Donald Sterling has nothing on them: Vile, anti-Semitic emails from Brandeis profs

With everything happening right now, you may not remember the kerfluffle over Brandeis University rescinding an award and speaking invitation to one Ayaan Hirsi Ali. If you don’t remember, here is a reminder.

Ms. Ali is very outspoken about the dangers of Islamic totalitarianism and the horrible conditions for Muslim women under sharia law. A short read of her experiences will provide you a clear understanding of her angst. At a time when we’re looking for voices to speak up, hers is one — yet we allowed a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group, CAIR, to shut her down.

It still perplexes me how a university named after a Jewish man, Louis Brandeis, a 23-year associate justice on the Supreme Court, finds itself allied with an Islamist group. Then again, Justice Brandeis was a prominent figure in the early American progressive movement. And so it just may be understandable that the university is accommodating to a group like CAIR.

And thanks to a pro-Israel activist (who happens to be black) named Chloe Valdary we learn more about the fascist, racist faculty at Brandeis.

Valdary writes at The Daily Caller, “One may have believed that the revocation of an esteemed award from human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali by Brandeis University was the lowest level the school could stoop in kowtowing to fascist, racist influences among Brandeis faculty. Yet one would be wrong. In an all-new bombshell uncovered by Brandeis student Daniel Mael, an entire listserv used by Brandeis professors and teachers has been leaked to the public. This email list, entitled “Concerned” contains several exchanges between professors bashing conservatives, Jews, Christians, and anyone who views America as a force for good in this world.”

So much for Brandeis University being a forum for open public thought and principled exchange, huh?

Valdary says, “Donald Hindley, professor of comparative politics at the university, has a particular fetish for promoting moral relativism and elevating terrorists on the pedestal of public esteem. In one email, he laments the cutting of ties of the university to the terror affiliated Al-Quds saying, “If significant donors and/or our current campus leaders’ ideology/brain-washing demand that ‘we’ break relations with Al-Quds, surely ‘we’ (Brandeis) must ensure that our campus be free of Quaker Cadburys products. ‘They’ never rest from “their” jihad to pollute our pure selves.”

Now, let me reconcile this in my mind. This professor, Hindley, a supposed scholar of comparative politics, draws a comparison between a radical Islamic terrorist organization and chocolate? And for this mindless fool to compare Islamic jihad to selling chocolate is beyond absurd — actually, it is wholeheartedly despicable. And folks, this fella is teaching our next generation, freakin’ scary! Who in their right mind would trust this professor to instruct their children on comparative politics? Islamic terrorists good, chocolate is bad — sheesh, demented.

In another email with the subject line, “Israel and Our Organs,” Hindley peddles anti-Semitic libels and suggests that if he were to die, his organs would be taken by Israel and be “of use to His people, recycled as sausages-frankfurters -weenies-erstwhile hot dogs.” He also goes further in another email, “We are at a Jew-controlled and -financed university that from Day One has been self-declared ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive.’”

Man, this fella is out of control himself and I suppose this is all acceptable to the University leadership — more acceptable than having Ayaan Hirsi Ali speak.

But not to be outdone, Valdary says “Gordon Fellman, professor at the department of sociology, shares an article suggesting that the Boston bombers were not motivated by an Arab supremacist anti-American doctrine of Islamism, but instead “alienation, poverty, and despair” driven by the “cruel anti-immigrant policies of both Presidents Bush and Obama.”

Yes, those poor little Tsarnaev boys who were on the government dole were just victims of the mean ol’ United States of America. Message to Gordo ol’ boy, you don’t wanna go into Boston saying stupid stuff like that, especially around Fenway Park — matter of fact, anywhere.

And it all makes sense considering that Fellman expressed his support for domestic terrorist and infamous anti-American, Bill Ayers. Valdary reports “Fellman forwarded an “Educator Letter of Support for Bill Ayers” to his fellow professors on the thread. In another email, Fellman promotes ageism, sexism, and racism by sharing an article that suggests the National Football League is the “last sports bastion of white male conservatives” because the majority of fans are allegedly “rich old angry white men.””

Hmm, methinks Gordo doesn’t get out much and has never seen an NFL game in Atlanta, New Orleans, Oakland, or Miami.

But, it’s not just fellas making really whacky comments. Mary Baine Campbell, professor of Comparative Literature and English, is also a part of this circle of friends. In one email, Valdary says she laments the university’s decision to award Hirsi Ali with an honor of distinction, describing her as a “fraud” and someone who engages in “defending violence” — although it was actually she herself who was violently assaulted as a young child. Yet, Campbell goes on to state that moving forward with the award would be “complicity in defamation.” Dr. Campbell, the only folks complicit in defamation are you and your circle of anti-Semitic and Islamic terrorist apologists.

Is this what has become of our esteemed colleges and universities in America? If so, then we should embark on developing more institutions ike Liberty University and Hillsdale College. I can’t even imagine what these professors are teaching in their respective classrooms. But perhaps, parents are pleased with their words and positions — nice financial investment folks.


  1. It’s sad that our great universities have been destroyed by people with this minimal capacity for thought or expression. I call on people to rethink sending their children to any university – and to seek alternative education and training. These people can impart nothing but trouble to your children.

  2. Jews vote Democrat and for Obama at an appox 80% rate.Jews knew full well that he had close ties to Farrakhan. Obama’s so called pastor of 20 yrs J Wright is on the record with anti Jewish rhetoric. It appears that most Jews in America are Communist first and Jews second other wise how do you explain their politics and silence on these Jew hating Marxists that run these universities .

  3. If those nutjobs ain’t fired it will be even more evidence of corruption in our Universities! I’m wondering how it happened.

  4. Its extremely hypocritical that liberals, who are supposed to be tolerant and engage in a free flow of ideas, don’t do either.

  5. Not to make a Joke out of this but anyone who makes fun of the Crazy People that haunt Walmart at night in bizarre or no clothes and claim…”Those people shouldn’t be allowed to walk among us”!!!…They should take a look at BRANDEIS and it’s professors…Thank G-d we didn’t sent our children there….FOR SHAME…you’ve ruined the name of a fine Jew!!!

  6. No surprise here, the liberals love the Islamists, yet, at the same time they champion abortion, gays, and women, all of whom the Islamists hate. Once the Muslims take over, Jews, gays, and women will be subjected the worst of torture.

    • Ya I can’t understand why liberals love Islam? Maybe its the same rational as a Tarantino movie, that evil kills evil. Do they not understand that it is “THE LIBERALS” that they hate so much…HELLO

      • They both hate traditional American/Western Judeo-Christian culture and values. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

  7. Learned stupidity is far worse than regular stupidity grown out of ignorance. Our universities are totally infiltrated by extreme left scum.

  8. The fact that someone like Hindley can walk around loose without a strait jacket is frightening…the fact that he can teach at the university level is horrifying.

  9. As I always do when reading an article posted by Col West, I finished reading this one through to it’s entirety but, about halfway through it I was saying “Bill Ayers”….I just knew it. The faculty at Brandeis stinks.

  10. Tarnishing Sterling Silver: Nothing is wrong with saying Jew
    Man, Black Man, or China Man, China is not falling America is. Rome fell from
    within and so will we. Because of our
    hateful unforgiving ways, we will fall as a people; and the “we” includes
    you—you who are unmerciful. Today, we
    mercilessly beat down, those who have supposedly wronged or offended us. Fatally soon, falling as a nation, we will
    receive no mercy.

  11. This is Academia folks. Communists, lesbians, homos, pedophiles, liars, and all around anti-American a-holes whoring themselves out to the religion of a bloodthirsty demon-possessed madman for the money Islamists “donate” to universities in the USA. Instead of math, history and science, these godless pieces of human filth are teaching American kids to hate what is good and love what is evil.

    • You sir, have hit the proverbial “Nail on the head”! Our schools have become a bastion of Liberal, racist, communistic, godless thinking, and they’re poisoning the minds of our impressionable young… but, when you think about it, it really starts at home. The farther away we move from God, the more godless we become… and that’s right where Satan wants us!
      1 Timothy 4:1 -“The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.”
      2 Timothy 4:3 –
      “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

      • Amen Crystal. And I’m afraid “the time will come” is actually “the time HAS come.” Thank God for the prophecy that tells us the end from the beginning.

  12. unless a person is at university for something related to science or technology, this is the stuff they’re going to be fed…the “liberal arts” departments are filled with thiese so called “liberals”…i call them Anti-American…they should be sent to live with Al Quds, for a dose of reality

  13. Many of these college students have taken out student ‘government’ loans than they will never afford to pay off to pay for this outlandishly high tuition to become brain washed by godless, anti-American fools! WE, THE PEOPLE will pick up the tab because the government has no money!

  14. I propose we do away with the tenure system in American education. Tenure creates a situation of mediocre teaching protected contractually, and ridiculous, out of control thought being protected contractually. NOBODY should be guaranteed their job for life. Nobody!


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