Incoming: You won’t believe progressives’ latest assault on the Constitution

Every now and then I come across a story so unbelievable, it’s simply laughable beyond all comprehension. Here’s the latest.

Progressive socialists have revealed themselves to America for who they are and regardless of the media manipulation, lies, deceit, and coercion their agenda is failing — as it has worldwide.

So what’s their next step? Well, according to a piece in the Washington Post by E J Dionne, “Its time for Progressives to reclaim the Constitution.” Really?? Dionne advocates for progressives to enshrine themselves in the fundamental document of our Republic, the U.S. Constitution.

Excuse my vernacular, but I just had to get up from ROTFLMAO.

So let’s understand this absurd proposal: Mr. Dionne is advising progressives to embrace the very thing that their love child Barack Hussein Obama stated he wanted to “fundamentally transform.” And let’s not forget the recent 9-0 smack down of Obama by the Supreme Court — the interpreters of our Constitution.

Dionne writes, “Formulations such as “I am a constitutional conservative” or “I am a constitutionalist” are tea party habits, but they are not confined to its ranks. Many kinds of conservatives contend that everything they believe is thoroughly consistent with the views and intentions of our 18th-century Founders. Wielding pocket-sized copies of the Constitution, they like to cite it to settle political disputes. Writing in the YG Network’s recently issued conservative manifesto, “Room to Grow,” Ramesh Ponnuru argues that there is a new and salutary “popular interest in constitutionalism. One plausible progressive response is to see Ponnuru’s exercise as doomed from the start.”

In other words use the typical progressive socialist Alinsky-based response of ridicule and derision.

Instead Mr. Dionne advises, “Progressives should take Ponnuru’s proposal seriously and think constitutionally themselves. In doing so, they would challenge conservative claims about what the Constitution really demands.”

This is what you can expect now from progressives — a revisionist history and interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. Funny thing, James Madison writing under the pen name Publius did a pretty good job of presenting and defending the Constitution in a series of articles known as the Federalist Papers.

But truth for progressive socialists is like light on a vampire, and Dionne lays out their real objective: obfuscate, redefine and challenge the intent of the Constitution to suit their purposes and agenda.

Dionne cites a recent article called “The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution” which purports “that at key turning points in our history (the Jacksonian era, the Populist and Progressive moments and the New Deal), opponents of rising inequality made strong arguments “that we cannot keep our constitutional democracy — our republican form of government — without constitutional restraints against oligarchy and a political economy that maintains a broad middle class, accessible to everyone.”

In other words, one of the foundational principles of the Constitution is mandating “the widest distribution among the people, not only of political power, but of the advantages of wealth, education and social influence.”

So in the progressive mind, the Constitution makes the case for wealth redistribution — something that the Congressional Progressive Caucus proposed as an amendment – wait, isn’t that a communist principle?

When liberal progressives realize their agenda is failing, their tactic is to remake language and definitions. Who in their right mind believes the central theme of the U.S. Constitution is about “shared self-rule?” The Constitution is our rule of law that prescribes the structure, duties, and responsibilities of our federal government. In the first ten amendments, referred to as the “Bill of Rights” it prescribes the rights of the American individual and constrains what the federal government can do and defines its enumerated powers as it relates to the individual and the sovereign States. And of course as our American society has matured, we have added other amendments, and even repealed certain amendments.

So let us not be fooled. In order to “get about the business of remaking America” and “fundamentally transforming America,” progressives shall not conduct a full-out assault against our rule of law, our Constitution. This is no different from State Deparment advisor, Mohammed Elibiary, making the insidious statement that our Constitution is “Islamically compliant.”

This is why I wrote Guardian of the Republic, to put in simple terms what it means to live in a Constitutional Republic and explain its founding precepts. If we allow these real life “Deceptacons” to succeed they will begin to teach this foolish drivel in our colleges and universities — and high schools — that the Constitution is about shared prosperity and that it must be re-interpreted to accommodate inequalities. So how the heck do you explain the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments — which by the way, the Democrats stood vehemently against — some things never change.

Dionne concludes, “The idea of a “Constitution of Opportunity” is both refreshing and relevant. For too long, progressives have allowed conservatives to monopolize claims of fealty to our unifying national document. In fact, those who would battle rising economic inequalities to create a robust middle class should insist that it’s they who are most loyal to the Constitution’s core purpose. Broadly shared well-being is essential to the framers’ promise that “We the people” will be the stewards of our government.”

Mr. Dionne conveniently overlooks the fact that the Constitution is a continuation of the Declaration of Independence, which promotes the unalienable rights of each individual, granted by our Creator, of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are each granted equality of opportunity.

What Mr. Dionne and his progressive ilk are trying to promote is perverting the Constitution to establish a government guarantee of happiness — an equality of outcomes. This fella’s belief in a “Constitution of Opportunity” will result in only one opportunity: for all of us to share in socialist misery.

Perhaps some will find this analysis of our Constitution boring — but if we don’t take heed, it will be perilous. Expect to hear the new rhetoric of “Constitution of Opportunity” emanating from the leftist progressive socialists. You have been warned.


  1. I think the Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Progressive, Secularist movement in the United States declared war on Conservatism, Religion and traditional values years ago. We are now fighting that very unCivil War. President Sotero has simply ramped it up and thrown gasoline on the raging dumpster fire. The question now is are we willing to fight for our Country and how hard.

    I say we fight like crazy and never give up until we beat them back into submission and chase them off once and for all. Never give up!

    • The secularist movement actually began in the 1830s when academia sought to self empower against the then ruling polity which was largely of a religious bent. Liberal; I see the Constitution itself as liberal. Communist, socialist, progressive have roots in the US that date to the early 1900s.

  2. Very well stated. After reading The Amateur and Dreams of my father you start to understand what drives Obama. I can’t believe the media has given him such a free pass. At least start covering Valerie Jarrett. She was soooo incompetent in the Daley administration in Chicago that she got fired. Pretty tough in Chicago politics.

  3. These people will never understand. The concept that opportunity is the only thing in which we are all equal, is completely foreign to them. They’ve been looking for a way to destroy our Constitution and having been unsuccessful, now want to pervert it to serve their agenda. One would think that, since the Constitutional arguments against the progressive agenda have been so successful that they might listen and realize the folly of their failed ideals, but no, they just see it as an impediment in their grasping march toward total control over the populace.

  4. I would have to say that the communist plan to bring down America has been working nicely for these past 70 years- and their patience is about to pay off due to a well thought out and implemented plan of attack. Their attack on the ideology that this nation was founded on as they undermine the ethics,morals, and values of the people by glorifying inappropriate and immoral attitudes and behaviors. This tactic has had its desired affect in dividing the people,creating an atmosphere of chaos, desperation and fear in society and this has allowed these fools to push agendas contrary to what our government is SUPPOSED to stand for.
    What better way to change the mindset of a nation than by working through academia? It was the same tactic used by our founding fathers immediately after the founding of this nation. It was at this time that Republican ideals were taught in schools, seen in literature, in art, and even in architecture – and was a vital step in the forming of the Republic’s strength- People were taught the things that they needed to know to keep the government accountable- Not so today. Oh the lessons that have been ignored by those whose duty it is to educate….

  5. Sir the Left is sociopathic. They look you in the eye, screaming repeatedly many diametrically opposed statements and dare you to address any two opposing statements as not being true. When you do they say it’s irrelevant and move on to the next two opposing statements and on and on it goes. It is called “crazy making.”

    It used to be a behavior demonstrated on an individual level. But now it has achieved group-think and no matter how absurd the next two opposing concepts are, the group picks them up and runs with them. The thing is, most of the group is now political and media. As such, they are sucking more and more into their delusional and destructive behavior.

    Unless America turns back from God, America dies.

  6. Remember Progressive Liberal Democrats twisted their idea of the Constitution to promote slavery. It’s their liberal interpretation that is the problem.

  7. How can they take back something they never got? Progressives have spent so many decades reassigning meanings to the words, they can'[t possibly now understand the Constitution, if they ever did.

  8. The progressives and liberals are trying to fit the Constitution to their agenda, and twisting it tomake it say what they want it to say. It’s just like how people who try to twist the Bible scriptures, and prove a point, or make it say what they want. That’s what is happening here.

    • Hence the term “Liberal”. They take a liberal view of The Constitution as opposed to rthe original writers/signers.

  9. Stop laughing. Get off the floor. Put your ass back on. This is serious business and you need to stay focused.

    • The 13 9-0 decisions that the CURRENT SC made against the Obama administration, (includes the 2 Justices that he appointed)

  10. one problem with liberals is being doped, too many of them are smoking pot, and many of the rest are on SSRIs


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