The Obamacare mosquito is getting ready to really suck again.

Growing up in Georgia, I remember going down south in the summers to visit Granddad, aunts, and uncles. The nights were always steamy humid and there was no air conditioning, so we had to open the windows and run a fan.

At night, there was always that pesky blood-sucking mosquito that buzzed you all night, even worse if more than one got in. I bring all this up because it reminds me of Obamacare — aka the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — a blood-sucking piece of folly that just keeps buzzing about our heads.

We all know about the countless waivers, exemptions, and delays unilaterally granted by President Obama in an attempt fan away that pesky mosquito, but it just keeps on buzzing, seeking a plump vein.

According to Politico, that mosquito may begin really sucking in September “as most state health insurance rates for 2015 are scheduled to be approved by early fall, and most are likely to rise, timing that couldn’t be worse for Democrats already on defense in the midterms.”

“Aware that state insurance rate hikes could give Republicans a chance to resurrect Obamacare as a political liability just weeks before the midterms, the White House’s internal health care enrollment outreach apparatus immediately redirected into a rapid-response, blocking-and-tackling research and press operation geared toward preempting GOP attacks on the issue.”

In other words, the White House spinmeisters are already hard at work to avoid a dubious “September surprise.” It’s going to be tough – can’t you just picture the TV ads featuring Barack Hussein Obama claiming HIS healthcare plan will reduce costs to American families by $2500 – with the respective Democrat candidate endorsement of Obamacare? Oops!

One thing I admire about the Democrats is the way they get everyone on the same talking points, and they’re already working on it — time to rehearse and practice ya know.

Politico reports, “In what aides say is a sign of a changed approach within the White House — but also heightened concerns around the midterms — they’re even coordinating with Hill Democrats, funneling localized background analysis and talking points to each state’s delegation through Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Senate Democratic Policy and Communications Committee. They’ve also relied on California Rep. Henry Waxman’s staff at the Energy and Commerce Committee to produce rebuttal reports, often in advance, on GOP claims about insurance.”

Smells like fear and the Democrats are all about one thing: not losing power. Obama’s worst nightmare is to have a GOP-controlled House and Senate in his final two years as president. We all know he’d prefer to have his first two years again — and look what that got us legislatively.

One thing in contrast — when Bill Clinton lost the midterms in 1996 and had to deal with a GOP House and Senate, he pivoted away from his progressive socialist agenda and worked with conservative. And look what he produced: balanced budgets, surpluses, welfare reform and a reduced government footprint. That is what true principled bipartisanship will do for ya — sad that Republicans have abandoned those principles and values in seeking to be lesser versions of progressives themselves.

So unlike the Clinton era, we have the intransigent ideologue Barack Hussein Obama who truly believes his stuff don’t stink.

Politico reports, “One of the lessons we’ve learned in implementing health care is to stay on it,” said Tara McGuinness, the White House senior communications adviser who has been spearheading the effort for the West Wing, reflecting on previous run-ins. “We are not going to let anyone distort the debate.”

Yes Ms. McGuinness, you will not allow truth to prevail, you will manipulate and spin it in order to control the debate. However, as Obama states, “it’s math” and when folks see their insurance premiums rise because of the over 2.5 million discrepancies and miscalculations, it will be hard to lie your way out. But then again, “if you like your doctor you can keep him, period. And if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it, period.”

“Democrats are hoping that the final numbers for 2015 don’t come in anywhere near the 24.6 percent hike that a report from Heritage Foundation projected for a family of four in Arkansas, or even the 13.1 percent increase in Alaska, or 12.4 percent in Louisiana,” as Politico reports. “So far, although no state has finalized its rate, 21 have posted bids for 2015. Average preliminary premiums went up in all 21, though only a few by double digits.” We’ll see what that percentage translates to in dollars.

One of the liberal progressive distortions/half-truth is “nobody out there knows anything about the medical-loss ratio,” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), who’s become the Senate point man for Obamacare rapid response. Politico says Murphy is leading efforts to get Democrats to match Republicans in floor speeches and social media campaigns with supportive efforts of their own. But “if the premium increase is too high, you get your money back. That’s a pretty easy thing to explain.”

Ask your local independent insurance agent what the medical loss ratio (MLR) does to them, as they’re the point person for our small businesses. It puts them out of business and concentrates more power to the bigger healthcare insurance companies. When competition is reduced or eliminated, there goes the free market. So if some Democrat touts the MLR – challenge them for the whole truth.

Politico says “the half-dozen White House communications and policy aides have been assembling state-by-state histories of health insurance rates before the Affordable Care Act was implemented, the drop-offs between initial rate proposals and final rates, and an analysis of the law’s effects and projections for 2015 — all condensed to fit on a two-page background and talking points document tailored for each state.”

In my experience, when you have to endure all these machinations something isn’t right.

It reminds me of how that mosquito spray truck would come around every evening and made us feel good temporarily, but the mosquitoes always came back — and sucked out more blood. And so it is with Obamacare. Dems can spray all they want, but it still sucks.


  1. Just got my info from Anthem Blue Cross in California. Up 9% to $1,638 a month for my family of 5 in January of 2015.

  2. I feel both dread and sorrow about the upcoming insurance hikes. It’s unbelievable that people fell for a guy like obama and voted for him. And now look at our country. For many families, just putting food on the table has become a challenge, almost a nitemare and as health insurance (and the cost of living) increases, our health as citizens AND as a nation decreases.


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