The one question we must ask every 2014 candidate

I just have to laugh when I hear President Obama drone on about the GOP, the House-led GOP, being the major obstacle to “comprehensive” immigration reform. If the issue was just that important for Obama, then why didn’t he ram it through back in his first two years when he had large Democrat majorities controlling the House and Senate? It’s simple, because in the calculating mind of the liberal progressive Obama administration, it could wait until later to be used as a battering ram against the GOP.

Of course what the Obama disciples didn’t see coming was the 2010 tsunami that brought about the loss of the House of Representatives for Obama — which led to the IRS targeting of conservative groups because fear, intimidation, and coercion is the Alinsky way when progressive socialists are threatened.

Then, after his reelection, Obama pledged to make immigration reform a priority, believing he had an upper hand going into the midterm elections. My how things may be changing for the Charlatan-in-Chief.

In November 2014, there’s only one question for candidates: do you agree with Obama on not securing our border and allowing illegal immigrants to flood our country?

As reported in The Hill, “Immigration reform has fizzled as an issue for Democrats, who are barely mentioning it on the campaign trail despite making the issue their top domestic priority in 2013 and 2014. Latino voters, who are the most energized about overhauling the nation’s immigration laws, will have little impact on the battle for control of the Senate, with the possible exception of Sen. Mark Udall’s (D) race in Colorado — who is struggling against Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Co) in that race.”

I found it rather telling that Sen. Udall just couldn’t tear himself away from Capitol Hill — and basically a waste of a vote — to stand with Obama who was doing a fundraiser for him last week in Colorado. And it seems that the toxicity of Obama, especially as it relates to his lack of action and leadership on the southern border crisis, has generated greater energy across the country against his immigration reform agenda – even in his Chicago hometown.

The Hill says, “white working-class voters will play a more important role in the midterm election compared to the 2012 presidential election, they are not energized by immigration reform. Instead, they are concerned about downward pressure on wages, which the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has linked to higher immigration levels. Coincidently, President Obama’s support among white voters without college degrees has steadily eroded.”

“In light of turnout models it’s probably not as strong an issue as it would be in presidential years,” said Steve Jarding, a Democratic strategist and former advisor to several senators from conservative leaning states such as former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.). “I still think Democrats have fumbled this issue because they allow the issue to be played on Republican terms,” he said.

“Republicans are trying to suggest immigration is the reason wages are suppressed and it’s a racial issue. I don’t like it. That’s what they’re doing cynically. They’re saying when you get immigration, you suppress the wages of non-immigrants, i.e. white people.” Jarding said, Democrats need to “put everybody in the same boat” and steer the debate away from race — yep, the ultimate race-baiting party certainly wouldn’t want to lose a race debate based on what immigration reform will do to the black community.

Well Stevie, my friend, that is indeed the case. Flooding America’s job market with illegal immigrant labor paid under the table does indeed suppress wages — which is happening. It has also driven up unemployment in certain other sectors, especially the black community where actual unemployment is close to 16 percent and black teenage unemployment is close to 40 percent. And it’s not just the economic effects of this current wave of illegal immigration that has Americans concerned, it is the national security, education, healthcare, and local criminality concerns that have the American people livid.

I don’t think Democrats will be going around their districts in August talking about comprehensive immigration reform – and certainly not Obamacare. I know, they’ll talk about those pesky white men in the Supreme Court and how they’re taking away women’s contraception — per the Hobby Lobby decision. Yep, that issue has Americans really concerned and is far more important that losing their jobs, struggling to buy groceries and fill up their gas tanks. Or what about pink slips to combat troops? Or the threats of Islamic terrorism — which is seeping across our porous unprotected border. Or fixing the broken Veterans Administration system.

But perhaps the GOP will be unable to capitalize on this crisis on the southern border. The Hills says “Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), a stalwart voice against illegal immigration, has led the effort in Congress to link high immigration flows to stagnant wages but many Republican, GOP establishment, lawmakers have not joined in because the business community — read US Chamber of Commerce — wants more guest workers and visas for high-skilled employees.”

This isn’t a party issue, it’s an American principle issue.

According to The Hill, “polling by Rasmussen, a GOP survey group, showed working and middle-class Americans oppose large expansions of immigration flows. People earning under $30,000 prefer a reduction in immigration by a 3-1 margin, according to the group’s data. A Pew Research poll showed that 69 percent of the public believes the federal government should restrict and control people coming to live in the United States more than it already does. The Senate-passed immigration reform bill, which all Democrats supported, would substantially increase legal immigration levels.”

So what will Democrats focus on for the midterm elections? Income inequality, economic fairness, yeah, I know, same ol’ socialist class warfare bovine excrement argument. As a matter of fact, with the exception of Udall, Democratic candidates for Senate realize that immigration is not a driving issue in the midterm election. Instead they’re emphasizing the issues of economic fairness, which the Senate Democratic leadership has made the centerpiece of its 2014 election platform.

Jarding thinks that’s a smart strategy, saying “If anything, I would argue that you push it harder. They need to convince middle-class voters that they’ve been fighting for them while Republicans have been obstructionists.”

So there you have it America, be prepared for the Democrat progressive socialist blitz on women’s contraception and income inequality. What they once believed would be a winner, comprehensive immigration reform, ain’t so now as Obama secretly disperses illegals all over America.

Of course if you’re a liberal progressive socialist, you don’t want secure borders and will mumble about compassion. But if you believe in American sovereignty, our existence as a Constitutional Republic and the rule of law, well, you get it.


  1. There is nothing they can say to me that I will listen to when election time comes around…All they have shown me is that it’s okay to lie, cheat, steal and anything else that is corrupt… I hope Harry Reid, Pelosi, Holder and Bohener all get thrown out. And if we could get rid of Obama, I’d be right in line.. They are a disgrace to America and should be deported along with their immigrants that they love so much..Time to put someone in office who will take care of America, whoever that may be…

  2. Mr. West I just love you, your philosophies, web-site and articles. I read them everyday to stay up to the conservative news that I need to know. Thank you for all you do.
    But I couldn’t figure out what that question was, you said we should all ask our representatives that want to represent us. The only part I got was,
    excerpt: And it’s not just the economic effects of this current wave of illegal immigration that has Americans concerned, it is the national security, education, healthcare, and local criminality concerns that have the American people livid.
    Okay, yes I have all these questions. Nobody has the answers it seems.
    We must take the SENATE back from the democrats, with REAL CONSERVATIVES that make this country GREAT!

    • Read slower…In November 2014, there’s only one question for candidates: do you agree with Obama on not securing our border and allowing illegal immigrants to flood our country?

  3. What’s the question ? Did I miss it ? Read your article several times but I didn’t see the one important question we should ask our candidates .

  4. If Obama was a legitimately elected president but misguided, I would agree with that question. But because he was not, not to mention that he’s a proven criminal, that one question MUST be: Will you lead the way, support and do everything possible to force an impeachment vote (House) or conviction vote (Senate, upon House approval of articles) on Commissar Obama? Any hesitation or negative response disqualifies them from our vote.

      • To say the president wasn’t elected legitimately is TIN FOIL HAT material. If you believe the same…you wear one too!

      • I’ll correct that to say he was legitimately elected but because he was not a natural born citizen (affirmed by his wife who admitted he was born in Kenya), he was not legitimately (constitutionally) qualified.

      • Ok…here is the proof…..COMMON SENSE tells me that EVERY inch of this mans life has been looked into more than once. Common sense tells me that someone that is not a citizen of this great nation cannot become POTUS! Common sense tells me that his parents and everyone around him knew the future…knew he would be POTUS so they kept it a secret all of his natural life! GEEZE! You people and your conspiracies….just accept the fact that the majority of america REJECT the policies of the republican party/tea party. No free stuff, not voter fraud, not free phones!

      • Michelle said it – look it up on You Tube. If she said it and it’s not proven true (which it is), then Moochie must be a liar like her hubby, right?

  5. The illegals are a very important part holding wages down. Even if they are paid under the table the employer doesn’t have to track taxes or social (in)security, saves on bookkeeping andvno matching soc sec payments. It’s a win , win for the employer no matter what wage they pay. It crowds out the citizens looking for work. I call that a loser.

    • If you do your research, more money is spent on birthing more ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and their countless trips to the emergency rooms. Then any of them pay into the system. It is more take than give!

      • Just a trip to the hospital emergency room is enough for that. Plus they have posted on the door for er delivery instructions, re: times & circumstances, When do you think most of them pay into the system, looks to me they work for cash & carry.

  6. This a little tricky finding out about the candidates. They are careful to hide things. It came out after the election that ryan had been working for amnesty with guiterrez for years. Had that been known, it would have killed a lot of votes for romney. Maybe it did since a lot of people did not vote. A good place to check on immigration stances is to join numbersUSA. After logging in, members can see the report cards on immigration and how congress votes. Also, Freedom Watch offers voting records to their members on some things. You can check on your congress reps stand on NSA , etc.

    • We have a pervert and a reprobate in our state Legislature. No one cared what he was like, not even the local news would touch him, because he was a republican in a republican district.

  7. When those who write, and/or are charged with overseeing our laws, don’t have the self respect to demand that they are enforced, then they lack the moral capacity to lead. No new bill, enforce the lies you told us in 1986 for a decade and then we may discuss ‘reforms’…Our kids and Grand-kids deserve a sovereign nation to grow up in and those charged with keeping our nation sovereign, are refusing to perform their oath to do so…it really is that simple.

      • Pimping that lie? What?? Did you look at the stats from the 12 election. Did you see that Romney only got 27% of the minority vote?? I just don’t understand how you people can’t see that you NEED the hispanic community to win a NATIONAL ELECTION!

      • And here lies the reason why you keep losing! Its rather STUPID to believe that everyone that votes democrat are takers. Its rather stupid to believe that not ONE democrat works! Its like saying that no republican in the south has teeth and sleeps with his sister!

      • Earl Lee, I completely understand your passion for the immigration issue. Maybe you think that only Hispanics are coming across the border right now. The truth is, there are actually more Muslims coming accross using the Hispanic refugees as camouflage. The refugees are being housed and cared for at this time, which is fine. The dilemma is … the law was broken. If someone comes into your house and refuses to leave, eats your food, takes your money out of the bank to use for themselves and their families you would call the police. Because, they broke the law.

      • there were 19 radicals that came here…didn’t use hispanics to come..they just came and flew planes into the world trade center

    • Earl, Mr. Allen is not demonizing the Hispanic community! He is standing up for the RULE OF LAW! Which people like you think they are owed something! You and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS have a VICTIM MENTALITY and believe people in America OWE you something! Exactly what your socialist leader wants you to believe, “You didn’t build that road, or business, etc.” Nobody is owed anything in this country, hard working taxpayers obviously had to earn it!

      • You can stand up for the rule of law without demonizing people! But…I hope the GOP continue to do it…sure victory for the democrats in 16

    • And FYI, “Hispanic” is a dumb term made up by Nixon. It refers to people from a bunch of different places in the world who have nothing to do with each other. But go ahead and keep using the word.

  8. I hope every American asks their candidate that question. If our country does not have a secured border, we will have no country. And without a country, we will have nothing.

  9. Comprehensive Immigration Reform does absolutely nothing to address the reasons for the current illegal immigration,

    One can routinely obtain a green card through employment requiring a college degree, a family member already legally in the US, the Diversity Visa Lottery
    (which had education and/or skills requirements), refugee or asylum seeker
    (often an exaggerated claim), or be a child born to a permanent resident outside the country (may become a permanent resident upon entry according to specific rules).

    An uneducated, unskilled person with no family member in the US as a family reunification sponsor has no hope of immigrating to the US.

    The reason for the surge is to establish the anchor person for the family reunification. Since US citizens can sponsor not only spouse and minor children but also parents, married adult children and their families, and siblings and their families, it is beneficial to get that “anchor” in the US to be the individual who is most likely to be granted a green card in some amnesty.

    The solution:

    Abolish family reunification with the exception of spouse and children born before the “anchor” entered (or was born in) the US. Abolish preferences for parents who qualify for immediate visas and can then petition for their other children. Modify the immediate sponsorship of stepchildren which fuels the marriage broker business; require the sponsor to have a parent-child relationship with the child for a minimum of 2 years (similar to the adoption requirement) before petition can be filed.

    Establish a visa lottery with no education or skill requirement open to all adults. Determine the number of visas to be offered and grant them by lottery proportionally to the number of applicants from the country of birth. A lottery win would permit the immigration of the lottery winner, spouse and minor children if declared on the initial application to count against the country visa quota.

    Only if the current illegal aliens have a legal way to come without the “anchor” can this type of immigration law violation be stopped.

  10. secure the dam border already !! we can deport the illegals left over
    but the terrorist that have come through is a matter of national security
    not securing the border is aiding the enemy !

  11. A south Texas news station had an article on their site announcing that Congressman Hinojosa would be visiting the RGV to assess the border situation. The RGV Is His District! They are under the impression it is unusual for a sitting congressional representative to be in their elected districts. It’s really shocking, the lack of accountability. If the locals are so uniformed about their elected officials, there is no hope.

  12. I think we should close the borders to EVERYONE for the time being and then get to work on reforming our laws. We want immigrants who are going to prosper and help America grow and not drag her down to the levels of the countries they are trying to escape.

  13. What if this surge of illegal alien “children” is a trojan horse? What if these middle-of-the-night transfers are of young men with all the arms gathered by DHS in the past 5 years? Thousands of thugs or an army of infiltrators ready to “Fundamentally transform” the USA?


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