When the time comes to fight for our survival, will we have the resolve?

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If there’s one thing I know about it’s the human cost of war. I felt it in the two lumps on my dad’s head. I saw it when my mom had that sullen look on her face as she prepared the travel orders for the fallen Marines during the Vietnam War. And I also experienced it as a youngster praying each night for my older brother while he was in Vietnam.

During my 22 years of active duty service, and my two-and-a-half years as a civilian-military advisor, I saw it up close. My wife Angela knows of it as a daughter and as my battle buddy. And now I fret over my nephew and all my friends still serving.

It has been said by many that, “only the dead have seen the end of war.”

If that maxim holds true, then what can we do in these troubling and perilous times?

I ask that question as I read about the sermon delivered by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Mosul. I watch the growing conflagration between Israel and Hamas — knowing that Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah have signed a reconciliation agreement with Hamas.

Japan has recently decided to abandon its constitution precluding them from having a large military beyond self-defense. China and Russia are building a modern day axis supported by client states such as Iran, Syria, and North Korea. And even here in our own hemisphere and along our southern border, we are witnessing a collapse of the rule of law and our sovereignty.

A growing darkness threatens the safety and security of our Republic — and possibly the existence of Western civilization. Our gathering enemies are firmly declaring their intent, and what is our response? Certainly not “peace through strength” — it is an eerie silence that serves to embolden those evil forces and sends chills down the spines of our allies.

History shows there are three reasons to choose the strategic choice of last resort — annihilation, attrition, or assimilation. So in the face of a deliberate threat that seeks our destruction and extermination what shall we do? I know, more “coexist” bumper stickers — that will remedy the situation, more compromise, acquiescence, and perceived subservience — yes, that’s the ticket.

Those of us who have seen the human cost of war know the price that has to be paid. And that is why we know limited war yields only limited results. If we are not committed to our own existence what have we devolved into?

This cannot be dismissed as “warmongering,” it is about the survival of our nation and ourselves — unless that’s no longer important.

Yes, I prefer a strong defense that serves as a deterrent, but when the time comes to launch, it must be done fully with complete commitment, as Clausewitz termed the “paradoxical trinity,” combining the will of the government, the people, and the military.

We are facing a crisis in leadership in America at a time when our apparent weakness has become an enticing aroma for the dictators, theocrats, autocrats, and despots worldwide — as demonstrated by the boldness of al-Baghdadi appearing in public to deliver a sermon. We fought for people in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, but never again. Our benevolence is seen as undesirable and rejected.

We have come to a point in this nation where the only way is up. We must not apologize for our achievements, nor should we hang our heads in shame.

I do believe the time is coming when we will have to fight – with rules of engagement that allow our troops to succeed.

I choose survival of our Republic for future generations – will you choose to stand with me, or sing kumbaya with Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood?


  1. I with you Colonel. I’ll march through hell with you if that is what it takes to save our nation. I will not become subservient to anyone, foreign or domestic.

  2. I will stand with you Colonel. If something isn’t done soon, we won’t have an America anymore. The people that should be doing something about the Obama administration won’t. I’m sorry, but I call that cowardice. The American people are screaming at the top of their lungs to be heard, and it seems no one is listening. What is it going to take to change this? Civil war? Because it’s coming if things do not change or we are going to lose everything including our freedom.

      • You are blind to the truth, It will happen and you will be the one to say damn I had no idea. but you will never admit to being wrong.

      • You can’t control people with truths. Fear and hatred is the only way to control people. And the hunger to control people is born out of fear in the first place. The hunger to control is an inherent weakness, because it stems from fear of losing control or never having it in the first place in the midst of the chaos. Which chaos is the natural order of nature.

        Life exists in the first place because of chaos and random events happening. The largest problem of life on earth for people stems from people trying to control other people. America was supposed to be an answer to that problem, and it was for awhile. But the power hungry found their way in since the mid-1800’s, and America has been slowly unraveling ever since.

        The constitution didn’t say that America has to implement the most extreme form of capitalism. Which is what we have now with a winner takes all system of capitalism. Our whole financial and economic system is corrupt and fraudulent, and the proof is in the bank bailouts, the banks that used corrupt practices which crashed our economy gets bailed out by our government with the taxpayers who got screwed footing the bill.

        Making profits at all costs is the problem. And Iraq and Afghan are a part of it. Look at the opiate addiction epidemic America is having right now. People addicted to pain pills, heroin, morphine and all things opioid. What country is the largest producer of opium? Afghanistan of course, and that’s no accident or coincidence. We’re in Afghanistan for the poppy fields, and we’re in Iraq for the oil fields. thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of middle easterners have died so that people who are already rich can be even more ridiculously rich. I’m all for free market capitalism with lots of oversights and regulations to keep the market fair for every single economic class, but we don’t have that here in America anymore. The game has long been rigged by International Banking Cartels, a handful of elite Families who have been in control for hundreds of years, and corrupt governments intermingling with corporations and banks.

        If people don’t want American soldiers to have fought and died in foreign countries all in vain, then the real problems need to be dealt with using what parts of our government that have yet to be corrupted or broken before it’s too late. If there comes a time when people will have to fight and die to end corruption and fix our system then that means it’s already too late.

  3. I would. Those who respect
    our founding father’s values would. But since the 1960’s, there’s been an ever
    increasing contempt of our nation by the hating left. They dominate colleges,
    traditional media, and major cities. Not only wouldn’t most fight for the
    nation, they actively oppose what it stands for. They are destroying from
    within the very place they live. They are blinded by their own ideology to this
    self-destruction, and condescendingly treat those who uphold our traditions. Unless
    that trend changes, they have sealed the fate of all of us. I stay informed in
    case leaders emerge which stand for something, besides political expediency to
    win elections. But my foundation is faith.

  4. There are a lot of people willing to fight, but they need leaders to rally around who have a plan and a course of action.

  5. There are many of the citizens who will not start a fight, but once it is joined they will fight to preserve their freedom and their homes.

  6. What do we do as American Patriots, when our defense mechanism is at an all time high on Treason and Tyranny? We have a President that hates the American way of life, despises our US Constitution, has welcomed Immorality on each and every level that contradicts the establishment of our Republic that is doctrinated as “One Nation Under God,” yet he tramples upon it without hesitation! He has fundamentally changed our Country but not for the best, only the worst and he is bent on the destruction of what is left…downsizing our Military while our adversaries are building up their’s! We have a Congress that has lost touch with reality, as they care more for their power and personal wealth than for the freedoms of the American people that entrusted them in office to safeguard what is dear to all…Liberty and Freedom! God please bless our nation once again and devour the Corrupt ones, that are leaning toward satanism, and evil! In Jesus name I pray, AMEN and AMEN! MRP

    • I’m hoping “Our Veterans, Ousted Military, Patriots and Militia” are working together to do something. They are sending Pink Slips to “Our Troops” on the Battlefield now and hope they are looking at joining them on their return. It is time for “The People” to demand their Governor to activate the State Militia and protect their Borders and State Lines from the Illegals they are bringing in.

      • AMEN Reba, you are spot on, and it is going to have to be we the US Vets and our Military that steps up and takes charge and arrest the Terrorist in the White House before he finishes off our great Republic! RAH!!!!!!!

      • Thank you for your service Michael.

        I just don’t see it any other way. The Sargent of Arms is crooked right along with this administration. Then throw in the Democrats and most Republicans and we don’t have a damn soul that will do anything. With the latest Pink Slips being sent to “Our Military” who is left to arrest any of them? To me, “Our Veterans, Ousted Military, Patriots and Militia” are the only ones that can shut down the armed departments and then arrest the Elected Officials (while they are on break). I just keep hoping we have someone that has worked this and they are waiting for the perfect opportunity to do it.

  7. Colonel, Allen West, Sir, I took an oath as a Vietnam Combat Veteran and Yes I am with you, hands down, the decision has already been made, we have no choice but to seek a redress of our grievances against treason and tyranny, as I just be danged if I am going to lay down and submit to being trampled upon like some worthless POS like the Liberals are doing and are guilty of voting for this Tyrant Illegal Alien in the first place! SEMPER FI

      • Hey Brother Freeland, I was in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969, US 5th Marine Division! I honor my oath as once a Marine always a Marine till the day we die! Our Country is worth fighting for and even dying for if that is Gods will and purpose for my life; he brought me home from Nam and he is not finished with me yet!

      • Thank You and God bless you Offinya, as none of us that served could have made it home again if not for the tremendous support we received from all of you here at home; the support we receive is the hope we have for a brighter and more special future…it always pays off to serve our Republic and the oath stands solid till the very last breath we take! It is the breath of the fallen that keeps our flags waving in the winds of Freedom! I appreciate your kind and uplifting words! MRP

  8. Col West, united we stand! Glad to know whose side your on. When the time comes, wouldn’t want to be a Lib.

    We are stocking up on two year supply of canned foods. Also, we are stocking up on canning supplies and we are growing a large garden on an acre parcel. I have several pieces for self defense with a loader with powder for both rifle and pistol. We have a small chicken coop with 100 watt bulbs in it for lighting and to keep the hens warm.The parable of the maidens and their lamp oil comes to mind.

    • We have gas masks, water straws, camping gear, guns, ammo … etc…
      We’re going to be hurting for a few years…. time to eat squirrel!

  10. Colonel West, how about starting with Governor Scott? It is time for him to activate “Our State Militia” and put them on “Our Borders” and “Our State Lines”. It is time for him to tell the Federal Government to shove it and do what the Floridians want. I’m tired of him not being Proactive and I think you are the one to get the ball rolling.

  11. Allen West, you should run for President as you seem to be one of the few who knows what’s at stake. Start reaching out to the African-Americans now in order to get the required votes and plan your candidacy well because you will have very strong headwinds from the left. But you will also have many strong supporters like us.


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