Black outrage over Obama’s actions spreads to Chicago [VIDEO]

Last week we shared the video of the black woman in Houston who was infuriated by the potential resettlement of illegal immigrant children in her neighborhood. The outrage is spreading to Obama’s hometown of Chicago, where gang violence is effectively turning the black community into a genocidal combat zone — but cries and concerns have fallen upon deaf ears, at least where the first black president is concerned.

Hat tip to our conservative warrior in the ‘Hood, Rebel Pundit, who writes, “On Friday evening residents from Chicago’s Southside held a protest in front of the Chicago Police Department against the intolerable violence plaguing their communities and sounded off on President Obama for paying favor to illegal aliens crossing the southern border.”

“Residents also called for the resignation of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy for their failure to effectively handle the city’s violence epidemic. The president’s handling of the illegal invasion in Texas prompted residents to call him out for ignoring the current state of Chicago, where 120 people have been shot and at least 26 killed so far this July.”

As we just reported today, 748 illegal immigrants have been secretly dropped off in Chicago. Hundreds have already been dispersed to families — illegals or not — and sponsors.

Rebel Pundit writes, “The recent shooting of Jasmine Curry, a pregnant mother of five on Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway, prompted the residents to organize the demonstration. Curry’s father, Pierre Curry, attended the event and addressed and spoke of the pain he has endured after losing his first-born daughter after losing a son as well, less than one year ago. Curry said, “I’d like to tell the young peoples [sic] out here, especially young African-Americans, I’d like to tell the world, Mr. President, congress, senate, aldermen, governor, the mayor–losing a child is something else, losing something that God gave to you, and some fool in the street took it, he didn’t have a right to take my son or my daughter from her five kids. And if anybody knows something, anything, man up,” he then asked for prayers before breaking into tears.”

“Barack will go down as the worst president ever elected, Bill Clinton was the African-American President,” one resident said, in response to the president’s performance on the job, “President Barack needs to pay attention to Chicago, if he can not pay attention to Chicago and the African-American community, he needs to resign.”

Another compared the current state of Black-American life to that during slavery, saying, “Today, if you look at the time that we were brought here as slaves 400 years ago, we got the same results today.”

And so again I ask those faux leaders in the black community, especially Rep. Marcia Fudge Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus — the “conscience of the Congress” — just whose side is your self-declared messiah Obama on?


  1. It’s really hard to understand some of these folks. I do get the point they really don’t think obama has done them any favors though.

      • Better to admit a mistake and try to make changes then to just ignore it. Or, to make it simple, better late then never. Everyone makes mistakes. Thanks for seeing the light.

      • Personally, I never voted for Obama. But many of the black people who did were indoctrinated by the left—for years—to believe that the problems in our communities could only be solved by governmental controls. They targeted us more aggressively than any other demographic, in our schools, and even in our churches. This level of brainwashing is hard to shake.

      • Ever heard of the quote, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”? First time around I would have sympathy, this time I AM MAD and PI$$ED OFF for the stupidity. Those you voted for that man twice is destroying MY COUNTRY.

      • Tony, I didn’t even think nor care what color you are. Sorry if you thought I was pointing my anger towards you based on color. My comments are to ALL AMERICANS that voted.

      • Maybe next time you’ll read the small print. First time a politician says they’re going to help some group start checking your pockets.

  2. The sad thing is that these people are still ignorant as to what a president is supposed to do and not do. They are just angry that their supposed sugar daddy forsook them. They need to be educated.

  3. The Chicago Welfare Caucus is angry because they’re not getting their so-called “fair share.” As they chant – Barack Show Me the Money!!!

  4. Are they upset that their funding will be cut if funds are diverted to illegals, or are they upset about neighborhood crime, directly resulting from the decay of the family? No amount of money can change the community, without civility between the members of that community…Get back to a complete family, education, and respect for others, and change will come. If they were expecting it from this guy, they were duped….twice…

  5. That is as angry a group of Af. Americans I have seen since I saw a photo of the Black Panthers! Pissed off black people is the norm in this nation now!

    • There are plenty of pissed off white people…….guess the blacks that voted 4 to 6 times for obama, all the democrats and all the dead people that voted for this pos have plenty of regrets now. illegal alien obama should have NEVER been allowed on a ticket to run for any official position in the USA.

      • Truth is their was not any voter fraud we just have that many idiots living here in here Chicago and the Nation. White people are just as much to blame for voting for him. unions and Minorities. They still think this is the Democrat party from the 30’s. They are Morons and have no idea they are voting for the Socialist Party now. Clinton was the seed and he did the right things to lay the ground work for the future of their party. These people do not care about us nor do they care about the Minorities.

      • Which reminds me. Do not vote for any more Clintons. We’ve had enough of them. They’ve left many bodies in their past and cannot be trusted about anything. Again….Do not vote for any more Clintons.

      • “They are Morons and have no idea they are voting for the Socialist Party now”
        They must !!REALLY!! be morons as, Al Sharptounge even stated that when folks voted for the usurper they voted for socialism. Only time I’ve ever heard him say anything remotely intelligent {^_^}

  6. I like to know where he is spending millions in Texas. The people of Chicago needs to take care of their own. It starts at home. You have to toughest gun laws supposedly, yet more deaths by guns. Change that people and protect your own. Obama needs to stop spending our money overseas and giving it to the the islamist terrorist, and others who just want to kill us. He is allowing illegals to come here and is doing nothing to stop it. Texas, Arizona, and California have all ask for border patrol. What does he do? He ask for 3.7 billion to take care of illegals. Send them home. We cannot afford them. This country is in more than 17 trillion in debt, due to lawlessness, criminal activity of the Obama administration. Get over it and take care of business. Take your town back without Obama. Quit talking race and get busy.

  7. Hey Chicago, you get the government you deserve. The illegal immigrant issue aside, clean up your own ‘hood by what ever means necessary and go from there. Relying on the government is what got you into this trouble. Rely on yourselves to get out of it and don’t stop at your own borders.

  8. what bothers me about this is that they are all saying for obama to help the black folks…. um excuse me but there are white people in chicago too! How bout you all change your mindset and start saying help the people of chicago, or help the americans before we help others…?

    • I understand what you are saying and I understand what they are saying, In Chicago from what I read the police are corrupt, The mayor is a puppet, black on black shootings with some Mexican gangs mixed in trying to take over drug turf. But also understand that the black unemployment rate is thru the roof, even the ones trying very hard are getting no where.If the black community would learn history they would find out that the reb party was started because the dems wanted slavery, Lincoln was a Reb not a Dem. This president tries to act like he is Lincoln. All political BS. Hell the NRA was created to stop the KKK which was all southern Dems. The NRA has been fighting for years to get Illinois to allow carry permits, they finally won the court battle. Chicago proves a few things. Dem suck at running a city(see Detroit and California) and gun control hasn’t worked in areas that don’t allow citizens to arm themselves. I hope black Americans realize this president is going to destroy their race. The more immigrants that come in. the more it hurts the chances for a job and they stay slaves to the government welfare system. I was hoping this president would show the world racism is on the decline in America. But he preaches racism. He wants to keep America divided. what you seeing on the border is lobbyist wanting cheap labor in America, they are excluded from Obama care penalties. Anyone giving them a job does not have to offer insurance as long as they are not a citizen. I can go on but im happy the blacks see whats happening in a sense, maybe blacks will realize its not racism, Its the man up front doing a crappy job. At some point we will have to make cuts and welfare will be one of them. 18t is no joke and threatens all of America

    • Socialist and Liberals agenda is in all of schools. These kids grow up and then Server our military it is all Part of the plan. Did the Germans ever think they would kill their own people? Did Russia ever think they would become Communist? The Ground work was Laid with No Child Left behind and Hiring teachers who buy in to this crap. My Children were taught right and everyday I had to listen to the crap taught in school. You are 100% moral decay that’s what they do!

  9. They must be racists for criticizing Emperor Barry and his policies; no other explanation. I wonder what Pelosi and Reid would comment on this video.

  10. Dear Mr West please run for office. I know you are are not a Republican or a Dem but I do know you can bring this country forward. Either As President of VP we need a Positive change. Whites and Blacks alike its time to stop this stupid hatred and put it away and Realize we just want whats best for our Family’s and our Country. I am a Right Republican but I am Smart enough to see that both Parties have sold us out. Even liberals are starting to say he is the exact thing our Fathers were trying to protect us from. Gather support in the Black Community and Reach out to Whites and the Southern Americans who Actually care. For get states like IL because this state will never Vote Republican because we have to many people on Welfare. But please Reach out the rest of the Nation and Get these Socialist pigs out of office. Close these damn bordersThanks

  11. Since her last name is the same as her father’s and she had five children and was pregnant with a sixth, I am assuming that she was a single mother. Unless she was wealthy or had a great job, she was supported by taxpayers, probably costing more than a policeman’s salary. The tax well is dry. We do not need Barry’s fundamental change. We need to get back to fundamentals.

    • Understood, but the bigger problem was the Democrat party wants to keep them down. Republicans might make cuts but try and plug jobs into the system to get these people working. And now you ad Millions of illegals to the mix this will never happen and the Socialist will win because they will eventually kill the middle class.

    • You’re a complete idiot and a source of shame for the entire white race. You and Obama have a lot in common, you both want to keep our country divided to support your own agendas. Go to hell.

  12. I’m a little shocked at the angry comments from whites.
    Maybe this is an opportunity for many blacks to realize they’ve been used. I
    see these people as Americans who are coming to understand that Obama is NOT an
    American. No, I’m not saying he was born in Kenya. I’m saying he doesn’t THINK
    like an American. He never has. He was raised to hate this country and tear it

  13. Hopefully, more citizens are waking up to the gross failures of this president and will realize that color does not cut it for anyone if they don’t have basic integrity, core values and a desire to see all Americans reach their full potential without the game of race-baiting and division. Although I am a white American, I was thrilled to have the first “black” president even though I did not vote for him for one reason only and that is the democratic party has nothing and I do mean nothing to offer this country unless you like big intrusive government, massive overspending, empty deceptive rhetoric, giant leaps into lowering our societal values and I could go on. Our trust has been betrayed by both parties so not letting the republicans off the hook because they have lost sight of their mission as well. It is time for all of us to make ourselves informed and then root out the culprits who would, by their policies, destroy the framework of the greatest country in the world that people from all over the world are yearning to be a part of.

  14. The reason there is more attention focussed on TX is because the majority of people in Texas are not democrats! The current administration thinks that democrats will vote for them no matter what, so they do nothing except talk. It’s always about the politics. When the democrats stand up and say NO to the administration with their votes, someone will listen. Both parties are corrupt and we need some new blood that will go back to the fundamentals this country was founded on!

    • The problem with that is that it requires a person of moral character, usually tied to a religious belief system which this wicked country despises. They would rather be governed by the corrupt and foolish than by someone who has God’s favor upon them.

  15. I am glad the Black community voters in Chicago are waking up and realizing the party of slavery is the Democrat party! But now the democrats are out to make slaves of the Hispanics by giving them free entry to the USA for their future votes. This is going to hurt all of us; middle class and poor but Obama does not care as he has an agenda to create economic chaos and then declare martial law in our new Communist country, the USA! And he will be the Supreme Leader. Black community; fight this with how you vote first of all. Get them out of office. There are no Republican leaders in Chicago and maybe it’s time!

  16. Chicago, as long as you continue to vote and support all things black and not all things American, you separate yourselves as Americans, and you will continue to get what you deserve from the party, the democratic party, the party that fought to keep you as slaves, founders of the KKK, the party that wants you to stay as victims on the government plantation, you will continue to get what you have voted for.

    This is what you get when you vote for skin color, over content of character.

  17. Votes, not quality of life for Americans is important, PAC funds not jobs for the people who are suffering from missed opportunities, overlooked once again!

    • “these blacks”… This is the kind of talk that fuels the “racist” stereotypes Democrats use against Republicans and conservatives. You may want to rethink your phrasing.

    • He’s Black when he relates to black and white. He seems to side with the Muslims when it comes to Blacks and definitely over Christianity. He’s for Arab and Mexican folks/countries when it comes to helping them-he’s given Muslims top positions in his cabinet (homeland security, for gods sake why?) and buses Mexicans in and if he had his way, he’d give them all a voting card as soon as they crossed the border. He personally ordered the release the most dangerous Muslims from prison (5 Muslims for 1 American). He likes to rule as a dictator w/o having to get approval from Congress. He likes to give foreign countries billions of dollars but sets limits and cuts to our soldiers who are sacrificing so much so we can be safe here at home and so all the above can continue going on. this president has divided the citizens more than any other president in history. He acts like he’s privileged. His administration is definitely not transparent. He continues to hide is past- there must be something there he does not want revealed. The change he promised has brought our country down financially, morally, patriotically, and socially. I give him a D- and that’s being kind.

      • you gave him a D- you have to got to be kidding me he well deserves an F- and if there was such I give him a Z- and he is the lowest thing on the poll in my book.

      • His parents were not married. So big deal. By sealing everything he makes us imagine much worse.

  18. This president has put us all in a very bad position. I’ve signed petitions, and written to my congressman. We need him gone!

      • Yes Tony you might , but there are many who just look for the D or the color of ones skin ,contrary to what Martin Luther King [who by the way was a Republican] believed in. That is how we got Stuck with obama. We must educate ourselves as to where the politician stands and vote for the candidate who best reflects our views and what we want to see accomplished

      • Tony……… know you are the exception or should I say one of the exceptions. It has been established that 95-98% of the black vote voted for Obama. Why? I’ll let you figure it out.

      • I already know why, but harping on this point doesn’t solve or address the root of the problem. We (and I’m already working on this) need to help the black community see through demagoguery.

      • You said you didn’t vote for him in the past. My statement applies to the people in the video who voted for him.

  19. The United States Electoral College is the institution that officially elects the President and Vice President of the United States every four years. The President and Vice President are not elected directly by the voters. Instead, they are elected by “electors” who are chosen by popular vote on a state-by-state basis.[3] Electors are apportioned to each state and the District of Columbia, but not to territorial possessions of the United States, such as Puerto Rico and Guam. The number of electors in each state is equal to the number of members of Congress to which the state is entitled,[4] while the Twenty-third Amendment grants the District of Columbia the same number of electors as the least populous state, currently three. In total, there are 538 electors, corresponding to the 435 members of the House of Representatives, 100 senators, and the three additional electors from the District of Columbia.

    Electors are almost always pledged to particular presidential and vice presidential candidates, though unpledged electors are possible. Except for the electors in Maine and Nebraska, electors are elected on a “winner-take-all” basis.[5] That is, all electors pledged to the presidential candidate who wins the most votes in a state become electors for that state. Maine and Nebraska use the “congressional district method”, selecting one elector within each congressional district by popular vote and selecting the remaining two electors by a statewide popular vote.[6] Although no elector is required by federal law to honor a pledge, there have only been very few occasions when an elector voted contrary to a pledge.[1][7] The Twelfth Amendment specifies how a President and Vice President are elected and requires each elector to cast one vote for President and another vote for Vice President.

    The candidate that receives an absolute majority of electoral votes (currently 270) for the offices of President or Vice President is elected to that office. The Twelfth Amendment provides for what happens if the Electoral College fails to elect a President or Vice President. If no candidate receives a majority for President, then the House of Representatives will select the President, with each state delegation (instead of each Representative) having only one vote. If no candidate receives a majority for Vice President, then the Senate will select the Vice President, with each Senator having one vote.

    Critics argue that the Electoral College is inherently undemocratic and gives swing states disproportionate influence in electing the President and Vice President. The Electoral College gives a numeric advantage in the election of the president to the smaller states, as the minimum number of electors for the small states is three compared to one for the election of representatives. On the other hand, the winner-take-all method of voting favors the larger states. On four occasions, most recently in 2000, the Electoral College system has resulted in the election of a candidate who did not receive the most popular votes in the election.[8][9] A number of constitutional amendments have been proposed seeking to alter the Electoral College or replace it with a direct popular vote.[10]

  20. Boohoo! they all voted for him and would do it again knowing what they know, all the hell anyone cared about was the color of his skin. now we all have to pay for this.

      • Sorry about Karen Phillips. It works the other way too though. I didn’t vote for him either but the fact that I’m white does not mean, contrary to what Eric Holder says, that it was because of the color of his skin. I would have loved it if a black president had made it possible for Americans to have grew closer to each other regardless of their race but I never saw Obama as being that person; too close to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who depend on racial division for their livings and then there’s Bill Ayers, an avowed domestic terrorist. Instead of bringing us together Obama has set race relations in this country back 100 years and been a universal divider. I would be proud to have Col. Allen West as president of my country but I’m afraid that Obama may have ruined any chance for that. Obama is about the worst thing that could have happened at this point in our history.

      • Islam is the second largest world religion, created in the 7th century A.D. by the prophet and founder, Muhammed, in Mecca, Arabia. He had a vision from Allah, saying to worship him alone. Islam means submission; either by the facade of self-righteousness or territorial holy war, jihad. They do not believe in Jesus Christ as Messiah and on the top of the Dome of the Rock (Mt. Moriah) it says, “There is no son of God, He needed no son. Worship Allah alone.” 1/5 of the world population is Muslim and 3 million Muslims are in America.Their stated goal is to turn America around to worship the great Allah. Imagine how they feel about Jewish Israel and Christian Lebanon right in the Arab heartland, the Middle East. We must now face the treachery, deception and violence resident in the spirit of Islam. Let none of us be disqualified because of a fearful heart. The Lord has put His flame in our bosoms.

  21. Texas is not a big fan of Obama, they down right hat him, it’s the home of Ron Paul, the supporter of the American Constitution. Obama is trying to buy Texas off, by creating a problem, then offering help to fix it if they cooperate. I hope Texas takes the money, and gives him the big finger. My state NM took the money. The pay was in the form of billions in welfare, and guess who is the recipients of this, none other then Mexican Illegals. It’s a free ride if you’re not American. My state has become one of the many over ran Illegals, AZ, has tried pushing them out, and NM how welcomed them in. unlike CO, MT, KS, TX. New Mexico has cut a deal with the devil. and I can see the future when we pay it back by giving up our freedoms. and for what? to feed all of south America.

    • I use to live in Alamogordo New Mexico and my heart goes out to the people that truly love New Mexico. Welfare recipients does not make a strong state or nation!

    • Texas will never comply with Barack Obama. After Huricane Ike, he gave us 4 million dollars. We rebuilt it ourselves. And don’t even get me started on NASA.

  22. Sorry but you guys have been used and are being replaced with the new (even bigger) minority who are going to help with Barack’s next agenda to bring down the good ‘ol U.S.A.

  23. What a sad time for this father and in a community where there could be a an effort to have the streets walking with patrol officers to stop these murders. Then to think many of these black Americans will be replaced by ILLEGALS taking there jobs and the very person leading to do it is “one of them”. This is outrageous to our black AMERICANS.

    • The children are carrying drug-resistant tuberculosis and will enter our kids schools in August. Are you paying attention? They are not being screened. Where is the outrage? What is our President trying to do to us?

      • sherrymaze There’ll be in our schools, nation wide and there’ll be no one to control this. This is a complete disaster to all citizens.

  24. In spite of this obama and Attorney General holder still say people who oppose the administration’s policies are racist. I want to see a tar and feather party at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. led by Black Americans!

  25. I’m beginning to think we should wall off some of these government housing projects and send in some Marines to keep liberal groups from entering and doing more damage to the people who live there.

    • A rolling thunder air strike would suit me. Libs tell these people what victims they are, and they embrace that midset to their own destruction.

      • I’m for “pea shooters before canons”, Eye. A few things I failed to elaborate on in my proposal include: the need for counter insurgency (Green Berets working on the hearts and minds of the people while the Marines protect them). Of course the Red Cross and Salvation Army would be allowed to provide temporary services until the denizens of the De-liberalized Zones become self-sufficient… and they will once they are introduced to the concept of working in or someday owning a cheese factory as opposed to the current paradigm (a government stipend of one pound of Velveeta per month). Residency would be voluntary, of course. It’s not jail or punishment. It is Marine delivered and GB supported aid to the poor victims of Progressive lies, blackmailing, and exploitation. Those who don’t want to return to a life predicated on traditional American values can leave… go elsewhere within any blue- state of their choosing. Parallel to this all government services need to be de-funded and replaced with private sector opportunities to succeed (AKA, JOBs).

  26. The majority of blacks voted for Obama, just because he was black, and surly not because of his record, and now you’s will pay a heavy price for your stupidity. Just because he was black you thought he would do for the black communities, Sorry guess again. As fare as the black Caucus go’s they have never cared about blacks in their states, These people only cared about making them self’s rich, when is the black community going to understand this. You reap what you sow. What needs to happen now is Americans, Black and White need to come together if we are to save our nation from further erosion from this administration. For it is WE THE PEOPLE not we the black or we the white but rather WE THE PEOPLE, and it will be us that need to take back our country ,remember that, next time you vote.

    • History tells the tale. Who helped Blacks gain Freedom? Lincoln (R)
      Blacks were Republicans from that time on to Kennedy’s administration.
      Republicans fought for the Civil Right Movement. Democrats? They were the KKK and now Blacks celebrate them. That history alone should discourage Black America for ever voting Democrat.

      • Agreed, The Democrat’s always try play the race card with the black community. This is not about color, doesn’t matter at this point, Black, White. We are all Americans, and if we don’t come together as a nation, Black and White, we won’t have a nation to call home, for they are the one that want to take it from us, united we stand, divided they will concur. we must remember that

  27. I wonder if the black community will join the movement for impeachment? They certainly are frustrated with his lack of caring, or even notice for that matter.

  28. Blacks are still controlled and in slavery on the plantation run by their “massa’s”….the white liberal/socialist Democrat party. Who blocked the Civil Rights act of 1964 and Johnson’s “great Society…used police dogs and fire hoses during civil rights marches of the period? Democrats did all that…and because they now control the purse strings (money for welfare) all blacks vote Democrat. Sad.

  29. Blacks are not to blame for that fool Obama !
    Remove the traitors from Hell
    Obama and his Stooge Emanuel
    Maybe they should be removed Chicago Style
    Taught to swim with the Fishes !

      • I think about a lady after Huricane Sandy that walked down 20 flights of stairs to go vote for Obama thinking his promises to fix their neighborhood were for real. He just used them. The neighborhood is exactly the same, unchanged, unrepaired. I wonder if that woman is still loyal.

    • what do you mean blacks “can be a mighty ally”? weren’t they the ones who voted overwhelmingly for him just because he is black? have you seen all that black on white crime lately? and what makes you think blacks can be trusted as “mighty allies” as you suggest? for me, no thank you. I can do well without such a “mighty ally”.

      • Manuel
        These blacks were born here many generations ago (Brothers and Sisters to all Americans)
        What are you lst or 2nd generation / green card holder / Illegal Immigrant ???
        I served in the military with them, bled with them
        a mighty ally yes they are.
        Don’t look down your nose at color many of them are good souls and would stand by even you. (I think you might be a Mexican Racist)
        Afraid of losing your food stamps ( LOL)

    • Get out of here with that nonsense. We don’t bribe people for support. Our allies don’t share a skin color, our allies share common ideas and common sense. What’s your idea, triple welfare, free cars and a nice handshake to top it off? We aren’t Liberals. We want our Government to stop limiting business, spending our future and giving our country away to illegal immigrants. I want to give these people an education that’s not at the bottom of the chart among developed worlds. I want to give these people jobs. I want to give these people a life. However they have got to want something more than just a handout. What we want is hard. If they want it easy we don’t need them on our side.

  30. Sad that they’re still looking to government to solve their problems! As one famous American once said, “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem!”

  31. Excellent video, well put.
    Why isn’t Obama doing anything to assist the African American community in the US (Chicago, Oakland, Trenton, etc).
    Why isn’t Bill Gates and Microsoft, visiting these communities.
    Microsoft should set up specialty schools there, train the young so that they can get the appropriate skills, and get the best talent for Microsoft ?
    Why isn’t Apple there either ? Dell ?
    Because they rather not deal with the African American community, they are citizens, and they have rights. Corporate America prefers going directly to India, Philippines, and avoid dealing with rights of people.
    If corporate America sets up these facilities to provide training, they would get the best talent in the world. A win win !!!!! Obama you got this ?

      • Gates supports what Obama is doing, he got his money back, believe me. Google&Facebook are in the tank for Obama CANT be trusted. WAKE UP YOUNG PPL U R BRING INDOCTRINATED FROM PRE-K SCHOOLS R LIBERALS LABS FOR STUPIDITY

      • Correct Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave millions to the Chicago Public Schools when I taught in the their system and I believe most of the money went to the North Shore schools that sit on the Lake front. Disney. Lasalle Language Academy…

  32. For every 5 illegals entering this country, they displace 1 citizen in the work place.
    Obama, you need to secure the borders, and put a plan that helps Americans.
    Another disgraceful president

    • I have said ALL ALONG ……they will NOT see until IT PERSONALLY AFFECTS THEM AND THEIRS …….UNTIL THEN …all the freebies and the promises will keep them in check ….BUT NOW …….the stuff is hititng the fan ……..and its AFFECTING THEM PERSONALLY and its not pretty …….as long as someone ELSE is getting screwed over its okay …….but when ITS THEM ………watch out !!!!!

  33. Clinton will catch on to this FAST and try to USE American Black people, do not let her! WE are ONE, all Red White and Blue AMERICANS! Welcome Home!

  34. I can’t help but feel like that’s what they get. I feel sorry for their living in violence, but were it not for a lot of our African American community we would not have had Barack Obama for two terms. They wanted him, they got him now deal with it. The Democrats have found a new minority to exploit.

  35. Uh, you voted for this when 93% of blacks voted on color alone. Why are black people unhappy? They VOTED FOR THIS. And now they want the Emanuel’s resignation? His answer is simple: Pass MORE gun laws that criminals WON’T follow. How about all you black people turn all your guns in? That would make the politicians happy.
    Wait…black people want access to guns also? Why? This is WHAT YOU VOTED FOR.
    I will never understand when people elect these idiots, and then complain when they get exactly what they wanted.
    Guess you really should have stopped and demanded to know what he was about.
    I am sure that he will retire in Illinois when he is done, right? No way he would pick another state to live in.

    • Obama owns a multi-million $ plantation in HI. Purchased during his first term in office, as his wealth went from one million $ to more than $10 million.

      • I know. (Thank you for putting it in print, though.)
        Just my point the Community Organizer won’t be back to Illinois after he is kicked out (preferably) or finished his term(and hopefully starts a prison term) and will soon be beyond where anyone can touch him.
        I really wish they would just arrest him, get him to trial, and then execute him legally. It would solve so many problems…

  36. Nothing but a bunch of Uncle Tom’s and Oreo’s.
    I’d really like to know how often these protestors voted a straight Democratic ticket and how many times they voted or ‘bama. I don’t think the results would surprise any of us.

  37. I hope they finally realize there are no short cuts in life. Progress takes hard work. These people are just mad that Obama is giving others welfare instead of doubling up their own. They have a “No Snitch” policy and then wonder why crime runs unchecked in their neighborhoods. I’m glad they’re finally starting to see Obama for what he really is but come next election they’re going to be sitting with their hands out and voting for the one who gives them the biggest “I.O.U.” Every election I ask myself “do they really want jobs and cleaner, safer, neighborhoods or do they just want more welfare benefits” and every year they vote for the benefits. I don’t want these people to just exist, I want them to live and experience life. I want their neighborhoods to be safer and I want them to have jobs but they keep crippling the progress with those they help to elect.

  38. I believe the black community just expressed the EXACT same complaint that hard-working, taxpaying Republicans have been complaining about for years… how does it feel when tax money goes to those who haven’t earned it?

    • THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY ACTUALLY but the Republicans are TOO STUPID to accept the challenge …….to get them to realize ……THEIR VALUES ARE ACTUALLY MORE “Conservative” than they previously thought 🙂

  39. AFter what black folks have been through, this is really really sad that they cannot look up to Obama, but he doesn’t care. He has an agenda, just like the Muslim he is, and it is to “steal, kill, and destroy”, those are the attributes of Satan. I’ve never had much of an opportunity to be with my son, his vicious and vindictive mother saw to that but years ago I said something positive about Black folks, really trying to get a response from him and see if he turned out to be yet another Georgia redneck like his mother’s family and step dad. He said, “well all I can say is that every time blacks get an opportunity, they drop the ball” and I was kind of disappointed to hear him say that, but it’s true for the most part. Rosa Parks did something very profound and helpful for the black community even though she faced danger and even possible death. HERE Obama makes a step forward for blacks that is compared to putting a man on the moon and what does he do with it? Destroy this country!!!

    • CORRECT WARREN …….He COULD BE an excellent MENTOR to the black community and the kids therein …….BUT IS HE ? NO ……..He could advocate they rise up and be someone and get out of poverty ……stay in school ect …….does he ? NO …….. BUT Moochelle DOES try and CONTROL what the kids eat at lunchtime ….. ??? AS IF ……..that is her “job” ? When I was in HS they had VOCATIONAL classes and they were wonderful for kids wanting to learn a trade and get a job out of HS or go further in the same area once graduated HS …….They could do something similar to this in the black community High Schools ……..They could have speakers come in who OWN BUSINESSES …… folks who have made a name for themselves ……succeessful folks to talk to these kids …….and tell them ………there is a better way ? Give them some REAL “HOPE” …….. ??? Perhaps even ………some of those business owners could offer some of the kids JOB opportunities ? Or like apprenticeships ? WHY IS IT THAT I AM A WHITE GIRL and I have better ideas than a BLACK PRESIDENT who claims to care about the black communities ? Sad isnt it ? TRULY HELPING the black communities is MORE than just handing out more benefits ……its about helping them GET OUT OF THE CRIME FILLED communities ……have LESS CRIME in the communities …….and be SELF SUFFICIENT and break their families OUT OF POVERTY ……. BACK TO OBAMA : drinking beer , traveling the world and negotiating with terrorists , playing golf , taking over and ruining our health care , and coddling illegals ……. YEP I DONT THINK HE “CARES” ?

      • yep on everything CharlnOhio. Normally I’m never at a loss for words, today I seem to be and that’s bothering me. Either I’ve just come to a point where I realize that “a word to the wise is sufficient and a fool never heeds instruction” so it’s hopeless to talk to those people, or I’m just sitting back and going to let them destroy themselves. Problem is, they’re taking us with them. Just take for instance the outrage Animal activist have over for instance a Rodeo, and roping a calf. Or a test being done in a lab on a cat, rat or monkey. BUT, you never heard a peep out of them when BLM walked into that ranch months ago and shot a couple of beautiful prize bulls in the head and then drug them a long distance to make it look like they had charged BLM and they were force to shoot them, even though the animals were in a pen. Then they ran a number of cattle to death with helicopters, leaving a slew of young calves to be fed by hand and again, NOT A PEEP from the Liberal Animal Rights groups but hey, those animals belong to a possible Conservative so what the hell, and oh yea, he owed some taxes so that justifies this. Liberals are sick sick people, far sicker than they realize.

  40. I don’t know how any human being in a position that Obama is in could have such disregard for the people that are American citizens and favor illegals from robbing our Nation. Look at Chicago. A war zone that is so far removed from Obama’s concerns. He seems to be completely consumed with allowing the influx of diseased illegals and total disregard for the U. S. people. He is undoubtedly the worst president in history and he has disgraced the position of being the first black president when he could have been the pride of America as the first black president. How unforgivable!

  41. Some of this is the problem of the political campaign talking points/propaganda. As they try to manage campaign focusing on “women’s rights, “war on women”, “hispanic votes, latino votes, black votes”….. How about: let’s elect an experienced, honest individual who wants to do: what’s best for the country, for the economy, to maintain and build on the values, freedoms, rights that this country was founded upon – and the MAJORITY BELIEVE. Much of what Obama promised “were those things”; but he is a pathological liar – we have proof of “if you like you plan….” That’s not an honorable individual and is not treating the honor or presidency or citizens with

  42. My only question is, why has it taken black Americans so long to wake up? Booker T. Washington’s “Up From Slavery” is prophetic. Read it. He was a truly great man who would be demonized by people like Obama, but he raised more blacks out of servitude and ignorance than did even Bill “the first black president” Clinton, who lifted nothing but himself.

  43. How on earth President Obama and Eric Holder can abandon the kids and faithful of Chicago is unbelievable to me. I cannot think of a single possible reason he is doing this. He made fools out of all of us.

    • That he did.He spoke of change. Obamacare ,NSA scandal,Veterans Scandel,IRS scandel,Benghazi to name only a few..This is his “change”. Sucks,huh.

  44. Good to see. So many do not realize that this President is Arab American, not Black American. As such, he and his forbears have NO claim to the rights, no blood cost, no scarifice as was earned by black Americans. He simply used his color to win his office with no further qualification.

    • obama and his regime of Democrats DO use people, particularly minorities and special interest groups to get their votes. Then, they dump them or I should say, dump ON them like they do to any other American.

    • I too post a similar message, obumbler IS NOT a Black American. He is a White/Arab/African/muslim/communist, if you want to be exact.
      Of course he’s been advertised as the first “Black (P)president”, and he uses that to his advantage every day. Sad that our Black Americans don’t understand, it’s just another lie Poison obumbler uses to gain votes, and the Black vote is ALL he cares about, and nothing about the Black life.

  45. Sounds to me like all they care about is Chicago. Obama is ruining this whole country!….They need to think about that and join with the rest of us in getting him and Congress cleaned out.

  46. People are catching on. When you reach the point where you realize this president only helps those who will help him, you will realize who he is!

  47. Well, well, well, IT’s about time the blacks are getting a dose of their own Medicine from one of their own. Obama selling out his Black Brothers? It gets no better than that, it’s been a long time in coming. “Obama Loves paying favor to illegal aliens crossing the southern border.” The resignation of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy for their failure to reduce Crime. Chicago, where 120 people have been shot and at least 26 killed so far this July.” Hey Batman you got to Love those Democrats, of Chicago. There are several Thousand more headed to the Chicago area by the weekend. This is going to get real interesting.

    • Well ya know Nagin did go to prison ……pay backs for Katrina and the busses he let sit idle …..KARMA sucks ? He didn’t care much for the black folks either …..they ALL need to be in orange jumpsuits !!!! They are all liars and care NOTHING about the people of the US ……

  48. Section 8 housing (AKA Slum), the breakdown of the familystructure, absent fathers, welfare dependency, the ever constant incarcation and prosecuting because of mostly drugrelated crimes, both narcotics and the turfware that comes with it. All this has ripped the foundation of whole communities to shreds. We se the same symptoms in other segments of society, in white neighborhoods to, but its worst for black people. The solutions are not more welfare and government intervention. Nor does the republicans have all the answers, far from it. What the society can do is to STOP the idiotic socalled “war” on drugs. The feministdriven “war” on men through marginalization of mens role in family and raising kids. Including the familycourtsystem (pure manhating fascism), not to mention the decades old “war” on poverty. Legalizing drugs, deregulate the jungle of laws regulation every aspect of american lives, stop hating good men and require people to work for every taxdollars they recieve, and things WILL get better. But more than anything else: This is a cultural problem so deeply infested in the black communities that neither white liberal guilt, the government or other forces can “fix” it. Basically: Black people have to solve this themselves. But we can give them a good start by eliminating welfare, ressurect the father-figure, stop the war on drugs and let people live and die by their own decisions in life. Thats how you create strong, responsible individuals.

    • I agree that in helping men become breadwinners . And women become more supportive of their men we may have life that’s honorable and decent. How to accomplish this seems to be impossible. Not true!! If we can feel so good I spending our personal hard earned dollars to go overseas to third world countries then why can’t we go to the third world right in our back yards. Become mentors , show some long term compassion. Every human being needs to feel dignity, thru working . Let’s take our hammer and nails and head to the inner city third world

  49. It’s not just blacks, it’s all of the natural born citizens of this great nation. I will say good job chi town, you finally woke up

  50. We need to care for our own before we take on the world. In my state there is a shortage of foster homes. Now they want the illegal children under a certain age placed in foster care. I fear this will prevent the children currently waiting in an institutional setting from being placed in the new openings.

    • Moving illegal bounty across state lines is just fine after all $7,000-$10,000 is what the parents paid to human traffickers so that their children would get to US with the promise of a better life. Let’s see, who will help the many families whose children in the inner cities are not able to get decent housing or decent education etc???? Of course, they get food stamps. We also believe they are inherently lazy. Maybe some are even insanel??!!! Who cares, they have Rainbow Push who seem to be on their side. We as a nation will once again need the very people. We have for centuries used and then kicked to the curb. God help us!!!

    • Yes that is true …..WE ARE NOT THE NATIONS ADOPTION OR DAYCARE FACILITY OR ORPHANAGE !!!!!!!! We have our OWN kids here that NEED THAT !!!!!!!!!!

  51. Too many people were so high on the idea of electing a black president that they never even listened to what he had to say; they just couldn’t see the forest through the trees. I wonder what America would be like right now if Allen West were the first black President? Things sure would have been different here in the good ‘ol US of A. Our country would have been restored to greatness. God, Family, Country…in that order, and you won’t go wrong!!!

  52. This attempt by the defeated Allen West out of Florida is just another one of the negative plays to stop President Barack H. Obama from having top notch favor in Black Neighborhoods! We must not jump on any band wagons of negativity especially when Allen West is the one promoting this garbage! The Voters of Florida sent Allen West home in defeat during his run for re-election. Those Conservative folk, mostly white supremacist got rid of West. What we should do is get rid of him by writing and telling him to get a life. The guy is nothing and his attempt to undermine the work of President Barack H. Obama is treachery at it’s best! Black Folks, don’t let this know nothing Allen West tell you what is going down in our lives. He knows nothing and is still a puppet for the Republican Party Insane Politicians! Don’t let West lead you anywhere because he is a Civilian just like Us! The only thing different is West got rejected by the Tea Party Republicans and lost his seat in Congress. The White Supremacist had enough of the ignorant West and so should we!

    • obama has used people to get his way and in the process, hurt every American. This isn’t just a Republican/Democrat issue anymore, it’s a people issue. It’s an American issue. If people don’t take a stand to save and protect America from being destroyed by obama and his regime, then they do not deserve to call themselves an American.

      • YES OBAMA HAS DECLARED “WAR” ON THE PEOPLE HE REPRESENTS AND SERVES !!!!!!! HE IS A TRAITOR !!!!!!! The man is AGAINST his OWN Country and citizens !!!! He is favoring ILLEGALS and FOREIGNERS over citizens born and raised LEGALLY in this Country !!!!!!!!!!

    • Zach, I respectfully submit to you, that if you look at history, any gains Blacks have made were the result of Republican efforts. (D) democrats have always been against Blacks, and voted against Blacks advancement numerous times.
      I don’t know how you keep worshiping obumbler, as anyone can see he doesn’t care about Blacks, he just using you until enough illegals can vote.
      Myself, I don’t look at him as Black, in the American definition of the word. Aside from his 50% White blood, he never lived here in his early years, always overseas in muslim countries. When he did get here, he lived a privileged life in a White household, attending high dollar schools, and doing drugs.
      If obama Senior is his father, he also has Arab muslim blood, with less than 7% African Black.
      Illegals he favors so greatly now, will make your life miserable, as they will take over more jobs from Whites and Blacks then you want to think about. You may not be affected, but your community will.

      • do you know that when the racism word is brought its the ones in office like obama and holder and and who are the ones that are oiling your wheels , he WANTS you to be pissed at the whites and blame them but be bigger and stop having your race look like they are the ones being persecuted by the whites when its the blacks that are now in office and their brilliant white followers like pelosi and reid , they are out for themselves not YOU

  53. I try to be respectful, but this is all symptomatic of the mess that is a result of those who follow Saul Alinskys model in “Rules for Radicals”. The end result is to rule by using different parts of society (races, groups, etc..) and play them for their each individual needs with promises, but never really fulfilling those promises, to gain control of the entire mass.
    Because the book is dedicated to Satan, you can get a taste of that which is Satan throughout the entire book. The end justifies the means. Do whatever it takes to gain control.
    I hope and pray the Black community picks itself up and takes back their lives from the control of this insidious plan that has been laid out for them by this left wing ideology. There are many, many good people whose lives have been ruined because of this.
    The gentleman who compared this to slavery is correct; I hope he realizes WHO is responsible for keeping them down trodden .. which party has been in control of Chicago for decades and why there has been no increase in quality of life under Democratic “rule”…

    • I appreciate your thinking. Any ideas of how to get this next Great Awakening into maybe hearts ands minds of those that are left?

      • Florence, my thoughts were profoundly affected by a caller to the Mark Levin Show a few weeks before the Nov 2012 elections. He identified himself as a Black American

    • First off blacks are not the only ones getting free stuff…you ever been to a real trailer park? Im sick of this race crap….were all Americans and all skin colors have fought blead and died for this amazing country….I dont appreciate this stupid comment! Oh and im a conservative white republican!

      • No Adam they arent …….and all people in trailer parks are NOT getting “Free stuff” either ……so , you are being just as bad as those who think ONLY black people get “free stuff” by classifying them that way ? THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE Adam … yes , there is not a lot of mention about white folks …….you realize this right ?

      • Charln now you just being ridiculous never once did I say “everyone” in a trailer park getting free stuff….I insinuated that some people in trailer parks are getting free stuff. In fact statistically 82% of people who live in trailer parks are on govt assistance. Boom theres a fact for ya…..My whole statement is meant to stop us white people from giving ammo to other races to around and call us (whites) racist etc. I wish this whole race crap would just end….hell were all Americans lets start acting like it.

      • Well that was kind of racist, dissing of po people in trailer parks. I do agree though, we need to stop dissing all and stand up together for our country.. Just imagine the frustration the Penguin in charge of Gotham city will feel with just the opposite of his divide and conquer theory taking place…

  54. Colonel, I’m afraid their anger is not with the man they elected president, but with whomever he tells them to blame.

  55. Excuse me, but Obama did not create the law that he is enforcing,
    ..please know your history children. Look up

    Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act…which “mandates’ illegal children be transferred to the office of refugee resettlement within 24 hours of setting foot on US soil or as soon as reasonably possible.

    He’ simpling asking for money to fund the law that’ already on the books where were you in 2008 when President Bush signed this law?

    Besides this the United States has always taken care of others before their own…from the gate…why are you whining now? How much money has US given away to help others? They just gave a billion to help the Ukranians fight the Russians… why didn’t you step up then

    or how about the 24 bilion $ tab of the Republicans shutting down the government? I mean I feel ya I really do but this has been going on for decades….US cries broke when it comes to us but is always giving away billions and this didn’t start with Obama people.

    • Cyberologist : Dem. Harry Reid shut down the Government- Republicans had their bill ready to go sans the disastrous ObamaCare bill…Democrats refused. Learn your history nimrod

      • I apologize since I was not on the house floor so I was at the mercy of what was reported in the media eg. New York Times, Washington Post etc so I merely quoted what Republican John Boehner said when asked Did Republicans Cause the “Shutdown”?

        John Boehner says “Yep, Yep, Yep” so maybe he is the nimrod. I assume the name-calling is necessary to get your point across however I don’t see the need to be low rent rude…I like all points of view rather I agree with them or not is of no consequence because I learn something. And I just happen to respect people… silly me.

    • Keep standing by him… you are obviously mesmerized by Obama’s oratory skills, and not aware that his actions don’t match his promises.

      • Haha. His oratory skills consist of reading a teleprompter and saying “uh…uh….uh….uh…” He can’t even do that well.

      • Then you obviously missed the point I was trying to make which is “ALL” politicians are full of crap. That flew right over your head.

        All I did was point to a law that is on the books signed by another president. Snarky remarks to and fro is the hallmark of American politics so I’m not surprised at the response here…I expected it.

        My thing is lets stand up for the people of this country and unite for the good of “all of us” whenever we can find common ground…stop pointing fingers and “do something. stop wasting tax payers money with this nonsense.” This ain’t my first time at the rodeo boo; I’ve been here nearly six decades I know the drill. Deflect..

    • Most of us with a brain has stood up against all wasteful spending from both parties. However your king is the king of all nimwits and evil elite. He has been and will go down in history as the most treasonous thug, imposter to ever hold an office.

      • My king? I thought he is the President of the United States. Again deflection the only point I made is “the fact” he is upholding a law that was signed by President Bush. Get it?

    • Lets first clear something up. The shutdown cost ONE job. No one lost salary, no one. Where is that price tab coming from? Revenue was the same. As for vet assistance, the Republicans are well known for siding with military needs.
      Ask John McCain and Lindsay Graham, great voices for the military. The sequester was an Obama idea because Dum Dum knowing how the Republicans favored military, thought they would cave on his requests. They didn’t. Just look at the figures. Unemployment is really at 12% not the fictitious 6%. They call people, q: are you working? a: I babysit twice this wee. Result, that’s a job. Unfortunately , people are not that stupid and do their own research. Black youth unemployment is at a n all time high. Yet POTUS spends over 44 million just for riding around in his big gas eater plane and accomplishing nothing except campaign rallies. We are at an all time low with international opinioin. We have been downgrade from a AAA rating. Housing is still down as are construction jobs. The Housing debacle was a Democratic
      venture, lead by Barney Frank and his Fanny and Freddie appointee. I could go on and on. Truthfully, as an American, I wish he had been successful. But he , too, was sold a bill of goods. The Media lauded him as the most intelligent President. It was said he was really too smart so the act of governance bores him. He really believed it? Did anyone ever see his school transcripts? How he was admitted?

  56. I almost, ALMOST feel sorry for them. Not sure how many people, not just whites but black Americans like Mr West warned about the lies and illegal actions that Mr O was and is doing. People who voted for him are getting exactly what they wanted. He was a proven liar to begin with in the second election. I can see the first election, He was given a chance but I do not have any sympathy for those who voted for him in the second election. I do feel for those who valiantly tried to NOT get him elected. Those who stood up and proclaimed the truth and were vilified.. WELL guess what… THIS is the kind of leader you get when you are a sheeple… IF the people of Chicago want law again then they should enforce it. Its gonna be another bloody battle there, it is unfortunate but the old gangs were a problem and it took armed citizens to take back what the “gangs/mafia” had ruled…

  57. During Obama’s first campaign I was high on what he was telling us all but I did research and more research and found that he was a figment of everyone’s imagination. When I voiced my opinion and concerns I was labeled a bigot and a racist – neither label was correct – and in spite of being viewed as anti black, etc. I kept on doing research and sharing how unqualified he was – guess I was right. For the most part all those who wrongly labeled me in the past have come to see I was right and that my concerns about our once great nation was real. Well, I have never stated the next sentence until he was re-elected and our nation started sliding down that slippery sloe it does give me great pleasure to say “I TOLD YOU SO”. God help the USA.

    • Yep! I say “I told ya so “too- Really, people are picky to hire a plumber with experience and qualified. And people want good teachers in their schools, people wouldn’t hire a meat butcher to fix their teeth. It’s only common sense to vote for someone qualified to be president. I mean get real, skin color means nothing, underneath the skin pigment we are all the same and everyones blood is red. There are laws on the books for good reason. America did just fine following the Constitution befor obama. Obama is a bad president and it has nothing to do with his skin color, it does have something to do with his brain. Look around , different colors of flowers, cats , dogs, horses, ect. ect. and different colors of people too, nothing unusual about that. but seems like some people look for excuses or fights.

  58. I lived through race riots growing up ….it was not pretty !!! The neighborhood next door was all federal housing projects seperated by a small strip of woods ……..our mostly white/ mixed neighborhood was on “lockdown” . We were bussed into a primarily all black school in the neighborhood next to us where the housing was …..not our choice but we were hated for it …….they rocked our school busses , broke out the windows and nearly overturned them with US IN THEM ……the busses stopped coming . We had to gang up and walk to and from school together in a HUGE group ……we walked past woods where dead cats and dogs were hung from trees like some tribal African witchdoctor curse or something …….to scare us and I have to admit , it did and it was sad to see the animals killed too that way. It was scary ……They smoke bombed the hallways , the cafeteria and the library of our school ……I was the only white girl in my gym class and my purse was taken and my hair set ablaze right in the locker room , nothing was done when the black teacher walked in on it …..
    This is the type thing that is COMING with the illegals being here now …….RACE RIOTS …. Only this time it will be blacks and illegals ……and its not a pretty thing ……..I lived thru it …….and mostly because I DID have many black friends at the school albeit the race riots .
    IF you think its bad now …… You have not seen anything yet …….

    • Yes, my family experienced the same . We was white folks living in largely black neighborhoods and schools. That said, I’ve had many friends of all walks and I judge them by their character, nothing else.

      • Really Anna? It’s not about race? You need to go back and read your own posts and I think you will see that you at least are all about race and your hatred of the black race.

  59. Jesse Jackson has also been outraged ….. He says what about OUR KIDS ? Instead of the money being given fo the “illegals crisis” ………..

      • Yes Robert I realize this …….but EVEN HE is against the illegals is the point …….I know he is racist against whites …..

    • WE have to do something about the illegals you idiot !!! they are coming over here in numbers..!! its not like he is handing out money for nothing..!!! apparently you dont live in TEXAS… BLacks in Chicago better get their families under control!!! thats not the presidents job is to raise your kids and teach them right from wrong.. I didnt vote for Obama… but i will tell you this… this stuff with Chicago is the doing of bad parenting .. and posioning minds with hate… you reap what you sow!!! no bodys fault but YOURS

  60. IMPEACH HIM FOLKS !!!! DOESNT MATTER WHO YOU VOTED FOR ….Lets stand TOGETHER AND GET RID OF THE MONSTER we have as President !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can DO THIS ………..Dont be fooled by the Clintons , they just want your votes too …..

    • Ditto. I’ve NeVER understood how people have regravitated back to the Clintons in the FiRST place! Regarding aLL of this, I strongly suggest constant, fervent, community prayer vigils, such as the Sentinel Group has been effectively leading, both here in the U.S., as well as in Third World countries. God is our ONLY hope! BeLIEVE it!

    • ohhh noooo.. i am not helping the blacks get rid of Obama.. heckkk no.. i will deal with the out come.. just to watch the blacks squirm…

    • Impeachment does not remove him from office. To remove him from office, charges have to be brought and a trial. He must be prosecuted and found guilty. Then he can be removed from office. Given the way our court system works, just how long do you think that would take? Years. He will already be out of office by then. If he doesn’t find a way to declare martial law and just take over as the dictator he wants to be. Remember, Bill Clinton was impeached but he remained in office.

  61. I don’t care if you are pink with purple poka dots Or orange with green stripes. WE Are All Americans! It is the Constitution For Us All! With Liberity And Justice For ALL. Illegal is illegal and time We Americans Insist on the Laws of the Land And the Constitution be Abided By.

  62. Im sick of people saying what about the African American communities. about we start using words like American communities….were all Americans and bleed red blood kets stop seperating ourselves by skin color and uniting as red blooded Americans!

    • Adam ……..this is not about seperating folks out …….its about how Obama USED the black people and their votes to get elected and IN LARGE NUMBERS ……the article is basically about the black community … the comments are going to follow the headlines and the article …..

      • Your an Idiot. Obama also used the many illegals,prisoners and dead people to get him in office. We have no voter ID in our country. We are the only country who does not require voter ID. Blacks having been getting preferential treatment in our country for years. Black are told by Obama that the white person is the problem for there situation they are in today. He has made that clear several times. Screw you and what he promised blacks. They are not minorities anymore additionally, there should be no quota for minority hiring. It should be based on qualifications. Blacks have it made in our country. The government categorizes blacks as a special interest group. They have no right to complain. It is blacks killing blacks. A white person killing a black isn’t in the equation!!!

      • Funny, in Texas, we always had to show id to vote. So my guess is, some states do have it.

  63. If you were born on American soil than you are not African American. If you cannot say that you are an American first, than get out of the United States and go to the continent of Africa by boat!!!!!!!

  64. I think these folks and the others speaking out are the tip of the Outraged Iceberg……If any of them have FB, twitter and/or the other social media…..They Shouldn’t Hold Back !
    I still call the reluctance to speak out The Buffet Syndrome….No One wants to stand out by being first or among the few to start, but once several or more people have gone thru (spoken out) the more likely others will join them…..Safety in Numbers…The Left has No Idea how HUGE the Constitutional Conservative/Tea Party/Libertarian (and Disgruntled democrats !) groups Really Are !…..IMO, The Left acts like bullies less and less the More they realize they are outnumbered !……They need to see they are Greatly outnumbered !

    • Like your idea about using social media. I am personally forwarding a copy of this video to everyone I know.

  65. Funny how they voted for him with the allure of more handouts, now they’re upset because Mexicans are getting onto their gravy train…I like the back lash. However,I agree with many other post, If everyone would just stand for America, and forget color/race we’d regain our place as the greatest nation on earth. American is an ideal, a philosophy, and it took all to unite under one common belief to achieve what others thought impossible. We can do this again, as Americans, under one flag.

    • i too love the back lash.. funny how it was considered a black president..but when the blacks dont get what they want .. they call him something else.. go figure.. .. blacks do not want to unite .. they want to kill all whites, they are so racist that its not even funny.. and teach the children to hate as well.. so you can blow that wonderful thought of getting along out the window.. American will never be the same..

      • Anna, I know and have worked with many hardworking, moral, upstanding blacks.They are not all racist, hateful people who want nothing more than to kill white people. It is not fair to judge a whole race by the ones who are lazy and looking to be taken care of. And just so you know, I’m as conservative as they come. I can’t stand BO or his wife either. But it isn’t because they are black, it is because they have no respect or love for America. There are millions of blacks who do.

      • I am not wanting to judge any race.. its what i have come to know.. yes there are alot of good hard working blacks.. but I what I am saying is blacks judge all whites… you may be friends with them.. but bet when and if it came down to it.. they will not stand beside you ..

      • I understand what you are saying, but you come off very racist. The high school I went to was predominately Hispanc and was the first in Tarrant Couty (Texas) to intergrate. We were more worried about how the blacks and hispanics were going to get along than anything. It all went smooth because we didn’t let color get in the way.

      • sorry I just got to see this to reply.. your so right Cheryl.. I do know some wonderful people that are black.. I wish things could change , I really love all race’s .. its the disrespect that comes from people that have none .. or morals and or values.. I have been thinking of suicide for awhile now.. sick of this world.. sick of fighting .. there is so many sites that I know where blacks are teaching other blacks so much hate for the white people.. saying we are tricking them into all kinds of stuff.. its like brainwashing them and programming them to think the white folks really all hate them.. when that’s not true.. I have a granddaughter I love so much, and my 6 dogs.. and that will be the only thing that will save me from getting out of this word.. why cant we learn to get along.. WHY does it have to be a miserable place to live.. we have the best country in the World that I know of.. ( I never got to travel as I am a stay at home person taking care of everything here on the homefront,) .. I don’t live out of our means.. in less its buying a gallon of ice cream to share with everyone.. but do you know.. all this craziness in our country is really getting to me. thank you for your reply in a nice way..=)

      • yes there is certainly a lot of wonderful black people in the world.. I have never said there wasn’t, and I am sorry if I sound races.. I truly am not.. I am just sick and tired of all the blaming they do to the white people.. and I speak my mind on it.. just as they do theirs..

      • I understand what you are saying. I too usually speak my mind. There are a good many people, black and white, who think they are “entitled” to have every thing we have worked all our lives for, for free, just because to them it is not fair for us to have it and them not. It’s a crazy world.

      • Yes, Our world will never be the same… Sadly any progress we had made in race relations was undone in a short time.

      • Agreed, It’s honor, respect, integrity, sacrifice, and putting the common good ahead of the selfish desires.

  66. Can I say I told a few people all Black & White and Spanish that “I TOLD YOU SO”? This was back in 2007. You wouldn’t listen then, so are you awake now?

    • I told my Liberal Progressive Socialist in-laws out in California but they did not listen or heed the warning. Funny, they’ve been real quiet lately.

      • Had that happen here too! No one is saying anything now. It’s just me running my mouth and loving it. They shut me up at first, but now they stay in dark places. LOL

      • Let me fill you in on something I didn’t talk about for year’s. In the early 1980’s, I had one of my guiding dream’s, or visions as it may be, that I was to be connected with the Anti-Christ. I had been deep in prayer before retiring. No most of my life has been guided and foretold to me. So you know I have a very strong reason to believe in vision’s and dream’s. A lot of dream’s are just that, dream’s. But to have a vision you will see a bright light first.
        Any way, I prayed for a number of days for this not to happen to America. After all this was founded in Gods name. Not America, we were for God and Country, right? Well it has been off my mine until the elections came up in 2007. Everyone was talking Obama…Who the hell is Obama I as. Never heard of him. I wasn’t much into politics then like I am now. I worked as Armed Security at the Texas Medical Center in Houston. I got invited to watch him give a speech on TV. When he came up and started talking, and he had turned his back on the American flag, and now was giving all these promises, the only thing that crossed my mine was, “It Can’t Be”! I told everyone there who rooted for him, that you don’t know who this guy is! Don’t trust in him! They all thought I’d lost my mind. I had several times told them that this was the next president, and that it was Gods will.
        Well they put me down, and out came the race card. I even had family members who voted for him even after I tried to talk to them. I told everyone I could that this Nation was in Danger, but you know the story, too many sleeper’s.
        Now I know why America fell like it did. Most everyone wanted to remove God from everything, and this is our just reward. Everyone has to suffer because of those who looked the other way.

  67. MORAL OF THE STORY …….”We don’t hate him because he is black” ……We hate him because he is a monster who lies and uses US citizens as PAWNS in his commie / marxist agendas …….HE IS GOOD FOR NOONE , black , white , purple , green , doesnt matter …..he HATES ALL OF US cause HE IS NOT “ONE OF US” ………
    We have attempted to get this across to the black community since 2008 , but yet, they primarily ALL voted for him …….and he got elected …… UNINFORMED AND NON CARING VOTERS TWICE cause of his lies , promises, and skin color ………..and yes, by alot of white folks too who didn’t want to be considred a “racist” or who also likes his commie / marxist policies …….
    OBAMA SHOULD BE met with protests EVERYWHERE he speaks …….BY ALL OF US over immigration , Obamacare , and all the other agendas he has forced upon the American people ……..Calls for IMPEACHMENT should be sounding from the hillsides like church bells on Sunday …….It is TIME to TAKE A STAND FOR OUR COUNTRY AND TAKE IT BACK !!!!!!!! Don’t be fooled by the Clintons …..they are simply another gaggle of FRAUDS …….

    • Well said!!! I’m reading a book right now called “Day of Deception” by John Hagee and you wouldn’t believe that stuff in this book. It was written when Clinton was in office but if one didn’t know any better, they would think he was describing our current administration. Ah, but alas the sheep will all line up to vote for Hillary and this country will continue to go down hill. A black President, a female President…I don’t really care. As a Veteran, I just want a President that respects and upholds the Constitution as much as I do and one that worships God!!!

  68. WHOOPS …Obama has done it now ……….instead of his usual DIVIDING OF THE BLACK AND WHITE RACES ……. He has come close to UNITING THEM ……….by placing foreigners in a higher regard than ALL OF US LEGAL CITIZENS …….. This could get ugly for him ………..

  69. how do you stop the violence ?…. BE A PARENT,, know where you son or daughter is, know who they are hanging with,, discipline them.. respect starts at home. You blame the police and mayor… maybe rightly so,, but look in the mirror first because YOU are as responsible as they are for the problems in your neighborhood.

    • Dear Sir,

      I appreciate your thoughts, however, unless you have been in an environment such as what some people have to live in, you wouldn’t know what needs to be fixed. Please, no disrespect is intended. Hear me out, the more we understand HOW to fix a problem, the more strides we make in solutions.

      Assumptions, without correct information….well, it doesn’t help anyone.

      When children, or young people of any race, are hungry, homeless, hopeless or afraid, they do whatever needs to be done.

      Just think about this:

      You’re sitting at home, in your living room watching your big screen television, and a thug (white boy) on drugs, kicks in your door and demands your money. He’s yelling at you and your wife, daughter or granddaughter yells to see if you’re okay, unaware of trouble. The burglar decides your wife, daughter or grand daughter is just his type. Begins to rape that beautiful girl, while you watch him, and walks back out the door.
      What would your response be? Don’t answer.

      Now imagine, you can’t go to the police because you KNOW a particular police officer in your neighborhood is one of the ‘bad guys’ and help the drug pushers. They work together, and in order to stay out of trouble, the youth that raped your girl, and burglarized your home, gives the police some of that money he just earned after he sold your items. Police writes your report and never finds the rapist/burglar.

      Would that make you want to fight? You can’t go to the police.

      Or, let’s say your a single parent for whatever reason. Your child, who’s never been in trouble, is at public school, (suppose to be a safe place) drug pushers grab him while he’s in the restroom, and beat him senseless in order for him to submit to selling drugs for them. MIND YOU, this is public school where children are suppose to be safe, while you’re working your butt off to keep a roof over your children’s head. Because you have a job and make any amount, you have no benefits. For as little as $7.50 an hour, you lose food stamps, welfare help, medicade, but you want to have a better life, so you keep working instead of giving up. Knowing that surely you’ll make something better happen by being a good example to your children.
      The child starts selling drugs because he’s been threatened; he’s been told that if he tells anyone, he, as well as his family and friends will be killed. The parent, who is working tirelessly, JUST LIKE YOU DO, has no idea this is going on and continues to love his/her child….JUST LIKE YOU DO. Mom needs money to help pay bills and groceries, and child, making good money selling drugs (because the white kids ARE BUYING IT) helps mom pay some bills. Then somebody robs him and he now has to defend himself from the drug pushers of whom he now owes.

      Eventually you, the single parent finds out that your good child has something to do with drugs. When you’ve screamed and yelled thinking this will help your child stop whatever it is you think he’s doing, you realize he won’t tell you what’s going on. Thinking the child is just being stubborn and rebellious, you finally give your child a good disciplining….next thing you know, CPS is at your door taking your other children away!

      You’re only a single parent, you can’t tell the police about the drug pushers because 1st, the police are probably involved, 2nd, you can’t be sure that someone in the police dept. won’t tell that you were the one that ratted out the drug pushers. 3rd, you just want your other children home because you love them.

      Now, you have to get a lawyer, try and fight to get your kids back (because children in CPS also bring in good money) time is taken off of work, you get further behind in paying bills. All the while understanding that you will never get your children back because of being a ‘bad parent’ according to a piece of paper written by someone who has NO IDEA who you are.

      Rather than cause more problems for yourself and the older youth in your home, you keep your mouth shut and just go on with life. You struggle daily with feeling like you’re a terrible parent, what you might have done wrong, and you fear the police, the thugs, and the drug pushers.
      Hopelessness sets in. This has gone on for many years with other people in the community so you know the outcome.

      When drug pushers find out someone tells, more fighting, more killings.

      Let me make something clear, because most people really don’t get it; drug dealers don’t play. They have no problem gutting an infant, placing drugs in the empty baby’s carcass, wrapping the dead baby back up, snuggling it, as if it were alive, and carrying it across the border filled with drugs. Nobody ever thinks about checking the infants.

      They also have no problem chopping off fingers, cutting out tongues, or slitting a throat; for whatever reason THEY feel it needs to be done. They use terror and intimidation in order to keep things quiet and in their favor.

      They love money and their habit of drugs more than the sanctity of life.

      After some time using the drug, their brains are eaten up with it, and they care for no one, only the drug.

      These are only a couple examples but important ones to think about.

      When you accuse a parent, you’re using the wrong solution.

      The correct solution is Jobs, Health, Equality, Understanding and a government that helps the people instead of the drug pushers! (there’s LOTS of drug money to be made by every government)

      Except now, white kids are keeping other kids of every race, in the drug business, because somebody’s little baby wants to be cool or fit in. This is where I insert: PARENTS, spend more time with your youth and ask lots of questions.
      The parents don’t usually know the child is using drugs and the child continually asks the parent for money. Maybe he/she is from a single parent family, and the parent hands him money to keep him satisfied; maybe they feel guilty, who knows, but kids are getting drugs from MANY sources.

      If young men of any color aren’t able to get jobs, for whatever reason, they get hungry. Bottom line. Good kids, as well as good people in adulthood succumb to threats of violence and money. It’s all about survival.

      More parents need to be telling their children NEVER DO ANY DRUGS. They should be instilling values and character building. We’re not allowed to discipline, or teach biblical views or someone from the system is right there telling us we’re bad parents. This isn’t predominantly a color issue either. People of all races deal with these issues. Parents of all races are busy trying to work and make a better future for their families. They aren’t in the home at all times to check on their children. Older children sometimes have to watch younger children while parents are working. That’s life.

      Children find influences in public education, as well as neighborhood. Not all bad kids come from broken or poor families either. Rich white boys have the more expensive drugs.

      Children lie to parents so not every parent knows what’s going on.

      Some Parents are afraid to:

      Discipline in front of anyone (CPS)
      Talk to police, news or neighbors about threats or harassment from thugs
      Explain to teachers what’s going on with their child who, previously had been getting good grades
      Are afraid to confront the drug dealers because… we all know they’re bad

      Those that get sick of it, fight back. It’s called survival. It doesn’t matter what color, race or religion.

      Chances are you have drug runners in your own neighborhood. There’s no certain ‘look’ they have so you can recognize them. Take for instance the mayor that was in the news for doing some type of drugs, and HE’s STILL in office. He openly stated that he was on something and he still holds his position. Not sure I understand that. However, it’s in Canada, so maybe laws are different where drugs are concerned…..?……
      So, they are everywhere. In the wealthiest of neighborhoods.

      Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Maybe visit an inner city church for a year, to see for yourself how YOU can help make long term changes.

      Again, in no way am I trying to disrespect, I’m trying to enlighten. If there is more understanding, there is possibility for change and a better life for everyone, and there might be less pointing of fingers from people who have been ‘taught’ the wrong ideas about certain things.

      Here’s a lady who has information about our educational system, in her older years, she speaks up.

      • Rita, thank you for the long explanation, not knowing my background I do appreciate it. My father died when I was a year old, my mother RE-MARRIED, he died when I was 6, my mother REMARRIED again when I was 10. He died 2 years later, she then raised my brother and I on a pension from my first stepfather, it was a huge sum $ 135. a month, from this came rent for an apt, food and clothes. We did ok, I finished HS, graduating in the top 10% of my class, why, because my mother made sure she knew where I was, what I was doing and that education came first, she had a 4th grade education and wanted better for her 2 sons, I joined the Army when I graduated, served 4 years. I also am a graduate of the University of San Francisco, BA in Public Administration, I managed to do this while working 10 hours a day for 4 days a week as a police officer for the Mountain View police dept. My point is that if parents really take an interest in their children it can be done. BTW, I have been to “the inner city, I lived at 99 Grand St. In Albany, NY. As for your statements about drugs, and not recognizing drug runners etc, I’d leave that to the experts, I worked in Narcotics for 25 years during my career, 12 of those undercover. If you know the signs you can point them out fairly easily.

  70. Everything the Obama Administration does makes almost anyone look like an improvement. And, just as in 2012, that may be a problem for the Republican/conservative/Tea party side: too many candidates that look better, but none that look really great. I don’t want to see the right fight among itself again, and once more give the Presidency to the left by default.

  71. But why do they keep voting for Democrats?
    Why do they keep asking for the government to take care of their families?
    Why do they expect the President to fix their neighborhood?
    I’m glad to see some outrage directed at the President for creating chaos on our southern border and asking for mega money to take care of illegal aliens…but I can’t relate to the theme of “take care of us” “take care of our children.” I would say to Obama, take care of our veterans, secure our border, stop the flow of illegals into this country, and start obeying the law yourself.
    The federal government shouldn’t be taking care of anyone’s children. I think it’s a crying shame that generations of black Americans have been taught that the government is supposed to take care of them, and only the Democratic Party will do it, and they’ve just voted over and over and over again for lawless, corrupt, greedy, do-nothing Democrats who use and abuse them.
    It seems like my fellow citizens have no clue about our form of government, the principles of government of the people, by the people, and for the people, how the free market works and how it lifts everyone out of poverty, and the value of real freedom to live your life and make your own decisions in a civil society that follows the rule of law and applies the law equally to all.
    I find this video both refreshing and depressing. :/

  72. At last, the black community is fighting back. The Black Caucus is not your friend and never has been, all any of them want is your donations and votes to get reelected. At the next election toss as many out the door as is up for reelection and try to put someone in office that cares about his or her constituents. Keep in mind politicians lie for a living so be very careful of the people you pick as replacements.

    • when are they not fighting ??? they are either fighting .. shooting,, robbing .. rioting .. or something else.. blacks are out of control.. and they blame the president.. LOL … here is a tip..for all you blacks out there .. stop being fools.. and teach your kids better.. try and learn from the other race’s out there.. that are not having such problems as yourselfs..

      • When you respond with those type of comments, it pushes people to hate all the more. Apparently you are white and feel you have the right to put other races down. The only reason you have any privilege and safety is because U.S. military personnel fought for you to have that freedom. You live in a country that is struggling right now and probably have no idea. Maybe you need to go to the border to tell those coming across how special you are.

        While you are sitting pointing a finger, you might want to know that our nation is under an incredible strain to survive at the moment. We have people called ISIS who want all Americans dead declaring war to all Americans. Our country is dealing with hunger, poverty, war within cities, and a gun ban.

        The humans in our cities need to be lifted up and when they do well and people like you….well, I’m sure that will take care of itself.

        In the meantime, our borders are being flooded with those wanting jobs, food, sleep, family. Our economy cannot handle the overload. People who are stuggling and running to this country are doing so for various reasons. Chances are they are running from the cartel, guerilla fighters, drug lords, or politians, and they are willing to run for their very lives. Some are sending children across with little or no supervision.
        They are desperate.

        PS. ‘THEY’ are fighting because of struggle. Obviously you wouldn’t understand.
        Now we have more people (they’re called humans), coming across the border with weapons, fear, and family.

        They are running from something. What are they running from?
        Obviously, you wouldn’t understand.

      • Yet, Scum like the Obama’s,Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton are creating a war for blacks to assault white folks, They are deliberately enforcing such hatred against white folks. Shut you mouth!!!

      • No they are being sent, in coordination with Mexico and Guatemala. They are transporting them to our border for free because they consider it an “invasion” of the US.Overloading the system with the ultimate goal of failure of the economy.

      • the blacks are mad because they did not get all the free homes, food, cars, phones, flat screen tv’s, etc. they thought they were gonna get with obama. Blacks — the only race in the history of the world that was and is unable to recover from adversity.

      • You speak as if whites and other races don’t share some of the same problems that African Americans do. You have white drug dealers murderers, child molester, and everything else.

    • Screw the black caucus. These are the scumbags who met with Castro in Cuba. The scum of the black caucus said Castro is a nice person and Americans are interpreting him wrong. Castro jails political dissidents. The black caucus can go to hell !

    • These are the names who chose the independence over the DEMONcratic/LibTardic plantation:

      Thomas Sowell – Universally respected economist
      Clarence Thomas – the highest court Justice
      Walter E. Williams – an American economist, commentator, conservative columnist and academic
      Ben Carson – the wonderful neurosurgeon and the surgical innovator
      Allen West – a lieutenant colonel with a 22-year military career, a former U.S. Congressman and current contributor for Fox News and PJ Media.
      Herman Cain – a successful businessman
      David Webb – Radio Host (The David Webb Show) and co-founder of 365 Tea Party
      Star Parker – an American syndicated columnist, social critic, book author, and conservative political activist; Founded and President of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE),
      Tim Scott – Republican Senator from the SC
      J. C. Watts, Jr.– Republican U.S. House of Representatives (OK) from 1995 to 2003
      Eric Rush – Conservative Columnist (WND) and author of sociopolitical fare. In 2007, he was the first to give national attention to the story of Sen. Barack Obama’s ties to militant Chicago preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright

      Condoleezza Rice, Michael Steele, Alan Keyes, 50 Cent, and Alveida King, Kevin Jackson, to name just a few.

      Arthur Davis (U.S. Representative from Alabama) and Elbert Guillory (Louisiana State Senator) changed their party affiliation from D to R, because they believe that DEMONcRats/Liberals are destroying BLACK AMERICA

    • Yep… and also remember Alan Keyes warned us about obama before he was elected. Back then he saw BO’s communist beliefs a mile away.

  73. So why do black people keep voting for democrats? Democrats have NEVER done anything for black people except for providing abortions to kill their race off.

      • This is NOT a good thing. Statements such as this, really go the extra mile for promotion of race relations eh??

      • thank you disisdadrum for at least seeing how useless comments and thoughts along this line really does.

    • it is stupid statements like this and that of Harleyrose that proves just how prevalent racism is still running in the states and cities. The fact that crime is in EVERY city and state and country does not mean it is ok! Then you have people like Mr. West promoting this misguided information. This is not the way to fix their or the country’s crime problem. The Republicans care nothing for anyone of color or that of anyone who does not make big money. IF you are not making six fig’s, they have no use for you. But what they do have is a use for war. That is why we are in a debt hole and have to spend money to pay the bills and get out and break even AND THEN start moving fwd! Bush managed to take a positive budget and dig a hole and dump it in it. YOU, MR. WEST and those like him, were fine with that. Not that President Obama has to pay the bills, you have a problem with that!

      • Wow…typical liberal/marxist nonsense about the Republicans. Evil rich? Look no further than your Clintons…especially HIllary, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi……I mean come on?? Bush had no choice…we had to do something as we were attacked….but I bet you probably beleive Bush was behind 9/11 and maybe also “sent” Katrina to the south using HAARP as a weapon huh? Please…….

  74. oh please you black people in chicago are the worse ever with all your crimes.. gangs.. etc.. YOU made the mess you live in !!! YOU CLEAN IT UP.. !! dont blame the stinking president for what you have done… all you blacks poison the minds of others .. with hate and race wars… why in the heck cant you fools learn to function in society??? go to parenting school or something.. stop listening to fools.. !! I have read alot of what you all are talking about on facebook and other sites.. hating whities and crap.. still hanging on to the slave days.. and think there is a conspiricey … nothing like being paranoide ..!!wake up and take care of your own problems.. you are just as responsible for your actions as well as anyone else.!!!

  75. Pierre Curry must think he is the only one that has lost a child.. and because he is black.. thinks he needs the presidents attention on the matter.. HA !! there are alot of children being hurt and killed everyday.. as i am sorry for the lost of your child.. it doesnt make you any better then the NEXT..!

  76. F you stupid black people, 95% of ALL blacks voted for him because he was black. You brought this on yourself and you helped destroy this country. Obama never gave a crap about you. It is YOUR RACISM that has made this happen, are you happy now? Have you finally paid whitey back enough yet? I don’t want to hear your crying, F you!!! Black people always looking for someone to take care of them and never taking responsibility for themselves, F you, F you, F you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • “95% of ALL blacks voted for him because he was black. ”

      Not true, actually. 90% of all black people vote for democrats anyway. The smart thing for a black politician to do is to be Republican. Then he/she would actually benefit from racist black people. — Condi Rice and Allen West in 2016!!!!

      • That’s true, I know that, but obama being black really sweetened the pot and got the turnout of black voters. Yes, the blacks have been believing the lies of the democrats ever since LBJ’s great society. They are not getting what they thought they would get, and now they are crying, waa waa waa, because in reality the democrat party and obama don’t give a crap about them, just using them for votes.

      • Why would I think they are gonna vote republican next time? You just added 1 + 1 and got 11. No, they will continue to vote democrat because they hate this country, don’t care if the democrats are lying to them, and they just want a free ride, and the democrats are the free ride for blacks party. Blacks will vote democrat over race, all about a free ride, we owe it to them, blah blah blah. Obamaphones, food stamps, welfare. It does not matter if a black runs on the republican ticket, they will still vote democrat. The democrats encourage blacks to have no honor, character, or responsibility for themselves. “That’s okay, we will take care of you poor black people, you can’t take care of yourself, don’t worry, just keep voting for us and we will give you the honest working taxpayers money, so you can sit on your fat ass and complain about everything.” I will not resort to calling you a moron, that is the sign of a real moron, to attack people when he has no facts to support himself.

      • Thanks for the racist rant.. racist rightwingers like you ensure that 90% of blacks will continue to vote Democrat.

      • You are the racist. I’m black and a comment was correct. Most dumb blacks will still for liberal. Somehow blacks feel that if they vote Democrat-they are hurting white people. This is how dumb their asses are now a days. Blacks don’t know how to think outside the box. They can’t see that come 2016 their votes won’t be needed because Obama will have successfully created a new voter base. ie, the Hispanic and Central American votes.

      • I think the majority of black people will still vote for democrats, but I also think we will see a surprising number vote for Republicans this year and in 2016. Maybe 12%, maybe as many as 20%. Black people are waking up to Obama and his lies.

      • Please stop addressing Obama as a black man, dammit. His mother is WHITE. Obama is bi-racial period. White women can not give birth to black men, just as a black women can not give birth to a white man. This is how people of America has been dumbed down.

      • I realize he is 50/50, doesn’t matter that he is bi racial, he is considered black, by blacks and liberals for racial purposes. That way they call whites that speak out against him racist and ignore the truth of anything said against him.

      • Sir, you are obviously ignorant. I live in South Carolina with the largest black stereotype incarnate. I can’t begin to tell the lines of poor black people that when asked, would tell you they had never voted EVER!!! prior to Obama’s first election!!! FACT!

      • Lol. Ok. That’s doesn’t make me wrong at all. i said 90% vote for democrats. That a statistical FACT. Look it up. See how many voted for Clinton in 92??? Sure there were some who voted for Obama who had never voted before. I wasn’t talking about them. I’m talking about those who vote. so let me rephrase so you are sure to understand, Of those who vote, 90% vote for democrats, and have for years. Obviously people who never voted before haven’t been voting for democrats, silly. You are the one who is ignorant, you need to read what I said before responding next time.

      • It is true and you can ask any obamabot voter white or black that they did in fact vote for skin color. Yet they love to call the GOP racist, despite the history of the dem party’s racism….ie klan, jim crow,etc. I remember Steve Harvey on TV as part of his act telling the audience before the first election of BO that he was indeed…voting for BO because he was black. Said it right there on stage….and meant it.

      • All your name calling isn’t called for. You are obviously a liberal. That is all you libs do is name call.

      • Maybe, but it doesn’t change the fact that they would have voted for him anyway, had he been white. Because 90% of all black voters vote for democrats anyway. The real racist voters in the situation were the WHITE people who voted for him because he was black.

  77. The sad thing is, once these “complainers” get something offered to appease them, they will be right back in the Regime’s pocket. They are upset at being deprived of what they feel they are entitled to, not because the illegals are unworthy recipents. They want their fair-share.

  78. Here’s a radical solution to the “NANNY STATE” mentallity, if you don’t pay taxes, you don’t get to vote for more free stuff…………

  79. I can not believe the bigotry I am reading on this page. The ignorant way in which people degrade an entire race. I know you people know a lot of blacks who are more intelligent than non-blacks. A lot of blacks. I really want to believe Americans are bigger than that, more mature. Yes, there is definitely some serious crap going on in the urban communities, which is mostly black. But I assure you, it is not because they are black. It’s more a product of the environment than a product on DNA. Go to the hood, no matter the race, if you grow up there, you are more prone to it. Blacks who grow up in the backwoods, are more backwoody. Grow up in the suburbs, different.

    • Wait, you are angry at race comparisons while at the same time making racial comparisons. That’s known as Hypocrisy.Intelligence is not linked to skin color, so why even include that in the conversation? Lets all stop using it to make a point of anything except maybe recognition of background?

    • Well said Brian Wiggins. More Education would have been a better word. Education in the family, with no color involved. That’s the way my dad taught me.
      @disqus_h4iCSjVD9K:disqus, Why did you make the statement he was mad? He only stated what was truth. Many of these people here do the race thing, and it’s all wrong. You should apologize to him. He did nothing wrong here.
      I have a neighbor across the road from where I live who is my friend. His mother lives down the road. I moved here to the country to get away from the very thing that B.Wiggins spoke of. My friend across the road and I are of two different colors, but we are both American’s first. He helps me at times with my gardens, and we both enjoy what comes out. We both give some of what comes out to other’s. We Are American’s!

  80. To all the people who are so fond of making slavery comparisons. Why don”t you sell yourself into servitude. Go to the Domincan-Republic and take a job harvesting sugar canes until some imaginary debt is paid. See what slavery really feels like when they take your passport your name and your identity. Control when you eat when you shower who you can get intimate with and when if it’s allowed at all. Until then you are just blowing smoke.

      • SICKO, educate yourself:

        serf (sɜrf) by
        1. a person in a condition of feudal servitude, required to render services to a lord, commonly attached to the lord’s land and transferred with it from one owner to another.
        2. a slave.

        That is exactly who you are: a SERF aka SLAVE on the DEMONcratic plantation.

      • Alondra, what kind of person are you? Most of America are now slaves if you think about it. You and I both know that anyone who helped Obama get into office is responsible for this happening. The man who loves on men and his so called wife Mr.Michelle Obama. A lot of people have over looked this, or they just are afraid to say anything.
        So now I ask you, are you too a slave to the system?

    • Kinda like Smoking n the Boys Room. BUT getting back to slavery. I heard that black folks actually paid to come over here way back in the day in hopes of picking cotton, don’t tell me that’s a lie. Actually it sounds like something a Liberal would think up.

    • I’m not really sure why this Slavery thing just keeps popping up, but the real truth is that Blacks sued white slaves before whites started using black slaves. Then there where what was called “HONKIES”. They were white trash because they helped blacks to be as themselves. And before you go off on this so called white boy, who by the way has S. African blood from my mother’s side, people need to do some history. And let’s not forget the 350 thousand white men who died to stop the slavery in North America.
      Bottom line to all this is, “We Are American’s”. Act Like It!

  81. The fact is, the governors of Arizona,,New Mexico and Texas can legally put the national guard on the border without the governments approval/permission. The National Guard is to protect the states and no government approval is needed. Rick Perry is using this illegal access of aliens for his own benefit. The other governors are worthless and could care less. They have the same agenda as Obama. We are screwed as a country!!!
    High school drop-out and drunk Glen Beck can drop dead!

      • You are correct, but just because One is successful does not mean they are smart. I guess the Mexican cartel are doing great things,because they have been very successful. I guess these illegals have had great success by entering our country. Success does not mean One has any intelligence. I am talking about Three illiterate talk show hosts. They are phoney conservatives and this includes Levin.

  82. Dear Mr. West,

    Thank you for sharing this information. Our nation is not as we once knew it. Education has been watered down, media covers things up quickly, entertainment is for keeping the brain busy, and those that stand are considered frustrating, to say the least, to those who love money and power over people and freedom.

    I’ve suggested strong leaders in each community go to the borders as quickly as possible to help those at the borders keep things in some type of order. As well as assess the situation for a more practical solution. Not everyone has struggled, or understands what it’s like to be afraid at night, even behind locked doors.

    Churches need our protection also, they are the ones working tirelessly to help others. The churches need food, clothing, water etc. in order to help those coming directly across, to stand firm to keep our borders safe. You and I both know what’s coming across all borders, and it’s got to be thought through for the long stretch.

    Strong men, such as yourself can lead with direction in your own ways.

    Tag, you’re it. 🙂


  83. The Nazi secret service who killed the unarmed black woman with her baby in the car in Washington were all found innocent of using excessive force. We are living in a type of Nazi Germany!!!!

  84. there’s one thing Ive always heard and it drives me crazy, the people that live in bad neighborhoods, wither it be blacks or whites or whatever, always say you don’t know how hard it is to get out of the ghetto? really? get a job at McDonalds and get the hell out, its not that hard, if i thought i was going to get shot or my kids shot and killed i promise you id move. one way or another. it takes determination and these people just sit around wanting government help to take care of them. if all the good people just moved the rest would kill each other then you all can move back and clean the place up, not that hard to figure out

    • I myself would love to hear how working for McDonald’s is going to help anybody get out of the hood. Lol

      • Save money and move. Not to mention if there a manager or something. They make good money. If you think you might get killed or your kids and you have half a brain then you will figure it out

  85. The conditions in the the lower class neighborhoods have nothing to do with race and everything to do with liberal policies. If the people there want to change their conditions, stop voting Democrat, stop being a pawn and dependant to the Democrat party.

    • The conditions in poor communities stem from many things. I have known people from such communities the good and the bad. One thing is lack of education. If you are uneducated and have children and don’t see the need for education, it just makes a bad situation worse. There is a problem with drugs and alcohol abuse. If you are middle or upper class and you have a problem you go to rehab or counseling, when you’re poor you go to jail. We also know that if you are poor and of color and picked up for a crime you would more likley go to jail than someone who is not. The problems in Chicago have been there for years and any thinking person knows that it is not this or any other Presidents fault. First and foremost the people have to speak up. Demand better for themselves and their neighbors, and stop being afraid to speak up for what is right. Get involved in your neighborhood, get involved in your child’s education, go to the schools, participate in their education. Participate in politics on the local level. That is what makes for a strong community.

  86. Really Mr. West, you pawn this misguided dribble as a truth about the President!!?? They sound just like you and the other misinformed citizens that believe a lying Congress! THey bought the lie….hook, line, and sinker!! You can’t call the president the great deporter and the supporter of the illegal aliens at the same time. IF those Chicago residents want a change, try starting with their own govt officials, senators, and congressman. The violence in their city is due to their own citizens! No some bussed in criimnals. YOu fools can try to blame President Obama for the problems of the government, indiv cities, even foreign countries, but those with a brain, who do not follow or believe the foolishness of Mr. West’s twist, or out right lie, of the truth, you go ahead and vote for the GOP and see your lives get blatantly stomped on, and then they will actually pass what the president was trying to do all along!!

  87. There is so much going on everywhere, like the world is in a cocktail shaker in another dimension and a nightmare too. “They” want to change everything, change what and who we are as a nation, and they have done it, and/but they are us. You want freedom? Freedom to do what, that is new or better? As a nation, we are filthy whores. Do you watch the crap on cable, cuss, play the field? And now we cry that poor people are so unfair, what movies do you think they watch? Do you, does America want to grow up to be Shirley Temple, or some tramp? We, you are getting what you want, do you laugh at the foul humored cartoons we show our kids everyday? Life is doing something while we as a nation are truly becoming that rich drunken queen w____. Listen, I wish I could say go to church or ask your pastor, but I cannot, ssshh! Don’t wake them, they sleep having become fat and blind so they can’t read or understand, they see colors, like the colors of our new national flags in Israel at our embassy there. There is only one way out of this madness, Rev.19:9. See my pic? Please visit the web site, and respond!

    • It is a shame the black community complains that the illegalsoney and not them. This is called a welfare state where citizens depend on goverment handouts. Weather it is White or black when these welfare checks stop,they will be the most violent people. It is not about a civil war with these people, but free hand outs from a government!

  88. This is the result of voting for the same ideology, time after time, and expecting a different outcome. Einstein considered that to be the definition of insanity.

    It’s also ironic that their racial expectations, in return for their overwhelming support, have not been delivered by the first black President. They selfishly expected the same crop of Democrats, led by President Obama, to shower them with favor.

  89. Honestly, I don’t want Obama to resign! I want our military to remove
    all of our Government and let’s start over! There are probably 35 to 40 of our
    Congressmen who have not drunk the Kool Aid and maybe 3 or 4 in the Supreme
    Court! When the military removes our government and run it for 6 months, a
    thorough unencumbered investigation will show who did what! We can organize new
    elections during this 6 month period! The innocent members of Congress and the
    Supreme Court will survive and be quickly re-elected or re-appointed! For the
    remaining Guilty Parties, My thinking was along these lines! First, Obama has
    absolutely a TREASONOUS Conspiracy to destroy and take over our Nation and a
    large portion of all three branches of our government are complicit! Therefore,
    the Military arrests them and puts them in those nice FEMA camps that are
    already prepared and ready to roll! Their dinners are even in place! Giant
    coffins are on site! Mass graves are prepared! When it is said and done, I’ll
    bet you counting appointtees, Department heads, bankers, there will be 30 or 40
    thousand guilty parties who are involved! Then do an “in depth”
    investigation to prove this conspiracy (I don’t think it will be difficult once
    all of the records are freely accessible) and then file charges! When it is
    proven, we have all of those nice, Brand New, unused guillotines (30,000 of
    them). We can save the costs a lot with Televised Public Beheadings to remind
    us all of the Danger of allowing this to happen! It would be appropriate
    because behind this all, I am convinced, a muslim plot will emerge!

    We must be sure that NOTHING LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENS
    AGAIN! The penalty for a Traitor is to be shot! This is a much quicker and less
    messy way, Thanks to Obama and his ever-present DHS GESTAPO the guillotines are
    already set up.. in place at the FEMA Camps!

    • Amen my friend. This is the best idea ever. With that said watch your back as well as I watch mine. God bless.

    • They need to bring the previous military back to the wh. understanding what happened before will give the country leverage. They know who the experts are and who to call. The ‘bad guys’ have that info. I’m confident. Our military needs their photos and family photos removed asap. Some good candidates could be: Allen West, Willie Crawford needs to run both are good men. Ramon Williamson needs to run for something too. Men of Integrity and Honor and have proven themselves to be assets to this country.

  90. Obama’s , not on anyone’s side . This President , has an agenda that promotes Islam and Socialism and destroying the American way of life and no one group is going to get in his way . We as Americans need to stop this hate between the races , we need to work together as one people for the betterment of all of us . Obama’s , strategy of divide and conquer is working , let’s not let him succeed .

    • You are right. He fooled everyone into thinking he was African American when he is not and does not care for whited or blacks. Liberals are race baiting and I think people are starting to see this. When it comes down to it I hope Americans will stand and fight together.

  91. For the people of Chicago. Don’t go complaining to the police chief or the mayor about all the shootings. Start by looking for those doing the shootings. Is is your mother, father, brother, sister, friend, neighbor? Start reporting what you know. Start teaching your children that drugs, booze, gangs and welfare are the way to live. Teach by example that going to jail/prison is not part of living. Teach by example that getting a education, skills and a job are the way out of poverty. Teach by example that you must do right to live right. Teach by example that doing wrong (selling food stamps for drugs is wrong as one example) is not the right way to live. Teach by example that being poor can be overcome if you work hard and save your money. Don’t go out and buy the latest phone. Don’t go out and spend a fortune on fancy wheels. Don’t go out and spend all of your money on fancy clothes. Learn to budget your income to your needs. Don’t spend your kids time on TV shows. Teach them to read and spend time in the library where they can learn. Teach your kids that rapping about killing, whoring, drugs and crime is not what life is about. Those things will only keep them in the “hood” and a straight line to prison. Take responsibility and and active part in keeping schools safe for your kids to learn in. Be a volunteer to keep out drug dealers and other criminal activity. Call the police when you see drug dealers or gang bangers in your neighborhood. Get your family, friends and neighbors to do the same.

    Only YOU and your FAMILY, FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS can make your neighborhood safe! Only YOU can be the start of ending the killings on your streets. The police can only “clean up the mess” when family and community fail.

  92. Sadly, blacks in Chicago have been lapdogs for Democrats for decades. No one forces them to vote for a party that has crippled our people. The same bs took place in LA for many years, but, we’ve been depopulated from the city by Mexicans. This is a deadly lesson for black folk in the US…Identity Politics Is Deadly!!!

  93. Dr. Claud Anderson stated over 20 years ago about how black people needed to get their act together in America. And if we didn’t blacks would become 3rd class citizens in America. Well, that day is now here and it is over for us. Thanks a lot black people. Obama doesn’t give a damn about us and I knew that right after his first term. The black vote will be replaced with the Hispanic, Honduran, El Salvadoran and Guatemalan vote come 2016. I simply can’t understand why you blacks even thought Obama was going to show us some love, in first place. Millions of black women and men are incarcerated for breaking laws, yet, Obama is allowing aliens to break US laws by entering the country illegally. Breaking the law is breaking the law. But the illegal foreigners get a pass. Black people in America should be pissed. This is not about Obama looking out for one particular group. It is about doing what is right. So, if Obama really thinks by helping illegals is an humanitarian effort, then dammit show blacks some and give us our 40 acres and a mull.

  94. The Democrats want us all to be dependent upon them. They don’t care what color you are. There are the rich liberals who sell it by dividing Americans against each other and distract us as to what they are doing to our country. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are multi-multi millionaires that suck up all the money they can while talking about helping those less fortunate. They are both involved in multiple scams but don’t have to worry because their Dept. of Injustice buddy, Eric Holder will make sure the charges brought against them are squashed. President Obama has betrayed all Americans and hopefully blacks see him for what he really is and not the color of his skin. He refuses to enforce immigration laws and has planned this invasion. Make no mistake, he is tearing American down. The terrorist are among us. The ax is about to fall. The only hope is to vote for a republican senate in November and try to seal our borders and ensure that jobs go to Americans and not illegals. America can stand strong if we stand together, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian – Legal immigrants.

  95. This is such bullshit. You niggas blaming Obama for the violence in your neighborhood. You’ve had violence in Chicago’s black neighborhoods for decades. It ain’t cause of poverty , it ain’t cause of unemployment, its because you all have allowed violence to plague ya neighborhood. For decades you allowed it. You watched violence take place in front of you and said nothing to the police about it. You allowed criminals to run a muck among you, drugs to be sold with impunity in front of you, you allowed schools to fail your children miserably, you allowed your children to sell drugs and look the other way. You allowed rapists, perverts, homosexuals, criminals, and con men to operate among you for decades. You all should have done something years ago. You should’ve came together as a community to fight for change years ago and pointed out the troublemakers in your neighborhood to the cops right away and got these knuckleheads out of your neighborhood permanently. More important y’all should’ve never allowed drugs to be sold in your neighborhood nor used them either. All of this should’ve been done years ago before it reached a point of no return. You all come together to spew rage at Obama and the mayor of the city, and bitch at the world but when it actually comes time to do something about it, ain’t none of y’all to be found. That is bullshit.


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