11 dead, 60 wounded in Chicago weekend violence. Where’s the outrage?

When it’s politically expedient, liberal progressives will use any gun violence to further their anti-gun agenda. However, when it’s in their backyard, the cradle of their gun control efforts, they are amazingly silent. Liberals talk about how all the illegal immigrants are escaping the violence of their countries, but is it possible to escape from the city of Chicago?

Based on what happened there this past weekend, people may sure want to.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, by 7 a.m. Monday, 11 people had been killed and at least 60 others wounded in holiday weekend shootings across the city since Thursday night. Two more were shot dead by police.

Nearly all of those killed were black or Hispanic men age 35 or younger. Two —Shaquille Ross, 18, and Kezon Lamb, 19 — were teenagers. One was a woman.

“According to ABC News station WLS-TV in Chicago there were also three police-involved shootings on July 4th alone. They city has been actively combating gang and shooting violence in recent years after a bloody year in 2012, when it was the only city in the nation to record more than 500 homicides.”

Yes, Chicago, the home of Saul Alinsky, Barack Hussein Obama, Bill Ayers, Tony Reszko, Valerie Jarrett, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson Sr., Hillary Clinton, David Axelrod, David Plouffe, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. So why no statement of condemnation from these illustrious progressive socialists? Perhaps they just don’t care — after all this is occurring in the black neighborhoods — the hapless playground of liberal progressives.

ABC News says, “to bring down the high murder rate, police have been dispatched by the hundreds in dangerous neighborhoods, and government officials have worked with community leaders to try to combat violence.”

“The strategy appeared to be working, with the number of homicides falling to 415 in 2013 from more than 500 the year before. However the murder rate was still higher than many other U.S. cities. By comparison New York City, which is more than triple the size in population recorded less than 350 murders in 2013.”

But shootings overall are on the rise, with the total in Chicago this year up to 1,129 so far. According to the Chicago Tribune, there were 2,185 shooting victims in the city last year.

So where are the speeches from Obama, a Chicago native, about gang related gun violence? I guess it is just not as important as flooding the country with illegal immigrants.

Where is his pen and phone on this subject? This clearly isn’t about gun control because criminals sure seem capable of getting guns — to the danger of honest, law-abiding citizens.

I can tell you for certain, if I were president and there was an outbreak of gang-related gun violence in my hometown of Atlanta, you can bet I’d be there – and not talking about more government funding or blaming others. I’d go into those affected neighborhoods and stand eye-to-eye with gang leaders and let them know in no uncertain terms I will do everything to crush them.

Then I’d work with church, community, and business leaders to restore the communities to afford better opportunities. That has nothing to do with being a black president – it has to do with being a leader.

Which we certainly don’t have right now.


  1. Gang wars…another one bites the dust, another one bites the dust….looks like life expectancy in Chicago gangs is brief, so sad…NOT!

  2. They would report it if a white person was the shooter. Because it is black on black violence there is anger by Jackson and Sharpton. They don’t care if blacks are killed, they only care if it makes them money.

  3. Just like Detroit , Cities run by Democrats are all a mess and Obama and his racists buddies cant blame anyone but themselves. Animals need to be locked up or carted away into the Penal Colonies into the Aleutian Islands in Alaska . No Guards 3 months worth of food and some shelter , than they are on their own to survive , broke the rules in this society , they can do what they want along with other criminals in the Aleutians , kill each other or starve to death , as they are going to have to feed themselves and survive .Radical Liberals cant blame conservatives or republicans , they blew it but will blame the White man.

  4. But how could this be..outlaws are not allowed to have guns…it must be those legal gun owners shooting each other…I mean no one else has guns there…I guess we should just pass more laws to eliminate the legal gun owners completely then it will stop…Damn those legal guns…

  5. guess it does’nt count to liberals. After all it was done in gun free areas and it was probably not done by white guys

  6. Guns are not allowed in Chicago so this has to be a story that was made up by the vast right wing conspiracy.

  7. This is caused by the democrats who want things to get so bad that Obama steps in and enforces a ban on all guns,you don’t have to be a genius to figure it out.

  8. I’m sure that’s what law enforcement needs over there. The President going face-to-face with some gang-leader and make them into national celebrities. Is law enforcement another one of Allen West hidden talents?

    • Hey dumb ass. I live in Chi. And POS Obama has a home here yet he says nothing about this issue. Why do you think that is?

    • Does our law enforcement need millions of new citizens to look after? Do they need tens to hundreds of thousand new gang members sneaking across the boarder? Do they need billions of dollars of drugs infesting their street and addicting their citizens? Do they need to get sued every time they ask someone, who shouldn’t be here in the first place, for an ID?

      Our President already sits down face to face with the gangsters of the Middle East or did you not get that memo? You DON’T meet or negotiate with terrorists, it doesn’t matter if they’re in the Middle East or Chicago. You also don’t let your country be invaded by a foreign enemy. Obama refuses to enforce the laws of this once great country. Hell Obama forces me to use words such as “this once great country.”

      The fact that you think Obama’s solution to the problem in Chicago is sitting down face to face with gang leaders shows just how weak he actually is. He is a clown. He condemns Conservative ideas publicly every single day but I’ve yet to see him condemn gangs or the violence they cause. Places like Chicago and Detroit have become like 3rd world nations and our President is worried about kids from Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and every other country in Central to South America. He has even paid for buses to run non-stop bringing these people in from all of those countries. However you’re trying to tell me that the President of the United States of America can’t go on national television and condone violence and send federal law enforcement agencies along with federal money to local law enforcement to try and limit gang activities. Please let me know which part of that is just too hard? Now I know we’re talking about Obama and his brain isn’t fully developed but I’m sure one of his aides is capable of putting together a plan and then transferring that plan to a teleprompter so Obama can read it.

      I’ll bet you’re just a punk kid who spends 90% of his time either smoking weed or watching cartoons. I wish they’d alter the 26th Amendment to the United States Constitution. They should change the age limit of 18 to an IQ score. Even if they made it significantly below average, Obama would still lose 80% of his votes.

    • Do not speak his name in vain. What are the President’s talents other than ineptness, corruption and misrepresentation. He lied to the American People, He took and oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the citizens of this great Nation. How is that working out? Allen West deserves your respect.

  9. People would be quite surprised if they discovered how many of their liberal, gun controlling politicians had CCW permits.

  10. You’d work with Churches, businesses and communities? And that hasn’t been tried before?. As for gun violence, I guess you want more guns on the streets to protect those law abiding blk folks? BTW, how can you tell the difference bet a law abiding blk folk and a criminal?

  11. when they can clean up Chicago , then I will talk about the controlling us, the bible thumping taxpayers political rhetoric serious! I do believe hell will freeze over before the crime in Chicago gets any better. so we the bible thumping taxpayers will continue to protect ourselves and our rights to bear arms!

      • However, the residents of Chicago time and again vote one way LIBERAL. So, they prefer to be manipulated and controlled and murdered by gangsters and all along the city has the tightest gun control in the nation. Is there something in their drinking water?

      • Speak to the gun issue Raffy. Like the poster said………….so we the bible thumping taxpayers will continue to protect ourselves and our rights to bear arms! Comment?

      • More diverting leftard? Where’s Obama? Why isn’t he up here in Chi about this? No white shooters?

      • “The heart of fool Rafael PROCLAIMS FOOLISHNESS.”
        King Solomon (Pr. 12:23)

        Benjamin Franklin said truthfuly about LibTards like you:
        “We are all born ignorant, but one MUST WORK HARD to
        remain STUPID.”

      • Your “too”, Rafael, is erroneous.
        I have NONE pleasure to MEET Stupid brainwashed and indoctrinated LibTards, who voluntary choose to belong to the DEMONcratic plantation. I like company of the intelligent People.

        So look for your ilk.

      • I agree people from all walks of life commit crimes with guns. people in ILLINOIS pay higher taxers and their crime in inner city is still higher than most. I am not talking about a person’s race. that is not the issue. the city of Chicago lets too much slide by, and then they raise taxes . where is the $ going to ?taxpayers living there need to ask ? the criminals must know the sliding angle!

      • check into your politicians life style. see if they live above their means. If so, look no further. The FBI calls that a clue.

      • I am very sure every drug dealer in shitago and gang banger faithfully fills out their 1040 showing and listing all their ill gotten gains.

        you are part of the problem, not the solution, calling yourself rafael x. why can’t you just be rafalel?

  12. If Politicians think gun control is so simple. Why don’t they control the guns that criminals have first??? Maybe even make it so those under 21 have to have been supervised by a licensed person for two years.EVERY POLITICIAN IN CHICAGO SHOULD BE FIRED.

      • Incarceration/ These people do not care about incarceration.

        if they send time in Prison, it is like a badge of honor with them. a passage of rites.

        Mommy, you have to think like them to understand them.

      • Unfortunately, it’s true. The black criminal elements are glorified while decent upstanding black Americans like Mia Love, Col. Allen West, Justice Clarence Thomas, and Dr. Benjamin Carson are reviled. It’s part and parcel of the upside down world we live in. Being a “right-winger” is the best way that I struck back at the thug culture.

      • I work in a prison and a lot of inmates will tell you right out, It doesn’t bother them, Hell, it is just a way of life. 3 meals a day. no bills, no nagging woman, around people with more in common, then with people on the outside. Meet John, his nickname is turbo hoover for a reason. never gets a headache not even when he does. They have a need for everyone to fear them. From time to time, they even get guns delivered to the prisons. Felons do not care about the law. They were breaking it, when they got arrested. Time to climb out of that protective bubble. wonder into the dark streets of chicago. If you are not dead in 15 minutes you will be looking for a place to purchase a weapon.

      • That’s why I AM ARMED. You see, being a “sista” is no guarantee those knuckle draggers will do me no harm.

  13. …………but I thought Chicago had the most restrictive gun laws in the country. Don’t these criminals know they aren’t supposed to have guns?

  14. I wonder why the shooters didnt read the Illinois laws about shooting someone? I wonder if they had their FOID cards in their possessions when they did the shootings!

  15. Actually the numbers hit 82 wounded and 14 killed. To put it in perspective. The recent Santa Barbara shooting had 6 dead and 13 wounded. Columbine had 13 Dead and 24 Injured. Ft Hood had 13 Killed and 32 injured. Aurora, Co. movie theater shooting had 12 killed and 58 injured. Washington Navy Yard shooting had 12 people killed and 3 injured. for just a few of the killings that the left went crazy over. The difference is we caught or the shooter self selected out in all of these cases. Almost all of the Chicago shooters are still at large along with the weekends prior shooters.

    • Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
      7 hours ago · EditedCHICAGO’S
      WAR: Instead of parades and fireworks, the Fourth of July holiday in
      Chicago was riddled by gun violence and death. Since Thursday afternoon,
      82 people were shot – 14 of them fatally. Chicago’s police
      superintendent said officers will
      continue to flood high-violence areas with police, but that without
      stronger federal gun laws, “Police will continue to face an uphill
      battle:” http://every.tw/1jZVRUo

      A majority of Chicago’s gun violence is caused by guns trafficked in
      from states with weak gun laws, including Indiana and Mississippi. We
      MUST continue to fight for stronger federal gun laws to prevent guns
      from crossing state lines. LIKE, SHARE and JOIN US as we stand for #GunSense: http://every.tw/momsjoin

      • @Chris — You are commenting to those of us, who support the Second Amendment, wholeheartedly!!! I personally, do not trust anything that comes from CNN, either!!! More Federal gun laws, will NOT solve the problem … The problem is GANGS!!! Get real and find out, how GANGS are a mind set and as cruel, as can be. Most gang members are psychopathic or sociopathic. Plus, many of members are amoral, as well. We need to fight the minds of gang members and the youth in all gang cities. Please, tell me that political corruption has stopped in Chicago, which it hasn’t … So, tell me just how important to Chicago, is changing any of the gang communities???!!!

      • [[ A majority of Chicago’s gun violence is caused by guns trafficked in from states with weak gun laws ]]

        What a crock of crap.
        Gun violence is caused by violent people. I have a .45, .50 and a S&W 500 mag. My guns have caused no violence. I wonder why.

      • sure, it is always someone else’s or something else’s fault. Democrats never take responsibilty for their actions. They are like unruly children who needs their butts paddled regularly.

      • Chris I’m afraid you couldn’t pass a urine test. I don’t know what kind of drugs you’re doing but they are good. You have a morally bankrupt and corrupt societal problem. They get their example from someone who thinks lying is a way to live life. Yes that’s right I’m talking about Obammy.

        Fact is the ONLY thing stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Nothing repels true evil like a well-placed, loaded Glock .40-caliber pistol. Gun control is being proficient with your weapon and hitting what you’re aiming for. Another fact is that by the time the police arrive there is a victim. The CONSTITUTION; yes remember that document Obammy swore to uphold TWICE: gives us the right not to be a victim.

    • Al and Jesse can’t talk about this honestly. If they did, they would have to admit the problem IS the black community.It’s easier to blame the guns than to say things like Bill Cosby does.

      • Sharpton and Jackson need to get real jobs. Perhaps they should move into the ‘hood and live with the very people they blindly defend; no car, day after day, go live there. I dare You.

      • Jesse Jackson once said when walking down a dark street at night, and hearing footsteps behind him, he was relieved when he looked back and saw a White man.

      • Welfare Planned Parenthood KKK Jim Crow Gun Control Black Wallstreet Minimum wage Food stamps Public Schools Unions Tuskegee expiraments on and on and on. Who created and imposed all these problems that has affected the quote on quote the black community?

    • All the gun control nuts are only going to say that what Happens in Chicago is more reason for them to take the guns away from the rest of us.

      The race baiters like Jackson would take the same attitude that a 82 year old black woman took. The killings in chicago are just some black youths having a squabble over drug turf.

      Now, if an 82 year old black woman thinks this way, how do you think the rest of the Blacks feel, or think? If you can call it thinkingL

      It is after all the whiteman’s fault.

      The best thing we can do is build a big high wall around Chicago and a few other cities to keep the animals inside.

  16. They need to make it a mandatory death penalty for using a gun while
    committing a crime.

    It wouldn’t take long for the number of shootings to drop off.

  17. Chicago style population control? Ho hum, just another weekend in Chi-town….not even worth mentioning on the late night news.

  18. Col. this is absolutely horrific and the fact the MSM ignores or at least minimizes it is nuts. TY for putting the piece together. I’m so mad right now I’m chewing off my arm.

  19. that’s what the whole United State of America government wants, they want kids killing kids, to destroy the foundation of these country, furthermore that is exactly what the president want because he is from Chicago, he didn’t do anything while he was a Senator of that part of the world

  20. Why no condemnation by the Gun Control Left? The shootings were not done by lawfully owned firearms. The Gun Control Left only wants to disarm the citizens, not the thugs.

  21. Gun violence is the inevitable result of an antiquated Second Amendment…one that was intended for the preservation of a standing army during a time that EVERY man was needed to defend the country from foreign invaders…and later, to ensure personal protection during the exploration and conquering of the rest of the nation.

    Last time I looked, the US Armed forces are quite capable of repelling foreign armies…and I have not seen any new frontiers that need to be conquered in the continental 48. (Except maybe one I will get back to)

    So why do we need to carry guns? other than legitimate sporting reasons (hunting, target shooting etc) I can see no other reason other than personal protection from wild animals and….worse, other people with guns (see the whole catch 22 thingy here).

    Take countries that have a low homicide rate…like, say…Sweden. There are many hunters and target shooters in Sweden. The only difference between USA hunters and Swedish hunters is that the Swedes lock their guns up at a gun club when they are done. It is perfectly legal to own and enjoy a gun…just not to have it lying around the house. Seems like a simple fix huh? Which brings me back to that final frontier…

    The gun control frontier…If our great grand children are to ever be safe from gun violence…the guns MUST be controlled NOW.

    Start with the criminals first. Make any crime with a gun…including possession of an unregistered gun…to be an automatic plus 20 years on top of the sentence. Any firearm assault gets minimum life in prison…firearm homicide gets automatic death penalty.. Offer money (and amnesty) for all unregistered weapons. Offer rewards for tips leading to illegal weapons.

    This will take a long long time…at least a generation… THEN every proud gun enthusiast would be required to store their guns in approved community arsenals…or in an approved, secure HOME arsenal. Problem solved for my great grand children while the you-will-have-to-pry-it-from-my-cold-dead-fingers citizens are pacified with storing their guns SAFELY at home! Win-Win for everybody!

    This isn’t a race thing…or a political thing…or a class thing…it’s a survival thing!

    • [[ Gun violence is the inevitable result of an antiquated Second Amendment..]]

      Bullchit. Go 15 miles west of Chicago where there are plenty of gun shops and get back to me on the murder rate.

      [[ This isn’t a race thing…or a political thing…or a class thing.]]

      More crap. Obama avoids this like the plague because of race.

    • Guns are needed for self/family protection because, as proven by Chicago’s gun bans, criminals can and will get guns to use in crimes. If they don’t fear that they can be shot by ANYONE when they violently break laws they will only get more and more violent.

    • take your message of carrying no guns to the inner city gangs. I am sure they are interested in hearing what you have to say.

      Sweden has a low homicide rate, because everyone has a gun. surely, you are not as simple as you appear to be, then again.

      as far as gun control, I control my guns. I know exactly what they aim at and hit.

      How can we store our guns in community approved arsenal and still store them safely at home?
      Do you even proofread what you type?
      nah, didn’t think so.

      you are correct. It is a survival thing. That is why I own guns to protect me and my family from idiots like you.

    • I’ll tell you what, you take away ALL of the guns from all of the criminals, lock up all of the psychoes and rapists that are bigger than 100 pounds, and guaranty my freedom from a tyrannical government (like BHO and his IRS) and maybe then we will talk about my guns.

    • well to your reply about countries that have very low gun violence just look at the lowest gun violence its Switzerland and for some reason there is a gun in almost every home. every person that has served in the military takes his or her assigned weapon home and yes they are assault weapons. Full Auto wonder why there is less violence?? you try anything there and you would get your ass shot!! children are taught at an early age there there to respect guns that they can hurt you and handle them properly. you think that you can show examples of gun control that works ok look at Germany in the 1930s guns were removed from homes and 20 million Jewish people were murdered, 50 million in Russia,
      also gun control in china only 50 million were slaughtered there after the guns were removed from the people. and when you think that taking guns away from law abiding citizens will stop gun violence all i can say is when your the victim of a gun crime tell them that you don’t allow guns around you and see what happens

  22. It’s the wild, wild west in the windy city and the bad guys have taken over.

    Time to call in “the man with no name” to take over and clean it up.

  23. Why outrage? Against the cops? Quit acting like stupid children because all of yall know who kills and you never cooperate with the cops! And, all you do is kill each other! You cannot blame white people for the fact that once more than 2 of you get together, somebody gets shot. You can’t ever have a normal peaceful time to yourselves. This is all among you and the outrage should be directed at yourselves.

  24. Shocking no Race baiters,Jackson and Sharpton the whole Liberal Democratic Party. Quiet why? They want control of YOU AND YOUR GUN,,but can’t control what you’re to ignore with Blacks and crime..

  25. As of today in Chicago, in a 3 day span, the total of wounded is 82 and 17 dead. Most of the shootings took place on the South side and the West side of the City. Not a peep from Obama, Rahm Emanuel, the police chief, race pimps Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They’ve totally run out of excuses. Chicago, by the way, has the most stringent gun laws in the country.

  26. Well done, Col West. Please keep up the good work.
    Hey Rahmbo – you may just break that 2012 murder record !!! Dance on . . . .

  27. You know the progressive answer to this…..More gun control…… Constitutional rights and limits be dammed……

  28. Theyre not going to condemn it, they WELCOME it. Mass chaos is their STATED goal. Here it is- previews of coming attractions.

  29. So Mr West, if you’re President and decided to end gang violence in Atlanta… How would you do it?
    You said you’d look a gang leader n the eye and threaten him.
    That’s a great photo op… But then what would you do.
    Change gun laws?
    Pour federal money into local law enforcement?

  30. let’s sum this up. Rosie O Donnell, liberal, thinks if you own a gun, you should go to prison. Yet at least, 1 of her body guards carries a gun to protect her. Oh, that is ok, because she is a well known important person. Her life is more important then yours, because she is such a humanitarian. self worth. hypocrite


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