Obama administration blasts Israel as Israel is being bombed

Here where I live in South Florida there’s a very large Jewish community. I’ve had the great privilege to speak in many of the local chabad centers and synagogues — and the humble honor of visiting the Holy Land of Israel twice.

On more than one occasion I find myself wondering, “on whose side is the Obama administration?” And I ask that once more as the State of Israel again finds herself under siege from the forces of Islamic totalitarianism and jihadism committed to her destruction.

Jonathan Tobin, writing for Commentary Magazine appears to have the same question, saying that while the Obama administration’s Middle East policies may be counterproductive, at least it’s consistent: “Rather than let the fact that hundreds of terrorist rockets were launched at Israeli cities affect their public pronouncements, the administration went ahead and let a White House official blast the Jewish state and its government yesterday.”

“Philip Gordon, the White House coordinator for the Middle East and a special assistant to President Barack Obama, gave the keynote address at the Haaretz Conference on Peace in Tel Aviv yesterday. Yet rather than use the opportunity to focus on American support for Israel’s right to self-defense at a time when the very city he was speaking in was being targeted by Hamas rockets, Gordon centered his remarks on harsh criticism of the Israeli government and lavished praise on the Palestinian leader who had embraced unity with the people currently shooting at Tel Aviv and scores of other Israeli cities, towns, and villages.”

Let me attempt to put this into perspective. Imagine if President Franklin Roosevelt’s special assistant was in London, criticizing the British government for not seeking peace with Germany and Adolf Hitler — while the Battle of Britain was ongoing and London was being bombed. That is exactly how stupid Phillip Gordon appeared as he represented the Obama administration — and one has to presume its views.

If you haven’t taken the time to read it, just check out the Hamas charter and its objectives for the (non)existence of Israel and Jews in general. Hamas is the “Palestinian” wing of the Muslim Brotherhood — feel free to read their charter as well.

So what would you expect Israel do to? Oh, I got it — give out free “coexist” bumper stickers in the Gaza Strip! Message to Phillip “Flash” Gordon: Hamas wants all the Jews dead, not a little, not half, all dead – comprende, amigo?

And furthermore, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas, an original Fatah terrorist member, has entered into a reconciliation pact with Hamas — so much for the “peace process.”

Tobin points out that “the Obama administration believes Israel must negotiate a two-state solution with the Palestinian Authority because it cannot remain a Jewish and democratic state while continuing to rule over millions of Arabs in the West Bank. And he blames Israel for the failure to conclude such an agreement with PA leader Mahmoud Abbas.”

First of all, the two-state solution was Jordan and Israel and it was Fatah and Yasser Arafat who created such angst in Jordan that they and all Palestinians were expelled to Syria — where they took up terrorism as the means to their ends. Perhaps that’s why progressive socialists and radical Islamists find solidarity: the use of fear, intimidation and coercion to advance their respective agendas.

And don’t forget the key lesson of history. The word Palestine has nothing to do with Arabs, quite the contrary. It was derived from the declaration of Roman Emperor Hadrian of Palaestinia when, after the second Jewish insurrection known as the Bar Kokhba revolt, he sought to eradicate Jewish history and existence in changing the region’s name from Judea — just as he renamed Jerusalem, Aeolia Capitolina. And the root word for Palaestinia came from Philistia, ancient Greeks themselves. Hmm, seems like the modern-day nomadic Arabs and Islamic terrorists and jihadists are just trying to complete the work Hadrian began. And based on Gordon’s comments, it seems he and his boss are willing accomplices.

So as we watch Israel besieged – can’t be that bad since President Obama was throwing down beers and shooting pool in Colorado — are we standing by as a strong ally? As ISIS caliph/emir Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi set his sights upon Jordan and Israel, do we have any response? I certainly hope it is not that of Mr. Gordon — but then again, it is rather Pavlovian that the American Jewish community for the most part continues to fawn over the man who has turned the Middle East into a jihadist haven.

Jonathan Tobin’s conclusion to his piece hits the nail on the head, and hopefully my Jewish friends here in South Florida will take heed:

“When a sea change in the political culture of the Palestinians happens that will allow their leaders to recognize Israel’s legitimacy and end the conflict, they will find their neighbors willing to talk and to once again offer them sovereignty over part of the land they share with the Jews. But if Obama, Kerry, or Gordon think Israelis are likely to embrace Abbas or to start more withdrawals on the West Bank at a time when the Palestinians are using the only territory they control to wage war on them, they’re as arrogant as they are clueless.”

I can’t wait to read the venomous comments from all the anti-Semites on the Left — so predictable.


  1. And god delivered the Hebrew out of the land of Egypt so shall he deliver there enemies today to death and destruction. wait and see folks because it is coming.

  2. Looks like i may be the first to start the conversation. Well, I applaud your article which contains valid and verifiable information. I applaud you as well! Thank you for the timely discourse!

  3. LTC West, Their arrogance is only surpassed, by the belief that they will govern the USA for a very long time to come. It has been in the plans from the onset of barry’s first term in office

  4. Does it not speak volumes about liberals that in their view laws opposing gay marriage and the supreme court ruling for Hobby Lobby is an assault upon humanity yet they denounce the right of a sovereign nation to defend itself from ACTUAL attacks on the lives of an entire population? Their hypocrisy truly knows no bounds.

    • That is only one side of the two-sided coin. There are many intelligent observers of world events who know that Israel has an aggressive and hostile military government which is acting out its religious campaigns as we speak.

      • Tiny little Israel picking on everyone around them, tsk tsk.
        Israel has to be proactive in their defense, the land mass is so small. Hamas is clear in their objective, they don’t even try to hide it.
        You need to come up with a better lie.

      • At least his “name” suits the intellectual level of his arguments…..I wonder where he gets his news feed…..The local KKK? Trolls are good for a laugh, until you realize they actually believe the “bat guano” they’re spewing…..

      • I was not deliberately trying to think up lies, I was expressing my opinion. Let us compare this long-standing war to a vicious dog fight. We can say that the Islamic side would be a giant German Shepard, against a smaller poodle. But that poodle has just as many knives as the bigger dog, maybe more and definitely bigger and more dangerous. Perhaps the other side sees your occupation as being on what biblically was their property. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t live over there thank goodness.

    • Perhaps Mother Batherick would like to ask you to explain why you are anti-non-semitic. That is, to be fair to both sides.

    • David, I assume you still don’t think for yourself,and are following the stupidity that Obama is a Islamic backing Muslim, by agreeing with Mr. West. I guess since you don’t like Muslim’s, than anyone for free religious expression, is a jihad lover. NO ONE approves of he Muslim extremist groups methods and are against it. Even though the President constantly offers support for Israel to exist and protect themselves.

      • joke…president constantly offers support for israel……from wher do this clueless guys come frm…?

  5. You’d think an American president would condemn terrorist groups like Hamas and ask that Americans pray for our friends in Israel. Well, obama may not ever say and do what is right but we can ask of ourselves what needs to be said and done.

    As Americans, condemn Hamas and pray for Israel!

    • Between the lines you are encouraging the use of religion to justify violence. That is what the other side is doing as well. Two sides of a crazy coin.

      • So, tell us why Israel, despite being so tiny, has survived attacks for so long and while you’re at it, please explain why you’re anti-semitic.

      • With all due respect Ma’m, I am never against a people, but sometimes my fear and loathing of war makes me speak out against military aggression on any side. That is what has caused you to assume such loathing is concerned with culture but it does not. No doubt the Islamic side would consider me anti-Islamic if I complained about their war-like attitudes as well. In America, if you are against the flood of illegals, unintelligent people shout “racist”. “Anti-Semitic” and “racist” are word weapons used by people who like to argue and obfuscate issues. I repeat, I am not anti-Semitic and I resent the name calling.

      • Do you feel better now that you got all that out? Or do you need a break from all the word weapons?

  6. President Obama is so busy raising money, playing pool and overwhelming our borders, he isn’t even concerned about what is happening to the Israeli. We should be
    concentrating our time, money and energy on something so much more worthwhile. President Obama says we are Israel’s Ally so where are we? Playing pool, raising
    money for buddies, and overwhelming our borders and own resources.

    My suggestion: Take the Millions or Billions we have slated to send to the Palestinians, send it to our Border Crisis to house and feed the children, and instead of taxing our Military to house and feed them, let the Military do what they are trained to do: Fight the enemy and support our Allies!!!

    • Oh, by allies you mean the various militaries we subsidize for the purposes of creating chaos and paving the way for Hydra (the evil organization from the Captain America movies) to take over the world. Those allies, such as the Nationalists who’ve taken over the Ukrainian government and painted Russia as the bad guys?

  7. Thank you Mr. West for saying it the way it is. Israel can’t afford to look over its shoulder to the West for justification at every moment if the US won’t even legitimize defensive manouvers from indiscriminate rocket attacks.

    • Very well, then if Israel wishes to bite the American hand that feeds its mad dog military, then we should stop subsidizing it. All this military aggression on both sides is the result of arrogant religion. Both sides claim to be the holiest, and want the other side to die. Madness.

      • Noones biting anyone’s hand. America constantly reaffirms Israel’s right to defend itself, but in practice, does not stand in solidarity. Holiest? The government of Israel is mostly secular. It sounds like you think it’s normal to have rockets flying over populated cities and not react.

      • Perhaps I spoke too hastily without thinking, please excuse my clumsiness. I mis-used the expression “bite the hand” but I was referring to the idea of being angry with America because we’re not being as supportive of your fighting as you want us to be, and yet look at all the billions (trillions?) of dollars you enjoy receiving from us. You may term the government secular, but mostly what I hear are religion-flavored war threats. Having made all that clear, I am not happy about what is happening, and I am sorry for both sides, not exclusively yours.

      • Sorry moron, that is not even what is close. It is not a fight to see who’s religion is stronger. It is a struggle for the survival of the Jewish people and the Jewish State. I like your screen name; it does describe what is inside your skull. One thing you really need to figure out; your are half correct. The islamists,(Not all muslims) seek to establish Islamic rule, World wide. This has nothing to do with getting a fair deal for the Palestinians.

      • No need for name calling, he is allowed an opinion like everyone else as long as it isn’t someone purposely trolling for reaction…

      • From what? A bunch of primitive rockets that almost never even hit anything are a threat to the existence of a modern military power?

      • Those rockets have the range to hit north of Tel Aviv and hit Jerusalem. You really should pull your head out. It sounds like what you are saying is that Israel should simply accept some level of casualties and do nothing. I have a better idea; wipe out Hamasty.

      • Maybe if Hamas knew where you lived and shot the rockets your way, you might be able to figure it out. Then again, in your case, not even then. You see, this may come a shocker to you, but one obligation a nation has is to defend its people.

      • ha ha …cluster bombing of civilian target?…..any proof of that cluster bombs killing civilians ….other than PALLYWOOD, the palestine hollywood full of videos and news trying to brainwash the american liberals…..so dumb nuts..

      • Israel has been warning those in the houses they are targeting to get out, but Hamas will not them leave under threat of death at the hands of Hamas. They are using their own people as human shields. Hamas are murderers, plain and simple.

  8. The stupidity of this administration is so profound as to not even being able to comprehend its depth and breadth. This applies to domestic as well as foreign policy. Let’s see, suppose I want to reach some agreement with you on something. Do you really believe I will get it by going around the country, using my bully pulpit, and telling everyone that will listen that you are the worst piece of humanity that ever walked the Earth? I don’t think so. Yet that is what this punk president does. He does it for two reasons: 1. He does not know how to govern and work together; 2. He has no interest in solving problems, only trying to exploit them.

    On the international stage, supposedly, your country is the best option for some kind of arbiter/mediator, that can talk to both sides and this stupid punk president does an op-ed praising Abbas, after he teamed up with Hamas, and disses Netanyahu and at the same time sends one of his minions out to blame Israel for the troubles. If you cannot be trusted to be fair and act in good faith, you are useless in trying to help bring about a peace deal. The idiot in chief just destroyed what little credibility the United States had left, with Israel and its people. Imagine, wn Iran moves even close towards nuclear weapons. Do you really believe Israel will put any stock into anything this Administration has to say? Doubtful. There is one other thing; it has become abundantly clear that large elements of the Palestinians do not want a peace agreement; the want the Jews dead. AS a result what influence we had not That should be a basic concept that anyone with a couple of synapses firing in their skulls should be able to figure out; diplomacy does not result in peace, if at least one side is not interested in peace. Chamberlain at Munich was never going to succeed because Hitler was not interested in peace, only in obtaining diplomatically what he was prepared to conquer. It is no different here. Until a solid majority of Palestinians decide that living in peace, under a fair peace agreement is preferable to what we have now, it is a waste of oxygen to send Lurch over there.

    • To which I would like to add, when the International community shuns Obama because of his reasoning. The only recourse a narcissist can respond with is their delight in distressing those he has authority over.

  9. I’ve spoken with a few Jewish friends of mine and they were at odds with themselves and this administration as to the responses they are being given. When they asked what I thought, I told them straight out…”When we were attacked on 9/11/01, we went and took over 2 countries as a response, I’m not sure what has held Israel back at this point”. I also joked with someone else saying that if Israel was truly willing to ‘attack’ the Palestinian people as a whole, the war would last a few hours at most. Personally, I told them that I believe Israel could use some additional parking and that they should blanket the area with leaflets telling all Palestinians that they have 48 hours to evacuate and then flatten the entire area…

      • …and your point would be? I mean really, complimenting me is no way to have a constructive adversarial conversation…

      • Nah, I consider myself someone who has had enough of the bullshit from terrorists who want to dominate the world through death and destruction. The only way to defeat this type of lunacy is simply to meet fire with fire…

      • You prefer open discrimination, have you not been told a sentence shouldn’t start with “And.”

      • Yes, of course, you must be right that I am a racist…please get over yourself. If the people lobbing rockets into Israel where white, black, brown, purple or polka dot, I couldn’t care less.

        It’s a simple concept, expel the radical factions so they can be dealt with appropriately or continue to allow them to hide behind you and unfortunately become a casualty in the war while they use you as a human shield.

        If the US was dealing with Mexico lobbing on average 3.5 rockets per day over the border into Texas, do you seriously think that we would deal calmly with this? We were attacked on 9/11/01 and took over 2 countries afterward. That is how you deal with people embedded with the population, you take over and root them out.

  10. Apparently you fail to grasp that the vast majority of the bombing is being carried out by the Israeli Air Force, not by Hamas rockets.

    • who started all these…..it hamas…..y they do this?…to eliminate israel…….y cant they leave peacefully with israel? bcoz quran says kill the jew……the liberals in america continue to be obscessed with islam and palestine….y dont u go and live in gaza for a week…….they will screw u,and eat ur balls man.

      • The argument of entitlement shows your completely ignorant of history. Search out why Jordan evicted all the Palestinians.

      • In actuality, I understood her post quite easily. In this day and age, using shortened or express type text with much abbreviation is the new age. I use it constantly, but I am not writing a college thesis paper here nor trying to impress with my “big words”, although I imagine many of us could do so. She expressed her opinion well. That is all that matters. 😉 Arrogance is a creature……

      • In actuality, I understood her post quite easily. In this day and age, using shortened or express type text with much abbreviation is the new age. I use it constantly, but I am not writing a college thesis paper here nor trying to impress with my “big words”, although I imagine many of us could do so. She expressed her opinion well. That is all that matters. 😉 Arrogance is a creature…..

  11. It is amazing that many of these comments are so far off base on their thought processes do to the stupidity and twisted truth that Mr. West puts out there, that it is laughable! Unfortunately, it is insanity! I just watched the report and speech Mr. west is referring to, and it was just the opposite of what he said. The President is trying to get the middle east, as a whole, to work on a peaceful co-existence. He said the Israel should be defending themselves. That the Hamas military are positioning themselves in civilian populated areas, which is not hard to do considering the population adn size of the area, ant then complain that civilian’s are getting killed. Now you have the lunacy of the Allen West supporters chiming in and throwing the “Islamic American President”, as stupid as that sounds, foreign policy, that was already in place, is the cause of it! Just because “weed” is legal, does not mean you have to smoke it!! Clearly, you all have seriously lost it!

    • pathetic vincent moron……once agian another clueless guy……have u ever read the hamas charter……middle east peaceful co existence is it happening dear dumb moron vincent.????

    • Yes Conservatives = Extremists and the Muslim Brotherhood = Political Organization, but we don’t have an “Islamic American President.” Keep telling yourself that. Also keep telling yourself that the Great King Obama is helping the poor Black Community by giving them more welfare. I bet they’ll wish they took the time to learn to fish once all these young border jumpers take a big percentage of the handouts.

    • “The President is trying to get the middle east, as a whole, to work on a peaceful co-existence”. You’re delusional if you think this or any other Politician will stop what has been going on long before you and I have existed.

      As for positioning themselves in civilian area’s, that has been their way to wage war since their inception. They have embedded themselves into residential areas and consistently place innocents at risk by shooting rockets literally out of their back yard. Collateral damage is inevitable, nobody wants to see any innocent person hurt in this conflict but until Hamas grows a set of balls and moves out of residential areas, civilians will be hit by Israel.

      They have put up with rocket attacks for years. I for one say good for them. As I have also said, I believe Israel should drop leaflets throughout Gaza giving the residents 48 hours to evacuate…they should then flatten everything.

  12. It’s actually very simple. Lets follow the age old tradition of war. You attack, we attack you right back. you lose the war,we keep the land we captured. when the US gives back the land they took from Spain as a byproduct of war, then i’ll be in favor of Israel returning the land they captured as a byproduct of war. It actually very simple.

  13. Perhaps Israel should annoy America even further. If El-Sisi and Netanyahu were to form an alliance to eradicate Hamas then the only one to support this administrations disgust would be Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Vincent Hare.

  14. Just stay the hell out of Israel or any other of those damn countries. Let them solve their own damn problems and if that means for them to kill each other… so be it… isn’t that God’s will….. USA should just stay away from all those damn foreign countries. You don’t see any of those countries rushing to American’s aid or here trying to solve any of our problems. Leave Israel, Arabs, Iran, Iraq and all those other damn countries alone. It’s none of our business. Stay out!

  15. Actually, Jeremiah, You couldn’t be more wrong! You cannot lump Israel together with any of the Arab Nations. Arab and Islam have a totally different perspective of the value of life, the way the world should work and what they do with the money they receive from USA. First off, unlike all the Arab countries that either have a totalitarian ruler or King, Israel is a true democracy. Unlike all the Arab countries, Israel does not believe in Sheria Law which would allow your government to chop off your hand, head or stone you to death for an infraction.. (such as if your daughter gets raped, it’s her fault and she would be buried up to her neck and stoned till dead!). Israel works on a the basis of democratic laws just like the USA and the United Kingdom. Second, whenever there is a disaster anywhere in the world, Haiti, Darfur, Ethiopia, whether Muslim or Christian, Israel is one of the very first countries to send aid, not just in supplies but they have a task force that helps with recovery etc. Third, everyone complains about USA giving Israel monies, but does anyone have any idea what Israel does with that????? Well, let me inform you (and you can google it all actually) When Israel gets a shipment of fighter planes, for example, from the USA they improve the planes with the highest level of technology and GIVES (I repeat GIVES freely) the information to the USA to improve their own equipment. Fourthly, if you want to check (and please do!!) Israel doesn’t blame the people in Gaza who just want to see their children grow and have a roof over their heads, Israel since this insanity has shipped fuel, food, medical supplies over to Gaza to help the townspeople get by. (CHECK THAT OUT!). Hamas, uses and always have, hospitals, kindergartens, schools etc to hide their bombs and military equipment, plus, they actually use people’s houses as missile sites and bomb directly from the homes. How do you protect yourself and your family when your own people use you as a shield? Now just imagine, wherever you live, that as you go about your daily routine, bombs are falling all around you and you have to flee to a bomb shelter during your meeting, or your lunch, or while shopping for groceries. I doubt you would sit quietly by and just let it rain bombs.! Now just imagine that you live in New Jersey and PA, NY, Delaware all vow to destroy you and your country and kidnap your child and their friends on the way home from school and murder them and leave them in a ditch to rot. Would you sit at a table with the murderers of your child and give them 3 rooms in your home for them to live in? The Palestinians cry that Israel took their lands from them. First off, most SOLD their lands Second, the others chose to leave. No one pushed them out, no one was ready to murder them. When Israel became a state, the land was mainly swampland and desert. Look what Israel has done to the land since they started the country? Israel is a thriving industrial first world country. When they gave back (and we all know they didn’t have to) the Sinai and Gaza and the West Bank, the people who received those lands could have easily develop them just as Israel did and live in peace, but they chose to cry and complain and do nothing except take handouts. Israel would like nothing more than to have a country nearby who they can help achieve prosperity and wealth in peace. There is a new app for IPhones called RED ALERT which warns Israelis when and where a bomb is falling. I just added it last night and if I wouldn’t have shut it down I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at all. AND FYI, I was in Israel during the first Gulf War and had to have to take my children to school with gas masks and sit in a sealed (plastic and duck tape) for the rest of the time while bombs flew over my head and my families heads it was insane! These people (yes, I say these people) have a totally different understand of human rights, they still live in the middle ages in tribes and believe that each one of them can follow in the footsteps of Salah ud Deen and conquer the world. You need to understand one thing. If they succeed in destroying Israel and killing the Jews, Christians are next! If you know anything about the Koran, it says.. that the definition of Infidels is a people who worship more than one GOD.. Well, Christians believe in the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. And whether or not they are one in the same, radical Muslims will use that (not that they need any excuse to kill!) to wipe you all out too! SO WAKE UP and see what really is happening. The media put all this crap into your heads and you believe it like sheep to the slaughter! WAKE UP! (This is how Hitler got so far into Europe, people believed all his propaganda!) And this is a message to Allen West… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE run for president so we can have someone NORMAL who LOVES AMERICA take control! I want to take our country back and make it strong again!

    OH, and one more thing.. One of those teenage boys was an AMERICAN… anyone notice??

  16. Mister West, before you comment further I highly recommend you read
    “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine”
    by Miko Peled (an Israeli Jew)

  17. Obama administration is totally and completely against, any and all forms of self defense against Islam extremists and terrorists. It really can’t be spelled out any simpler then that. Either people need to wake up and think for themselves or go relocate and sympathize harder with unsympathetic ideals.

    • “against, any and all forms of self defense against Islam extremists and terrorists”, Seriously!? I agree 100% but the problem is that he not only ignores the problem, he exacerbates it by actually arming these people under the guise of supporting rebels against Syria.

    • If the current administration is “totally and completely against, any and all forms of self defense against Islam extremists and terrorists.”
      Why is it sending over 3 Billion in Military Aid to Israel every year?
      Just asking.

  18. Funny, this story refers to Philip Gordon’s comments but there are none. I would like to hear/read what Mr Gordon said at the Israel Conference on Peace.
    I wonder why anything from that speech is not in this story?

  19. Alan I do believe I have the same thought as you on this subject. The “State of Levant” as proffered by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi will contain Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. he is currently destroying an American past Ally the Kurds which this president seems fine with doing. SAD! Obama has allowed a massive cache of advanced American weapons to be grabbed in Mosul even though State Department officials there gave advanced warning that ISIL was several days away and moving. But, no action was taken. Obama seems to be in the close relationship with the Emir of Qatar to who he just sold attack helicopters. Mullah Omar is waging from Qatar most of the rebel forces in Pakistan. As you know Mullah Omar works from the Qatar Palace. It worries me that rumors there are saying capitulation and power sharing there in Pakistan is possible. That would mean ISIL will have Nuclear weapons. Good luck to your quest. If I can help let me know!


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