Congressman denied entry to immigrant camp. What is government hiding, besides a deliberate plan?

There’s yet more disturbing information emerging about what’s happening on our borders. Thanks to Judicial Watch, here’s the latest: “Following reports that soldiers were booted from their barracks at an Oklahoma Army base to make room for a wave of illegal immigrant minors, the Obama administration is refusing to give the federal lawmaker who represents the state in Congress access to the facility.” What does the administration want to hide?

Congressman Jim Bridenstine tried to visit Ft. Sill, but was denied access to the facility. Judicial Watch says “in a statement issued this week Congressman Bridenstine’s office says Ft. Sill is housing up to 1,200 Unaccompanied Alien Chidren (UACs), but the lawmaker couldn’t offer any more information because he wasn’t allowed inside. He says a fence covered with material that totally obscures any view has been erected around the barracks housing the UACs.

Ft. Sill is located in Lawton about 85 miles southwest of Oklahoma City and serves as the United States Army and Marine Corps’ Field Artillery School, housing nearly 9,000 soldiers. Ft. Sill was my first duty station as a brand new Artillery officer — as well as that of my “Redleg” nephew (not a racist term for you liberal progressives, by the way)

Last week Judicial Watch received reports that single enlisted soldiers were transferred from their barracks to tents in order to accommodate the flood of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) coming from Central America. If true, this is an affront to our men and women who are serving us and protecting our liberties.

Judicial Watch says a Ft. Sill spokesman told them no soldier has been displaced because illegal immigrants are being housed in quarters that have been empty for months, but he wouldn’t offer any further details on the arrangement, including the number of illegal aliens staying at the base.

So what is happening that the “most transparent administration in American history” would deny a federal Congressional Representative, and a former Naval aviator, from visiting a military installation in his home State?

Judicial Watch — the same government watchdog organization that procured by lawsuit the unredacted White House emails showing Ben Rhodes advocating the anti-Islam video as the story behind Benghazi — reported that a hangar at the Ft. Bliss in El Paso Texas is quietly being used by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to process, house and transition the influx of illegal immigrant minors that have arrived in the U.S. in recent weeks. A Pentagon official demanded Judicial Watch pull the story three days after it got published but backed off when they requested he put it in writing.

Citizens in California are blocking buses and forcing them to turn around. Just yesterday we reported on a health crisis brewing at Lackland Air Force base in Texas where an illegal immigrant camp is contained. And remember when we reported back some months ago that Eric Holder and Arne Duncan stated that they would force school districts to accept illegal immigrant children — or face federal criminal charges?

We know the federal government was advertising for “escorts” for illegals as early as January. We also know the federal government was advertising food stamps south of the border. And all of this is falling on the backs of American taxpayers who are already stretched to care for their own children.

We have also reported here about gang members being part of this wave of illegal immigrants — not just little children. Furthermore, Judicial Watch reports that U.S. Border Patrol agents are being recruited to serve as babysitters, saying “this is the front-line federal agency responsible for preventing terrorists and weapons of mass destruction from entering the United States. Yet agents with “child care or juvenile teaching and/or counseling” are being recruited to feed, monitor, interact and provide security for the illegal alien minors until they are placed elsewhere.”

As more information emerges about the ongoing crisis on our southern border, it seem harder to believe it was not a planned event by the Obama administration. That’s not that conspiracy theory – it’s trend analysis.


  1. One of the reasons we have Congressmen is to keep the Secret Police from doing exactly what they want.

    • Well, its not working as planned…The Muslims are doing anything and everything they want under the leadership of the chief Muslim in the White House. He really needs to be IMPEACHED and sent home…

  2. This Is what drones are good for… The congressman needs to requisition some and fly them over and get photo proof.

    • “He says a fence covered with material that totally obscures any view has been erected around the barracks housing the UACs.” How would the drones see THRU that covering???

      • The drones fly over the base, and therefore can see in a top down perspective. Any helicopter as well as long as it receives clearance should be able to take some nice photographic and video evidence in the mounting case against Barry’s goons.

      • and you think they will approve an aerial flight over something they are trying desperately to hide???

      • Even if approved they would know it was coming. But beyond that if you cannot tour inside you cannot see what propaganda is posted, paperwork being filled out etc… A flyover won’t show any of that….

      • Drones can fly over it. Take a moment and google gopro cameras mounted to drones. You can get a lot of information with a relatively cheap piece of tech.

      • Kathy… how many facilitys have you ever seen with a fence OVER the facility… think before you type

      • Wow, not to be an ass, but do you want to re – read your comment? Drones fly ABOVE ground level. The covering surrounds the barracks, AT GROUND LEVEL, TO OBSCURE THE VIEW AT GROUND LEVEL! !

      • TOO LATE YOU ARE AN ASS!! I suppose you think its IMPOSSIBLE to cover a building or open area with camo nets??? Have you ever seen the opening to M*A*S*H* ??? What part of “totally obscures any view” did you NOT understand???

    • At this point any person with a gopro and a drone could pull some powerful footage from one of these places.

  3. How dare they move the military personnel to accommodate women and children? I pray for those soldiers.

    Little did you know that these barracks were converted to gas chambers to eradicate these ruthless scum. We can all thank God and Obama for that!

  4. this is the beginning of the end…if Obama thinks its ok to stress the tax paying citizens again he has another thing coming….the protest in California is the start of a groundswell of support to stop accepting illegals of any age…deport them back and pull all aid to Mexico as their government is providing info on how to cheat us and live here illegally

  5. For several years, I have heard conspiracy kooks, swearing that FEMA was setting up big internment camps that they thought were being designed to detain Americans on American soil. Perhaps the sudden acceleration of illegals is in response to the upcoming 2014 election. Maybe they should be re-termed “election camps”. Next thing you know, the little kids housed there will have amnesty/citizenship (via executive order) and their parents will arrive behind them to vote. More election fraud is coming.

  6. The “great culling” is beginning. I’m sure the powers that be have begun positioning to eliminate 1/3 of the world population.
    FEMA CAMPS in the US, equivalent of AUSCHWITZ in NAZI GERMANY.

    • That’s the reason Obamacare is in place, to cull the “herd” Facing panels that will decide your fate, Whether you get the all important meds or surgical care you need.
      Sibelius tried that experiment with the 12 year old little girl. Some of us have to die was Sibelius response and a judge intervened. (Thank God).
      It is all there for people to see, If only they really knew what they are looking at

      • How do we stop this? Fear is begining to enter the minds of people that didn’t want to hear a word said about obama!
        I think many people are going to die and it is part obama’s plan to destroy America!

      • Agenda 21 is to have a new world order, part of it says that the will only be 1 billion people on the earth. That means killing a lot of people. SO yes you are correct. How do we stop this? By calling your senators and congressman to adhere to the oaths of office, protect and defend the Constitution or they get voted out of office.
        Fear in the minds of people who don’t want to know will wake them up as it should be. The more of us who are awake the better the chances of surviving and getting this country back on track

    • OMG! This is why the government purchased 225,000 bodybags in Janurary! I knew it must have been for a reason that we did not know about!

      • I suppose they are also using the size 3X and up underwear they have been requesting on “CHILDREN” Syndi!! Get a clue!

      • Where’s your proof of that other than reading op-eds on right-wing conspiracy theory websites? You’d be hard-pressed to find many full-grown Central or South American adults who wear size 3X underwear. Try injecting some common sense into your posts. I know it might be a stretch, but…

      • do the research–you global socialists will be killing far more than Hitler ever dreamed of

      • “Dead” people have voted. I would not put it past this administration to allow illegal children to vote as long as they ensure they will vote democrat. As far as driver’s licenses go, I’ve seen sixteen-year-old drivers that look twelve. Again, this is not something I would put past this administration. I don’t know how long it will take some people to realize that this administration doesn’t give a damn about the actual citizens of this country. They. Don’t. Care.

  7. Really? “An affront to our men and women who are serving us and protecting our liberties”? This article is an “affront” to me as an American. We’re talking about children here. Do you really think any of those soldiers even gave it a second thought when they were asked to give up their barracks to shelter and protect children who, regardless of YOUR feelings on this subject, had absolutely no say in this matter?

    Have some heart, people! One of America’s proudest quotes, engraved on the Statue of Liberty,

    Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free;
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
    Send these, the homeless,
    Tempest-tossed to me
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

    Regardless of the circumstances in which they arrived, anyone – ANYONE – who would deny these children shelter, food and protection; anyone who advocates returning them back and abandoning them at the border, shouldn’t call themselves and American. You shame this country and the cornerstones on which it was created. Do you even consider what these children have been through? Do you have kids??? Imagine how YOUR child would feel, how YOU would feel if your child, small, helpless and starving, lacking adequate food, shelter and medical care, was taken from the one thing they love – their families – and shipped thousands of miles away with strangers whom they can’t understand. Can you TRY to get off your high horse for a second and imagine how these kids must be feeling? How difficult it would be for a parent to choose this for their child just so their child could survive?

    I have long been conflicted about the illegal immigration problem and have been an advocate for reform for some time, but never, as “hardline” as I’ve been, would I advocate denying children a chance to live. I don’t care where they come from, nor how many there are.

    I’ve never been so disgusted with my fellow American’s after reading some of the comments here. Shame on you!

    • Wretched refuse for sure –we have enough of that–more are called DEM-socialists….YOU SHAME THIS COUNTRY BY NOT CALLING OUT THIS ILLEGAL GAY MUSLIM TERRORIST FOR ORCHESTRATING THE WHOLE THING

      • Really? I’m not a fan of Obama, I’m not a fan of this practice, but I would never be so heartless as to advocate you send children back to a country where they are starving to death. You might as well just line them up and shoot them all now. Save the expense of the return trip.

        Arguing with someone like you is probably as stupid as trying to argue with Hitler over the extermination of Jews.

      • No like trying to teach you math is like trying to teach math to lllegal kids!! 6 billion fast-reproducing kids should come here to most debt-ridden country on the planet and we will feed them?? Try living on global average of $300 per year-not per month or per day–wouldn’t pay your spoiled- brat Starbucks bill even…we are the ones that will get exterminated Jackass! They SAY they are going to do this from LaRaza to NWO luminaries so it is hardly a theory!! We give them foreign aid for food remember–ObaMao is the heartless one not me

      • Hitler couldn’t do 1/10 of what your puppet-masters are planning and the will come for you too if you remember your Nazi history

      • FYI the total child population is between 20% and 25% of total overall population, putting total children in the world at approximately 1.5 billion, so I think its pretty safe to say that even if they shipped every single child in the world to this country, we’re a long way off from 6 billion.

        Not that I don’t understand the seriousness of the actual numbers, but don’t tell me I suck at math and then post something mindless like that.

      • I don’t know if you watch the news, but every day I see video of these “starving kids” that look to me like they really haven’t missed too many meals. I guess that trip across central America and Mexico wasn’t so harrowing, after all. If you really had so much compassion, what about starving, homeless, Americans, veterans, and children in this country living way below the poverty line? Or does your big heart draw the line at Americans?

      • Hahaha. I need a math lesson?? 6 BILLION? The entire population of the world is only 7 billion. Check your facts and inject some common sense.

      • i KNOW what the world pop. is and yes, 6 billion IS less than 7 billion–get it yet?? and the doubling time gets less each time—but the plan is to reduce population which i agree with but not be weakening people or killing them directly

      • Back to the math lesson… you said, “6 billion fast-reproducing kids should come here”. Are you suggesting that out of the 7 billion people in the world, 6 billion of them are children? And that ALL the children in the world are being shipped here? I’m just trying to make sure I understand your math, since you think I don’t understand.

      • “I would never be so heartless as to advocate you send children back to a country where they are starving to death.”

        No, just allow them to stay here and take from the children that live here legally. Yes, that’s the answer.

      • You know what? I’ve taken in and fostered all sorts. Would not have a problem at all in helping out.

      • You need to not help out but bankrupt yourself and care for more than you can afford.That is what you are asking the country to do.Let some of these tattooed gangsters live with you.Well?

    • I feel for these innocent children, therefore, we must stop these unattended children from entering this country without their parents with them! We have no means to properly care for them. Whatever is happening here is a horrible plan by this lying president and it is being hidden from us…Nothing good can come from this! AND, I WOULD NOT SEND MY CHILDREN TO ANOTHER COUNTRY ALONE WITH NO MEANS FOR THEIR CARE!!!!

    • This country has proven time and again we have a heart towards immigrants.

      I suspect what is going on here is far more nefarious. A large number of these “children” are 15-18 year old young men who are already tattooed with cartel gang tats.
      The feds are putting them on our military bases, filling up our soldiers barracks, then denying access to those who have the power to fix this problem.

      It’s quite possible the Obama is trying to fill the ranks of his DHS self proclaimed brownshirts national “police force, with these “children” as he continues to decimate the size of our standing army.
      He knows Americans will not fire on Americans, so he is importing those who will.

    • IMHO I feel that it is irresponsible for us to allow the influx of these illegal aliens to continue. They should be stopped at the border until we can get a handle on the illegal aliens that have already arrived and we should force the Mexican authorities to be held accountable for enabling them to migrate through their country without question. It’s a matter of national security as it relates to our resources, debt, health and personal security. Our POTUS has been sending clear messages to our neighbors in the south for some time now that they can come here without any consequences with the hope of staying. I believe that most of the Americans that you are “disgusted with” subscribe to the theory that “evil people rely on the acquiescence of naive good people to allow them to continue with their evil” or to a lesser extent, evil people rely on kind hearted people that are not thinking logically. Our current administration is playing us against each other. Would it be fair to say that this onslaught of illegal immigrants has been in the planning for some time now? Do you know that out of all of the immigrants that are processed and released into the US on their own recognizance only 20% show up in Federal court for their immigration hearings? I honestly have sympathy for these children and only for the children, we should send the adults back across the border.

    • Syndi, get a clue, would ya? The ENFORCEMENT of IMMIGRATION laws will only solve the problem, not bypassing it. Syndi, you need to pay non tax deductible from your finances to support these kids. Let’s see how far your compassion will last. I am very disgusting with my fellow so called “ameriKans” that point fingers at how evil he USA is why refusing to enforce our laws.

    • First of all,these children are predominantly males 13 and over.Hardly ‘children’ as you think.Many are known gang members.Many have communicable diseases.Your comment is just the emotional,thoughtless attitude this administration planned on.You want open borders (no other country has them).You want to bankrupt our society caring for these people.You want our children to suffer.You are a typical lib who does not think but reacts. Why dont you spend all of your money taking care of as many as you can? Invite,at random,a dozen or so of these children to live with you.Please stop the emotional drivel and either put up or shut up.Your kind is killing this country.

    • You know what I care about? I care about MY child. I care about children that are actual CITIZENS of this country. We have a financial crises going on and there are children right here in the USA, that were born in the USA, that are suffering because their parents are having issues finding work and aren’t able to support them properly. And do these parents who are CITIZENS able to get any help? I’ll tell you from experience that if you follow the rules you do not get the help needed. There is so much fraud going on in our system at this point that only those who are willing to fib here and there will get 100% of government help until the job situation gets better.

      These children are bringing over all types of diseases and that is frightening. Call me a heartless bitch all you want, but if it comes down to between my child and a child here illegally, I’ll choose my child every time. The future of this country that is here legally should be chosen every time.

      Also, the statement on the Statue of Liberty was meant for those that came here LEGALLY!

      I honestly don’t know what is so hard for some of you people to understand when it comes to the term ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. They are here ILLEGALLY. That means they don’t belong here until they are willing to play by the rules. Then again, they see the swine in office not playing by the rules so I guess they think it’s okay to follow his lead and not do things legally.

    • Are you willing to take in several of these children. Feed, cloth, shelter and provide for them WITHOUT govt reimbursement? Where are their parents? Not even during the civil wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua did we see this! The parents will be in the next wave. As for the quote from the Statue of Liberty, it was from France, not the USA.

      So shame on you for not going to the countries of these children to help them there so their families could stay together! Be ashamed that our govt agents under Obama’s Orders are going to these countries and advocating them to migrate to the USA, endangering their lives in the process, and for what? Amenesty? Dream Act? (That my child was denied because she was born here), To bolster support of this administration so when election time comes around, you can all say, “Vote for me! Look at what I accomplished!”

    • It this is such a “heartfelt” issue for you – how many are you taking in and how much are you contributing to taking care of these “children” – do they come here with birth certificates? I’ve seen many pictures, you can tell the difference between a 15 year old and an 18 year old? with a child? We are also a country of LAWS, which need enforcement. Enough with the excuses and whining by this lame lib/Obama administration. It’s killing the U.S.

    • I have multiple bones to pick with you, but I will limit myself to just two. First, the Statue of Liberty was given by France at a time when virtually all immigration to the US was from western Europe. What are the major sources today? Almost everywhere BUT western Europe. Also, at the time the lines were written, immigration was essentially unregulated. When my father immigrated from Sicily in around 1912, poor immigrants were quarantined to ensure they were either disease-free or treated for any treatable disease. This wave of children are being placed in locations and conditions which are HIGHLY conducive to rapid and widespread transmission of any contagious disease.

      Second, if you’re so disgusted with your “fellow Americans”, consider what those “fellow Americans” think of you! You represent the “bleeding hearts” of America. While altruism is a desirable trait, it has been true since biblical days that, literally, charity begins at home. When we, the US, have eliminated hunger and want here at home, then, and only then, should we even consider offering to care for the world’s poor and needy. While, as a nurse, my heart goes out to the families who willingly(?) sent their children on a very dangerous journey, my head tells me that these children would be far better off remaining at home and being educated to work to improve their home countries rather than travel a very dangerous path to another nation with which they have no ties whatever. For all we know, the next Simon Bolivar (South Americas’ George Washington!) may be among these children. Would that child not be better off remaining in his/her native country, learning all he/she can about the problems there and then, as an adult, working to bring about the necessary social and governmental changes?

      Your excoriation of we “heartless” Americans, who are thinking of ALL of America’s children, many millions of them, is uncalled for. While you may not comprehend the thinking, you may be confident that, while we disagree, we all wish the best for these child victims of a feckless and either irresponsible or traitorous president and worthless foreign policies. We simply disagree on what constitutes “the best” for them.

    • Before attacking one another, I believe we all need to know more of the facts, rather than the hearsay. When the Oklahoma representative cannot even get on the baseat Ft. Sill to see what is REALLYGOING ON, then we need to question, question and question some more. We are all being emotionally played. This is not rightand the Oklahoma governor should be in the President’s office at this verymoment demanding answers. That is if he can even get the POTUS to respondwithout hemming and hawing. Truthful answers are hard to come by, so please dear Syndi; focus your rage in the right direction. Don’t let them manipulate you with emotional photos that only the government will release. We really have no idea what is happening until we get an honorable media and representatives to step up to the plate and force their way into the dialogue.

    • why do YOU invite them all to your house???? Ya know there are LOADS of AMERICAN children that need help BEFORE we start becoming a NANNY to the whole WORLD!!!

    • No, the soldiers had no say in it. What the heck, you think soldiers can actually say- uh no? I dont give a rats toot if those are kids toddlers, teens or infants- as far as Im concerned they should be shot dead as soon as we find out they entered the country illegally. And yes, Im a former soldeir and a parent. And yes, I do actually believe that the law is the law and should be observed. ONLY American citizens have the right to civil disobedience. Aliens have no right to infiltrate every strata of our society. Kill them, kick them out- whatever. Just get them out.

  8. Obama continuously complains/campaigns/whines about how Congress refuses to “pass” immigration.
    Maybe if the Congressman was allowed access to this facility Congress might actually know what is needed to fix this situation.
    Yet another example of the liar in chief saying one thing and doing another.

  9. Of course the administration planned it. They want terrorists, gang members to raise Hell here in the homeland. Just their simple plan to enforce martial law and put us all in camps. This man is a tyrant, and if he’s a puppet they sure have a willing participant.

  10. The Congressman that was refuse can get an order from a Federal Judge and enter the facility. How about it, Congressman?

    • Which federal judge do you think is going to be willing to sign that with the 3 superior court judges positions that will be opening up in the near future, and judges already josteling for front of the line? Is there such a thing as a liberal federal judge?

      • Superior court judges are state – not federal – and have no jurisdiction over federal proceedings. Federal district court judges do not answer to the president and can issue such orders.

  11. Why now? All of a sudden over the last several months, 10,000 children show up at the border? And how are they getting across to USA? Are they rushing past the CBP? The real story is what collusion does Obama have with Mexico, Guadalajara, Ecuador, etc. Let’s go find out what programs are being touted in those countries of the children. Who is doing the soliciting down there? Send down some investigators! This is all about democratic votes for the future to turn this country socialist!

  12. It’s is a liberal setup. Why? Simple. First, solicit those countries to send the children…play on the emotions of ” these are children! How can we not help them, etc”. Secondly, after they have been established because they are in our country, let’s get the parents now so we can keep the family unit intact. Now that they are all in govt housing and funded by Obamacare, too late to get rid of it

  13. It has been postulated, and, in my opinion, seems increasingly likely that what is unfolding on our southern border is the Cloward-Piven strategy being placed into action. These two “professors” from Columbia (Obama’s alma mater) were known socialists/communists. Just the type of “professor” Obama said in his “autobiography” he sought out.

    Obama spent most of his “formative years” under the tutelage of communists. There is no argument about that. His primary male role model as a child was Frank Marshall Davis, a known communist activist. His mother and maternal grandparents had, at minimum, communist sympathies. His “father” was an anti-colonialist (read socialist/communist) from Kenya. His adoptive father, Lolo Soetoro, was a muslim from Indonesia, a predominantly sunni muslim nation. Should anyone REALLY be surprised by what is happening in the US today?

    As a former Army SSG and former Naval officer, I favor the border state governors calling for civilian members of the unorganized militia, as defined in the US Constitution, (that “well-regulated militia you’ve heard so much about!) to guard our southern border and turn back any and all illegal border crossers. When Obama and Holder sue to prevent states from protecting themselves, we will need to be prepared to fight in the courts. Among my greatest fears is that we will also need to be prepared to fight physically (militarily) against our own “government” run amok. My greatest fear is, if war becomes inevitable, we will fail in the effort to regain control of our national gov’t.

  14. If they are already on buses, turn them around and let the MEXICAN government take care of them. Seriously, what the hell is happening in Mexico that they allow their children and their people to have a life so hard that they want to leave. This is simply a rouse to bring the ‘North American Union’ into existence. They don’t care AT ALL what happens to these poor people. They have an agenda and they’re going to do EVERYTHING they can get away with to make it happen. Wake-up or deal with the consequences! You have NO other choice. 🙁

  15. They had to quarantine these children because of an outbreak
    of Ebola virus. Sounds scary doesn’t it prove me wrong. That’s what oversight
    is for. I think these Border Guards should be in Federal prison for keeping the
    Congressman out.

  16. Do we know for a fact that the parents actually sent the children here? Do we know they are actually children? Or is there something sinister going on?

  17. This whole scene has several aspects similar to Auschwitz — left wing statist gubermint controlled camps that have very selective oversight and supervision, with who know what going on in the camp. It wouldn’t be too wild of speculation that there’s some indoctrination and training about how to scam the system to get their (chain of) families to join them at taxpayer expense, along with clear path to voting citizenship — possibly via presidential pardon or something similar…

    • Perhaps we now know are for what all those installations being prepared by the FEMA bunch! And everybody was worried it was for all of us U.S. residents! That is, IF they use them for these Illegals! Although, it seems they are looking for military bases, closed schools, etc, too! Are there more than they ever anticipated, or have the conspiracy theorists really hit the mark, and these are STILL planned to incarcerate citizens unwilling to kowtow to His Magnificence, His Majesty, Obama?

  18. A) the guy has his hands on his hips while talking to a congressman. B) His bearing reeks of military in civilian clothes- which just isn’t ok. This is a slap in the face of every military vet and current member. WE are not babysitters of mexico’s problems. C) He didn’t even take his sunglasses off when talking to a politician. Complete disgrace. Is this what homeland security is dredging up to represent the President of the US on matters when a congressman visits? It is so far beyond time for a danged good lesson in civil disobedience. Knock that fence down!! This is truly federal government’s transparency issues gone wild. D) one way tickets to the southern most city in Mexico is the right answer for every single one of those children. Drop them off at the Mexican consulate and walk away.Or, wait till the kids come back outside then lock load and rack ’em.

  19. I don’t have a prob helping poor starving kids and families from other countries AFTER we take care of our own! There is so much wrong with our country these days…

  20. Anyone think that young children at age of 15 to 18 can be turned into
    an army? Not to mention that they are located on a base. It’s a bit
    disturbing to me. If so, what’s to stop a base take-over? Has anyone
    seen the age and sex of these so called children? I hope that
    congressman gets a bit more aggressive in his investigation.

  21. it seem harder to believe it was not a planned event by the Obama administration. That’s not that conspiracy theory – it’s trend analysis.
    Nah…Its a conspiracy theory like all of your other conspiracy theories!!!

    • Let’s just say zeerobama must be a FANTASTIC fortuneteller, since the administration was contracting, back in JANUARY(!) for TRANSPORTATION for an influx of SOME-BODY(-BODIES) or SOMETHING(S), and for NANNIES to care for….a pod of whales? A herd of gnu? OR, an influx of children? Or was this all just a lucky GUESS? Doesn’t take much to suspect a conspiracy, does it?

  22. That was 2 days ago. Why doesn’t he go back with US Marshals and demand lawful entry? Why keep giving interviews and railing about it? DO SOMETHING FOR GOD’S SAKE!

  23. So how long do you think it will be before this administration starts claiming the parents now have a right to come be with their children? I think that’s the real agenda.

  24. Do you people ever read anything or investigate anything before you post? Obama (whom, just for the record, I despise) is actually asking congress for additional authority to deport unaccompanied children quickly.

    It’s likely that that would mean sending them back after just a brief interview with border guards, without a full hearing on their asylum claims or an opportunity to request other humanitarian relief. If that happens, it is all but certain that some children with legitimate fears of persecution will be sent back to their home countries, either because they are too young and unsophisticated to advocate for themselves, or because they are too afraid to tell interviewers the whole story right away.

    As those policies are debated in the coming days, it’s important to remember what Obama is really proposing: to send young children back, alone, to a conflict zone that is twice as dangerous as Iraq was from 2008 to 2012.

    • Allen West and his followers don’t want to hear facts that might contradict their outrage.
      They don’t actually want the answers to the questions they angrily shout.

      • Sindi and Brendan, please , become a real humanitarian and adopt 3 or 4 of these “persecuted” children. If everyone that has the same view as you two, the problem would be solved, in a very humanitarian way. You’ll fix every issue with the children, and you’ll quiet those who don’t see things your way. Until you two, et al, get off the sidelines as cheerleaders, and actually participate in your calling for humanity with these “persecuted” children, please, eat your pom poms (that’s a twofer: it will stop your hand waving, and keep your mouth shut – until, of course, you participate in this issue).

      • You’re an idiot who can’t read.
        You assume because we pointed out that the President is trying to expedite their deportation that means we want to adopt or shelter them?

        Here’s an idea dumbass, next time you post a response to what someone wrote, try actually responding to what they wrote, not what you imagine the wrote.

      • My money’s on him not deporting the children. I’ve learned a long time ago that what Obama says is the opposite of what he does. Time will tell. Again.

      • I cited the Wall Street Journal, hardly a liberal outlet.
        And did you notice the editorial corrections at the bottom of the opinion piece you linked that contradict what was in the article?

      • Yes, I did. It was written by a guest reporter, and what she said is against the grain for the Wash Post, which is in Obama’s rear pocket. That’s why I put that site out.
        Me, I don’t believe that Obama ever said the truth on his agenda. He’s just an accomplished liar: says one thing, does another. I hope that you’ve noticed that.

      • Actually, I can’t adopt children because of my age and marital status, but I did apply to be a child advocate for these children. I also work with abandoned and abused animals, fostering many of them and lobbying for them. Curious what humanitarian and charitable endeavors you undertake?

      • No, I’m not an Obama supporter. I dislike Obama for legitimate reasons. But I’m not going to blame him for everything that goes on in this country, only the things he’s responsible for. Because when someone (such as you) starts blaming him for every thing that happens here, people stop listening to you. And then the real facts, the real crimes, get covered up because people say, “oh, you just hate him and will blame him for everything.” So things like Benghazi, and the IRS scandal, and the VA problem – all get ignored because of idiots like you out there screaming that he’s trying to infect the world with influenza every time he sneezes, chicken little.

    • Your first paragraph tells it all, Syndi.

      Obama, with or without Congress’ approval, will attempt to do what HE wants to do, as he has done all along.
      As far as sending the children back to “a conflict zone,” would you suggest that the children in similar circumstances in the world come to America, and the US will take care of them? Then the parents will show up to be with their children, and we’ll take care of them, too. Sounds like a plan.

  25. So what we now have will be, what? Obama Youth? He’s definitely up to something and it isn’t good. Obama is EVIL!

  26. Congressman shows up unannounced and gets turned away and told to call the people in charge by a surprised staff that were told all visits must be scheduled.
    Sounds like a publicity stunt on the part of the Congressman.

      • Fact?
        I think you used that word inappropriately.
        yes, it is a fact that he went there.
        I’m not challenging that.
        I’m questioning the way he did it.

    • I agree, Brendan. He showed up at a military facility without contacting the proper authorities and was turned away, just as anyone else would have been. Either he exhibited unheard of arrogance in thinking he had the right to just waltz right in because he was a congressman, or as you say, he did it as a publicity stunt because he knew he’d be turned away. The ironic thing is, that if he had tried to enter the federal land that is the subject of the Cliven Bundy cattle standoff, these same people who are so outraged here would just as likely be saying he got what he deserved.

      But then, consider the source here. You’re arguing with people who are worried about Obama’s size-3X brown army taking over our country by infusing it with 6 billion quickly reproducing illegal children. I mean, I know Obama is pretty sneaky, but to staff his Muslim-Army-To-Take-Over-America with fat people and pregnant kids in a covert operation while publicly appearing to want to circumvent due process and send them back immediately – well, that plan is beyond brilliant. I mean who would think to suspect that?

    • This is a bit of a quandary….on the one hand it is common courtesy to schedule a tour so people can be prepared with a proper presentation.

      On the other hand this Congressman is a member of the Armed Services Committee and they have over site responsibility for military spending. Ft. Sill is also in this Congressman’s district. Time will tell if it was purely a TV stunt, it may have been, it may have also been a legitimate inquiry.

      It may be worth noting that Harry Truman as a Senator would fly in unannounced and inspect Government Contractors to see if they were cheating the Government, so on the surface I’m all for Congress men showing up when they are not expected You never know what they might find.

  27. Its his state, h represents in congress, its not a secret installation, it dosnt matter when he shows up, GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!

      • What, he wasn’t carrying a Congressional ID, when he was trying to get access to the children’s “camp?”

  28. The Idea is to Flood the Red State’s with New Democrat Voters, they will Release these people to every district, to create massive dependence, Bankrupting local municipality’s, Thus bringing in the Change He Ran on…… you are witnessing the The End of America…!!!!

      • I did… and still don’t see how it destroys America.
        that sounds like a serious over reaction.

      • His push for amnesty, which I scorn. We’ll see how thing play out. Border security has never been taken seriously. Yeah he hasn’t deported but the border patrol has after the law allowing immediate deportation of mexicans was passed. But children from other countries entering illegally can’t be deported immediately. Just start tying this crap together. Why would they disallow a visit from a sitting congressman? Things just don’t add up.

      • Ummmmm, nobody can just walk onto a military compound. You have to have military id or be with someone who has military ID. He could have called ahead and arranged a tour.

      • So….how many have been deported? I haven’t heard of any being deported. We should not let them in at all. They need to be stopped in their tracks and sent back. Since Mexico is letting them travel through their country, let Mexico deal with them. This is all a ploy by the obama admin. to get more liberal voters into the country/ and/or drain the country of its money and resources so that it is forced to become a socialist state,. which is what the liberal dems. want anyway. The scumbags.

      • 1.2 million deportations–ant ICE or U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent can tell you, that the number of illegal immigrants caught, is around 30% of all illegal immigrants. We have, currently, 11 million illegal Hispanic immigrants living in America, according to all sources, including immigrant rights activists. That put the number of deportations somewhere around 9%. I think there is room for improvement there. More deportations? Without a doubt. More are being deported than any other President means there are many more to deport.than any other President.

      • Deportation isnt a snap your fingers process…theres paperwork involved. Record keeping. And HHS is required by law and always has been required by law to give them health checks in order to prevent transmission of foreign diseases both from their country and ours. Plus add the ammount that have come in….1 facility can’t do it alone and therefore have to be spread out among states. But people are stupid and naive and don’t realize that

      • And blocking the busses in order to have them processed to be deported isn’t solving much either.

      • IF dead people can vote , I’ll bet kids can too ……………… Besides having a sympatheic vote from immigrates here already. Hey look our wonderful president is helping us & the other bastards are trying to send us back !!!!!!!! You get the idea.

  29. If we never let them across the frigging border to begin with, we wouldn’t have to worry about what in Hell to do with them now that they are here!! CLOSE THE GATES!!! Station water guns all along the border and half drown anyone trying to sneak across. They need the damned bath anyway!

  30. Let’s See … How Does This Destroy America? First It Brings In A Generation OfIllegals With No Respect For America Or Its Judicial System. Jails Here Are A Hell Of A lot Better Than There, And So Are The Benefits, Including But Not Limited To Medical, Food & Housing. And Next, It Is Pitting Americans Against Americans To A Point Where We Could Experience Another Civil War. And Don’t Think It Couldn’t Happen, Cause It Very Well Could. 🙁

    • Funny, you say that. Because I had the hardest time finding a Mexican Restaurant open today. Because they are so patriotic to this country that, on a day when the rest of the country is off work, out doing things and eating at restaurants, the forego any possible profit and close their doors to celebrate the independence of their adopted country. And last night at the fireworks in Collierville, TN, I watched a Hispanic family stand up, take their hats off, and sing The Star Spangled Banner at the top of their lungs along with the performer before the fireworks. You are a racist.

      • I don’t believe most American’s have a problem with people of other nationalities because we are ALL from other countries at some point. The problem is the word ILLEGAL (you know, against our LAW?). Our forefathers and other immigrants come here LEGALLY and again, Americans generally do not have a problem. But to flood the U.S. with illegals who are pretty much destitute when they arrive and solely reliant upon government to take care of them is simply a drain. Our immigration laws were put into place so that we can ensure that everyone (which includes the immigrants) benefit and have the best opportunity for contribution to our country. That is how our forefathers set up our nation. It would probably be helpful for you to see Dinesh D’Souza’s movie America. It explains the TRUTHS about America instead of the liberal socialist lies being spewed.

      • No, I Am Not A Racist. I Have No Problem What-So-Ever With A Person From Another Country Gaining U.S. Citizenship. I Just Have A Problem With Anyone Coming To This Country “Illegally” That Goes For Canada, Australia, China, Anywhere. My Forefathers Made The Journey From Germany, And Followed The Rules & Became U. S. Citizens, And Were Proud To Claim The Flag As Theirs. And Until You Live Out Of Your Little Town In Tn. And Perhaps Reside In A State That Boarders Mexico, You Will Not Comprehend How It Effects A City Or State. They Are Not All Here For “A Better Life”, Believe Me. When They March In The Streets Saluting “Their” Flag, When They Are Killing Your Officers Of The Law, Using Your States Benefits, And Others Identities, Then You Begin To Understand The Problem.

      • FYI I have lived in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Virginia, Mississippi and Tennessee. I have dealt with my share of illegal immigrants in many of these states. I do understand the problem, and I am not advocating we open our borders and let people in with no policing of it. There is a difference here. These are children, seeking asylum. They are here because they are being forced into drug gangs, raped, murdered, forced into prostitution in their country. Little girls and boys. And WE created a huge part of their problem. America is the #1 consumer for the illegal drugs in Central and South America. WE supply the demand that keeps the drug cartels in these countries profitable. All I’m saying is we need to help these children. Other countries should as well. But us in particular. WE are supposed to be the greatest country in the world. And then we have people like you advocating sending children back to their deaths. Its heartless and cold. Shameful. And I would bet anything that if your forefathers were the hardworking Germans you say they are, they would be ashamed to hear you talk the way you have been. Because they would know the struggle to come to this country, the language barrier, the discrimination REGARDLESS of whether they came here legally or not. They would know what these CHILDREN are going through and support them, not try to banish them. Shame on you!

      • And what did YOU do to become a US citizen? Other than just getting lucky that your daddy fertilized your mommy’s egg and she spit you out on US soil, what have YOU done to be so justified in your non-patriotic outrage? And how much money have YOU donated to help these poor children on their dangerous journey? You know NOTHING , yet in your pompous political correctness you accuse others of being haters. Again, I have no problem with people becoming citizens the way every other immigrant has done it. These so called”parents” are robbing the US taxpayers of money that they have earned. They are taking advantage of our generosity – and we are the most generous country on this planet – and are looking for a free ride. There are many US citizens who are without jobs, so we should ignore that fact, and take in thousands of children whose parents are -according to you – already here, and are working illegally? And they are taking jobs away from the US citizens? Perhaps we should just open the doors and allow ALL the people from ALL the third world countries to come in and sponge off of all of this country’s citizens!

      • I taught a lit of Hispanic kids, and they could never be bothered with saying the pledge of allegiance. They barely force themselves into a standing position. They don’t care. Their loyalties lie with a different country.

      • You have blinders on and only see what you want to see. Of course there are immigrants who love this country. But that doesn’t mean we have to take in every illegal immigrant that comes across the border.

      • Lets add the word you keep wanting to drop off your hate-filled posts. Children. Get that? Kids. Young kids. Babies whose families scrimped and saved every penny to send their children on dangerous journeys, on which many have died, in hopes of saving their lives. What, Debby, exactly, did YOU do to become an American? Other than just getting lucky that your daddy fertilized your mommy’s egg and she spit you out on American soil, what have you done to be so justified in your patriotic outrage?

      • And what did YOU do to become a US citizen? Other than just getting lucky that your daddy fertilized your mommy’s egg and she spit you out on US soil, what have YOU done to be so justified in your non-patriotic outrage? And how much money have YOU donated to help these poor children on their dangerous journey? You know NOTHING , yet in your pompous political correctness you accuse others of being haters. Again, I have no problem with people becoming citizens the way every other immigrant has done it. These so called”parents” are robbing the US taxpayers of money that they have earned. They are taking advantage of our generosity – and we are the most generous country on this planet – and are looking for a free ride. There are many US citizens who are without jobs, so we should ignore that fact, and take in thousands of children whose parents are -according to you – already here, and are working illegally? And they are taking jobs away from the US citizens? Perhaps we should just open the doors and allow ALL the people from ALL the third world countries to come in and sponge off of all of this country’s citizens!

      • These countries from which these people are coming are that way for a reason. As the flood of illegal immigrants comes across our borders, they bring with them all their ignorance and lack of knowledge and understanding of how a democracy/republic works. We cannot handle this massive influx of uneducated or under educated people at one time. We cannot solve all the world’s problems by taking in illegal aliens and their children in this manner. If you think we can, you are nuts in the head! If you think we can, perhaps you should open your home to these folks and allow them to stay with you. You can feed and clothe them, drive them around to get their free medical care and free education, and then maybe I will listen to what you have to say. You talk a lot and want people to think you’re a wonderful caring person, so put your words into practice and YOU provide for these people PERSONALLY with YOUR hard earned dollars! It won’t happen, because YOU want the government to do it! You hot air bag! Get a brain, and understand what’s REALLY happening!

      • You and the others who are all for this influx, open your homes and backyards to as many as you can. Pay for them to eat well, get them all in for medical checkups, and if you or your kids need anything, make them wait, because the kids’ being brought in daily come first.

      • Oh, and about the voters- a lot of these illegal kids are very close to voting age. Stupid yourself! Not to mention that their families will follow once the kids are all settled in. Illegal voters!

      • That’s totally untrue.That’s your opinion, based on your trying to justify your hate. Most of these kids are in the 10-12 year-old range. Many younger. And just FYI, many of them ALREADY have families here:)

      • So nice to know you’re an authority on illegal aliens. You think you know it all, but you don’t. Also, wanting to keep our borders secure does not constitute hate. You must be an authority on hate yourself since you’re so quick to accuse someone else if hating. This country cannot keep taking in illegal immigrants – children or not. Either way, we are being dumped on by these people who are looking for a free ride. And don’t tell me that they all have jobs waiting for them. They will all be on welfare and free everything. If people want to become US citizens, they need to go about it the same way all the other LEGAL immigrants have. To come here illegally is to rob other people of what they have legally earned. These children are the responsibility of the nation from which they’ve come. And if their parents are already here, then I suppose they, too, are illegals. They need to go back to their own countries and then, if they still want to come to the US, then they should go about it LEGALLY !

      • Most people want the law ENFORCED – an ORDERLY immigration process. What is your problem?
        You observe some
        Stop being foolish. You can’t have anyone and everyone just plowing into the country. Just ask the people in the World Trade Towers. Oh, I forgot – and so did YOU – we can’t ask them!
        Wake up. Use some common sense. This is a nation of immigrants. My 4 grandparents were immigrants.

  31. I was an Army brat and I know the local school systems would find out who the military families were so they could file for reimbursement for the cost of the military kids that were in their school system. That was fair because the military families who lived on post/base did not pay any local property taxes to fund the local schools. I don’t know the details of how that worked or how much reimbursement they received

    In all fairness it seems to me that it is the Federal Governments fault that these children were not immediately returned, or that the border was not guarded well enough to keep these illegals out. (I’m not making a judgement about the quality of these children or their parents. It takes a certain level of drive to come here illegally, there is a high degree of risk. I think we will start to find that many children have died making this trip.)

    Under current law local schools are strictly prohibited from asking about a students legal status to be in the country. (that may have been done to make it hard for schools to demand reimbursement but in theory most illegals do not live on military bases… least for now).

    I’m sure some of these children will someday become great citizens, the problem is we can not take in everyone or we will eventually put the rest of the country at risk.

    During the 60’s I was trained to be a fallout shelter manager. Much of the class was about how to keep fallout radiation out of your shelter, but some of the most sobering part of the training was the seriousness you had to take about not exceeding the the number of people your shelter was stocked to support. The water and food supply (a type of Ritz cracker kind of thing) was only enough to sustain life for a limited number of people. You were to close and lock the door to your shelter even if there were men women and children out side the door. The instructors were doubtful that most shelter managers would be able to do that. You were told you were authorized under marshal law to use any means necessary to protect your shelter to insure the survival of your people.

    We are not in the same situation as being under nuclear attack by the Russians, but some of the same principals still apply. Some people are able to see that, others just don’t get it. There are limits on what we can do. I am not confident our elected officials have the wisdom or the ability to reach agreement on what to do that is in the best interest of all the citizens of our country.

  32. Well, I think its safe to say this country will never need to worry about being attacked. After reading some of the imbeciles on this page, its a sure bet nobody will want us!

  33. I have an idea , Let the illegals sleep in the tents or on the ground for that matter. Why on God’s green earth would you replace a soldiers sleep quarters & replace him/her with an ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ?????? NOTHING you could possibly say that would change my mind ; send them back , they do not belong here !!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Your complaint is misdirected Mr. West.
    It seems to me that Obama’s actions are IMPEACHABLE!
    Why aren’t you going after he DRUNK Boehner?
    RINO Boehner has no problem going after REAL Republicans.

  35. Oh. yes. Another fake self serving opportunist congressman playing to the camera. Did he have a plan to help these kids or simply grand standing? Hey, congressman , why not get back in your private plane back to DC and get your bubs to pass some sort of immigration bill!!

    • The point made here is: Why is this House member being denied access to this facility within his Congressional district? The secrecy here is deafening, begging the question: What is the government hiding?
      ___Laws deterring illegal entry into the United States, passed by the congress have been unlawfully superseded by Obama’s executive orders compelling an explosion of illegals entering with a far greater expectation of staying in country.
      When Bush left office, UACs accounted for a little over 10 thousand; upon Obama’s relaxation of enforcement of laws concerning illegals, that number went to 40 thousand just last year. UACs from April 2014 to the present zoomed up to over 60 thousand. The number of adults crossing into the U.S. from our southern border since April of this year exploded to over 240 thousand.
      *** Immigration reform? How about enforce the laws on the books to start with?

  36. No, it’s not spontaneous. This influx of refugees has been increasing over the last year or two, as Central American violence has escalated. We weren’t paying attention, and now it has reached critical mass. If a politician with a camera crew showed up unannounced at my door I wouldn’t let them in either. Kudos to those who had the guts to protect those children from exploitation as a photo-op.

  37. Ezekiel 47:22
    “You are to allot it as an inheritance for yourselves and for the foreigners residing among you and who have children. You are to consider them as native-born; along with you they are to be allotted an inheritance” The Word of the Lord


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