Abject disdain for our military: troops get pink slips in combat

Photo: EPA

There is stupid and then there is simply absurd. The Obama administration is sending pink slips to troops while they’re serving in a war zone.

I remember being a young captain returning home after Operation Desert Shield/Storm and the decision was made to conduct a RIF (Reduction in Force). Officers were given a choice to voluntarily separate, which many did, or be involuntarily separated, based on performance reviews. But this decision came after the combat operation had ceased.

Leave it to the Obama administration to do something so amazingly dumb it takes your breath away.

According to the New York Post, “In a stunning display of callousness, the Defense Department has announced that thousands of soldiers — many serving as commanding officers in Afghanistan — will be notified in the coming weeks that their service to the country is no longer needed. Last week, more than 1,100 Army captains — the men and women who know best how to fight this enemy because they have experienced multiple deployments — were told they’ll be retired from the Army.”

Let’s just review what’s going in the world right now, shall we?

  • Islamic State (IS -the terror artists formerly known as ISIS) is creating a caliphate in the heart of the Middle East.
  • Israel is locked in combat with Hamas.
  • Iran is marching towards regional hegemony and nuclear capability.
  • Russia is seeking to expand its domain.
  • China is threatening our allies in the Pacific Rim.

This is the time the Obama administration has decided to send pink slips to our combat warriors while they are serving in a combat zone? Simply brilliant! But then again, deserters (i.e. Bowe Bergdahl) are heroic and serve with distinction according to National Security Advisor and Obama lapdog Susan Rice — so who needs these men and women of honor, integrity and character who faithfully stand guard upon freedom’s rampart?

I’m also perplexed why we don’t want to retain these hard-charging combat veterans, leaders, commanders — but we need $3.7 billion to promote a PR campaign in central America and accommodate tens of thousands of illegal immigrants — oops, I mean refugees — into America.

So once again I must ask, whose side is Obama on?

The Post says, “the overall news is not unexpected. The Army has ended its major operations in Iraq and is winding down in Afghanistan. Budget cuts are projected to shrink the Army from its current 520,000 troops to 440,000, the smallest size since before World War II. What is astonishing is that the Defense Department thought it would be appropriate to notify deployed soldiers — men and women risking their lives daily in combat zones — that they’ll be laid off after their current deployment.”

Does this mean these men and women can be redeployed from the combat zone in order to get on with their lives? We can’t fire a union-supported Veterans Administration supervisor who lied and created a “death list” for our nation’s heroes — but the Obama administration can fire our nation’s heroes while they serve in harm’s way? Yeah, some Commander-in-Chief we have, huh America?

As one Army wife posted on MilitaryFamily.org, “On some level I knew the drawdowns were inevitable, but I guess I never expected to be simultaneously worried about a deployment to Afghanistan and a pink slip because my husband’s service is no longer needed.”

The Post reports that a senior Defense Department official warned: “If the force is smaller, there’s less margin for error. Let’s face it — things are pretty uncertain out there.” Commenting on the extraordinarily large number of captains being retired, Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. John Campbell said: “In other times, they’d probably continue to stay in the Army. But these are not normal times.”

No sir, these are not normal times — these are perilous times and the last thing we should be doing is reducing our force capability to pre-World War II levels. And shame on our uniformed leaders for sitting on their hands and not standing up to defend our young men and women in uniform.

The Obama administration shows its true colors and how it feels about our men and women in uniform nearly every day. But just think about this simple juxtaposition: a Rose Garden ceremony for the parents of Army PFC Bowe Bergdahl, and the abject dismissal of concern in the case of Marine SGT Andrew Tahmooressi locked in a Mexican jail.

Former U.S. Army Capt. Jonathan Hendershott (West Point, 2007), who wrote the New York Post piece, served in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division and as a company commander in Ft. Hood, Texas. He concludes by saying, “None of our soldiers has ever asked for our gratitude — they never really expected it. But they did expect to be able to finish the job they trained to do. Sending pink slips to commanders still serving in a combat zone is wrong. They deserve so much better than this.”

The current U.S. Army motto is “Army Strong” – but not if the Obama administration has anything to do with it.


  1. obama simple hates America and is doing and has done everything he can to destroy America. The Muslim Brotherhood said they would take over the American Government by placing operatives in high places. Looks like they did it!

  2. i say our military fights back against the government and blows them away instead of the other countries cause if it was me i would

    • I would be interested in seeing a breakdown of where they stand, politically. I wouldn’t doubt what you said for a second.


  4. I realize that from time to time every organization has to take a look at their workforce and ask the question: Do we really NEED this many people? Which positions are necessary to have, and which are just nice to have? We saw during the government shutdown when, what was it, 10% of government employees, those deemed non-essential, were furloghed for a couple of weeks. What we saw is that NOBODY missed those people! Their jobs truly ARE unessential! But combat troops in the military? Isn’t that what the military is ABOUT??? There are some areas in our Armed Forces where they are crying for people. Rather than letting warriors go, why not retrain them?

    I have always said that I will put my tax dollars into the military every day of the week. This Administration pi–es away money at an alarming rate for nonsense, but won’t keep our soldiers employed by using them is areas where they can do the most good.

  5. Obviously, I’d be concerned about the moral of our troops currently on deployment but then also, the ones who are preparing to deploy as we speak. True, we do have troops about to deploy. But, we have the best military and I trust that no matter what is thrown at them, they will continue doing their job. With that being said, it is obama that could never be trusted to serve.

    • I read a few days ago that there are many in the military who want to take him out, in a coup d’é·tat. But they can’t because something about he’s a civilian? I wont pretend to know what that’s about, but I do wonder, now, after reading about this, how many would want to say who cares, and take him out anyway.

      • Altho no doubt there are probably many who would like to take him out, our troops have enormous respect for the “office” or position of President of the United States, their Commander-in-chief. They would not want to appear to the rest of the world as being so disgruntled with their own boss that they took him out. BUT…upon charges being pressed against him, they CAN remove him from office and LOCK HIM UP until trial.

      • There are coups all the time. And our Constitution gives us that right. I’m not so sure our troops would hold being embarrassed at not liking our POTUS over the well-being of our country. Our founding fathers didn’t want us to ever be required to live under a dictatorship again,and I think our troops know this. But the question is, do ENOUGH of them know this?

      • I’d like to think that the majority of them do but, as many of them are being handed pink slips, they may not want to risk what they have at home with their families. However, some of those in Special Ops may be another story..

      • I would think this would make them even more determined. Because if they get him out, their jobs might be saved. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do in that situation. I like to think that I would join in, but you just don’t know until you’re put there what you would do.

    • I agree … with this caveat : If outrageously outnumbered, any military will eventually be overcome. This is, I believe, Obama’s plan …and we who love America must help stop him. The Constitution outlines the plan.

      • In addition to our military and as the Constitution clearly outlines, us citizens have a right to bear arms so, it would be the obama regime who’d be outnumbered.

      • Right now it’s up to Congress to do something to stop this lawlessness president and I don’t understand why the democrats don’t vote with the Republicans to impeach because in the end they will be affected just like the rest of Americans will be. Can’t they see that?

  6. Every day, this administration gives me something else to be disgusted about. I’ll tell you whose side Obama is on..the side that wants to do the most harm to America, her people, and her troops. Obama, I hope one of you idiot little minions is reading this, because I would like to say YOU DISGUST ME

  7. Wow, I had the opportunity to join the army in January, but then I was told that officer candidate school is closed beginning janary of this year until further notice…because of “budget constraints” to be honest I see how the Army is being treated now and I’m glad I didn’t join..wow the treatment from the Obama administration is insane

  8. More confirmation that obama’s loyalties are not with the US. Everything he does is to the benefit of the muslim brotherhood and other enemies. No doubt, his good friend, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is rejoicing. Smaller forces, smaller margin for error = more dead soldiers.

  9. The different between the Bonus Army slaughter and one of citizens today marching on Washington is that today, those marchers, in unison, should march with firearms. Complete the cleansing of Washington’s soul that was started by the British in 1814. We The People want a peaceful resolution and a return to a Constitutional America, but bureaucrats and a do-nothing congress (more like enabling!) and a President willfully destroying this country must be stopped for this to happen.

      • its not staggering at all. Officers get relieved all the time, especially during combat. The military is intolerant of F’ups. As it should be. Lot of ethics and misconduct issues too. Allen West was shown the bricks for misconduct. That wasn’t Bush’s fault.

  10. It was only a matter of time. The traitorous buffoon sincerely believes that he’s above common sense. Mark my words: If he’s not Impeached in the next few months he NEVER will be and there WILL be a revolution. He WANTS one. He wants us to rise up so he can use the IS to support his plot. He’ll also use illegals to take over america. Just watch.

  11. I too was in the Gulf during Desert Storm when my unit got the word that (after winning the Cold War) my squadron was being Decommissioned. VP-19

  12. Reducing the size of the US MIlitary as combat operations from an long war end is de rigueur. This is nothing new and makes perfect sense in an era of tight budgets.

    • It may be “de rigueur” to you but it is demoralizing and wrong of our bubble-headed president and military commanders. Once again, the “Commander-In-Chief” shows his disdain and elitist attitude toward our military men and women.

      • Wrong? Its about money. We can’t spend all this money on defense. PRograms need to be cut and people gotta go. Its the way its been almost since the start of the country. Why would this time be any different. Has nothing to do with looking down on the military. What BS.

      • You must be totally brain dead, along with being insensitive. This action would be like telling a firwman that he’ll be laid off as soon as the current blaze is out. They needto be concentrating on the job at hand, not worrying how they’ll support their families in 3 months time.
        Additionally, how is it we can’t provide our Vets with decent health care but we’re gonna give the administration 4 billion for the care of illegal immigrants?
        Wake up dude.

      • They can’t wake up, none of them, they’ve been brain washed. However, if the country goes down the crapper watch them complain how it was everybody’s fault but their own. Pony, don’t waste your breath on ignorance.

      • True. I’m astounded by either hypocrisy, lack of common sense or ignorant ravings of those that drink the Obama koolaid. I so hope conservatives will wake up and vote so the freak show in DC can be ended.

      • There may not be another Republican POTUS in your lifetime if the GOP doesn’t get its sh#t together quickly. The demographics are going the wrong way. the GOP is becoming a permanent minority party. Fast.

      • how stupid are you? no war, no soldiers. you gonna pay a plumber to sit in your house at 100 bucks an hour AFTER he’s done fixing the sink? Really, how F’ing dumb are you?

      • no, how stupid are you? Yes your gonna pay soldiers , not to sit on their asses but to keep training for the next time we get attacked on our own soil to defend your sorry liberal ass!

      • uh, sorry Chrissy, but its been 200 years since anyone invaded. IT will be another 200 and we STILL won’t be invaded. The invasion is from the brain dead within……. I think we have a winner in the dumbest beeach category….tell he what she’s won Johnny!! ” a free brain transplant and the opportunity to re take 8th grade American history!!

      • Uh, and you have no experience with the military obviously. Yes, when the war is over, you get shown the door knucklehead. Everybody knows that. IT ain’t IBM. 4 billion wouldn’t 2-3 days for the military, that’s how much money they spend. Talk about brain dead. YOu have no concept of what you are dealing with . Go back to your Walmart greeter post.

      • Don’t think you ever had a real job or a back bone to go with it. You are a worthless piece of Crap

      • ouch……name calling is the sure sign of an infantile intellect Dwight. You certainly qualify. You have nothing to add to the conversation of ANY insight or intelligence, so you just name call. I could find a 5 year old on any street corner who could do that. Except that kid might still have a future, which you clearly do not.

      • By reading through all of our post it seems you are the light weight as most intelligent people think you to be a complete a$$. You can spout all the BS you want, and keep drinking the kool aide. the rest of us KNOW your kind. Be careful of that five year old I bet he can kick your butt. Your Easy….. Good night.

      • being considered an A#s on this website is the HIGHEST of compliments. I doubt there are 5 college degree’d people here and SURELY, you AIN”T one of them Dwight! This is troll city and i visit to check out the competition. there is none.

      • You’re a stupid beeeitch clearly. Typical blind response from a bathhouse Barry lover. You say don’t spend on defense yet you have no problem on transferring the spending from US Military to Central American funding of illegal invaders. Right I understand your spew now. Meanwhile we have a border issue, poverty issue increasing by the day, healthcare issue, high unemployment problems regardless of what your dumbasss response will be like all other scumbag LibeRats that it’s 6.1%, Detroit destroyed and other cities to follow, etc…. But you say it’s ok. Well with job economy at low points let’s see you defend the troops when they come home to no jobs. ASSSHOLE!!!!!!

      • The stupidity is clear from your infantile rant. Its economics 101. when the war is over, the soldiers go home. period. Nothing political about it. at all. How F’ing dumb are you?

      • Not as stupid as your sorry ass, two year break and rebuild for Korea. And the draft was on going Dumb sh-t. I here your camel calling..

      • there were 5 years between WWII and Korea dumb ass and the US military went from 11 million to 3 million. Let’s see 11 minus 3, I’ll take out all the zero’s so your double digit IQ can follow the math, that mean about 8 MILLION men out. That would have been about 10% of the ENTIRE US population at the time. You finish high school? sorry Rhetorical question, you are WAY to stupid…you ever serve, Dwight?

      • uh, the war in Iraq ended a couple of years agoa and the war in Afghanistan is all but over with almost all troops out Lucille. What planet did you just return from? Uranus?

      • You seem to think the war n Iraq is done, you seem like BHO your a little premature. And it is not a time to cut and run as BHO would like to do. You I am sure a cut from the same cloth. And as your comment to Lucille ” your head is up your Uranus. You mister Maui are a complete ass. WW 2 was the last time they reduced the military after a war or policing action. When and where did you serve??

      • You can’t steal my lines Dwight, make up your own. And i was an Army Paratrooper, so suck my d#ck. They RIF’d after Vietnam and they RIF’d again at the end of the cold war idiot. You must have been on that URANUS trip.

      • Well 101st here in Vietnam, if you were a paratrooper so was Bowe B. Doubt you have a di3k and if you do spit it out as it belongs to some one else. So bite me a$$hole, your still nothing but a dumb sh-t.

      • yeah, and I’m the King of England. 101st my a#S. you never jumped out of anything except besides a tree swing.

      • Hi King, you can believe what ever makes you happy, Like I said you’re easy.. You were most likely swinging in the trees.

      • and I suppose you are a Harvard grad too with a Yale law degree? you got a 4F for being an excessive masturbator I’m sure…….no way you were Airborne.

  13. I don’t understand why West is spazzing out about this. The military is thining it’s ranks. The soliders are being let to, bought back and but still retain their bennies. It’s not like getting let go from a big greedy American company with no notice or severance pay.
    It’s not like anyone violated any military articles and was kicked out.

    • Exactly. The size of the military goes up and down all the time. This is nothing new. Just another opportunity for West and the right to whine.

    • What bennies? They haven’t been in long enough to get a pension. Perhaps you’re talking about their VA health care.

      • Depending on the length of time you signed up for 2,3,4 years. You get GI Bill (for school) and a special mortgage program.The local VA office have job centers with computers etc for job hunting. Also, the people laid off can be called up anytime with 5 years. You can always re-up with another branch of the military depending on your training. The problem is the econ is still bad and they can’t get jobs.
        What do the military do with the troops after any war?

        Another example of the right wing media making a big deal out of nothing.

  14. Once again, the unnecessary callousness of our commander in grief towards our military is displayed on the global stage. Is he an incompetent amateur. or a master of disguise? He doesn’t like America the way it is, so (despite the views of nearly everyone else in the country) he has decided to single handedly change the face of Uncle Sam, who now wears a Hamas mask and a ghoutra… and is indistinguishable from anyone you might see on al jazeera.

  15. They di it in 1972 as well. I know a number of guys who were serving in Vietnam when they got their RIF notice and had 90 days to get out of the service. The Army made them stay until their tour was complete or the 90 days was up. Thanks for your service, here is $10,000, now get out of here!

  16. The “Rothschild/Rochefeller Ultimate Puppet” is doing nothing more than his “handlers” are paying him VERY WELL to do ! It’s simply part of their “Greecing of America”, they have been very, very PROFITABLE in endless, useless “wars of profit chasing a “shadow enemy” know as “terrorism”. How quick we forget that “The Gulf of Tonkin Incident” NEVER HAPPENED !! But 20 years later (after many many $300 toilet seats, $400 hammers, and $5 a gallon (remember it was the 60’s-70’s) diesel fuel later they decided to end that “profiteering streak”. Today, we blow NY all to hell, blame it on a “enemy”, take all the citizens Rights away “to keep them safe”, put them under 24/7 “house arrest/surveillance (via smartphone), and we are now 14 years into “Sandiet Nam” in the middle east. Death means nothing to this cabal, it didn’t in Vietnam, it doesn’t today in the middle east. Only POWER & PROFITS !! So far they have managed to pull the wool over American’s eyes for a “second profiteering run”, all based on one word spouted from the Presstitute’s “propaganda screens aka teleprompters” each night at 6 & 11- “TERRORISM”- Does terrorism exist ? YES IT DOES !! But it’s more “lone nuts” ON OCCASION than it is ANYWHERE NEAR THE MASS SCALE THEY SELL YOU !! YOU WILL NEVER, EVER BE 100% SAFE ANYWHERE !! FACE THAT FACT !! Because right now you are probably THE MOST UNSAFE YOU’VE EVER BEEN BECAUSE THE ENTIRE WORLD IS AGAINST OUR COUNTRY’S “SCHOOL BULLYING” OF THEIR COUNTRY !! Iceland ARRESTED THE ELITE BANKING CABAL AND THREW THEM OUT OF THEIR COUNTRY !! THEIR ECONOMY IS ON THE MEND AND THEY ARE NOT HATED BY THE WORLD !! I sure hope I’m not the only one that sees this !! And Mr. West I am a huge fan of yours but I never hear you address this particular angle, I’d love to hear it. Mainly sir, I’d like you address WHO is keeping the illegal Kenyan impostor out of prison, along with Lerner, Pelosi, Reid, Holder, Boehner, McCain and a host of others. The evidence is overwhelming, why are they still walking around mouthing off ? What powerful “external” cabal is “protecting” them ?

  17. All of you railing against Obama right now are hurling your invective at the wrong target. Congress sets manning levels, the corresponding funding levels that go with them. Keeping these men on could potentially cause the money for pay and allowances to come up short for the year.
    By law, while serving overseas, separating service members are supposed to get 30 days in a stateside transient unit to process out. I have not heard anything about the Army leaving people hanging overseas, sitting at a gate with their duffel bag.
    Now, I do agree that the way the Army is doing this is gonna leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. On the other hand, this has been in the works for months now, those subject to this have known about it for a while.
    All in all, it is the Big Green Machine doing what it always does, disposing of people with no apparent rhyme or reason.

    • Actually, it is the administration (Obama being the Commander-in-Chief) and the Department of Defense who sets the standards for what they want as far as the number of military personnel. It just has to be approved by the Senate and House of Representatives.

      “The Administration’s proposal to reduce the size of the Army as well as restructure units and headquarters has national security implications that Congress will need to consider as part of its oversight and authorizations and appropriations role.In terms of size of the force, Congress sets the end strength for both the Active and Reserve components of the Army. Congress also authorizes and appropriates funds needed for Army restructuring, training exercises, equipment, basing, and infrastructure, as well as the various manpower management tools the Army could use to draw down the force.”


      • So if Congress approve it, then why is Allen West whining? He’s shooting at the wrong target. The level needs to be cut. End of story.

      • Actually these hard working patriotic soldiers need to maintain their jobs. What should be cut is the welfare system. Keep pushing those handouts to the lazy that don’t want to work while you riff those that want to work and better themselves. Great idea!

      • every soldier is patriotic and they have been RIF’d by the millions over the decades. IT just comes with the territory.

      • By the millions? No.

        To my knowledge, it’s only happened once this way before. During the draw-down at the end of WW2.

        Now, please tell me where the wisdom is to give a pink slip to a commander or a grunt who may still be fighting within the theater of war?

        Could that be psychologically endangering AND demoralizing to our troops?

        I think so.

    • There is stupid and then there is BHO. After all he’s the one that said he had a phone and a pen but I guess they only work when there is a political positive spin for his administration.

      No matter how you chose to dice it they always spin the facts to favor their outcome.

    • How can he be making these cuts when he wants illegals to become legal in the US. He has already overstepped his bounds by bypassing Congress on the Gitmo fiasco and don’t get me started on Obama Care. I have worked on both sides of it. It’s supposed to be affordable but no one can afford it because they are getting their hrs cut at work or getting laid off. The last person (people) to take any kind of cut should be military or former military.

  18. I am sickened by this and want to vomit. My son serves and will find out in October if he is to be deployed in Jan 2015. I HATE that he is being sent into harms way under this commander and administration and the current rules of engagement (or lack of). Morale is so low. God help our volunteer military!

    • What about the people Bush sent over there on a lie Lindy? 6000+ came back in boxes. After 10 years of war, what did you expect? Ticker tape parades and high morale? We all appreciate your son’s service. But remember, serving is JUST that. Sarcifice is the first tenet of service. Just keep that in mind.

      • But Bush, but Bush, but Bush, But Bush, but Bush…….
        Fine, be an idiot. Post here and remove all doubt.

      • Yeah, when you piss 3-4 trillion down a black hole and 6000 American bodies, its easy for you to forget about it since you support him? WHAT A F”ING AHOLE

      • So then I guess when you piss 3-4 trillion down a black hole and 6000 American bodies, and LOSE THE WAR because you pull out prematurely, something you probably know a lot about, its easy for you to forget about it since you support this gutless President?

      • wait, remember mission accomplished? who was that fool? and when the Iraqi’s refused to renew the SOFA OBama did the right thing in getting troops out to protect them. And if we hadn’t bascially created 3 separate countries by not invading on a lie in the first place, none of this would have happened would it? Killing Americans so you can give no bid contracts to your former emplyer, no THAT is gutless. And who killed UBL? Not Bush. You, are a moron.

      • Much as I would like to write a 5 page paper dispelling your myth-based history, I don’t think it would do you any good at all. I’ll only ask you this. What color is the sky on your planet?

      • yeah, dispell one thing i said. Just one. YOu wish it was all myth or just a bad dream. The piles of debt and dead bodies tell the truth. What color is the sky on Uranus where you come from?

    • I agree. Both of my sons are serving. My 17 y/o graduates next month from bootcamp. Trust me, I REALLY know what you mean.

  19. If Allen West condemns something, it has to be a good thing. He has no credibility whatsoever. He just keeps raising “stink” so people will donate to him and he won’t have to get a job. A truly pathetic person.

    • What he has laid out above in explicit detail seems extremely credible. Yet your comment claiming he “has no credibility” lacks detail hence not credible. Do you’re homework before you start typing genius.

      • I have already wasted too much time on that sleazeball. The army kicked him out. His constituents kicked him out. Pretty sure God deserted him long ago.

      • I might be a “libtard” but we show more Christians values than the godforsaken Republican/Tea Potty/KKK Party.

      • So your a Liberal/Democrat/Socialist/Commie? Good choice cannon fodder. God loves you anyway. 😉

      • You mean cannon fodder when the Tea Potty starts their armed rebellion against the United States. Or will they secede? If they were going to, I wish they would do it now and quit trying to destroy our country, our government, and our people.

      • I remember God being booed at the democrat convention. Some liberals may love God, but many mock him and Christians online and in the media.
        BTW: The KKK were democrats.

      • First of all, all of the South were Democrats. I lived during the period of the Civil Rights Act and integration in Louisiana. Once the Civil Rights Act passed and integration began, all those Democrats switched to the Republican Party. There isw plenty of documentation on this. This is probably why the KKK and the Tea Party seem to like each other.

        Second, why do all those good Christian Republicans fight against helping poor people who need housing, food, medical care, etc. Christian my ass.

      • Okay. Then we have a lot of Republicans that are supposedly Christian that are willing to let poor people starve or die from illness or go homeless. That money that could help them has to go to the rich and the corporations.

      • Yet YOUR President didnt even have enough balls to go into the service. He’s a coward. I’ll stand behind Mr West any time over him.

      • it doesn’t take any balls to go in the military and when you are as bright as Obama and have a chance to go to Harvard Law, you take it. There are 10’s of millions of smart, brave young men who don’t go in to the military when they are young. Obama came of age in the ealry 80″S and there was NOTHING, I mean NOTHING going on in the military. At least he didn’t duck the Viet Nam war like Bush in the Guard. And Allen West admitted to firing a gun off near a man’s head in a simulated execution. That’s all you need to know about him. IT should have gotten him tossed in jail. You are judged by the company you keep Lillian.

      • It’s true that service isn’t for everyone, but how do you figure it “doesn’t take any balls”, HanaMaui?

      • all you gotta do is sign up. Most kids have NO CLUE what they are doing or getting into. By then, they have you. ITs put up or shut up. you go in? why not? No balls?

      • I am in. Was a fair bit older than 18 at time of enlistment, and full well knew what I was getting myself into, it being 9 years after 9/11.

      • the difference between an 18 year old and a 20-22 year old is night and day chris. I wish all my troops had been over 20. Can’t tell you why but the maturity level is vastly different. And nobody has any idea what they are getting into when they join the military. I’m not castigating their courage, but just signing up isn’t my idea of courage.

      • My wish is that you and OBAMANATION are haunted for the rest of your rotten, ugly lives by true heroes who died to give you the right to be NAZIS, PERIOD!!

      • NAzi’s are right wingers, like you Susanne. Maybe if you had finished college rather than just Mohawk Community College they may have covered that. But then again, you probably didn’t have the brains to make a 4 year school. And the people who will be haunted is people like you who supported Bush in the massacre of Americans and Iraqi’s as well. The current problems over there are blood on his hands. You should be haunted for backing that kind of slaughter.

      • That means the “Commander-in-Chief” really knows nothing about what the military face in combat or at home. He doesn’t seem to respect them or care. Bush wasn’t perfect but the troops knew he cared about them – and still does.

      • you don’t send people “you care about” to be slaughtered all based on a lie and then leave them there. What Bush did was a crime. At least Obama has brought them home, you tell me who cares more? And ADM McRaven said during the UBL operation Obama was by far the smartest guy in the room and showed the judgment of “a 35 year military veteran”. UBL, the guy Bush gave up on and Obama killed. And tell me about your military expertise Pam? you are way out of your league here. Go find a cooking website.

      • Every single American is a coward these days.

        You let one man and an impotent ‘Congress’ destroy you all.



        What’s the matter, ‘Murrica? Don’t you have enough guns?

      • The Army didn’t “toss” him. He made a bad decision for the best of reasons, protecting his Joes, and accepted retirement after a 21 year career.

      • He was tossed or he could have gone to Court MArtial where he would have been convicted and would now be a felon. A “bad decision?” yeah, that is the understatement of the day. When you face a court martial, you ha REALLY F’d it up. Bad. There are rules and laws in military, follow them or leave. or go to jail. He’s no hero.

  20. This administration’s gone beyond the pail. I am now calling for impeachment again. Let’s see if they now make these soldiers pay for their plane ride home since they no longer are in the military now.

    • Ummm, beyond the pale me thinks is what you meant. As for “impeachment” that equates to an indictment, then it is necessary for the prosecuting body, in this case the Senate, to conduct a trial & convict which will never happen with Harry Reid & the DemoncRats in charge.

  21. “Officers were given a choice to voluntarily separate, which many did, or
    be involuntarily separated, based on performance reviews”

    The same thing was done in the Army during the “draw down” in Vietnam in 1971-1972. I strongly suspect that those who volunteered for the RIF had higher performance reviews on average than those who did not. Because so many volunteered for the RIF, many who would otherwise have been RIF’ed, weren’t.

  22. my husband died in the military one day before my birthday in 2005 I was told to take the life insurance and basically go on my way not to ask too many questions I realized at that point I’m sorry to say this for the people that think the military is Right or Die Hard Corps living saluting it promoting it bragging about it but I realize that that point that the military forces are a joke its like sign up to let someone else control your life your family’s life my husband would be so ashamed of how this happening to everyone I pray for those families that need that income rest in peace sergeant Ricky Rodgers

    • I’m so sorry for your loss Amanda.. The ones saying don’t ask questions are criminals….Our soldiers when they signed up handed the government a blank check..These men/women put their lives on the line to fight in foreign countries.. some of the countries don’t even like us..We should be a shame of the way we treat our veterans and their families..they are the lowest paid in the United States..Now this POS in the WH is really killing our Military..and so is that killer hillary clinton.. she’s just as much to blame as obumass.. and we have that great sec of state coward kerry..he’s a JOKE..
      I hope you are going on the best you can Amanda..God Bless you..

  23. maybe Obama wants to create an army that will fire on their own fellow Americans; Obama has already purged the generals, now Obama will work his way down to the whole army whom he probably will fill with his illegal Muslims.

  24. Please Mr West run for office. I would vote with vote 8 times for you like those white trash and hood rats on welfare did for Barrack Osama Bin Laden Hitler Obama. But I would get in trouble because I have a job and want my freedoms not government hadnouts

    • please run Mr. West, because you will get BURIED by a Democrat. He couldn’t even win re election in a gerrymandered district.

  25. We got pink slips when President Regan was in office; bill collectors don’t take pink slips, go get a part-time job is what some of us had to do.

  26. Mr. West, are we not in a very vulnerable position with things the way they are, with Obama. We are being invaded from the south, Israel is busy shooting down Hamas rockets. We know terroists have crossed the border and will be doing things for the determent of our country. I don’t understand why they won’t impeach the president. What would we do with a call for war? We all know he couldn’t lead us in war. What would we do?

  27. He is a “planted” Muslim, on a mission to destroy the United States! What better way than to reduce the Arm Forces and destroy the morals of its Soldiers while terrorizing the Citizens of the United States with “his” new army of MS13’s….

  28. obama can keep more soldiers employed and off the unemployment lines by sending them to secure our borders but, he won’t do that.

    • He doesn’t want the borders secured. If that happens, the Democratic votes go south with them. Of course, they can always call on all of the dead people. Dead people are good at voting Democratic.

      • I am ready to march even with a partial hip replacement.
        What do you suggest? I certainly did not vote for him or his ilk.

      • I would suggest that (after years of my fruitlessly posting to rouse the American people from their slumber of idiocy) that others take a page from my book.


        If I had answers, if I had contacts….I wouldn’t be here.

        But I don’t come here just to whine, like the majority.

        If I’d given up, you wouldn’t hear a word from me.

        People need to correspond.

        People have to WORK at this.

        We’re not even at point ‘A’.


        There’s no ‘Taking Back Your Country Guide for Dummies’.

        People need to start offering UNDIPLOMATIC SOLUTIONS, and they need to do it WIDELY.

        How else do you think it can begin?

      • I have already posted many times that we are headed toward another civil war or revolution. I even challenged liberals/leftists about the matter. Some seem to think it will never happen or assume the military with the drones, etc. would be on their side. Obama deserves impeachment with conviction, but the conviction part will never happen with the current Senate.

      • When was the last time you openly encouraged sedition on a public website?

        How many years have you tried to motivate your fellow sheep to overturn the US government?

        Or do you just come here to complain like a preteen girl who just got her ‘special visitor’?


      • I simple asked a question, your response speaks volumes. To bad as a Vet I expected more from someone that speaks of revolution…not schoolyard insults….

      • no you don’t…just another arm chair general that never laced up any boots…punks like you are a dime a dozen talking about being a dissident on an obscure website…I as well as ALL of my fellow Vets took an Oath and will honor if and when the time is right…you never have sworn loyalty to anything except maybe having a big mouth and attempting to act tough online….any 18 year old kid in Basic training has my respect more then you ever will…YOU and those that think like you are what is wrong with this country…you want a revolution because you have nothing in your pathetic little life…you have nothing to lose….are we closer then ever to blood running in the streets…yes, and if it happens I will defend the Constitution as I swore to…..but if there are other options…I would rather see them…revolution is always the last resort….but you would know nothing honor or loyalty to your brother in arms…and the innocent that would die in such a war.

      • I’d apologize, for some of that, but it makes no difference.

        It doesn’t matter if you know me, like me, understand me.

        Yes. I am disrespectful. I say what I mean. The time to worry about feelings is past.

        The question is:

        How much more pain are you willing to take?

        You talk about honor. There is nothing honorable about letting the enemy take what you have. And we’re LOSING, every day we do nothing.

        You’ll fight? Good. I’m glad to hear it.

        But why will you only ‘play defense’?

        You know some strategy, being a military man.

        When you are only defending, and the advantage is the enemies’, are you not operating from a position of weakness?

        How far do you think you’ll get with YOUR boots on the ground, when martial law is called in response to a catastrophe / bomb / false flag / civil uprising / economic collapse / cyber blackout , etc.?

        People like me are supposed to trust people like you to protect them? Lol.

        I don’t want to be protected, man.

        I want to fight. But what’s your plan?

        You talk about your Oath….what’s that supposed to mean to me?

        Really. Good for you. I think you mean it.

        You can call me a punk again, lol. It won’t change things.

        I’m ready to water the Tree of Liberty’s roots with blood, just like Jefferson stated (and no, I’m not Tea Party).

        I will fight….gladly. I will die if need be.

        I owe that to my country, even as a civilian.

        I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this.

        You say otherwise, but you won’t find my kind of aggression on hardly any site like this.

        Most are weak. They only complain.

        I WANT revolution. Or, like I’ve said before, I wouldn’t be here.

        Believe it or not. But what’s the point, if I’m lying?

        Don’t you know anything that can inspire / help the people, though?

        They will be fighting more than you eventually….

        We need hope. We need training.

        I would like to hear something new.

        What is your plan?

        – N

      • The time to strike is now. The problem is motivating anyone to action. In a room full of 100 armed and angry men, you give a passionate speech about this being the first step to taking back the country. The entire room is seemingly 100% behind you. That is until you give the charge order. Suddenly every man in that room has thoughts flooding their minds. Thoughts of their family and friends. Their mundane, yet comfortable lives. Their unwillingness to endanger themselves or their family, to risk the future that could be. The overwhelming trepidation is paramount. When you finally realize you’re the only one charging, it’s too late.

      • I’ve been doing this for five years.

        How many people do you think have offered me suggestions (concerning actual revolution)?

        What you just proposed….that was an optimistic scenario.

        No. Americans are sheep. I get that now.

        It’s finally sunk in. You want to make excuses.

        And scramble in the darkness to defend yourselves….

        I will wait until the good Day comes.

        – N

      • No one’s striking.

        You just said it yourself.

        Everyone’s too busy, waiting for the flood, to save their families now.

        – N

  29. this whole mess stinks to high heaven thousands of illegals being placed on military bases and he’s firing thousands of military people
    in the meantime it turns out the majority of these illegals are young men in their late teens and twenties

  30. I do not know a veteran or citizen, of this great country, who would not take this reprehensible act, by Mr. oboma, personally. Who, in their right mind, would fire a soldier who is STILL ON THE BATTLEFIELD? If Mr. oboma can fire a soldier who is “under fire,” then why not fire Mr. oboma? This vile, vicious, thoughtless act lacks a “smidgen” of empathy. Mr. oboma has now placed our soldiers in the untenable position, of being in harms way, even to the point a death, “no longer employed,” abandoned, as it were, on the field, by the commander in chief. This is Outrageous. Will the soldier, knowing that he is fired, perform his duty with motivation or proper morale? He may become a security threat to his own men. Mr. oboma has armed the rebels in Syria. He has armed the rebels in Libya. He has armed the rebels in Egypt. He has armed the rebels in Ukraine. He has armed the drug cartels in Mexico. He is feverishly working to disarm the American people. Why? He has not secured the US borders. Refugees (invaders) entering this country illegally, carrying arms provided to them by Mr. oboma, will over run the unarmed citizens of America. If Mr. oboma has taken the extraordinary action of firing a troops IN COMBAT, then it is clear that Mr. oboma has crossed the line that separates those who love this Nation and those who do not.

    • If he fires them while still in combat Obama will not have to pay them or the family if he is injured or killed in combat. Isn’t he clever!?

  31. I have heard others say this, but I have denied it giving him the benefit of the doubt. Now it is time for our country to come together and confront the reality that he has given us no choice but to accept. OUR PRESIDENT DOES NOT LIKE THIS COUNTRY. His behavior as C-in-C has been hostile toward our troops. I can not believe our Sec of Defense, even as an appointed position, stands back in silence and allows this.

    • Obama needs to be executed for treason against the citizens of this Country. Not to mention the havoc in the entire world. He sends our troops to fight ISIS and Hamas and Al Qaida while he is supplying weapons and $$ to the Muslim Brotherhood. Our troops are being killed with our own weapons. His cavalier attitude is shoved at us everyday. He loathes this Country.

  32. Say what you want about Obama.

    Not one citizen
    Not one soldier
    Not one veteran

    Is doing anything about him.

    America, you are weak.

    The dog didn’t finish its breakfast.

    Crawl on the floor and get yours.

    • would you like to be the one that starts the war here in this country? any harm comes to obama, you would go down as history as the one that caused the end of america. it wouldnt be just blacks against whites. mexicans hate the blacks and the whites, count them in, the blacks hate everybody, the muslims want anyone thats not muslim dead, welcome to the party. the indians hate everybody that supposedly taken their land. and then you have the groups that are fanatics, they are not large but can cause a hell of a lot of damage, because they have been waiting and preparing for a lot of years. its not that we are weak, its just that we are hoping for a leader that will make america great again. but he or she will have to put out some really hard orders, thats what no one has done for a lot of years. all wanting to be known as a nice guy

      • I’m not a nice guy. I want things done.

        Give me the people, the equipment, and a plan….

        And I am one who will give you war.

        Aren’t you tired of hope, yet?


        Let the chips fall where they may.

        This nation’s been dying by degrees for decades.

        Let’s have it out now. I’ll be damned if I spend the rest of my life waiting for the end of America.

        Let’s go.

      • that is the problem, everytime the government sees or thinks that someone is trying to organize any kind of disent to them or their plans, they destroy them one way or another. you and i know that what you are saying is the only way, but not enough people are paying any attention at whats happening right in front of them. it would not be too bad if it was just a small department that was out of control. obama has got every agency to think that we are their slaves with no rights at all. when even the weather deprartment is ordering guns and ammo, a lot of ammo, it definitely shows that paranoia is setting into the government agencies. even the local police departments now have armored vehicles. i especially just love the fact that american law enforcement, are now covering their faces. its a perfect way to abuse your authority. law enforcement violations are all over the internet. they dont protect anymore. they just gun us down, have one of those internal investigations, that always find that the officers acted accordingly. even when the dead person wasnt armed or threating them.

      • At this point, it is obvious to me that Americans are still not necessary to take necessary measures to protect themselves.

        They may never be ready.

        We are going to get what we deserve.

  33. Again proving my belief that we need a veteran as President. Colonel, I know you have already given a huge sacrifice to this nation, but we need you to take on one more- Allen West is our strongest possible candidate for 2016.

    • Yeah, but not just ANY vet. I know a LOT of people I served with and a lot of fellow vets who are total shitbags. We need someone with integrity, preferably a vet.

    • Why are you the expert? Our national security is not what is killing us, it is the bad economics of Keynesian democrat-socialism, the welfare nipple on “Uncle Sam’s Plantation” and the tyranny of uncontrolled Immigration from the Tyrant-in-Chief. Impeachment cannot come too soon, yet perhaps the American people need to feel more pain, as you are an example of the masses of uninformed and ill-informed still out there. Perhaps YOU should grow up.

      Again on impeachment, it should happen based upon the Constitution…”high crimes and misdemeanors, but Woodrow Wilson had a thought…“Never murder a man who is committing suicide.” Perhaps Obama will not become Ferdinand Marcos after all?:)

      • Our national security is killing us, but continue to believe starving the poor is a viable solution….

        Perhaps, your rhetoric is stale ?

      • social welfare programs consume 58% of federal tax dollars, the military 19%, try again professor.

      • Spamming a value to you ? Tell the military wives, WE cannot afford their welfare, than run these numbers to include military disabled vets, the VA, & the continuing costs of pensions. Heck, the military at the PO get their pensions FROM the PO, what’s up with dodging the duty to vets ?

        PS- Your numbers are JUNK & meaningless without context.

      • Americans are fat……. there are starving poor, it’s too bad you prefer stereotypes & rhetoric….

    • You sure are a liberal.. if you think obumass is doing the right thing..we have 1,000 upon 1,000 of illegals coming into our country.. not just bringing diseases but drug dealers, murderers, rapists, gang members..and this is what that friggin POS in the WH wants..Yes he is cutting down on the Military…you want to know why..because the worthless POS is going to put his “brothers” Muslims in their place.. He has it all planned.. to wipe out all the citizens in the United States.. He’ll throw any body and everybody under the bus..all his so called friends and backers will be killed.. America will not exist if this keeps up.. Obumass must be taken out by any means..Impeachment then the firing squad for TREASON against the United States and against it’s people.. NO PRISON TERM ..FIRING SQUAD

      • “Glad it gives your life meaning…I ALWAYS vote…Tough to swallow, huh loser ?” Sounds like you need a piece of your own advice.

      • We could just round up all the illegals and kill them. I mean, they’re a dangerous invading force. Start with the kids we have. Incinerators will help with the clutter.

      • So, the 1-4 veterans that use welfare programs are off your radar, huh ??? Funny, WE PAY THEM…..right ??

        When you’re ready to admit Bundy is a welfare queen, let me be the first to see your head emerge…groundhog.

      • attempt to stay focused if possible. my response was to your statement that “We cannot afford to have the military budget we do…”

        but as berrie so adroitly stated…”yes.we.can!”

        now, not sure what your rambling screed has to do with the discussion, but i would suggest that you go read a couple of books on framing of the republic. i suggest you start off with the federalist papers, and once you’ve been educated on what it is exactly the federal government is supposed to be responsible for, you can then come back and edit your post.

        btw the 50 top all time greatest political contributors have come from individuals or corporations that have gone to…..

        democrats. koch brothers aren’t even in the top 60.

      • Tell me what benefit all the spending on these illegal immigrants has for American citizens?

      • Check the Statue of Liberty.
        “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free; the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

      • nice sentiment, this was true a lot of years ago, but now we are full and cant afford anymore people that have no business being here illegaly

      • I don’t intend to answer questions, because anyone who cannot use contractions wouldn’t understand…anyway.

      • the old people your including in your rant about spending, paid into and continue to pay for medicair and social securtity. didnt you ever hear the comment, the only sure thing is death and taxes. and i noticed you threw in there the standard part of the liberal rant about hungry children. americans are the most generous people in the world, hell we even give aid to people that hate us, but have their hands out for more. i will make it simple for you, if you are shopping and run out of money, you have to stop. well we are out of money and you want to give more money to the government by firing military personnel. then turn around and give it invaders of our country that have no business being here in the first place. doesnt work

      • More statistcs…2% of the federal budget goes to the USDA, of that 2% we spent 80% of that budget on Food Programs (welfare), roughly $760 Billion….

    • we can’t afford NOT to have the military budget…cut welfare, foreign aid and so on…this is Disney Land were every thing is happy and care free…we have freedoms because of the military

    • We can’t afford 100,000 illegal alien kids, welfare, free health care or to have all these free programs either. At least when the War from the Middle East comes here we will be prepared if we had a Military. You are mistaken if you don’t think we are next onI SIS radar.

      • So, you’re saying reality sucks ???

        Sure, go out & chose who you “think” we can do without. Make BETTER use of your time. Oddly, your outrage didn’t include 50 ACA votes, the pointless wars, & free prescriptions.

        Heck, get an accurate count of the kids, if that floats your boat.

      • No one knows how many truly are here now? Just the Jaq-off in the White House does? Mr. Suave, while the country is in turmoil he goes to play golf.. What a pathetic waste of oxygen he is, and you are too, to support his agenda.. That’s okay though, because when the country goes down you’re going with it, Robin Hood, and that brings a smile to my face…

      • Giving yourself an up vote.. huh? Pretty pathetic! Robin Hood? I guess that is the only way you would get an up vote…

      • Some are asleep, others are smoking grass but may as well be asleep. Libs are a good example of that.

    • You should grow up LIBBY! You don’t support our Soldiers, but I bet you support the illegal aliens invading our country..don’t you?

    • Why is it always the military, social security, and medicare going broke? It’s never the pit of food stamps, medicaid & welfare give aways that never seem to have limited $$.Oh, Yes, and let’s not forget the $$Pensions and free cadillac health insurance for the government employees and our elected elites for life.

      • The government employees, like the military, with lifetime healthcare & pensions after 20 years ??? Funny, how your “points” are intertwined with reality & rhetoric, dear.

  34. And if I got the slip while leading a mission, then I’d call myself an immediate evac. Turn the mission over to my exec or my platoon sgt and do nothing else. I’d stay on base wouldn’t leave it till I gòt my flight home and tell everyone to kiss my ass otherwise. If Colonels, generals would all do it. Stop a carrier right in the middle of operations it would make hay

    • i hear your frustration, but leaving your friends in the middle of a mission, and what, calling a taxi to remove yourself (evac)? we finish what we set out to do, we’ll fix the rest later 😉

    • you forgot the fact that this is the military, not a nine to five job. we who are or have served took an oath that you obviously wouldnt understand. we dont just up and walk away if we dont like the way things are going. we are a close bunch of comrades, all of the services. if we see someone from another service thats in trouble we dont just start taking pictures with a cell phone. we go to his assistance. in combat zones that bond even stronger. its a bond that lives forever, its something that someone that has never served would understand

      • Glad you assumed I wasn’t a veteran. Maybe next time you should ask. Try not to sound so pompous next time.

        Btw by sending the pink slips to the men in combat they are in effect breaking their oaths to them. But it’s something I don’t think you truely understand. You have to understand not one part but the whole part.

  35. This is done by the Department of Defense. It does not come from the White House the White House didn’t see the list. It comes from the Military itself no stupid outsiders. The Military did this nothing to do with Obama

    • No one will pay any attention to this….it does not fit the ‘merica mentality that has so many countries laughing at us right now…Being a VET does NOT make anyone better than another…..it is NOT an automatic sign of global intelligence or superiority……I know many vets who would be appalled at the wagging tongues here pretending they know something….They would never conduct themselves the ways these so called vets do here….never….

      • Being a vet does make you better! The problem with West is that he pretends that he has all the answers! He holds everyone to standard and pretends that he doesn’t has to live up to that standard. When it was time for him to do the right thing he didn’t. Plain and simple, the rules apply to everyone but him!! You can’t wave your uniform and say how the military prepared you to be a leader and when your leadership was challenged West FAILED. He disgraced his uniform. An enlisted many doing the same thing would have been dishonorable discharged! They would not have been allowed to retire in grade with a pension!

      • No, I agree that being a vet does not make you better. We all volunteered for the service (except for the select few of us still alive that were drafted who, by all accounts, should be revered the most) and nobody twisted our arms to join (except formerly mentioned draftees). Sure, there’s sacrifice and honor for doing so, but treating us like some kind of sacred cow or saint just is a little overboard. I thank the people who support us during and after our service, but please, tone it down a bit. We are still people and not all that special

  36. West resigned from the military in 2004, following an incident involving his unit’s treatment of an Iraqi man. West himself was charged with two violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, including one against assault, and agreed to retire after an Article 15 hearing in order to avoid a court martial

    • Brian your a fool and ungrateful American. You don’t even have balls. Go write on a liberal site with the rest of your liberal Americas who are so lost in life and allow these politicians in power that lie to us daiky and are ruining our Nation, many of us have fought for. You talk the talk but where you ever in a Combat Zone fighting these animals that want to kill all of us? What Colonel West did to gain Intel to save life’s is worth a thank you and a medal. And if you did serve in my beloved military, then with sadness to me to have to read post by sorry Americans like your self. USMC Iraq/Afghan Vet.

      • brian is one of those that ignore the beheadings and torture to our own people, saying that those poor ignorant camel and sheep lovers dont know any better. bullshit, if you are doing something that makes people scream and die, you know you are wrong. but if an american abuses in the slightest one of those scumbags brian is outraged. he is just one of many that are the same. if they could see the results of what the enemy does to our people they would change in an instant. but the powers to be have decided that the american people are too sensitive to be exposed to this. americans do not realize that most of the rest of the world is full of animals that walk upright and place no value on human life. they should try watching the news once in a while, instead of those idiotic reality shows. they dont even realize that its a camera crew filming, and im sure when the camera stops, so does their so called reality.

      • Yes I am a vet! An enlisted person would not have been given the choice of retirement with full pension. What he did was dishonorable he disgraced his uniform. He should have been court martialed and lost his pension.

      • You are an a$$h0le! He COULD have put a bullet right between the eyes of that Mohammed-thug; but he didn’t, just scared the$hit out of him. Oh boo hoo hoo. Get over it dip$hit!

      • It isn’t my fault he disgraced his uniform it was his fault and his alone!! He should have been Court Martial or at least reduced in grade before retirement! You try to defend the actions of someone who is completely wrong!! No military officer defended him because what he did had no defense. The Mohammed thug you talk about well learn the facts they never found any evidence that this guy did anything wrong. They acted on information that was later proven to be incorrect so this guy wasn’t a thug! He had nothing to do with any attach on Americans!!! West is the first to point to how he is a leader because he spent 20 years in uniform. The first time his leadership was really put to the test he failed. He should remember people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

      • His adult life was spent in the Military which he left in disgrace! Yes retiring in disgrace!!!

      • He was relieved of command! He failed as an officer and and leader and disgraced his uniform.

      • I was honorable discharged! West was allowed to retire under honorable conditions because officers always take care of each other. I bet the enlisted guys that were involved do not get off as easy as he did. He should have been reduced in rank and retired not resigned.

      • I apologize, I was too. I just think having a flaming homosexual marxist in the oval office is more important than what West’s DD214 says

    • too bad that Iraqi “man” didn’t rape your wife or sister and cut your brother’s head off, he would if given the chance.

      • For your information, not that facts matter to people like you, in the end they investigate and their information was wrong this guy did nothing! They acted on false information. I know facts don’t matter but why do people dance around a moron hypocrite that demands so much for everyone but themselves.

  37. Our military. Are getting a pink slip they are building. We should give the president a pink slip and he is tearing down. Which one should get the pink slip? Let’s do it now!!

  38. People want to cut Military spending, but they “support the troops”? Wake up people! The services have know this drawdown has been coming for years and tell me exactly how many of these Army Captains are literally kicking down doors; this is a strategic reduction in personell that are non-essential (for lack of a better term). After the necessary paperwork, severance money, and Congressional mandates to provide transition assistance, it’s not like they’ll be kicked off a plane with their belongings in a bag and change for a taxi home… If anything, it’s just an early notice and that’s one luxury they’ll sure enjoy.

  39. This is the most DISGUSTING thing the Obama Adm has done! Obama is scaling down our military to the point of LUNACY! He wants America to be a third world country! They don’t want to PAY our soldiers to protect us? But, that poor excuse for a human being has the AUDACITY to ask Congress for 3.7 Billion dollars to support a BUNCH of illegal aliens FLOODING our borders!! FIX the BORDER with the 3.7 billion dollars and send these Illegal aliens back to where they came from!!! It’s NOT our problem! We have ENOUGH of OUR OWN homeless and hungry people to HELP!!! This Man is DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!!

    • The regime planned this invasion thus their Jan. ad for positions to help children border crossers. This BILLIONS of dollars was another planned big hole he can drop tax payer money in in his on going attempt to bankrupt this nation

  40. Stupid is as Stupid does. Mr. West…Take this to heart….I believe he’s trying to goad conservatives into an armed conflict…A small one that his media buddies can blow out of proportion and there by help obama institute martial law, That’s his goal.

  41. The lack of knowledge here makes my head want to explode…pick your sources..make sure they align with everything you want to be true…that allows you to blame who you want so you can feel better…there is so much wrong with this including exactly what ISIS is..Do not ask…do unbiased research …keep voting against your own interests…do not look at the big picture..do not look outside your comfort zone…BOTH parties enjoy this division..it makes everyone easier to control…Neither “side” is 100% right or wrong. There are plenty of Republicans who are embarrassing their party ..There are plenty of Democrats that people are not happy with. They are on the SAME team. Wake up people. You have a brain use it…USE IT…Do your own research…SMH….

    • I already did my own research. Know what I found??
      Your little quote “We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For” is from the obama regime’s campaign. What a waste of time that was.

      • Why? Because he thinks outside the box and dares to say what many people suspect yet never voice because if people started to believe it the curtain would fall revealing the truth behind it? Or is it because you don’t dare to question the status quo?

  42. Lets see, for the last couple years he has been dismissing Generals and Admirals and now he is starting to dismiss and replace mid management officers.. Oh and they are reducing enlisted and recruiting foreigners…..You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

  43. Bush started it all.. he killed many men and women for his god-dam war..and for what? arrest the bastard,,,Obama got his hands full when he took office…fk West and the boat he came here on and all you war mounger m/f’s…..

      • the truth hurts don’t it ….. admit it but you republicans never will…i say it as it is…so go fk yourself.!

      • You don’t say it as it is, though. You’re displaying obvious partisanship. It’s fair to say Bush started the war for possibly nefarious reasons, but Obama has continued it when he said he would end it. 6 years the war still rages and Guantanamo is still open, among other things he promised that haven’t happened.

    • Duckie your vocabulary is obviously limited and offensive. Don’t know if anyone ever mentioned it to you, but expressing your views without using obcene words would probably be a lot more effective and respectful.

  44. Pink Slips Greet Returning Soldiers
    World Net Daily ^ | December 27, 2003 | Timothy W. Maier

    Posted on 12/27/2003 7:33:27 AM by joesnuffy

    Edited on 12/27/2003 10:53:53 AM by Admin Moderator. [history]

    Many U.S. military go from front lines to unemployment line

    Editor’s note: WorldNetDaily is pleased to have a content-sharing agreement with Insight magazine, the bold Washington publication not afraid to ruffle establishment feathers. Subscribe to Insight at WorldNetDaily’s online store and save 71 percent off the cover price.

    By Timothy W. Maier
    © 2003 News World Communications Inc.

    hahaha Food

  45. Obama has destroyed America and given it to anyone and everyone who wants to cross the southern border and suck on the great Democratic welfare teat.

  46. What do you expect from a president, who is trying to destroy our military and weaken our defenses. He is packing the military with neo-Communist demoncrat generals. He is packing the ranks with perverts, trannies, etc. ad nauseum. He is NOT honestly investigating DESERTERS – e.g. Bergdahl being freed (during the non-investigation) and put back on “active” duty. Obama, aided by the traitor, Chuck you Hagel, is taking our defenses away brick by brick, missile by missile, soldier by soldier.

  47. The pink slips are a result of the sequester that the REPUBLICANS forced on us and they protected the Cheneys & Halliburtons of the world while they INSISTED on cuts for the military bases and personnel-since no Defense contractor was going to take the hit-who do you think it fell to? The rubber meets the road with the soldiers. Why do you think the VA is so messed up. REPUBLICANS kept cutting the budget or the whole GOVERNMENT would shut down! Having served in the Army and having my son there in Afghanistan now-I say-WAKE UP! When are you going to stop drinking the Kool-Aid and realize that the REPUBLICAN party wants one thing only-to get rich on your fear-let me guess-buying gold, seeds, bullets? Because these self-righteous bullies use fear like a drug to increase their profits. I used to be a Republican-until I realized that Darth Vader had lied and sent THOUSANDS of soldiers to die so he could get richer-him and his friends. There is a word for that. Why do the people that hate PRES Obama hate him? Because someone TOLD them to. And it is comical that the people that have the most to lose hate him the most. The fat cats are protected. And they give you a target to direct your hate and frustration. So you don’t look at them and see the truth of their greed. And if he’s black-it is SO much easier. You are all Pharisees and when I hear the Fox news accolades saying to my son or myself -“thank you for your service” it makes us want to choke. You have no idea what Patriotism is-but you sure wave the flag-EXCEPT for the President of the United States. How DARE YOU!!!Oh that’s right-you’ll listen to a Sarah or a RUSH or a Bill but YOU WANT YOUR COUNTRY BACK!!! Guess what-SO DO I!!! I AM ASHAMED OF THE HATE AND THE IDIOCRACY. Show the world what a proud country we are. Or should I say used to be-we used to be able to compromise-to hear other views and come to a consensus. Now fighting is all we do-like 4 year olds on the playground-if we don’t get our way we take the ball and go home. God help us all. My son’s life in on the line for people that have no clue and would rather believe the “news” instead of reading about the issues and finding the truth. We both served because we felt is was a civic duty-call us old fashioned but my parents instilled that in me. Oh-but I am not a rabid REPUBLICAN so I must be a liberal drug addict who is on Welfare and turning tricks on the side. Sorry to disappoint. Don’t believe the bull you are being sold. Hate is profitable to these people-SNAP OUT OF IT!!! How can the “Christian” party be nothing but hate? WWJD? Vote no to republicans.

  48. It ought to be clear to anyone with half a brain that the internal enemy sitting in the White House is in the process of strengthening our enemies worldwide and weakening our own military. This has been his goal since day one. He knows he has only two years left the accomplish his destruction and he is now moving swiftly. Diminishing our military and presence in enemy theaters and releasing top notch terrorists so they can regroup-replan for further destruction against this nation and the building of of Islamic nation. If you don’t think this “President’ is on our enemies side you are really an idiot…but that’s just what he likes, useful idiots.


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