Clinton has warned Israel about “isolating itself from world opinion” due to repeated conflicts in Gaza after four children were killed on a beach in the latest violence. More than 220 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have died during 10 days of Israeli bombing and shelling in Gaza in retaliation for over 1,200 rocket attacks from Hamas militants. “Over the long run it is not good for Israel to keep isolating itself from world opinion because of the absence of a viable peace process,” Clinton told the Indian NDTV news channel on Wednesday.”

Recently we reported on Obama Middle East advisor Phillip Gordon attacking Israel and blaming Israel for the conflict, while in Israel, while Israel was being attacked. And now we have the cheeky fella who considers himself the Emeritus leader of the Democrat Party condemning Israel. How in the hell is Israel supposed to advance a “viable peace process” with a terrorist organization that seeks its destruction?

This is American liberal progressive socialist foreign policy at its best — support the aggressor and blame the victim.

If you want to know just how demented Bill Clinton and his ilk are, take in this quote: “In the short to medium term, Hamas can inflict terrible public relations damage on Israel by forcing it to kill Palestinian civilians to counter Hamas.” So now Hamas is winning because it’s “forcing” Israel to kill civilians?

What about all the efforts Israel takes to warn civilians, such as phone calls and leaflet drops — all while Hamas places its people in harm’s way by firing from civilian areas and storing weapons in mosques and homes. Honestly, between Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, I don’t believe there are any functioning brain cells!

And if you don’t think Hillary Rodham Clinton shares the same perspective, you are not in tune with this world. But hey, the liberal progressive American Jewish community doesn’t seem to care anyway. Heard anything from DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on the subject?

Mr. Clinton said, “I believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu could and should make a comprehensive peace agreement with the Palestinians,” adding that he believed 60 percent of Israelis would support him. Breitbart reports “the objective of all should be “a peace process that gets Israel security recognition and peace and that gets the Palestinians their state,” he said.

Bill Clinton is delusional. Hamas’ charter does not recognize Israel. They will never recognize Israel.

I wonder if Clinton has ever seen the movie “Independence Day?” There’s a scene where the captured alien responds to the inquiry of the president when he asks if they can live in peace. The alien replies, “no peace.” The president then asks, “what do you want from us?” To which the alien responds, “we want you to die.” And what was this fictional president’s response? He ordered the alien to be shot and killed.

I will simply state this to former President Bill Clinton: the reality of your enemy must become your own, as eventually it will. Living in a world of self-deception where you trade the truth for a fantasy only leads to your demise.

I don’t think anyone should be counseling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when rockets and missiles are raining down on his country. And we certainly don’t need a repeat of the Palestinian terrorist-loving Clintons in the White House.


  1. Col West, for the sake of argument let’s assume your assessment of Bill Clinton’s position is true (seems to be, but not the point of my comment, per se): Surely Clinton knows what you are saying is true. Which begs the question, why make such a statement? Covering for Obama? Ingratiating progressives with Hillary for her presidential run? Something else?

    Dang we need straight-shooters for leaders. All this spin and massaging of facts is making me get vertigo. And I was just thinking, if what Clinton said is true, what choice does Israel have? Not defend her people? And shouldn’t a real statesman keep his damn mouth shut and not make things worse by speaking out? Sorry for all the rhetorical questions! 🙂

  2. Prime Minister Netanyahu, our ally, has posed the question that if this was occurring in our towns and cities, would we just do nothing?I find it stunning that despite this rational line of thinking, still many in our country will side with those who plot evil and destruction on, not just Israel, but on us too. While being essentially ruthlessly attacked, Israel strives to act with discretion and stop the madness to allow humanitarian aid into this hornet’s nest. Israel was willing to pause in truce and discuss, but Hamas answered with more bombs. What would we have Israel do? The only reason there are not more casualties on the Israeli side, is because they devoted time to prepare with defense measures for their populace for what they knew would ultimately come. But, we live in a country where the victims are expelled for defending themselves right along with the bullies who terrorized them. The Israeli nation is appealing with logic to a country where “logic and proportion have fallen slowly dead”.

    • You cannot compare anything or any place in America to Gaza. It is smaller than Rhode Island, boxed in and cut off by Israel and Egypt. These people have no where to go! While I might agree that Hamas is a pain in the butt, they are not doing any damage. Their rockets are homemade jokes that do no damage. Most of them are intercepted. This is a one-sided fight. There are no Israeli causalities. Hundreds of deaths of civilians is no answer! The kidnapping of the 3 settlers was a false flag used as an excuse to invade Gaza again, just like they do every 2 years or so. And this is besides the blockade.

      • And then you woke up?Israel gives them food ,electricity and use of modern hospitals and they get rockets in response.The time to stop the rockets is before they get deadlier not after.Are you in a coma?The threw dead teens parents might not share your wave off concern of their deaths,,,pompous fool that you are.They only produce death and Israel is ready to return it to them GO ISRAEL,END HAMAS FOR ALL TIME/

      • How generous of Israel to “give” them food and shelter. How kind of them to “give” them basic human rights. What are they, pets??? These are human beings, just like you. Or even better than you. The parents of the thousands of dead teens and people that Israel has killed over the last decade will also not share your non concern for their deaths either. The play rocket usually come as a response of some act on Israel’s part. You are a brain washed racist.

      • Yes very generous of Israel,Gaza is not their country yet they give this cause the flys of gaza do not produce anything.The rockets are not “play” they have explosive warheads.I would come to you and stop you if you sat in your yard and lobbed bombs into mine.The people in gaza support terrorism while taking Israeli gifts.Not very thankful.All Israeli action is in RESPONSE TO TERRORISM.Israel should quit giving and start walking suicide bombers into their pizza parlors, then morons like you would be on their side.AHHH the race card,Getting real old and means nothing as they are all the same race,the hatred is coming from the gazans and you.

      • they will not understand what humanity is …as the hitler sad ” I would have liked to kill all these jews but I left some of them so that people understand why i was killing them”….

      • Quoting Hitler. Classy. He was such a humanitarian wasn’t he? He too thought his race was the super one. The only one that had a right to occupy the earth. Do you really think he would have embraced the Muslim race, to live together as brothers with his Aryan master race ideology. My guess is that, had he succeeded, after the Jews, he would have continued his cleansing process. Wonder which group he would have targeted next?

      • I wrote you a response before to the erroneous comments you made earlier. However, you just keep on making illogical statements, hence the conclusion I gave to which you ask, “Is that all you can come up with?”. Well, under the circumstances, I believe it is all I really need to come up with based on the evidence you supply.

      • I read your reply, don’t agree with your twisted logic. End of discussion. I suppose you think it was Japan’s fault that we dropped 2 nuclear bombs on them? You cannot blame the victor in a one-sided fight. Were you are bully when you were growing up?

      • Your logic is the ridiculous type that punishes all equally, whether aggressor or defender. You don’t like violence, so you make no distinction as to the reason for it. Others also do not like violence, but when it is visited upon them, they can either take it, or defend themselves. If you had any idea of the history of the Japanese, you might not ask the question you posed above. Perhaps those that witnessed what they were capable of at that time; from what they had done in the past, the US knew that there had to be a decisive action to stop them. Don’t let the small size fool you. Japan had an Imperial army, willing to commit suicide to win at all costs. China found that out the hard way. In the US at the time, a delegation of Japanese diplomats was stringing our diplomats along, in a premeditated diversion tactic for the invasion at Pearl Harbor, knowing full well as they sat there, Japanese planes were enroute to carry out the bombings. We got sucker punched; didn’t see it coming, because we were trying to be nice and diplomatic, and stay out of the situations going on all around us. Sometimes others just mean us harm and diplomacy is a means for them to stall. They had no real intention of working out differences and becoming friends. Hate to be the barer of bad news, but sometimes enemies are calculating and they really don’t play fair. Those who do not react fall prey. Your version of the bully is protracted and illogical when you apply it to the US or Israel. Just as bullied children feel betrayed when punished for finally standing up for themselves by the adults they needed to be there to protect them, but did nothing but punish both equally, the bullied child feels bullied again. Punishing both just sides just ratchets up the ante of ill feelings. But, this latest phenomenon of feeling sorry for the bully, and actually blaming the victim is unbelievable. It’s like the adult consoles the bully who started it simply, because the victim was larger than the bully.

      • You are not seriously refering to Israel as the victim here, and Hamas as the bully. Have you lost your mind? Hamas does not have a army. This is a one-sided fight. Even with Hamas out of the picture, Israel has been doing this to the Palestinians for years, every since 1948. Israel has one of the best equipped and trained armies in the world, with every technology at their disposal, thanks to your tax dollars. They have been eliminating the Palestinians for several decades now. So who is the bully? And if you don’t feel sorry for innocent civilians being killed, you are one sick person. There are no deserted areas in Gaza, just one big crowded ghetto/refugee camp. I know that Hamas and other like them do horrible things, but that is no excuse for Israel to kill all these people. There are other ways to get rid of bugs other than blowing up the whole kitchen with everyone in it.

      • Don’t forget that Israel gives several different warnings to the civilians before they even start. Hamas convinces the Civilians to stay and then they die. It is on Hamas, because they don’t give a damn about anyone’s life but their own.

      • When Israel caved under public world opinion and conceded to give up land, what did Hamas do? While Israel tried to be a good neighbor, helping with schools and other infrastructure to the Palestinians neighbors, Hamas was busy like a bunch of crazed gophers, building an infrastructure of tunnels from which to infiltrate and capture people from Israel, and set up these fortified underground stations from which they could fire their bombs. You don’t build the sophisticated labyrinth of tunnels they have overnight. What Hamas is doing was premeditated. They use their people as shields, while they hide under the earth. They purposely put weapons and launching pads in the places where most sane and honorable leaders WHO CARE FOR THEIR OWN would NEVER place them. Then they poke Israel in the eye, and cry foul when Israel slaps them back. They point at Israel and say how cruel they are, but who is the cruel one? Who uses their civilians as cover for their weapons. Your problem is you think like a Westerner. You can’t conceive of killing your own, because in their mind, your life here is not that important. It is more important for these radicals to build the world according to the next one, so this world is just a means to get to the next. They were offered cease fires and truces, but they answered back with more aggression, knowing what the score was for continued strikes. Therefore, dying now for the cause is way more important. If Israel had waited any longer, it would be just a matter of time before tunnels would reach everywhere within Israel. Can you really imagine a group so determined to destroy another that they could design and execute hundreds of tunnels in order to surprise the people they wish to annihilate? The fact that we cannot wrap our minds around that kind of thinking, and Israel, from decades of dealings with this mindset, can, is probably what is going to catch us off guard, as it already has several times. These people have no problem coming into a city and killing themselves in order to bring destruction to whomever. Their radicals do not care if civilians die, their own or ours, to further their agenda. Did you learn nothing from 9/11? And, you act like 9/11 was the first time, and like it’s going to be the last. If you think like that, you are fooling yourself, especially with the situation we have now with aliens of every background coming into the country illegally.
        We get the intel, we wait, then things like Boston happen. Israel isn’t going to wait until Hamas comes into their kitchens before they react.

    • my dear friend the thing is that all the techenology that israil has is from america. it is the america that support israiel. hamas have nothing to fight. and remember that israiel had attacked Lebenon and the result you know. Israeil only attacks on those who are weak in terms of forces and weapons.

      • If you don’t have weapons, and claim you don’t have the technology, then don’t go around stockpiling missiles and attacking anyone. Why was Hamas digging tunnels like gophers, setting up missile launching sites, etc., all the acts of an aggressor, when Hamas now wants to play the victim? The act of building that elaborate tunnel system indicates an act of premeditation. That is not a process that occurs overnight. It suggests that Hamas spends an awful lot of time and patience to figure out ways to get to their perceived enemies. They are certainly not doing these actions because they want to live side-by-side in peace with the people of Israel as neighbors. When actions like this are witnessed, and the group Hamas has stated their objective is to eliminate the people of Israel, apparently the Israeli people are taking them at their word. If you do not want aggression, stop casting the first stone. And please, Hamas is not a government. It didn’t just find the stockpile of missiles under the earth while they were digging. They are getting whatever they get from sources that you know and I know. Let’s not play that game.

      • THIS is the problem! Only MY religion is the “correct” one. Jesus, Muhammad, Confucius are all shaking their heads and weeping at the PERVERSION of their teachings.

    • if they are choosen by God then what about the other people in the world….you have to carry your own stuff that you have done in this world in your hands when you will be standing before your God…Then God will decide to sent you to heaven or hell….No one in God choosen..only the prophets are God choosen for us to do the noble deeds. We muslims believe in your Prophet and in your Bible. But its sayings are not in its orignal form..They have been changed…

      • Mohammad, Israel were chosen by God during Moses era.. but now since Jesus Christ came down John 3:16…Its not about Jews, Gentiles or certain races nor religion but a relationship with the 3 in 1 living God : God the father who created the heaven and earth, God the son -Jesus Christ who died for all the sins in the world but resurrected after 3 days and became a Holy Ghost when He ascended to heaven… I respect muslim beliefs – It is a result of a “Free Will” and Love Jesus Christ gave to mankind but “Jesus Christ said: I am the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the father (in heaven) except thru me” John 14:6 This is what I believe. God bless.

    • You might think that they are God’s chosen people, but they do not even recognize you or any other race. You are a gentile, and in their minds are nothing and worthless. It is funny how you protect people that don’t even give you the same respect.

  3. Hamas are terrorist they don’t want to negotiate they want to destroy Israel. Hamas also hates ” The Great Satan” aka “America” and if possible they will destroy us also.

    Long Live Israel.

  4. Well, now listen. Palestine is shooting home made rockets at Israel but that shoundn’t be cause for alarm Tanyajane66. If one of those home made rockets were to come through your living room window while your family was having dinner and exploded you might see the problem in a different way.

    • You let me know how many of those homemade bombs have done any real damage, and how many CIVILIANS have been killed in Israel during this last invasion/massacre. And if a soldier knocked on your door and told you that you have 48 hrs to vacate the premises or be killed, you might see the problem in the different way too.

  5. The best thing Israel can do is to send suicide bombers into gaza pizza parlors and into their schools and attack their sports teams at events,then American and European liberals will flock to their sides,,poor misunderstood terrorists,liberals love terrorist and dictators..Sounds like a plan.

    • It’s pretty stupid isn’t it! I don’t get how ANYONE with a sane mind could ever side with Hamas unless they simply hate Jewish people and want to see them killed!

      • Israel would never send in suicide bombers.. Suicide is a sin something they DO NOT believe in. DO NOT EVEN POST CRAP LIKE THIS!!!

      • I think you meant that for someone else. I never said Israel should send in suicide bombers! And I agree, that’s a stupid comment!

  6. Bill clinton is a total jerk. He son-in-law is a Jew…and Cheksea converted and is now a. Jew. Must make for warm family relations!

    • What is wrong with you colgate? Is that all you can contribute to the discussion? The world already has sufficient religious hatred, thank you very much!

  7. And what say Mr Clinton about the Israel and American students murdered???As an American, No citizen whose life is taken by a terrorist government should be allowed to stand and no attack should be allowed to continue without retaliation…

  8. I don’t like to have to say the following because it is civilian life, but at some point if the civilians don’t refuse to continually be put in harms way by Hamas, then they become complicit in the actions of Hamas.

  9. Whenever military takes action against a terrorist group, it allows safe passage to civilians or atleast tries to. I don’t see Israel doing that? Yes Hamas is to blame for using Palestinian civilians as human shields but that is guerilla warfare, a tactic employed by the weaker side. That’s what Talibans are doing in Pakistan and Afghanistan. When the military launches an operation against them, it allows civilians safe passage. What is Israel is doing is basically recreating what Hitler did to them.

  10. Hey Slick Willy, remember the Day before yesterday??? It was the anniversary of Vince Fosters murder or have you and Slillary forgotten Vince ??? Just like you’ve forgotten all the other murders you had committed on people who got in your way or who were about to blow the whistle on you and Hillarys crimes ??? Maybe you ought to Google you own dead pool the Billy Boy. Anyway you two have been friends with the Muslim Brotherhood since before you were Governor of Arkansas. So whats a few collaborators getting wacked. They’re just bumps in the road aren’t they??????

    • There were two that died in a “helicopter accident” that were about to blow the whistle on Bill and Hillary early on in his Presidency. Not many people remember that one…. but I certainly do! Thought it was a little TOO convenient then and reminds me why you can never trust a Clinton!

  11. Mr West, In your Independence Day example the President did NOT order the alien killed. The alien was telepathically killing the President when his protective detail stepped in and did their jobs and shot the alien.

  12. Even the title of this article makes no sense whatsoever. I guess we can blame the Japanese for the nuclear bombs that we dropped killing hundreds of thousands in seconds. Of course, it was their fault.

    • You clearly don’t get it! Hamas want’s to destroy Israel. Hamas doesn’t care about the Palestinians and is using them as human shields. When Israel retaliates, the World cries foul as more Palestinians die, thus eventually everyone turns on Israel and one way or another, Hamas wins!


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