Racist poll shows Obama is worst president since WWII

Did you all hear the latest? A new undeniably racist poll from Quinnipiac University shows people think Barack Hussein Obama, the first black president — actually the first half black president — is the worst president since World War II.

Well, you can be certain the NAACP, National Urban League, Congressional Black Caucus, MSNBC, and other liberal progressive media outlets will decry this as proof that America is still a racist nation. We simply don’t want to accept the “hope and change” of their self-proclaimed progressive socialist messiah.

As reported by the Washington Times, “Poll after poll has charted President Obama’s dipping approval rating in recent months, but Wednesday brought perhaps the cruelest cut to date: A new Quinnipiac University survey found that voters rate Mr. Obama as the country’s worst president since World War II. The new poll also revealed that more voters now say GOP nominee Mitt Romney would have been a better choice in 2012.”

Is this a serious case of “buyers remorse?” It reminds me of the age-old maxim, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” And shame on the American voting electorate for being so doggone gullible that they fell for the politics of cool and the gimmicks of poll-tested bumper sticker slogans.

The Washington Times says “Quinnipiac found 45 percent of voters say the country would have been better off if Romney had been elected, while just 38 percent say Obama remains a better choice. A full 54 percent of voters believe the Obama administration is not competent at doing its primary job of running the government. On overall job approval, Mr. Obama is upside-down by 13 points, with only 40 percent approving and 53 percent disapproving. That’s a 5-point slide since April. The public doesn’t trust his handling of the economy (only 40 percent approval) or foreign policy (only 37 percent).”

I did a little research and had a look at several presidential elections to find a parallel to the 2012 Obama-Romney battle – and found it in the 1948 contest between President Harry Truman and Thomas Dewey.

We still hear Obama whine about the “do-nothing” Congress. But it was the effective demonizing of Romney that enabled Obama to win a second term — even with a most dismal executive record. Of course, I’m not sure Americans can trust the integrity of our voting process any more, since it seems so easy to buy votes nowadays.

But now it cannot be debated — or blamed on George W. Bush anymore — President Obama, regardless of how many petulant speeches given, is incapable of leading and governing. But he won because he made folks feel good.

We traded in what works for what feels good– and more people are realizing that not only does it not work, it doesn’t feel good either.

Another racist poll — Zogby Analytics — released Wednesday also found Obama slipping — in that survey, to 44 percent approval, while his disapproval jumped 4 percentage points from last month to reach 54 percent. Nearly half of voters told the Zogby poll that Mr. Obama is “unable to lead the country.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Obama still has the ability to lead America, whatever the polls say. “There’s no doubt the president has the leadership and stature necessary to call upon the American public to rally around the kinds of ideas that are in the best interests of the country,” he said.

Read that to say, “President Obama has a pen and a phone, and he will run around the country to stand in front of fawning low-information voters and cajole this with his lies and deceit. Obama is only capable to lead this nation further into an economic, energy, and national security abyss — and then he will build his citadel, a presidential library, which will serve as a temple of worship to the man who “fundamentally transformed” America.”

The president said this week that Americans are “extraordinarily cynical about Washington right now” — as if he doesn’t associate himself with Washington. No sir, Americans despise those who side-step responsibility.

The Washington Times says “as much as voters are down on President Obama, the star of former President Ronald Reagan continues to soar. The two-term California Republican was rated as the best of the 12 presidents who have served since Franklin Delano Roosevelt by 35 percent of the voters polled by Quinnipiac” — almost double the number of second-place Bill Clinton at 18 percent.

So America, as the song by goes…”We won’t be fooled again.” Or will we?


  1. Of course it’s deemed racist. It’s the only defense the retards have left. Funny how people like me that married black and have mixed kids are regularly called racists. It couldn’t possibly be because his policies and beliefs are completely contrary to what’s good for this country.

    • Agreed, when they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar, they proclaim that the parties who caught them are racists. It’s called deflection and the libs have it down to a science

  2. I remember the first election and the people then. Why are you voting for him I ask. Because I want to say I voted for the first black president they replied. Who is his Vice President I reply. No answer. What do you think about his policies on the war, the economy, and healthcare I ask. No reply again. Because he is black was the entire justification. That itself is racism. Not who the better man for the county is. Only the color of his skin. Racists and hypocrites.

    • Too bad, they didn’t grow up in my old neighborhood. After a few beatings like I got, they would have felt quite different.

  3. he is the WORSE and its sad that some still support this despot. Tomorrow is the 4th of July, will they think about the founding fathers and the signing of the Declaration of Independence, protecting us from despots, such as this.

    • barry thinks this country was made on the backs of the poor and slaves. He thinks and feels we do not deserve to be the best country in the world and he aims to destroy it. You know that. How many times have you heard me say this at WZ?
      People, Citizens of the US, Our armed forces protect us not the Constitution. The Constitution is a group of guidelines of laws for us to follow. To keep our country free, it costs blood.

      • Thanks for a great laugh!!! The innovative, refuse to lose attitude to initially Britain, then later on to Nazi Germany along with superior intellect is what made America what she is, despite the extreme violence of the inner city. Only Europe and a few Asian country’s come close to achieving what the US has.

      • Do you take pride in being this special kind of stupid? It was not made on the backs of slaves and the poor it was made by the middle class what today is known as the blue collar worker. The entrepreneurs of this country built the country, Small businesses built this country.

      • These are the same ignorant bigot who whined about the underwear Mitt Romney wore claiming that made him a cultist yet love Harry Reid who wears the same underwear.

      • it is a good thing that breathing is automatic, ‘cuz if you had to thing about it you would have been dead long ago.

  4. when I asked people why would they even CONSIDER voting for nobama it was for strictly racist feel good reasons. None knew he had NEVER ran a candy store let alone a business or really ANYTHING, where he had to deal with a budget and get things done. He was a poor academic whose specialty was the constitution, something it turns out he despises and avoids following. Turns out dealing with congress is so inconvenient or following the laws of the land.

    So turns out the ones who voted FOR him were the racists, as it was their only qualification, while the rest of us didn’t because he was the worst candidate, ever.

    • That is very true. His race was the very reason he got elected. People were thinking MLK. It was a great opportunity that was tossed in the gutter. Such a tragedy for the good he could have done in race relation, instead he studied the constitution just to find out how he could destroy it and the United States of America. As for the second term, that I cannot explain.

      • Pam, as for the second term? That would be biased reporting,

        sample: network news (nbc, abc, cbs): first week:
        bridgegate – 112 minutes
        lost IRS emails – 3 min 14 sec.
        VA Scandal – 0 minutes – first TWO weeks

        plus all the same reasons as the first term for the low information voter, and I would suspect at least a sprinkling of voter fraud.

      • I agree. I have yet to find anyone that will admit that they voted for his second term. I will have to say my state voted red.

  5. How can a man get elected twice and now cry racism! Did people just notice after 6 yrs the color of his skin or maybe wondering why his tan wasn’t fading? How stupid.

    • I have a suspicion that rioting was threatened if Obama lost the election, hence his 2008 election and 2012 re-election.

      • Free stuff, voter fraud…now RIOTS?? Can you people come up with any more excuses why america REJECTED the republican party??

      • It was lost because millions of conservative voters stayed home, because they rejected Romney, who was not conservative enough for them. As simple as that. The free stuff, along with racial biased voting, but that always is the case with the monolithic vote. But that also contributed to it as we all know, but it was the GOP’s man, just like in 2008 with McCain, that was the deciding factor.

      • That contributed to it but…the very low minority vote numbers was the death nail! And please, maybe you can explain this MYTHICAL free stuff you are talking about.

      • The low minority vote explains the racist angle as Hillary was the victim of that first hand as will be future Democrats who are European American. The doubling of the welfare rolls under the president is probably the number one giveaway. Increasing unemployment pay for up to 2 years, so many people refuse to take any lower paying job. I was in that predicament and found that carrot very tempting. The belief and promise of free things that so many fell for also resulted in 10’s of 1000’s of votes. There are many Youtube videos that show ignorant Obama voters stating how they will not have to pay for their car or education, etc, once Obama is elected. They all may not received free stuff, but they believed they would, so their vote was cast. Many, many Hispanics also believed that they would get amnesty or some sort of citizenship if Obama was elected. Biden and Hillary making comments like “you are all Americans”or “no one is illegal” contributed well to that belief. Pretty dishonest by the Dems.

      • So the vote for obama had nothing to do with the rejection of the republican party? I beg to differ…the republican party then and the republican party of today offer NOTHING for the hard working men and women of america. They want tax cuts for the wealthy, deregulation for the wealthy!
        The greatest thing that George bush did was give tax rebates to working americans…that money went directly back into the economy. Republcians do not and will not understand that the more money working americans have to spend the more products and services they will buy CREATING JOBS!
        Maybe I’m wrong (i don’t think I am) but Its very clear that the republican party is not the party of the WORKING STIFF!!

      • But I do love the way that soooo many of you right wing working stiffs fights soooo hard for the wealthy!

      • You mean like George sorros, bloomberg, Big money hollywood actors. common stooge, you can do do better than that.

      • surely you jest. Hard working? Food stamps, welfare, medical. Your marxist agenda precludes your working, and contributing to the good of the country.

      • I started with nothing but built four business’s . Carter tried to bankrupt me but I made it .
        Today I wouldn’t dare start any business and if you check out the start of business’s today it is the lowest it’s ever been !
        That should tell you something and having the highest corporate tax on earth should also tell you something but keep listening to Keith Olberman , he’ll get you straight !

      • I have given you facts which you choose to ignore, That’s your problem. Everyday you’re here spouting your dumbass rants, What is it you think you are going to change? We are know you’re an idiot. We all know you have a personal vendetta against LTC West. You are not going to change any of our minds about anything.
        Go play in traffic

      • The Republicans never used dead people for votes, and in the first election never used Acorn. These are starters.

      • Haha, what else are they going to say? Oh shucky darn you caught me in treasonous acts? Wish it was that simple.

  6. I’m black and among those that regard Obama as one of the worst U.S. presidents. As a follower of Christ, there was no way I could vote for Obama and the ungodly and leftist policies he supports.

  7. I shake my head with every dumb move they make in DC. They just don’t understand anything, especially foreign policy, and the knowledge of what it is really like in this country for the average person. People like Biden and Clinton talk about how poor they are, as if people believe it. As Ginsberg said with her puckered up hardcore Liberal face, we (the non-politicians) are the “little people”. If we are attacked again on American soil, I fear the entire government will collapse.

  8. I wonder where the Republican/Tea Party Congress with it’s endless investigations, lawsuits and no laws ranks in history with their 13% approval rating.

      • Republicans control congress and Speaker Boehner decides what comes up for a vote. What has he brought to the floor worth signing? You are right, you definately need a government class.

      • again take a US Government class – Speaker Boehner controls the house, Reid controls the Senate. No one person controls the congress. And the Congress is still made up of Democrats and Republicans.

      • And impotent Boehner needed Pelosi to end the government shutdown. Yes the Senate is part of Congress but we all know who’s dragging everybody down.

      • Still you are trolling your point. Your point was that it was the Republicans/Tea parties approval rating was only 16% and I corrected you as that is the approval rating for all congress. Of course latest polling shows that Obama is rated the worst president since WWII – so how is your famous leader feeling being rated worst than GW Bush, Richard Nixon and J. Carter… LOL. I know it is Bush’s fault and the obstructionist Republicans.

      • Your daddy is the worst prez ever. Sorry you had to see that. Must be pretty embarrassing for you.

      • Works in special education trying to teach people like you how to tie your shoes.

      • It’s the new expanded Democratic voting block and the favored people in the eye’s of those in power because of this. They far out number any other voting block. It’s why the GOP is struggling to win their votes and in doing so these favored people are also scooping up all kinds of freebees and jobs. If you are an employer you are considered to be a racist if you don’t hire a person who only speaks Spanish that can not readily communicate with those around them who don’t speak Spanish. So now what trumps everyone no matter what you are is the amount in the voting block of you’re prospective race. That my friend is why I said what I said. That’s how they look at it and from what I see the Democrats and some Republicans too are acting like Communist’s who look at the people that they govern as useful idiots who get kicked to the curb when they no longer are useful. It’s all about money and holding on to power and who is best suited in helping them do it. They are colorblind because that’s also what a vote is they don’t care one way or the other just as long as they get that vote.

      • Our daddies are not race baiting, rectal thermometers, with an desire to ruin this country. He is the chief pimp of the U.S.

      • “Don’t ask since you already know.” ???? We don’t ask because YOU don’t have an answer.

      • Yes we do it’s harry reid that kills all of the bills sent to the Senate by the House of Representatives harry reid aka harry DOA reid without even reading them. Lets pass the ACA so we can see whats in it nancy pelosi, that’s a hell of a way to pass bills.

      • C’mon, Rafe. Why do you want them passing legislation? The more bills they pass the more damage they do and the more of your and my money they spend. Don’t you pay enough in taxes? Don’t you have to live under enough inane laws and regulations? Let’s just let them fight and fight and fight and as long as they are doing that they can’t get anything done and they can’t hurt us even more.
        No one is dragging anyone down. Think about what you are asking and then pull your head out and shut the hell up, you damned fool.
        Let em fight.

      • Repubs control the House. Dems control the Senate. The House of Representatives + the Senate = Congress. No need to thank me,: happy to help.

      • any politician is ranked below pubic lice. There are a few good ones, and they are not progressives.

      • you mean like only a president can relieve a theater commander, you know like what happened on Sept. 11 2012? general Hamm was relieved for not recalling the F.A.S.T. teams to relieve the men in Benghazi?

        i know the flash mob that set up and dialed in mortar attacks on the Benghazi consulate. yea cause that happens every day right? cause a bunch of civilians know how to use those kinds of weapons.

        or maybe the fact that the obama administration has admitted to fast and furious, as a continuation of the Bush era wide receiver program. you know one of those unconstitutional Bush things obama promised to rescind?

        i could go on but i think i made my point, there are things the main stream propaganda machine is not telling us, this is because the Obama administration is threatening and intimidating them. and there have been to many high placed journalists to retire because of that intimidation and threats to ignore the probability.

        those are only three things i can point to that should be talked about and investigated. so you must be blind of one form or another. either blindly naive and only listen to what the main stream propaganda machine tells you to believe, or blindly stupid in that you dont care to look into the facts for yourself, or finally blindly loyal the worst of all. if that is so go put on your black uniform and jack boots cause that is who you are acting like.

      • When are you scheduled to go in front Trey Gowdy committee since you know so much that the media isn’t reporting. You must be Sundance or guy Allen West met on the plane. I don’t really need the history lesson. No offense.

      • ahhhh you vote “color” eh? hmmmm i guess that makes you a racist, eh? My best friend of 60+ years is Black. Her father was the first Black policeman in our capitol city. After all these years, we are still “sisters” – not of color, but of the heart. Her parents and mine were close friends, and when her dad died, his funeral was almost a “State” occasion. He walked a beat downtown in the 1950s – one square mile. My favorite memory of him is seeing him standing in front of the local teen hang-out restaurant with teens surrounding him – Anglo teens, Black teens, Hispanic teens… why? because they trusted him! He wouldn’t let them get away with anything, but he would “be there” if they needed him. He is still a hero to me. You create divisiveness between races when you assume you know everything about Black thought, customs, history and mores! Have you read the biography of Mary McLeod Bethune? i suggest you do, Have you read the biography or seen the movie on George Washington Carver? What about the biography of Booker T. Washington? i don’t have to be Black to love these amazing people as though they were in my own genealogy. And i’d give my life for my best friend, and she would for me! When i worked for CPS, i had three little mixed race babies/toddlers in my case file, and three Black teenage boys. i loved them sooooo much, i still think of them. The teenagers kept begging me to adopt them! The Black case manager for the “babies” asked if i would consider adopting those three because the parental rights had been terminated. i didn’t even have to think about it. But, the Black foster parents who were too old to adopt them, said they’d fight me all the way to SCOTUS to keep me from adopting those mixed race babies! They were part white, part hispanic and part black. i have always had friends from other races and cultures; i was more than capable of giving them all the pride they needed in their mixed race heritage – but i would NOT let their lives be dragged out in long court battles, and so i allowed them to be adopted by a Black family. So, who was the racist in this???? Shame on you for perpetuating the myth that all Anglos are racist pigs! YOU are the racist one – and yep, you may be Black, but you know only the history of the Marxist wing of the Black population, which is only a small but vocal minority. Your comment about “white people teaching you” is clear evidence of your lock-step bigotry and failure to look at the evidence of failure of this administration. There are many Black candidates worthy of being POTUS – this Marxist liar is NOT!

      • Oh please cry me river. And yet you belong to the party that wants to keep black people from the polls. The party that pits straight against gays. Pits blacks against latinos. Pits Christians against Muslims, married women against single women then turn around and complain about divisiveness. Again if I need a history class, i’ll go to a community college.

      • first off everything i said about Benghazi was made public oh about 18 months ago. second are you blind or just blindly loyal? the obama administration has continued the unconstitutional acts orders and directives of the bush administration. they have renewed it, even the Democrats are calling him out on it. hell you can go to youtube and see Levin’s call out about the NDAA 2012. just type in Karl Levin NDAA 2012 and see what you get. you know that’s the one where Obama can decide to murder or indefinitely detain any american without due process of law. again im sure you know about obama’s right hand punk Holder, trying his luck with Orwellian double speak, “due proecess and judicial process are not the same thing.” (you can see that speech on youtube as well) but i doubt you have the courage to put your raciest attitude aside to look up the truth. after all you said and i quote.

        “Might seem but I don’t need any white people to teach me about Malcolm X. Thanks anyways.”

        seems to me if you still fall in line to be counted with the dnc you need me to give you more than a lesson on Malcolm X. but again i bet you did not have the courage to even look up any of the speeches i quote, you know everything after all. but that lesson can wait till you grow up and gain some courage to challenge all that you think you know and not try to belittle those who have more knowledge and experience.

      • everything i said has been reported on main stream media, like abc or cnn. as for the military information, like how to use a mortar, well i guess having served for 22 years does give me a bit of insight that you may not have or appreciate. so maybe you should go do some homework rather than attack me. just saying

      • You are one of the reasons this country is in so much trouble. You have your head up your ass so much that you have lost too many brain cells due to oxygen deprivation. That can be the only reason for supporting this divider in chief. That is the only thing he and Holder are good at. The fact that Pelosi supports him is proof enough of my above statement.

      • Wow – talk about low info – you must have the least amount of information possible – that would be zero. Even the liberal press is beginning to sweat under the weight of the scandals perpetrated in just six years of his reign of terror. The government shutdown would have been a huge joke if it hadn’t been so obviously fraudulent! i would have laughed if it hadn’t been such a sad attempt at control. Cones on the highway at turnouts to keep people from viewing from a distance a national park that wasn’t actually national but state owned. What a joke it would have been if it hadn’t been a sad commentary on the integrity of the POTUS!

      • You are right totally zero when it comes to the amount of BS you people swallow. I remember that shutdown ending with a CR passed that did not touch Obamacare. I remember Boehner folding like a cheap suit and had to rely on democrats to re-open government. What was sad was the attempt at grandstanding people like Ted Cruz made at said national park.

    • Ahhhh yeah, O-supporters certainly don’t like investigations into his scandals. It sheds light on his incompetence – no admin has been as scandal-ridden as this one. Not even the Tea Pot Dome Scandal could come close to the evil of just one of the scandals of the past six years! So, how many chapters of Das Kapital do you read before you sleep at night? How many chapters of Mein Kampf?

  9. History will reveal the Truth as, honestly, it was much worse than most know. It was never about black or white, or male and female, or sexual orientation. Was it Lincoln that said that a house divided cannot stand?” This was far more sinister than even that. We nearly lost our Country, but, what we did not loose was our God, and we were “endowed by our Creator …” One day, I expect, the history books will call him what he really is. I find it a bit depressing that there were so many people complicit. Righteous men must rule. Others fall too easily into greed, temptation, and power. Righteous men will rule again. To all those who have children, they need Biblical training. I have heard some say they will let the child choose when they become of age. Then, it may be too late. No harm will come to a child that learns about Jesus. There are great moral lessons in the Good Book.
    Those that seek money, fame, power are never satisfied, those that seek Christ and Knowledge are always full. Seek Truth.

    • I guess it depends on who writes the history. Nero had his detractors, and also his apologists. In 200 years, you will have to to research to determine a facsimile of the truth.

    • Funny you should bring up Lincoln. This mess started with him and his desire for a strong central government. Witness how the central government has gotten larger since the civil war and states rights have taken a back seat.
      Your first allegiance should be to your state and the central government should take care of a standing army and contact with foreign governments and not much else. Read the constitution for guidance. They, the feds, have overstepped their bounds by great measure.

  10. Since I didn’t vote for this idiot either time I should feel that I was proven right and be happy but I’m not because it just means that I’m surrounded by stupid people and I just feel sad for my country.

  11. I’m not a racist. I understand that Mr. Obama is only half Black so it must be his White Trash half that makes him the worst President of all time and and even worse than Jimmy Carter.

      • Earl,
        You seem to know quite a bit about racists. After all you did say “most racist(s) say that”. How many racists do you associate with? For you to make such a bold statement you must be acquainted with many. That would lead me to believe that you know quite a bit more about them than you have let on. You must, therefore, hang around them quite often, for how can you make that claim without being acquainted with many, many racists? Given that and being aware of the fact that human nature allows only birds of a feather to flock together you must be a racist yourself to be allowed to hang around other racists. For all we know you might be the biggest racist pig walking the streets. As a matter of fact we can all pretty well assume you are probably the biggest racist here, being able to hang around with racists the way you do.
        So, now we’ve established that Earl here hangs around with racists and we can assume that he has accumulated their traits and attitudes by that association. Who knows, maybe he is a leader of a racist hate group of some kind.
        So, Earl, tell me more about your racist friends. How do you racists sleep at night with your attitudes towards others? Why do you think you are better than others? Would you treat the humans that you hate like the Germans treated the Jews during WWII?

      • Voting because of his skin color is racist. Most people voted for barry because would be the first black President “which is not true” 7 other Presidents have had African mixture in their genes. This is just another lie put out by your party.

      • Page one of Alinsky. Good work – you can parrot with the best of them. Too bad it’s faulty logic, but then, no Marxist can think on his own. You have to parrot the mantra to hang on to your ID card. Go to the head of the Marxist class. You parrot well.

    • Republicans are working overtime to white out (no pun intented) the legacy of GWB and pin it on Obama. Your wars and your tax cuts that put the country where it is. No amount of kangaroo courts and kabuki theaters will ever change that.

      • When are you fools going to quit blaming Bush for Obama’s unconstitutional antics and failures? Speaking of wars Bush had the support of Congress who declared the war on terror, Yes, Congress declared war. In your hatred towards Bush in particular and Republicans in general you conveniently left out the facts Obama wanted to send troops to support Syrian rebels and now he is beginning to ramp up troops in Iraq? I might ask which political party you think Lyndon Johnson belonged to when he started making a full commitment of our military in Vietnam? What party overwhelmingly controlled Congress for all of the years we were in Vietnam? Who was President when WWII and the Korean war began? Hmmm? What party did Bill Clinton belong to when he unilaterally began the Bosnian war? You complain about tax cuts. I guess you believe the government does a better job of spending my money. I know they spend more than I can even comprehend. No, Rafael, the parasites need to take care of yourselves, quit taking handouts from the government and let those who earn their money keep THEIR money to spend any way they want. Heed Benjamen Franklin’s words that a government which governs the least governs the best.

    • But, he’s not “American Black” and that’s where i part ways with those who call him BLACK. He is African-Arab, NOT AMERICAN BLACK! There is a difference. He didn’t grow up with the shared history of the American Black slave history! He was always an elite in private schools in Indonesia learning his Muslim dogma and learning from his mother’s lovers, his Marxist theology. Yep, “theos- god” “ology-word” – The god of Marx is the anti-god of submission to the state.

  12. Do nothing congress, huh? If that’s his reason for going it alone with a ‘pen & a phone’ – maybe he should use that phone to call Harry Reid and tell him to bring up for a vote those bills that passed in the house and died on Harry’s desk. No? Would that remind the electorate that it isn’t Republicans in the House that are “do-nothing” but a Democrat in the Senate.

    • You mean those deregulation bills that only helps BIG CORPORATIONS. Please show men a bill that directly helps the WORKING STIFFS?? When you have a bill like get comp time instead of overtime pay….that’s enough for me!

      • Have a look at some of the hundreds penned by repubs that never saw the light of day because they were blocked by Harry Reid, Earl.

      • Ahhh, i can hear Alinsky talkin’ to you, Boy! See, class envy is the Hallmark of Marxist tradition. Big corporations hire people and give them benefits like health insurance, retirement funds, vacations, raises, and many other benefits that get cut the minute the Gov steps in and adds a buncha regulations. Yeah, millionaires, billionaires and those who earn in excess of $100,000 a year should be punished for being successful. They aren’t doing their share of paying for the socialistic government wants. Yep, it’s all the fault of the big corporations who employ untold thousands of people. Yep, they certainly are to blame… poor ol’ stupid Americans should know better than to trust their employer to provide salary and benefits for them. When a confiscatory government can do it so much better (less efficiently, and at a greater cost to the humble taxpayer, but at least then everyone is under the same tattered blanket, right?) Wow! Pass the Kool-Aid, Earl’s still thirsty!

  13. Racism has nothing to do with Obama’s approval. He has screwed up everything he has touched and people are finally waking up. My choice for president is based on their loyalty to the constitution, not skin color. I would vote for a Black candidate if they passed the constitutional litmus test. I would vote against a White candidate if they failed it and vice-versa.

    Those who keep playing the race card are the real bigots. They would vote for a known communist or serial killer if they preached and followed the communist/socialist line.

    • I would believe that racism doesn’t play a part…..BUT republicans had a meeting before the man took the oath and decided THEN not to help him do ANYTHING! Sorry but its RACISM!!

      • They would have done the same thing to block the policies if it were Josef Stalin in the White House. Stalin was a white guy. Get over it, Earl.

      • So this Republican meeting you were at, was it good? A lot of derogatory name calling to bath house barry? I really would like to know how you got invited to this meeting to witness all of this.
        How does it feel to be a Racist Earl, you are the only one on here basing your accusations on skin color. You think Republicans are just old white people so when you say Republicans you really mean white people your whole argument is based on skin color. You are the racist, democrats/Liberals cause all the racial tension in this Country. Life must suck for you to always live with hate 24/365.

      • Really? Were you there? True Patriots recognized his Alinsky connections and, thank goodness they chose not to support the Marxist agenda. If you consider that “racist” you are under-educated and over-influenced by the Socialist Party of the Left, Anti-American, Anti-Indpendence, Anti-Constitution party, otherwise known as the DemoRats. i suggest you get a hold of anything written by John Adams, T. Jefferson, G. Washington, J. Madison, J.Q. Adams, – original writings, not redacted by Alinskyites!

  14. He said it best, it was the low information voters, the feel good non thinkers,
    the Main Stream Media who failed to do their job and report the news both
    good and bad, but they chose to lie to America so Obama’s failures would
    not be told by them or CBS<NBC<ABC Obama's failure was to the American
    People but maybe this is exactly what he wanted all along. He had idiots leaders
    in the House with braindead Pelosi and the senile Reid. He was in Control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency and still failed. His legacy is one of failure, but then again he married Moochele another failure of a human being.
    Obama will go down as the First and probably last Black President at least
    a Democratic one. There are many good and qualified Black men capable of
    doing an outstanding job of leading this country, they are not Democrats though, there is none of them. All I can say is Jimmy Carter is smiling and laughing at obama

  15. There are more than just a few polls out there; one that shows 76% that rank Obama the worst ever. Obama is not a BLACK President, he is a Muslim President, who follows the orders of his terrorist sheik bosses. Track money given to Arab countries, and the obvious actions he has taken for no other reason than to weaken America. IMPEACH, and impeach now.

    • You are correct! As an African, he is NOT an American Black! He does NOT have the shared history of the American Negro whose ancestors were brought here in chains and served time as slaves! “Black” is a term they chose as a badge of honor – descendants of slaves who trace their history to that evil. BHO does NOT carry THAT bloodline! His is African-Arab-Muslim and Turn-Coat-White on his mother’s side. Many of my Black friends were insulted by his “back of the bus” statement during his first bid for POTUS. They said, “What does HE know about being in the back of the bus?!” He was raised a Muslim, but he has not ONE DROP of American Black blood in his veins! The liberal Blacks – the Jacksonites – know the lie, but they are afraid to admit it matters!

  16. If Allen West says it, you can take it to the bank, one of the few true conservatives left, but always keeps an ear open to both sides.

  17. These polls are still WAY too high in the positives for this row-DAY-owe clown. His positives should be no higher than 25%, with masses of people picketing the White House demanding his worthless head.

    • That’s what shows this is STILL a LIBERAL-leaning poll!!! NOT a “racist” poll!!! Hahahaha! They can’t even get their progressive poll respondents to cooperate anymore….BooHoo! LOLOL We shall see in November! 😀 I have registered my second son to vote this year (after his birthday), so we will be invading the polls for the mid-terms!!! Not that it matters in my County — it votes 70-78% Conservative/Republican every time, even WITH high African-American turnout. Many of them vote Republican, too!! 😀

      • I do not doubt that the polls are fairly representative of the make-up of people in this country. You and the people you know probably keep abreast of things going on politically and socially in this country, but a HUGE percentage do not. They know more about what’s happening on a show on HBO or what Jay-Z is doing than the insanity and chaos at our borders. They also hear the common drone of “Republicans and Tea-Baggers are racists,” and do not bother to find things out for themselves. Low-information and high-apathy is the new political culture in America.

      • The Left always over-estimates the Black vote! And even among those who voted for him in the first election are an increasing number who are sorry. Look at the number of powerful Blacks who ARE conservative!

      • The number ONE comes to mind! Now if you are counting all of those black conservatives that do nothing but to get you to pay to hear them speak or buy their products….now u are up to 3???

      • Huh….???? You are either dribbling out (purposefully) WRONG information, or you make NO SENSE at all…..you are totally irrelevant here. Go back to HuffPost and the other “Obama-ButtKissers” boards — you’ll have much more fun with them, you can all sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya!! LOL

    • You’d give him 25%??? You ARE an optimist! LOL He has a minus 100% in my personal poll. i can’t think of a positive thing he has done. His chair was empty from Day One and it remains so after all these days. His scandals tally grows daily!

      • 25% or perhaps slightly lower are either die-hard Democrats, or dyed-in-the-wool haters of America and everything that this country has ever stood for, and they’d stand by Obama if he dropped his trousers on live television and started masturbating.

  18. I keep trying to find who they thought was worse before WWII. King Obozo is definitely worse than King George III who inspired the American Revolution.

  19. He had a Democrat controlled House and Senate for four years, and he is still a disaster for our country. He needs to stop campaigning as he is not running again and try to do something about the mess we are in. Start with the invasion over our borders in the south and then begin telling the truth about his birth records, Fast and Furious, the IRS crimes, Benghaze, etc. That man is a tyrant and has only told the citizens lies.

      • I’ll just name one to save time — all your “facts” are talking points, not reality.

        Regarding “cut the deficit in half.” This is a common boast of Democrats — especially Obama — and it is a lie (as is most of what Obama says).
        The “deficit he cut in half” is his own. The largest deficit in US history prior to 2009 was in 2008 under George Bush: $685 Billion. The deficit in 2009 (made possible by Pelosi and Reid leading Congress) was DOUBLE: $1.4 Trillion. The first FOUR YEARS of Obama registered deficits over $1 Trillion. It was only in 2013 (partly a result of sequestration and the GOP – who won the House in 2012 – putting some brakes on the Man Who Would Break America) that the deficit fell below $1 Trillion, to $900 Billion. The *Projected* deficit for 2014 is $700 Billion, “half of what it was in 2009” but still larger than Bush’s largest, still larger than any deficit in the history of the US, excluding Obama’s own.

        But the Dems keep saying – “Obama cut the deficit in half!” Every one of Earl’s “facts” is the same kind of double-speak, vague miscues, and outright lies, like “You can keep your doctor! Period!” or “I am outraged at the IRS and I won’t rest til I get to the bottom of this.” (Cue the crickets).

        Poco is right, Earl is making the koolaid!

      • Republicans won the House in 2010 with no change in 2012, that was your only error. True blue on the rest of your post.

      • So Earl, give us the numbers on the cutting of the deficit by more than half. You quoted that as a fact, now back it up with real PUBLISHED numbers, not hearsay.

      • Do you people know the meaning of SARCASM????????…….
        Maybe you could have yur puter find it 4u?!
        You’re good, Earl. LUVVIT

      • You think he’s just being ironic and funny, eh? Nah – you don’t think that – you are a drone supporter of the false messiah. The facts are on our side. Earl is an Obama apologist. We got that. If you think he’s just being ironic, you need to go back to basic accounting to see the flaws in the mandates O inflicts on us!

      • I suppose you think it is sarcastic when Earl calls Allen West a crybaby and war criminal?
        You are the one who needs to look up sarcasm.

    • He had a Democrat controlled House and Senate for 2 years Rosie, that is the only part you got wrong but the rest is true.

  20. So, on the heels of a nearly flawless jobs report, I thought I’d finally give in and make a list of a few things Republicans can blame on President Obama: Job losses were cut by more than 50% within his first 4 months in office. He saved the American auto industry. Has cut our deficits by more than half. Killed Osama bin Ladin. Got Syria to give up their chemical weapons without firing a single shot. Presided over record breaking stock levels (with the Dow just recently closing over 17,000 for the first time in its 118-year history). Reduced unemployment from 10% to 6.1%. We just saw the fastest first quarter of job growth in the United States since 1999. The quickest drop in unemployment in 30 years. 52 straight months of private sector job growth. 9.7 million private sector jobs created. Over 8 million people signed up for health care thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Millions of Americans have gained, or kept, health care coverage thanks to Medicaid expansions and being able to stay on their parents’ insurance longer. He hasn’t started a single war. Hasn’t tried to confiscate a single gun.

    See more: Republicans, I Give In: Here’s a List of a Few Things You Can Blame on President Obama http://www.forwardprogressives.com/list-of-things-you-can-blame-on-president-obama/

    • “We just saw the fastest first quarter of job growth in the United States since 1999.”

      It is interesting that the 6 months of job growth that President is boasting of, happen to be exactly the same 6 months after the ending of ‘extended unemployment benefits’.

      Unlike what the Demos predicted: the end of the world, people starving in the streets, increased unemployment; what happened was exactly what the Republicans said would happen: increased employment. Now that the ‘dole’ was over, people actually got off their rear ends, and went out and found jobs. What a concept. Don’t give someone money for sitting on their rear ends, and they will go find some other way, like work, to get the money they need.

      • Not really – although your post is a good one, you need to understand that when people age off the list, it doesn’t mean they found work. It means they aged off and aren’t counted on the unemployment list any longer. And, actually, we all pay into the unemployment compensation fund (my term for it) via the employment laws, so it isn’t exactly free money like welfare is. There is a limited number of weeks a worker can be ON the unemployment rolls, and it isn’t at 100% of what the salary was while “he” was employed. Some areas just don’t have industries and finding another job after being laid off is more than a matter of the worker not looking for work. In counties with no really large city, the jobs market is very slim. If a person owns “his” home, or even if “he” rents, packing up and moving to a larger community may not be financially feasible because of no income coming in So – it isn’t true that when the
        payments cease it is because the unemployed person found a job and is now gainfully employed. It just means they don’t show up on the jobless report any longer.

    • You are SO FULL OF POOP,… your eyes are Brown, just like the illegal alien communist muslim P.O.S. in the black shack! Democrat/communist are just never ending habitual LIARS … !!!

    • 511,000 full time jobs lost and 799,000 part time jobs created= 288,000 part time jobs with no benefits is the job report for June.
      ObamaCare is supposed to insure the 30 million that didn’t have insurance so 22 million plus the rest of the 300 million are uninsured except where the few Companies that can afford to offer insurance to their employees “which is steadily dropping everyday”. Now you have those new 288,000 new part time jobs where they have to go buy their own insurance they can’t afford because they only work part time.
      the U3 is 6.1% which is not the true number, it does not count the people who are no longer looking for work and have dropped off the ranks. The U6 is the true number, it counts everybody who is unemployed that is 12.1.
      Should I go on blowing your you false numbers that you hear from the Liar in Chief?
      I almost forgot, the 8million of the ObamaCare enrollees 1.5 million are unaccountable. HHS has no clue as to who they are or even they paid anything when they signed up. Now you are down to 6.5 million out of a Country of 330 million….what a huge win for your Muslim leader.

    • Who the hell are you ? You really don’t have a clue ! I thought Kieth Olberman was off the air so where you getting this nonsense .

    • You are being ironic, aren’t you Earl? You aren’t serious, are you? Do you know how “joblessness” is measured? We don’t EVER have a real picture of joblessness because it is based on the report of the agency responsible for paying the weekly stipend for those out of work. That has a week-limit, so when workers age off the list, they are dropped from the weekly report. Everyone but the DemoRats know this is a skewed number since most of those people are NOT EMPLOYED – they are still jobless, they just don’t show up on the report. Millions gained or kept health care coverage because of Obama? Have you been asleep or hiding in your closet while even the liberal press reported the huge tangle this mess of O-care has created? Even the rabid libs have had to admit an overall failure of the health care mandate. Did you catch the SCOTUS ruling this past week? Yikes – you are one of the low info voters pushing an untenable agenda that, in spite of Alinsky et al, will fail simply because the American spirit and pride is really alive and regaining its health and vigor. i don’t think we’re going to become socialists as easily as the minions of hell assumed. Yankee Pride and all that really is strong and vibrant, even if the liberal press hates to admit it. Grow up, Earl! Grow up!

    • Earl here’s some numbers for you. Before Obama: Milk was $2.49 a gallon now it is $3.99. Gas was $1.90 a gallon now it is $3.50. My weekly deduction for family insurance on my paycheck was $70.00 now it is $117.00. A loaf of bread now costs a dollar more. Groceries as a whole are up by about 30%. My pay has not kept up with these costs. Please tell me again how Obama is looking after the working man. His policies and his economy is making life very hard on my family. You see Earl, we don’t get EBT or SNAP, we don’t get free cell phones, we don’t get WIC, we don’t get subsidized housing, we don’t get free public transportation, we don’t get free lunch for our kids at school, we don’t get free healthcare (or subsidized) family doesn’t get any of the freebies. You must, or you would know what kind of shape the country is really in. And no, we are not rich racist white people, we are middle class. I work two jobs and my wife works full time and we are struggling to make ends meet. People like you who continue to spread the lies coming from the White House are nothing but useful idiots. Open your eyes, look around you, look at all the stores that have closed. Look how prices have risen. Look at all the teenagers that can’t get jobs, Look at all the scandals. An you have the audacity to post such garbage. You are the ignorant racist.

      • So what you are saying is…gas, milk prices, and food prices went up ONLY because obama was elected and that if MITT would have been elected those prices would have stayed the same?? And what does EBT, WIC and SNAP have to do with the discussion??

      • In spite of the prevailing stereotypes and assumptions about who uses SNAP Food Stamp benefits the most in the United States, the highest usage is not in Compton, Queens, nor the South Side of Chicago. Instead, a city that is 99.22% white and 95% Republican comes in the lead. Owsley County, Kentucky is a community of about 5,000, residents earning the lowest median household income in the country outside of Puerto Rico, according to the U.S. Census.

      • “Racist Poll” is the headline…. But of course. Any time a black person is incompetent it’s racist to leftist socialist democrats and of course, to the Neanderthal blacks that follow like lemmings anyone whose skin is not white. This president and his communist liberal sidekicks directing him are the worst bunch of moronic souls ever to be elected (twice!) by an EVER increasing amount of American space cadets that has literally become , .. America as we know it today!!

    • Sorry if you people can’t accept the number, sorry that you have to spin and come up with excuses! They are what they are!!!

  21. It has to be “racist”, only racists would see how rotten this so called president has performed in office. Only racists would think that the destruction of our way of life wasn’t intentional…..

    Blind followers, on the other hand, adamantly observe that obama is the second coming of the messiah. He has only had the best interests of the American people in his heart. Especially when he is hard at work managing the economy, unemployment, foreign relations, anti-terrorism, inflation, the thorough investigations of all of the false scandals perpetuated by all who oppose him due to his skin color, this will be accomplished, regardless of all of the false accusations of his rampant dishonesty, and ineptitude…..

    He uses his many vacations, and golf outings, as exercises in mastering his duties as the commander in chief, much like chess could be used to develop strategies in combat…..

    Only the stupid would think that it is insane to not spend tax dollars, like a drunken sailor, in order to get the country out of debt…..

    Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservative groups,conveniently losing incriminating emails and failing to disclose the loss, the VA crisis, the lack of “shovel” ready jobs that justified the failed stimulus package, money that went to cronies that were major campaign contributors, (that immediately went bankrupt), turning over positions of authority illegally during non recess periods, attempting to appoint criminals as “czars”, having known unrepentant domestic terrorists as a mentors, worshipping at the altar of an America hating, so called “reverend”, turning his back on allies during times of crisis, bowing to the enemy and apologizing for our country’s actions during times of war, aiding those same enemies with money and arms, placing us in debt more than all of the previous Presidents combined, forcing a failed healthcare package down our throats, amending law without authority, circumventing Congress because it was following the law, when he chose not to do so, pointing a finger at heroes, (Seal Team 6), so they could be targeted and killed by his terrorist buddies, allowing the intimidation of lawful voters by known criminals at voting polls, refusing to protect our borders and exposing citizens to dangerous felons and diseases, ordering his little buddy the DOJ attorney general to not enforce law, claiming a criminal could have been one of his sons in order to try and influence public opinion against an innocent man, having an attorney general under contempt of congress and then protecting him with an executive order, ordering the same attorney general to not prosecute hate crimes against white people, while at the same time abetting hate crimes against the same white people he despises, trading a deserter for 5 enemy combatant generals that hate Americans, that will now inspire more terrorists to capture, hold hostage, and kill more Americans, conspire over an open microphone to commit treason by having more flexibility after “his” election, decimating the military by removing leaders that disagree with his traitorous actions, replacing them with more compliant non leaders, sending troops into battle without adequate arms or protection, giving aid to illegal aliens as a higher priority than aid to american citizens, having a “laser” focus on the economy and jobs for Americans that was more like using a candle in a coal mine, advocationg the destruction of our Constitution, (this is done by a Constitutional “scholar”, sworn to uphold it under oath), all of the above and still believing that failing to lead the people, and this country, is what he was voted into office for…..

    These are all false scandals perpetuated on the gullible American public by his racist enemies, none of the above mentioned things ever happened, or if they did, they were exaggerated and blown out of proportion by his political opponents…..

    George Bush caused all of the bad things that have happened in the last six years, he is an evil puppet master that pulls the strings of all of the events that have shaped the miserable failure of

  22. So, Josh, if the POTUS is completely able to lead this nation, why isn’t he doing his job? Why does he spend time on the golf course while the Muslims are murdering teen lads and he has no condemnatory comment? If he are able to lead, why are prices of everything from gas to groceries escalating while the economy is on a downward slide? If he is so able to lead, why does he think a “pen and a phone” is his “right to rule” when it violates the United States Constitution’s provision of separation of powers? It seems to me this supposedly “constitution expert” has routinely and without impugnity has continued to violate that very document he claims to understand so well that he taught “constitutional law” (really?) Which constitution was that? He is NOT able to lead the nation! The economy is in the tubes, the world mocks the US and has no respect for our POTUS (or fear of him either); we have lost stature among the nations and are viewed as the tag-end and not the leader in morality, honesty, integrity, and most of all, STRENGTH! Just where is it he’s leading us, Josh? Wherever it is, i don’t want to go!

  23. Without the media support Obama would be impeached. He is still under their full protection. If only the truth would be reported. If only the hard questions would be asked. It is a sham for what passes as journalism today.

    • Obama cannot be impeached because the House is impotent. And those screaming impeachments are the lunatics in the House. They couldn’t impeach their grandma.

      • Rafael, he currently can’t be impeached because it would take 66 votes in the Senate. The House has the vote but it will die in the Senate. But, you’re missing my point. My point is, if the media would truthfully investigate and report the news accurately, all of these scandals would likely get him impeached. He has gotten a free pass and that’s the only thing keeping him afloat.

      • Really? I don’t think so. I think any media who had the chance to take down a presidency would. Liberal or otherwise it would make the career of any journalist. The most trusted name in news ™ been harping those scandals still nothing of substance. Media can’t report what only exist in some people imagination. Let’s take this website for example hyping up “operation zero footprint”. What serious media organization would touch that? Has even Fox touched it? Short answer is no.

      • I am talking about the Benghazi lies, ACA lies, IRS lost emails and lies, NSA and spying, Fast & Furious cover up, Veterans scandal unfolding now, and look at the conditions on the border. You have been duped. These mentioned above are genuine scandals, not fabricated. These are ones where the administration has been caught lying. Yes, lying. I can’t believe you guys still support a President that goes on TV and lies right to your face. Like the Bergdahl swap for 5 high level terrorists. Obama was in the Rose Garden talking about how he was a hero. He was a deserter. How can you stand to be treated like a stupid idiot by your president?

    • The media have been holding obama up like one of those cardboard props. What was it that Bette Davis once said? Oh, I remember…put your lips together and blow…bye bye whammy-obammy!

  24. Hi Alan.PLEASE quit saying that obozo is our first black president,DNA shows obozo is 50% white,43%arab.AND only 7% black…SO,I really don’t know what we should call obozo……..

  25. Obama isn’t just the worst President since WW2. He’s the worst one in American history so far. Compared to him even an absolute idiot like Jimmy Carter looks like a model of wisdom and leadership.

  26. This just in…according to Jeh Johnson of Homeland Security (obama’s guy), TSA will be requiring passengers boarding US-bound flights to prove that their cell phones are working by turning them on while going thru security checks at airports because al-Qaida may have developed a new type of bomb to use on airplanes. Say wha???? I thought obama, the Liar-in-Chief, said he whooped al-Qaida’s butt a long time ago!

    obama. Worst President -ever.

  27. Black America is almost solely responsible for putting Barack Obama into office twice. As a whole, the entire black constituency is nothing more than a sad group of low-information voters who have been duped by one of the slickest con men of modern times. Their poor sorry behinds are struggling to make ends meet while the knucklehead they elected is flying around the world and shuttling back and forth to Hollywood fundraisers to the tune of $228,000+ per hour, which is how much it costs to operate Air Force one. The entire bunch will be remembered not as enlightened, but more likely as nothing more than a bunch of idiots who just can’t seem the shake the “shuck ‘n jive” mentality that permeates the black community. Elections do have consequences.

    • How ironic are you to be on a Black American’s site saying that Blacks are a “sad group of low-information voter…,” but let me guess, Allen West is one of the “good Blacks” and he doesn’t count, he’s not “regular Black” to you.

      Got it.

      • Allen West is honest about it… That seems to be where you get stuck in the weeds… Maybe you should do some self evaluation on your own beliefs about what is and what isnt racism.

  28. This entire debacle is about progressivism and marxism. Democrats cant govern without DIVIDING, they seek to compartmentalize every demographic, every race. Once divided, they pander to these groups for votes, promising legislation, promising handouts, promising fairness, etc, in return for their votes.

    Dispicable that a President would seek to divide than unite. The lying commie ABCBSNBCNN apparatchiks are the problem, for not reporting news honestly.
    If a repuglican president were to race bait like this clown is doing, you’d never hear the end of criticism from the elitist commie shills in the MSM.

    Arrest ObozO and his corrupt thugocracy for Treason.


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