298 souls on MH17 have paid the price for Obama’s “flexibility” [VIDEO]

Back in his first term, while taking part in a global nuclear security summit in South Korea — and believing the microphones were off –President Barack Hussein Obama was caught leaning over to then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to say “This is my last election. After my election I will have more flexibility.” Medvedev replied, “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

Sadly, hundreds of Ukrainians and 298 souls on MH17 have paid the price for the weakness and abject cowardice of Obama’s “flexibility.”

And here in America we quibble over a lawsuit against this charlatan.

The blood on Vladimir Putin’s hands was poured by Barack Obama who is indirectly responsible, accountable and no different than Neville Chamberlain’s weakness in the face of the 20th Century maniacal dictator Adolf Hitler.

So much for no drama Obama. He is purposefully creating drama globally.


  1. Makes a thinking person wonder if this isn’t part of the plan to stay in office more than the two term limit… heaven help us!

      • Why do you assume Shantle has a sad life, for wondering about something one of you guys (liberal democrat….redundant??) has already tired to bring before Congress?

    • So as a thinking person, could you explain how shooting down an airplane over the Ukraine is related to Obama being in office a third term?

      • So as a thinking person, how can you be so short-sighted? Russia to the Middle East is a powder keg…do you not imagine if there if there is a war with U.S. involvement, there could also be a state of emergency or martial law that would impact the election?

      • So West is saying Obama is too week and not willing to take on Russia. But in your scenario, Obama is faking out the world by looking weak, but in actuality he WANTS a war with Russia so he can declare martial law and therefore get that third term.

        Am I getting that right?

      • Ha! That is a stupid comparison.
        A better comparison would be to compare him to a weak pansy like Ronald Reagan who did nothing when the Soviets shot down a Korean airliner with 62 Americans on board.

      • It’s so funny that liberals like to talk about everyone’s faults except Obama’s. Reagan’s response to the Soviet Union shooting down a Korean airliner, while similar, has nothing to do with the current situation.

        Reagan isn’t president anymore. Why do I care how he handled that situation when we’re a completely different aircraft down now under a different president?

      • Probably because many conservatives still idolize Reagan. Now many of the same folks who said nothing back when Reagan did nothing in response to his crisis are now hollering loudly about how Obama’s perceived ‘weakness’ has caused everything bad under the sun. If you insist on holding Obama to a higher standard than the recent GOP presidents, I suppose that you have that right.

      • I’m 28. I was a toddler when Reagan was president. I didn’t hold any president to any standard back then.

        But I do see a similarity between Obama and Neville Chamberlain. Not just with Russia, but with the Arab world too. Roosevelt and Churchill recognized that Hitler was a mad man and needed to be stopped. But Chamberlain tried to handle the situation by making peace with the mad man; much like Obama is trying to do with the Arab world which wants to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth and won’t stop until they succeed. For example suggesting to work with Iran to stop ISIS when in reality Iran is no less of a threat and could conspire to betray us.

        And with Russia I really don’t think Putin takes him seriously when you look at his military policies. He has stripped our military down to the bare bones, canceling the MEADS missile program which gave us naval superiority. And his military actions have been primarily cowardly drone strikes which killed hundreds of civilians in the crossfire.

        And then he has the nerve to criticize Israel for firing back into Gaza. He’s such a bloody hypocrite and a phony.

      • Hypocrite.
        You don’t like people making comparisons to previous leaders… yet my comparison was in response to your comparison to Neville Chamberlain.

        So… You think comparing a different US President’s response to the Russians shooting down a civilian airliner has nothing to do with a current US President’s response to the Russians shooting down a civilian airliner.

        But you think comparing a US President’s response to the Russians shooting down a civilian airliner is somehow fair to compare to Neville Chamberlain?
        Are you serious?

        But go ahead and complain about liberals making comparisons while you do the same thing.
        At least mine was a relevant comparison.

      • Reagan was on vacation in CA and immediately cut that short to return to D.C. Obama went on to couple of fundraisers, after a wimpy and bizarre statement about how it might have been a tragedy. Reagan, after the Korean airliner incident, concluded that compromise was not possible and turned his attention to missile defense and coalescing with European allies to push back against the Soviets. Learn your history.

      • Ha! I learned my history well and I lived through that.
        he did nothing. he put on a good show and strongly condemned the Soviets but then did absolutely nothing.

        And check your calendar… Reagan proposed his missile defense initiative before the Soviets shot down KAL 007.
        Nice try.

        I bet you also think Reagan didn’t cut and run after the Marine barracks bombing in Beirut the same year.

      • What are you talking about?
        You think civilian airliners were going to be equipped with missile defense systems and Obama blocked that?

      • Yes! They would dare suggest the liberal god-king did something wrong??? How dare they!!!!????

      • This is what the harvard prof said

        “shows US & EU erred by not pushing to keep Ukr. as neutral buffer state, not potential EU/NATO member.”

        West said that Obama signaled weakness before the election.


      • I don’t think you understood what the guy said. He was saying the OPPOSITE of what West was implying. The question of who should and should not be in NATO has been around since well before Obama was elected. He was saying Obama and the EU (not Obama alone) were too confrontational…too aggressive. They stood by Ukraine and its desire to move toward the West.
        West advocates MORE confrontation and this guy is saying they were too confrontational to begin with.

      • Awww… is that all you can think to say?
        i guess you don’t like what i wrote about Allen West, but you can’t actually come up with a reason to defend him so you resort to insults.

    • The Foreign policy which allows such transgressions to occur, just like funding the PA which shares governing Gaza with Hamas has brought you their latest outbreak of attacks. Your icon shows soldiering, have you never learned tactics and strategy??

      • Yes, I know tactics.
        but that still doesn’t explain how Allen West can blame the shooting down of this airliner on Obama.
        Obama’s foreign policy has nothing to do with it.

    • Are you really not too embarrassed to advertise your inability to comprehend and discern? Do you really believe that 0’s infamous ‘flexibility’ reference was not an admission of sympathy for Russia?

      • No… that is a leap.
        Buy even if he were sympathetic, how does that make him responsible for this plane being shot down?

    • Naive people grow up believing there was a time when America could just tell the world what was going to happen, and everyone would bow down and make it so. Here is some news for ya… it was NEVER like that. It’s a myth.

      • You mean after we failed trying to force our will on places like Viet Nam and Nicaragua?

        Generally the locals hashed it out without our interference

      • Yeah, like in Libya, like I said is imploding. And Iraq, again Obama’s fault.

        I know, they’ve really ‘hashed out’ Nicaragua, that’s why the southern border is swarming with ‘refugees’…get your story straight.

      • Xerocky, if you had any actual knowledgte, you would realize Nicaragua is one of the more stable Central American countries: the refugees are not from there. And yes, the Libyans will have to battle there way to a resolution. The demise of the Khadaffi regime was a long term American goal under Democrat and Republican leadership.

      • Quadaffi seemed to be one of the more stable elements in the middle east if you ask me. Libya was one of the few places that wasn’t giving us any problems. Now because of Obama it’s a complete mess and it and its oil will fall into the hands of Obama’s buds…Al Queida.

        As for Nicaragua being some sort of leftist paradise in Central America that none of the illegal aliens are coming from, that’s bullshyte. You’ve got your head way too far up MSNBC’s rear bud.


        “Honduran drug trafficking groups are responsible for the surge in violence in the Atlantic region of Nicaragua. Drug gangs are seizing drug shipments, a sign that these gangs are becoming a transnational threat.”

        Leftists are sooo desperate to white wash the crimes of the Sandinistia, that they have to tell lies to make the country seem like this ok place. If it’s so ok, then why are the kids still going a further 3kmiles to get to the United States? Why not just park their butts in the Communist paradise and skip the shlep? Nobody’s going to answer that question because the MSM is more about making it seem like a refugee situation and not what it is: a surge of illegal immigrants who heard that Obama won’t deport them.

  2. Directly or indirectly, Obaminations weak to non-existent foreign policies (that he got a Nobel peace prize for btw) have brought on all these conflicts that are going on to a head.
    If this plane shot down yesterday was done by the Russians, it is just Russia thumbing its nose at America and saying “What are you going to do?”
    We have “advisors” back in Iran which we weren’t supposed to because Obama did nothing and the JV terrorists turned out to be stronger and more organized than he thought possible.
    America is in a crisis of its own being invaded by more illegals than ever because of the mixed message/policies of this administration. Or should I say Orchestration?

    We as a country will be lucky to not be fighting wars on 2 fronts before the end of the year, and that’s of course is based on our survival of this massive invasion that is happening on our own soil by his hand.

    • We have advisors in Iran? What are we advising them about, how to make a decent nuke? I hope you’re wrong about the wars, cuz I got tired of that 2-war thing during the Bush Administration. Especially because at least one of them was completely optional. Oh, and if by chance you meant Iraq instead if Iran…if we hadn’t started that unnecessary war in the first place, we wouldn’t need to worry about stationing troops there forever to prop up ‘our’ Iraqi government. Also, the illegals at the border are coming because they’ve figured out the loopholes in the law signed by Bush in 2008 that don’t allow us to promptly deport them. Obama has already requested changes to Bush’s law to close the holes. BTW, do you blame the downing of the Korean Air jet on Reagan’s weakness? Surely he could have stopped that from happening if he’d been a bit tougher on the commies.

    • So…Obama told the separatists to shoot down the plane as a deliberate plot to distract attention from the immigration issue?

      • I’m so glad Obama has, at last had a chance of a photo-op. Of course he didn’t want to be seen alongside his bunch of new recruits at the southern border of the US. Not while it has all so obviously become a humanitarian crisis and DIRECTLY caused by him personally.

      • Ever heard of the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, which was signed into law by George W. Bush in 2008? It says that unaccompanied children from non-contiguous countries who are in the US illegally can’t be simply kicked out as their cases have to be investigated to make sure they’re not the victims of sex trafficking and aren’t simply being sent back to their abusers. So why aren’t you attacking Bush?

      • George w is suspect in most of his actions. Some may argue bush signed it into law as a humanitarian act. Mr. obama clearly seized upon this law to promote his political agenda.

      • Uh huh. You’re yelling at him for following the law. If he ignored it, you’d yell at him for not following the law. We all know how this works.

      • No, it goes deeper than that. Some of us are realizing george and barry were/are playing the same game

      • Obama seized on nothing. He was faced with a bunch of refugees and he did what the law said. As Jack said, people like you are going to attack him no matter what he does. Reason, evidence and common sense play no part in your judgment.

      • As a citizen of Chicago, I followed, watched and listened as obama made his way from community organizer to state senator to US senator to president. Common sense, reason and evidence plays a very large part in my judgement of obama.

      • I missed the memo on the law that said you take 3.7 billion from an already broke country and give it to tens of thousands of illegals and then treat them better than our own Vets……..Funny how “not turning them back” has turned into spend billions shipping them all over out country, and Hey, if it changes the voter demographics from Red to Blue….Well hell, obama is a self-serving opportunist if nothing else..I’m always amazed at how well obama follows the law when it benefits him…..and totally ignores our constitution when it doesn’t……I did mention the self-serving opportunist didn’t I..???

      • You misread my statement. I am referring to the media ignoring the situation on the border to devote 24/7 coverage. I think the invasion of the USA from the south needs more coverage, not less.

  3. “He is purposefully creating drama globally.”

    Huh? Are you accusing Obama of arranging the shootdown in advance or something?

  4. In the future, children will study the writings of Allen West to learn what Obama Derangement Syndrome looked like.

  5. I am sickened and repulsed by the idea that this man would even think to verbalize such ridiculous and frankly, seditious, nonsense. I don’t care what you think of our President or how he is doing his job, but to say something like this is shameful and Mr. West should retract and apologize.

    • Oh. I thought you were talking about Obama; yes, saying such a thing to a foreign power, let alone Russia, was “frankly seditious”. Obama was clearly intentionally misleading the American people as to what he intended to do if re-elected. It is not seditious to point it out.

    • Mr. West seditious? I wonder what your opinion is of mr obama recruiting illegals to invade, overwhelm and collapse our system? What is your opinion of mr obama flouting the US Constitution? What is your opinion of Mr. obama’s AG directing state attorneys general to disobey laws?

      • Man! You must have said “I can do without” when the passed out brains. I would say that President Obama has done just about everything in his power (no thanks to the dead beat Republicans in
        Congress) to keep this country afloat. The crap that Bush left this
        poor guy its a wonder that country is still here. Any other country
        would have gone down the slippery slope long time ago. Just ask
        the students and the women (not to mention the poor) of this country
        just what the President has done for them if when his hands were
        tied with the lack of Congress’s help.

    • I am not even going to respond to your ignorance. Mr. Obama did not “recruit” children to “invade” our country in order to collapse our systems. Mr. Obama did not cause a group of dissidents to shoot innocent people out of the sky. If you really cared about our role in the world. What about Mr. Cheney’s Halliburton Corp. creating a war in order to make trillions of dollars. The Koch Brothers buying politicians in order to destroy our democracy so they can make trillions of dollars. I could go on and on…….

      • Mr. Cheney was a great VP! So what if he was safe and sound as 10’s of thousands died to enrich he and his friends.. and Koch is not the only or biggest political contributors! Please do.. go on.

      • Whoa! Stop right there Mr Austin, I was with you in your previous statements; but saying Mr Cheney was a great VP is
        way out of line. He is a war monger in every since of the word.
        He was smiling all the way to the bank after he voted for the
        war along with Bush. I take it that you never had any sons or
        daughters that was injured or killed in Bush and Cheney’s war
        in Iraq? Weapons of mass destruction my ass; both those guys
        are Assholes!

      • Oh I think I’m in love with sukibarnstorm. Sir (if you are a Sir) has taken
        the thoughts right out of my head. Your statement is so true it should
        be framed and sent to every psycho Republican in this country. And your headlines should say “Set on this you dumb asses”. Your right
        when comes to Cheney and his daughter blaming Obama for the war
        in Iraq; those to should be locked up to protect themselves from their
        own stupidity.

  6. This alone should have been enough to cost Sotero the election. Thanks Jurassic Media and Low Information voters. You both suck.

  7. #MH17 #Investigation is complete. #UK & the #USA is 100% responsible 4 letting commercial jet fly in war zone. #OWS #tcot #Retweet #Truther

    Stop with UR #MH17 prayers. Call UR representatives & demand #UK & #USA leaders B charged 4 letting jet fly in war zone. #OWS #tcot

    Asking who shot down #MH17 in a #WarZone is like asking who stole the soap in a prison. #Obama #McCain #Kerry = #WarCriminals

    • Sniffing too much jet fuel are you? Flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur and 100% of the blame goes to the USA and UK? How in the world does that even happen. Guess you forgot the part where the FAA (a US entity) warned all airlines not to fly through there back in April. Guess pilot neglect didn’t play a part in this at all. Smh

    • You dumb ass! Its not our war, so why should we tell anyone where not to fly.
      So now I guess it’s President Obama’s responsibility to make sure no one in
      this world where the can’t fly? How about the dumb asses that owned that
      plane? They should have known better than to fly in that area.

  8. Allen West is pretty much a deranged nobody. He got a taste of celebrity when he fooled a COngressional district for a short period and got himself elected. They tossed him out at the very next opportunity and he has been trying desparately to claw his way back to mattering a bit ever since.

    • ““This is my last election. After my election I will have more flexibility.””

      To do what? What’s happened since then John?

      • You seem to think something happened for which Obama is responsible.. I am not going to guess what you are on about. Either say it leave it alone.

      • While serving in the military, West was charged in an incident that involved the beating and simulated
        execution of an Iraqi police officer. West was fined $5,000. branded “mentally unstable” and court-marshaled! Out of work and broke he saw an opportunity to gain prominence as an outspoken Black Tea Party supporting, war monger.., and conservative news outlets started paying him for his opinion. End of Story.. Hopefully.

      • NOW those are the facts! If Allen west were a democrat, these LOONS would use his military record against him!!!

      • I have no idea. That could have meant anything from trade policy to space cooperation. You seem to think you know: why not tell us?

      • I’ll tell you what; he can do any damn thing he wants after he leaves
        office. And, if I was him I would leave this damn country before it goes
        into the shiter. Because, if the Republicans ever take control then that
        is just where this country will end up.

    • Your right, and kissing up to the Republicans is not going to ever get himself
      elected to any office that represents the people of this country.

  9. You know West hit a real nerve when the lefts propaganda brigade shows up like rats. This 1 hits too close to home for the libs so out comes the name calling and slandering. Either show facts to the opposite of Col. West’s info or crawl back into the hole from which you came. The video does not lie!

    • You know the lefties have hit a real nerve when the righties complain the lefties are complaining!

      The only fact West is showing is that Obama said this and Medvedev said that. Everything else is interpretation, assertion and conjecture.

      But he did manage to mention Hitler, so everybody now has to do a shot!

      • And yet another Lib bringing zero info to the contrary of Col. West’s story. Deny responsibility without any proof to support themselves and then deflect the attention elsewhere….. this is the battle plan of the left. Sadly so many in our country continue to go along with it. Apparently to the progressives in a miraculous turn of events POTUS Obama hasn’t done absolutely nothing wrong in his entire life let alone his presidency. Shock of all shocks!

      • What info am I supposed to bring to the discussion? The only info West has is there’s a video and this is what was said in the video. Everything else- flexibility means weakness, weakness means the plane getting shot down is partly Obama’s fault- is opinion. I don’t think flexibility means weakness and I don’t think we have any responsibility for the crash and I certainly don’t think this video proves anything either way. That’s my opinion.

        As to the rest, you then take my evaluation of West’s rhetorical methods and make the leap that I think everything Obama does it right and then apply this false interpretation to all liberals, even if you have no idea if I’m a liberal or not, all while failing to take in account the times liberals have not been supportive of the president. Which all, of course, has nothing to do with what Allen West said in this post.

        So nuts to you, sir.

      • Yeah, nuts to you Mr. West cause you don’t have any. This man
        is just another psycho Republican that fits in with a long line of
        if today’s crazy Republicans.

  10. Wow west.. this is low even for you sir! With this type of rhetoric diminishes your hopes of furthering your political standing amongst “common sense” voters will most definitely be hampered. I guess we’ll just have to wait for your “yellow bus” of mistaken child immigrants! How much soul do you have left.. sir?

  11. That “flexibility” should be called what it really is – cowardice, an unwillingness to deal with problems and giving the bully in the sandbox – Putin – the “okay” to do whatever he wanted without interference from Obama.

    • Given Barry’s experiences up to now, a teenager could lecture Obama on world affairs. Barry isn’t man enough or good enough to wipe the dirt off of Col. West’s boots.

      • You must live in Canada.. where Cruz was born. You both should go back! You live in the US.. Obama’s your pres.. regardless of what you say.. You’re being unpatriotic!

      • Disgraced by whom, deadhead? The hero fired his sidearm too close to a raghead’s towel and was kicked out of the service for it…when he should have been given a handful of medals…

      • This is what makes you THE LOON OF THE DAY! When you serve you serve with honor AT ALL TIMES! Allen west was trained to LEAD but no leadership was shown that night. His men received article 15’s lost rank and pay. They faced judgement and where was Allen west??? Left those men to face charges for a situation he was in command of. ALLEN WEST IS A COWARD!!

      • At least you tell the truth of what happened, lol. His Soldiers took the fall for his incompetent leadership and if he were any kind of ladder he would have stood up for his so-called principles and taken the fall with his Soldiers. But like other cowardly officers he took his golden parachute and threw the enlisted cannon fodder to the pit. He’s a coward lacking the courage of his bluster and a piece of garbage who had never seen combat before and screwed up his first time having to use a weapon.

      • instead he had a choice,,,fight the charges,,stand up for his
        principles, and probably lose, or shut up,, go away and take your pension
        he choose his pension,,,
        can’t say I really blame him…
        but some kind of hero??,,,he is not….

      • goofball allen had a decision to make,,,he choose the wrong one..
        All in the military know this,,,
        you wanna torture,,, no doubt,,,but you don’t…

      • West was involved in the BEATING and “simulated EXECUTION” of an Iraqi police officer, fined $5,000, and summarily drummed out of service! Raghead is a bigoted term. And I bet you think West ain’t no “n****r” he’s “one of the good ones”! See Darrell.. when you use terms like that.. one can only assume you use them against anyone who is “not like you”. Which is why Obama is president.. people are tired of bigots… Let’s see, hmm who else is a “good one”.. there’s David Webb, Dr. Ben Carson… maybe Oprah.. but only because of her money.. she helped Obama win.. you get my drift.

    • “Cowardly”. As though you would know the first thing about valor and honor you punk ass bitch. What branch of the service did you serve in?

      • Wow, I guess you told him, hyuck! That shore was a knee-slapper!

        I’m sorry what military service do you have? Yeah, if you chicken-hawks could stop pretending like you know what military service is that’d be great, thanks!

      • Okay, here’s me, idiot.

        -97E 504th Parachute Infantry 82nd Airborne US ARMY 1998-2005 WIA Afghanistan

      • This “Cowardly punk ass bitch” served in 25th Infantry Division, Schofield Barracks, HI, Headquarters Headquarters Company , Division Support Command, Security Planning Operation

        23+ years federal service Department of Defense Department of Army.

        My father was a 25 yea Vietnam era Air Force Veteran. My grandfather WWII Army veteran

        Don’t preach to me about valor you inbred Tea Bagging ammosexual traitorous son of bitch!

      • Thank very much. I would gladly do it again in a heartbeat. I love my country and I am sick and tired of seeing traitors like Allen West trying to tear it apart for personal gain.

        I’m a democrat but I didn’t hate Reagan, G. Bush or G. W. Bush. I was working at the Norfolk Naval base on 9-11. Saw the Twin Tower collapse with dozens of young naval officers. Only a traitor attacks his commander in chief. You vote for someone else if you don’t support the president. You don’t bad mouth him or her and take the side of communist dictator over your country’s democratically elected leader. Shame on Allen West and anyone that supports him!

      • he has found his place,,,he will never run again, for anything,
        His district got sick and tired of all his hate,,and his phobias..
        (Islam, Gay), and who knows what else,,,
        but here he attracts all these kind of folks,,,,
        but in the end,,,,it’s all about the clicks and ad revenue,,
        $$ in his pocket,,,,it’s a shame,,,all he has seen,,and all he has learned,,,and all he can do is spout his hate a disdain,
        bashing the Pres.,,,and anyone else who doesn’t believe in his warped philosophy

      • Clearly granddaddy and daddy didn’t rub off on you. Bet theyre real proud of the sissy inbred they sired,

      • Good morning, Tammy. I’ve been reading some of your past comments. You’re a BATSHITcrazy neoconservative racist bitch.

        Question: What branch of the military did you serve it?

  12. Look who’s in panic mode with the mid-term elections just months away. The trolls have been rehired, using the same tired key words like “racist”, “Faux News”, etc, as if they actually represented responsible Americans with real concerns about their country. Guess the DNC’s summer chump change is better than nothing.

    • Nah…its a facebook post out there with the 6 DUMBEST things said in response to the plane being shot down. Allen west is #6!

      • I would like to see Mr West’s discharge papers from the military; they
        made a big mistake if it read “honorable”. To blame Obama for this
        plane being shot down is the most stupidest that any Republican has
        ever said. And this guy was an officer in the military; which doesn’t
        say much for officers in the military. I’m sure glad I wasn’t under his

      • Xerocky, do not be a disingenuos lying twit. YOu have already been shown that teh professor in question thinks exactly the opposite of how you portray him, yet you come back and repeat the same disinformaiton. Didn’t anyone ever teach you honesty?

      • Allen West:

        “The blood on Vladimir Putin’s hands was poured by Barack Obama who is indirectly responsible, accountable and no different than Neville Chamberlain’s weakness in the face of the 20th Century maniacal dictator Adolf Hitler.”

        Stephen Walt: “Russia and/or Ukr rebels may be responsible for heinous & tragic act, but US & EU policy has been foolish & feckless”




        lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible.

        John, you’re stupid.

      • Allen West is a loud mouth, empty headed Boob!!!!
        I was shocked to see him walk and chew gum at the same time…

  13. Oh look out! Allen ” the 80’s called and needs it’s haircut back” west is trying to corner the market on stupid, again!

  14. ALLEN WEST….leader of the TIN FOIL HAT COMMANDOS! The funny part is….these people ACTUALLY believe he has a shot of becoming president. President of the local girl scouts is the best he can do now!

    • It seems to me, looking at America’s history, military leaders have done well in leading our country. Community Organizers and those who buy houses in a district to run for an office have not shown to be worth the money that was spent to buy their office. I’ll stick with proven leaders any day .

      • Except west isn’t in the military because he practically got thrown out. He should have went to jail for war crimes. He was a terrible military leader and a terrible civilian public servant. He’s garbage and he knows it.

      • Putting a gun to an enemy combatant’s head, in order to save American lives .. I condone it, even if it were to save someone who ideals lie in socialism lite which your postings seem to promote.

      • When you can’t refute the message you attack the messenger, thus proving the message is 100% accurate.

      • Except going by real life events west isn’t qualified because he was fired from the military and fired from public service, lol. Whereas President Obama has only gone on to greater levels of responsibility. Did I mention that he was twice elected POTUS? West couldn’t even get re-elected in the district he gerrymandered for himself, lol.

      • Ostinko? Are you referring to B. Hussein Obama, two-term President of the United States? Do you understand what the concept “having respect for the office” means?

        The answer is that you do understand the concept, but you will only use it when a Republican is in office. Now, let’s see . . . .

        Who was in office before Obama? Was there even a Presidency before Obama? Yes, there was a Presidency. Who was that guy? Bob? Chuck?

        Now, I know Clinton was in office from 1993 to 2001. Was he President on 9/11? No, so there must have been some other guy. What was his name?

        I give up. All our problems MUST have started January 20, 2009. (Oh, and Obama’s time machine? That means he’s the cause of all our problems BEFORE 1/20/09.)

        Wingnut logic is fun!

      • The office is always to be respected, but when the person occupying the office has no respect for it no one needs to respect that person. That being said, I’m sure in your tiny little liberal mind you do not understand how whatever his name is, barry soetoro or barack obama, has shown no respect for the office of POTUS. Well, first of all he showed no respect by even attempting to occupy it KNOWING he is NOT Constitutionally qualified to be POTUS. Yes, I know you can’t wrap your head around the fact that he is a DUAL CITIZEN which, by definition, means he is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. We all know the birth certificate nonsense was just to throw everyone off track and make them completely forget about the facts. barack obama SENIOR, born in Kenya = BRITISH SUBJECT + stanley ann dunham American citizen makes little junior, no matter where he was born, a DUAL CITIZEN.
        soetoro/obama shows his disrespect for the office of POTUS and therefore is NOT entitled to any respect whatsoever.
        This has nothing to do with color or party affiliation, it has to do with this one single, solitary person and reflects HIS behavior, PERIOD.

      • You can’t deny that he’s a dual citizen and therefore not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.
        Refute the evidence.

      • If he retained dual citizenship he wouldn’t be President. I know life is hard, but it’s harder when you don’t think things through.

      • Retained? What does that have to do with anything? You are either a Natural Born Citizen at birth or you aren’t one at all. obama/soetoro is NOT because he was not born one. That also leaves out the fact that, according to record, and not denied by him, he became a citizen of Indonesia as a child. There are no records of any kind that he has produced or caused to be released that prove he is no longer a citizen of Indonesia. None of the socialist democrat liberal progressive leftist tools that post on here have ever seen or can produce any such record. All they have is blind faith in someone who has a vested interest in lying.

      • You are a disgrace to your military service. First you obviously do not understand the reason for the military. Did daddy make you go because he couldn’t control your behavior? Plus military brothers have each other’s back. Clearly you do not understand that concept either. And also, you follow a traitor in charge….it cannot be denied. Now I say to you, “you can’t handle the truth.”.

      • No, the disgrace to the military was given retirement in lieu of trial by military Courts-Martial. I’m still in, still leading and training Soldiers. West couldn’t even hack it as a politician. He couldn’t lead his way out of a wet paper bag, lol.
        I come from a military family so I joined. I stayed because of the people I’ve come to know and work with. That’s called “having each other’s back” and loyalty. Not sneaking out the back with a retirement pension while my Soldiers are given punishments for my crime. That’s the epitome of failure.

      • It doesn’t matter if he’s also eligible for British Citizenship. This would not mean that he’s not a Natural Born Citizen of the United States. As long as he was entitled to US Citizenship when he was born, Obama qualifies. That is what the courts have decided the term means.

      • Only ignorant birthers ascribe to the theory of him being a dual citizen, lol:

        However, Kenya’s constitution prohibits dual citizenship in adulthood. Obama therefore automatically lost his Kenyan citizenship on his 23rd birthday, in 1984, by failing to formally renounce any non-Kenyan citizenship and swear an oath of allegiance to Kenya

        I hope that makes it easier to understand, but I doubt it.

      • You respect the office, but not the person? Yeah, right. Remember GWB? Any criticism of him was immediately attacked as being treasonous to the state. Ya know, we still have troops in harm’s way. Any criticism of the President is treasonous, therefore you are a traitor to the USA. Should you be shot? Some people have told me you should.

        So, you’re a birfrer? You dudes have lost over 200 lawsuits since 2009. I wonder what you’d be saying the liberals lost over 200 lawsuits against GWB over a five-year period? Oh, wait. I don’t wonder. You’d be pointing and laughing just like we do when you do your birfer thing.

        Dual citizen? I have an idea. You, you personally, should do something about it. Prepare all your documents, go to DC and announce that BHO is no longer President. It’s a win-win because now you get Joe Biden for President.

        The fact that you, you personally, have not taken any credible action shows your contempt for the Constitution. You, sir, are a traitor. Should you be shot? Well, even more people than before have now told me that they think so.

        “one single, solitary person and reflects HIS behavior, PERIOD.”

        Yeah, go beat off some more. You respect the office by addressing the person in the office correctly, regardless of how you feel about them. That was the standard for GWB and it’s always been the standard. You’re violating the standard and you know you are.

        Frankly, we liberals are better people than you conservatives are. Remember GWB? Obama is currently fixing his messes. Reagen/Clinton? Same thing. Hoover/FDR? Same thing. You guys always mess up because you’re incompetent.

        “tiny little liberal mind”

        Petty insults. What are you, like twelve? The fact that you have to resort to such stupid tactics is (1) a reflection of the paucity of your own inner life and (2) your realization that your position is the losing one compared to mine.

        You’ll probably answer back and I certainly can’t stop you. Consider ceasing with any more responses to me. What that does is deprive me of the chance to continue to ridicule your half-assed ideas and that would make me sad. That’s your only hope of getting to me.

      • Bush and all previous POTUS have held the office LEGALLY and that includes the crappy socialist democrats. This guy, whose name we can’t even be sure of, does not.
        He was adopted by lolo soetoro, so is he barry soetoro or barack obama? YOU DON’T KNOW, because there are no legal papers to prove anything either way. You may pretend to know, but that just proves you are a gullible fool.
        So I’m a birther (intended to have negative overtones) because according to LAW (which you conveniently ignore) a person who is a British subject (obama SENIOR) who has a child (even one in the USA) that child is by law a British citizen. So although he is an American citizen by virtue of his mother’s citizenship, he is also a British citizen, thus a DUAL CITIZEN.
        Those are FACTS. I realize they are inconvenient, but they are FACTS nonetheless. Not one of you can dispute those facts not even ovomit himself. Why do you think he forced the birth certificate issue by not producing it? DIVERSION. A dual citizen is not a Natural Born Citizen. PERIOD, no matter what BS you come up with. And you can call me a birther if you want, it doesn’t change the fact that you are the idiot for not questioning the illegality of the pretender occupying the office of POTUS.

      • But, you have a solution at hand. Go to DC with all your proof and remove Obama from office. Just like that guy down in Florida shouting “My Constitution.” YOUR Constitution gives you certain rights and you’re not exercising them. That, in many minds, makes you a traitor.

        “Those are FACTS. I realize they are inconvenient, but they are FACTS nonetheless. Not one of you can dispute those facts”

        They have been disputed. They have been debunked. Over and over and over. Now, you not agreeing with the undermining of your “facts” does not make you correct. Like I said before, over 200 lawsuits by bifers and not one of them make any progress before. Not one. That MUST mean something to you.

        Now, very likely, it means there is a giant conspiracy against birfers. To us in the real world, it means you have no case.

        “no matter what BS you come up with.”

        Once again, it’s up to you personally to do something about it. You haven’t done squat. You, by your inaction, are harming America.

        Birth certificate? He did produce the long form and, boy, did it take the wind out of Corsi and Trump. A masterstroke.

        I realize that you, yourself, have not personally handled Obama’s original birth certificate. On that point, I have not seen your ORIGINAL birth certificate (not a certified copy, which can be faked). Since I have not seen your original BC, I have no proof you are a citizen of the USA. You might be a terrorist.

        Idiot? Hey, whatever gets you through the night. You may not be an idiot, but you are a traitor to the USA and possibly a terrorist. I’m supportive of the USA and a red-blooded patriot. You are not.

      • PS the rest of your tirade isn’t worthy of an answer. I’ve been doing my part to expose the fraud. It is ignorant fools like you who haven’t got enough intelligence to even question the obvious discrepancies in this man’s past. The laughable thing is that if this fraud was a conservative, you’d have so many questions and be demanding proof of who he is. Shows your and your fellow tools’ hypocrisy.

      • Wait a minute. The fact that I am certain Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961 makes me a hypocrite? Man, I know wingnut “logic” is awesome, but that is super special.

        “I’ve been doing my part to expose the fraud.”

        And you have failed 100% of the time. That’s all you have experienced since 2009. Flat-out failure. You’re so fcking incompetent, I have a hard time understanding how you get out of bed in the morning.

        Obvious discrepancies? Oh God, please don’t give me a list. (1) everything on the putative list has already been debunked (2) A list isn’t proof. (3) Look up Gish Gallop.

        “isn’t worthy of an answer.”

        Of course not. You can’t refute what I say, so you act as if it’s unimportant. In your own mind, you are cutting me to shreds. I’m glad none of your nonsense means anything regarding stopping at a red light or properly cooking food. If you believed the nonsense you do about Obama in real world equivalent beliefs, you’d have been dead many, many years ago.

        Prattle on some more. You seem nice (By the way, did you look up paucity? I didn’t have to look it up. Good word, isn’t it?)

      • A’yup. And a list is still not proof. If it is, then this works as proof:

        A List of the Worst Presidents Since 1960
        1) Richard Nixon

        2) Gerald Ford
        3) Ronald Reagan
        4) George H.W. Bush
        5) George W. Bush

        See, it’s on a list. That’s proof.

        Go back to bed Tammy. You need your sleep.

    • How about everyone start “practicing what preached” in the Bible? Just the good parts! Ah.. hell, never mind that cause that would cause more confusion!!

  15. I think the same thing, Col West. It sickens to me know obama had a hand in the murders of 298 people. He doesn’t care about other people or Americans. He certainly didn’t care about the four who were murdered in Benghazi.

    Col West, thank God you are going to speak at the Western Conservative Summit. Any time you can pass on to others the importance of protecting and defending our freedom so that we may all prosper together as a nation is a good day! I like how the chairman of the summit, John Andrews titled his article “Dear Friend Of Freedom”.

    obama might be but we don’t have to be Putin’s b*hatch.

      • We have a do nothing president who sits on his hands, more or less aiding evil despots like Putin and the barbaric Muslim Brotherhood threaten and kill innocent people. obama is Putin’s b&hatch and enabler. obama is an accomplice, as usual.

      • Oh, so what do you think Obama should have done to prevent this?
        Should we have gone to war over the Ukraine?

        You can’t actually come up with a logical way to blame Obama for this shoot down.
        You probably blame Obama if you can’t find a parking space.

      • Putin just very well may be the next Pol Pot and obama wouldn’t so much as bat an eye. You should be thanking guys like Col West because if it weren’t for them right now, obama himself could be another Pol Pot.

      • An internet blogger like Allen West somehow saved us all from Obama becoming Pol Pot?


      • I’m hoping for West/Carson 2016 (or Carson/West), but I think I’ll just have to settle for Bush/Martinez.

      • The only thing west has ever done is fail at being in the military, fail at being a public servant, and now he fails at being a genuine internet troll. He doesn’t write his own blogs, he’s ridiculously misinformed, and his poor information just feeds other low-information voters perpetuating Tea-Qaeda idiocy.

      • Jason.. West epitomizes the current “greed is good” mindset started by the illustrious one himself “R. ReaGun” He’s making more noise and money NOW than he’d ever could as a congressman or in the military! Also never lose sight of the fact that tv is seen by some as nothing but a form of “entertainment” just like this blog. Unfortunately it can have dire consequences when handled maliciously by demons!

      • The republicans and Tea-Qaeda are going to destroy each other in their quasi-civil war. Things will be better when Hillary is in office.

      • No, we don’t think Obama is a supernatural entity that confers blessings or curses. We’re sane.

  16. West, do you even have a clue? What is with you and the rest of the Tea-Qaeda trolls? You have no purpose in life. You couldn’t hack it in the military. You couldn’t hack it in public office. So you spend your time spewing bs all over the place because you’re a terrible leader? You’re just as tasteless as starnes and as knowledgeable about anything as Palin was before she got outed as a moron by Katie.

    Stop embarrassing the military and take down that “steadfast and loyal” banner because you aren’t and just fade into anonymity. Have you no shame?

    • Since by your tyraid of WEST is so nagetive I do believe you have never served in the military and as for you condemnation of what West is about you speak just like Obama ‘s lying mouth. This is a man who served proudly and Obama has only served hjimself with his communist helper AYERS.

      • He was proudly “drummed” out of service too! What is it about you and Ayers.. If he was so “influenced” by him.. he’d be blowing up buildings! And Yes.. Rev. Wright said “God Damn America”! And the congregation went wild! So? What has that got to do with anything?

      • The word is tirade. And not only have I served, I’m still serving something west can’t say. I will retire honorably knowing full well what actual honor is. West retired because he was too chicken-s*!t to own up to his crime, lol. Retirement in lieu of trial by court martial doesn’t constitute honor my book. But then again, I’m enlisted so maybe we measure honor differently.

      • The only problem is that west didn’t stand with them. He quietly took his paycheck and left out the backdoor while they were left holding the bag.

    • Couldn’t hack it in the military? Have you ever been in the military ? One does no become a Lt.Col.by “not hacking it”! I know. I was a Captain, USAF.

      • Lt. Cols.. Captains, Generals… they all get booted when they commit stupid acts as did Mr. West.

      • Thank you for your service.

        Did you resign from the military to forestall a court martial over war crimes? Allen West did.

        That action of his vitiates all his previous service in the military.

      • Those that never served have no idea what we have all endured for their right to say and do stupid things.

      • Some people think that just because they served they’re entitled to special treatment. I’m no better than anyone else in the US. I just happened to have been in the military. I’m entitled to no special treatment from the rest of society and neither are any other Service Members.

      • I’ve been in the Army for over 18 years. I will retire with actual honor in a few years, something west doesn’t understand. Officer promotions (especially during the bush era) was all about the good ol boy system and waiting. I’ve read west’s record. He wasn’t exceptional in any shape, form, or fashion, lol. And he didn’t know the first thing about leadership or he would have taken the same punishment his Soldiers received. He let them take the fall for his actions while he took a nice pension that he didn’t deserve.

    • I can’t hear you because your head is so far up Opinko’s butt that your voice is muffled. Opinko is an inept disgrace to the highest office in the world which he attained through no accomplishment or accomplishments of his own. Your defending of this charlatan hack embarrases YOU.

      • No accomplishments of his own? He attained the most powerful office in the world. Fulfilled the promise of American dream! What have you accomplished lately?

      • Since you are using ‘Mr. Natural’ as an icon…his colorful phrase should be directed at yourself. BTW…do you characterize EVERYONE who disagrees with you as an ‘Idiot’?

        WOW! That is such substantive and compelling rhetoric! Socrates is spinning in his grave at the sheer shame of how much you are head and shoulders above his intellect. NOT!

      • No,, not everyone who disagrees with me is an idiot,,no way
        I have had great conversations with people left and right whom
        I disagree with,,,,but,, not here
        and I’ll stand by my comment that Glenn Beck is an idiot..
        as you can stand by yours…….

      • Only an idiot would not see the destructiveness of Oshithead’s policies and disregard for our constitution.

  17. We are probably going to be told that Allan West is a racist for his absolutely correct opinion that Obama is as responsible as all get out. I also have no doubt that his “more flexibility” comment was intended to give “VLADIMIR” the green light for his mischief where ever and when ever he chose.
    The entire record of the Obama administration’s foreign policy results have been the destabilization of every conflict area in the world.
    No where have USA interest been advanced or even maintained as they were when he came into office.

    Europe, Great Britain and the Middle Eastern countries are are all pretty much unwilling to listen or act in concert with Obama’s administration. The Iranians , Koreans, the turmoil in Lybia, Syria and Egypt and the continued present Islamic radical military forces advances in Iraq, the Russians, Ukrainian Separatists supported and assisted by Russia, the Chinese expansionist moves South American illegal immigration invasion, Canadian pipeline delays on and on the foreign relations of the USA are in DISGRACEFULLY TERRIBLE CONDITION.


    • jimof.. It is widely considered throughout the African American community that black people can’t be “racist”! We can be bigoted and prejudiced but not racist. For more info on this topic please google Michael Eric Dyson “Black people can’t be racist”.

  18. I don’t like Obama, but in this particular case he has nothing to do with MH17. It was more of Republican thing to interfere everywhere in the world and Obama destroying Ukraine had nothing to do with ‘flexibility.’ This post has no difference from libprogs woes about Bush’s fault.

      • $5 billions spent on sponsoring coup, CIA floor in Ukrainian parliament building, Biden overseeing Ukrainian parliament sessions, approval of air force and tanks use against own people from USA… I don’t think that ‘kidding’ is an appropriate word here.

  19. After reading the trash the socialist democrat tools have posted, I have come to the conclusion that, as usual, they cannot disagree with the facts in the article by countering with facts so they attack the writer. This is absolute proof positive that, as always, Lt. Col. West has hit the nail on the head.
    The liberal troll tools are in full force to attack the messenger because the message is spot on.

      • Proof that they fear Lt. Col. West and truth is that these same trolls post their hatred and lies on EVERY article he writes. They are out to destroy his reputation with lies because they cannot do it with facts. They are truly ignorant tools just following orders.

      • The facts of what he did are readily available. Pull your head out of your fourth point of contact PVT ABN, lol

      • how do you destroy the reputation of a guy who got tossed out of the Army and should be in jail? YOU can’t have any sense of dignity or a double digit IQ and think this guy has anything of substance to say.

      • oh here we go, the Jesus freaks coming out of the woodwork with the Ol’ demonic possession bit……Not in Kansas any more are we?

  20. A lot of people have forgotten about that conversation that Obama had with Medvedev… a conversation that no President of the United States should have been having with an enemy of our country! Time and time again, Obama has proven that he is a traitor… so what is it going to take before America arouses itself from it apathy and lethargy?!

      • Start practicing now….
        “Yes Madam President,,,Of course Madam President”
        just sit back and watch it happen…..

      • This country will not see anymore presidents after Oshithead. These abominable women will get precisely what they deserve in due time.

      • Libs are unreal. Their first black president experiment failed miserably, and now they want to try a woman. Are they nuts or do they hate our country?

      • Both. But I would not blame it on color or gender as I have no opposition to either. I blame it on identity politics, just voting for someone because of their color or gender, it proves those voters are exactly what they claim the opposition is, an act of prejudice typical of the left. You will note the right doesn’t care about color or gender and never uses either as a weapon or a shield like the left. We care only about character and ideology. The left can’t stand that fact so they destroy the reputation of every black or female conservative for having the audacity to leave the socialist democrat liberal progressive left’s plantation.

      • So you advocate the complete destruction of the USA. Great, the socialist have done their job with their propaganda and brainwashing. You are too ignorant to know you wish to harm yourself. Brilliant! I do hope you would enjoy being a citizen of Venezuela because that’s what you are advocating for America.

      • America will be torn down from within,,,,
        Crazy Creationist, the “Moral Majority” and all their fear and
        hate for science and advancement..
        it’s a shame……..

      • The only ones who refuse to believe in science are the socialist democrat liberal leftist progressive fools.
        They protect the eggs of animals, thus admitting it is a viable life while denying human babies in the womb have a right to live and in fact advocate for their slaughter by burning them with acid and pulling them apart piece by piece.
        As if that’s not enough denial of science by the liberal loons, they also deny facts when it comes to weather, so much so that they actually have to change their data to back up their stupidity and denial of the facts when it comes to “the earth is going to freeze” 1970’s liberal LIE “the earth is going to get so hot the polar icecaps will melt and the earth will flood” 1980’s-90’s LIE and now we have ” the temperature will ‘change'”. Well, no duh! it always has and always will, but it has nothing to do with liberal lies and their money making control schemes, but they do have to ignore science to make their point.
        I could go on, but truth is wasted on liberal tools.

  21. I asked before and I will ask again will somebody give this man Allen West a real job so he can shut the —- up!

      • Exactly, he makes money by concocting the wildest stories. And here he is using the murder of 298 innocents to advance his hatred. Despicable.

      • Well, according to hana your and her being here adds to his wallet. I don’t understand the complaint myself, but if the liberal tools are going to make the accusations, I’m just saying leave if you don’t like that he writes to make money and you help him earn money when you visit his site.
        You liberals always speak with forked tongue.

      • I love to see insanity at work. To see how twisted people in this country really are, so full of hate and ignorance. And the only way to halt it is to confront it. Like racism. Allen West of all people should know that. And if he was a true patriot, he wouldn’t be spilling this wild twisted sick sh#t about the CIC.

    • The fact that you wish for him to be silent proves that not only is he correct in what he says, but it also shows that the socialist democrat leftist tools such as yourself, want to eliminate all opposition to your flawed opinions. Typical of the left’s tolerance and diversity = silence if you disagree. (shades of the lois lerner IRS)

      • You got the facts all screwed up. He lost because the socialist democrat liberal progressive leftists committed fraud!

      • Yes, are you too ignorant to believe those facts? Never mind, you’re a liberal tool, facts never matter to you. When you have more than 100% of eligible voters voting and they ALL vote exactly alike in more than one precinct, that’s voter fraud. You can deny it like all good liberal tools do, we expect it from you. But the facts speak for themselves and your foolishness of denying facts will not change a thing. You do prove your ignorance to the rest of us, but that’s not a big deal either.

      • They,,,( his own party and Dems)) wanted him gone,,,,his inflammatory rhetoric,, his muslophobia,,,his intolerance..
        the people in his district were tired of his crap,,,and got rid of him…
        So he wasn’t in a gerrymandered Rep. district?
        Rubes love those…

      • A one in done. In a gerrymandered district. THAT is how F’d up this guy is. And you drink his ball sweat. What’s that say about you?

      • You can’t fix ignorance just move along and ignor. If you lay down with Dogs you’re going to get Fleas.

      • Gore has a real job and he is not a hater like West the fraud plus Gore is rich lol
        Sent from my iPad

      • No we just want west the bully lying poc to crawl back under his Rock. Spare us the mental off the rails rant. The blood of those inocent . MALAYSIA AND PUTIN are responsible. 4 planes had been shot down prior to this tragedy. Don’t fly Malaysia not safe.

      • Obama is part of the communist shadow government in place. Their goal is to tank the markets and corporate profits in order to move in to replace our capitalist system with communisim.

      • Bob, you’re on the right path. The useful idiots in this thread know nothing of history or the unseen hand of the players pulling the strings. Compassion and social justice are carrots, a smokescreen. I feel sorry for these uninformed that are being exploited by all the snake oil salesmen in this evil scheme. Shalom.

      • The problem is they are deliberately ignorant because they get on these sites and are given facts which they choose to ignore. They are more interested in calling people teabaggers, racists, and tinfoil hat wearers, etc… They have absolutely no knowledge of history or of our founding documents. They know just enough to misquote (always in the same way which lets you know they get this crap from their liberal websites rather than the actual source. It would be quite funny except that they are destroying the United States. They are digging their own graves and making fun of those who dare to say ‘hey fool, you’re digging your own grave’. They won’t get it till they are pushed into the grave. It will be too late then. Unfortunately they will be taking us into the grave with them, it will be little satisfaction to say ‘ I told you so’ at that point, but I guarantee you I damn sure will be shouting it and I do hope they regret it most.

      • I agree with you. They only reiterate rhetoric they’ve heard from the propagandists themselves. This is why I fear that there will never be any turnaround because of so many ill-informed people. The deceit is so thick and there are so many corrupt elite societies that the truth does become hard to find, but if you know who has the money and wants to maintain that power and consume the world’s wealth and resources, the answers are not that hard to find. God bless. . .

      • Bob, you are lost and need to get back on some meds based on what you have posted here. No touch with reality. None.

      • hana, it is you that needs some meds to block the propaganda brainwashing you’ve been fed by the socialist democrat liberal progressive left.

      • Obama’s job is to “tank the markets and corporate profits in order to move in to replace our capitalist system with communism.” You actually believe this crap, don’t you?

        When Obama took office, 2009, the Dow Jones was – 7,949.09

        The Dow Jones closed yesterday at – 17,100.18

        Either Obama is a sorry ass communist or he’s a sneaky son of bitch.

        Explain this to me – How is he tanking the markets and hurting corporate profits by increasing corporate profits and making the markets stronger than they’ve ever been?

        The Dow Jones is up nearly 100%!!!

      • Hey Kenny, wake up, wake up~the government is printing 65 BILLION dollars a month and pumping it into the stock market. I’m sure that’s a big surprise to you as they don’t like to talk about it too much in the mainstream. But hey, think about this~what do you think will happen will they STOP doing it? The Great Depression will look like a picnic.

      • you mean like what happened in 2008 when the whole world economy almost collapsed? that kind of picnic?

      • Yes, only worse. Since the democrat controlled House and Senate caused all that mess they’ve had a lot of practice so they can really make the next collapse have an impact.

      • its actually more like 150% Kenny. And unemployment is down from 10% to 6. and don’t confuse the teabag#ers with facts…..makes them very confused.

      • Since your ‘facts’ are distortions of the truth, it seems to me that it is you who is confused. The fact is more people have left the workforce and are on government assistance or were forced to retire earlier than they wanted. There are also large numbers of people who are working part time and can barely make ends meet, but they are still considered ’employed’. The fact is overall, the economy is far worse than it’s ever been.
        Add to all that, the invasion of the criminals who will be sucking the lifeblood from this country, and any reasonable, thinking human being can see that ovomit and his regime have done permanent damage to America. I know you celebrate that so go ahead and have your party. If you believe no damage has been done and everything is a-okay, then you’re insane.

      • no, West a loud mouth shill and in this case is using people who were murderd to advnce his poisonous view of America. He should be in jail.

    • His job now is getting paid to spew insane rhetoric,,,that gets clicks,,,from the left, and the right,,, and he really doesn’t care which,,,so just keep clicking!!…..
      He makes his money from ad revenue,, and he can prattle on with all his
      phobias,,and “love for his country”, and really not have to answer to anyone,,
      I don’t think west likes to answer to anyone… (swelled head syndrome)
      so just keep clicking…..

      • So, you also want all internet media shut down because the writers of the articles get paid by the number of visits to the site.
        My advice to you is that if you are so concerned about this, stop visiting this site and tell all your fellow trolls to do the same. That way you can hurt LTC West’s wallet.

      • I give this much > . < of a _____ about westys wallet,,,
        It helps him support his family,,,and that's ok with me..
        lets not get carried away with what he believes,,,
        he's making $,,and thats all that matters,,,not me and you disagreeing about things…….

      • Then why did you bring it up? Obviously it matters to you. I’m just pointing out that you don’t have to be here, he can easily support his family without you and your fellow trolls.

      • Okay, then stay, I don’t give a rat’s ass one way or the other It’s the libs that have the problem.

      • totally agree , where can you get such entertainment value from a larger collection of knuckleheads?

      • Your disbelief has made you very cynical, and being cynical causes “Blindness” and “Deafness”… You can’t see the truth, and you won’t listen to reason!

      • I feel no need for any other faith than my faith in human beings. Like Confucius of old, I am so absorbed in the wonder of earth and the life upon it that I cannot think of heaven and the angels. ~Pearl S. Buck

      • Now you have hit the nail on the HEAD! Its all about Allen west getting PAID! He knows that these teabilly LOONS will buy his products and pay to hear him speak. Nothing is wrong with this…he knows that the stuff he post here makes him no able to run for ANY public office again. He is using the exact same playbook that made Sarah (I QUIT) Palin a multi millionaire!!

    • Fat chance of that..Allen West was kicked out of the military…What sane person would be foolish enough to taint their business with that looser???

  22. We need t get Issa to call for hearings into this to find out how much Obama is involved. This has his fingerprints all over it. He intentionaly had this plane shot down, but for what reason? We need to find out before he has more shot down. Do your job Issa!!

    • As I stated, anything is possible and has occurred under Obama and this administration also, no sane nation on Earth would allow diseased illegal aliens in there country, but this administration has done it in order to get the votes and make the United States a third world population. This is called ethnic replacement. replace the white or European white male with the masses of a Hispanic/Central America population. Sounds like Obama is taking the same path as Nazi Germany. As I stated, anything is possible under this anti American president and the criminals who surround him!

    • Out of the box reason . Perhaps to divert attention from the intentional/deliberate border crisis created by this administration. As we speak Millions of undocumented illegal children ,adults and gang members continue to enter our country and shipped through-out our country. We have forgotten about the border and have our thoughts on Russia. Obama is clever in fact ,we have forgotten about Benghazi,VA scandal,fast and furious,the army deserter and traitor and a whole lot more. Never underestimate the enemy.

      It is interesting how this administration blamed the shoot down of the plane on Putin minutes after the it was reported and before any investigation.

  23. Allen West needs to shut up or find something else to talk about. Using the deaths of 298 innocent victims to get 15 seconds on Fox is unconscionable. What do you expect though from a guy who kidnaps police officers, threatens to kill them and then shoot off a pistol near their head?

    • Ignore the facts and attack the messenger. Proof that the facts are correct. Chalk one more up for West.

      • FACTS? Give me one, just one FACT. Connecting Obama and this murder of innocents is just insanity. It’s like blaming him for the sun coming up or that Obama created the World Cup to distract everyone. IF you believe this stuff you need to see a psychiatric professional immediately. ITs like believing in the 2nd shooter on the grassy knoll or that the moon landings were faked or that there is a crotchety gray haired man who looks down on the earth and pulls all the strings. What utter Bull Sh#t

      • Leadership? This is the F’ing Russians we are dealing with knucklehead. They don’t play ball like everybody else does. They lost 40 million people in WWII and didn’t even blink. Just what do you think leadership has to do with this? And its SO easy to sit on the side lines and shoot your mouth off. Like Allen West has any answers. Its beyond complex and unlike Bush, at least OBama has the brains not to just run in like some yosemite sam shooting all over the place and starting WWIII. Being pragmatic is a sign of intelligence.

      • Bla, bla, bla. Obozo……..a sign of true intelligence; now that’s priceless! You’re obviously one of the drones that the US taxpayers can thank for the last six years of prosperity, eh?

      • You do understand that the likes of Mr. West and others derive great joy as well as a “fat paycheck” for planting the seeds of discourse. He’s sitting back and laughing all the way to the bank while you bash each other on social media! Has he ever once joined into any of these convos after posting his malicious drivel? Hate pays these days! There should be a disclaimer of “For entertainment and enrichment purposes of Mr. West ONLY”

      • You are a racist for HATING on Colonel West and making up lies about him. You sad little idiot.

      • Aww.. you silly little rabbit! Tricks are for kids! I’m black.. I can’t be “racist”.. and he’s black! What’s that.. “black on black racism?”.. Prove me wrong, if you can. I only state facts and my political views are not formed by listening to dopes like you and West.. I’m simply amused.. Now! Back in your hole!

      • i didn’t state any “Facts”, i asked for ONE FACT to support this spurioius allegation. NONE. Not only fact. Just the WILDEST of allegations. And you teabag#gers who get all your news for FAUX have it SO right. Uh huh. look at what you all are writing about the POTUS murdering 300 innocents. You are clinically insane, your bigotry and hatred is all you show. Just like Bengahzi which is no appearing to be a colossal waste of time and money only to find out the POTUS did exactly what he should have done. Psychotic. look it up: break from reality. you fit like a glove.

      • You probably shouldn’t even waste your time trying to educate these backwards teabillys. Eventually we, as a country
        will progress and leave them as a minor footnote in American history. (that’s if these RWNJs don’t blow up the world first)

      • The fact, Obama’s polls have dipped considerably with this illegal influx of aliens. Why not make a diversion to get the peoples frustration and anger away from the border crisis. No one even reports on these illegals,VA is old news,Benghazi is old news,Fast and Furious is old news,the bastard traitor and deserter is old news and now the illegals that continue to enter our country is old news. All these issues have suddenly disappeared from the news and Americans and focused on Russia. All prior illegal acts and scandals by this administration seem to have vanished into thin air. How convenient for Obama. Anything is possible under Obama and this administration. “Don’t underestimate the enemy”

      • stop for a second and listen to yourself and re read what you wrote. Do you realize how insane you sound? Not only that the POTUS would somehow coordiante or be involved in the murder of 300 innocent people, but that he even has that kind of power with Russian Rebels. And to what end? How’s this make him look good? The polls have been dropping for a while and the border issue belongs on the head of Congress, with a 4% approval rating, as much as Obama. Why not blame Boehner? Makes just about as much sense. You watch too much TV or else need some psychiatric help since you have lost touch with reality. what you say make NO sense whatsoever.

      • Your telling me that I am out of touch with reality. Obama and this administration are factually out of touch with reality. Anything is possible with Nazi Obama and the people who surround him in Washington.

      • No, if you in the slightest way think Allen West is a person to look up to;
        then you must be a sick Republican.

    • I like West but, It is unconscionable when West fills in for that stupid uneducated Two year community college graduate Hannity.

      • Robert; your smarter than I gave you credit for. Keep thinking that way.
        Allen West is the worst of the worst and anyone who ever heard him
        speak should know that.

      • Would you please learn how to spell! The correct spelling for the contraction of the words “you are” is you’re, not your. Your is a possessive pronoun. Seriously, the people you’re calling morons on this site have shown you the proper example over and over again. Are you really that dense, or has your ego simply gotten the better of you?

  24. I wonder how much flexibility the Antichrist-In-Chief will have when he is burning in hell? Not much. Probably just going to scream and writhe in pain for eternity. Sucks to be him.

      • Christianity is not a religion. Religions are Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Episcopal, Methodist etc… All have their differences. None are an “industry”, and none are advocating to take over the USA or the world. Too bad the same cannot be said for islam.

      • Religion
        “A particular system of faith and worship of a supernatural controlling power, especially a personal god or gods”

        “An Abrahamic religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and various scholars who wrote the Christian Bible”.

      • scho-lar, noun. a learned or erudite person, especially one who has profound knowledge of manipulating the thoughts and ideas of those less “scholarly” than themselves.

      • We have no separation of church and state.The Church and State are One. Pope Francis is a Nazi!

      • this much of a ____ I give about what people here think,,,cause it’s quite obvious that for the most part,,people here don’t…

      • “Civilization will not attain to its perfection until the last stone, from the last church,
        falls on the last priest.” ― Émile Zola

      • History is still being written…….

        Americans Are Leaving Religion Behind and It Scares the Hell Out of the Christian Right
        Conservatives are getting more frantic and repressive by the minute, in response to America’s growing secularism.
        There’s been a lot of ink spilled about the increasing political polarization in America , which is at historically high levels. There’s a lot of reasons for it, including changing demographics, women’s growing empowerment, the internet, the economy and cable news. But religion and religious belief plays an important role as well. There’s no way around it: America is quickly becoming two nations, one ruled over by fundamentalist Christians and their supporters and one that is becoming all the more secular over time, looking more and more like western Europe in its relative indifference to religion. And caught in between are a group of liberal Christians that are culturally aligned with secularists and are increasingly and dismayingly seeing the concept of “faith” aligned with a narrow and conservative political worldview.


      • You are correct. With the high crime rates in places like Chicago, concern only for self, our education system eroding, drugs, diseases and gangs coming over the borders unabated, moving further away from the beliefs of the founding fathers, and the wholesale murder of Innocent children; it is obvious that the United States is moving away from Christianity. We will pay big time as we travel down the road to serfdom.

      • Mr. B you are talking crazy; sure glad your not our President..
        Where can I get innocent children killed at wholesale cost? Will
        you listen to your psycho self?

      • Americans are not leaving religion behind. The church has abolished religion. There is no separation of church and state/government in the United States. The church is a Billion Dollar a year business. The churches that take in the illegals immigrants are contracted by our government. The church will make Billions of $$$$$$$$$$$ with Government funding. Screw the popoe and the church. We are no different than Nazi Germany

      • This is a fact free site,,,,
        they believe nothing I say,,,but time is on our side,,
        and nothing is constant,, but change

      • Hey, I feel like I converted a Republican to our side.  Thank you and don’t forget to vote this fall for the best person running for any office.

      • been a lib/dem/progressive my whole life,,,
        couldn’t do it any other way,,,,
        But I will vote for who I feel is best for the job,,,,
        and cons/rubes/ and baggers are not high on my list,,,

      • See? Only a total MORON would have thought you converted someone here. I read you and the other FREAK’s moon-bat posts, and knew instantaneously that majorwiblit was a radical fruitcake lib just like you. You show us incessantly just how stupid you are. But then… even idiots “think’ they’re smart. SMH

      • Ovomit?

        Ohhhh, BURN! In the end, it’s of no account because B. Hussein Obama will continue to be president until Jan 20, 2017 at which time Hillary Clinton will take over and be president for eight years.

        I’m anticipating B. Hussein Obama will be appointed to the Supreme Court as will Elizabeth Warren. it might take 10 years but it’s gonna happen.

        I’m not too sure when the House will flip, but it will. The Senate will probably remain with the Democrats in 2014 and become much more Democratic in 2016.

        Julian Castro will be elected President in 2024 after HRC’s two terms. He may even select his brother as his VP. I think that would be very cool.

        Petty insulting names for B. Hussein Obama? Go right ahead and keep it up. It shows the sickness that is in your heart.

        Oh, and Allen West will never be elected to any office ever again. However, you should continue to send him all your money. You should even max out a mortgage on your house and send him all that money. Not going to do that? Why do you hate America?

      • Let’s see. I think Democrats will win pretty big in the near and far term. And you call this demise?

        Hoover? FDR cleaned up his mess. Reagan? Clinton cleaned up his mess. Bush II? Obama currently cleaning up his mess.

        Almost everyone in the USA does better economically under Democratic administrations. The only group that does not are the rich and they are not harmed by Democratic policies.

        You should thank Democrats. Our country is a better place with them in charge.

      • Sir; you are the second smart person that I have seen on this
        page today. Glad to have you aboard; you can really tell the
        difference between an intelligent Democrat and a psycho

      • I would jump up and down with such JOY if I heard that obozo was shot dead tomorrow morning. He is the worst excuse for a political leader in our nation’s history, and he has done ten times the harm to her than any other ten men before, you moron.

      • Hmm….
        “Love is patient, love is kind….It keeps no record of wrongs.”
        – 1 Corinthians 13: 4-5

        “God is love.”
        -1 John 4: 8

        How do those statements gel with a god thirsty for vengeance? Just one of many inconsistencies in that ridiculous book.

      • I don’t need you to pray for me; I just need you to vote Democrat
        the next time your at the polls.

      • He wasn’t talking to you, you a$$-munching loser. And anyone who could vote for a democrat after witnessing the criminality by that party over the last two decades (especially.. is a complete retard.

      • The only criminality that exists right now is in your head. Talk
        about criminals; how about Bush and Cheney? Those two
        should have served time in prison for our military men and
        women, and gays, that died in Iraq. I guess you don’t want
        to talk about that. Obama is trying to keep us out of wars and
        bring all our troops home from war zones. Put that in your
        criminal pipe and smoke it.

      • Have you got it all worked out? going to use HIS WORD against HIM, uh?? Every knee will bow and every tongue confess HIM to be LORD to the glory of GOD. Hell is away from the presents of GOD, should you go there you will be a trespasser it was prepared for the devil and his angles. The blood of CHRIST has spanned the gap to give all who will accept HIM as their savior.a pass to the other side. By the tone of words you have used you are one that reads or has read the bible “the word of truth” You are mistaken and using the word as the letter of the law. JESUS said the words I speak to you are SPIRIT and they are life.The law is death, the gift of GOD is life.The WORD mixed with faith and you got wings as the eagle GOD’S WORD is strong and powerful when used with faith, I see your anger, you been hurt. I will go so far as to say in your heart you know JESUS never offended you, that will not be an excuse when you met HIM. This WORD will be a testimony against you. I pray you let these words sink in and look to JESUS the author and finisher of our faith believing on HIM. May the WORD Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.13 Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.
        There is hope for everyone. Charity will cover a multitude of sin.
        1 Peter 4: 1 For as much then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind: for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin; 2 That he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lusts of men, but to the will of God. 3 For the time past of our life may suffice us to have wrought the will of the Gentiles, when we walked in lasciviousness, lusts, excess of wine, revellings, banquetings, and abominable idolatries: 4 Wherein they think it strange that ye run not with them to the same excess of riot, speaking evil of you: 5 Who shall give account to him that is ready to judge the quick and the dead. 6 For for this cause was the gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit.

        7 But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. 8 And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins. 9 Use hospitality one to another without grudging.10 As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. 11 If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

      • Sounds like a bunch of mumble jumble to me; you must be one
        of those holy then thaw Southern Republicans. Or maybe just
        another religious fanatic.

    • I got news for you Mr. Cryptonite; there is no hell, no heaven; its all just a made
      up fairytale by someone who had nothing else to do. Our President is a better
      person then you will ever be.

      • And who told you these things, you idiot? You just PROVED that you are extremely STUPID. I’ll bet that my IQ is at least 20 points higher than yours. Yet you run around CLAIMING that your foes – ALL republicans are dumb. There is proof in them words, of YOUR lack of intellect, you clown.

  25. What a despicable attempt to make domestic political capital out of an event that had nothing to do with either Barack Obama or the USA. Can’t Americans grasp the fact that lots of things happen in other parts of the world that are not about them?

    • Us normal people can but then there is the Republicans who blame our beloved
      President for every bad thing that happens around the world.

      • Beloved????? OMG, you are so sick. His approval rating is in the TOILET, and a VERY respectable poll just had him named as THE WORST president since WW1, you nut-licking tool.

      • LOL… Obama was born in Hawaii, this has been proven OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Accept the fact that he IS American, isn’t even close to being anti-American and NOT a danger to the United States. Obama is an American citizen and was born in the United States. The truth hurts you, doesn’t it?

      • If that is your thinking,than move tom North Korea! I will not argue with a deaf,dumb and blind person!

      • I’m pretty sure Mr Obama would not let Reagan shin his shoes
        if he was still around. The man thought he was a star but he
        wasn’t even a diamond in the rough. If Reagan was the best
        that the Republicans ever had; then I feel sorry for them. As
        far as moving to North Korea; that would be something to really
        think hard about if we was to ever get another Republican for
        President. I’m not holding my breath.

      • I was making a comparison. I said F**ck it with the Republicans when Romney/republicans deliberately gave the White House to Obama. The idiot phoney conservative talk show hosts like Hannity,Rush,Beck,Levin praise Reagan and Lincoln as the best presidents. Lincoln arrested and jailed Thousands of his political opponents. I have been a Independent Conservative for Seven years. Please!

      • obozo doesn’t have 1/1000th the integrity in his entire body what Reagan had in his pinky, you freakin’ wack-nut.

      • To prove my point that Republicans in Congress or stupid is simple; just tell me one bill that they have come up with since 2008 that normal people would accept?  Just one!  Also, if you had watched (and I’m sure you did) the last presidential debate you would know that none of them made a lick of sense.  The American public does not vote for stupid people running for president.  That is why you lost.  Need I say more?

      • Okay you dumb Republican you can go back to your buddy’s (A.B. West) web page and see my answer.  That is if your smart enough to find it.  lol

      • Oh My God, we finally have someone who is intelligent and speaks with a intelligent tongue. God bless you Cary!

      • You don’t have a God. Remember? Or were you on the crack pipe when you made one of those conflicting statements? You libs are sick and twisted fools. Nothing ever adds up.

      • You loved being SPOON-FED that drivel by the lame-stream media who has been selling obama’s snake oil 24/7/52, heh? He has NEVER produced a long-form birth certificate. Hawaii AND his people have only shown a supposed COPY. That is NOT a legal document. So you and your ilk are going on FAITH. But all you can do is TRY to denigrate those of us who go by SCIENCE. You probably believe in the tooth fairy.

      • Crenshaw; go to your room and don’t come out until the next president
        is a Republican; then you will have someone who thinks and talks like

    • according to SCOTUS states cannot use their national guard to control immigration which is exclusively federal matter. Texas tried before and failed because of SCOTUS

      • That is not true. The governor of Texas has the power to call upon the National Guard. Texas will not succeed because Obama will send his brown shirts to confront the national Guard. The Governor has the power to send the national guard to protext the state of Texas border. Perry does not need permission from the Feds!!

      • Protect it from what? A bunch of scared kids that walk up to you
        and say “take me to your leader”? lol Republicans are so dumb; especially those in office.

      • There is only One way that I can respond to you. I agree with you One Hundred Percent! (100%)

      • Well aren’t you exposed as the retarded nut-bag!! You got anything to offer? Or just name-calling from a mental midget? Yep. What I figured.

  26. Col. West I respect you deeply sir, but your conclusions here are highly flawed. Based solely on the technical specs of the SA-11 it is much more probable that MH-17 was shot down by the Neo-Nazis in Kiev that Obama has allied us with.

      • Listen to a complete moron call his “enemy” what his “hero and master” actually is. You are a very sad person to have to TROLL a great man’s web site. That shows what a little piece of PUSS you are.

      • Great man? He is so GREAT that he is afraid to run for president? Like that LOON sarah palins excuse for quitting…I can better serve alaska by begging for money all over the nation? You loons will fall for anything!

  27. I’m not sure I can pin this on Obama…as this had heretofore been purely regional in nature and it had its roots in European Union politics…it only became an international incident when a civilian B772 was shot down.

  28. There is absolutely no evidence of any kind that would support this disgusting post by Allen West. Once again, Mr. West appears to think up outright lies that will feed his very, very far right supporters while having no relationship to the truth. His yearning for popularity is sad to watch.


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