The all-Obama channel: FCC considers emergency system that gives president universal access to broadcast nationwide

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering upgrading the Emergency Alert System so the president can speak to the entire country at the flip of a switch.

I do not if you’ve read George Orwell’s 1984 or saw the movie starring Richard Burton and John Hurt — truly a classic. I remember the “big voice” system that allowed the president to address the public at any time to promulgate any propaganda. It appears Orwell was about 30 years early in his prediction, but right on target nonetheless.

As The Hill reports, “The national Emergency Alert System broadcasts television alert messages to warn people about immediate dangers. The system is often used at the local level to warn people about weather conditions such as tornadoes or flash floods.”

So why does the president need a special code which will give him the immediate ability to “address” the American people? And who in the president’s administration will determine what is an emergency?

Let me see if I understand this correctly. The president can just flip a switch and all TV channels go to him speaking? And what is the intent? Is it to tell Americans we’re dispersing illegal immigrants all across the country? Is the purpose to allow the president to issue whatever ideological propaganda message he desires?

The Hill reports “the current system is not capable of reaching the entire country all at once should the president need to warn the public of something like a terrorist attack or an act of war against the country. Instead, to reach the entire country, each local jurisdiction would have to broadcast the same message — a tedious process that could leave room for gaps if one station misses the broadcast. So the FCC is proposing a national location code that would give the president the ability to broadcast to the entire country with a single message in the event of a nationwide emergency. The proposal will be published in Tuesday’s edition of the Federal Register. The FCC says the update will help with “saving human lives, reducing injuries, mitigating property damage, and minimizing the disruption of the national economy.”

I always love how we mask nefarious intents under the guise of helping, warning, protecting, and preparing the American people. We have 24-hour news and weather channels that inform the American people. And a terrorist attack? Here we go with fear-mongering in order to expand government control. Didn’t we just hear the same about the NSA surveillance program of Americans?

And once again, something is being added to the Federal Registry under the ever-expanding bureaucratic regulatory state — and not by legislative process. So much for protecting, warning and informing the American people.

The FCC estimates the new technology and testing would cost the industry between $7 million and $13.6 million in compliance costs. So whom do you think will actually have to pay for these update costs? Yep, you and me, Joe and Jane Doe American consumer.
The last thing anyone in America should want is a president with the ability to flip a switch and broadcast directly into your home.

We, the public have 30 days to comment on the proposed rules — go to the Federal Registry and review the document. Hey, there you go. Why do we need an update to the system? I just warned you of an eminent danger — more government intrusion — and it didn’t cost you anything.


  1. Great just what we need Nationally control propaganda TV. If that doesn’t tell you that our government is now tyrannical nothing will.

    • i seen this coming 30 years ago. it’s not new to me. the movie was really good. i never had a chance to read the book.

      • I’d feel the same about any president having the ability to do this. However, with the current office holder, the potential for misuse and abuse is greater than average.

      • If a Rhino was president and he did that. It would still be tyrannical. The first two things that happen when Any country gets taken over, even it is a coup, they take over the airports and the Media outlets

      • I would not want any president to do this. But with the current administration, I completely, absolutely mistrust the intent.

      • There are broadcast channels as well as cable news outlets to inform us. No president needs to have that power, although mistrust of this administration makes it hard to believe that warning/protecting, etc. of the citizens is their only intent. I see that FEMA is also in favor of this.

  2. Ha, he cuts and runs when there is something imprtant to be announced now. Can not be found or is out playing golf. Seems to happen after he has stirred things up. Public address system would be for dictators demanding compliance.

  3. We are and have been living under a Marxist President that liberals elected because they are socialist idiots. Welcome to communism and thanks a lot those who support this muslim usurper you belong in prison , and eventually hell .

    • You do realize that Marxism, communism, socialism and being a muslim are all completely different things? I would find it fascinating if one person could be all of those things. Maybe you’re exaggerating just a bit. You think?

  4. Off the grid is sounding better every day!! If there is an emergency of that quality I do not want to see that sock monkeys face.


  6. I still can’t fathom why we do not have ala-cart cable where I only pay for the channels I want, and not those I find offensive or not to my interests. So for me a switch were “The One” has access to every channel is mind boggling.

    • I got rid of cable a while ago. As long as morons keep paying for crap cable channels nothing will change. The only way things change is when you hurt them in their wallet and so far….that isn’t happening.

  7. Can you say Marshall Law! Its the phone, the drone, the Pen and the UN! Here we go folks, keep your powder dry! DHS has millions of rounds, how many do you have? Could you shoot you local hero or national guards man? Likely not! The average American has lost their balls given up their firearms in exchange for a toaster and thought you were going to get “Hope & Change”. You are, a changing of the guard, from freedom to tyranny! I expect it by October 15th, or by Halloween, no mid-term elections and if they somehow go by, they will be wrought with fraud! If power flips back to the GOP for the house and the senate, expect it before 2016! Lock & Load bury em if ya got em!

  8. Has anyone here that disagrees with this taken the time to write the FCC and voice your opinion? I too suffer from the rant and rage on forums and on Facebook but have not taken my American civil duties and voiced my opinion through formats that have a chance to invoke change. This could be our chance, one voice at a time, to at least go sleep at night knowing we didn’t just sit on information, but we DO something…anything….

  9. From the very beginning Obumma and his wife has shown disregard for our people our country and what it stands for, our constitution, our by laws, our government, our military, our endeavor to have world peace, He continually lies to us , writes mandate and uses them without congress approval, uses mandates to enforce his will against what the majority of the people want, destroy our economy, destroyed, our credit, destroyed, our pride, destroyed, our freedom, destroyed our respect, destroyed our freedom of religion, destroyed our privacy, destroyed our schools, destroyed our courts, destroyed our military. Now he is trying our rights to bear arms, immigration laws, our prison system, election system, and so many thing that are not only impeachable but are illegal an should be put in prison for. With so many laws broke and so many deed against our country and so many other items that it would take days to list in trying to destroy America “Impeachment should be now for him and his co-hearts.” Not the last thing he is destroying and not the least is our dignity.

  10. I find it interesting that when conservatives say anything about potential terrorists attacks on American soil they are immediately called “conspiracy theorists” and viciously denigrated. But when the left wants to further expand it’s control over our every day lives, one of the first “dangers” they claim to want to protect us from is potential terrorist attacks.

  11. Has anyone had any success finding the document on the comments page? Perhaps I’m just not looking carefully enough, but have not found either the FCC 14-93 listed, nor the EB Docket No. 04-296. I definitely intend to exercise my right to comment on this proposal once I find the correct entry.

  12. It will be you and me paying for it…not the freeloading, non-working public that gets home phone, cell phone, internet, basic cable, etc. for free that we are ALREADY paying for…since when did phones, internet, cable, etc. become basic NEEDS?? Since the LEFT said that is what they are…what is next? free cars?? free boats, free RVs??

  13. Next thing you know, he be given total complete power over our nuclear weapons stock pile, with the ability to wipe out a country with the flip of a switch or a quick telephone call.

    ….oh wait.

  14. Next thing you know, he will be given total complete power over our nuclear weapons stock pile, with the ability to wipe out a country with the flip of a switch or a quick telephone call.

    ….oh wait.

    Pull yourselves together people.

  15. I can’t believe Obama would do something like this. How dare the government keep their time machine a secret. That’s the only way I can figure out that Obama went back to 1996 and forced George Bush to sign Executive Order # 13407 ( Presidential Communications with the General Public During Periods of National Emergency) that created this ability.

      • Sorry…that was a typo…I meant 2006.

        But, the idea was first proposed in 1995 by the Clinton Administration. It was the Bush Administration in 2006 that passed an Executive Order (oh..wait, I thought only Obama used E.O.’s other than in wartime) making it a law.

      • Obama’s E.O’s are blatant disrespectful in your face im the king i do what i want type of E.O.’s, unlike past presidents Obama forcefully gets what he wants instead of abiding by our countries laws and government.

      • So let me get this straight when the other presidents passed executive orders they weren’t being tyrants. But when Obama does it he is a dictator. On what do you base your rationale?

      • obama has issued the least amount of E O’s out of any president dating back to the 1800s…. not to mention all of his orders thus far have been entirely legal oh im sorry faux news didnt tell you that so of course a walking talking point like you wouldn’t know that my bad.

      • The Democrats, the Republicans, and Everyone else in America is being Deceived by Obama….We’re all in the same mess buddy ! All the ‘naive Democrat did was ‘Enable Obama ‘ .

  16. Since we know what’s happening to this country why can’t we stop it? Why do we let this go on? Are all our elected representatives too cowardly to do anything or is it impossible for reasons I don’t understand.

    • You raise an excellent question; ‘ are our US Congressmen Cowards or is there something that makes it impossible for (hidden) reasons we don’t understand, ‘ that would keep us from enforcing the US Constitution & and the Laws of our Land ? That would keep us from ‘Stopping Obama’s naked treason and his Subversion of our Nation? ‘ What is the Problem? He belongs on ‘Trial’ !

    • That’s exactly what he wants , ‘ NO COMMUNICATION ‘ among us ! He’ll play silly music and show cartoons to keep the uninformed-masses entertained. While ‘Invasions and all sorts of Terrorism happen all over the Country’; and no one gets alarm. Mostly, like it happened in Germany…no one really knew what was happening to the Jews; they never thought, the Jews were being taken to the Gas Chamber and to the Ovens !

  17. Do you really think after all that he has done. That I would really give a damn about what he has to say? He will be on Air-Force one landing in some Muslim country with the secret codes to the nuclear missiles. It’s Dr. Strangelove for real this time. Finally, I would rather see Liberace on the T.V. playing his piano and singing, “I’ll be seeing you! In all the familiar places!”

  18. This just adds to what I’ve been saying to my friends. It’s not so much that I dislike Obama but that I fear him. I didn’t like Nixon or Clinton but I didn’t fear them or any other Pres. for that matter. One reason I fear him is because the liberal media will & have let him ‘get away’ with any thing he does, no matter if it is against the Constitution.

    • You do realize the President just has two more years in his term and then he will no longer be president, nor will he have the ability to run for president. I don’t think the “liberal media” has the power to “let” the president “get away with things” that go against the Constitution.

      • He can do an awful lot of damage in two more years. Just look at the damage he has done so far. He has ignored the Constitution already so what makes you think he will not do more things that are against our Constitution.

      • There is no wool in my eyes neither I’m running around like Henny Penny claiming the sky is falling. There are serious issues facing this country both here and abroad. But I find it so interesting that everyone beleives that President Obama is a gay, muslim, communist, socialist, marxist, tyrant, dictator who hates America who is trying to destroy this country. Really. Why would he want to do that? He will be out of office soon so, what is his end goal if that is your belief?

        As for your people who are constantly waving around the Constitution. The Constitution has changed over the years because the country has changed. In 1787, only white men over 21 could vote, and the President could serve for as long as he was elected!
        The Bill of Rights amended the Constitution, so my point is that it is not a perfect document as written and there have been changes.


      • You do reallize that the war in Iraq was starting by President Bush, that war left the country unstable. What is the US supposed to do, stay in Iraq forever? Bush made a terrible mistake in starting the war and getting rid of Sadaam, now we are paying for it, with the religous extremist taking over the country. As for illegals, most illegals come here because someone will hire them and it’s not other illegals, it is American businesses wanted dirt cheap labor. If they couldn’t get jobs, they wouldn’t keep coming. Also it was during the Bush administration that said any kids like those who come as refugee are entitled to a hearing. So I think people need to stop and get their facts straight before they go off half cocked.

      • I do believe illegals were here before President Obama became president. Do you know that many American companies employee illegals, most of them come for work that they get because Americans hire them knowing they are illegal. Who do you think picks most of the fruit and vegetables? Immigration is a serious issue, but you are naive.
        As far as Iraq goes, what should the US do? Because of a war that has kill thousands of American troops and injured many more we left the country unstable. We cannot stay there forever. If we had left well enough alone the Islamic extremist would not be in power now. So what exactly should we do about Iraq? And please tell me when the President Obama said to hell with the law the illegals can stay. We need immigration reform in this country. We are deporting illegals by the thousands, and yet it is still a problem, so something needs to be done. There are approximately 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. We cannot “send them all back” realistically.
        We need solutions not rhetoric and hyperbole!

      • Many of the serious problems are made more so by the fact that Obama is incompetent. And no one but me has said this but I strongly feel that Putin would NOT have invaded the Ukraine had not we have such a weak incompetent Pres. Putin would have NEVER invaded had Reagan been in office!!!!

      • You do realize Hillary is up next. You think Obama was bad? What until the left starts crying, “You’re sexist!” whenever Republicans criticize her administration.

      • They have made NO EFFORT to speak against it. If they are not opposing Obama….then by default…they are providing support.

      • First 2 years is a long time for someone with the power that he has. 2nd One way that the liberal media lets Obama ‘ get away ‘ with ‘ stuff’ is by not reporting it. Aren’t you aware of how little time the liberal media have given to such scandals as Benghazi, the IRS, & so many more scandals . And when they do give it a little time they skew the reporting to make it sound as tho they are made up scandals. Then when they do report such as the Bergdhal release for 5 terrorists once they report it it is over. IF Obama destroys the US as we know it (And YES that is his goal ) if after that and there is anyone left to report on it one of the things they will write is that Obama was able to destroy the US with the help of the Liberal media. What surprises me is that the Liberal media is ultimately helping to destroy their selves. However they have their heads shoved so far up Obama’s hiney that they can’t see daylight!!!

      • What are you talking about? Actually the constitution has nothing in it regulating the press. They have complete freedom to print anything they want. They also have the freedom to ignore any story they wish to for any reason.The constitution gives the press total freedom.The problem with that is that there is also nothing in the constitution compelling them to tell the truth or not to take sides in politics. As a result the press has been taken over by people who are anything but unbiased. Stories that paint Obama or any of his hand picked cronies or fellow Democrats in a bad light are edited to minimize the damage or are just ignored. That is reality, more than just a thought.

  19. It wouldn’t help. Just think of all the things obama hasn’t apparently known about. Or hillary for that matter.

  20. well I think this is great, I wish this was available in my country, Spain. It’s good that if anything was about to happen, they can warn you that fast, dunno what u all crying about -.-“

  21. 24 hour news and the weather channel get their info from the government in emergencies. The gov has equipment to detect natural disasters and gives it to states. They provide a command center.

  22. And to think we have 2 1/2 more years of this tyrannical crap. No, he won’t be impeached, who has the guts to impeach the first black liberal president? Nobody. It’s only going to get worse. How far will “we the people” allow this to go?

    • He is just as much white as he is black. I’ve seen photos of his mother….she was white. I’ve seen photos of his father…he was black. Obama is neither white nor black, he is mulatto.

      • I know they do and they are all wrong. What they need to recognize is it’s not the color of his skin, it’s his belief system. The guy is the most narcissistic liar and clueless person I have ever known of. I think he has a mental illness. I think he is sociopathic. If he was an everyday citizen doing this crazy stuff we would have had him locked up by now. The guy scares the socks off of me. He appears to be totally insane and drunk on his power. It has nothing to do with the color of skin or the mixture of the colors this is coming from a personality defect that is going to cause serious problems for all of us….regardless of your political party affiliation. He’s just plain NUTS!

  23. That’s exactly what the FCC appointee said four years ago.Glenn Beck was the only one that reported it.Mark Lloyd the FCC diversity czar.He also said white people needed to step down and exalted Chavez .

  24. I don’t want or need any President telling me what I have to do !!! Obama has lied since being elected, I believe he is trying to make this a Communists Country !! So I say HELL NO !!!!!!

  25. Wouldn’t be worth watching. The man opens his mouth and lies fall out. Plus the fact he’s working against our National Security & Sovereignty. Best to have breaks in programming, you might get a bit of truth. A few have a conscience, unlike the WH resident.

  26. And the unspoken ‘Dark Side ‘ of this lovely idea…[Sarcasm Off]… is that, not only will they have complete coverage and priority over ALL local stations, they would now be free to completely LIE about what is going on. Imagine:

    “We have evidence that terrorists have planted a Dirty Bomb in St. Louis. We are therefore activating DHS (read Obama’s Black Shirts) in order to get the situation under control.” Yeah, right. Just THINK of the possibilities; false flag warnings, evacuating people to…oh… a ‘safe’ location….like the state prison in Booneville, MO. “Hi! We’re from the Government and we’re here to help you.” If you believe that, you can have my house for a dollar!

  27. The Technology is already here. I have an APP on my i-phone “RED ALERT – ISRAEL” that hits me with an instant warning for time/location for every missile that is fired by Hamas into Israel. The App has a Radio commentary as well but my language skills prevent me from understanding anything other than the tone of the broadcast.

  28. Funny to see people complain about this did not have any issues with GWB color-coded alerts. Orange alert today since my approval ratings are going to the toilet.

  29. As a VERY conservative person, I’ll have to say it this one time with distaste: “It’s Bush’s Fault”. (rinse, and repeat never again) It was his EO 13407 that ushered in the trojan horse called CAPS/IPAWS – an addition to the EAS system. In a nutshell, this required an overhaul/upgrade to existing systems to allow insecure Internet access in addition to the largely secure over-the-air relaying of alerts via FM radio stations (LP1 and LP2) and the NWS. Once word got out about this, there have been more than a few instances of false disasters being triggered by hackers (partially broadcasters fault due to using factory default passwords in some cases).

    What Mr. West (wish I could say President West!) is referring to is the as-yet largely unused IPAWS portion of the EO. What this does, is make exclusive use of the aforementioned Internet connection, and open it up to every Disaster Manager at City, County, State and Federal levels. Yes, if you have a Barney Fife-type in your area, he/she has access. Nice thought, isn’t it? And, of course, direct control from DC.

    In addition to ‘local level access’, IPAWS can, and eventually will go multi-lingual. How this will be achieved effectively is anyone’s guess. I can envision an Alert going out in 15 different languages and only getting through five of them before the flood/tornado/missile hits.

    Bear in mind, triggering of the EAS will not and cannot “turn off” a TV station. It only interrupts the audio portion of a broadcast. At least until they make a requirement to also have the EAS tied into the video portion and/or the transmitter “OFF” button.

    Over the past decade or so, the FCC has become more onerous in the requirements they mandate. Last year ushered in the CALM Act, which broadcasters had to pay for themselves – before that EAS and its multitude of revisions that again, the broadcaster had to pay for. Won’t even go into the millions of dollars each broadcaster spent to satisfy the unfunded mandate of High Definition TV and being forced to operate both Analog and Digital transmitters for a full year due to a delayed and then extended “Analog shutoff” date. Currently, the requirement to Close Caption breaking news events. I suppose a weather map/radar image of the area with a guy wildly pointing to a picture of a tornado wasn’t good enough. Next, we have UltraHDTV (Good Lord! I can already see their blemishes, do I need to see their DNA?!) poking its nose under the tent, and the FCC forcing another frequency packing change so they can auction off the spectrum. Oh yes – your current TV will become junk without a converter when this happens. The casual observer would think the Feds are doing their best to eliminate free and independent over-the-air TV. And I would heartily agree with them. I truly don’t believe my RF engineer job of 30 years will be around when I reach retirement age, or free TV. At that point, Federal government will truly have absolute control of the “OFF switch”. Like the Outer Limits, they will “control all that you see and hear”.

    Like any other high-tech tool, EAS can be, and has been, a lifesaver. That said, it can also be easily perverted into a political weapon. Man, I miss the old EBS!

      • I haven’t a clue as to whom the actual author was. Its a sure bet that Bush didn’t write it – not savvy enough in that area. I would be more inclined to think it had some input from some gremlins in the FCC and FEMA. Nonetheless, it has Dubya’s signature on it, and that is where the buck stops.

    • Just got word that Missouri State Police are going to be implementing IPAWS soon for sending out Amber Alerts.

  30. I just found an old Readers Digest and there was a book called “The R Document” by Irving Wallace written in 1976. The story tells of the FBI Chief has convinced the book’s President that he needs a 35th Amendment that will suspend the Bill of Rights during a National Emergency. The FBI Chief will be in charge of the nation until safe life returns. Unknown to the book’s President there is a R Document attached to the amendment. R = Reconstruction. The FBI Chief has secretly build holding sites for citizens that don’t comply with the Government. The book’s President doesn’t know that as soon as the states ratify the 35th Amendment the FBI Chief will execute his “national Emergency” so he can take over the US. It’s scary but I recommend reading it. Perhaps the FEMA camps are the holding sites.

  31. Seems to me this is the perfect resource to have at hand, on the night of the United States Primary- Elections ? What better time to use it ? When you’re losing your butt and you need to drive home a message that the loser is considering an emergency ? After all , It’s not what is an emergency ? But WHO constitutes what emergency really is ? Like Bill Clinton said ‘ it all depends on what an IS , IS ? But the importance is WHO validates it to be official .

  32. The fraud POTUS can take over the networks now at a moments notice. When he does I turn the TV off immediately, for the sake of my health! Seeing him makes me sick, hearing his propaganda spouting lies makes me want to destroy something. Since I am in my own home (for now) that would be counterproductive!
    He already has his hands in our pockets through the IRS and now Obamacare. HIS Health plan makes life or death decisions for Americans. HE imports and distributes ILLEGAL ALIENS through out the country without the consent of tax payers! HE is militarizing the LEO forces, providing heavy military grade weaponry – requested or not! HE had drones along with military helicopters flying through our skies over our homes and businesses! HIS NSA and other alphabet groups mine our phones, internet actions, credit cards etc.! HE created FREE SPEECH ZONES so you can be arrested for exercising the First Amendment outside the zones! HE is responsible for the “GUN FREE ZONES”! which translate into the FREE KILL ZONES for those who will always have weapons! With this and so much more how can we still consider ourselves the Land of the Free? With Congress refusing to take strong legal action against HIM and his illegal administrators we have already given up on The Land of the Brave!

      • Are you really going to take the chance and give one person that much power? The system is unnecessary. It almost seems like those who are so loyal and 110% positive and can see NO flaws in this are willing to bet our freedom on it. Well the Bible warned us of these days and they are unfolding in our lifetime. The next 2 years are going to interesting to say the least. Its already frightening just escalating at a faster pace than his first term. God Bless America.

      • You speak as I am in favor of him having that kind of power. Past Presidents invited Press coverage of their speeches and it was up to the individual networks who aired them or not. To give any president this type of power is way too Orwellian for me! This President’s powers need to be reined in, not expanded.

      • Actually, a number of his speeches were broadcast under the EBA system and, by law, those speeches were on every channel that broadcast over the air.

    • So if the system is fine using a “democratic” approach why the heavyhanded approach? Imagine not one NOT ONE other station being able to communicate with us? We would only believe one thing; what we are told. Now what if that one Dictator wasn’t 100% truthful of his intent? What if he decides to tell us that this is now a country where free speech is forbidden? The nietivity and the willingness to follow this wolf in sheep’s clothing amazes me.

      • So you think the President is just going to activate the EBS and then spend the rest of his life sitting there, not allowing anyone else to watch anything else? Do you have any idea how crazy you sound?

      • Only about as crazy as the idea that he has to have a special code to co-opt all the broadcast/cable TV at once to focus on him.

    • Reagan didn’t have a code or switch to co-opt them all, all at once, to his face and his voice. Some networks and stations just wouldn’t turn on the feed. That used to be legal. That isn’t what FCC is talking about now.

      And it wasn’t that long ago that Obama wanted to have a switch that would allow him to turn off the Internet for anyone but his government. Do you even remember that? Ever hear how that came out? Ever wonder why the ‘mainstream’ news doesn’t remember what Obama did last week, and expects you to forget, as well?

  33. Oh no! In the case of a presidential announcement they’re going to stop/block all the channels and the only way to avoid him will be to turn off the TV….or keep watching netflix…..or stay on the internet….or all of the other hundreds of things we’re usually doing instead of watching TV nowdays. Also, I don’t see how this is any different from the pre-everybody-and-their-cousins-have-500-channel days. Back in, what most conservatives would call “the good old days”, every presidential announcement or state of the union address or executive sneeze meant stopping whatever you actually wanted to watch to have the president tell you that everything’s going pretty much the same as it was last time he interrupted your shows. So why make a fuss about it now? I mean, I know the kids will hate it because it might make them have to switch to their laptops/tablets/smartphones to gripe on their social media about how they’re missing their cartoons. Why is returning to something we had under all the beloved conservative Presidents now considered a bad thing? I guess what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander anymore. It’s ok for Republicans to do it but not Democrats? Make up your mind!

    • You must not be old enough to remember how it ACTUALLY worked. No network was _required_ to carry those broadcasts. On occasion, one would opt out. And the independent channels rarely carried them at all. I just about guarantee that no President would have tried to preempt oh, say, the Super Bowl. With this proposed system, the Oval Office would have to ability to take control of all broadcasts regardless of what the owners of those channels wanted. One more step would probably allow them to take control of your ISP and only allow you to watch the approved broadcast even if you tried to go online, including overriding Netflix. No, this proposal goes far beyond anything available to any President in the past, all under that ill-defined umbrella of “for the higher good.”

      • So, you’re saying that the government, no matter who’s in control, should not have the ability to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you an urgent message? Oh wait, that sort of stuff has been happening for a long time, so you couldn’t mean that. You must be talking about a new emergency broadcast system that can send out notifications over TV, Radio and even text messages. Oh Wait, We’ve had that for years too. So, tell me again what this new threat is because I’m just seeing an uproar over something that we’ve had for a long time anyways and could actually be used “for the greater good” if a national emergency occurred. Could it be used for evil? Sure! According to many the “Idiot Box” has been used for that since day 1. Heck, the interwebs you apparently love is even worse. Generally, though, these things do more good than harm. If the government decides to start filling my TV, or even internet, with propagandized BS then I have no problem watching one of my hundreds of DVDs or playing my non-internet connected games or turning it off altogether and, God forbid, reading a book, writing my own or drawing. See, unlike a lot of people on this site apparently, I know how to think for myself and not follow whatever voice happens to scream the loudest. If anything, the louder and more ridiculously someone tries to get people to follow them, the more it should be a red flag. The red flag should wave even more if it’s any kind of extreme viewpoint, like the ones primarily expressed here. The old “with us or against us”, “black and white”, “insert any example of extreme POV here”, etc. is a logical fallacy but one that attracts a lot of people, that’s why they are so popular. Black and white is easy. You don’t get much simpler in fact. It leaves a lot of beautiful shades out though. Let’s face it, this notification system/big-brother-box or whatever you want to call it CAN be bad news, but it CAN be useful as well. If you can picture what a good-hearted, kind, God-fearing Christian could do with that system then you see that it isn’t the boogieman it’s being made out to be. Because of Mr. West’s biased viewpoint on “the man with his finger on the switch”, if you will, he sees it as bad. Instead of getting up in arms about “Obama’s latest way to ruin the nation,” why not share the idea of how it can be used for good and then try to get someone in there that you feel more comfortable controlling it?

    • The problem is all the news stations are already biased and brainwashed He he already taken them over its year 6 of an 8 year plan (long term chess game) and if the brainwashed FCC allows this to happen (totally unnecessary system) than our Own Dictator will be celebrating with “checkmate”.

  34. I don’t have cable or watch TV anymore as the Hitler style of propaganda has taken it over. You cannot watch a TV show that in some way does not condition you to accept this Marxist regime. Example; TV shows about law enforcement always shows LEO’s violating peoples rights in the name of protecting people. This conditions the sheep to accept this in real life. I’m done with it, stick a fork in me. No more indoctrination in my home.

  35. Uh, when I was a kid and there were only three channels and PBS they could do this already. How is this different? Im not sure.

  36. Oh boo hoo. Wow, because the President can speak directly to the American people, what an atrocity. Oh how dare the leader of our country actually want to speak directly and instantly to the American people in the case of an emergency. Watch out, he might actually be brainwashing you with sublimimal messages at all his publicly televised speeches. You Orwellian doom porn pervs need to crawl back under your rock.

  37. sadly this will only get ppl to believe what he wants to believe….i just say ..if this comes to play ….pray to the lord, ask God to help you keep him first ..keep your eyes on God, do not be brainwashed. …without the lord you will be brainwashed…you will follow the crowd…..


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