Great news! Gas prices “only” $3.67 (vs $1.89 when Obama took office)

I realized we are all in need of some good news. I know it seems I’m way down on Obama. Well, it’s time I did indeed give him some props and say way to go Barack, we believe in you.

So let me share this positive tidbit that should get everyone cheering and celebrating — are you ready? According to ABC News, “A survey says the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in the U.S. has fallen 4 cents over the last three weeks to $3.67.” As Austin Powers would say, “Yeah, baby!”

We’ve been waiting awhile for some positive economic indicators, and that additional four cents in my car change cubby will make a nice contribution into one of the local fountains here in Palm Beach Gardens.

ABC reports that “industry analyst Trilby Lundberg said this past Sunday that crude oil prices fell over news that Libyan output has risen and Iraq’s production was not substantially harmed by recent violence. The survey taken last Friday shows the average price for a gallon of midgrade gas was $3.86 and the average price for a gallon of premium was $4.01. Diesel averaged $3.94 a gallon. Of cities surveyed in the continental U.S., Tulsa, Oklahoma, had the lowest average price at $3.35 a gallon. San Francisco had the highest average at $4.12 a gallon. In California, the average price for regular gasoline was $4.07 a gallon.”

I do have to point out that when gas prices hit an astronomical high of $2.50 during the George W. Bush presidency, the mainstream media went apoplectic. But have you heard anything from the media about high gas prices lately? Then again, the new normal in America is that anything is acceptable as long as Barack Hussein Obama is president.

See? There is a reason to sing “Happy” or maybe Weird Al Jankovic’s version, “Tacky.”

I’ll give Obama credit even though the average price of gasoline in January 2009 was $1.89. But of course the increase wasn’t his fault — it was those bad oil companies, nothing to do with administration policies, like quantitative easing (excessively printing money which devalues our dollar).

Oops, I forgot, don’t wanna be called a racist — sorry Barack, my bad, the rising cost of gasoline has nothing to do with you. Heard anything about the Keystone XL Pipeline lately? Yea, Obama is still deliberating and studying — voting “present.”

But out in Tulsa I bet they’re throwing some serious parties, maybe even taking a road trip over to Stillwater and hanging out at Eskimo Joes with those saved pennies. You guys out in San Francisco” Well, talk to Nancy Pelosi — but then again you don’t have to drive far to the Redwoods or even Napa valley to chill out.

Ok, I feel better having shared good news. See ya at the fountains, tossing pennies over in Palm Beach Gardens downtown.


  1. Under George W. Bush, gas prices increased 275 percent (2001 – 2008)
    “…under W, the price of gasoline increased from $1.60 per gallon when he took office in January 2001 to $4.40 per gallon in July 2008, a jump of 275 percent.”
    – GOP Deceptions About Gas Prices

    That being said you know the President (any President) has virtually no control over gas prices..

    But for many Americans, the issue closest at hand is how a finished Keystone XL pipeline would affect gasoline prices at the pump.
    The answer, say industry experts, is minimally, if at all.

    “It has no material impact on gasoline and diesel at the end of the day,” said David McColl, an equity analyst at Morningstar.”
    Curt Launer, a managing director at Deutsche Bank, agreed, saying that there’s no real reason to suspect that direct economic benefits shared by Transcanada, Canadian oil producers and U.S. oil refiners would be passed on to individual gasoline consumers.

    “The question is, what impact would this have on consumer prices?” said Launer. “The answer is none.”

    “Keystone wouldn’t have a significant impact either way on overall North American energy prices,” he said. “The real impact would be a higher price received by the producers of oil who would ship their oil through the Keystone pipeline. There would not be a change in any major way for the price of oil in the worldwide market.”

    And jobs created?…well thats debatable
    It really benefits Canada,,,not so much us

    • Major ,that was a really long story to say nothing. A typical liberal ,you think everybody is stupid. Of course the President can help to lower gas prices. If he said tomorrow that oil companys can drill on federal land ,but the oil must be sold in the United States the cost would come down tomorrow, and yes the Keystone pipeline would produce a lot of good paying jobs, As for deception of gas prices, when obama took office the price of gas was about $1.80 per gallon ,today under obama the price is $3.80 per gallon, which by the way increases the cost of food and goods that we buy everyday.

      • As I recall it, the gas prices during the Shrub’s administration plummeted after the election of Obama… During the bulk of his presidency, they were sky high. And, with the lousy Bush Economy that the current administration inherited (not to mention the two wars and failing and failed financial institutions and auto industry, etc.) high gas prices were a much bigger hit to the average American’s budget. Now that the economy has slowly been repaired by the current administration, the prices are still obscenely high but not quite as bad of a hit.

      • Obviously your rabies and distemper shots have failed and you need another.
        Please have your master clean up the load of Poop you just dumped.

      • Gas prices spiked for a short time under Bush. The media was “all over it” unlike the last few years. No, they were NOT high during his entire term. But this administration has promised that they will be. Listen to Chu speak – I’m sure you can find it on YouTube. $8/gallon wouldn’t hurt their feelings. Will you keep defending them? Imagine what food will be with gas at that price. Intentional? Absolutely!

      • When you say slowly you do mean at a snails pace, correct? Like one step forward and three steps back pace, right? Must have been a really bad HIT you took on your head some years back I would imagine

      • Whatever….. typical Rube…..
        So the claim of gasoline prices doubling under Obama is technically correct, but irrelevant because the reason it happened was that he came into office near the bottom of a price overcorrection. Blaming Obama for the price rise would be like blaming him for cases of lung cancer that were detected during his term. Energy policies that presidents implement will manifest themselves years down the road because of the lag time in developing projects. We have many historical examples of this. I have noted numerous times that a president has very limited means to impact gasoline prices over the course of their term. If McCain had been elected, you would have seen the same pattern, except in that case the exact same attacks would have come from the left.

        Furthermore, I have noted that President Obama will be the first president since LBJ to preside over four straight years of increasing U.S. oil production. Natural gas prices are less than half the levels they were when Obama took office. I know some like to say “He had nothing to do with that.” And I agree that Obama’s policies did not result in increased domestic oil production, nor the plunge in natural gas prices. But neither did his policies cause the rise in gasoline prices after he took office. You can’t blame him for high gasoline prices during his term if you aren’t going to credit him for increased oil production or lower natural gas prices. That is, you can’t unless you are simply playing partisan politics.

        There are substantive discussions to be had about President Obama’s energy policies, and how they will impact the U.S. in coming years. Blaming him for high gasoline prices are not part of that substantive discussion.

      • those are facts,,,I know people like yourself don’t do
        facts,,but makes no nevermind,,,
        and who looks like the idiot??

      • Sorry – they weren’t facts. They were liberal propaganda, based on the talking points they want the uninformed to believe. Just another lie…

      • I know. Let’s secretly bus little Mexican kids all over the country so people will forget about Benghazi, the IRS scandal, fast and furious, the VA, and hopefully they won’t dig into Sandy hook too deeply like that state trooper tried doing. ” God rest his sole” and all these illegals will lower the price at the pump because we can pay them less to work at the stations, and drive doing delivery’s. I’m Barry santoro ” I mean Mr. President Obama and I approve of this message.

      • The increased oil production is NOT on federal land. Obama has done everything he can to stifle oil production. The increased oil production has been on state and private land. Again your argument is not true or valid.

      • EPA EPA shall I say more Obanna and his minions have gave the EPA the sane power as the IRS another three letter word. Socialist, Commi organization that’s takes our tax dollars and blows them,on anything and everything….Obama is The United Nations Poster boy, with Kerry and all the minions of his…Global warming BS…the list goes on.

    • A president does have control of gasoline prices and the our nation’s economy based off his legislation! Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the stock market as well is affected by his decisions!

      • As I replied to Pam above, you are correct. Presidential policies effect prices of everything.

      • Gas prices did spike while Bush was in office. It was also extremely difficult to get gas for a while there. But prices didn’t stay at that high for very long. They did what they needed to do to provide relief.

        Prices have been high for the entire time Obama’s been in office – and they pretty much told us they want them to go up! This is an intentional attack on the people. And where’s the media? They were swarming people at the gas pumps under Bush – telling us all about how people couldn’t afford to drive to work, etc… No sign of them in recent years.

        Maybe that’s why they’re not creating more good jobs – then we don’t need to use as much gas to drive to work!

    • Another liberal moron spews his stupidity and nonsense.

      Let’s NOT forget that Iraq INVADED KUWAIT and took over the Oil Fields either you moron.

      • You got that right, Pam. Every president has his policies and those policies have a DIRECT trickle down effect on prices of everything.

  2. Let’s not forget gas was under $1 a gallon when Bush took office and went as high as $5 a gallon or more during the time he was in office.

  3. Love it! Oops, I forgot, don’t wanna be called a racist — sorry Barack, my bad, the rising cost of gasoline has nothing to do with you. Heard anything about the Keystone XL Pipeline lately? Yea, Obama is still deliberating and studying — voting “present.” LMAO!

  4. Just another two price hikes (or three) forward one price decline back. Repeat. It has happend and will continue to. We are all being conditioned to accept the inevitable continuing of price hikes. Never to get back to were it started from.

  5. Gas Price Hypocrisy
    “In 2006 the Democrats and the media screamed bloody murder over the high price of gas. When Barack Obama was inaugurated, the average gas price was $1.87 a gallon. Now that the price has more than doubled, what are the Democrats and the administration saying now? If you guessed that high gas prices under Obama are somehow a good thing, give yourself a pat on the back. The liberal mindset is always an amazing thing to behold.”

    Bush Vs. Obama On Gas Prices

    Networks Hype Gas Prices 4 Times More for Bush, Than Obama
    “…The Business and Media Institute analyzed broadcast network news references to gas or fuel prices between Jan. 20 and Feb. 20, 2012 and from March 24 and April 24, 2008. BMI found that in the 2008 period there were more than 4 times as many gas prices stories, news briefs or news headlines on ABC, CBS and NBC as there were in 2012 (97 to 21)…”

    What Ever Happened to All Those Gas ‘Price-Gouging’ Investigations by Democrats?

    “Hypocrisy Flashback: In May 2007, Pelosi called a lunatic fringe media press conference because the nationwide average for gas hit $3.07 a gallon. Of course, Pelosi blamed Bush. The old hag admonished the Bush administration for failing to enact a comprehensive energy strategy and for favoring big oil over the American consumer. Pelosi claimed Democrats would take America in a new direction, bringing down the cost of gasoline with the ultimate goal of energy independence. Like all the Democrats’ ludicrous policies, Pelosi’s new direction was failure. Four years later, we are more dependent on foreign oil than ever and gas prices are cresting $4 a gallon with experts warning us to expect $5 or $6 a gallon by the summer. Where is Nancy Pelosi today, now that Obama’s failed energy policies have caused gas prices to
    skyrocket well above the the highest prices under the Bush administration? The
    old hag seems to be mute. How sad is it that many of us would love to see $3.07
    a gallon gasoline again?”

  6. Obama’s lies about oil exposed

    Fossil Fuel Production on Federal Lands at a Nine-Year Low

    Exxon finds a Billion barrels of oil and Obama pulls their permit

    Obama in 2008: ‘Americans need to suck it up and pay more for energy’

    Ted Poe: Obama Has Stonewalled Drilling Development

    Obama Administration Approving Only 35 Percent of Gulf Drilling Plans

    Federal judge holds Obama administration in contempt over drilling

  7. Obama’s Energy Czar Steven Chu: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” Mr. Chu, who directs the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal in September.

    Energy Secretary Chu Admits Administration OK with High Gas Prices
    “President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu uttered the kind of Washington gaffe that consists of telling the truth when inconvenient. According to Politico, Chu admitted to a House committee that the administration is not interested in lowering gas prices…”

    • Wow…..are you ever misinformed. The futures market sets the world price for crude not Obama. I believe it is time you did some homework before making an ass of yourself.

      • THEN, you can show me where Steven Chu’s quotes end and mine begins, MF.

        AND you can teach Obama, his Czar henchmen and the Dims:

        15X’s Obama & Top Dems (not including MainSlime Media who harped about it every day) Blame Bush For Gas Prices

        Networks Hype Gas Prices 4 Times More for Bush, Than Obama
        “…The Business and Media Institute analyzed broadcast network news references to gas or fuel prices between Jan. 20 and Feb. 20, 2012 and from March 24 and April 24, 2008. BMI found that in the 2008 period there were more than 4 times as many gas prices stories, news briefs or news headlines on ABC, CBS and NBC as there were in 2012 (97 to 21)…”

        Pray to whoever you scum hypocrites pray to that you don’t cross my path.

      • There you go….typical hate speech with name calling and the whole Republican low level comments. Pray for yourself boy!

      • Wow……5 months later……. My New Years resolution is to ignore brainwashed rednecks like yourself. Good luck with your job search.

      • 1) Didn’t know there was a time limit to call out Grubers on their BS. Oh, there is none!
        2) Keep avoiding the truth with anything that pops into your little mind.
        3) My job is safekeeping the money I’ve already earned from parasites like you, MF.

  8. When the prices went up under Bush the press and pundits said he was helping his Big Oil buddies. Why is Obama not helping his Big Oil buddies as well? Will that revelation finally hit them again when the price of gas goes to double the price of the Bush years?

    Don’t hold you breath waiting for that one to happen unless you look absolutely smashing in blue.

      • You are a very disturbed individual doing exactly what you puppet masters have programed you to do. Some life you lead. I think it’s time to give your life for the good of George Bush. Remember Ron Reagan and GH Bush Sr. can be thanked for allowing millions of illegals become your fellow brothers and sister with their AMNESTY………leading the way for hundreds of millions to come to America and wait their turn. Thank you Ron and George for your service. Hear me Wingnut?

      • Changing the subject AGAIN?? Don’t bother sniveling about a 6 month wait for my response as you’re not worth one any sooner.

        1) If you were stupid enough to actually believe I was ‘disturbed’, you wouldn’t also be stupid enough to keep poking the bear with your tantrums of treason.

        2) It’s too bad your lack of courage ends at the edge of your keyboard or I would gladly offer you a try at my life, coward. Consider it an open invitation if you can find a spine to borrow.

        3) CONGRESS passed the law that Reagan signed, he didn’t do it on his own like the dictator Obama.

        4) Many illegal aliens given amnesty are NOT here to assimilate and become my brothers and sisters, they’re here to invade!
        Mexifornia Five Years Later by Victor Davis Hanson
        The flood of illegal immigrants into California has made
        things worse than I foresaw.

      • Sorry, but I’m not an Obama lover but your brainwashed mind would automatically default to liberals. Your party has not only bankrupt the US but the Republican upper crust made billions as war profiteers. People like you are so out of it, you only believe what your puppet masters want you to believe. Pathetic POS is you and yours. You’re as dumb as the come boy!

      • 1) Look back up and tell me where your diseased brain sees I called you an Obama lover! No, it was never there, dipshit. Traitors take many forms and you’re right there slithering along with them.
        2) Which company could anyone trust to deliver weapons and supplies that were also forbidden to make a profit, sniveler!?
        3) Cross my path and receive your long overdue epiphany! The sooner the better!

      • I see you’re still out of work so the job search mustn’t be going too well is it boy! You’re mad at the world because you’re out of work. Enjoy your miserable life guided by your puppet masters. Gotta have pity for people like you that can’t think on there own. Even your avatar is hate related. Still a member of that Hitler hate group? You are a disgrace to the country boy. I’m surprised you’re even posting on a black mans site, but that’s OK because he’s Republican, right? Now we know you’re a real true life POS. People like you make America hated the world over. Adolf would have loved you!

      • Do you know anything about Dick Cheney, Halliburton, and Iraq? You should study up on that. you will find out that Cheney raked in the revenues at the cost of American lives. no bigger scoundrel than that.

      • When you lose the argument, change the subject, eh? Typical. Unfortunately, you lost this one as well and you did so because you listen to liars without question like a good little Gruberling.

        Cheney resigned as CEO before becoming VP. ALL of his investments were put into a blind trust and he had NO management over them. Payments he received from Halliburton after becoming VP were owed him BEFORE he became VP and did NOT increase due to the war with terrorists.

        Moreover, there are only two corporations large enough to support our military. One is French owned and the other is Halliburton staffed by ex-American soldiers with their government issued clearances. Therefore, there is no choice and to prove that:
        May, 2010: Remember When Halliburton was a Dirty Word? Obama Admin Gives No-Bid
        Contract to Halliburton

      • You and Cheney are on your own island. Cheney and Bush got us into war in Iraq based on lies. They lied to the country and lied to world and some of my friends paid the price in that war with their lives. If you don’t think there is a connection between Cheney being CEO of Halliburton in the 90s, getting a huge severance package after he became VP ( which he supposedly donated some to charity). and his company going on and profiting 39.5 billion from the war, you are delusional. Why did we go to war in Iraq?

      • Perhaps, if you had actually cared about your friends lives and there in lifted a finger to find out why we went to war in the last 14 years, you wouldn’t have to ask me to hand it to you on a platter;

        Democrats Letters and Statements On Going To War With Iraq and WMD’s While Clinton Was Still In Office

        Why We Went to War
        “When I left office, there was a substantial amount of biological and chemical material unaccounted for. That is, at the end of the first Gulf War, we knew what he had. We knew what was destroyed in all the inspection processes and that was a lot. And then we bombed with the British for four days in 1998. We might have gotten it all; we might have gotten half of it; we might have gotten none of it. But we didn’t know. So I thought it was prudent for the president to go to the U.N. and for the U.N. to say you got to let these inspectors in, and this time if you don’t cooperate the penalty could be regime change, not just continued sanctions.” — Bill Clinton, July 22, 2003

      • Yeah right, some politician said it so it must be true, it was all about the oil. Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 and was no threat to America whatsoever. If there were WMDs then our troops would have found them. Clinton was a puppet and so was Bush. Obama is even worse.

    • True – this happened for a very short period of time when crude oil also spiked to $145/barrel in 2008 (?), but then dropped back down to $1.50/gal within 4 months where I live. Crude oil prices have stayed around $100/barrel . Even when they “spiked” again to $112/barrel in 2011, the gas prices also spiked to nearly the same high it reached under GW….even though crude oil was $30+ LOWER than the $145 spike under GW. THOSE are the facts. I’m not exactly sure what’s driving up crude oil prices (futures by the way), other than demand must be increasing. The thing is, it’s not really the US that’s demanding it now – increased demand in China and India (and I’m not positive where they get theirs – haven’t checked).

      • Gas Price Hypocrisy
        “In 2006 the Democrats and the media screamed bloody murder over the high price of gas. When Barack Obama was inaugurated, the average gas price was $1.87 a gallon. Now that the price has more than doubled, what are the Democrats and the administration saying now? If you guessed that high gas prices under Obama are somehow a good thing, give yourself a pat on the back. The liberal mindset is always an amazing thing to behold.”

  9. OK everyone is in a comfort zone paying over three dollars a gallon, why ? There is not one reason for gas to be over two dollars. where is the money going ?

  10. When gas spiked under Bush he pulled out all the stops on drilling offshore and on federal property while Obama has stalled or stopped the same from the day he slithered into office. Moreover, Obama, the MSM and the Democrats publicly blamed Bush for high gas prices citing his ties to oil production yet, now all three now claim that high gas prices are somehow a good thing as the country chokes on lower employment, higher prices at the pump, the grocery store and everything else that’s delivered – Yeah, that’s every product on the market.

  11. Gas was over $4 gallon for 9 weeks under George Bush. Today I paid $3.34 per gallon. Am I to spin this to say gas is .64 cents a gallon cheaper? of course not, but at the same time, why do you let Alan West get away with stating gas is more expensive under Bush? Look at a graph that compares the two presidents and you will find the gas prices about the same. Also figure that in 8 years, how prices have risen on just about everything. Alan West is a joke.

    • The whole time Bush was president the gas prices steadily increased every single year. It was on an upward trend his whole presidency. If he would have been president for another 4 years, gas would be at $6.00 a gallon right now. Thank goodness he is gone and gas prices started coming down. Maybe Americans can afford to take vacations again.

    • Think again Joe. $2.00 a barrel ? NOT ! Its great that it is lower but Obama had nothing to do with it directly just as he had nothing to do with it directly going up.

      • Whoops! I meant gallon. But according Allen West Obama has EVERYTHING to do with gas prices being $3.67, but not when prices are good. But I agree, Obama has nothing to do with either and that was my point. Apparently, Allen B. West and his GOP allies don’t get that. They just want to bash Obama.

      • The president has more power than any person on Earth. While he may not directly effect the price, he can push the buttons to do so. Bush had Cheney pushing his buttons, which is why Halliburton owns the oil in Iraq and Cheney’s keeping the profit, thanks to our soldiers. It has everything to do with the President.


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