Islamists in Iraq seize nuclear material

Destroyed bombs and chemical vats in the Muthanna chemical plant in 2002. Iraqi officials claim the building still houses dangerous chemicals, but the UN and US dispute that. Photo: Heathcliff O'Malley/The Telegraph

The speed in which the jihadist group Islamic State or IS (the terror artists former known as ISIS) is moving is quite disconcerting – although you can’t tell that by the response of the Obama administration.

And I’m quite sure the report that IS now possesses nuclear material will just be dismissed as well.

As reported by the UK Daily Telegraph, “Nuclear material reportedly now in the hands of insurgents, including jihadists from the Islamic State in Iraq, is “low grade” and does not pose a significant security threat, the United Nations atomic agency said on Thursday. Gill Tudor, a spokeswoman with the International Atomic Energy Agency said: “On the basis of the initial information we believe the material involved is low grade and would not present a significant safety, security or nuclear proliferation risk.”

Now, I’m not a nuclear physicist but I’m quite sure IS has the financial resources and the motive to find someone sharing their ideological conviction that could make something of the “low grade” nuclear material. After all, who would have thought airplanes could be used to achieve the same results as a multi-million dollar Tomahawk cruise missile?

The Telegraph says, “Mohamed Ali Alhakim, the Iraqi ambassador to the UN wrote a letter to told Ban Ki-moon, the organization’s secretary general on July 8th in which he warned that almost 40kg (88lb) of uranium compounds had been removed from the university in Iraq’s second largest city, where IS’s Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi delivered a sermon last Friday.”

I think too many still see these Islamic totalitarians as somewhat unsophisticated — primitive savage barbarians who seek a 7th Century existence — but they have 21st Century science and technology. And we’ve graciously allowed many to study in our universities and colleges, as was the case with Sayyid Qutb — don’t know who that is? Well, look him up.

These are the rascals who pioneered shoe bombs, underwear bombs, and various other means by which they can inflict mass destruction and pain upon their declared enemies — and just as a wake up call, that means us! So I believe we need to move from this very narrow definition of WMD and recognize this enemy can develop anything into WMD — like an airplane.

Some will say, “Hey West, stop being an alarmist or trying to scare us” — to wit I reply as my dad did before he whipped me, “Boy, fear is a motivator.”

The point is, what do we do with that motivation? As far as I’m concerned, I respect my enemy and take seriously his capability and threats — not to cower in fear, but to inspire me to kick his arse.


  1. Lt. Col. West, I share your concern about terrorists acquiring nuclear materiel. The comment by the Atomic Energy Commission that such materiel is ““low grade” and does not pose a significant security threat” is specious at best, and lulling leaders into a dangerous sense of complacency and assuring unpreparedness at worst.
    An RDD will render an area, depending on the means and altitude for dispersal, the atmospheric conditions, wind direction and velocity, unusable for a length of time (dependent on above-noted factors), but also cause tremendous fear, civil and political unrest along with tremendous financial damage.
    But then, maybe a Muslim-In-Chief secretly drools for such an outcome and assures the possibility through open borders and ICE threatened with job loss if they perform their duties. Who knows?

    • I share your concern; a ‘briefcase’ bomb laced with U238 would be relatively harmless, but would prompt the EPA to declare an area the size of San Diego ‘unlivable.’ More ‘bang’ for the buck than a real U235 or Plutonium bomb. Obama is literally inviting them in.

  2. The is the same group that President Obama dismissed as a “JV Squad” and said “Just because you give them Lakers’ Jerseys doesn’t make them Kobe.” This group now controls half of Iraq & Syria and has killed hundreds if not thousands and thrown them in mass graves. His underestimating of our enemy will result in thousands of Americans dying in a “Dirty Bomb” attack on a major city. That and the open Southern Border is the Perfect Storm for such an attack.

  3. I can’t believe any U.S. President could be so inept, incompetent, out-of-touch; and possess such a delusional, unrealistic fairy tale vision of the state of this country, and current world affairs.

    I can’t help but think this is all well planned, and orchestrated with a specific purpose and goal in mind. This President has created more divisiveness and hatred among Americans like no other, while all the time constantly bragging about his imaginary accomplishments.

    The one thing he has managed to accomplish with any consistency is; chaos, disorder, confusion, and mistrust among fellow Americans, and our once loyal allies.

    I believe this President is trying to create massive civil disorder to justify declaring ‘Marshal Law’ and suspend all State and local police power, and all elections till further notice.

    How else do you explain so many different federal agencies purchasing armored vehicles, assault weapons; including MP-5 full auto’s, and millions of rounds of ammunition.

    Just recently, the FDA, and the Department of Agriculture purchased full auto weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition. Why? At the same time the military is being downsized to the lowest levels since post Vietnam era, and major weapons systems are being given away to countries like, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Nigeria, and Afghanistan.

    Something very dangerous is on the horizon, and believe me; I’m not one those ‘Conspiracy Theory’ nuts. I believe this with all my heart and soul. It’s time for all Americans to wake-up and pay very close attention to what this current administration is doing before it’s too late. (SMH Real Slow)

    • That’s the point, he is not out of touch, he is not inept, He knows exactly what he is doing and it has been planned this way from the very beginning of his first term.

    • With all due respect, Setheber (and I do agree with you on almost everything you point out, except for one thing), he is not the actual President. Valerie and George are the de facto co-presidents. The following is from a democrat long-time “insider” on a site which I read and respect:

      UPDATE: When I followed up asking for a description of the president’s current day to day life, this is what just came back:

      “The president’s job is to just sign the executive orders Jarrett’s people create and then read a Jarrett-approved speech about it to a crowd he’s been assured will be very friendly to him. Beyond that he’s allowed to play golf, watch TV, host dinner parties, and fly off for “escape breaks” disguised as fundraisers. It’s a miserable existence that has him counting the days until it’s over. The power structure is shifting from him to others. He won’t get it done for them, so they are preparing for the next phase. I’m not talking about Democrats or Republicans when I say that. I’m talking about THEM.”

      • Could not agree more. Some touched on it early on – and I do mean “touched,” but no one in the media (or mostly anywhere else) went further. I know from some of the “insider” sites that many in the media have been threatened with their careers, let alone physical harm, but if they’re going to do the job of informing America, they need to do that job and not be swayed by thugs. And now Soros has ingrained himself in so many aspects that even if he died tomorrow, we will not be rid of him or his subversive philosophy . . . . . ever.

  4. Well to all the nay says, (the trolls, Libtards, and democrat know it alls) The time won’t be long now.
    If this doesn’t scare the shitte out of you nothing will

    • I am amazed at your comment sir.

      While I’m independent, most of the left owns just about ALL of the last 5 years…

      Not all our problems started 5 years ago, but – to name just one issue (out of many made worse) – I can’t imagine GWB complacently ignoring ISIS and earlier dangerous organizations/nations.

  5. Wonder if some of this material is part of the “nonexistent” WMD material that…supposedly was NOT in Iraq? and that supposedly GWB was wrong about?

    Lowgrade material…but suitable for a dirty bomb…

  6. “Boy, fear is a motivator.” (West)
    If you are concerned about a radioative dirty bomb, please read my article at
    In simple terms the article tells you exactly what to do to keep you safe in the event of a dirty bomb. This little education will keep you from giving terrorists what they crave most – your fear. It is surprisingly very easy to protect your and yours in a radioactive dirty bomb attack (presuming you are not in the blast area itself).

    It is difficult to determine how much Uranium was the skinnies but it looks like 90 lbs. That is not very much. Having been a radiation safety expert at universities most of my career, that 90 lbs is likely to be in all sorts of chemical forms that would not make for a very good dirty bomb. There are a lot more radionuclides that are far more dangerous and plentiful at a typical university (or hospitals and research facilities) that would make for better dirty bombs. I think I wrote the above article in 2004, and we have yet to see a dirty bomb. Not to say it couldn’t happen, but a radioactive dirty bomb is a lousy WMD and anyone who studies weapons of war knows this. I’m open to questions and comments and can give you the straight scoop about radioactive materials in layman language or as deeply scientific as you wish to go.

      • AM: chemical and biological weapons are magnitudes of order
        more dangerous than radioactive dirty bombs so I am just putting things in perspective. I won’t downplay the risk of a radioactive dirty bomb, but the risk is a lot, lot lower than most people perceive* it to be. What I wish to stress is not to succumb to radiophobia and let the skinnies (or others who wish to take advantage of us) prey on your fears. It is quite easy to protect yourself from radiation. If you have this knowledge, your fear will be abated and you are then less susceptible to manipulation by our enemies, plus you can keep safe if a dirty bomb should go off. Please read my article. (* = key word)

      • Andy: Absolutely. I take seriously everything the skinnies do. Few people know it, but fortunately we have fairly robust radiation defenses that started during the cold war and have vastly improved over the years. However no defense is perfect and so we need to remain vigilant. We are in a war. It is an asymmetric war. 9/11 proved this. We all need to step up and do our part just like Rosie the Riveter did in WWII. Every citizen in the US should be thinking that they are a soldier in this war just like Israeli citizens do. You have a chance here to be that soldier just by sharing my article with your friends and family. Emergency preparedness is a critical part of keeping us on the winning side and protecting our citizenry.

      • Moej: the skinnies want to kill you and I, so your rage is appropriate. However as every soldier or fighter is taught, uncontrolled rage will get you killed. Channel that emotion into intelligent, calm and rational ways to beat the enemy. Get educated about the enemy, learn their weaknesses and then use the channeled rage to kick butt. You do not have to carry a gun. There are all kinds of ways to do this: militarily, financially, sociologically, et cetera. Think, plan and pick your poison of how you want to fight them and then do your best to kick their butts in your respective expertise.

  7. The Bush boys spent 8 years looking for WMD and out of the blue, terrorist find it? I don’t believe anything the Republican, Party of Hate, say or state – this was so funny……..West grew up in the same neighborhood where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once preached – West is another ZERO that will NEVER be nominated by this cronies ever!!! Trying to brainwash America with a Mormon was bad enough but we the people spoke and he was not even close – Republican children doing the work for the top tier boys who make millions of the dummies that vote for such stupidity.

    • Anyway else find it amusing to see trolls here who work to keep a black man down and also to spout their religious intolerance? Not hard to guess their political persuasion. The Democrat founded KKK is alive and well in the Democratic party.

      • I’m referring to your party the Republicans not the Democrats. Your party is the one that can’t tolerate blacks…..look at the hate you people dish out towards Obama. Sorry, but your spin didn’t work and the truth hurts.


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