Hamas won’t accept “calm for calm” – so I guess Israel needs to bomb harder

Image: screen grab from Foxnews.com

Last night President Obama was chowing down in the White House at a Ramadan dinner. At the same time the Islamic terror group Hamas gave its answer to the Egyptian brokered and proposed cease-fire.


According to Foxnews.com, “Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that he is willing to intensify the country’s military campaign against the Islamic militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip after a proposed cease-fire aimed at ending the week-long conflict was approved by Israel’s Security Cabinet, but rejected by Hamas minutes later. “

“If Hamas rejects the Egyptian proposal and the rocket fire from Gaza does not cease, and that appears to be the case, we are prepared to continue and intensify our operation,” Netanyahu said in a statement.”

“To further emphasize Hamas’ rejection, the Israeli military says that 35 rockets have been fired at Israeli territory from Gaza. In addition, the military says 3 rockets were fired at the southern city of Eilat early Tuesday, injuring two people and sparking a fire.”

Let me be clear, you cannot negotiate with a terrorist organization — nor should you. The only language terrorists understand is power, strength, and might. How can you negotiate with an organization whose existence, its charter, is based upon your annihilation?

Fox reports, “Israeli officials said that the truce proposed by Egypt’s Foreign Ministry had been accepted by the cabinet shortly after it was due to take effect at 9 a.m. local time (2 a.m. Eastern Time). Less than half an hour later, a senior Hamas official told The Associated Press that the group had rejected the proposal, claiming that Cairo had not consulted them.”

“We did not receive any official draft of this Egyptian proposal,” Sami Abu Zuhri said, adding that the plan, as is, was “not acceptable.” Earlier Tuesday, the armed wing of Hamas said the Egyptian plan “wasn’t worth the ink it was written with.” Reuters reported that a statement on the website of the al-Qassam Brigades called the proposal “an initiative of kneeling and submission” before vowing that “our battle with the enemy continues, and will increase in ferocity and intensity.”

So there it is, you have your answer from Hamas. So what shall the global community do? Shall we continue to harass and condemn Israel for protecting itself? Or shall we finally find our moral courage and as a community of liberty and freedom join in destroying that which threatens us all: Islamic totalitarianism and jihadism? Or do we cower in the face of this masked belligerence?

Fox reports “Israeli officials have said the goal of the military campaign is to restore quiet to Israel’s south, which has absorbed hundreds of rocket strikes, and that any cease-fire would have to include guarantees of an extended period of calm. Hamas officials say they will not accept “calm for calm.”

Who cares what Hamas says it will accept or not accept! It is time we send a clear message to the cacophony of Islamic terrorist organizations — the international community condemns you and all who support you, and your existence is not welcomed on this earth.

Now of course, such a statement must be delivered by a leader, not some fella having Ramadan dinner while embracing the Muslim Brotherhood in his administration.


  1. I hope that Israel blows up every single rocket launcher they can find. At least Israel has the sense to protect themselves unlike our (USA) useless president.

    • Ok, please tell me what Obama is not protecting us from. Who is the threat? The real threat is the U.S. government it’s self. Wake up.

  2. “If the civilian population refuses to acknowledge the wrongdoing of their leaders then let them be judged in the afterlife”

  3. Blow Hamas up til only ashes remain and shame on them for hiding their weapons behind their women and children and homes…dirty terrorist cowards.

  4. Hope Israel will keep calm and carry on with their effort to rid the world of Hamas. We should want to help them. Not doing so is quite telling of the regime currently occupying the White House.

  5. Why?? Why again, are you Americans still allowing YOUR Muslim TRAITOR president, hussien obama, to breath? Canadians are bewildered as to why you ALL are committing suicide. What a sad, sad Country you have become.

    • What are you babbling about?
      You think we should kill our President because you have some weird paranoid theory that he is a traitor?

  6. Best way to make the other side to come to the table to talk is to have your boot on their throat and the willingness to end their threats by ending them.

  7. So Mr West, will you apologize for all the false statements in this article since you now know that President Obama has publicly spoken out in defense of Israel and blamed Hamas for continuing the violence?

    ” We continue to support diplomatic efforts to end the violence
    between Israel and Hamas. As I’ve said repeatedly, Israel has a right
    to defend itself from rocket attacks that terrorize the Israeli people.
    There is no country on Earth that can be expected to live under a daily
    barrage of rockets. And I’m proud that the Iron Dome system that
    Americans helped Israel develop and fund has saved many Israeli lives.

    But over the past two weeks, we’ve all been heartbroken by the
    violence, especially the death and injury of so many innocent civilians
    in Gaza —- men, women and children who were caught in the crossfire.
    That’s why we have been working with our partners in the region to
    pursue a cease-fire — to protect civilians on both sides. Yesterday,
    Israel did agree to a cease-fire. Unfortunately, Hamas continued to
    fire rockets at civilians, thereby prolonging the conflict.”
    -President Obama

    • Obama uses the same false equivalence as progressive socialists everywhere – both sides are killing civilians, so both sides need to stop fighting. But read the statement carefully and you’ll see that he doesn’t talk about equivalence. He talks about Israel killing “innocent civilians in Gaza,” but all he says about the Hamas rocket attacks is that they “terrorize the Israeli people.” So the only apology owed here needs to come from Barack Obama, for being a weak and ineffective leader.


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