Military fiancé gets hate-filled letter for “I Love My Soldier” decal

The progressive socialist leftists just cannot contain themselves from displaying their demeaning attitude towards our nation’s heroes – the men and women who serve our nation in uniform.

That attitude is reflected in the current actions — or inaction — of this Obama administration. Consider the abandoning of a Marine in jail in Mexico, issuing “pink slips” to combat soldiers and leaders while they’re still in harm’s way, allowing our veterans to be killed at the hands of the Veterans Administration and holding no one responsible or accountable by way of firing — where are their pink slips?

But sadly, the hatred extends to private citizens as well. As reported by Independent Journal Review, a military fiance’s “I Love My Soldier” car decal offended a random passerby so deeply that they left a hate-filled and threatening letter on her windshield. Ellen Wilson posted the letter she found to her Facebook page:

So I noticed your “I love my soldier decal. I’m sure he is your “hero” too right? I feel really bad for you and how blind you must be to what is really going on in this country. First off he is not your hero. Your “man” is a pawn being used in the immoral game of wholesale murder. If you’re aware of the real reasons America goes to war(corporate profits) and the role “soldiers” play in making such immoral acts possible. The last thing you would label a soldier is a hero. There is nothing heroic about blindly following immoral orders from a undeserved paycheck, especially when such orders involve the unnecessary murder of others!!! It’s people like you and your “soldier” who are destructing our country, shame on you b****! You’re lucky I didn’t slash your damn tires!!

The author of this letter didn’t have the guts to sign a name, but the message is clear. My message to Ms. Wilson is your loved one is truly an American hero. What makes him heroic is that he stands guard for the right of free speech even for a jerk like this.The person who wrote this letter represents the worst among us. Your special guy represents all that is great about America — now and forever more.

Steadfast and Loyal, Ellen.


    • The putz is clueless…that Soldier is the one who give his life so that he has the freedom to write such trollop.

  1. COL, you were far to kind in referring to the gene pool reject as a jerk. I can think of many far more descriptive terms then would ever be allowed on this comment section.

  2. Hmmm, I wonder if this jerk would be able to write such a letter if Germany had won WWII; or disparage the military in Soviet Russia. What we let these jerks get away with is disgusting.

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  3. Sounds like public threatening and harassment to me. Turn it in to the cops and have them dust it for prints. I guarantee the idiot coward has a criminal record.

  4. I must admit that after current events, I’m not so sure stuff like this is real. However, if it is, there are no words for this tool of a person. They obviously have something lacking in their life if they have enough time to pen a letter of hatred to a complete stranger.

    • I’m betting it’s real. I had a Marine sticker ripped off my window and my car was mysteriously keyed. These unhinged vermin have no respect for our military or personal property.


  5. Some people just can’t let others to their beliefs. All of our men and women who serve are selfless hero’s, however, it doesn’t take even that for some people. I had a political sticker on my car some years back, came out of grocery store and found a note asking if I was from this planet. Last time I checked I do still live in America and our soldiers are what help to make it great!

  6. Thinking…Do these people know what a civil war is..Hang on…If per sey there were a civil war would it not be between the left and right ? If so then I would have to say them folks (such as this person) would wake up to a very horrifying condition…They dont beleive in guns (that would be a -1) per example..To make a long story short (your welcome) I think it would end up about -500. I realize this is extreme but geeze what are they thinking (I stand by Israel)

    • I don’t think so, you left-wing whack-job. You see, the Libertarian philosophy is to “take over the world and leave you alone.”

      • I’m no Left-wing anything. But those libertard-types hate America almost as much as Left.

  7. Vietnam vet here…

    I believe my next “senior citizen” project will entail buying and old jalopy, plastering it with conservative pro-military stickers and proceed to monitor it from a distance alongside the two “20-something years-old RANGERS on leave” I’ve hired (@ $100 per hour each).

    I believe the ensuing discussions with those who take issue with my vehicle and its messaging will prove to be interesting ones.

  8. nothing makes me madder (except obomba) than some one criticizing OUR SOLDIERS!! it’s people like her-him that are the destruction of OUR COUNTRY. I BET THEY THINK OBOMBA IS A GOOD PRESIDENT TOO? he is really demoralizing OUR TROOPS! if there were ever a civil war you would be the 1st one crying for help! I’d be the 1st one to spit in your face!!! SEMPER FI

    • I am of the opinion that the contempt with which the Obama administration treats our servicemen will lead to the need to renew the draft.

  9. If our gov wasn’t so busy pushing the BIG GREEN agenda and all it’s corporations behind it on us, we could drill for our own oil and not even be over there losing our own blood & money. Although they would still be killing each other over there and innocents would still suffer & die.

  10. I don’t suppose this person considers collecting a welfare check or food stamps as “blindly following immoral orders from a undeserved paycheck”,do they? Oh, no…..that is a “right”. Smh.

  11. Well, depending on where she was parked, there may have been surveillance cameras. She should check and turn it over to the police.

  12. Surveilance or not, no charges can be filed!! Even if they did, the courts with their anti Citizens attiudes, would decline to prosecute!! Get the security tapes if you can, and post this persons face everywhere and “Brand them a socialist and a Traitor!
    I would love to beat that persons ass, A soldier does what he is ordered to do, So if there is ANY blame to place it should be placed on our current executive branch!!
    They are the Criminals!!

    • A soldier follows orders, the call of country and fellow soldiers. An Honor and a priviledge. The liberal progressive follows the mindless orders of their college professors and the hipster apathetic universe. Keyword there: Pathetic.

  13. The only “b*tch” is the coward that “wrote” the note. My guess is he/she/they/it wouldn’t have the stones to say it to her face. What a tiny, empty life.

    • And it looks like he/she/ it/they can’t write either….Printing is probably about all they are capable of doing.
      Tiny minded commie.

  14. Doesn’t that Awesome soldier fight for that cowards rights to free speech, although in this instance it looks more like a threat to harm property and possibly person. Clearly the person that wrote the note is not all there, dangerous.

  15. No one but the person who wrote it knows who penned`the letter. No doubt a misguided and uncivil individual, but making blind and baseless generalizations on the political or social leaning some of someone accomplishes NOTHING. Way to perpetuate the rift in the country, Mr. West, it’s really helping everyone out.

    Thank you to the soldier and his family. Maybe we, at home, should try to make our country and the world a better place by not spewing vitriol on everyone who disagrees with our view points.

    • Any time anyone dis-repects one of my brother/sister warriors, or their loved ones’ you can bet you asz that I’ll spew vitriol all over their sorry actions. If you don’t like MR West and his blog, don’t read it. If you’re of the left leaning troll types who show up on these sites from time to time I spit on you and your ilk!!

  16. Typical liberal coward, stuck in the mindset of the 60’s-70’s. Hopelessly clueless and a pathetic pawn of the left.

  17. Well, the piece of trash that wrote this letter should take a step back and think. It is because of soldiers that people have the right to free speech. Being out loud or in a letter, like this one. Even a piece of trash has that right to free speech—obviously this piece of trash has the IQ of a house plant!!!

  18. Mr. West, we have some really bright and resourceful people on our side of the issue. Wouldn’t it be fun for some of them to get hold of this “letter” and employ their considerable techonological and computer skills to see if this “jerk” could be found? Wouldn’t be just a lot of fun???

      • No, watch them wet themselves when they realize that ourside isn’t going to take this crap anymore! The Left skews the laws so as to silence and harrass those of us with conservative viewpoints. We should return the favor 7 fold!

      • no one has the right to say if they had a knife they’d slash your tires. thats a crime a treat. you have a right to voice your opinion. that does not include messing with someone elses property. stepped the line when putting it on the vehicle. People need to learn the word respect!

  19. Would enjoy see seeing what HIS girlfriend has for a bumper sticker…..It might say something like this….
    “I love my liberal, cowardly commie transvestite boyfriend….I do his best fiend while he gets high.” or something like that.

  20. The progressives view the military as an enemy that’s why they have such a guttural negative reaction to anything or anyone who supports or portrays soldiers in a positive light, remember Cindy Sheehan? How do you think she achieved celebrity status among the leftists in the media?

  21. Well, the person who wrote this note needs to get outside more and let GOD’s light shine on him. You’re right Allen, his right to ‘Free Speech’ was paid for in blood. AND, the spouses and families of our Hero’s are the ones who are left empty when they are taken from us(U.S.). It’s unfortunate this happened. You just can’t ‘Fix Stupid’,
    SgtMike……7th CAV Regiment
    Fort Hood, TX.

  22. Col. West, we must remember, it’s all about tolerance. They have none for folks like us; and we are rapidly losing ours for them. When we do, it should all be over quickly.

  23. Clearly the thing who wrote this doesn’t have the stones to sign their name and life so others may live. Sure would like to know where this is.Seems that neighborhood could use a few PATRIOTS walking around!

  24. Sad very sad we have people in America who think like that. In the end, they are free to say those things because of us Veterans.

  25. The person that wrote the letter is an idiot and very insensitive to Ms Wilson’s feelings. But on the other hand that person is right about why the US corporation goes to war. It is all about making a profit. Don’t believe me Go to and type in the FBI, Department of the Army, The Supreme Court of the United States, the CIA you will find that everyone of them is a Privately Held Corporation. Now how can that be if they are parts of our government? Our government is a corporation it happened in 1871 when they UN-lawfully took control of the Constitutional Government. Oh and by the way I was a Marine 1974-1975. I am still proud of our solders I just hate that our government is using them for profit. May God Save us from ourselves.

    • Why only one year in the Marine Corps? Also, I’ll agree with you about all wars are for gain and profit. Didn’t General S. Butler say that all wars warriorsers wars. Sad that we have to do it that way. But, on the other hand, if we don’t protect our interest ie oil etc… then hiw will we be able to continue our way of life. Its damned if you do and damned if you don’t. So as the saying goes. “WHAT PRICE, GLORY”.
      AS for the letter, the person who wrote it was a coward and a jerk. Our warriors are all heros for standing in harms way for us. I thank all of our warriors for their service and sacrifice. Ms. Wilson be proud of your Warrior and thank you also because it’s not easy being a spouse of a warrior. God bless you and your family.

  26. Ms Wilson,I assure you that your fiance is both loved (in a brotherly way by this veteran) and a hero for the job he is doing and dangers he faces!
    The idiot that left that note probably ran to Canada during Vietnam, then whined about not being able to come home and see “mommie” until Carter (once considered the worst American President, but now surplanted by Obama in that evaluation) pardoned them en masse!

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  27. If the leftist-run schools are going to indoctrinate kids with their progressive poison, the least they could do is teach good penmanship. That letter like like it was written by a 2nd grader! I’m sure that his IQ is at that level as well.

  28. Don’t forget, there are in excess of 300,00,000 of us, there have to be some complete idiots in the mix, and this clearly one of them. My fear is that there may be enough of them to take over the rest of the country. Just as they have in the peoples Republic of California.

    • Only about 10 % of Russia was communist but,communist ruled. 10 % or less of the German population was Nazi but,Nazis ruled. America is going the same road.

  29. The author of that note is an example of the hypocrisy and cowardice of the Progressive Ideology; as this “pawn”…”blindly follows (the) orders” of a master she doesn’t even know. And, no Allen West…Ellen’s hero does not “stand guard for this jerk’s type of free speech”…it’s only coincidental. Our Constitution protects speech from the “government”; but whoever wrote that crap, realized that it doesn’t protect anyone from the consequences they may rightfully suffer at the hands of individuals.

  30. Perhaps we need to bring back the draft so that people like the one who wrote that insensitive note will take a different attitude toward our men in service. Maybe if it was HIS son or daughter, he would have a different attitude. I do not always agree with why we go to war, but I will be damned if I show disrespect for those who are serving in MY PLACE.


  32. This is where you use these peoples laws against them. This is a Terroristic Threat. The Military should immediately fingerprint this letter and track down the scum who wrote it.

  33. Blithering liberal…is there any other kind? I live on the West coast where all the libs sound like the guy writes…ignorance, limited logic, fear and hate all in one sensitive liberal package…cheezuz…

  34. Know some thing? I wish I had seen this P.O.S., as old as I am I would have F****D IT up, worthless son of a bitching COWARD! I bet IT would pee his pants if IT ever had to defend IT’S self!! But they say what goes around comes around and IT will get what IT deserves!!! Yes indeed!!!

    The Soldier lover you ignore that dumbshit and Thanks to you and your SOLDIER!!
    oooohhhhhrrraaaawwwwwww! SemperFi! and what ever the rest of the Military say!!

  35. Sheep always talk like that (be it behind the back) until the big bad wolf comes around, then its a cry for help to the heroic warriors (the sheepdogs) of this nation to come and save their sorry sheep butts,,,,,,,and we come, we save, we sacrifice and we do it willingly. We are proud of the calling not because of a paycheck by any means but for honor and duty. God Bless you and your Hero.

  36. Another Brown Shirt leftist who apparently fails to realize Obama is the president.

    Obama empowers the unhinged, hoping for a crisis for which he can be called “savior”.

      • All Fascists and Nazi’s( National Socialists) come from the right. Is 62 your IQ?
        Nazism, or National Socialism in full (German: Nationalsozialismus), is the ideology and practice associated with the 20th-century German Nazi Party and state as well as other related far-right groups.

      • “Nationalsozialismus”

        Do you just make stuff up?

        National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei

        The left are followers of Marx, e.g., Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot. The seek govt control either by regulation ( fascism ), redistribution (socialism) or ownership ( communism).

        What part of state control has you perplexed?

      • Absolutely, the EPA, HHS and FDA ( regs ), medicare and welfare ( redistribution ) and GM/Wall St. bailout (communism)

        ObamaRxCare just happens to have it all!

    • If 0bama and his little minions really wanted him to be considered savior, so be it. Lets help them, and more importantly, our country, lets crucify him! And just to make sure that he doesn’t come back in three days, lets put a stake through his heart……… correction; where his heart would be,if he had one.

  37. Typical drive by leftist, attack and run away because they know if they debated the issues they would be destroyed.

  38. There’s nothing left or right about this. Its a lunatic. They’re out there. The first amendment can be just as hard for some people to live with sometimes as the second.

    • A communist lunatic. Funny……she doesn’t realize that HER “president” is the one who sent soliders overseas too.

  39. Sounds like one of those pot-smoking Occupy Wall-Streeter’s who live in a tent in public places and defecates on the street and whose opinion-means-nothing to anyone wrote the letter.

  40. This is truly an American hating pig who doesn’t belong in this country. It is this corrupt muslim Admin who sent that soldier into harms way, I am sure he did not join up and say I want to go off to war and fight a stupid fight and get killed. No body goes to war hoping they will be killed for nothing. This muslim terrorist pig in chief makes this kind of American hating pig. This trooper is an American HERO in our eyes.

  41. Allen, when did you change your name to Ellen?
    (Perhaps you need to have a few words with your proof reader(s)).

      • Kristen, I’m aware of that but his signature is “Steadfast and Loyal, Allen”. This time the signature is “Steadfast and Loyal, Ellen”. I did note that in my previous comment. Did you actually read it? Maybe you should read it a bit slower and try to understand the words.

      • actually it was an admonition to Ellen to be Steadfast and Loyal.. it’s a way of turning a phrase. It obviously confused you.

  42. That is the left for ya keeping it classy as always and ever so tolerant of others and their points of view! I wonder if this ass clown that wrote the letter understands that unless a business makes a profit it will cease to exist and eliminate the jobs with it. Also wth is he talking about anyway last I heard we (being an Army Reservist I think it’s safe to include myself in the we) were fighting a bunch of people that would rather continue blowing their own children up rather than have peace with the US and Israel.

  43. True story?? I know liberals will often write their own hate letters TO THEMSELVES and claim we wrote it. I fear this might be the converse.

  44. Whoever left that sick, vile letter under Ms. Wilson’s windshield is truly a demented POS. It is too bad that he/she did not try to make good on his/her threat to slash her tires, only to be stopped by someone who would hopefully beat his/her brains out with a tire iron.

    I am reminded of the hateful tirade that Columbia University professor Nicholas DiGenova delivered at a so-called “teach-in” held at the university in the run-up to the Iraq war, during which this leftist leech wished aloud for “A MILLION MOGADISHUS” (i.e., desiring to see our soldiers ambushed , killed and who knows, savagely dragged through the streets by their gleeful killers as a celebration, as happened during the incident in Somalia graphically depicted in the movie “Black Hawk Down.”) Very few people applauded Degenerate DiGenova’s ridiculous rant – but nobody told him to sit down and shut up, either, and the University did NOTHING to punish the profane professor. So much for the typical leftist protestation that they “oppose the war but support the troops.”

  45. Sick bastard ! To cowardly to sign his/her name ! There is such a thing as karma , may it be visited on you soon !

    • This person will be spewing their anti-American hate speech sometime and Karma will come in the form of a vet or loved one of a vet who decides they’ve been tolerant too long. Hopefully they live to see the error of their ways.

  46. The writer left out the facts that the soldier is following orders that come from the White House..So the left is talking bad about Obama..

  47. Democrats have done this for more than fifty years. Their violence against republicans/conservatives/military is evident in their every action.

  48. I had to deal with hatred during the 70’s when I returned from Vietnam I just remember my Dad (GOD rest his soul.) saying don’t lower yourself to their level it’s like arguing with a Jackass.

  49. When my husband
    was deployed, I had a bumper sticker that said said “My husband is
    defending our freedom” and “Prayer for our troops” (or something like
    that) and I had nothing but POSITIVE feedback. One time I was in rush
    hour traffic and a car pulled up beside me, honking, and the driver was
    giving me the THUMBS UP. Another time I received an encouraging note on
    my windshield saying that they were praying for him and our family. I
    kept that note. It’s not easy to play single mother and run a household
    when your husband is on the other side of the world, supporting the
    Global War on Terror. We supported him completely, but it was great to
    receive encouragement. Whoever wrote the note posted above clearly
    doesn’t understand and it is incredibly sad. I feel terrible for the
    one who received that note and hope that there are many others who will
    encourage her. So saddening.

  50. Takes all kinds I suppose. The soldier is fighting for this guy’s right to express his garbage too. Too bad the writer doesn’t see that.

  51. This
    imbecile, along with Bowe Bergdahl and his ilk, should leave and go
    live among the peace-loving people they worship and adore so much. Why
    do these morons believe our country is the only one involved in
    corporate enterprise? Look at the Chinese now! They’re all over it!
    These idiots do not have a nuance of knowledge of how commerce around
    this globe works. They just spout off the hippy-dippy,
    marijuana-induced, pseudo-intellectual crap they hear in the media, and
    were taught in schools and universities by homeland terrorists, like
    Bill Ayers and his spouse in crime, Bernadine Dorhn, that these
    “institutes of learning” hire to brainwash our young, just as the enemy
    outside the country brainwashes their young to hate us from the time
    they pop out of the womb. In the meantime, these America haters
    shamelessly live off the country like ticks on a dog, or lethal bacteria
    on some primo culture. At the same time, our government, infiltrated by
    these types, are making sure the whole country is eventually in a
    pot-induced, euphoric, comatose-like state, so we won’t even feel the
    slaughter house. We can’t cut a break!

    • That was going to be my first question. The Federalist Papers doesn’t say it’s a hoax, but it does raise a serious question on who wrote it. I will hold my outrage as a result. (If you didn’t ask the question, I was going to ask it.)

  52. I would like to take a moment to point out that this is not how all people on the left feel and we really need to stop generalizing people into groups. This is the work of a disrespectful idiot (if it is real since that has been in question as well) not a political party. There are idiots on both sides of the scale. I am on the left…do I support the fact that this war is still going on Hell no because we were told multiple times now that it would have been done by now and our troops would be back home….however do I support our troops….with every fiber of my being and several hundred of my tax return this year. That is how most people that you would consider to be on the “left” really feel.


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