Revealed: Holder can’t probe IRS because he’s too busy investigating parade float

I don’t think anything emanating from the Obama administration, especially the inept and partisan Department of Justice, surprises any of us anymore. In fact, I held back on this story because I just didn’t believe it to be true. But bust my britches, it really is happening.

As reported over at, Holder’s Department of Justice has finally found a scandal worth investigating. “The U.S. Department of Justice sent a member of its “Community Relations Service team” to Norfolk, Nebraska, earlier this week, to look into allegations of discrimination over a controversial float in the town’s Independence Day parade,” Breitbart reports.

“A meeting was convened on Thursday with the DOJ CRS team member, the NAACP, the Norfolk mayor and The Independent Order of Odd Fellows – the group that organized the parade. The offending float included a zombie-like mannequin in overalls standing in front of an outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Library.” This caused some of Norfolk’s citizens to cry racism. ”

So let me get this straight, Eric Holder sent folks all the way out to Nebraska to investigate a doggone parade float? Yet, nothing was done when several members of the New Black Panther party stood dressed in black uniform and berets with small clubs at the entrance to a voting precinct?

Holder expended taxpayer funds to fly someone out to Nebraska when right there in D.C. he’s not investigating a cacophony of administration scandals? Heck, is anyone going down to Houston,Texas to speak with Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote?

Breitbart says “anti-Obama political satire is not only frowned upon in Obama’s America, it’s considered possibly criminal, because the Holder Justice Department – which refuses to properly investigate the IRS targeting of American citizens – actually saw fit to send an DOJ emissary to the town to investigate a stupid parade float. The float’s creator, Dale Remmich (this year’s Tuffy the Clown) claims the mannequin depicted himself, not Obama. Remmich, who is a veteran, said he was inspired by the president’s handling of the Veterans Affairs Department and the Bergdahl/Taliban trade.

What a waste of American taxpayer dollars — but as I said, nothing surprises me anymore, how about you?

Now what about the duplicitous hypocrisy of the Left? Leftists showed their disgust for George W. Bush in all sorts of creative ways during the Bush years, too including death threats posted on placards during anti-war protests. Of course the liberal media did their best to hide all of it but here’s an example from an Obama campaign rally in Denver October 2008 — yep, a guillotine and George W. Bush’s head.


And don’t forget the horrific burning effigies of Sarah Palin. Liberal progressives drew some interesting caricatures of me as well. And even more recently, campaign signs of our black Republican Congressional candidate out of Jacksonville Florida, Glo Smith, were defaced — no DOJ investigation there.

So to Eric Holder and all you leftie progressive socialists. Stuff it, we are sick of your selective unrighteous indignation. And I don’t recall any commandment that said “Thou shalt not mock the Obama.”


  1. This is so serious Americans! You see that the DOJ can simply turn their heads on severe crimes that the IRS did to the conservatives and continue to do, but they investigate a FLOAT in a parade! Americans need a break Mr. Holder, from the treason you and your administration are doing to our beloved country. I pray one day you will pay.

  2. Yep – nothing says anarchy like an out of the way parade float…. good thing Holder is on the job. (Thinly veiled sarcasm)

  3. Good article. Eric Holder needs to put on crime glasses to see what is really going on, but probably where puts on sunglasses to over look it all!

  4. Col. West I disagree with your description of the Justice Dept. as “inept”. They are doing exactly what Holder and Obama want and doing a great job of it, from their perspective. They are executing their plan. Going after someone for their parade float is nothing more than “look over here” while they are destroying our country. Let’s talk about IRS, F&F, Benghazi, no border security and forget the whole racism and war on women bs.

    • I would support his inept stance over yours for the sole reason I can only HOPE the career fbi agents involved in the complete lack of integrity and honesty in what used to be a respected law enforcement agency are just inept and not just finally unleashed to do this. It would be more chilling to think agents for the past 20 years plus have wanted to be this disgusting and degrade themselves intentionally.

  5. A parade float is speech and is specifically protected by the 1st amendment, there hasn’t been a crime here to investigate..the DOJ is clearly inept.

  6. You know what is really going to be epic? The Obama pardon list when he gets ready to leave office in a couple years. He will pardon the entire administration right down to the dog pooping in the lawn so nobody can come back later and prosecute these crooks.

    • Good thing he wasn’t making a post on the “idiot of the day,” I imagine it would be a hard choice for picks.

      • Notice how 99% of his post are negative? Ever ask why?? There is money in getting the TIN FOIL HAT WEARERS to believe the crap that he post!

      • I’ll tell you why. Because everything this administration does is negative. Negative in terms of protecting the constitution, protecting our borders, protecting our sovereignty…….

      • Hmmm…raising the miminum wage is negative? Making sure people can get health insurance…negative? Bailing out GM…negative? GETTING OBL….negative?? come on dude!

      • You clearly don’t understand economics. Raising minimum wage has an adverse effect on employment.

        And, surely, you’re not going to prop up the disaster that is Obamacare.

      • I clearly understand economics and know that the more disposable income people have the more they spend creating a demand for products and services which create JOBS!!! Clearly you still believe this give it all to the top and hope us at the bottom get some crap actually works

      • forcing people to pay 15 an hour for people with no skills is financially unsustainable.If you ever took an economics class you would know that.And in case you haven’t noticed the ACA is forcing the middle class to pay higher premiums and in alot of cases losing their coverage altogether.And if corporations are so evil then why did GM need bailing out? I’ll tell you,because the unions are the democrats biggest supporters. You liberals really are pretty stupid! come on dude wake up!

    • Look it up; under current immigration law it’s a very serious crime..

      Any person who: Aids, Abets, entices or enables an illegal alien to enter or remain in the United States has committed a crime punishable by up to three years for the first offense, 5 years for subsequent offenses, ten years if the alien commits a crime that harms a person, and is subject to the death penalty if the alien kills someone.

      Each Alien counts as a separate offense..

      How many Aliens did his illegal Dream Act: Aid, abet, entice or enable?

      No one in DC has the guts to point out what the law says.. politically it’s safer to let the country collapse, than to charge the President with a crimes punishable by what could amount to many centuries in prison

  7. In the DOJ hiding principles there is a verse on vehemently oppressing Obama dissenters. It take precedence over the first amendment, since the constitution is racist, you know…

  8. All of this because a whole bunch of people jumped to the wrong conclusion and assumed the worst about a man who meant no harm. And they had the nerve to accuse him of hatred! I saw more hatred aimed at Mr. Remmich from all those idiots spewing their words of contempt and they were the ones in the wrong. This all could have been avoided if a description of the float and its symbolism would have been read during the parade like they do at the Rose Bowl and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parades.

    • As I understand it, initially the only complaint came from a woman, According to the report I read, she’s a Kenyan immigrant, who felt it was racist..Most Native born American’s thought it was funny, and the float got an honorable mention at the awards ceremony,

      • Yes, initially. But then tons of people jumped on the bandwagon agreeing with her. Lots of newspapers ran with the story and people were outraged. I couldn’t believe some of the comments I read. Then, after the truth came out, one lady attacked me for defending Mr. Remmich. She still didn’t believe the dummy on the float wasn’t supposed to be Obama.

      • It’s a squeaky wheel thing..

        Obama still has his where near as many as before, but what’s left are the loudest and most obnoxious..

        Some are actually getting paid either to, or while they comment. by someone in government. I know this to a fact because myself and another blogger started checking the IP on very pro administration comments, some of them belonged to government computers…

      • I think my first reply to you is below this. These are some of the comments I was referring to in that. I copied and pasted this from the Lincoln Journal Star. This was AFTER newspapers ran stories explaining the true intent of the float. Most people, including this woman, were still attacking Mr. Remmich.

        Catherine Sears
        Top Commenter · CNA/MA at The Creighton Care Centre

        My heart goes out to Mr. Remmich. I know what it’s like to have someone mad at you and judge you for something that was the furthest thing from your mind. Something that never even entered your thoughts! And because of this I have learned to never judge anyone, not to assume anything, and not to jump to conclusions before I have all the facts. If everyone would learn this, the world would be a much better place.

        Reply · · 1 · Yesterday at 7:31am

        Francie Berens · Top Commenter

        Wait. Your heart goes out to Mr. Remmich, the one responsible for this float, because people think that it is racist and by extension, the HE is racist? Did that not occur to Mr. Remmich that it could, in fact, WOULD be looked upon in EXACTLY that way? Surely, residents of Norfolk cannot be that clueless, including Mr. Remmich. If his problem was with the Veterans Administration, why single out Pres. Obama? The mess there has been going on for decades! Why not put the VA on the outhouse? I’d be more inclined to believe his story, that the dark-skinned dummy was meant to be him, in that scenario. But I know what I saw. I know what was meant. Mr. Remmich can spin whatever version he wants, but I know that this float has NO place in a family-centered, patriotic event. If the parade does not change, to avoid this, I am betting that every extremist or hater with a gripe, from both sides of the political fence, will be clamoring to exhibit a float to express his freedom of speech. And the town will be unable to stop them without the charge of censorship. Watch out, Norfolk. You may have just opened a big ol’ can o’ worms.

        Reply · · 1 · Yesterday at 9:01am


        Catherine Ann Sears · Top Commenter · CNA/MA at The Creighton Care Centre

        Political satire has been going on for years. No, I do not think Mr. Remmich thought that people would mistake his mannequin for Obama. It looks NOTHING like Obama! Obama is half white. (I work with a girl who is all white and she is darker than Obama). Why would Obama be standing with a walker and wearing overalls? I saw it and I KNEW it wasn’t Obama. I don’t know the process Mr. Remmich used to make the image. Maybe it turned out darker than he planned. There could be any number of explanations. But I’m sure while he was building this, he never anticipated all the anger and backlash that was to come. But you go ahead and judge and assume the worst about this man. I’m sure our Lord and and Savior will be real proud of you for that.

        Reply · · Yesterday at 12:49pm


        Francie Berens · Top Commenter

        YOU HAVE *GOT* TO BE KIDDING ME!!! Now, I am the villain, not the creator of this completely disgraceful float. Anyone BUT the guy who is really responsible for this whole mess. YES!!! I am absolutely certain that Jesus Christ, if that is to Whom you are referring, would take MY part in this, and NOT NOT NOT Mr. Remmich’s which shows disrespect and hate for someone else who, to take YOUR point, he doesn’t even personally know. I didn’t start this – Mr. Remmich did. To HIM goes all the criticism that he himself earned by putting forth this effigy in the first place. I do not hate Mr. Remmich. In fact, I DO actually feel sorry for him after all, having that much apparent anger that would lead him to do something like this. If he apologizes to that little African American girl in the crowd, even if she misread his intent, then we’d be good. HE has to make the move, though.

        Reply · · Yesterday at 3:59pm


        Catherine Ann Sears · Top Commenter · CNA/MA at The Creighton Care Centre

        Francie Berens I did not label you a villain and I never would. All I am saying is that NO ONE, not even you, knows for sure what’s in Mr. Remmich’s heart. Only he and God really know. I heard him speak and I heard the sincerity in his voice so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. Who am I to call him a liar? Who are any of us? It hurts when you really are telling the truth and no one believes you. I hope God isn’t too angry with me for not judging him and instead showing him some compassion, because if I’m going to be wrong, I’d rather treat someone who may not deserve it, with kindness than to treat someone who has a good heart with distain.

  9. Okay, so it’s a total waste of tax payers $$ to investigate a hate crime against President Obama. Funny, how when it happens to a black republican it’s a desterly deed the has to be investigated. I wonder if you called for an investigation after the “Bush Whacker float”?

    As usual the whiny black republicans are at it again. Blame with no evidence. I guess you need to update that commandment -to don’t make black republicans cry by making fun of them”

    • It’s not a hate crime. In fact, a parade float isn’t a crime at all. You may want to brush up on the definition of the word “crime.” Nothing illegal was done. Free speech applies to everyone. You may disagree, but that doesn’t make it criminal.

      • Then tell that to West. As you see in the article I posted, he had a fit over the same “hate crime”.

    • How exactly was it a “hate” crime? Please explain in detail. Also, did it in any way put Obama in harm’s way (except perhaps politically?) Are you an American? If so, you should read up on your Constitution and Bill of Rights. It’s actually called free speech the last time I checked.
      The reason conservatives complain when their black representatives are put down racially is the total hypocrisy by the left. If a Republican says anything negative about a black left-winger, he/she is always taken to the wood shed for being a total bigot. Sorry, Philanthropussy (what a name,) but it needs to work both ways. Unfortunately, the left wing never plays anything fairly or morally.

    • hello moron,holder and Oasshole are the ones crying about a parade float.I suspect that your screen name is self descriptive!

    • Having a fit or complaining about something is freedom of speech. Sending Gov investigators is the opposite. And hate crime? There has to be a crime first and second there was no hate. Get a clue you….you….YOU! Holding tongue.

  10. Of course you don’t recall that commandment. You can’t because it’s with his real birth certificate and college transcripts, andd maybe the passport and visa he used in the early 80s.

  11. Several months ago, an email showing photos of floats in a German parade made the rounds. Those floats were hilarious, they were definitely a slap at Obama and Hillary. They made this outhouse float (which was funny) seem like a grade school art project. The floats portrayed Obama and Hillary as the village idiots……

  12. I suspect it is not a investigation of anything. It is likely a attempt to intimidate someone practicing their first amendment rights by the idiot that runs the DOJ. Yes I called Holder a idiot not because he is black but because he is a IDIOT!. If that offends anyone, too damn bad you do not have a right to not be offended.

  13. I agree with billjcanada. Yes, it is an attempt to shut down any images/speech that might depict Obama in any negative light. I heard that they claimed it was racist because the mannequin looked like Obama and was black. First of all, if it looked like Obama, so what? Did it put him in any kind of danger – expect perhaps politically? Second, if it was a depiction of Obama, how could it possibly be racist by showing him as a black man? Obama is black, isn’t he, or am I missing something here……….?


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