NOW names Little Sisters of the Poor to its Dirty 100 list

When we launched this website, I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough material about which I could make daily commentary – but liberal progressive socialists make my concerns completely unwarranted.

And so today I awakened to yet another example of the insidious nature of the radical progressive agenda — this time the National Organization of Women (NOW).

As reported by, “The National Organization of Women has compiled a list of what they’re calling the “Dirty 100” — organizations who have filed suit against the HHS Contraception Mandate. One of the “Dirty 100” organizations that NOW claims is simply “using religion” to discriminate against women, is, in fact, a group of Catholic religious sisters called the Little Sisters of the Poor.”

Yep, you read that right: NOW is attacking Catholic nuns whose life is about serving those less fortunate and giving them God’s peace and love. Now, I have a question: former Speaker and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is “supposedly” a Catholic — does she stand with NOW and this horrific designation? Does Pelosi see this attack as a war on women, or does she align with the radical progressive feminist agenda and applaud the National Organization of Women — mind you not all women, just liberal progressive socialist women. And notice the organization is of and not for women — quite revealing.

And what shall be the response from the Catholic Church as this radical feminist organization attacks its devoted and faithful servants, these committed nuns?

The Little Sisters of the Poor take vows to tend to the needs of the elderly poor. They are opposed to providing contraception to their employees as contraception violates the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The Little Sisters of the Poor are not considered to be a “religious employer” and exempt from the mandate as they employ and care for people of all faith backgrounds.

However, these Sisters stood up to Obama and his vision and therefore are seen by NOW as evil. This is all part of the means by which progressives advance themselves — fear, intimidation and coercion — but attacking NUNS? Do these people have any conscience? Are they so “hell bent” on imposing their will upon us that they will demean, denigrate, destroy, discredit, disrespect, and disparage anyone?

NOW’s website also attacks Catholicism for the church’s stance against contraception:

There is still an opportunity for Catholic Church leaders to reverse their mistaken and even cruel position on contraception, joining the modern world and perhaps regaining respect from the laity and the rest of the world.

Does anyone at NOW consider the optics of this horrific attack? I am quite sure some will write comments on this website to defend what NOW did and applaud them for attacking the Little Sisters of the Poor.

My mother was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer back in November 1993. There was a Catholic hospice run by nuns in Atlanta, just down the street from Turner Field, who took her in and made her final days peaceful and comforting. Mom passed January of 1994 in peace because those nuns took care of the woman who brought me into the world. What NOW did is personal for me and I find it despicable and disturbing — but telling as to who they truly are.

The National Organization of Women is the dirty one — certainly not the kind and giving nuns of the Little Sisters of the Poor.


  1. I’m pretty sure that’s what you call “being tolerant.” I’m not a liberal, progressive, or of that ilk, so I’m not sure…

    • Ummmmm…no. First off, Allen posted NOTHING justifying anything the Pope might have done wrong. Second, reading the article the link took me to indicates that it’s NOT the same. Keep in mind that I’m neither Catholic nor do I agree with many Catholic beliefs. Nor do I just randomly defend Catholics and Catholicism without good reason. But it’s not hard to see that what you posted is NOT the same, nor is Allen saying that what you posted is okay.

      • sorry, it the same. The NOW thinks the nun are intrusive. The pope think the US nuns are the same.

      • Similar in some ways,, maybe. But NOT the same, as in NOT identical and also not the same situations.

        Regardless, I STILL don’t see Allen justifying anything the Pope might have done wrong, making your post irrelevant in that sense.

      • I have no idea. You’ll have to find one and ask him and his wife. Not sure what that has to with the subject at hand though.

      • Not sure who you’re talking about. But maybe you should ask that person directly? Even then, that sounds more like you’re being intolerant and nit picking, rather than staying on the actual subject and actually trying to come up with facts and sound reasoning.

      • It is not the same. Both the Pope, in the cited article, and the Little Sisters of the Poor, in filing suit, are defending the Catholic Faith. The nuns in the article were not defending the faith; and NOW is vilifying the Little Sisters of the Poor for defending the faith.

      • I can determine from your screen name that you are not any sort of authority on the teachings of the Catholic church. You are misinformed, or willfully ignorant.

      • Darling, my name comes from a joke about crazy rich people who leave $$ to their animals. What do you call a generous cat?????

      • That’s nice. You want a cookie, moron? I do believe that you are dismissed.

        Also flagging your posts and your profile. Have fun with that.

      • So you believe.

        Deny it all you want, facts don’t lie. You’re full of crap.

        I also noticed that the post I flagged is awaiting moderation.

        Good luck with that.

    • Dummy Sugars Cheaks …. You really had to reach for that article ….

      Vatican Reprimands a Group of U.S. Nuns and Plans Changes By LAURIE GOODSTEIN

      ——–> Published: April 18, 2012 <———–

    • How fast you changes the subject, what as the Pope done to the Nuns?. Woman became Catholic Nuns because the choose to do so, of their own FREE WILL. It’s her choice, it’s a woman rights.

      • Pussy is one of the longest running troll islamist militant sympathizers that comment on this site. A worthless POS like the traitor Obama traded 5 murdering terrorist for. In love with the people that would rape degrade and beat her to death. An absolute text book example of a fluckn idiot.

      • You do know that article is about the Vatican reprimanding nuns for not adhering to Church doctrine, right?
        The little nuns of the poor are actually following doctrine in this case.
        You attempt actually makes the case for these nuns quite well.

      • lol The Vatican had a problem with that particular group of nuns for supporting homosexual marriage.
        The group of nuns had to either obey the church or call themselves something different.
        It’s called cleaning house and making sure everyone adheres to the doctrine. Nothing wrong with that and I commend them for doing so.
        On the other hand these nuns are forced now to provide something that goes against their Church doctrine.
        They never had to do it before so spare me the idiotic argument that the women now are going to suffer because these nuns don’t give them contraception.

      • Precisely and these nuns never had to do it before so don’t tell me that they can’t get it because these nuns don’t want to provide them.

      • But they cannot comply with this Unconstitutional law (The SCoUS made it so without realizing it in their mental gymnastics to make it “Constitutional”) and be a practicing Catholic. Contraception is considered a sin. A Catholic may not, condone or support or enable sin. Forcing them to do this is making THEM a party to the sin. Thus before they can receive Communion they would have to go to confession and repent sincerely and NOT TO IT AGAIN. They cannot do this without violating their core religious beliefs. This is like forcing a Muslim to serve ham sandwiches.

  2. This country is turning into one gigantic pansy, don’t hurt my feelings, yada, yada, yada. Liberals are absolutely RUINING this once great nation. I’m about to learn the Canadian National Anthem!

  3. NOW is an exclusive club available to only those members who have the same ideology. Unbelievably sad to read about their classification of The Little Sisters of the Poor. There isn’t a war on women in this country and I invite women who believes this to be true to walk in the footsteps of women across the globe who have status in society lower than a feral dog.

  4. O good Lord. SMH. An organization that exists only to care for “…the least of these” and the heifers at NOW attack them. wow.

  5. Matthew 7:20 – “Therefore by their fruits you will know them”. NOW has clearly shown their true nature.

  6. My thought is quite simply There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. 2For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.3For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh: 4That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. 5For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit. 6For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. and….30Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.

    31What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? 32He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things? 33Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifies. 34Who is he that comdemns? It is Christ that died, yes rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us.

  7. Looks like most of the organizations on that list are Catholic… I guess to combat the so-called “War on Women” you have to launch a war on religion? NOW consists of nothing more than bigots with breasts. Tell me how attacking an all-female group such as the Little Sisters advances the rights of women?? NOW only believes in rights for women who think and act like them socially and politically. Disgusting.

    • Here are the Nuremberg Race Laws of 1935 and Roe v Wade. Now can anyone tell me the difference?

      The introduction of the Nuremberg Race Laws in 1935 saw Jews declared non-persons, stripped of their rights, robbed of their property and isolated.…ng-roe-v-wade/

      Defining the Unborn Child as a “Person”

      In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court held that the unborn child is not a “person,” as that word is used in § 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment and, therefore, is not entitled to the due process and equal protection guarantees the Amendment confers upon “persons.”

      • This is a logical fallacy Andy, its called Reductio Ad Hitlerum, its the comparison of a topic using inflammatory logic such as Hilter or the Nazi’s and its a 15 year penalty AND loss of down. Try again.

      • Did you not read what i wrote? It a logical fallacy. I don’t have to refute it, your argument is fallacious, try again.

      • So you can’t disprove my facts. I knew you couldn’t so you opted to go on a frothing rant instead.

      • are you ignorant? your “facts” mena nothing since they are used for an argument that is false. ITs like saying the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second therefore God exists. Go finish your GED and give me a call.

      • what part of this don’t you get? I said nothing about Hilter except that you cannot compare anything the Nazi’s did and use it in an argument. It’s intellectual ignorance. Try something else. And the Ad hominem attacks are also intellectual ignorance. NAme calling is a sure sign of a double digit IQ

      • [[ you cannot compare anything the Nazi’s did and use it in an argument.]]

        Says who? You? Wrong. I gave you Hitler’s race laws and abortion laws. They use the same premise and you have yet to disprove it.

        [[ Ad hominem attacks are also intellectual ignorance. NAme calling is a sure sign of a double digit IQ ]]

        Says the poster who just used ad hominem.

      • [[ Well after i have told you 4 times that using Nazi’s in arguments renders your argument useless]]

        Yet I have 14 ‘likes’ since this started and you have none.

        [[ Educate yourself and argue like an adult:]]

        Says the loser who uses Wiki.
        Here are the Nuremberg Race Laws of 1935 and Roe v Wade. Now can anyone tell me the difference?

        The introduction of the Nuremberg Race Laws in 1935 saw Jews declared non-persons, stripped of their rights, robbed of their property and isolated.…ng-roe-v-wade/

        Defining the Unborn Child as a “Person”

        In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court held that the unborn child is not a “person,” as that word is used in § 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment and, therefore, is not entitled to the due process and equal protection guarantees the Amendment confers upon “persons.”

      • [[ Judging by the intellectual level of this site, a “like” is not something i would be proud of.]]

        The village idiot always thinks everyone else is nuts.

        [[ I used Wiki since it was the first to pop up.]]

        How nonintellectual.

        Your link is meaningless since I never mentioned Hitler or Nazis. Ask the Michigan State Law review what ‘assuming facts not in evidence’ means.

      • Big font=small mind kid.

        You admit to using the words ‘Nazi’ and ‘Hitler’ in order to create a straw man. I never used them. You’re out of your league junior. Now be a good boy and disprove my premise that those laws are the same as abortion laws. In both cases, the term used was ‘non persons’ in order to justify extermination. You lack the guts and intellect to disprove that.

      • you using drugs? not using the drugs you are supposed to take? YOu brought up the Nazi’s when you refer to the Nuremberg race laws. I pointed out to you for the 9th time, that REFERENCES to Hitler or Nazi’s makes your argument irrelevant. 9 times. And since you appear ot be a single cell organism, you don’t get it. completely understandable. its disproven by by your fallacious logic, i don’t have to disprove that which is already disproven.

      • [[ you using drugs? not using the drugs you are supposed to take? ]]

        So you’re a dealer. Got it.

        [[, YOu brought up the Nazi’s when you refer to the Nuremberg race laws.]]

        I brought up specific laws that called life ‘non persons’. One law was German and the other was American. They were both designed to cheapen life in order to kill it.

        [[ And since you appear ot be a single cell organism, you don’t get it.]]

        Says the angry loon who’s out-of-control.

        [[ its disproven by by your fallacious logic, i don’t have to disprove that which is already disproven [[

        You’re saying the two laws are different? .How?

      • Well first I would have to see the political leanings of the person who wrote the Michigan State Law Review piece to know if it were valid of not. Why do I say this? Because lawyers and judges have been writing “opinions” that are contrary to the intent of the Constitution of the United States for decades now. It really kicked in with FRDs “court”. You see Federal Judges and surely state judges as well if appointed are put there to DO THINGS. That there are a HOST of “opinions” by the SC and other Federal Judges that have not one scintilla of support in the Constitution or the Federalist Papers or the statements of people like James Madison. So now the Federal Gov’t rather than being extremely limited in scope and power, controls EVERYTHING. SoNOW the Constitution has bee=n changed without going through the Amendment process as was intended by the people that wrote and ratified it. But the amendment process lets the people have too say. Can’t have that. So when Obama brags that he is ‘transforming” the courts it scares the heck out of me.

      • My college professors would hand back any paper with a big red 0 if you even dared to mention WIKI much less use them as a source.

      • if you had any brains you would have gone to Duke. and FYI, this is isn’t a Junior college class as you can tell by the intellectual capacity demonstrated here. MR MArtin has been told almost a dozen times he cannot use Nazi’s or references to Nazi’s and it just flies over his head……thick as a brick. And yet not one even knows that Reductio Ad Hilterum is a logical fallacy. You are keeping good company. Again, It was the first thing that popped up and thus most expedient. There are probably 2 million sites which can define it for you. Be my guest. Mr. Martin just cannot get it thru his empty skull that he cannot use references to Nazi’s in his arguments. Please tell me you aren’t a UNC athlete who skipped thru 4 years and never went to class and cannot comprehend logical fallacies.

      • well, you either went to Chapel Hill or you are one of the garden variety ignorants from North Carolinal. Which is it? I know what a logical fallacy is which apparently you didn’t learn at Chapel hill. You in with all the basketball players? Fine intellectual crowd…..ROFL

      • who are you bullsh#tting, you never went to college. And being from North Carolina, a state exceeded only by Mississippi and Alabama in per capita ignorance is nothing to brag about.

      • you ever carry a rifle? ever serve a day in uniform? IF not, then just shut the F up. You couldn’t evenget into West Point, say nothing of survive and graduate…. you couldn’t even get into DUKE. So you went to some sham school where athletes get a free ride. you wanna play ad hominem? Bring it.

  8. How low can this group ( NOW ) go as to belittle these nuns who try to help the less fortunate,giving care to the truly needy. The members of NOW, what good things are they doing? Go burn your bra’s and keep looking manly.

  9. What a great honor it is for the Little Sisters of the Poor to be on the Dirty List of some evil loony liberal group of hateful women. No one would want to be liked by the Devil or these spiteful women.

    • Really. Especially when they call you every name in the book and then dare say they have superior intellect because you called them a name.

  10. I agree. As a woman, raised Roman Catholic, I am appalled that NOW would condemn these woman based on their belief. It just goes to show that they aren’t for the woman. They have their own agenda. I find this very sad indeed. ..just goes to show nothing is what it was meant to be anymore. Besides whatever happened to choices?

  11. Pelosi since she advocates the sin she is also guilty of the sin. Thus she could not receive communion or take part in any Sacrament of the Church unless she first goes to confession, sincerely repents and does not do it again. So she cannot be a fully practicing Catholic. She can attend mass and would still be welcome. But anyone is welcome to attend mass.

  12. Regardless of which side you’re on…”the price of a generic contraceptive (pill) $10-25 per prescription month”. If one can not afford that the they should NOT have sex. So tired of all this bull. Health Insurance may be provided as part of the compensation package for employment. One can purchase a policy on their own. I have read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and no where in there did it say that any one is responsible for the well being of another person by coercion or voluntarily. NOW is just a bunch of women who want everyone else to take care of them. Out of the right side of their mouth NOW members want the govt to stay out of their reproductive rights and choices, then out of the left side of their mouth they want the govt to pay for their reproductive choices. They need to make a decision on what they want

  13. The biggest abortionist of all time is “God”. 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. So much for every fetus being a human being, eh? “God” does not see it that way, why should we? And if you want all these babies, who is gonna take care of them and feed them? The GOP just cut food stamp allocations. That even affected active military families who struggle to make ends meet. You’re all for them when they are in the womb, once they are born? Nevermind.

    • Oh the fallacy that the right doesn’t take care of the babies. Please give me a break. You want people to believe that democrats care for those babies when they are capable of dismembering a human being. Oh I still remember how Clinton vetoed the partial birth abortion ban bill.

      • A human being is a baby that has been born. A fetus or a zygote is not a human being. Otherwise it would be called and infant, baby, take your pick.

      • ITs not a baby till its born. That has been decided by the SCOTUS andd it the law of the land. Don’t like it? Don’t get pregnant. But who are YOU to tell other women what they can or cannot do with their bodies? ITs the HEIGHT of arrogance.

      • The HEIGHT of arrogance is thinking that one can decide over the LIFE of another.
        It is not my body. I had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of my body. I don’t even have to think to breath.
        How about you reflect on that?
        Talk about arrogance….

      • Its not a life, its a fetus. what about that don’t you get? Its the law. The rights of the living trump the rights of those not yet alive. Makes sense.

      • Oh is alive. The fact that you didn’t create yourself and now that you say that these babies are not alive is as hypocritical and nature denying as anything imaginable.
        How about they have the same rights for a change?
        A fetus is a young one. Literally.
        It is as alive as you and I. It is a soul destined for eternal glory. Just like you and I. It is not a clump of cells. We are body and soul.
        You problem is that you reduce the human being to being a mere clump of cells with no free will, no love, nothing… just a piece of meat. Sad indeed. I truly hope you wake up from the materialism that was implanted in your head obscuring your heart.

      • Infanticide is illegal. Its called murder. Abortion is legal. Fetus versus Infant. you need to learn the difference.

      • nope, constitutionally protected right. Murder deals with living human beings. Not a fetus.

      • Before Roe vs Wade era circa 1970, the medical books stated that the baby was human from conception. In fact in just a year or two the AMA which was opposed to abortion changed circa 1967-69 thought that it could be done to protect the mother thinking that this would be very uncommon. Then in 1970 they went full pro-abortion. So they went from believing that human life started at conception to allowing a doctor to kill any baby he wanted even fully formed healthy babies that were murdered during birth. Here is the deal. If its not a baby, the woman does not need an abortion so its never just a “clump of cells”. Next, the SC has REPEATEDLY made and continues to make fundamental errors in “interpreting” the Constitution. They committed a HUGE error in calling Obamacare a TAX since the bill was introduced in the SENATE. No tax bill can originate in the Senate according to the Constitution. One would think they would know this. UNLESS they intend to once again amend the Constitution in a way that is not allowed by the Constitution in allowing tax bills to originate in the Senate.

      • Everyone that supports abortion was given the right and chance to live by their parents. So by that logic, it is hypocrisy. As abortion is at this point (besides a rape birth) is just a way to negate the consequences and responsibilities of a sex crazed life style. If you lack the minute amount of mental capacity to put a condom on and make sure that you have the money to attain birth prevention medication, then you have no right to desecrate the gene pool.

      • the notion that people getting abortions are sex crazed is just patently absurd. Many are women who are married in families that are already struggling and just can’t afford another mouth to feed or single in the same circumstance. How F’ing judgemental can you get? And the law was intended to ENCOURAGE contracpetion except the God squaders find that offensive. Net result: More abortions. You can promote contraception or get used to abortion. Take your pick.

      • Those God squaders provide 16 other forms of birth control. Use those and they will not have to have the abortion pill will they. Oh, by the way Hobby Lobby pays for those other 16.

      • If its not a baby the woman is not pregnant.
        So far as some of your other posts. I could to direct you to places that would explain how God “operates” but you would not like this either. So it would be pointless.
        So lets look at your “don’t get pregnant” statement. This is covered by the 10 Commandments under “adultery” and lust the Bible prohibits “fornication”. Abstinence is how this is done. Its the only 100% way to prevent pregnancy. But of course this interferes with the 1960s hippie “if it feels good do it” attitude that pervades secular humanism. The Little Sisters of the Poor do not get pregnant. The SCOTUS makes mistakes pretty often. Much of it is POLITICAL AGENDA DRIVEN. Like saying the Gov’t can take YOUR house (assuming you own one) GIVE it to someone else to tear down because this person would make the Gov’t more money than you do. Now I don’t recall reading any place in the Constitution that says the gov’t is supposed to accept payoffs to steal peoples property but the SC found it. Then we have the various social welfare things. These were of course ruled Unconstitutional until FDR got to put the right judges in the right places. This is not how its supposed to be. Judges are not supposed to have preconceived notions on cases. In the case of the SCOTUS look at the Constitution, look at its INTENT, this means studying the writing and statements of the people that WROTE IT then coming to a decision based on THAT. NOW the president appoints judges that will follow his agenda. So there you are. Its how the Gov’t changes the Constitution without the old fashioned and cumbersome amendment process that might result in the PEOPLE not agreeing with having their rights stripped away. Can’t have these “short sighted” (from Obama speaking to the UN about the decades of work put into the one world gov’t) people making decisions. This is not limited to Democrats we have wacko decisions made by judges appointed by almost everyone since they all tend to come from the same schools and get taught the same thing because higher education is obviously agenda driven. Now about abortion. Its wrong, obviously, the “fetus” as the left likes to call is not a cockroach or a Chickadee that suddenly becomes human when it takes its first breath, its a human from conception, can’t be anything else. But our culture of death (an Obamacare will be bringing that to adults much like the VA system is prone to do) tells us that killing babies is OK if someone wants it. I would like to know how a late term partial birth abortion, where a viable, complete, baby at or near term has a needle stuck in its skull and its brains sucked out when the head “crowns”, is not a human. But we have this “I wanna do what I wanna do” selfish and self-centered attitude and if the woman thinks the baby would be too a big a pain the ass, OR if its the wrong sex OR if their boyfriend or pimp does not want it then its OK the snuff out a human life. This is just the first step the far worse things. History does repeat itself because people don’t pay attention to the past.
        Back to forcing people the pay for birth control that their religion says is a sin. By forcing a religious group to fund an activity that is plainly against their religious beliefs and has been since well before the Constitution was written, is quite simply illegal since it forces them to subscribe to the Gov’ts religion which is secular humanism. This is a violation of our entire societies rights. This is Unconstitutional. I would also point out that we have a right, and in fact a DUTY to disagree with the Gov’t and petition for change, it goes then through our system and if the law is changed then its changed. Do I expect that even partial birth abortions will be banned? Nope. But still I do not have to agree to this horrific process or any such process. I have a right to disagree, I have a right to voice my opinion and I will not “shut up”.

      • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….Excuse me, i was taking a 3 hour nap, you finished trying to lecture me? Who is trying to shut you up? nobody cares, so babble on. You think I’m gonna read this drivel? Again, you don’t like abortion, don’t get one, but thank GOD the SCOTUS lets women make that choice. And after Hillary gets elected, the SCOTUS will swing WAY left and this won’t even be a topic of discussion any more. Fascists, always trying to run other peoples lives.

      • That imperative for the preservation of the species and survival of self form the basis of what is moral. Social ethics and laws of civilized men can never define morality, but instead serve to support that which is moral. Law that conflicts with moral precepts are inherently immoral and thus bad law. Law rests upon serving truth and that which is immoral serves to obscure or squelch truth. Bad law necessarily becomes no law in an environment of truth. When we support bad law we embrace a society of untruth the same as when we embrace the legal acts that are protected through bad law.

      • It is ignorant to say that your side cares for babies when they are capable of dismembering and if not put on check your side would support partial birth abortion (you know partially delivering the baby and inserting a tube on the baby’s skull to kill him/her without anesthesia), or even infanticide.

      • So let’s just dismember them before?
        Your logic is as twisted and inhumane as saying that slaughtering a baby equals to a war that people choose to go to.

        And I was not for the war in Iraq FYI so try something new.

      • you bet. Sending soldiers to slaughter based on lies is criminal. But what would you know about serving your country or being a soldier? Pussy.

      • I don’t know how to elucidate you d I have no intention of educing you if you can’t see it for yourself. Just don’t want to waste my time with your liberal closed minded waste of oxygen

    • What? You want people to believe that your side cares for babies when your side is capable of dismembering them? Oh I remember when Clinton vetoed the ban on partial birth abortion.
      That myth you are saying is so ridiculous.

      Who do you think pays for the services dear?
      So please spare everyone here of the typical memes….
      Fact is that your side, if not put on check, would even support infanticide. And then you want people to believe that you care because you support an enslaving system of foodstamps but restrict every business to provide people with work?

      • Tell that to a service man trying to feed his family Mila. Enslaved? you must be joking. 15 million people the USA are starving, most of them probably kids, in a country DROWNING in wealth. That’s compassion? Please.

      • So you are saying that it is compassion to dismember them before they have a chance to fight for their lives?
        I was poor from a third world country and I didn’t even have shoes. Do I prefer that I had been dismembered? Oh how compassion?
        And if your problem is the distribution of wealth, then why dismember babies to solve that problem? That is crazy and inhumane.
        It is the equivalent as saying that I support the Nazis killing the children of the Jews who were going to be sent to the gas chambers out of compassion.

      • Who cares if a child is hungry?? The wealthy don’t have enough so we should support policies that give them MORE!!

      • You liberals, you never use the term “earned”. These people never build their wealth on a government check do they? I do the taxes for a very successful couple that probably pay more in taxes than you make in a year. And guess what, they went to work and “earned” it. How shocking!

      • 15 million are starving? Where are these people? Where do you get your data? This is bullshit and you know it. Unless they are living in Detroit perhaps one of our cities that is being destroyed from within by liberal democratic politicians. If you want the serviceman to get fair pay then write congress and raise hell. Of course they are too busy BORROWING money from our Enemies to give our other ENEMIES or people who proudly refuse to work, to bother with our Military.

      • when you see starving kids you don’t ask where their parents are, you feed them. That’s compassion. Not a DROP of it on the right side of the political ledger. You all like wave Jesus around but when it comes time to walk the walk? Pussies. Lion mouth and a squirrel ass.

      • Yes, you do ask where the parents are. And then you take them away from them and place them in a loving home that will provide for them. I have not mentioned Jesus one time have I? Not a drop of responsibility on the left side of the political ledger. But your intended insults are funny though.

      • You need to look at who donates to charity and who does not. It might surprise you. You are spewing out the typical leftist rich against the poor dogma. Its BS if destroying the rich worked then the Soviet Union would not have gone bankrupt and North Korea would be out producing South Korea.

      • Really? That is so funny that the left even states that. The right actually supports children more than the liars on the left. How about not screwing the parents of the children for starters?
        But, sure according to you, because republicans supposedly don’t support babies once born, is ok to kill them. Unreal….
        Oh I actually feel bad for people who even attempt that lame argument.

      • Mila…the facts are not with you….you don’t want women having abortions but yet you support the cutting of programs that are designed to help a child…u cut food stamps, wic….I stand by my statement!

      • You use excuses like FRAUD which is a low percentage…anything to excuse your HATRED of the poor

      • Earl, women can have abortions all they want to, but to expect someone else to pay for it is the problem.

    • Right on point, west point. You’re not going to convince anyone here, but I applaud you for stating the unobvious. There are those that have long term vision, and those that are short sighted. Babies are great, pure and innocent. But many are born to crap parents that don’t know how to spell nurture, nor do they care. I wish they’d learn that birth control is great thing!

      And you forgot to mention… Got jobs for all those new people? Housing? Ever heard about over population destroying the planet? OOPs. That’s too much to ask from limited intellects.

      • Exactly. Those 56 million abortions would probably equal 150 million additional lives here in America, most of them un or underemployed. We’d have chaos on our hands.

      • They were never born, never alive, so we don’t have to worry about that which never was, do we? I don’t have to “sell it” to anybody. Women are allowed to control their bodies. By Law Get over it.

      • My nephew and his wife recently had a baby girl and they say it’s the best thing to happen to them. But, he did wait until he was married, had a beautiful house and a great job. My lord, are we to the point where we abort them because there are to many?

      • Not your F’ing call is it? Who died and left you in charge of morality for OTHER people?

      • Actually, if you look at how societies work, our birth rate will not sustain the nation, it will collapse. Its now below the work/not work point. Look it up.
        So all the BS they fed all us boomers about excess population growth being bad was a HUGE LIE that will likely destroy the nation since the tax base SHRINKS and more social programs need more money ect ect. I got a news flash, we have chaos right now. Its just that the “news” does not report it. All these illegal kids coming in? They are likely going to be used to create a humanitarian crisis, Obama is already using the term. I bet he calls on UNESCO to “help”. What the whole plan is I do not know but its going to be bad if fully implemented and a lot of people are not going to survive it. I HOPE I am wrong. But they are intentionally suppressing the economy and it cannot be accidental unless Obama really is that dumb which I really doubt.

      • We are coming into a population shortage (notably of the young)…as some countries in Europe already have…We are not overpopulating the planet…at least not in the US.

      • Overpopulation is creating tremendous shortages of resources: water, food, arable land. In the Us, we use hundreds and thousands times the resources of rural or tribal people that are closely tied to their immediate environment. Forests and cropland are replaced by houses, more fossil fuels are consumed, etc. It’s not as simple as thinking we have plenty of space.

    • Life and death is indeed in God’s hands…but that does not mean we should have the same power!

      Note also…there are SHORTAGES of babies for adoption (That’s why so many get babies from overseas…and have to pay $$$$$ in fees there to do so).

      It would be good for military pay to be raised…Why should a man/woman in the military NOT make a decent living?

    • 20% end in miscarriage.What percentage of those miscarriages were due to factors like the mother was a crack whore and didn’t take care of herself or the father didn’t want it so he pushed the mother down a flight of steps?But ok, let’s blame it all on GOD. You conveniently didn’t mention what percentage ended in abortion either. In answer to your question; if you can’t take care of or feed a baby yourself,
      don’t have sex. Interesting concept,huh?

      • The notion that Crack whores have all the abortions is ludicrous. And 20% equals 10’s of millions annually, FYI. he number thaat end in abortion is WAY lower. And the don’t have sex comment is so lame. ITs a biological imperative for the preservation of the species. But if you’d only finished 9th grade, you’d have known that…..How about an adult conversation about contraception? nope…….hobby lobby and the Catholic Church want no part of that.

      • See you lose the argument when you use absurd words like murder. ITs a fallacious argument based on using emotional terms. You don’t want to get an abortion? don’t get one. But Where TF do you get off telling other women what to do with thier bodies? Not your call. Mind your own F’ing business.

      • the republican establishment don’t give a crap about ABORTION…they need it to get votes from the stupid that believe they actually give a crap about ABORTION

      • No one said crack whores had ALL
        the abortions,that was one example and you are not fooling anyone with that “it’s a biological imperative cop out.By the way I have a business degree.

    • If you don’t want a baby DON’T HAVE A BABY. That was the stupidest comment. “Who is going to take care of them and feed them?”
      That normally falls on the parents.!!

      • parents can’t feed them and the kids starve. So you gonna turn your back on them? How ignorant and insensitive are you? I think i know the answer.

      • Thank you, you just described the argument perfectly. have kids and expect others to pay the way.

      • Liberal-Progressive politicians love that kind of ignorance. They get more votes that way, especially when ignorance breeds ignorance.

      • Who is screwing them over? Everyone pays millions to all of these kids. Millions to schools, millions to welfare, etc, etc. Poor Earl. He knows not what he says.

      • You support cuts to programs that help feed that child…school lunch, food stamps and wic. ’nuff said

      • Really, that’s where adoptive parents come in. I am one. There are millions of people out here who search for children to adopt. There are dozens of agencies and millions who adopt privately.

      • What is the tax you would like to pay to continue these programs? 45%, 50%, 55%? Maybe you should start babbling about how the federal government wastes enough money each day to pay for these programs without having to raise taxes. ’nuff said.

    • Women under thirty have about a 2 percent chance of mis carriage and women over 40 about 10 percent. Of course not many women over forty try to carry too term but the older the worse the results are. I didn’t find anyone that quoted your number of 20 percent for young healthy women.. But maybe world wide ? Anyway we are responsible for our own actions as adults. If you have sex and want to avoid pregnancy you should be able to prevent it. It’s really simple. If you want children you should be ready to accept the responsibility and ready to support them until they finish college or some school that gives them a decent chance of a job. I had a child while in uniform and it was tough but we all ate and had a roof over our heads, well wife and child did anyway. My circumstances were variable, I was in the service. No food stamps or aid of any kind. Those things were very rare when I was in the service and I wouldn’t have applied for aid anyway. My wife never worked outside the home while I was in the service either. Wages and benefits have improved a lot since then, but of course many can’t manage their affairs or their money very well. That is a sad fact of life. But if it makes you happy to put blame on anyone you go ahead and blame the mean old Republicans. I don’t believe after reading your post that you are capable of managing your own affairs but are one of the Progressives we are plagued with who want to blame those of us who provide because we don’t provide enough to suit your ideas of what your needs are.. Most of you folks are unable to provide for yourselves and your children and somehow that is our fault..Well I suggest you suck it up because we have a national debt that will bankrupt the country and a president who is only trying to hasten the day. When that day comes, when who provide will be very busy providing for ourselves and our families and we won’t give a damn if you live or die.. All our charity will be for those who make a concerted effort to take care of them selves and others..

    • “God does not see it that way, why should we?” The answer is simple; WE are not God! God calls people out of this world every day. With your reasoning, there is nothing wrong with killing those people either?? right????

    • You have a rather distorted idea of how God operates, he does not micro manage. Often miscarriages are the result of some anomaly in baby they prevents it from developing. God put us here and pretty well turned us loose giving us rules for a peaceful society. But being humans and having free will, our sinful nature and selfishness cause us to not follow the rules. And the Gov’t.. How did the GOP cut food stamps? They are in control of nothing right now. They cannot do anything without the Democrats OK. I would also point out that is small business was not scared to death over Obamacare and some other wonderful results of our Socialist controlled Gov’t fewer people would need food stamps. The military should not be on food stamps at all but of course the socialists don’t like the military much either.

    • Well, how about their parents taking care of them? It’s interesting that you mention a cut in food stamps and insinuate it’s other peoples rrsponsibility to care for someone elses family, as if the government caring for people is the only option.

    • [[ The biggest abortionist of all time is “God”. 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.]]

      Got any pictures of God with a scalpel carving out the unborn? Didn’t think so.

      Here are the Nuremberg Race Laws of 1935 and Roe v Wade. Now can anyone tell me the difference?

      The introduction of the Nuremberg Race Laws in 1935 saw Jews declared non-persons, stripped of their rights, robbed of their property and isolated.…ng-roe-v-wade/

      Defining the Unborn Child as a “Person”

      In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court held that the unborn child is not a “person,” as that word is used in § 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment and, therefore, is not entitled to the due process and equal protection guarantees the Amendment confers upon “persons.”

      • “God” cuts off their blood supply, so they get no oxygen or nourishment, a million other reasons. What difference does it make? “God” does it. And for the 7th time you can’t use Nazi’s in your arguments. You may be the dumbest guy on here.

      • [[ God” cuts off their blood supply ]]

        How? Does God make you talk like a moron here?

      • The egg does not attach properly to the uterine wall. After a a few days or weeks, the fetus dies from lack of blood and oxygen flow. Happens all the time and many women don’t even know it. IF you’d quit acting like a jacka##, you might learn something from me. You CAN”T possibly be a college grad. Not possible.

  14. NOW is despicable! They have no respect or morals. Please write to NOW condemning them for their actions against the Little Sisters of the Poor…I just did.

  15. National Organization of Post Menopausal Dried Up Humorless Hags.

    Where is their “outrage when Republican or Conservative Women are attacked in the media?

  16. NOW does not speak for women… Nearly all the women I know are utterly shun NOW. This organization has lost it’s way with the extremists. I can only imagine how many of their moderate supporters they will lose because of this embarrassing episode.

  17. Thank you for posting this. My Grandmother was in a Little Sisters of the Poor nursing home in Kansas City. The staff there were completely humble, caring, nurturing and absolutely incredible. The nuns did whatever they could to make my Grandma happy. When she was dying, they ALL came to give their blessings and say goodbye to someone I felt they truly loved. The liberals should be so ashamed for attacking an organization such as this. One day, when they meet their maker, they will have to answer for actions such as this. Until then, all we can do is sit back and spread the truth.

  18. NOW is bizarre…Would love to hear them fight against human trafficking, to fight for women, girls beaten down under sharia law…stuff like that…

    but NOW has to attack nuns! How lame!

  19. It’s really important to let the world know that NOW represents few women. They actually represent less than 1% of women in this country. There are approximately 150 million women in the U.S.. NOW has approximately 500 thousand contributing members. Most of us are not nuts.

  20. Westpoint, we are all glad your mother chose life. God is too. Simple answers seem to elude us these days. If a woman wants an abortion, though I am against it, it’s not my call. It’s not for me to judge her but if she expects someone else to pay for it for her, especially a business/organization whose beliefs do not echo hers then she’s an idiot. And so is the government that tries to force them.

    • Just out of curiosity – what if woman decides that raising her 8 month old infant is too stressful on her and she decides to kill it. Would it then be for you to judge? Or would you say then, as long as the government isn’t asking me to pay for it then it’s none of my business”? Is murder on a national scale only our business if it affects us personally? That’s how the German’s justified their complacency while millions of their neighbors were being slaughtered. How selfish of us to say it’s none of our business just as long as we don’t have to pay for it. IT IS OUR NATION, our fellow Americans being slaughtered, it IS our business and obligation to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

      • That is the dumbest analogy I’ve ever heard! Sin is sin. I don’t chase adulterers around and pull them apart, tell them they can’t do that. I do not follow gay people or obese people and tell them what to do. My beliefs are mine to practice and share with those who are ready and willing to listen, so I won’t be trying to save the likes of Lucifer. No one is without sin. If you want to save the world start with yourself, be an example of what is good and caring to those we meet each day.

  21. The group NOW is very hostile, quite the opposite of what they claim to be. Maybe that’s because part of their funding comes from, get this, George Soros’s Open Society Institute, the same guy who wants Open Borders and helped the Nazi’s as a young man.

  22. A little off topic but…why when I listen to right wing radio they are always selling stuff?? IRS WATCHDOG….MEDIA WATCHDOG….BENGHAZI WATCHDOG…selling memberships, books, hats, tee shirts….but yet NOTHING IS DONE!

    • Makes me wonder too. With my tinfoil hat firmly in place, I ask – are they all on the same side? Just present opposing views so that the money keeps flowing from everybody? I sincerely hope that this is not the case but then, as you asked, why is nothing ever done?

    • Nothing gets done? Are you blind? Shall we name some recent victories? How about the Hobby Lobby court case? How about the bundy ranch?

      It’s hard to fight against a corrupt government when half the people are STUPID enough to side with them. We are making our victories, but Liberals only have victory when the government wins. I guess that happens when you live off the government 😉

      You’re an idiot.

      • Even the Fox commentators have backed off their support of Bundy. He grazed his stock on Federal land and refused to pay the very low fees everyone else pays. For 20 years. He should be in JAIL.

      • Can’t argue with stupid. After you learn what the real fight was and you still feel this way, perhaps you should just pack up and head out of country. Permanently. Fool

      • Of course. You would too if you’d turn off your state sponsored government propaganda that you call news.
        This was about an over reaching land grab by yet another unconstitutional gov agency BLM. It was in support of Dingy Harry Reid’s cocksucker arrangement with the Chinese (they want to build a solar plant there.) His son and law was to broker the deal. This is nothing more than a land grab to profit a crooked senator.

      • The land in question is public land – not Bundy’s. furthermore –

        “Cliven Bundy, whose family homesteaded his ranch in 1877 and who accuses the government of a ‘land grab,’ are digging in for a fight and say they will not willingly sell their grazing privileges to create another preserve.” People who use the desert to prospect for minerals and to race motorcycles and jeeps also feel shortchanged. “‘It was shoved down our throat,’ said Mark Trinko, who represents off-road vehicle users on the committee that oversees the plan.”

        Bundy has repeatedly been fined for grazing his cattle on the protected land, fines he has not paid since 1993. The Bureau of Land Management, which oversees about 800 grazing areas in Nevada, responded by revoking his permit. Bundy has not applied for a new one.

      • Thank you for making my point Sue. The Bundy’s have had that land in their family since when? 1877. The BLM came in and declared that whole section quite recently comparably. Little by little, lot by lot, farm by farm…. The BLM came after them and took their grandfather’s land. Do you understand this? I own, or will own someday a piece of land. Father has worked so hard to procure it. Will the BLM decide my land has some sort of gov value? I hope not. The Bundy issue certainly has me wondering tho. If they can take the land that was in his family for a century, what makes me think that in another 20 years, mine won’t come up for grab. Do you own land Sue? Do you aspire to own some? I do.

      • Grazing cattle on federal land .. requires payment of a nominal fee……….which you hero Bundy neglected or refused t do for 20 years………….. that is stealing from the taxpayers.

    • Most liberal idea’s are like junk mail and needs to be trashed and that is what slows every thing down .

      • The same way Al Gore did. And they have that right just like the Hollywood types Obama loves to hang around.

      • HONESTLY, Unlike Reid, Pelosi, the Kennedys, George Soros, Obama, Clintons, Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer; You want me to continue ??

        Thanks NCTarheel; I forgot Al (fake global warming) Gore.

    • it pays the bills, UNLIKE the LIBERAL LEFT WINGERS that use PUBLIC funds and have the whole lamestream Propaganda press and news media spouting the nonsense and garbage of the left.

  23. The Catholic Church and the Little Sisters of The Poor will stand long after NOW has crumbled in its own cesspool of moral decay.

  24. Too much complaining coming from you tea party loons….how bout you try to win a NATIONAL ELECTION…until then…please shut up! Thanks!

      • When you decide to take up the belief that Obama won because of FREE STUFF and reject the fact that Obama won because Mitt was a very weak candidate and the republican primaries pushed the minority vote to the democrats…you’ll never win another election

      • See, you fell for it. With the “you’ll, you assume to much. I am a registered unaffiliated voter. Neither party is worth a penny. But you are free to think however you like, right or wrong. But sad it’s always you against us. No, Mitt was portrayed as a villain because of his wealth, if you care to look. When you promise to redistribute wealth, it wins a lot of votes doesn’t it?

    • Sorry son, it all goes back to who determines the rules for ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ I rather like what God gave to Moses. Who wrote your script?

    • Earl Lee’s typicle, canned comment. All he does is label an article, “complaining”. Then lays down a namecalling or two, without added anything to the discussion. Thanks Earl, that was fantastic!

      How about you stop trolling if you don’t want to hear a perspective contrary to yours or actually make a meaningful, intelligent comment to further the discussion

    • Notice how you haven’t been banned from this website. It’s because we support free speech…unlike liberals…who shut down anything opposing them. You’re a very bad troll, and I honestly don’t know how an administrator has not banned you yet(Assuming they can). How about you leave the comments to those who can use their brains and rationalize?

      • Why wouldn’t you? You’re clearly here just to be upset and spew discontent. That is the definition of trolling. Troll.

  25. The Real Question: HOW IS CONTRACEPTION HEALTH CARE?? Please explain this to me. It makes absolutely no sense at all. The pro-abortion baby killers love to shout keep your laws off my body. Hey, I want to keep my money/tax dollars away from you filthy disgusting body!

    • Um…..and why are drugs like Viagra considered part of healthcare….? By the way… It’s youR …not you… Don’t worry… We ( the ones with the fithy disgusting bodies) understand spelling is an issue when you need to use both ends of YOUR bod at the same time!!!

      • I think Viagra should be a “spend your own dollar” too; Too many old men that can’t get it up think I should pay for it.

  26. Typical. Liberals want you to stay out of their woman parts unless you’re buying it something.
    Kinda sounds like prostitution, doesn’t it?

  27. Slander, lying, distorting, munipulating, brain washing our women is out right disgusting!
    Isn’t it time that we shine a light on this darkness? When I was growing up in the 50’s and some of the 60’s you dared not slander anyone because 1. It was not the thing to do, and there were consequences (legal), people would actually take you to court to stop their attempts to defame you and correct the record. So my question to you is why aren’t we going after organizations like this The National Organization of Women and stop their attempts to tear appart these sisters of the poor? Now I speak about all the other liberal organizations, news media, why aren’t we taking them to court as well to shine the light on all of their truth distorting and lies? I am sick of the republicans who just seat back and allow so many things to slide. We need to stand up and shine God’s light on these things so that those who are the sheep don’t take these lies as the truth. Dear Lord forgive us and help us all to see your purpose in all of this, help us to repent as a nation that has turned from you because we have lost our spiritual back bone. Encourage us, strengthen us and do not desert our nation, we need you and want to give you glory! Raise up good and honest people to bring our country back as our Forfathers started, giving you prominence in our lives. All things are possible through Jesus who strengthens us.

      • Where do you get this? Nobody in the western world is forced to conform to a religion. So far as brainwashing. I suggest you read the 10 Commandments and tell me what about them is brainwashing. Tell me that if we were to abide by them, even if we were to omit the graven image and no God before me what is wrong with them. So far as the poor, you might perhaps read what Jesus says about the poor. Finally have any of you BEEN poor? Income under the poverty level? Under the level considered “gainfully employed” by gov’t agencied? I mean since you got out of school, like when you were 30 or maybe over. And then for how many years? Yeah I have been “poor” and we always managed birth control, something my wife and I now greatly regret. We kept the kids fed and only were on food stamps for a very limited period. So I get a little sick of people putting their hand out for the gov’t to give them stuff. I went to a meeting when Obamacare was being considered, with two shills for our Democrats in the Senate. The only people there that were not whining for the gov’t to give them something. This is not how a society survives. We as a nation don’t own anything anymore the Gold in Ft Knox, if there is any, would not cover what we owe. So wake up your dreaming.

      • “Religious” folks are trying to make their brand of faith into national law…………….that is unconstitutional

      • AN ignorant libersl trying to FORCE others to pay for their pregnancy prevention when all they have to do is SAY NO OR keep their legs closed.
        You wanna be a slut, FEEL free Sue, just don’t make me and others PAY FOR IT.

      • when you pay into insurance p the covered item comes from those funds – unless you use more than you have paid in – you are getting those things with your own money….. not someone else’s.

      • Seriously ? You don’t know that ,,,,, paying even attention even half way to what is going on you would realize the push t make America a “Christian” theocracy. How can you not see it?

      • This is complete BS unless YOUR church is behind it. My wife also went to Catholic School and I have never heard her say such a thing, nor have I ever heard any such thing in any reading or homily during mass. Now I will admit that some of the spinoff so called Christian churches can get pretty far from the teachings of Jesus. I would cite the Westboro “Baptist” Church. But the Catholic Church does not advocate the creation of a theocracy. I would think if they did they would rule all of Italy. Nor did Christ. He had no desire or need to be a king on this earth.

        The “push” is to cause us to spiral down into chaos so that the GOV’T can force us into totalitarianism. This is why the economy is being suppressed to prolong the economic down turn. FDR did the same thing and apparently for the same reason. This is not a “male issue” or a “female” issue its a “issue” for all of mankind (“man” in this context means “human” btw). In English “man” has several meanings. Unlike Latin and Greek for example.

      • You need to understand that medical texts BEFORE Roe v Wade stated that human life began at conception and the medical profession was a prime mover in laws against abortion in the late 19th early 20th c. But by about 1969 they did an about face (in just a couple of years) and decided that the baby was now just a “tissue mass” or perhaps a sheep or a cockroach but not human. If its not a baby the woman is not pregnant. This is irrefutable.

      • IMHO, icorps1970 was restating that many of us are sick and tired of all the gubmint givways; the gross over reach of gubmint; and the administrations abuse or disregard of the Constitutional processes that have helped sustain this Nation for over 200 years. I too was in ICorps in 1968 and 69, as well as in WDC as part of the military riot control efforts that were required at that time because of the actions of foolish liberals..

      • nice orange hair you got there Pam. Any forks in your family tree? By the looks of things i’d guess not. And at least i have the balls to speak my mind, not just troll around making stupid comments like you with your low double digit IQ.

      • kids are forced by their parents to conform to all kinds of fantastic beliefs – until they come of age and can think for themselves.

      • Fantastic beliefs? You mean like human caused global warming (global temp has not increased in years now)? Or that a single parent or two women or two men can raise a child as well as a man and women? Proven to not work and in fact increases crime and drug use. Or perhaps the BS that all us boomers were fed about “overpopulation” so we did not have enough children to even support the society we live in? Look into demographics of what a birth rate must be just to sustain a society. Then look at what has happened in Europe and what it happening here. Birth control has been a disaster in that is caused our birth rate to plummet to unsustainable levels. But the Gov’t LOVES it. It frees women to go into the work force and add to their payroll tax take… Until there are not enough workers to support their social programs, then the panic an open the borders to get in tax payers (and crimials and terrorists) to get more people to pay taxes.

      • wow your take on those issues really IS fantastic, incredible in fact !
        The beliefs I referred to were those that teach – that an omnipotent God would have his feeling hurt by some petty misbehavior of a child. That “French kissing” is a mortal sin. The last straw for me was when a priest told my friend that he younger brother had been killed as punishment for the fact that she married in Las Vegas rather than the church.
        In the parish where I grew up 3 priest were involved in sexual scandals – two with boys, and one who “got a 17 year old girl pregnant”.
        Bless you for your ability to believe – that is fine for you — but please don’t expect the whole USA to live by your beliefs.

      • BA HA…what a joke….Speaking of hate, i’ve seen a number of your posts, pot , meet kettle…….name an organization that has done more to hurt children and women than the Catholic Church. Atheists just want to be left alone. Organized religion has ruined millions of lives. Looks like you may have been on the receiving end of some pedophilic priest.

      • Yet I’m not catholic. Never had an occasion to meet your priest. Sounds like you did tho. Can you elaborate on your abuse? It might help you. Otherwise, maybe a nap?

      • Pedophilic Clergy come in all denominations, which one was it that abused you? YOu can get compensation. Atheists aren’t known for pedophile tendancies. ITs religious folk like you who tend to be whack jobs.

      • Really? So there are no atheists who are pedophiles or commit other crimes? Or is it just that CNN has not reported it and so it does not exist.

      • Well seeing that the Pope admitted today that 2% of all Cahtolic Priests are pedophiles I’d put my pointer finger away if i was you. That number is probably low, since that was all they were willing to admit to, i doubt they overstated the problem which means there are 10,00+ pedophile priests. And that is according th the Church themsevles. This after DECADES of lawsuits and probably 500+ years of that type behavior. If I were you I’d shut my F’ing mouth.

    • Why is it that everyone wants to blame the Republicans? They can’t pass anything without the approval of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or the SENATE that those two control.

    • the “sheep” are those in the pews – who believe that they are deserving of mistreatment and discrimination

    • I happen to know a few “whoppers” the Dems have told over the years too. Read some American history -or are you “party blind”? Many Reps are praying the same prayer you are. Isn’t it time to stop party nsme-calling and look at each of us as INDIVIDUALS instead of just party? Btw, there are a lot of Reps at home who aren’t happy with their elected leaders.

  28. How about a little namecalling. Ugly, progressive, lesbian, atheist, intolerant, females doing anything for ink.

  29. Remember how every single “Women’s Right’s Group”, including the NOW, sat and watched Obama tell Hillary, in 2008 “You can’t run for President, Hillary – It’s a man’s job”….?

  30. As usual, we must consider the source – and in this case find NOW falls far short of decency and honesty. They reveal themselves for what they are, a group of feminists whose sole object is to do whatever harm they can to society.

  31. West states in the article, “However, these Sisters stood up to Obama and his vision and therefore are seen by NOW as evil.” I’m trying to find where NOW calls the Sisters “evil.”

    • Their actual title is National Organization “for” Women. Mr. West apparently doesn’t have “the Google” on his internet machine.
      The official teaching of the Catholic church (and of those who buy into it) leads to the suppression of women.

      • The actual title is The National Organization for “Liberal Women”. They aren’t “for” all women, if they were, they would publicly denounce the horrible personal attacks on conservative women by the liberals. Some of these women are African-American by the way.

      • Some of the members o NOW are African-American as well.
        The attacks by conservative woman on liberal woman are equally horrible.

      • I am not an atheist .. I was raised Catholic. 14 years of Catholic school. I am intimately aware of how nuns manipulate and emotionally abuse. I attend Episcopal Church now.

    • Now that is pretty smart “BobGOD.” The Nuns want to spend their lives, spend time and money on strangers who are not even Catholic so they can get rich? So they can exploit for purposes of…..????

      Someone with a blasphemous name making comments lacking wisdom. It fits!

    • The main work of the libs/dems/socialists/marxists is to ensure that the poor remain poor for the libs/dems/socialists/marxists to exploit.

    • Of course we would have heard of it because it would be the first time anyone has ever heard of muzzie’s doing anything for anybody. Are there muslim nuns who care for the elderly poor?

      • lol Good point! Was kind of going after the idea of a group of muzz’s not offering the contraception. I know, I know.. a bit far fetched… Just sayin 🙂

  32. Mr. West makes a big deal of stating that NOW is “of women not for women”. He is wrong about that. when founded in the 60’s it was, indeed “of” — but male allies began joining in support so it was officially changed to “for”. Simple Google search would have told Mr. West that. If he is so cavalier with such simple fact — how can one rely on ANYTHING he says. Religious orders are enmeshed it the Catholic concept of “offering suffering up in atonement” They are notorious for talking people out of taking pain meds or just withholding the meds. When confronted about this Mother Teresa said some thing like — by their suffering they are earning a higher place in heaven. Oh I get why the church denies birth control .. and that is their right …. but do they get federal funds to help their cause? if so they have to follow federal law……or sustain themselves solely with donations for church members

    • “if so they have to follow federal law” -Sue Roediger

      obama doesn’t follow the Constitution…your comment was none too bright.

      • It is certainly more believable than MSN. And at least they report news that the main media avoids.

      • Fox news is registered as an “entertainment channel” because they kept getting cited for “inaccurate” stories. Main stream media tends to “fact check” their stories before they put them on the air. That could be why some of the things on Fox are not anywhere else.

      • Thanks for posting a link to what you consider as being “news”. It kind of took all the fun out of guessing but was fairly certain anyways that you were a LIV.

      • “LIV” ? What does that mean?
        I get my news from many sources….Fox is NOT one of them.

      • You would know if you quit reading all those liberal rags and watching the stupid news. (MSNBC/ABC/NBC etcccc)
        LIV= Low Information Voter – Old news

      • I have never seen a news report concerning anything I knew about personally that was correct.
        Distorted news is nothing new. Read Mark Twain’s “Journalism in Tennessee.
        The INCREDIBLE distortions that I used to here when NPR news was the only thing I could get on my clock radio were unbelievable. The ones I remember best were the sound bites concerning Newt Gingerich. They would put out some sound bite and I wonder what heck would ANYONE say something that stupid. But of course it was out of context in context it made perfect sense. Then we have our “news”papers. They hounded a republican Senator for quite sometime for taking money from a lobbyist who was conning the Indian tribes, the senator and anyone else he came in contact with. But since guy was representing the tribes to the Senator had no real choice but the have contact with him. He lost the election. THEN about a month later the SAME newspaper runs a story about our senior Senator (Max Baucus who introduced and helped Obamacare then ran from it) getting money from lobbiests. But in this case the story was “this is just how things are done in DC”. No double standard there.
        Firearms law? (They hate guns you know) The liberal media cannot discuss this topic with at LEAST major distortions and generally out right lies. We already have a Federal BACKGROUND CHECK. If you buy 2 handguns in one day from the same dealer its reported within 24 hours to the BATF. If you walk in to a store and buy a gun (after all the forms and the NCIS background check) then sell it in the back parking lot to someone else its a FELONY. In fact every violation of the Federal Firearms laws is a FELONY. If you are a felon and do not state it on the form (which instantly derails the sale) and SIGN the form its FELONY cause you lied on the form.
        Here is a rule of thumb. If its on TV (or in the MSM anywhere) its a lie. Usually intentional. Especially if the lie furthers the socialist/communist/totalitarian agenda.

      • Uh oh. Sue included a link to the daily kos…that tells us everything we need to know about her. She’s a Low Info Voter.

    • …so Sue, what you say has credibility? The concept of offering it up is to help alleviate, not to cause suffering. Even after Col. West tells that touching story you have to come in with your mean spirited purposeful misinterpretations.

      • “Offering it up” alleviates nothing. It is a panacea to psych someone into accepting their condition without complaint.

      • “It is the spirit that gives life, the flesh is of no avail.” Your inverse understanding is fleshly, without the wisdom of the Lord’s love. Evidently, there is nothing I can say to help you understand. Faith, Hope , and Love may not compute at all for you.

      • you are free to believe all that and if it helps you — fine. The idea that by placidly accepting a painful situation you somehow “earn” a “higher place” in eternity – is a useful tool for getting people to submit to poverty and injustice. I do understand the concepts of Faith and Hope and Love. Faith in a loving God who directs us to Love one another as we Love our selves and Hope to see God’s love of ALL God’s children made tangible on earth — by practicing compassion to alleviate suffering – not by telling people to endure and “offer it up”.

      • So stop with the straw-man argument then. It is ignoble to pass along slander.

        Your definition of Faith Hope and Love are things in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

        If you think for one second “offering it up” means pain is good,or let’s experience pain so we can offer it up, you are part of the left wing modern lie machine.

        Never has the Catholic Church endorsed sadism, which you with you slander are accusing her of.

      • I don’t know about official Catholic Church policy — I DO know what is was taught in my 14 years of education with the priests and nuns. Weather or not they had the endorsement of the church – they were certainly sadistic. It is not slander to report my experience..

      • Sue: I went to Catholic School too and never heard anything like that. My parents would be much older than you and they both went to Catholic school and they never told me anything like that….They sent their kids to Catholic school!

        You talk about “your experience,” you were there and I was not. Sadism is evil. There have certainly been evil people in positions of authority in the Catholic Church, as there are in all Churches, as there is in government, as there is in your neighborhood.

        Your definition of faith, hope and love, I will guess you RECEIVED from you Catholic education. You just won’t give them credit where credit is due.

        Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. You can read it on line for free, but you should buy it. If you read the Bible and the Catechism you may find you may want to be with the group of people fighting for what is good, instead of furthering misrepresentations.

      • I have the Catechism bookmarked. The church teaches that only Baptized Catholics will go to heaven, that birth control is sinful, that masturbation is a sin, that LGBT are “intrinsically disordered” and :”called to live in celibacy”. The same institution that transferred and sheltered pedophile priests while telling the victims they have sinned.
        I have discovered the Episcopal church……who recognize a loving God and who make a place at the Eucharis table for all. They have women as ordained priests and consecrated bishops, and some of the clergy happen to be homosexual or transgendered.
        I am not intentionally “misrepresenting” the church — just sharing what is true for me. At my current church there are many, many “recovering” from our years in the Catholic church.

      • This is incorrect in several ways. One need not even be baptized to go to heaven, thought it may complicate the process. I suggest that you down load the 30 mp3 files that comprise the “Luke E. Hart Series” from the Knights of Columbus site and listen to them. They quote the Catechism too. I suggest you read 1037. One need not be baptized to accept Christ and be saved.
        The ordination of priestesses is not done by the Catholic Church because there are no Goddesses in the Bible. I would also point out that the Catholic Church WROTE the New Testament and that the New Testament names the Church as the bulwark of the truth. It also states that all of Christs teaching are not written down. Many of these are carried down through Church Traditions.
        ALL organizations are infiltrated by people that are not that desirable. The Churches problem with the pedophile clergy came from this and to some extent from the Church’s ideas of forgiveness and penance. Was it a mistake? Sure it was. But given the number of priests in the world and the number of offenders I think the MSM blew this out of proportion

      • 1281 Those who die for the faith, those who are catechumens, and all those who, without knowing of the Church but acting under the inspiration of grace, seek God sincerely and strive to fulfill his will, can be saved even if they have not been baptized (cf. LG 16).

        1282 Since the earliest times, Baptism has been administered to children, for it is a grace and a gift of God that does not presuppose any human merit; children are baptized in the faith of the Church. Entry into Christian life gives access to true freedom.

        1283 With respect to children who have died without Baptism, the liturgy of the Church invites us to trust in God’s mercy and to pray for their salvation.

        So if your don’t know about the church you CAN be saved without Baptism but if you have heard but rejected – it seems not.
        If a child dies without being Baptized – we must pray for mercy.
        You say the Catholic church WROTE the New Testament. At Nicea the gathered decided which writing to keep — thus they were editors– The Gospel writers didn’t call themselves the catholic church that happened around 300 AD
        Look up what the Pope said today about pedophile priests

      • Okay Sue, You just contradicted yourself in what you said to me above with the Catechism quotes you just gave.

        The Catechism is not giving “closed ended” responses; it is making positive statements of mercy.

        “All things are possible with God.” Is something the Catholic Church never has nor ever will deny. The Catholic Church has never condemned anyone. Never proclaimed anyone is actually in Hell…not in 2000 years because it is God’s purview and they can’t. So stop your misinterpretations and misrepresentations. Homosexuality is not natural (putting a man’s sex organ into another’s anal cavity is unhealthy and not normal). God’s Word says it is an abomination in the OT and this is confirmed multiple times in the NT. You can claim God wants it, but there is no Church scripture or tradition to support you.

        Ignatius, the Bishop of Antioch knew the Apostles. He was with St. John the Apostle for something like 40 years. He was an eye witness to the Lord according to other church fathers writing. Just after the year 100, he referred to the Church as the Catholic Church. He was taught by the apostles and Jesus himself.

        It was the Counsels of Rome, Carthage and Hippo, in the late 300s that codified the tradition of what books go in the bible, and the Pope Codified it just after 400.

        The Catholic Church was founded in Mat 16, and grew from there. She 2 Thes 2:15 “holds fast to the traditions that have been handed on to us, either orally or by letter.” Therefore the writers were Catholic in their theology and practice.

        You belong to a facsimile of the Catholic Church. Your Eucharist is symbolic at best. Your church was established by the behavior of a murderous thug who killed his wives because he wanted to.

      • yada yada — you believe what you were told ……
        I find comfort in attending the Episcopal church – what you call heresy I call reformation. I am however skeptical of all organized religion…….it is a tool used to control the masses.

      • The bible does not say “bible alone,” it says the opposite in 1 Tim 3:15 “the church is the pillar and foundation of the truth.”

        This “skeptical of organized religion” is a pat Protestant response. You can justify your behavior and make yourself feel better if you want, but that is not what Christ taught us.

        We are to “rejoice in the truth,” not switch around until we feel better…

      • yours is the pat answer of the Catholic Church – we are the one true faith. Henry and Martian Luther had valid reasons to split with Rome. There was so much scandal and hypocrisy in those days: indulgences, priests (and Bishops) fathering children. The Pope interfering with politics and secular power.
        The Catholic church of today is exactly like to Pharisees of Jesus’ time. If Jesus were to return today he would weep at what HIS church has become.

      • Sue, You’ve got to laugh at your Freudian slip “Martian” Luther. We agree on this, he was from Mars! Google Martin Luther’s book “The Jews and their Lies,” were he says “we need to burn down their synagogues, put them into forced labor camps, its our fault we don’t slay these people.” Nice guy. You believe his claims?

        The only book murderous Henry VIII wrote was an attack on Martin Luther, calling him a heretic and completely siding with the Pope. Did you know that? Henry was completely against the “religious rebellion” until he needed a favor from the Pope. He wanted to get rid of his wife, and since the Church said he had no grounds for an annulment, he took matters into his own hands and chopped her head off (the founder of your church). Henry was a bad guy when he was a Catholic, but he became the worst murderous monster when he because a Protestant.

        In fact, all this stuff about Catholic corruption is propaganda. It is not like corruption didn’t happen, it is that the Protestants were much worse and they don’t bring it up?

        There is a great BBC documentary you can get on youtube. Put it, “Spanish Inquisition 99% Myth.”

        The Prods burned about 150,000 woman at the stake as witches. The Spanish inquisition killed about 3,000 to 5,000 over 350,000 years.

        Read the “Penal laws against Catholics” in Great Britain once the government went Protestant.

        Did you know the Country of Ireland went from a population of about 8 Mil to a country of 1.5 M in about 5 years. Were there any protestants starving to death or fleeing for their lives?

        The truth is, the Catholic Church was the voice of moderation, when the Protestant so called “reformation” cause massive warfare on an enormous scale. Look at the wars in Germany. The Ana-baptists and the Lutherans went right at each other. Look at the wars in Britain which was mostly Protestants attacking other protestants and also attaching Catholics.

      • Sue, I am a student of history and what I find virtually uniformly is the Catholic Church is the most lied about institution in history; they are virtually never as bad as people say and they don’t get credit for all the good they have done.

        I could go though a long list, these things are not church propaganda, I am quite an adult and have gotten them through my own research, but here is an example for you of one of the top ones:

        Galileo: He was a friend of the church and given a chance to defend his position. He was right in siding with and supporting Copernicus’ theory, but he was wrong in his explanations why. He came up with reasons that were wrong and other scientists correctly shot him down. He was told he could teach his theories “as his theories” but not as the “truth” because they were not proven. He was put on house arrest at his mansion (he was wealthy) because it was after the Protestant rebellion and he was going around making speeches (he was quite a boisterous, loud fellow) in Italy saying the Catholic Church was wrong about the bible. There was murder and mayhem all over Europe at the time. Protestant were attacking Catholics, smashing statues yelling idolatry and burning down Catholic Churches. It was the right thing to stop him from inciting this.

        All of Western Civilization depends on the Catholic Church (the Church did not tell me this, I am convinced by looking at history) The Catholic Church converted the pagan Europeans, they invented hospitals, brought schools to the common people (before this only rich people had tutors), they invented universities, and on and on….they have cared for more sick people, fed more hungry people, taken care of more dying people giving them dignity in death, educated more people than all else combined. One Protestant web site gave a list of good things Christians do in the world (he was not pro Catholic), and he said the Catholic Church provides 25% of healthcare in Africa today (for free). I haven’t verified this but I don’t doubt it.

        As for Martin Luther: I could go on and on. His theory of “Justification by faith alone” made him “feel” better. It contradicts scripture verbatim in James 2:24 “See how a person is justified by works and not by faith alone.” It also contradicts Rom 2: 6-11.

        If you read Luther and don’t see he was mentally disturbed I will find it hard to believe. Even the top Protestant scholars admit he was bipolar or something like it. I heard RC Sproul talk about how crazy he was (Sproul is one of the most looked to Protestant Scholars today). Luther though the devil was waiting around the corner for him his whole life: the lightning storm story fits this. Read about the bigamy scandal. Real about in his treatise on good works how he called for burning down Catholic Churches that were not taken care of or if they left incompetents in charge. Luther though everyone was incompetent but him (he certainly yelled and screamed Calvin was incompetent and Zwingli too–who where the two other main “reformers”). Or how he said, when writing to the King, how the Europeans should not defend themselves against the invading Muslims. They should take it because it was God punishing them for how wicked they were, but instead (he told the King of his part of Germany) he should attack the Catholic Magisterium with the sword! That’s good. Let the muslims slice and dice the people while you are slicing and dicing Catholic Bishops. Does this not describe evil?

        Compare that to Pope Leo X, who is vilified by Protestants because he was at the time of their rebellion, but who went to great lengths not only to protest the Jews in Europe, but he invited them into the Vatican and had them working for him.

        Did you know the scientist who came up with the big bang theory was a Belgian Priest? He came up with the theory of reduction from it to show creation! It is funny how people switch these things around for their own agenda.

        Seriously, put “BBC Spanish Inquisition 99% myth” into youtube and watch it.

        Also, It is insane you point to the Catholic Church this way, seriously, the Church of England has more blood on their hands than the Catholic Church and they are around only 25% as long. Read the penal laws against Catholics!

        Did you know the population in Ireland went from about 8 million to 1.5 Million in about 5 years? Did you know there was about three times the amount of food being produced in Ireland to feed the people but the English Protestants were taking it off at gun point and selling it for profit while Irish families bodies were being stacked like cord wood?

        Seriously! You belong to that church with all its evil history and you should not point any fingers. They were especially bad when the more Calvinist wing took over, but read the language in the Penal Laws: No Catholic can own more than a tiny piece of land, can not have but a tiny amount of money in their pockets, can not get a government job, can not be educated, cannot educate their children, cannot speak their own language, cannot practice their religion, cannot marry a protestant and on and on. If a Protestant informs on a Catholic, the Prod and the King split an enormous fine the Catholic couldn’t pay. So the king and the informing Prod split there possessions and they were out on the street (starving). Now there is Christianity for you!

        It is written in legal code. It doesn’t say “Catholic” it says “Papist” because the Church of England was trying to claim they were the Catholic Church.

      • (Quote) I find comfort in attending the Episcopal church (End Quote)

        Because they tell you what your itching ears want to hear. (2 Timothy 4:3)

        (Quote) I am however skeptical of all organized religion…….it is a tool used to control the masses. (End Quote)

        And yet you attend an “organized” Episcopal church. It appears then, by your own words, you wish to be controlled.

      • (Quote) I have discovered the Episcopal church……who recognize a loving God and who make a place at the Eucharis table for all……..and some of the clergy happen to be homosexual or transgendered. (End Quote)

        You are guilty of idolatry. The “god” you represent has been created in your own mind. God does not share your, or the Episcopal church’s acceptance of the practicing perverse.

        He is indeed a God of love, but He also is a God of justice. He will not overlook or excuse sin.

      • (Quote) To sad for you and your hatred (End Quote)

        I do not hate homosexuals – I dislike their sinful lifestyle.

        (Quote) I guess we will both find out when we die (End Quote)

        You can find out right now – simply open your Bible and read it.

      • The Bible says a lot of things….John 13:34-35New International Version (NIV)

        34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

    • The “NOW” group is and ALWAYS has been a Left winger liberal organization that contains ONLY liberal left wing women and not that many of them at that. The LAMESTREAM propaganda media ALWAYS runs to them for Quotes BECAUSE they are a left winger group.
      In truth they are nothing more than a left wing terror group as is evidenced by their attack on the Nuns.
      BTW, I heard that the Catholic Church has forbidden Pelosi to be given the sacraments because of her “PRO-ABORTION” stance.

    • NOW is an organization of horribly ugly, mean spirited NAGS who banded together for a common purpose. To be relevant. They failed miserably, and are not only not relevant, the rest of society looks at them, holds their nose and say, PEE EWWW! Stank ass nasty harrigans. Pound sand whores.

    • I am so glad that you are for the contraception mandate. This will insure that you get all the abortions you want so that your bloodline ends with you.

      • bloodline BAH … worst reason ever to have a kid.
        I DO support access to contraception so that people can choose when they want to become parents. It is better for a child to be planned and wanted, instead of a surprise or an accident.

      • So let them pay for it themselves if you consider it all such a personal decision. What’s it got to do with the state, government or an employer ?

      • Do you not understand how insurance works? The employee and employer each pay part of the premium. It is not a gift to the employee it is a part of their compensation package. It became common practice to attract better workers. If the insured doesn’t have a lot of illness they seldom use all of what they paid in. so when something is “covered” by insurance it comes out of what the employee has paid in. What ever a woman needs to do about birth control is between her and her doctor. This whole “religious exemption” idea is going to come back in some very unexpected and negative ways.

  33. NOW has pissed away its former credibility. There’s nothing left for anyone but a few tired old elites, a handful of Hollywood LOSERS and IGNORAMUSES, a gaggle of hypocrites who pretend to care about women’s rights, when what they ACTUALLY care about is a desperate effort to shore up their rapidly fading status/power, and a well-worn, too-transparent, utterly failed political agenda. They are a sad, sad joke…

  34. These humble servants are just that. The Little Sisters of the Poor in their vows have been married to Christ and have been sworn to celibacy and to help those in need, regardless of their beliefs. If they strongly disagree the contraception mandate, what is it to those that are for it for these humble women be forced to go against their deepest beliefs. Is the state going to force their “no god” religion on them?

    • Liberals tend to think of themselves as being little “gods” here on earth, which is why they do not have a conscience.

  35. Why do Americans use the term ‘liberal progressive socialists’ ? Call them what they are, ‘COMMUNISTS’ !!!! You Americans frustrate the rest of the world with your political correctness. Hard to take you seriously sometimes ……..


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