File this under predictable: Kerry gets nowhere in nuclear talks with Iran

There are just so many issues and crazy things going on it’s hard to keep track of them all. I can tell you it’s a tough task to prioritize the biggest outrage. We’re all gripped by the prevailing issue with illegal immigration and the Obama administration’s attempt to secretly disperse these individuals across the country.

We still have a Marine being held in jail in Mexico, while a deserter goes shopping and might end up receiving $350,000 tax-free. We’re learning more each day about the nefarious actions of the Veterans Administration and witnessing the abject arrogance of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). And how many hardworking middle-income American families are struggling to pay for gas and groceries this summer?

White House mouthpiece Josh “Not So” Earnest actually said President Obama’s policies have promoted “global tranquility” – yeah, right – just when Hamas is raining rockets on Israel.

And there’s something else involving Obama’s foreign policies and “global tranquility” — the current nuclear negotiations with Iran. Yes I know, we’re all so doggone busy following all the other scandals while trying to avoid the label of “racist,” we forgot.

Yes folks, our nation has that stellar image of American strength, John Kerry, sitting at a negotiating table with the Iranians — the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism. And it doesn’t seem to be a big win for “global tranquility.” As reported by, “the fate of a possible landmark nuclear deal with Iran sank further into limbo Tuesday, with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry noting “very real gaps” ahead of a July 20 target date for a deal meant to put firm curbs on Tehran’s atomic program. Kerry, who joined the foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany on the weekend to add diplomatic muscle to the talks, said the negotiations would continue until at least Sunday. In the meantime, he said, he would consult with President Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress on where the talks are if no pact is agreed on by July 20.”

Uh, Secretary Kerry, just curious — have you brought up the issue of the American pastor named Saeed Abedini who is being held in an Iranian jail and has reportedly been tortured? I know you forgot to mention Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi when you were down in Mexico. I figured someone on your staff would remind you about the pastor. I think that would be a very appropriate starting point for any “talks” with the country responsible for more American troops deaths and injuries than any other since the Beirut bombing through its support of Hezbollah and other terror organizations.

Regarding the nuclear talks, ABC says “an extension of up to six months is possible for the negotiations by mutual agreement, and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif suggested that is likely. He said there was enough progress “to be able to tell our political bosses back home … that this is a process which is worth continuing.” “This is my recommendation,” he told reporters. “And I’m sure Secretary Kerry will make the same decision.”

Now any of you out there who are parents know this tactic very well – it’s the ol’ stall and wait you out. I’ve often experienced it when trying to convince my daughters to clean their rooms. You know what works? When I crack down and take something away.

So when will the Obama administration realize this tactic and comprehend the Taliban maxim: “Americans may have watches, but we have the time?”

As long as the Iranians can draw this process out, they win, they continue to develop and enrich uranium and generate more centrifuges — and one day, there will be no more “global tranquility.”

I just have to ask, do you think Obama understands the MAD Theory? Ok, for all you liberal progressive socialists, pay attention. During the Cold War standoff with the Soviet Union there was a theory called “Mutually Assured Destruction,” meaning the real chances of all-out nuclear war were non-existent because each side knew their destruction was imminent. However, if Iran, a radical Islamic theocratic-political totalitarian state doesn’t adhere to that theory because the theocracy is rooted in the belief of an apocalyptic event — which possessing a nuclear device will promote — time is on their side.

In typical fashion, John Kerry made a very nebulous statement to reporters saying, “There has been tangible progress on key issues. However there are very real gaps on other key issues.” What in the heck does that mean?

ABC reports “the main dispute is over Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. Tehran says it needs to expand enrichment to make reactor fuel but the U.S. fears Tehran could steer the activity toward manufacturing the core of nuclear missiles and could use its present capacity to produce enough weapons-grade uranium for one warhead in only months. The U.S. wants deep enrichment cuts for at least 20 years; Iran wants to greatly expand enrichment over less than a decade.”

“David Albright, whose Institute for Science and International Security is often consulted by the U.S. government on Iran’s nuclear program, said that a full six-month extension of the talks makes sense only “if Iran accepts that the number of its centrifuges must be reduced and the Arak reactor converted permanently.” “If the six cannot get at least two major concessions now, they are unlikely to get them and the others needed six months from now.”

Iran knows it has the upper hand because we have a president who has basically checked out. There is no parent in the household and therefore no consequences for bad behavior — from Iranians or anyone else. There can be no “global tranquility” unless there is a strategy of “peace through strength.”


  1. Col West can you imagine having to serve under him in Viet Nam. He hasn’t changed has he still full of bull and nonproductive.

  2. The way you people put party over Country. The way that you HOPE this administration FAILS. You have the nerve to call yourselves PATRIOTS?? More like DOMESTIC TERRORIST!!

    • We Patriots don’t have to hope this administration fails, it’s doing a great job on it’s own. Talk about domestic terrorists, this administration is full of them. Obama promised to fundamentally change America & he has kept that promise. That’s the only one he’s kept. This doesn’t even seem like America anymore.

  3. I’m old enough to remember Kerry’s Congressional hearings. Of course, I’m also old enough to remember Clinton shaking hands with Arafat. And I still haven’t forgotten that it was Clinton who gave China this enrichment tech in the first place. So I wouldn’t expect old plastic face to save us now.

  4. *shaking my head* Now we know with certainty who poses the biggest threat to our nation -the enemies from within the obama regime.

  5. Very simple – there is nothing to negotiate We take a stand – our way or the highway. Of course Kerry does not comprehend that. What is our way? – Peace and freedom as defined by the US Constitution. Oh wait a minute . Our house is not exactly in order. Can you see the problem ?

  6. J. Effing Kerry is he dumbest SOS we’ve had since …. well Hitlery Clinton. This traitor should have been locked up when he lied under oath about the actions of American soldiers in the Vietnam War. In a manner reminiscent of Genghis Khan.


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