Young Guardian Winner – Ben Mitchell – Dedicated To Service

Ben is a born Guardian of the Republic-according to his father.  Ben says he felt the call to serve our country when he was only twelve years old. Ben attributes this to family tradition and the fact that he greatly admires his country and its founding principles.

Since that time, Ben has been on a mission!  Ben joined the Boy Scouts and is now an Eagle Scout. Ben says, “Thanks to my experiences in scouting, I was given the basic necessary knowledge that I would need to be successful in life. Through Scouting, I found my historical hero, President Theodore Roosevelt. The gentleman President had a history in the military which today is rare. He kept to his morals throughout his presidency. He once said, “A thorough knowledge of the Bible is better than any education.”

Ben is now a college ROTC cadet and has enlisted in the Army National Guard.  Ben attributes his success through his tough teenage years to following his father’s advice and looking to his favorite Bible verse, James 1:12, “Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial. For once he had stood the test, he will be given the crown of life which God promises to those who love Him.”  Ben says, “If ever I’m having a down day, I look to my dad for guidance: he has always been there for me, not just as a father but as a father figure, and a role model. It is thanks to him that I found a direction for my life.”

When asked what advice he would give young Americans Ben said, “Get into Scouting when you’re young.  The experiences you will have there, and the basic knowledge you learn, will equip you for all that you need to be successful in life.”

Ben’s dedication to service has been his road map to success.  His goal for the future is to serve America with a career in the military. For his focus, character and commitment, we are delighted to name Ben a Young Guardian of the Republic.


  1. Ben Mitchell, thank you for being a Guardian of the Republic! You are right about Scouting. Glad to know you have what it takes to be living it! Wise man..


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