The nation of cowards and Eric Holder’s racial animus

In remarks made during a 2009 speech to honor Black History Month, Eric Holder said the country remains “voluntarily socially segregated.” Holder said,”Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot in things racial, we have always been, and we, I believe, continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards. Though race-related issues continue to occupy a significant portion of our political discussion, and though there remain many unresolved racial issues in this nation, we, average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about things racial.”

And yesterday, he doubled down on that statement, saying that “racial animus” is behind the criticism of himself and the president.

Eric Himpton Holder Jr., in an administration of “firsts” — at least as far as race is concerned — is the first African-American or black American to hold the position of U.S. Attorney General. He serves at the pleasure of the first African-American or black American president, Barack Obama.

Anthony Renard Foxx (born April 30, 1971) is an African-American who has been the United States Secretary of Transportation since 2013. He served as the Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, from 2009 to 2013. I choose to refer to him as “American” if I want to speak about him at all.

Then there is Jeh Johnson. I have never known nyone with this first name, but on December 23, 2013, Johnson was sworn in as the fourth U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security. The Washington Post reported that “Johnson, an African-American, would bring further racial diversity” to Obama’s Cabinet.

On October 29, 2009, the Senate unanimously confirmed President Barack Obama’s choice of Regina Benjamin for the position of Surgeon General of the United States and as a Medical Director in the regular corps of the Public Health Service. She is African-American as well, and is no longer in office, but is being replaced by another African-American yet to be confirmed.

I could continue on and add in Hispanic appointees, but hopefully you get the picture. It requires a level of talent, education, and “pluck of luck” or “friends in high places” to make it into these ranks, but it can and will continue to be done.

I ask you, do you see this diversity in the governing bodies of Europe, Canada or Latin America? What about in Asia? I will answer that: NOPE. And this diversity didn’t just begin with Obama — does anyone remember Condoleeza Rice or Colin Powell or Clarence Thomas or any of the other African-Americans who served in high places for other administrations?

So in what way is this country a “nation of cowards” or a “racist” nation? Perhaps because no one is willing to step up and say that this nation is 13 percent black or African-American and the African-American race is well represented in the ranks of government. There is no other country on the face of this earth with or without the population representation that can make the same claim. The cowardice comes in when not one person is willing to stand up and say this simple fact.

The president, his adviser Valerie Jarrett, and many of the people who surround him in an important way are all black or African-American. The representation by people “other than white males” is at an all time high — in fact the Democrats have a minority of the dreaded white males. Colleges and universities bend over backwards to make sure the “under-represented” are more than represented sometimes even to their detriment. And the racial detectives are still searching for clues to “hidden racism.” I think the latest target is the World Bank.

Last night watching Hannity on Fox News, a Caucasian woman was trying to explain why she was against the president’s actions, or inaction, on illegal immigration. She lost her son as a result of a head-on car accident involving a repeat offender illegal immigrant — who had no license or social security number. This woman’s precious son was DEAD and yet she found it necessary to exclaim that she was “not racist” when speaking about the president’s policies. This is the intended consequence of Holder’s statement, to make everyone uncomfortable in criticizing him or President Obama — and it is working, hence why they use race. I admit, she is better than me — much better, because the “ghost of Angela past” would have taken over my tongue with the loss of my child. God bless her.

We ARE a nation of cowards when we move our children to private schools because, as the Washington Post reported in March of this year, “Six decades after the Supreme Court mandated school integration, racial and gender disparities in school discipline stubbornly persist, according to a study by the civil rights division of the U.S. Department of Education. The report offers a snapshot of the experiences of 49 million students across the country from 2011 through 2012 and is based on data from all 97,000 public schools across the country. The findings are stark: Students of color, boys and girls, are suspended at three times the rate of white students, and the disparities begin in preschool.”

So, instead of confronting the reality almost three-quarters of these children grow up in single parent households, many with scant supervision, and are simply behaving in a “bad-assed” manner, it must instead be HIDDEN RACISM. We cower away FROM TELLING THE TRUTH. Teachers second-guess themselves, hold black or African-American students to a lower standard of behavior, as the well-mannered children of all races flee the public school system, and the teachers themselves become frequently assaulted “wardens” in an asylum.

So, what of these “kids” when they come out of high school? They become problem citizens, with very little socialization skills because of this tolerance and that becomes yet another problem for another day.

I’m not saying racism, sexism and all of the other “-isms” do not exist – of course they do. What I am saying is that to cower in the face of “wrong-doing” on all levels, whether it is to get votes or to live in fear of being called “racist” only sets back ALL civilization. We are living under that mantle right now.

More than one GOP member is afraid of his or her shadow — in large measure because of the unwarranted lack of diversity in their ranks. They grasp at straws, jumping from one color to the next or one sexual orientation to the next trying to show that they are not “like the others,” thus frustrating “the others” who were neither racist, sexist or homophobic to begin with.

The GOP reps are terrified to make a statement that something is unlawful and search for reasons or words to make excuses for inertia. “Let him have what he wants, he will own it” from the budget to the multitudes flooding the borders and many trillions of dollars in between. Just let him have his way has been the mantra because of the fear, this cowardice. We can paint it pretty and put a cherry on top but make no mistake “it is what it is.”

Makes you feel good to give it, but remember when you gave your kid the third helping of ice cream even though you knew it wasn’t going to be good and he vomited on your lap? Your child “owned it” but it was your fault — and it’s the same with this. Even when he (the president) owns it, you’ll get the blame because you gave it to him.

And as Eric Holder said yesterday, he won’t walk back his words because, why should he? You have been played.


  1. This administration has set race relations back more than 50 yrs. The race card is all they have because they can’t accept responsibility for their criminal actions and horrible policies. Thank you for writing this truth!

    • It reminds me of all the individuals I have known with no character and very childish who when countered blamed the larger group or their race for the complaint. Never himself or herself. This is that squared

    • They are trying to push it back 50 years , but now I think they are faltering. Blacks are not long fooled but the freebies mitigate and the participation in a ready excuse such as
      THE PAST to be an excuse for failure looms large for some.
      For some it is an industry (Sharpton and the teetering J. Jackson)

    • and not only along racial lines……. this administration is dividing us on religion, income, abortion, ho mosexuality, etc. This is ‘group think,’ and if you have a different opinion, you are labeled a hater and ‘on the wrong side of history.’ This man ran for office and claimed to be a uniter. You are correct……We are more divided today than we were when i was a kid.

  2. I think we know where and who the reall cowards are! The current race baiting administration to which Holder is the leader in racial divide

  3. Great article. Frankly, those that don’t see the reality of our society do so willingly. It’s all about being self-serving regardless of the consequences for the future.

  4. It is the only ‘defense’ they have left as they have totally ruined almost everything they have their fingerprints on and with no solutions in sight. They cannot present anything positive they have accomplished so the only excuse they have is calling ‘racism’. I am calling Bull Sh*t!!

  5. I love the phrase “ghost of Angela past” in reference to your tongue. That is because of the constant pounding of the PC shamers. Finding and stating the truth should always be the focal point of solving a problem!!! Excellent article!

  6. When a significant number of people from a specific race behave the same way, people have a tendency to associate that behavior with that race. So, if Eric Holder wants to continue to play the race card while being in a leadership position, he will continue to be looked upon as a self-inflicted black man. His behavior shows he is not interested in minimizing racism, he promotes it in his own way. I learned a long time ago that nobody on this earth had any control over the color of the skin they were born with, and it is not right to hold their skin color against them because it is beyond their control. They do have control over their behavior, so that is fair game. Holder seem to have difficulty with that concept. He can call me a racist if he wished, I really don’t care what he thinks and won’t until he grows up. I am not holding my breath as I really do not want to turn blue.

  7. I am most grateful for HONEST leaders like you, LTC (RET) West! I have made similar statements over the years, that America goes WAY TOO FAR in a vain attempt to disprove racial allegations. What we really need, are politicians brave enough to tell the TRUTH!

  8. Yes, the country is cowardly. It is very obvious that the most racist group in this country, if not in the world, is the black race, but, they are the ones constantly pointing at others and screaming “racist”. What other race on earth, brings up race, every time they speak about anything?

  9. the Democrats NEED racial problems, class warfare, pay inequality, income disparity, etc. If it’s not there, they will create it. This has been going on for more than 50 years. Social problems that need to be “FIXED” by an enormous government is the key to the Democrats success.

  10. Allen and Angela West are two wonderful people. I thank you both for the contributions you have made to this country and wish you both well. This is a very well written article which I support 100%.

  11. I remembered when Bill Crosby came out and try to adrress the issues of single mothers in the black community and boy, was he villified and now you dont hear a peep from him.. Sad when you can’t tell the truth that generations of white, liberal, democratic policies have driven blacks backward instead of forward and up….

  12. Mr. West, until African-American families get off the welfare teat and stand on their own, we will continue to have this problem. Welfare has turned the Black Man and his family into the latest incarnation of the slave to the white master, the Federal Government. People, white and black must reject this servitude and work to stand on their own without the government’s assistance. Until then, the cities will be filled with the dead bodies of young black men, dead from gang violence, welfare mothers with multiply children from different fathers and race baiters like Jackson, Sharpton and Farrakan playing on their fears.

  13. Please run for President Colonel West. We need a real man like you in the White House. Someone who has intelligence, common sense, integrity and values. I will certainly vote for you sir!!

  14. I enjoy reading Allen’s insight, as a ” Legal” alien and a non combative in the political arena, (as Im preparing to become a citizen so I can be part of the process) this is my casual observation of the current adminstration in regard to race.
    The race card, regardless of colour or national origin, we are all sometimes guilty of having misconceptions about each other out of ignorance or fear. However you cannot keep on flogging the same dead horse, which this current administration has done on numerous occasions (hell I have lost count), and using it as a get out of jail free card, when you are caught in the act. The beauty of history is that we learn from it, and move forward, it is not a crutch on which we rest when we do not get our way or our idealogy. Holder in his tenure has done more damage to the standing of the legal system, its inherrent corruption, and manipulation by the Democratic Party during the last 8 years is frightening, its blantant refusal to uphold the law has brought the whole legal system into disrepute, this isnt about race or colour of skin, but applying the law of the land as agreed and voted apon. Its about following the will of the people, not the political agenda of the respective parties, nor using any government agency as a blunt instrument with which to chastise the very people that elected you for their apparent failure to drink the “kool-aid” and follow like sheep. In my last 14 years here, I continue to be amazed by the foresight of the founders of this nation, its opportunities, and freedoms that this nation enjoys, being slowly eroded by ideology, and agenda from both sides of the house.

    • Welcome to our country. It may be a bit crazy right now with all this BS going on from our current administration but you seem to have all your bunnies in a row and know what you are doing and talking about. Nice to meet you.

    • Thank you for your insight and observations. Sometimes it is difficult for those who take our country for granted to see the truth. Welcome!

    • Welcome to America. Despite her current political scandals, hopefully we get a President that wants to better this great country!

  15. A few years ago, at a school in Jacksonville AR, the teacher told a student that he wasn’t worth her time because he is a statistic anyway. He is black, living with his mother only, his father never in the picture and in prison most of the time for selling drugs. He is a very bright young man but without the help from his teachers he is giving up, thinking he is worthless. I told him, he should never let someone like her tell him he is worthless and he can become anything he wants to.

    • Rena- ever child is worth something or God wouldn’t have put them here on earth.Its up to people like you that have to encourage them.

    • That kid is very fortunate to have someone like you in his life. Do you know how many never get the chance to hear those words from anyone? I grew up with a lot of them. And actually believe their options are welfare or crime?

      • I know, there are too many teachers here that do this and it aggravates me.. its one of the reasons why decided to home teach my youngest girls. I was not going to let them be a part of a system that for one doesn’t teach them but puts them down and doesn’t care about them. They are now in college and doing great. One is working on a teaching degree and the other in IT.

      • Good for them. A teacher is what going to give a kid that doesn’t have parents a fighting chance. IT is the future I know because that’s the line of work I chose. In the mid 90’s when it wasn’t as big. Back then the Internet was land of the geek. Always had a job no matter who was President who holds the House or the Senate. Republicans and Democrats both need systems they can rely on. At the end of the day people like you are the hope of America. Not because of who you support but because of what you do. That’s what really matters. Change is bottom up not top down. So is holding on to valued traditions. If the inner-city is going to change it has to be one kid at a time. Obama is nothing but one man, if we want a better America it starts at home. If you have skills no illegal immigrant can take your job. No one who’s illegal can have all the security clearences I have. And I’m nowhere near having the clearence someone like Allen West would have. But no illegal can take my job. So I don’t feel threatened by them. Not enough black people take advantage of that opportunity and that’s why they feel threatened. I believe in some conservative values, but the conservative movement doesn’t want someone like me. Because I refuse to blame kids for their condition and kids should not have to pay for their parents sins.

      • You said it yourself, ” If the inner-city is going to change it has to be one kid at a time.” So how on earth is adding all these illegal (criminal) ‘children’ to our public school system going to help OUR kids? These people don’t speak our language and don’t intend to, they don’t obey our laws and they don’t intend to. What do you expect from the teachers? If we don’t help OUR kids America is going down the toilet. Without America, who the hell is going to help all the other crappy countries who’s socialist governments refuse to help them? They all depend on AMERICA and our benevolence! If we fail the whole damn world fails!

  16. why do liberals constantly want to talk about race? because they are racists. conservatives just want to treat humans as humans and get past all of this “race” nonsense. when “minorities” stop treating themselves – as many have; like Allen West – like second class citizens, so will everyone else. and when certain segments quit acting in ways designed to be offensive, and to make them and their “race” look bad, and yet expect everything to be accepted, they will be accepted also. get over it already people. instead of trying to be further and further divisive, join your communities and contribute positively and watch this wonderful country flourish again!

  17. An excellent article, well thought and written. Maybe we should be looking at Angela West as a presidential candidate? 🙂 We have lived in mixed neighborhoods for over sixty years…I started in Detroit as a youngster and it just moved on from there. I have worked with and gone to church with and liked immensely many dark skinned people in my life but something most people fail to recognize is that most of us, Black, Latino, Asian, White tend to seek our own level so to speak. Most of the time we gather with people whose culture and ways we are familiar with, we all do, and I don’t find that racist in the least. Those ads showing a family of whites at a happy picnic in the back yard with one lone black man irritate me. Speaking of tokens. Why don’t they ever show an ad with a black family and one lone white guest? My point is most regular black and white people in this country like each other just fine. None of us, black or white, like the gangs, criminals and murderers of either race and that too has nothing to do with race but with the way people behave.

    • very well said, it is a natural thing, not a racial thing. To congregate with those you are familiar with. As for you ads regarding the white family and the lone black man. Sorry to tell you, but I see plenty of black families in commercials with no black? Just the way it is. There is a Black Caucus, if there was just a white caucus, that would certainly be portrayed as racist. The NAACP? BET? United Negro College fund? You don’t see a United Caucasian College Fund, or United Latino College Fund?

      • Your comment is well written but way off base. Racists/segregationist
        attitudes are taught/learned there are no built in screwed up ideas in children
        like that until that are learned . Why
        do you think other groups of people created the institutions you mentioned, let
        me help you because they were excluded otherwise. There was no way to a better life, education, have
        a political voice so there organizations were created to address these
        problems. When a black person talks about race that is not playing the race
        card ( all the comments here saying that are simply ignorant) two reasons you
        don’t need to/ want to discuss anything dealing with race is because (1) you
        don’t have to you never have to think about it (2) if you are honest with
        yourself it will bring your core beliefs into question and that is too
        uncomfortable for most people, in your mind it better that everything is all
        sunshine and rainbows. Race does matter to people that deal with the negatives
        concerning race daily. I know you or someone else will come back and post how
        wrong I am, I am just a lib… blah blah blah, Instead of that why don’t you
        look at some history, try to get a wider view of the world and country than
        just what you think, try to understand another person’s perspective. Just reading the comments here I’m sure there
        are many with the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s mentality, for you guys time moves forward,
        this country is moving forward, but a lot of you are stuck in how things once
        were, they will not be that way again.

      • For starters I don’t have a 30’s, 40, or 50’s mentality! I am 41 years old, and matter of fact bi-racial if you want to get specific. But I am not this that hyphenated Amercan, I am an American first and foremost. I do know my history. I am glad to have learned what I have before this “common core” indoctrination! Maybe America should have a 3rd party, we’ll call it the “Pity Party” Wait Democratic party is already running that agenda. I am honest with myself. It is people like you and the ones that think like you, that believe that you deserve a hand out instead of a hand up! I know this mentality. I don’t need to get into specifics, but I was raised on welfare, lived projects in Boston, Mass. I’ve seen the takers and the not doers! I still see them today! You and your King O’blamer certainly are moving forward, forward with fundamentally destroying this country!

      • You jump to a lot of conclusions in your post about what

        you think I believe, whatever I dismiss that as gibberish. I would almost like

        for H. Clinton to win next just to see the rants on this page. I guess it would

        switch from “blacks this and that” to “the evils of the

        women”, lol. I’m Black so please don’t think you actually proved anything

        by stating your background, so what. It’s not just what you say it’s what you

        didn’t say, I have seen just as many poor people of all back grounds turn their

        lives around with hard work and education and a bit of faith, but if I listened

        to you all black people are in sad shape. Have you ever thought about getting

        some counseling about your resentment of other black people sounds like that’s

        where the core of your problem is. Funny thing about you and all the people

        that Hate THE PRESIDENT so much at the end of the day he will still be the

        President and you will still be mad. So to you and anyone else with these

        hateful, bigoted, small minded, comments enjoy your rage because that is all

        you have. You will have this same rage for the next 8 years during the next

        Democrats term I hope it is Warren but I think it will be Clinton. Peace stay

        angry or whatever it is you need to do.

      • LMAO nice rant! The deal is yes I hate Oblamer, but I hate his white co-conspirator just as much! Along with gang of thieves! So yes try to make it a RACIAL ISSUE! Fail, I have black friends, etc. so your wrong. Hillary has a very slim chance because she is tied in with Oblamer! She stepped down from Sec. of State to try to distant herself from the debacles that Oblamer is in. But smart people are well aware of what she is doing. By the way her book sales are through the roof! LOL, not!

      • When people keep playing the victim, don’t be surprised when people call them out on it!Obviously had to put that out there because of your racebaiting! You have a good day as well!

  18. I am very comfortable in criticizing Holder or Obama. I don’t care about race. Integrity, ability, courage, values, and the like are important to me.

  19. Very well written article. Trying to rid the world of racism, is like trying to rid the world of hate. It is never going to happen! Plan and simple, Eric Scolder and O’blamer are using racism to their advantage obviously, in cases where it isn’t even warranted. We just need to keep holding their feet to the fire, regardless of their scapegoats!

  20. Washington has become a nefarious parody on the ‘Keystone Cops’ with an unfortunate and purposeful twist. Indeed, our country has been set back 50 years. The silver lining in this cartoonesque administration is their evil intent has finally awakened Americans of all ethnicities to the stark realities of the harm that has been done to ALL of us. Thank you Angela for writing such an erudite, thoughtful piece. Please write more. . .

  21. By not holding the President and any of his administration accountable because of skin colour is racist by default. Americans should smack the race card out of the hands of anyone in political office who falsely holds it up and make them do their job of defending the Constitution. Anything less IS racist and cowardly.

  22. Eric Holder simply turned the mirror on himself without even realizing it. I’ve taught in schools for over 20 years, and what I’ve noticed is that kids naturally self-segregate when no one forces one way or the other. Then there is this small percentage that doesn’t and they often get ridiculed for their behavior. I live in a mixed neighborhood but I am thinking strongly about leaving simply because living even in a small town is not as safe as it once was. Gangs have taken over parts of the town and regularly walk by my house causing all sorts of problems. I get ridiculed for growing flowers by the gang bangers on a regular basis. They throw garbage in my yard or drown out a conversation with their music blasting as their cars pass by. I was just up in North Carolina over the weekend where this doesn’t happen because there is just a tad more respect for people in the area I was in. I can’t move to North Carolina, but I can move over the border into Eastern Alabama where I know I won’t have as many problems. The Liberal mindset comes about from being uninformed and many are proud of that. They might be book smart or have many degrees, but they lack some other information that could help them see from another perspective. Instead they want to censor other’s opinions and throw down the blame game on anyone and everyone that disagrees with them.

  23. Don’t be surprised to be called racist if all you do is making up the charges. Or when you criticize the President for not doing something and turn around and criticize him when he finally does it. Or when you call a soccer jersey a prayer rug.

      • I don’t agree with Rafael X, but that person has kept most of the emotion out of the posts, which can’t be said for most of you. If you want our way of life to work here in America, you have to be willing to face your opposition and have a discourse of the issues, not an emotional attack. Post the facts and let them speak for themselves.

      • I’m not pointing a finger at any particular person, and you are correct in characterizing some of the posts are BS. I’m simply saying that when people sling disparaging remarks, they’re not helping. It is far better to discredit a remark with facts, even when the initial comment may not have been based on any. Personally, I loved this piece written by Angela and I think that Obama has done more to harm this country than help it and Holder needs to enforce all laws, not just ones that benefit his agenda, whatever that may be. But, if asked why, I would present my case based on the facts and if someone disagreed, my calling them names would not change anything, particularly not their opinion on the issue.

      • That would hold true if one were discussing a subject where FACTS rather than propaganda were the only thing bantered about. One cannot intelligently discuss ANYTHING with a socialist democrat liberal leftist because they would not know a fact if it smacked them in the face! They only listen to the liberal propaganda and are so totally brainwashed they are beyond any help or reasonable thinking. Logic doesn’t even penetrate! They are so totally dependent on the government for everything, they are no longer capable of independent thought or the ability to reason. Just look at some of the garbage he posted! It doesn’t matter to him that hundreds of thousands of crimes are committed by these criminal illegals, because Americans commit crimes also. What the hell kind of logic is that! Seems to me if the illegal criminals weren’t here that would be hundreds of thousands of crimes not committed! Don’t even mention how their dependence on the taxpayer sucks the lifeblood out of American citizens, because God knows that fool can’t grasp that!

      • No argument here for illegal aliens from any source. My wife is a foreign nation whom I had to petition the government to come to the the US over several years and a lot of expense. It will take over a decade for anyone else in her family to be allowed to come here, let alone the cost. What is happening now is not only illegal, it is unethical. We were not provided food stamps, welfare or free medical for her when she was allowed to come to the US. Why should these people be any different? Are we using children now for political gain? Playing on the heart strings of the more fortunate to allow tens of thousands of new families to enter the US illegally? I have yet to see any semblance of an argument from anyone to support it. Just the president allowing a crises to develop and then jumping in at the top of the hour and claiming to rescue us from ourselves. We have a process for immigrating to the US and all sorts of laws to control it, fair or otherwise. Just enforce the law and the problem would never have risen to this level. That is the job of the executive branch and his law enforcement agencies. I have a friend who manages fairly high up in So Cal for the border patrols and he says no one is allowing him to have his people enforce the laws; their hands are tied. That is the beginning of the problem we have today. Anyway, I digress.

    • “Don’t be surprised to be called racist if all you do is making up the charges.”

      Don’t be surprised to be called stupid if you can’t compose a proper sentence…

  24. If Obama & Holder can dismiss the failures to racism then they have no cause to examine any further the damage their foolishness does to the country. I didn’t do anything wrong, its all your fault. Very sophisticated defense.

  25. The reason we are all racists is that we are not liberal leaning, toe the line faithful democrats that elected BHO Supreme Leader.

  26. So racism exists when some “black conservative” woman gets her face painted white on a billboard. But there is no way in hell anyone would have a problem with a black AG or black President. Only “black conservatives” can be victim or racism right?

    • No, racism occurs when anyone, of any race, discriminates against another person, solely because of their race. Racism is not when Liberal minorities just don’t get their way, or just cannot explain their short comings, and need a quick “get out of jail free” card to distract people from the real issues.

      • Absolutely not. They are the ones playing the race card. In similar fashion to what you just did, instead of responding to the actual material of the statement. Don’t let that be your only answer to every question or issue, my friend. You just become monotonous and ineffective.

  27. The ones who keep calling everyone else racist are the ones who are racist..There is so much crap going on in this country that is ridiculous. Soon if you buy something of a certain color at a store, you will be racist, if you wear a certain color, you will be racist..If someone spreads this hatred around to benefit themselves, then they are racist…Anytime anyone disagrees with this administration, they make them out to be a racist….Gosh, when does it stop..I think people of all color and nationalities have had racist remarks made to them by someone..We move on, I’m sorry what happened decades ago, I wasn’t there, not my fault to have to keep paying for what our ancesters have done….I think today,everyone is paying for something.When does these people in office pay for what they have done…They are turning against their own color then have the nerve to call everyone else racist….Grown up people acting like children who cry because they haven’t gotten their way, give me a break….And these are our leaders, how embarrassed am I..No wonder all these other countries hate us, it’s just to bad they don’t understand that’s it not the American’s that want to hurt them, it’s our government…Take it out of them…I have to fear for my life and my families life now because of what this administration is doing…The best country in the world is falling apart and not one person in this nation can stop it….What’s wrong with this picture

  28. Obama and his cabinet hat a wonderful opportunity, being the first black Pres, to bring the races of this nation closer together than ever before. Instead, they’ve played the race card every chance the get, and have done nothing but divide our country. In my opinion, the current regime has set race relations, in this country, decades back. I am 36, and I don’t remember a bigger divide between races, in my adult life. This is the biggest reason why we need black leaders like LTC West, Dr. Carson, Herman Cain, and many others larger roles in our Govt (i.e. President), and have even bigger voices. The simple truth is that these guys can say things that white leaders just can’t say in our current society. And these things desperately need to be said. And for these things to be said and heard ,sufficiently and effectively, by all races and walks of life, it has to be said by strong minority leaders along with the majority leaders. This is true for Hispanic leaders, and all other races as well. As a country, we will never get past racism, if it is constantly being used as a divisive tool of leverage, by those who have the loudest voices.

    • You are exactly right, it’s okay for them to make remarks but don’t let someone else do it because then they yell racism..And it is being used today far more than I have ever realized by this administration…Like I said everyone has faced some sort of racism in their life, I don’t care what color you are…But to use it to benefit yourself is sad..I don’t know how these people can go home and sleep at night and face their families, and I hate to think what they are teaching their children..I have to wonder did these senators and them in the House, act like this before Obama came into play..I wonder….I’m curious about this….

  29. One of eric Holders first inactions was the refusal to prosecute the black panthers that stationed themselves, in uniform and armed with billy clubs at the doors of a predominantly black polling place in Philadelphia. This,to me, equates with kkk members, in hoods armed with billy clubs outside a predominantly white polling place. Why is one considered racist and the other isn’t?

    would he have prosecuted the KKK members? Dam right he would’ve,they’d still be in a federal prison. Why has this been forgotten?

      • Actually, it was stopped before he was elected by Bush because it was a failure, then restarted by Obama under a different name and larger in scope.

      • True, but it was brought to light under O’blamer’s administration. Of course he is going to point fingers at Bush, that’s why is name is O’blamer. Can you defend him with any of the other scandals that he is responsible for like the IRS and the dog ate Lois Lerner’s hard drive. Eric Holder’s lack of prosecuting her for being held in contempt of court? The lack of O’blamer’s securing our borders and letting ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS protecting under the DREAM act. Causing the flooding of more ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?

      • It was brought under light under his Administration doesn’t make it his responsibility. Second missing emails are just that missing emails. No way to know what’s in them. I have yet to see one of these conservative groups testify they where unfairly targeted and how. Can you name one? And Holder was held in contempt of Congress for ignoring one of Darrell Issa’s 98 subpoenas. More then his two predecessors combined. But I don’t see any conservative cry about abuse of power in his case. Issa’s committee is not a court of law. And I share Mr. Holder contempt for his grandstanding.

      • Sad for you that all of your black elected officials are racist and will go down as being racists. But that should suit you since you are deep down a hard core racist. You can deny it all you want, but they are racists and millions know it.

      • He and his cohorts were guilty. holder’s JOB is to prosecute. The impeachment is about NOT DOING THE JOB HE IS BEING PAID TO DO! What part of that don’t you get? It also shows that he is a RACIST by what part of his job he chose not to do.


    • The racist socialist democrats ONLY concern themselves with race, gender, and sexual orientation. Normally it never enters the mind of a conservative, they only look at qualifications, ability, and or the character of the person. The socialist democrat left FORCES people to consider what color, gender, or sexual orientation a person is so you can meet some quota, screw the actual qualifications.

  30. This is the same reason the socialist democrats want Hillary to be POTUS the will clame sexism if anyone disagrees with her. That’s the bottom line. The ignorant dumbmasses don’t get it. The left destroyed Herman Cain and Sarah Palin so they would not have to deal with that problem as opposition.

    • Yeah the left made Herman Cain cheat on his wiffe and grope women in the backseat of his limo. What hapened with taking responsibility for your own action, only if you’re poor and on welfare.

      • That NEVER HAPPENED! It’s funny all those phony accusations disappeared as soon as he dropped out of the race. Not a law suit, no further reporting on any of those false claims, NOTHING! The whole idea was to get rid of the black man as competition so the socialist democrat left could be ‘free’ to claim racism if anyone dared disagre with ovomit.

      • He never denied the charges either only suspended his campaign. I remember cell phone records that seemed very convincing. A journalist even called the number and Mr. Cain answered personally.

      • Of course he denied the charges, moron! He did not want to drag his family through the muck and mire the socialist democrat left wanted to take him. Listen to you! They “SEEMED” very convincing? Don’t bother yourself with minor details such as FACTS. You are the same person who can be shown facts about ovomit and not be ‘convinced’, yet some bimbos can be dragged out to make false, unproven allegations and you swallow it hook, line, and sinker. I suppose you also thought Clarence Thomas was guilty too, but Billy Bob Clinton, well, we all know that never happened. Besides, even if it had been proven true, what difference does it make? Just as hillary.

      • None to me I would have loved to see Herman Cain get trounced in the general election. I surely hope you guys send a “real conservative” this time around. That would make you realize that the modern conservative movement is based on bunk. This is not Reagan’s party.

      • You ignorant socialists really gripe my @$$. You want to live in this country but you hate it. Conservatives only want the country to be what the founding fathers created, the best damn country in the world. You people want Hitler’s Germany. If anything is based on bunk it’s the socialist democrat theories of the leftist [email protected]$$es! SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK, QUIT TRYING TO CHANGE OUR COUNTRY. IF YOU DON’T LIKE LIBERTY, MOVE TO A SOCIALIST NATION.

      • It’s interesting huh. These socialist cowards complain but don’t leave. They ultimately smack their own parents in the face for electing to raise them in this wonderful nation. Imbeciles no doubt.

      • Because he’s the one who is ANTI-AMERICAN! This is America, and we want to live in America, the greatest nation on earth, not CHANGE IT TO A SOCIALIST COUNTRY! What the hell do you think he meant when he said ‘change’?

      • America always been changing and America will always change. Looks like you don’t need to move to another country but time-machine to travel back to the 50’s.

      • In other words screw The Constitution and everything about the founding of this nation. It should be just like any socialist country and we Americans should shut up and accept the change. SORRY, THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! WE WILL FIGHT TO THE BITTER END FOR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY.

      • “I do not look upon these United States as a finished product. We are still in the making.
        Franklin D. Roosevelt”

      • Well if you want to live in a communist country, move to China. Sorry they don’t have hand outs there!

      • Sadly you’re clueless about any party. I wonder why your racist DemonKKKrats party didn’t have or claim to have an African-American “Black” candidate to offer in 2008, 2012, and still to date either. Guess the claim about your party has been proven effectively and correctly. See that’s why you buffoons can’t stand the site of reality on the conservative side with the likes of Cruz, West, Rubio, Cain, Scott, Carson, Love, Jindal, etc…. See the racial diversity and highly qualified candidates are on the right. Why is it the left only offers white candidates?!!! Hmmm I guess the party of racist and oppressors DemonKKKrats are once again exposed.

      • And how many times do we need to say that we don’t care about any token you put in position of power. They don’t speak to us and they don’t speak for us. We don’t care how much they are being paid by the conservative to carry their message.

      • BTW, ovomit and his regime don’t speak for or act for any real American. Oh, and just a reminder, the POTUS is supposed to represent ALL AMERICANS, not just some select demographic. That’s why socialist democrats don’t belong in the position of POTUS.

      • There is a lot to be said for silencing the opposition and huge amounts of voter fraud.

      • That’s why the socialist democrats oppose voter ID. Busloads of people were brought into counties where no ID is required so they could vote for obama. There were videos of it, and witnesses who said they had a ‘pep rally’ of sorts just for obama. But without ID, where’s the fraud? Can’t prove it, therefore, it never happened. That’s how you ignorant fools think. It is amazing though that more than 100% of those eligible to vote, all voted for obama in several counties. Nothing to see there, move along, no voter fraud. Dead people vote too. I wonder how that works. Care to explain that no voter fraud? I’m sure if 120% of the eligible voters in several counties had voted for a conservative there’d be massive investigations and claims of voter fraud from every last one of you morons who claim no such thing happened.

      • You obviously missed the point I made. Look at your comment above to figure it out. Voting fraud exists unlike the Lochness monster!

      • Either way, He was well established business man! Went to talk radio, etc. and doing good for himself. You just hate the fact that Herman Cain made something of himself, despite the so called Racism that is existing!

      • I don’t hate the fact that he’s doing well for himself. I don’t hate the fact that Allen West is doing well for himself either. I’m on his website so I’m contributing to his success. Would I be here if I hated success?

  31. Angela West is an officer’s wife; they are more skilled and cognizant of politics than any spouse in any career. It’s no surprise that she was able to take Holder, and by association Obama, to task as easily as she did.

    • I agree she is skilled. But I must also say it doesn’t take a person of her caliber to expose the scum administration.

  32. “The GOP reps are terrified to make a statement that something is unlawful and search for reasons or words to make excuses for inertia.” I’m really curious to know what that “something” is. Because right now all these investigation where not able to put a finger on that something. Only that there is something.

    • “SEEMS LIKE” a LOT of somethings. Therefore absolutely guilty. That’s according to YOUR very own statement.

    • There is a lot they are going on but because of so many blocking agents, such as IRS destroying evidence, they are having a bit of a harder time getting to those “Somethings” they need to have a solid case. Its no mystery hun, this administration is knee deep in crap and they are the cause of all of it.

      • You are completely out of your mind and thoroughly brainwashed. lois lerner and her band of merry fellons used the IRS to keep conservatives from having a voice in the 2012 elections. That’s a fact and it will be proven. Just because YOU don’t pay taxes and you want others to support you doesn’t mean everyone is a tax cheat. The majority of the ‘tax cheats’ are those who are stealing the taxpayer’s money via manufactured ‘entitlements’ they have no right to, so if you’re complaining, you must be one of them afraid of getting caught.

      • How do u pay taxes when… I learned from this site that all democrats get welfare and free phones

      • What is wrong with defanging the IRS, they screw over everyday, hardworking people. Your fool to defend them!

      • Flat tax is regressive. Decrease the purchasing power of people with less income. While richer people would have saved that money anyways.

      • You only answered the first part of my question. The point is that the IRS abused their power and my question was whether or not you thought a flat tax system would have averted this problem. If everyone paid a set rate, with no exceptions, then the IRS couldn’t use their power in the way that they did. Nevertheless, where do we draw the line on who pays and who doesn’t? The only way it is decreasing income of people with less is if they don’t pay any at all, or at least very little. Over the past five years, my income decreased by 20%, yet my taxes have tripled. Not sure how you support your position.

        People who don’t contribute to the funding the government don’t really seem to care how that money is spent. Perhaps if everyone contributed, and not only the dismal percentage bearing that burden today, then they might care more of how the government operated and used that money, such as running up a $20 trillion deficit. What solution would you propose to resolve these issues. It’s easy to complain and tell everyone else what doesn’t work. How about we all contribute to a solution instead.

    • Maybe because your beloved messiah, is sending them one scandal after another, then denying these investigations critical evidence, thus setting up more legalities to be followed. Remember his statement, those who have done nothing wrong, have nothing to hide? Seems like he’s going through a lot of hiding of evidence for someone not guilty of something.

    • The American would be punished, not to mention the illegal criminal should never have been here in the first place. This was 100% avoidable. You just ignore that fact.

      • Not to trivialize what hapenned to that lady but her son would be dead nonetheless. And how does she know he was hit by an illegal if the guy didn’t get caught?

      • Where does it say they didn’t get the person? “repeat offender illegal immigrant — who had no license or social security number.”

      • There have been 624,000 crimes against Texas citizens by illegals in the last 7 years. By your reasoning those crimes would have been committed by someone if not an illegal.

      • And how does that compare to the number of crimes committed by legal citizens in 7 years? How does it compare with the general populition let’s per 1000 people.

      • That is 624,000 fewer crimes that would have been committed PERIOD! Not to mention just being here is a CRIME in and of itself! It is also ILLEGAL for the POTUS not to enforce ALL our laws, PERIOD!

      • If the illegal hadn’t been here, why would her son be dead? The fact is, he wasn’t killed by an American citizen. That is something you refuse to recognize. You act like all these crimes would still be committed just by someone else. That is a totally illogical and unreasonable ASSumption.

    • The lady would still be grieving, but I can guarantee you that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT didn’t have insurance. Shoot, I’d be surprised if he had a license. No regard for our Federal law, what makes you think they have any respect for any laws!

      • You are surely right about that criminals don’t have respect for laws. That’s what makes them criminals. Criminals comes with all kinds of legal status.

      • Well we don’t ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT criminals. You obviously skipped over the point that he was an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, illegally in this country! Which he already broke the law, if he was deported the fact that her child was killed, could have been avoid!

      • No he wasn’t, he was an ILLEGAL ALLIEN. I’m so sick of everyone refering to these criminals in the PC term. These Spixicans and their brats could all be led into the middle of the desert hundreds of miles from any civilization, then tell them if the survive they can go to the front of the line. However, until such time as they learn English, our laws, and the Constitution, they get NO BENEFITS of any kind.

      • They may just as well have, they’re not immigrants, because they break the law to get here. Immigrants go fhrough proper channels, become acclimated to their NEW county, and become LEGAL US of A citizens. Find a good encyclopedia, and look up Illegal Alien, you’ll get the same definitions as I’ve stated.
        look, you want to welcome these criminals into your city, fine. I don’t. If they want to come here legally, then I’ll be first in line with a welcome home sign. Until then illegals caught should be instantly deported, if they refuse to go, shot on the spot.

      • Nut cases like Rafael X would have a cow if they were told they had to take one of these families into their home and fully support their every need with no help from the government. They forget that the government has no money of it’s own, it’s hard earned taxpayer money! They are stealing the fruits of our labor which we need to provide for ourselves! We are doing without because we cannot afford the things I have seen in the homes of ‘the poor’ who collect welfare/foodstamps! They get section 8 housing, a better home in many cases than we can afford, they have new vehicles, eat the best food, go on vacations, and always have the latest in technology and expensive brand name clothes! We’re scraping by on Ramen Noodles and doing without while we work our @$$es off! I’m sick of it! What’s worse is I get paid a damn good salary but so much of it is taken, there’s hardly anything left! I know people who are getting more from the government than we get to keep of our own money! WTF!

      • Ain’t that the Gods honest truth, in 36 states, collecting welfare is more than the median family income in those states. Fcking disgusting.

      • Possibly, but certainly was not born in this country. Nor did he get LEGAL status to be in this country.

      • There is no such thing as ‘liberal logic’. The two words are totally contradictory.

      • You are a disgusting pervert advocating for more crime. Instead of trying to lessen criminal activity you push for people who have no intention of keeping our laws starting out with breaking the law to enter this country illegally, then you brush off all the additional crime they bring with them as a ‘so what’. You are one sick SOB!

    • Your ridicule tactics grow old. What a baseless argument! I don’t think anyone other than a paid troll would make effort to make comments like yours.

      • The operative word is – LEGAL – There are 2000 murders a year committed by these ILLEGAL aliens and another 7000 rapes, robberies, and molestation’s committed every year.
        ILLEGAL – As in; the 25 MILLION ILLEGAL aliens that have committed a crime by being here ILLEGALLY.
        Check immigrationcounters . com – REMEMBER in NOVEMBER

      • It’s baseless because we have enough crime here to deal with already we do not need to add more. You keep ignoring the fact that these are crimes that would otherwise NOT BE COMMITTED! In other words 100% PREVENTABLE! You keep advocating for more drunk drivers to kill people, more sexual assaults, more robberies, more murders, more gang and drug crimes. What kind of pervert are you?

      • You go off on tangents. We are visiting this site to discuss a crisis in our country. You always disrupt people’s time. You know everyone didn’t come here to listen to your off track comment here. You know none of us are fools on this site. Your comment is not relevant to the crisis in our country.

  33. We are European Americans… not just a color white or the Negro equivalent term of Caucasian. No wonder we get little respect, when you are just listed as a non-color in today’s world.

  34. its about this… standards… when we say one group can maintain less of this because of the color, creed etc, its a time bomb…. low standards lead to poor results, poor results… to failure…. but the federal govt cant fail right…… just print more money.
    this is a time bomb that has finally gone off…. low standards ! that is the chicken that has come home to roast!


    Best movie clip ever!

    Bob Hope: You live here?
    Richard Carlson: Yes.
    Bob Hope: Well, maybe you know what a zombie is?
    Richard Carlson: When a person dies and is buried, it seems a certain voodoo priest will have the power to bring him back to life.
    Paulette Goddard: That’s horrible!
    Richard Carlson: It’s worse than horrible, because a zombie has no will of his own. You see them some times, walking around blindly with dead eyes, following orders, not knowing what they do, not caring.
    Bob Hope: You mean, like Democrats?

  36. Well said. Or as the people say, it’s not about anything except…you can’t do the job! No one is that special. It’s too important for a different set of special rules. Now it is time to clean The House.

  37. the newsman suspended today for saying the inner-city problems stem from black young men who grew up fatherless was no coward, but he is just as dismissed. The black young woman on Frontline tonight, who escaped her entire history, while her twin brother sinks into oblivion, is no coward, but she forfeits all of her community in order to escape. We almost seem to require another civil war, wherein blacks set blacks free, once, and for all.

  38. I could care less if Holder and Obama are black, brown, red, blue or even green, what I look at are their political positions and policy decisions. I have never in my life heard so much talk about racists than AFTER Obama got elected. I served six years in the army with many a fine soldier including Desert Storm, and never cared what color a person was, it was all about their proficiency at their job and being excellent soldiers. If I call holder and Obama ignorant of the Constitution and blatantly stupid, it has nothing to do with race as I call them as I see them no matter the person. After all, I think the same thing about Reid and Pelosi, does that make me anti white? (BTW I am an american who just happens to be white).

  39. Obama and Holder are the cowards. They hide behind faux racism to garner whatever they want from society, and then hide behind it to cover their failures. They bring shame upon those of both races, who fought and died so that they could have the freedom to rise as high as they want, based on their own talents and drive.

    • It’s easier to acquire their agenda. It’s a diversion also a tactic the divide the nation. Never let an old wound heal pour salt on it the rile it up plus do all you can to keep it open..

      • Exactly, following the Communist Manifesto, word for word! Saul Alinsky’s tactics follow the communist manifesto!

  40. What does race have to do with anything? To me, it’s irrelevant…in life and politics. People are people regardless of the color of their skin. What needs to be said about race?

    • Interesting, I once had a very talented teacher’s assistant that I had a lot of respect for, until; I asked him who he was voting for in an election. His answer – What color is my skin??

      • It’s sad! 97% of black americans voted for O’blamer on the fact that he has half black kenyan!? Regardless of his true character!

  41. Living in California with more foreigners and probably races than any other state in the nation, I have worked with many different people with no problems. The fact that Holder is stuck on race shows how much progress he has not made.

  42. Now it’s the kids fault. You people have lost your minds. If the older generation had been brought up without food stamps and welfare then maybe we would have more responsible grown-ups today. It’s not just the black people there are just as many other races that are just as dependent on government welfare and food stamps as they are.You have got to get out there and better yourself and make something of yourself than to sit around and take hand outs. This crap about racism is BS. It is pushed on people that other wise wouldn’t even think about it if they were just left alone.Racism would be dead if it weren’t pushed so hard. One thing is for sure it seems there are more black racist than there ever has been and it’s all because their own race keeps pushing it on them instead of letting it lie and die.

    • There was no welfare system when my mother came here in the United States and touched our soil on Ellis Island. She worked hard and wanted to contribute to our country and society. She had no choice because we were not a welfare state. Today & before Obama the immigrants do nothing, but collect free hand-outs from our government and spit on the flag.

  43. The Declaration of Independence states that, “ is self evident that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL”. Why don’t all American races just latch onto that FACT and aspire to that gift of God to themselves. The true “cowards” are the ones who will not accept that fact of life. If they did, they could begin to see their true self-identity and self-worth, and quit listening to the likes of Holder, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, Wright and all other people who teach & preach the repression of the human individual spirit.

    When a person accepts that, “ is self evident that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” about themselves, and respects their own, God given Rights, then they see those same Rights in others too, and extend that respect to others. The main source of animus comes from the likes of Holder, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, Wright and all other people who teach & preach the repression of the human individual spirit.

    Allen B. West is one person who has accepted these gifts of Rights from our Creator. Ben Carson, Allen Keyes and many other “blacks” have also. The 10 Commandments say nothing about race or color. They also are for ALL people who will accept them.

    • Your right. But any Liberals believe in God, will twist it to there agenda so that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS have those same equal rights to be in this country!

    • Liberals have only three tactics: Shift the Subject, Ignore the Facts and Name-Call, OR, if it weren’t for double standards, liberals wouldn’t have any!

      • If it were not for the race card,Holder would not be in the position that he is in today. This includes Obama.

  44. The American black is able to be continually stirred up with the perpetuated victim mentality, forced on them by the likes of Jackson, Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, naacp and their black messiah, the great obummer.
    Before 1964 and DEMOCRAT Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society”, 82% of American black family’s consisted of a mother, a father and children, same last name, all in the same house.
    More recently 70% of black babies, those that weren’t aborted, were born to single parent households, many with no idea who the father is.

    As Mr. West so aptly points out the “Hidden” and disastrous consequences – So, instead of confronting the reality almost three-quarters of these children grow up in single parent households, many with scant supervision, and are simply behaving in a “bad-assed” manner, it must instead be HIDDEN RACISM. We cower away FROM TELLING THE TRUTH. Teachers second-guess themselves, hold black or African-American students to a lower standard of behavior, as the well-mannered children of all races flee the public school system, and the teachers themselves become frequently assaulted “wardens” in an asylum.
    So, what of these “kids” when they come out of high school? They become problem citizens, with very little socialization skill because of this tolerance and that becomes yet another problem for another day.
    As another thought – Perhaps that’s why the corrupt”O”crats and the great obummer are replacing the American black with 25 MILLION ILLEGAL aliens??

  45. Lt. Col Allen West put the welfare of his men before himself and his career. I would follow the man anywhere he wanted to take me including hell. Furthermore, I don’t care if he is green with purple spots. He is a leader to inspire and admire, period.

    • I absolutely agree with you 100%! He is the kind of military leader (which also explains his leadership out of uniform as well!) that my late Father (28 years in US Army, enlisted in ’39, received a battlefield commission in WWII, served as a military governor in Japan post WWII, served in Korea, and would have served until the day he died if declining health from battle wounds and malaria hadn’t forced him into retirement) would have VERY RESPECTFULLY referred to as a “soldier’s soldier” or “soldier’s commander”… My Dad had the utmost respect for any military leader that put the welfare of his men first while fulfilling his duty. Leaders of this caliber instill both high morale & confidence in their troops, which in turn strengthens loyalty and brings the very best from his men. Leaders like that are a real win-win for any branch of the service.

      OTOH, you have the SOB leaders — much like the notorious Gen. Patton. My Dad said he treated his troops shabbily and maintained that those who served under the man totally despised him. My Dad also firmly believed he was killed by his own men.

      I’m not making claims about Patton one way or another as fact — just contrasting great leaders like LtCol West, whose troops would follow him to hell & back, and the kind of “leader” who could provoke his own abused men into wanting to dispatch HIM to hell with a one-way ticket.

      That said, when I first read about LtCol West and the trumped up charges against him for defending his own men, I was simply livid. It is disgraceful that the promotion-whoring, politics-playing Pentagon brass use our best for political cannon fodder all to further their own careers. It is doubly galling because a lot of these Pentagon weenies have never gotten their own hands dirty by serving in combat — or have served so far behind the lines, that the biggest risk they faced was the very real threat they could get poked in the eye by the umbrella in their nightly cocktail at the “O” Club…

      If I remember correctly, I think I heard of one such high-ranking weenie, seeking another star before retirement (ka-ching!), who wrote his own orders to temporarily assign himself just close enough to combat operations so he could get a combat badge & qualify for that last star. Behavior like that cheapens & degrades both the honor & the experience of troops (enlisted & officer) who have actually served under fire, thus EARNING a combat badge.

      Thank You, LtCol Allen West, not just for your STELLAR service — but for your leadership!

      • Honors to your late father. Definitely a contrast to the likes of John Kerry, who served in Vietnam. (Less than 90 days) That probably qualified himself for his Purple Heart with an injury caused by his own ineptitude. All to advance his political ambitions.

  46. Holder wouldn’t know anything about truth and honesty if it came right up and bit him on the ass. If he did, Congress would have never held him in contempt. If he did, he wouldn’t have attempted to stir up a civil war in Fl during the Zimmerman trial and just let justice take it’s course. It is a sad state of affairs when you can’t depend on the Nation’s highest law man to do the right thing.

  47. When order is restored, and all Americans know what many have known: that The Obama Administration is an attempted Marxist takeover of this nation, and is an administration of blatant lies…

    …and when Obama and Holder are hanged for high treason—Boehner should be hanged along side them, because he has operated as a double agent; in concert with Obama’s treasonous hatred of America.


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