Exclusive: Florida man’s boat stolen to ferry illegal immigrants; DHS does nothing

The situation unfolding at our southern border is beyond disturbing – but border security is not only a problem for Texas and Arizona. It even reaches here to Florida — and it’s not new.

Mike Fimiani, a fellow Floridian, shared with me his personal story from 2013 when his boat was stolen, taken to Cuba, and most likely taken to Mexico with a cargo of illegal immigrants. Mike writes,

“When I hear President Obama and other Democrat leaders claim our border is secure it infuriates me. I have attached a Homeland Security photograph of my boat cruising off the coast of Cuba. It looks like a nice day on the water. The problem is I am not on the boat. It is filled with illegal immigrants from Cuba. My boat was stolen from my home in Marathon, Florida in the Keys. It was then taken off the coast of Cuba, filled with illegal aliens and then most likely taken to Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun in Mexico.”

mike's boat

When Homeland Security contacted Mike about what happened with his boat, he gave them the order to put two .50 cal bullets into the engines and strand these criminals “DIW” — dead in the water. The DHS did not comply with the request, saying they were not authorized — another example of our insidious ROE, rules of engagement.

This border invasion reflects a president and administration that is delusional and dismissive of the concerns of American citizens. The typical liberal progressive response is to attack hardworking, law-abiding Americans as “uncaring” and “lacking compassion” — hardly the truth. As I stated previously, I do believe there is a sleeping giant awakening to this crisis that engages our national security, our sovereignty, our economy and our healthcare.

Of course, what I get in return are incessant progressive socialist partisan personal attacks, which I will happily absorb, but I’m not the only one affected by these insidious policies and lies.

I applaud Mike for his courage to speak up — as you can only imagine the personal attacks which he may have to endure. However, this is the point we find ourselves in America where everyday citizens are no longer willing to sit silently. Heed his words. I can tell you, as we talked on the phone he was overcome with emotion as he articulated his concern for his children — our dreamers.

Steadfast and Loyal, Mike!

Here is Mike’s letter in its entirety:

July 9, 2014
Dear Lt. Colonel West:

After witnessing the crisis unfold on our southern border over the last few weeks, I felt compelled to write to you regarding the problem.

When I hear President Obama and other Democrat leaders claim our border is secure it infuriates me. I have attached a Homeland Security photograph of my boat cruising off the coast of Cuba. It looks like a nice day on the water. The problem is I am not on the boat. It is filled with illegal immigrants from Cuba. My boat was stolen from my home in Marathon, Florida in the Keys. It was then taken off the coast of Cuba, filled with illegal aliens and then most likely taken to Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun in Mexico. This is due to the wet foot/dry foot/dusty foot policy that applies to Cubans. It has become harder to come directly to the U.S. via water so they are going to Mexico and coming across our southern border.

My boat was never recovered. I will never know who stole my boat. There will never be any prosecution of the perpetrators. My insurance company was compelled to pay the claim. This has been happening for years under the radar screen with no assistance from our government via immigration policies and border security to stop it. The Mexican government is certainly not doing anything to assist with the situation. In fact there is a Mexican naval facility on Isla Mujeres where most of these boats are taken.

Obviously the Mexican government does not care even though they are supposedly one of our international partners. Hundreds of American citizens are being financially harmed and American insurance companies are racking up tens of millions in losses due to these claims. This has to stop. Our border is not secure and this problem is one more example of that. Policies need to change immediately.

I come from a family of immigrants. My grandfather came to the United States from Italy in the 1930’s. But he followed the law, became a U.S. citizen and eventually served in the U.S. Army. He has now passed away but his legacy lives on through his sons and daughters, his grandchildren and now his great grandchildren. That is the American Dream. The problem I have is that the American Dream for the people on my boat in the photo started out with a felony. The border must be secured and the policies must change immediately in order to deter further crimes like these.

I am a supporter of legal immigration. I am a supporter of a strong Cuban community in South Florida. I would support increasing the amount of legal immigrants if it can be proven that we can properly absorb them into our society without negatively impacting our economy. But I will not stand for our laws being broken so blatantly and have our politicians stand by and do nothing. The time has come for things to change. I say we start at the top.


Mike Fimiani
Boca Raton, Florida


  1. They can’t be bothered by incidentals like going after criminals or enforcing laws Obama doesn’t like. They’ re too damned busy harassing law-abiding citizens.

  2. Obama cares not a jot about the laws he swore to enforce. He’s about chaos, and we’re seeing more and more of it every day.

  3. America no longer exists for Americans, under the Obama Administration we have become the ar$eh0les of the world!!!! The present administration exists to subjugate American citizens and cater to the Muslims and illegals!!!!

    • It started before even my father was born.

      America became incorporated with the Act of 1871. When Washington D.C. was created. America the country was knocked off balance. She then was knocked down to her knees with the Federal Reserve Act of 1912. Which deliberately set up her being kicked in the head when it drove our country to bankruptcy in 1933. That is when we lost our freedom and became subjects to the foreign bankers.

  4. Obama is a faithful student and follower of Saul Alinsky, and is doing a fine job of totally effing up our once beautiful and proud nation. When will the people finally pick up their pitch forks and torches and demand an end to this tyranny? Are there no warriors left to lead us??

    • That is what Obama is waiting for so he can declare Martial Law, send Homeland Sec after us, take our guns, or homes and our lives and remain in office as a dictator since only the Potus can declare and undeclare Martial Law.

  5. I wonder if Obama is trying to create a revolutionary war… He has done nothing but distroy our country since day one and he sure is famous for dividing our country …

    • No, he has been working hard to create unrest so he can declare martial law and stay on officially as dictator. Civil war may result if too many people are pushed too far. That possibility is getting more likely.

      • you said it! I have been saying it for years – he is going to repeal the 22nd or get around it. the illegal prez is about to get that much more illegal and the idiots supposedly in the repub party and the conservatives are gonna just stand and scratch their heads

  6. If you can’t protect your boat from thieves, then you don’t deserve to keep it. What the hell is a “shoot them at the door” policy going to do to save your boat? You reactionaries really get off on blaming other people for your stupidity, and then proceed to lecture on accountability.

    • Frank Del Idiot, If you aren’t smart enough to understand that the people who steal boats are responsible for their own actions as yo are of yours. Like a typical Liberal Idiot.
      It is not the victims fault that his boat was stolen. He did not have a sign on it that said please steal my boat!.
      The criminal whether he steals a boat or kills one of your family. The victim is NEVER to blame.
      You need to go back to school skippy

      • skippy sounds like a psycho; “well gee, if only they hadn’t gotten in the way of my knife…”

      • He should never have parked his boat at his house. He got in the way of my bullet as I tried to rob him

    • So lets ALL imagine that FDA goes to an ATM, withdraws $20, turns around to go back to his vehicle and someone shoots him in the face and takes his $20. FDA’s FAULT? Just curious….

    • Are you taking your meds as prescribed or do you remain undiagnosed? Drop what you’re doing and proceed to the nearest emergency room. Tell them you’re terminally stupid. They’ll hook you up. To an anti-psychotic drip I hope. Wow! Liberalism truly is a mental illness. Thanks dude for making it clearer than ever .

    • Your a special kind of stupid aren’t you Frank? Hey, the store down the street was broken Into and the owner was killed. He had lots of stuff stolen from the store and so far no one has been arrested. It’s a relief to me now to know it was his own fault. I was feeling a little sorry for his family but hey you’ve put it all in perspective for me!

    • The logic of people like you is mind numbingly stupid. If I throw a stone through a window in your house while you’re sleeping, do you deserve to have a broken window because you couldn’t stop me? When I see people like you, I just want to slap the stupid out of you.

    • I hope to God sir you are no longer a LEO because you sir are a simpleton and an idiot. I do pray you are not in my area, that is a fact. IDIOT BROWNSHIRT!

      • Yes you are so right, Frank just happens to be a moron and never owned a big boat of any kind!

    • What in the hell are you saying idiot! You can’t be at your boat location 24/7 you moron. I have had things stolen from me and never recovered them. You sound like a ranting clueless dumbass and that is being very mild without me getting really nasty!! You sir are a fool!

      • No he is probably a common, rude, city dwelling Yankee. They actually think that way up there, living in fear with their doors locked all the time. They think it is normal to have corruption from top to bottom. I had one tell me that my unlocked car door was encouraging crime. Pretty backwards thinking. They wonder why they are not exactly welcomed in Florida.

    • How can you oversee all of your property, including boats or cars, while you’re at work? Thieves work quickly.

    • it is so reassuring to see finally a majority of people with common sense, right thinking, black & white; and only 1 frank ! c’mon frank repeat after me, “someone who steals (even only once) is by definition, a thief. someone who cases an area for a boat to steal to purposefully transport illegals from Cuba has broken more than 1 law and committed several crimes and is also called a criminal” can you say, C R I M I N A L ?

    • Frank Del Angel lll: Sir, You are an IDIOT and Most Likely a Obuttmunch Low information Voting Supporter of the P.O.S in Chief!! Take your Libtard Bulls**T somewhere else—-MORON

  7. Mike, I say it is time to bring it home to the State. Time to inform Governor Scott that he needs to activate “Our State Militia” to guard “Our Borders” and “Our State Lines”. What do you think?

      • Thank you Mike and maybe you can get more people on board. Number USA has a Florida map that sows where they want to bring the Illegals into. You know Mike, the turn out in Washington DC for OES is Heart Breaking, but if it is brought to each State, think about the numbers that would show up. More people could afford to go and we would have the attention of each Elected Official in the States and they could not ignore “The People” like they do in Washington DC. I really believe it is time for individuals to bring it back home and demand our Governors to start protecting “Our State” and “The People”. Once one starts the rest will follow. I actually thought Perry would activate his Militia, but I haven’t seen it yet. The other issue is, in Florida, there are several Sheriff’s that do not follow the Constitution and “The People” need to start calling them out. The Sheriffs can also swear in the Militia and have them help.

    • Scott is one of them, and he has proved it time and time again. Heck, he tried to get our beautiful state parks built up into private profit machines with gangster Don Fiorgino. The only reason he was elected in the first place was because he said he was going to be tough on the issue. Just lies to get him elected. I am voting for that guy from Naples, I think he might have been a democrat once, but he is still tougher than the other candidates on the issue. He is a successful businessman and served our country too. I like Adrian Wylie, but he is dead wrong on immigration policy.

      • I was hoping a Conservative was going to be put up against Scott, but it didn’t happen. Tells me, the Tea Party is supporting Scott. I thought it was Scott and Christ. What guy from Naples?

      • Glenn Burkett Independent. He wants to put pressure on the ones employing them as a deterrent. The other candidates I can’t find any information on except Clarence Riley the Orlando nutcase that thinks most whites are a kkk members, and Adrian Wylie. I really liked Wylie until he opened his mouth about immigration. Then there is also the brilliant economist from Iran.(no sale)

      • I know he ran as one in the past but he is listed as indy this time. Probably sees no room for any conservative views in what’s left of the core party, if you know what I mean. From the little information I got, he sounds better than the other candidates.

      • as indy?
        Well, you are either a Conservative or you are not and Jeb Bush is not one. We shall see who is running and who ends up at the end; but I will not be voting for him. If he is the Republican ticket for President, then we might as well give it to them now.

  8. On every piece of Republican fundraiser mail I received over the last few years, I would write, “Build the Fence,” and return it to them with no donation. I no longer receive ANY Republican fundraiser mail. Open borders are more desirous to DC politicians (Republicans and Dems) than an American citizen’s financial support. What does that tell you?

  9. What happened to Mike Fimiani and the way his boat was used is a terrible shame and a crime. Not just border states are affected, our whole country is. Why can’t people see it? Our economy is affected in multiple ways. Now with sick children being scheduled to go all over our country to their relatives people are at risk. CA already has had outbreaks of measles and TB. What next and where? (It’s not because they’re brown and I’m a bigot as I’ve been accused of. They were poor and had little or no medical care.)

  10. I do need to mention that the Monroe County Sheriff’s department lead by Sheriff Ramsey as well as the guys from U.S. Customs/Homeland Security and the FDLE are all great guys and extremely helpful. It is just the rules that they have to live by sometimes makes their jobs harder in my opinion. My boat was recognized by them while it was offshore as they keep their boats very close to mine. I was actually contacted by local law enforcement while it was offshore being tracked because they knew my boat and how to get in touch with me. But due to the rules in place they could not do anything unless the smugglers tried to come back into U.S. waters. This has happened to dozens of people in Florida over the last several years and it has to stop.

  11. Holy crap, seriously does this not show how loony the left is? we should be stopping these folks, but no we need to let them come. no we don’t!

  12. O yes, another made up story to embasses Obama. HLS is not going to have the Coast Gurad shot down anything for liibitity reasons. Who’s responbile if the boat blowes up? The sluggers may be have criminal recoders, but who are he people inside?

    • What is wrong with you? All the 100’s of stories are true but you have to pull you Burka head out and read- join the real world.

    • Yeah, not like Yahoo and Reuters would ever tell a lie right? hahahahaha.
      They just got busted for telling that Obama visited the Border… he went to Texas… he never made it to the border….
      So I guess what you are saying is that if a conservative group posts it… it has to be a lie right? hahahahaha
      I searched this story even further and found several links to confirm what this man said … I even found several more about all the thefts of the boats in Florida between 2013 till present.
      Since you’re so smart… I will let you do your own homework. This isn’t High School and I am not a politician so I don’t do hand outs… hahahahaha.
      While you are searching… type in ’57 States and 1 more to go…. ‘
      Then come back and tell us who said it…. hahahahahahaha

  13. Sat july 12, On the boating radio program this morning. They are posting rewards for stolen boats.
    Do not understand they are stealing boats when BO would send them a charter Jet to fly them here first class.

    Do Americans realize these “children” infecting our boarder are akin to the missiles being rained on Israel? Each one can have a Bio warhead or a financial destruction warhead to injure America.


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